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Earlier I said 2020 was the year experts pretended to forget all they knew about viruses. I have to correct. I now say 2020 and 2021 are the years experts pretended to forget all they knew about viruses.

What’s that, Washington Post? You have something to say about masks?

Good thing you said it before you knew Trump was against masks.


Britain’s bright boy Boris Johnson, a man reduced to a blubbering mess by his illness, suggests creating what amounts to a one-world government dedicated to finding him a comb.

Sorry, to “solving” future pandemics.

He and a fine group of other rulers signed an open letter about this. After hinting about a rather important war nobody wants to mention by name, Boris said we must come together “to dispel the temptations of isolationism and nationalism”. No dispelling nationalism for Jews, Asians, and blacks, of course. For Europeans.

There will be other pandemics and other major health emergencies. No single government or multilateral agency can address this threat alone. The question is not if, but when. Together, we must be better prepared to predict, prevent, detect, assess and effectively respond to pandemics in a highly co-ordinated fashion. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a stark and painful reminder that nobody is safe until everyone is safe.

A highly co-ordinated fashion, eh. Nobody is safe until everyone is safe, eh. Benjamin Franklin said “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” But he never had to deal with disease. Or the war on terror. Otherwise he never would have said that.

Ben would have known the modern need to feel safe outweighs all other considerations. “To that end,” says Boris,

we believe that nations should work together towards a new international treaty for pandemic preparedness and response. Such a renewed collective commitment would be a milestone in stepping up pandemic preparedness at the highest political level. It would be rooted in the constitution of the World Health Organisation, drawing in other relevant organisations key to this endeavour, in support of the principle of health for all.

By this, he meant the treaty

would also include recognition of a “One Health” approach that connects the health of humans, animals and our planet. And such a treaty should lead to more mutual accountability and shared responsibility, transparency and co-operation within the international system and with its rules and norms.

The health of humans and animals considered jointly is a noble goal. We need to figure out which creature gets to eat which, and in what order, and who is picking up the tab. But the planet, a large rock in space, has health? Many volcanoes are the earth’s anus. We could cram a thermometer into one and take the plaent’s core temperature, a key indicator of health.

How do we make this “commitment a reality,” Boris?

“We must be guided by solidarity, fairness, transparency, inclusiveness and equity,” he answered.

Since he didn’t mention Diversity, I’m not sure we can stand behind him in his effort. Though many did. Got quite a few Europeans rulers to sign, and even a handful of African rulers. Ukraine, of course, since our rulers are looking to use them as a casus belli.

Well, we all need to “build back better”, eh? Where you will own nothing and be happy, eh?


Sub-Saharan black Africans did well with the doom, but American blacks did not. East Asians did well, and so did South Asians. Certain Caucasians did not. There would appear to be a clear genetic+environment signal to the deaths.

Which this article dispassionately examines: Taboo: Why Is Africa the Global COVID ‘Cold Spot’ and Why Are We Afraid to Talk About It?.

The second question is of course rhetorical. The first is answered, roughly: black Africans are a lot younger than American blacks, and the doom kills the aged, and American blacks are a lot fatter, and the doom kills the fat. Whites with Neanderthal genes appear to have different outcomes than whites without.

Though European whites are old, like American whites, they are not as fat. And so on.

Here’s a self-explanatory picture they put together:

Read the article.


Nice compilation of articles—even peer-reviewed! articles—contra lockdowns.


Saw some expert on Twitter take exception to John Ioannidis’s infection fatality rate. He used just the US numbers, extrapolating them to the world, but did not try his trick using global numbers, which gave an answer an order of magnitude less, and which matched Ioannidis’s guess.

This is important because they’re trying to cancel Ioannidis now. Experts hate any kind of good news which might be used to show their worst fears aren’t true.

Here’s one out of many in the pile on: What the heck happened to John Ioannidis? From a place laughingly called “Science-Based Medicine.”

I won’t go into this in any details, because you already know all the facts. I make only one comment on how cancellations go. Ioannidis used to be loved. But now that he has sinned, they are discovering that not only is he bad now, he kind of always was, and which “we” always knew, but never said much about.

I quote the effeminate bits:

..before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I had long admired and whom, as a result of his publications, statements, and activities during the pandemic, I no longer do…Over the years, Prof. Ioannidis’ work has inspired posts by nearly all of the bloggers who’ve been regulars here at SBM…

Don’t get me wrong here. I don’t always agree with Ioannidis; for instance, I think he did exaggerate how often research is “wrong” and, in addition, took major issue with his argument that the NIH is…[blah blah blah].

Point is, if you think you have friends, wait until they have to defend you against the woke. Then you’ll see.


We’re still waiting for the surge in deaths the media and experts predicted for Texas. Don’t worry, it will come! They’re experts!

Left column: mask mandates and lockdowns. Right column: liberty.


The Price of Panic.

Website of similar name: price of panic.


Sources: daily tests, CDC official toll number one, number two (the old weekly file, now suspect). Deaths by age. Covid & flu. WHO flu tracker. All current as of Monday night.

Daily tests:

Tests fell slightly. The media and blue states are still trying to juice the panic, loathe to relinquish their “emergency” powers, so it’s not falling as fast as we’d like.

Testing generates “cases”. I wonder if testing is rising because vaccinations are also going up. “Come back in a week and let’s do a test” kind of thing. A rapid test could easily throw a false positive. We’ll have to wait and see. I don’t have data to tell for sure.

Every positive test the media falsely calls a “case”, when it is only an infection with varying degrees of seriousness—and most are not serious.

Positivity rate of the tests.

All things equal, fewer tests mean larger positivities, because it’s more likely only the sickest are being tested. And, depending on the kind of test, those who are vaccinated might show as positive (antibody test, say).

CDC weekly ALL CAUSE death counts, or the Perspective Plot, from late 2009 until now. The late drop off is late counting: it takes up to eight weeks to get all data. We need to look at all cause deaths because we can’t quite trust the attributed COVID numbers.

The black line is deaths of any kind. The red is COVID. The blue line is flu+pneumonia (it’s the pneumonia that kills most flu patients). The blue is estimated starting mid year 2020 because CDC stopped separate reporting on flu. The suspicion is some flu and pneumonia deaths are being attributed to COVID.

Deaths are way down from what we’d expect this time of year.

Here is the CDC deaths “involving” COVID.

There is in the daily data (not shown) do show a flattening this week, which will be picked up in next week’s totals. But a flattening at very low numbers. There is no emergency. There is only panic.

Here is another way to look at all deaths, the week-of-the-year all-cause deaths. This is big.

I’m repeating myself—again!—but look at those deaths plunge! This chart should amaze you.

You can see the black dots on the green line, which indicate the late counts. But before that, even with some late counts coming in, this is still low.

We are, from about Week 8, either where we’d expect all cause deaths to be, or lower. Our rulers and media have convinced themselves there is no death but COVID deaths. They don’t even know how to look at others.

MOST IMPORTANT: the 2020 excess deaths are not all COVID deaths! They include deaths from the “solution” to COVID, too. Plus increased suicides, septicemia and other iatrogenic kills, cancers, heart attacks, and everything else due to lockdowns. Like car crashes, as we saw above. Plus, there were over 80,000 drug overdose deaths last year. This point cannot be over-emphasized.

Flu is still missing. Here is the WHO’s global flu tracker:

Flu is still gone the whole world over. For almost a full year now. Yes. A year without flu. Astonishing.

Here’s another way to look at it, which highlights the very first (Twitter) graph atop this post, by which I mean the spring “mini-bump” after the main flu surge and before summer:

You can see Swine Flu, which started at an odd time, and which caused a minor panic. And you can see where flu vanished into … where exactly?

Here is the CDC official population mortality rates for the all causes other than COVID, and “involving” COVID (with and of; “involving” is CDC’s word).

                 Age     COVID OtherCause
1       Under 1 year 0.0000150    0.00590
2          1–4 years 0.0000020    0.00025
3         5–14 years 0.0000021    0.00016
4        15–24 years 0.0000190    0.00096
5        25–34 years 0.0000760    0.00180
6        35–44 years 0.0002200    0.00280
7        45–54 years 0.0006200    0.00500
8        55–64 years 0.0015000    0.01100
9        65–74 years 0.0037000    0.02200
10       75–84 years 0.0093000    0.05400
11 85 years and over 0.0250000    0.16000

A reminder that these are from totals, and so represent the closest thing to lifetime population fatality rates. Anyway, the risk is so small for the young there is no reason to panic. None.

About masks in depth, see this article and this one. I am also working on a comprehensive article about masks. Hint: they do not work. Leave the Cult of the Mask.

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  1. Newsflash: THERE IS NO SOLVING WORLD PANDEMICS. You can, however, murder thousands using the pandemic as cover. Good news for dictator governors and others who want to implement death squads for the elderly and avoid the unpopular nature of this. Plus, you can seize dictatorial power and shaft a whole nation while people die. (Note: AIDS was different. It still kills and kills and kills allowing for ongoing deaths but no cementing of your dictatorial power. Great for population reduction, though.)

    Did pigs learn to fly while I was sleeping?????? Governments CANNOT stop a virus. They can only kill and imprison their population. I guess Boris is in the mood to join the mass murders of past government in seeing how many he can kill…..Oh, and DEATH is the only safe state. Boris has that right. Boris is pure evil.

    Africans use malaria preventative that the CDC outlawed in order to kill Americans and get even with Trump.

    Science-Based Medicine sold out. I used to read them, but they are trash now. Seems virtually all scientists kiss posteriors sooner or later. The love of knowledge NEVER overrides the love of MONEY.

    True scientists have NO friends, only people who have not attacked them yet.

    Covid testing will NEVER be checked for false positives or negatives. It’s NOT for checking for disease……And Covid and flu ARE the same thing and the CDC verified it by not separately reporting on the flu. We KNEW they lied from day one of the “pandemic” that was not flu but now is.

  2. How can I not?

    One World Government to rule them all,
    One World Government to find them,
    One World Government to bring them all,
    and in the darkness bind them

  3. That map is telling me that the virus is bullshit. Not that it doesn’t exist, but it’s stated properties are bogus.

    China created a panic with short brutal lockdowns and fake footage of people “dieing” on the streets (in reality just drunks falling). Most likely on orders from the world “elite”.
    China already has a social credit system. They don’t need to play the virus game anymore. Now it’s time for the rest of the world to implement it.

  4. As if we did not Already have a world government – which coordinated the events of 2020 – behind, and pulling the strings of, Boris et al.

    This letter is just a matter of the reality coming a bit more fully into the open – although presumably we will never be told explicitly the names of the Real world government: just various disposable front-men and -women.

  5. My common sense is telling me not to part with money in order to read what could be summarised in a few short words.

    Alien conspiracists are always selling their books

    Joy loves Boris Johnson!

  6. Ah, poor Boris!

    About the hair? It seems almost obvious to me who is quite good at reading ‘people’ in the real world:
    He plays on it! His sister, who has since forbiven him for removing us from the USSEU (republic). Used to manage his hair situation!

    He has a triple crown and frankly, more hair than many men of his age. It’s on his head, too!

    I think he’s cute, looks like just William or a naughty school boy. I’m fairly sure he knows it and does it on purpose. Especially if it irritated his sister.
    I wonder what after shave he wears?
    None, at a guess, I’m thinking he just uses nice smelling shower gel.
    Real men don’t wear perfume.

  7. One World Government to Rule Them All
    One World Government to Find Them
    One World Government to Bring Them All
    and In The Darkness Bind Them

  8. Briggs: ”Britain’s bright boy Boris Johnson, a man reduced to a blubbering mess by his illness, suggests creating what amounts to a one-world government dedicated to finding him a comb.”

    Funny line. What is it with his hair? He’s a wild and crazy guy? A devil-may-care California beach boy? He doesn’t follow the rules, he’s a rebel, he’s cool? Well he doesn’t follow Gods rules, but he’s slavish as hell to the cabal that runs the show and writes his lines, just as they write Joe Biden’s. The Overlords even had Donald Trump dancing to their tune. Puppets on strings. Who writes the lines and how, exactly, do they go about doing it? Zoom calls at 4am between Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab and some Rothschild? They hatch the day’s plot and send orders to the Supreme Council of the Overlords, who meet in a futuristic underground complex in Switzerland, wearing totalitarian zoot suits designed by Edith Head, who write the actual lines and send them out to be read by the teleprompter puppets in all their zombified vassal states, and the zombies hearing the new proclamations stupidly obey because Kool-Aid?

    You get to thinking something like that because there is definitely an agenda behind this, and it sure as hell isn’t a concern for public health. But then I recall James Corbett noting the cabal isn’t secret, they’re right out in the open publishing their white papers on the internet telling the sheep just what they’re thinking, sending out trial balloons, and it only appears obscure if you don’t take the time to closely follow what they’re doing.

    Certainly all the stuff Gates has been doing is mostly out in the open, he loves the limelight, and posing as a great Humanitarian. Still, it’s a huge effort, with trillions at their command, and a vast network of bought-and-paid-for governments, NGOs, think tanks, media, education, et cetera, that they have patiently built over their decades long-march. Maybe the greatest, most complex and ambitious work of evil in human history. And we get to have a front row seat watching these Bond villains turn the entire planet into zombie pod people.
    Lucky us.

    But then it is a fine spring day, Gates et al do not control the seasons nor the sun, and God is still in charge and Jesus rose from the dead and we are to be of good cheer and courage, even in the face of evil and adversity, especially when it comes from comic book creeps the likes of Gates and Schwab.

  9. Apparently even in states without mask mandates, the brainwashed sheeple refuse to give up their fear and paranoia, still treating them like security blankies they had when they were kids scared of the bogey-man at night. My sister and eldest niece were in Florida last week, and said they were still “required” almost everywhere they went when it came to stores and restaurants (the old routine of “wear a mask for show walking in and out, but then take it off because apparently viruses sleep while you sit down to eat, drink, and talk for an hour”). And in my state I still see an inordinate number of people outside in the park walking around with muzzles on in 75 degree and sunny weather (Sunday even saw a group of 6 or 7 bike-riders who appeared to be part of some biking club all muzzled-up as they rode. Just disgusting to see. I hope they crashed later from hypoxia).

    “A highly co-ordinated fashion…” – As if this CCP-originated psyop/bio-warfare plan to convince world governments to “lockdown” etc., destroying their economies, and the lives, well-being, education, and futures of their people, hasn’t already been highly coordinated! Apparently BoJo thinks every world government just independently decided – based on The Science(TM) of course! – to follow the same disastrous and tyrannical approach to a routine respiratory virus, and that the solution is simply more “co-ordination.” What a grotesque clown world.

  10. Boris’ hair is a psyop to encourage people to think that he is ever so busy working for their interests, and put upon as much as the average working man.

  11. Good grief…now Joy’s simping over Boris! 🙂 Easily the worst British PM since WWII.

    In re. Africa: Any data on how many PCR tests they’re doing on a daily basis in Africa? I get the age and fatness levels being an explanation as compared to American blacks, but I wonder if the lower numbers in Africa can also be explained by “dis-functional” governments (oh for a “dis-functional” government here!) that were unable to implement such “highly co-ordinated” and tyrannical responses as America, Europe, or much of the rest of the world. I doubt most of Africa has sprouted PCR test centers on seemingly every corner, Orwellian track-and-trace, hospital “cause-of-death” book-cooking, etc. the way the West has. Fewer tests, fewer “cases,” fewer “deaths”.

    And look how light-colored China is on that map…apparently we’re supposed to believe (not that any sane person has ever really believed their official numbers) that the “ground-zero” of this historically unprecedented and highly deadly virus has had very few deaths and “cases”…all supposedly because “short but severe” lockdowns “worked,” and they’ve also magically not had any of the many “waves” (I’ve lost track of what number we’re supposed to be on now) that keep sprouting up in the West. Yeah, not suspicious at all. Totally not a CCP-planned psyop and bio warfare operation.

  12. It’s getting to the point where I don’t know if it is possible to use the data to reach any conclusions, since there are so many confounding factors. There are some things that can obviously be thrown out. For example, China’s numbers are ridiculous in their pattern and the CCP hasn’t been shy about their attempts to say that China has never had a problem, so their numbers can be thrown out entirely. Similarly it’s been discussed at length here how “cases” are largely driven by high testing, especially testing using high PCR cycles.

    But I thought that we could glean data from at least SOME of the data. For example, deaths. Likely deaths in the US represent actual deaths, and even if many non-COVID deaths are listed as COVID deaths, at least the shape of the graph will give us some idea of the actual spread of the disease? But then in MN on March 9 the stats listed 140 deaths, the only day with triple digit deaths. This happened at a time when the rolling average for deaths was in the single digits. After investigating I found out that the department of health had scoured old records, many several months old, to find COVID deaths which were “missed” and then reported many that day. But they intended to keep looking through old records in this way. This means that there isn’t even a guarantee that if the death numbers go up that more people are actually dying in a recent time frame.

    So what data can still be relied upon?

  13. “It’s getting to the point where I don’t know if it is possible to use the data to reach any conclusions…”

    Perhaps that’s part of the point, to just sow confusion and prevent people from having even the basic facts presented in a clear and straight-forward manner since that might cause them to wake up and doubt the fear-mongering…because in the end it’s all about power, control, and promoting an agenda, not about actual facts or public health.

  14. Dennis, regarding the light shading in the map, it helps to remember that there is little to no obesity in China. The vast majority of citizens are rail thin. This one factor alone might account for the lower mortality rate there.

  15. Yes, all thanks be to God, that He raised Jesus Christ from the dead seated Him in Heaven at the right hand of God, His Father and Our Father. He will keep on strengthening us as we ask for and receive His helps, as we go through these persecutions which will only get worse. Keep looking to Jesus all of our days. He will bring us through.

    How long do you think that God would bless a country whose laws allow the murder of His children?? Read Deuteronomy and Joshua.

    God bless, C-Marie

  16. I prayed for Boris when he had Covid. I thought he was a liberty-minded Brit who would help GB reclaim itself. I certainly was wrong. His hair, get real, use a comb. He could lacquer that bird’s nest down to manageable in 5 minutes. He doesn’t want to. Men who fuss over their appearance are effeminate, you’d never find Gary Cooper obsessing about his wig.
    A nurse I know, who has no dog in the fight, that I know of, works for a public school system. She said this year, with the mask-wearing, there have been almost NO illnesses of any kind in her school. She just mentioned it in passing, not trying to make a point. She said no colds, no flu’s, nothing. She attributed it to the mask-wearing. Now, her school was on a hybrid schedule, only half the students in school at any one time, that had to help, but virtually no illness? In a school? Common sense dictates that like it or not, one senses that keeping your distance and wearing a mask have to have some effect on disease spread. If that doesn’t fit your own narrative, you should question if you are rejecting something that may in fact help. That being said I despise the over-reach of government giving us “rules”.
    Personally, I think Covid is spread in bathrooms, where it aerosolizes. This could be in your home, or in a public bathroom.

  17. Yes, that’s another thing Alzaebo. I had forgotten about that…heard general HCQ use is as common as aspirin or similar everyday over-the-counter type stuff in the West in parts of Africa.

    Yes Brian H, on to something as well I think. Come to think of it, I can’t recall every really seeing a fat Chinese person, even among those I see here in the West. LOL. Outside of Japanese Sumo wrestlers, you don’t see many fat Asians at all. I still think CCP is cooking the books, or it was just part of the psyop to begin with and it was simply never that deadly. Very clever to weaponize a virus whose symptoms are virtually indistinguishable from flu or other common respiratory ailments. Why has flu disappeared? It was re-branded and weaponized as “Covid.”

  18. Evangeline, well said about infection control. Nobody sensible is questioning the effects of normal infection control methods. Improved hygiene of hands and stopping children and adults from spluttering has had its expected impact. It really is pretty basic.

    You’ve no worries with Boris. He’s the right man for the job and he’s got a fearsome team around him. Although it seems otherwise (by design, no doubt) he listens to the members who are the true Conservatives, as he sone himself. He even listened to Nigel Farage. Just had to show a poker face in British politics. Remember how it was with Trump and Boris? The media were all over them.

    He has to service the squeaky wheel, if you know what I mean

    The US will turn right again in not too long. We had years of friction and procrastination from the left AND the liberals, who knew where we were really going to end up. The same will happen in America. The right people will roll up their sleeves and do the necessary. They are the side with the brains and the heart.

  19. The animals don’t have any masks so why aren’t there piles of animal corpses everywhere?
    Russia just made a vax for the animal population so that must mean some animals can get the wu-flu.
    Some animals are a little more equal than the others.

  20. A coordinated global response to future pandemics? There is a type of magical thinking that infests socialists and globalists, who believe that policies that have failed on a local level would surely succeed if only implemented on a broader scale. In one sense they are right, failures can be defined away by eliminating competition from other approaches that actually work.

    Globalism in a nutshell, normalize incompetence.

  21. Meanwhile Brazil is a global threat as a reservoir and their Federal government is making a dogs breakfast of managing the situation.

    This epidemic is a dry run for the big one which always looms.

    Doing nothing is a dereliction of duty.
    Knowing what to do is key
    Then convincing numbskulls and a herd of cats to take note is the limiting factor.

    “where were you”?

  22. Just one more,
    looking at the shading difference between Canada and the Us, with Alaska conforming to the same colour as the rest?
    I wonder if the shading is deceptively ‘blocky’, so that the US gets one colour regardless and Canada another, regardless.
    What I’m saying is what you can draw from such a picture would be deceptive in the wrong hands.
    Basic, I know, but this kind of thing is where calls of conspiracy come in.
    Graphs / pictures, are always hiding the assumptions which go into them.

    In honest hands though, it’s a political map, not a purely geological one, if I’m making myself clear. Never mind,

    If people aren’t going to be honest they’re not good scientists.

  23. IFR varies with age.
    IFR is, as in any emergence of new infectious disease, under review as more cases are picked up; as treatment improves, as logistics are improved, as education imporoves, sothe numbers improve.

    Current status of asymptomatic spread stands at 1 in 3 who do not know they have covid if infected.

    Neither of the above points are good indicators for individual risk
    IFR is less than one but with a disease that is so age biased, giving a generalised IFR for individuals to consider their OWN risk, is misleading either towards false safety or false potential risk.

    One would hope, also that ultimately the IFR approaches zero! Perhaps only the anti medicine or scientology types, might like it all left to Darwin. *I suspect they probably think they’ll have a better evolutionary advantage!

    Any simple infection CAN kill you though, if left untreated. It doesn’t mean it WILL.

    The devil’s in the detail. There are no easy answers but there are obvious truths which an ideological person would may disregard as is their God given right

  24. Current status of asymptomatic spread stands at 1 in 3 who do not know they have covid if infected.

    Where are you getting that from? The following seems to indicate that you are more than 20 times less likely to contract the CoronaDoom from an unsymptomatic person you are living with than a symptomatic person you are living with, so it is pretty certain that you are even less likely to get it via casual contact:

    Also, note, old people die. Anything can kick them over the edge, even rhinoviruses (to name another such virus), and I say that as someone who has about five years to go before I get into the highest tier risk group.

    And we had a big pulse of new births from 1946 though 1964 and their leases on life have been coming due for a few years already …

  25. In defence of Boris:

    Take out the political boilerplate and ritual bowing and all this says is that the world needs a WHO that actually does its job. Big deal – everybody knows that, or should.

    The question the boilerplate both obscures and illustrates is the important one: how can we fix the WHO and anciliaries like the CDC so they work?

  26. You’re right I did say “spread”
    I didn’t man that!
    I meant Asymptomatic covid!
    Force of habit, sorry, but misleading, as you point out! Like some keep saying virus when they mean vaccine and vice versa.

    My information comes directly from the horse’s mouth, generally from the witness of scientists from around the world, mainly from the uK.
    Some, from China’s Dr’s right at the beginning. Essentially mostly aural

    The figure of one in three was very recent and was from Patrick Valance on Monday 5th if I recall correctly

  27. Paul Murphy,
    Well said, about Boris. He’s trying to fill a void.
    “mopping up”

    Trump was right to dump the WHO, they were appalling, early on. Responsible for spreading some falsehoods and behaving in a China-centric manner. i.e. political not scientific or even charitable.
    They started telling countries off! WHO voted for them?

  28. There’s no such thing as “asymptomatic Covid”! If you have no symptoms, you are not sick and you don’t have Covid (even if you may have been exposed to SARS-COV2; after all we’ve been told “Covid is the disease caused by the SARS-COV2 virus” – just as AIDS is supposedly caused by HIV – so if you have no symptoms you do not have Covid, and you don’t have enough viral load to be contagious either).

    Has anyone ever heard of anyone having, say, a case of “asymptomatic flu”? Imagine going to a doctor and saying, “Gee doc, I feel great, no symptoms of anything at all, but I really think you should test me for flu in case I have an asymptomatic case.” He’d give you a referral to shrink!

    WHO is beyond reform, does more harm than good (CDC not far behind) and must be smashed. WHO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gates and the CCP. We need to get beyond the notion that more “global co-ordination or centralization” of anything is good. Concentrates too much power and influence in too few hands, and ends up serving the needs and agendas of power-hungry bureaucrats and politicians (and other bad actors like Gates, who officially holds no legal or political position or status and is thus a “private citizen,” but in fact wields more power and influence than most heads of state) rather than real health needs of people. Subsidiarity is the way, not some chimerical all-knowing global “health authority.”

  29. Dennis,
    You’re quite wrong about that.
    Just wrong.
    All viruses potentially can be experienced without symptoms.
    That is called sub clinical.
    It is even possible to have a bacterial infection and be completely unaware.

    Are you joking?

  30. I would take SAGE up on their estimates. They publish all of their data and have done since the beginning.
    Total transparency.
    Even their meetings are observed by outsiders

  31. Asymptomatic flu?
    probably, certainly sometimes it is mild.
    People don’t get tested…….

  32. SAGE at work:
    “SAGE experts relied on Wikipedia to model impact of Covid crisis”:

    Note also that the disgraced Neil Ferguson, who authored the catastrophically wrong model that precipitated draconian government reactions in much of the Anglosphere, was also a SAGE member at the time he made his latest bad prediction (he has a 2 decade history of being wrong about nearly everything, so why he was still employed or listened to by anyone is a mystery).

    “‘Pessimistic SAGE Wrong That Britain Can’t Unlock Early’, Says Government Scientist“:

    “SAGE models overestimation of deaths”:

    “Why the models warning of a third UK Covid wave are flawed: Much of the data suggesting a surge in hospital admissions and deaths this summer is needlessly negative and often out of date”:

  33. Oh, I thought you were going to say something about testing!
    Re SAGE:

    The list you offer appears to be headlines ABOUT SAGE?
    SAFE is not a conspiracy. It’s a group set up to help the government make the best decisions.

    Government doesn’t have to take their advice and they also have other advisors, of course, pulling in different directions.
    THAT it all is transparent is why there’s so much room for headlines and meddlers to talk about how they
    “disagree” or whatever has happened lately.

    Like school kids having a microphone the staff room.

    My BS meter works quite well Patrick Balance is a straight forward man.

  34. My fingers don’t work that well
    “SAGE” not SAFE
    IN the staff room,

    Patrick Valance
    Rishie Sunak also complained about the ‘unlocking’ or some other thing.
    I trust Rishie, too.

    People are trying to make decisions without the benefit of hindsight re 2020

    Boris has plenty of opponents on his own side, let alone the ones on the left who hate it even if he’s giving away gold bars

    Nobody except one, I think disagrees out and out with the entire idea that covid required a national response and some sort of mitigation.
    Boris has had to amend his own ideas all the way along.

    I only know because I was listening intently well before there was any lockdown.
    I heard what the “Plan” was. How they were going to manage etc.

    They had plans more in line with what some here suggest about what might seem the way to manage a respiratory disease like flu. I think you know the rest

  35. “The list you offer appears to be headlines ABOUT SAGE?”

    Well yes, I only listed the headlines (should I paste entire articles?) and links to a quick sample of just a few recent articles indicative of SAGE’s incompetence. I’d put them on the same level as the WHO, CDC, Fraudci/Birx, et al.

    “SAGE is not a conspiracy. It’s a group set up to help the government make the best decisions.”

    Yes, that’s what they all say. And SAGE gave such good advice. Why, if not for their advice people may not have been half as paranoid and sacred to death about a virus barely worse than flu!

    Any organization of which Neil Ferguson was a prominent member is not to be taken seriously (yes, I know he was fired and isn’t on SAGE now, but it’s worth noting he was fired not for his incompetence or risible predictions on everything from Mad Cow to Covid over the last 25 years, but because he was nipping out during lockdown to bonk his mistress).

  36. Not that you’e paranoid or anything

    …And that’s not nice talk

    The genetic fallacy can overcome all knowledge and wisdom

    I have news for you. He’s still very much involved in evidence giving and scientific opinion because I’ve seen and heard him speaking, along with Wendy Barclay and others.

    He’s a great one to blame though, if you’re a politician you can always blame the scientist.

    This discussion is like playing top Trumps with expert characters.

    It’s the facts that count

    In any event, I do believe your comment was a non sequitur but it keeps the ball n the air!

    You learned that from Briggs

  37. Does the entire world of human souls fit into neat bins of ‘type’?
    Number one bin and number two bin?

    Briggs taught you that, too, or at least he WILL reinforce it if you read to long
    It’s a tactic of persuasion, loosely termed the false dichotomy.
    I expect that goes for trichotomies and quinotomies or even ectomy’s.

  38. Do you still maintain there is no such thing as asymptomatic infection?
    Straight question:

  39. Sorry I took a while to respond (I’m assuming that last question was meant for me). I was busy lamenting the fall of Constantinople in honor of the late Jean Raspail 🙂 :

    You keep changing your terms: “asymptomatic spread” > “asymptomatic covid” > “asymptomatic infection”

    I maintain the the first is essentially non-existent, and the second absolutely non-existent, yes. But, to take the last first, are there “asymptomatic infections”? Well, perhaps in the sense that someone could be exposed to the virus and may trigger a positive result in a high-cycle PCR test, but unaccompanied by symptoms the person is not really sick or likely to be infectious to others (and there is a very good chance in that case that the PCR test is reading a false positive. Surely you are aware of the major problems with using mass PCR testing in the way that it has been? It’s been a complete abuse of what PCR tests were meant for, and is the main thing keeping the perception of an endless “pandemic” going. Totally a PCR test-induced pseudo-pandemic at this point, and has been for a long while – around last June or so. A damn shame Keri Mullis died in August 2019 – convenient timing just before the Gates’ & Co.’s Event201 pandemic show kicked-off eh? – he’d have brought Fauci’s head to Trump on a plate).

    I saw a report yesterday that over half of all “cases” in Britain (and presumably a similar ratio holds for most other places in the world as well) are “asymptomatic’. Very strange disease for which over half of people show no symptoms! I’m so glad we’ve shut down the world for a year and destroyed countless lives and livelihoods to “flatten the curve” on this sneaky disease most people can’t even tell they have!

    As for the first, “asymptomatic spread,” as Richard pointed out above, and as other studies have shown (such as the Univ. of Florida study late last year) there is very little evidence that “asymptomatic” people are significant spreaders of SARS-COV2. If you have no symptoms, it is highly unlikely you have enough viral load to be contagious. And if you have no symptoms, there is no need for you to be tested in the first place (the absurdity of which my example above of asking a doctor for a flu test when you feel perfectly fine was meant to show. Only for this one virus have we suddenly started mass testing millions of people who show no signs of illness and declaring them to be “cases” – and a public health threat – on the basis of those unreliable and misused PCR tests).

    As for the second term, “asymptomatic Covid,” as I explained above – no it does not exist. This one is a simple matter of terminology and definition. Covid is allegedly the disease that is caused by SARS-COV2. That determination requires symptoms which indicate whether one has “Covid” or not. Ergo, there cannot be an “asymptomatic Covid” case, because without symptoms you cannot have Covid (you may perhaps have an “asymptomatic infection” of SARS-COV2 – see above on that – but you do not have Covid). This is analogous to HIV>AIDS. Do you call everyone who may test HIV positive an “AIDS case”, or an “asymptomatic AIDS case”? No….AIDS is supposed to be the disease caused by HIV infection, and it requires various symptoms (I’m assuming for argument’s sake here that this theory of causation is in fact true, which is disputed – Keri Mullis among those who did not think the claim that HIV causes AIDS was scientifically proven, for which he was ostracized for years before his death).

  40. Dennis,
    The ‘monk music”. Gregorian lament? is quite soothing.
    Do you suppose those monks realise the Cheshire cat is hiding, not so well, overhead?

    “You keep changing your terms: “asymptomatic spread” > “asymptomatic covid” > “asymptomatic infection”
    1, asymptomatic spread is an error of terms
    2, Asymptomatic covid
    3 Asymptomatic infection:

    2 and 3 are related in our discussion.
    Asymptomatic infection is, whether you believe it or not, possible with all disease. All pathology, too! practically.
    It is called ‘sub clinical’ if later discovered.

    Number 2 refers specifically to THIS infection as opposed to any other.
    If you agree concede the existence of 3, there’s nothing left to argue about
    except the nature of that asymptomatic infection and how infectious it is AT THAT stage.
    (That is where it differs greatly from flu)

  41. Covid exists, but …

    Covid is deadly for some, but …

    Covid isn’t a hoax, but …

    There, got all my disclaimers out of the way.

  42. Relevant to considerations of mask wearing and “asymptomatic spread”:
    Wendy Barclay explains some of the transmission factors in the video below. She doesn’t look like an agent for one word government domination, to me!

    The infectiousness of the covid 2 virus has an ability to infect the lining of the respiratory tract, (epithelial cells), due to a combination of two factors.
    The presence of a specific protease at the surface of the lining
    The ability of the spike section of the virus to activate AT the surface prior to entering the cell.

    So, during the infectious stage of this disease, the amount of virus breathed out by the carrier is far higher and so the amount in the air is renewed higher.

    This factor is not, evidently, as important once infection is known. So people who are unaware of infection are INDEED MORE likely to spread for Biological/mechanistic as well as practical/behavioural reasons.

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