The Humiliation Of Equality

The Humiliation Of Equality

Shame they cut this off at the end, but you will just catch the word “combatants.”

“There’s not a single thing a man can do that a woman can’t do as well or better. Not a single thing.”

A lot of comedians had their go at this, which is only natural. Pickle jars and weight-lifting were over-featured. Peeing in the snow in cursive was not unrepresented. Won’t make a bit of difference to those that believe in the false god of Equality, and to those who don’t believe but lead its cult.

(Cult, a word I use frequently, is not over-used. With the disappearance of Christianity many new cults have arisen.)

I don’t always do a good job at separating priests from the parishioners, but it’s worth doing here.

The parishioners can be subdivided. The ardent believe in the god, and they really do think all are equal. Not every man, of course. Only cultists at the fringes truly believe all could be exactly equal if they were brought up identically. These are the people who interpret all evidence of inequality as proof of equality, but equality suppressed by bigotry, racism, etc.

Which, of course, proves equality is false. If it really is true women are, for example, just as good at being top mathematicians as men, but they have been kept out of that profession because of the machinations and schemes of men, then it proves men are better than woman at machinations and schemes.

Even after the schemes are removed by force, which is to say by implementing quotas, the standards must needs be lowered. This always means changing definitions. So top mathematics will be redefined, perhaps, from the ability to prove theorems to ability to discuss your feelings about numbers.

The next level of equalitarian parishioners are the distributional ones. They don’t insist all are, or could be, absolutely equal. They insist merely on distributional equality. They say the same proportion of men and women, white and black, and so on, will naturally rise to the top of any profession.

This is the group is similar to the first. When shown blacks are eight to ten times more murderous than whites, they will admit the statistics, but will say the “disparity” is caused by “racism”. Thus black guys whacking Asian guys on the head is caused by “white supremacy.”

The beliefs of this group also fail when hit with the schemes-and-manipulations counter-argument, but this never bothers them. Like the absolutists, this group ignores the counter-argument and moves to quotas, and to the necessary re-defining of standards. Quotas can be negative as well as positive. This is why we see crime in certain localities being defined away, or not recorded. No statistics, no disparities.

Then come the high priests of the cult, not one of which is a believer. Sort of like the Lavender Mafia in the Church, or prelates in the Church of England. Every one of these priests, including Biden, is a liar in the strict sense.

They don’t mean their words to be taken seriously or literally—to each other. Biden does not mean what he says, and he does not expect anybody in his group, the highest, to believe what he says. He knows, and they know, he is pandering to the first two groups of equalitarians. They believe. But he also knows he’s signaling to the other priests, mouthing the platitudes they need to hear.

The worst is that he is humiliating non-equalitarians, knowing that when they are forced to agree about equality it kills something inside the Realists. Sure, Realists will joke about pickle jars and heavy weights, but few will touch intelligence or crime. And not as many as before will even joke about weights.

To equalitarians, Biden is preaching a beloved sermon, but to Realists Biden is showing who has power. Biden did not say women were equal, but better. That’s why he mentioned combatants, and his pride in appointing female generals he knows are worse than men. Only cultists believe this nonsense.

Priests know it’s a power grab for them and a way to chip away at the results of Realists. If you don’t think so and work at a megacorp, try announcing the truth that women are not the equal of men, or blacks the equal of blacks, or sodomy enjoyers the equal of the chaste. It’s a little harder to do that today. And will be even harder tomorrow, about an increasing range of matters.

There are ways to fight back, even in the system. Look at this purple-headed horror, a female sports entertainer who wants pay equal to male sports entertainers, even though if poised against males she would be ground to dust. Never fail to remind her she is not their equal.

And look at what the Army just did. They lowered standards of physical fitness for females because, obviously, they couldn’t keep up with men (the top standards for women are at the bottom, or lower, than the bottom standards for men). Yet if you buy the “equal pay for equal work” argument made by equalitarians, it follows Army females should be paid less, and far less, than men, since they can’t do the same jobs. Bring this up.

Do it wherever you can, and for as long as you can, before all speech is regulated.

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  1. “blacks the equal of blacks”

    Even your tautologies are objectionable.

  2. Steve Briggs

    When there is “racism” it is because such a lie is taught or dare I say, caught. Children from a young age do not see or know these differences. Growing up in the city of Detroit I remember my first childhood buddy, Tyrone. It wasn’t until we moved to the suburbs did I find out my friend was “different” than me. I never knew it. I never thought of it. I couldn’t have cared less. One day, many years removed, it dawned on me that he was indeed black. I still didn’t care, he was my co-pilot, my sergeant (I was Private, 1st class), my wingman, my fellow police partner, the guy fighting imaginary fires with me as we wore our red plastic fire captain hats. On top of that, it wasn’t until my late teenage years that my mother told me Tyrone’s father was a Baptist preacher. I ate with them, I cried with them, I played with them, I grew up with them, I got in a lot of trouble with Tyrone. And I never ever had an issue with that. That is how I grew up. My parents who were with me my entire childhood, who reared me, disciplined me, spanked me, loved me, cared for me, laid down their lives for me never gave me reason to see any difference between this one or that one – with the exception, of course, of gender. But my Biology classes reinforced that as well. A simple congruency there reinforced life as I was taught it.
    My son, who hails from a race of indigenous island people on his mother’s side and eastern European with Englishman from his father, was looking at a picture of our church missionary in Africa. Now this woman is Caucasian and in the picture was wearing a pink sweater. The students and teachers who are African were wearing their school uniforms of dark blue with several in red cardigans. My son James pipes up and says “Well it’s easy to tell who she is in that picture!” I then asked why. To my surprise he did not mention the pigment of her skin or lack there of but said, “She is the only one wearing pink!” I had a very proud dad moment right there. My 11 year old son did not see color of skin, did not see race. He saw only people and the difference he did see was the clothing they were wearing, everything else was the same. I have raised my children the same way I was raised. We are all people and there are two kinds of people – male and female. God created us all with no one being better or more important than the next. There are those who receive God and those who do not. But still we are of one race – the human race. So if we desire to eradicate racism it won’t be by laws and politicians it would be through a warfare that is not of this world. Racism is anti-God which we must conclude then is rooted in an evil that became prevalent in this world so long ago when Eve ate us out of house and home! A little fun to keep this lighthearted.
    So I conclude with this – “Train up your children in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it.” The next generation will curb or perpetuate the good and evil in this world. I ensure the greatest influence on my children’s lives is me. Why? Because my parents and my grandparents were the greatest influence in my life and I turned out pretty ok. If you don’t think so just look at my fruit and my father’s fruit. Cheers!

  3. Dennis

    What Rapinoe and other female athletes (especially WNBA and WTA, who have also been at the forefront of this sort of thing), don’t understand is that they are paid less not because of some deliberate discrimination that denies them “equal pay for equal work,” or even because if they played against men they would lose (of course, that’s why we have separate competitions in the first place – now threatened by the trans invasion. And they can be enjoyable in their own right; I can enjoy watching some cute tennis players short skirts bash balls for an hour – kinda hot! lol – or elegant figure skaters despite knowing the former would get blown out by the 150th ranked man, or that the latter can’t jump as high or skate as fast as a man – male figure skating , yuk! – etc.), but because that’s just what the market will bear. Women’s sports in general simply don’t put as many butts in seats or eyes on screens to draw ad revenue and investment comparable to men’s sports to pay the kind of salaries the top men in their sports get (this is why LPGA’s players also don’t get get the kind of winner’s checks on their tour that men get on the PGA – and they are one of the few women’s sport’s where you don’t hear constant carping about it; they just don’t draw the crowds and interest, either live or on TV, to generate that kind of revenue and prize money).

    Of course, some women using such market metrics should get more than some men – and do, especially if you count endorsement income (though even that is often “unequal” in the sense that it doesn’t always directly correlate to performance on field or court; Serena always resented that Sharapova – also a great player and 5 time slam champ, but far below Serena’s 23 slams, and with a poor head-to-head record – earned far more in endorsements). Serena, for example, (much as I dislike her character and personality and style of play) outdraws and should out-earn (and does) a guy ranked say 150 (and even many men ranked much higher), even though he would likely mop up the court with her (in fact Serena and Venus famously each lost handily – though they were still quite young and not yet in their prime – in a 1998 “Battle of the Sexes” against the then #203 ranked male, Karsten Braasch, whose training regimen laughably consisted of a going for a 5k run the morning, then having a few beers at lunch before the matches, and also smoking at changeovers).

  4. Dennis

    Ugh, another typo. “…tennis players IN short…” that should say above…

  5. Sheri

    Okay, equality. Everyone gets paid $2.79 cents an hour, be they senator, actor, janitor, cashier, whatever. Now, everyone be happy and go home.

  6. Hun

    Steve Briggs, unfortunately I read your whole boomer garbage comment. I was waiting for a punchline, but it never came.
    I hope you never comment here again. People like you are cancer.

  7. John B()


    Gatekeeper are you?

  8. Dean Ericson

    Steve Briggs:

    ”When there is “racism” it is because such a lie is taught or dare I say, caught.”

    I was taught that also, from a young age, and I caught the same message from our culture, and my early education; “racism”was bad, and seeing differences was immoral. It took a lifetime of experience, and study, and curiosity, before I was able to see it was a lie — a great big stinking, demonic, horrible, vicious lie — and reject it, root and branch. You think we don’t know what we’re about, Steve, but we all used to be Kool-Aid drinkers, like you. Now we hate the taste of it. And we’re not too fond of those poor fools who peddle it. So, no sale.

  9. gary gray

    Steve Briggs wrote: “My 11 year old son did not see color of skin, did not see race.”

    Probably the stupidest thing I have read today, written by an habitual liar.

  10. John B()

    Gary and Hun

    Can I assume you know Steve from somewhere else?

    I s’pose you all think Steve Martin’s “The Jerk” wasn’t based on a true story?

  11. Ann Cherry

    [I’m a little taken aback by Gary’s and Hun’s rather impolite hostility towards Steve Briggs. Must be an inside thing.]

    After reading this fine article here, I’m wondering which fitness test, male or female, will apply to “transgender” military candidates?

    Will biological males who are pretending to be women, be held to the easier female standard? If so, they ought to crush it, and maybe that’s the point. We’re told that “transgenders” are breaking down the doors to “be all they can be”, so lady fitness tests should grease the skids quite nicely.

    Biological males, calling themselves females, will easily outperform actual females on physical tests, thereby satisfying quotas for “female” recruits, and, once again, stickin’ it to the real women, like they’ve recently done in sports.

    By the same token, will women who pretend to be men, still be permitted to take the lower-standards female test? Probably yes, because as a Protected Class™, they shall have their cake and eat it too. (And force some Christian to bake it.)

    It’s all so confusing. We’re told there can be no difference between males and females, we’re equal in all things, indistinguishable and interchangeable. (Here’s a clue: In the eyes of God, we’re equal in dignity.)

    At the same time, contradictorily, we’re now told that male and female are so VERY different and distinctive, that a five-year-old boy who likes dolls, can somehow intuit (with the coaching of “concerned” teachers and parents) that he is in “the wrong body”.

    Good-bye, former tomboys and sissies and transvestites, now you must take drugs and cut off parts and act out gender extremes, instead of just being yourselves, boyish girls and girlish guys and guys who like to dress in ladies underwear.

    Gender is now so all-important, that it justifies chemical castrations, cutting off and sewing on of body parts (which may explain their sensitivity to Mister Potato-head), and life-long, possibly cancer-inducing, hormone treatments, just to get the “mis-gendered” person made “right”. (Planned Parenthood is all in, the baby-killing business is down, and they make $100/mo. on each of these “transgender” hormone treatments.)

    Furthermore, it’s illegal to counsel the tomboys and sissies, that it’s okay to just be themselves or strive for happy normalcy. They must, instead, cut, drug, and change their bodies, and pretend to be the other gender. That’s what passes for sanity in modern psychiatry, where the inmates are running the asylum.

    All of this begs the question: If neither genetics, nor inclinations, nor natural abilities, make a man, a man, and a woman, a woman, then what exactly does? Apparently only “feelings”, that North Star of leftists (and other narcissists) everywhere.

  12. Dennis

    “ [I’m a little taken aback by Gary’s and Hun’s rather impolite hostility towards Steve Briggs. Must be an inside thing.]”

    A bit extreme, yes. Plus, is that a fake posting name (perhaps with some history I’m unaware of that triggered Hun and Gary so much), or is “Steve Briggs” actually related to…?

  13. Georgiaboy61

    Re: “BIDEN: ‘There’s not a single thing a man can do that a woman can’t do as well or better. Not a single thing.'”

    If the Fraud-in-Chief, our very own Communist Chinese Party lapdog in the White House, is mouthing this nonsense, then perhaps we have another clue where all of this madness is originating – not just with the political left in this country, but with their Chinese handlers and paymasters in the shadows.

    Anthony Daniels, M.D., better known by his pen-name, Theodore Dalrymple, said the following about communist propaganda-as-political correctness:

    “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

    The relentless attacks upon reality, upon what reason, hard experience and our senses tell us is intended not merely to humiliate us, but to demoralize us and make us lost trust in our institutions, in our society, in our way of life, and ultimately in one another. To break every bond that once held us together as Americans.

    In 1999, two People’s Liberation Army-Navy (PLAN) senior colonels, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, authored the manual “Unrestricted Warfare,” which dealt with how a rising nation such as China, could defeat a foe such as the United States. Propaganda operations like those to transform the military into de facto social welfare agencies and behavioral laboratories are obviously intended to weaken our defenses, and they have done so to a significant degree. This is consistent with the methods of Sun Tzu from “The Art of War,” where the victory is won before the battle even takes place.

  14. Dean Ericson

    Georgia Man, that’s a great comment. Our enemies have been slipping poison propaganda — Kool-Aid concocted by Satan — into our drinking water, waging war against us surreptitiously, with the aim of enslaving/destroying us without firing a shot, and winning for themselves an empire of hell-on-earth. Demoralization, humiliation, degradation, irrational hatred, perversion, decay, division, destruction — these are all intended effects of Kool-Aid toxicity. We you stop drinking the K-A you can see it, and it becomes appalling, frightening, and infuriating. That is why when Traveling Kool-Aid salesmen like Steve Briggs show up here they get the door slammed, impolitely, on their damned fool, poison-mongering noses. But hey, we’re still being nice to the guy, since we didn’t take him out behind the woodshed and put him down like a rabid dog. Probably that is a mistake.

  15. Dean Ericson


  16. Johnno

    “There’s not a single thing a man can do that a woman can’t do as well or better.”

    “or better.”

    “OR BETTER!”

    So… what he’s saying is that there are some things certain members of one sex can do better than the other, right?

    Or he’s simply saying that one sex IS THE BEST. PERIOD!

    Sounds like something a ‘supremacist’ would say!

    And as for the random ‘gary gray’ comment, it goes to show once again that the lefties, when not demonstrating that they are devoid of comprehending humour and sarcasm, also completely fail to understand the nuance of rhetoric, and can only hyperliteralize their opponents speech.

    For Example:

    Briggs: “I was flying to London the other day to…”


    I don’t even have to know the original context to read out of this selective statement that Briggs is not saying his son is incapable of detecting the levels of melanin pigments on other people’s skin when the sight of them hits his corneas and these electrical signals are then interpreted by his brain.

    But only that the melanin pigments are not the first thing Brigg’s son associates when within eyesight of another fellow member of the human race, as any rational not-bigoted person naturally would without even having to think about it.

    In other words, the only people who do are those who care about nothing other than the physical appearance of other people, which makes ‘gary gray’ the only one here suspect of a proclivity towards racism. A racism he projects onto others and in his ‘equality’ theory means everyone is is as equally racist as he is. Oh, sorry I’m assuming ‘gender’ here… gary gray is an ‘it,’ so that should go ‘as racist as it is.’

  17. iggy

    @Steve Briggs

    “…Racism is anti-God…”

    I see you are unfamiliar with the Bible, especially the OT. May I suggest for remedial learning Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, for starters?

  18. Johnno

    Tell us more Iggy…

    Especially considering that Genesis teaches descent of all humanity from one original couple. Then subsequently from Noah’s line.

    Last time I checked, God divided the people over language.

    And in the post-modern age we live in it looks to be happening again.

  19. A foregoing comment or two brings this to mind (seen this past few weeks don’t recall where):

    As the saying goes, “The demand for racism in America far exceeds the supply.”

  20. guest

    Sin is sin is sin. GOD in HIS Immutable Power and WISDOM chooses what is sin. However, man being only merely human has been given dispensation for some – divorce being mentioned in the Bible. Government and its rulers have no say in what is not sin, but do. Solution might be realize you cannot regulate sin if gov decides to not. One of my best friend’s was a homosexual poet. He determined he was Christian and fought with himself, resulting in months and years of abstinence and then falling off the wagon in debauchery to be then repentant and abstinent again for a long while and repeat.

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