White House Backing Down On Vaccine Passports: Beginning Of The End Of The Panic?

White House Backing Down On Vaccine Passports: Beginning Of The End Of The Panic?

The oligarchs behind Biden are backing down on the vaccine passports. According to The Hill:

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday ruled out the Biden administration playing any role in a “vaccine passport” system as Republican governors in particular balk at the concept.

“The government is not now, nor will we be supporting a system that requires Americans to carry a credential. There will be no federal vaccinations database and no federal mandate requiring everyone to obtain a single vaccination credential,” Psaki told reporters at a briefing.

The White House has been clear that it would defer to private companies if they wanted to implement some type of vaccine passport system in which individuals would have to provide proof that they received one of the coronavirus shots.

“Our interest is very simple from the federal government, which is American’s privacy and rights should be protected so that these systems are not used against people unfairly,” Psaki said.

That’s it. It’s over. A rare victory for Reality!

Governors DeSantis, Abbot, and some others (Missouri) wrote executive orders banning vaccine passports. Florida plus Texas already was too much for the oligarchs to buck against. The others coming along made it impossible.

You can’t ask for papers on one side of the border and not on the other, and vice versa. The people in the blue terror states would soon become too uppity and refuse to play along. What do you do with feereners who are just visiting and haven’t any paperz? Even if you can, how do you check? Vaccine status would have to be just as rigorously tracked as citizenship.

They could have still got away with it on travel, maybe, since our last panic (“war” on terror) gave us Homeland Security, which nationalized all the airport securities. Don’t forget the mandate useless masks on flights because of our current panic.

But the pushback was too much for them. For now, anyway.

I doubt it was citizen complaints that did this. Those might have influenced Abbot and DeSantis and others, sure. But the oligarchs don’t give a damn about citizens. Sure, if vaccine passports went into effect, there’d be a terrific short show of folks saying they’re not playing along.

Then they’d play along after they couldn’t get a flight to Disney.

The Hill also said, “The World Health Organization on Tuesday cautioned that the use of vaccine passports may not be an effective way to reopen global travel, citing the lack of vaccinations in certain pockets of the world.”

The whole system would have been too unwieldy. This time. Watch for it in future.

This could be the beginning of the end of the panic. I had hoped it would be when Abbot opened Texas. But you recall the howl from the evil media saying it was the end of the world. They weren’t ready to let go, since they had done so well in the panic they helped create. But it can’t last forever.

The backdown on vaccine passports just happened yesterday. We’ll see what idiocies the media gives us. They size of their lies and amount of their spittle will be a good guide to how close we are to the end.

See if you can discover their level of hersteria, and leave headlines etc. in the comments.

This will be a tremendous blow to Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, and IBM who were all set to profit. Watch for their spokespeople to react, too.

All this does not mean certain venues and localities won’t still require vaccination, or try to. Schools, for instance, hospitals and so forth. I imagine some woke behemoths will try. Look for something like Google, only to face a backlash as its remote employees ask why they have to bother. My body, their choice.

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  1. JR Ewing

    I on a listserv with some of my friends from college. Yesterday one of them starting posting about vaccines and “variants” and the like and others joined in, so I told them I thought it was funny.

    “What’s so funny?!?!?!” asked the more woke of the group. (a definite Trump hater)

    “I find it hilarious that a group of healthy men who aren’t even 50 yet are ninnering about with each other about being injected with under-tested medicines to treat a disease that is hardly even a risk to them or their young families. And the cherry on top is that you are taking the “variant” nonsense seriously when it’s just a transparently blatant attempt by the powers that be to keep the panic going a little longer.”

    The inquisitor did not respond but the rest of them did and they all more or less said, “Yeah, you’re probably right that it’s not that big a deal.”

    The way this nonsense ends is when people quit paying attention. I had to shame some of the closest friends I have to get their attention, but it worked and it was necessary and I’m glad I did.

    This hysteria in the general population is ridiculous.

  2. bgc

    “This could be the beginning of the end of the panic.”

    Of *this* panic, may well be, I sense this too (from the UK angle). But I think I can feel the next panic in the pipeline, the panic that will take-over from this one.

    Not sure what it is – but it just feels like some-thing is brewing, ready for launch – globally, of course.

    It seems inevitable – given that the same people are still in charge, with the same aims. If this fake crisis loses its effect (due to sheer habituation, not from insight of reality, certainly not repentance): time for another.

    And soon.

  3. Sheri

    Darn. I was all ready to push campaigns for “Vaccine Passport Sanctuaries” where the great unvaccinated were free to live, as the illegals are and the gun owners are in many places.

  4. Hun

    Still going ahead with them in UK and EU as far as I can tell.

  5. awildgoose

    NY State’s IBM-vaxport system is already a mess:


    For various reasons, the West can no longer implement the digital control web the controllers want.

    H-1Bs couldn’t handle programming a small-scale, closed system like the 737 MAX.

    They could never handle the the large scale challenges in architecting new databases and linking them to existing ones.

    The now destroyed educational system isn’t going to crank out legions of competent, yet obedient drones.

    There is a global chip and plastics shortage limiting hardware availability. Server hardware is the backbone of the entire system.

    Finally, they really think they can run this mess on their crappy, unstable green grid?

    For now, the controllers’ imaginations far exceed the reality.

  6. Bob

    I believe the strongest argument against vaccine passports is they will serve no purpose. The existing vaccines are not 100% effective, and no one knows how long personal immunity lasts. Therefore, even with vaccination, you may be infected and infectious.

  7. Dean Ericson

    ”That’s it. It’s over. A rare victory for Reality!”

    Yes, let’s enjoy the victory. Too often we get the idea that evil is supernaturally invincible and more
    determined, cunning, and ruthless than the defenders of Christendom. That’s the idea promoted by the enemy’s propaganda. But it’s bluster and baloney blown up to look larger than life. A Hollywood-Wizard-of-Oz illusion. War is deception, and billions of bucks buys a lot of phony-baloney.

    In reality their schemes are impossible, their operatives delusional, and their actions bungling. It’s like watching a world-power-takeover lead by Dr. Evil, the Three Stooges, Inspector Clouseau, Baghdad Bob, and Scrooge McDuck. It only appears successful because it’s easier to destroy than it is to build and many men are foolish, but their mad plots always end in ruin (which is the whole point of the plot, after all).

    They’ll be back, of course, with more mad plots, because sin never sleeps and the war never ends. They’ll try to get businesses to implement the poison passports. They’ll conjure up another crisis, fake or real, medical or martial, to fill men with terror and panic to make them malleable and submissive. One damned thing after another. So enjoy the victory, boys, but brace for battle. Onward Christian Soldiers.

  8. MG

    Alas, the devil is in “private companies may mandate the paperz” … and they will, I suspect!. The “private mandates” will be much harder to rectify vz constitution courts and any future law passed by legislature against them. Look what happens in the “free” Texas now: No state mandates but Costco and banks such as the one in Galveston, tighten the screws and stopped letting in customers even on medical ADA exemptions. I wonder why stricter mask rules now when the gene therapy is out already? Me thinks this is a pilot test for “paperz in private companies”.
    Check out this interview with attorney Tom Renz that clearly lays out the danger:


  9. Uncle Mike

    Pyrrhic victory. This is all about voting with zero ID. Jamming the ballot boxes with fake votes. No ID required to keep the Commies in power.

    You need a passport and a vaxport to get on a plane, but Delta had a little sh*t fit when GA decided to require an ID to vote. You need an ID to get into a MBL game (with mask and social distancing), but the MBL went all Hitler on America when GA asked for an ID to vote. You need an ID to drive, drink, and walk around the mean streets of our crumbling cities, but not to vote.

    Republicans and Democrats agree about this: Dem voters are morons so pathetic and retarded as to be incapable of obtaining a simple ID, much less a vaxport. They are mentally ill dumpster divers who don’t know their own names, or criminal sneak shadow worlders who lack the barest qualifications to vote. They are cheats, and without them the Dems would lose every election.

    Which is why Traitor Joe Dementia’s puppet masters made him fire off Howdy Doody style on vaxports. ID’s are death to Dems. Nobody knows their names, and they wish to keep it that way.

  10. Dennis

    We’ll see…I don’t trust anything from the Biden regime, and the wording still leaves too much wiggle room for both government and Woke Capital. Sure the “government” (they’ll just put pressure on Woke Capital to do their bidding) says it won’t require a “single” credential (so are “multiple” competing credentials ok?) or “maintain a database” (they’ll just outsource it to Woke Capital as well and call it private enterprise, just as they outsource certain NatSec intel and disinfo ops to organizations like Bellingcat, Atlantic Council, etc.).

    The only thing that would convince me of the sincerity of Psaki’s announcement would be strong action by the admin and government to also prevent corporations and private businesses from discriminating on the basis of “vaccine status.” Otherwise, repeal the Civil Rights Act (always of dubious Constitutionality, but that’s an argument for another day). If government claims the right to prevent private businesses and “public accommodations” from refusing service to people on the basis of race, sex, religion, sexual paraphilia, etc, why is it ok to allow them to discriminate on the basis of alleged health status for a single virus which 99.98% of people survive anyway?

  11. Johnno

    Could have something to do with NY’s attempt turning out to be a shit show.

    But don’t worry, China is succeeding in tying the shots to their already operating social credit system, so we can expect more China praising as companies turn to them to build their cattle tracking apps.

    Or it could be as Paul Watson said – the best strategy is to lean hard into the idea of ID’S being RACIST!!!! Putting our liberal morons in a catch 22 where all the poor people of color worldwide will be further oppressed and pushed into poverty and denied basic rights as the white priveleged are the only ones who are allowed to be healthy. But then again you can always count on the liberal to be steeped in Doublethink.

    But even if we get this victory, you can always look forward to a traditional martial law lock down and an actual deadly airborne situation once Biden starts war with Russia with the Ukraine as the tinderbox. Once the nukes are flying nobody will give an F about covid. And those masks still won’t help.

  12. Russell Haley

    The Enemy doesn’t care. As long as enough people take the mRNA vector to cripple the economy and appear as a deadly new virus, those pushing these insane ideas are happy. The database is coming one way or the other (I’m a senior software developer that writes distributed software). The database *already exists* at google, apple etc. The biden admin just need permission to bring it inside the government building and start using it legally.

  13. C-Marie

    Thank you, Dean. Thank you, Dennis.

    666 is on its way to manifestation due to the unrepented worship of alien gods … abortion, the seven deadly sins, the denial of God’s creation of human sexuality and gender, and more.

    God bless, C-Marie

  14. John T Dzialo

    Let’s think this through carefully:

    Biden is not “backing down” from anything. He knows that any vaccine mandate from the Federal government will be subject to strict scrutiny by the Federal courts. HOWEVER, if the government allows private enterprise set their own mandates they will be immune from scrutiny because they are not subject to Constitutional prohibitions. In effect, Biden and the CDC are making an end run around the Constitution.

    We can only hope that the courts will see through the sham and realize that the government is deputizing private enterprise to perform actions that the government is not permitted to do.

  15. Chris C.

    It would be great if they were backing off, but it could be nothing more than a brief retrenchment; an opportunity to reposition and reframe their approach. There is too much invested by promoters of our new era of ever expanding social control to expect them and the governments under their dominance to let it go. Never ending vaccination campaigns are part of their tactics.

    I suspect they’ll try to figure out how to carve out very narrow exceptions which probably won’t include moral objections to cooperating with abortion collaborating profiteers or legitimate concerns about safety and efficacy. Hope I’m wrong. But there’s little reason to take anything said at face value.

  16. Milton Hathaway

    I can’t help but wonder if the rapid appearance of the fake CDC “COVID-19 Vaccination Record” cards had something to do with it. True, the vaccine passport effort would have had to have been a lot more counterfeit-proof, but perhaps the writing was on the wall. Governments have learned to be careful about passing laws they know will be widely ignored or defeated, as it undermines their overall appearance of authority.

    Perhaps there is a lesson here that could be extended to other areas. For example, the Dems are fighting voter ID laws tooth and nail. If underground ‘patriot’ groups started some chatter about cheating in the next election by taking advantage of the lack of voter ID requirements, maybe that could smack the Dems upside the head with a reality check; election fraud works if only one side does it, or does it much more effectively than the other side. If both sides do it, chaos results. And election chaos has got to be preferable to watching the country destroyed from the inside.

    Sometimes a broken thing has to be broken very badly before it can be fixed.

  17. Forbes

    Since the woke-prog-Left has gone full socialist/communist/fascist, I can imagine a slow implementation of a social credit system, akin to China, in anticipation of a future where, “your papers, please” passport (vaccine or otherwise) is mandatory.

    Just as Big Tech is installing reams of “touchless” payment processing systems (effectively ID readers) in order to facilitate transactions, collecting/distributing other private information, including (private) health info is probably on the agenda. Of course, it opens a Pandora’s box of all kinds of discrimination questions…

  18. Joy

    “You need an ID to drive, drink, and walk around the mean streets of our crumbling cities, but not to vote.”
    That’s what I had thought. The US is big on ID. They’re always asking for it in films.

    Passports to move around your own country is preposterous.

    Identification to prove you’re legit to vote and not a duplication is normal practice.
    So is preventing of harassment of people in a voting line which is the potential for allowing “water rescues”.

  19. Codex

    It is good news, even if it is just for now. Thanks!

  20. Pretty sure I saw that Biden has already met personally with some tech companies about furthering the vaccine push. That’s the fun part; the government doesn’t need to pass laws when corporate power is so concentrated that getting a few big, woke players to punish n’er-do-wells is a snap.

  21. Ray Man

    There NEVER was a pandemic. This was simply another tool in the toolbox of the gubment to further control its population. For most Americans (and citizens in other countries) whatever the gubment says must be true. Just like the Patriot Act. I don’t see this as the end. The gubment will come up with some other reason or an extension of COVID to continue this oppression. Thank You Dr. Briggs.

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