God Made Serial Killers, Too

God Made Serial Killers, Too

I received a hot letter from the North American Serial Killer Alliance in response to an article I wrote explaining how God did not make people “that way”. You need to see that letter.

Dear Mr. Briggs,

We at the North American Serial Killer Alliance (NASKA) take great exception to your article “God Did Not Make You That Way”. It’s true, like you said, that we believe in violence. This is why a great many of us thought it best to remove your kidneys with a dull hatchet (a current favorite method among members).

But we also believe in dialogue. Since you are a thought leader in cultural affairs, we wanted to reach out to you and give our side of the story. Maybe after reading this you won’t be so judgmental in the future.

Serial killers are not all “nut jobs”, as you so hatefully put it. People from all walks of life are serial killers. We have in our membership rolls teachers, doctors, mechanics, even preachers. Every type is represented: we have both psychotics and sociopaths. We don’t discriminate, like you do, because we know God made each and every one of us.

Do you think it is easy being a serial killer? The dry cleaning bills alone are enough to dissuade anybody from the lifestyle. We all have to spend small fortunes on things like rope and bleach, money that never comes back to us, given that most of us never rob our victims.

Nobody chooses to be a serial killer. That would be crazy! Nobody wants to be hounded day and night, like we are, by authorities who don’t understand our needs. We can’t meet in public, we can’t give out our real names. We have to hide ourselves in closets with our victims. We have Pride our community, yes, but wearing a “mask” all the time takes its toll.

Not one of us wants to have the feelings of the need to kill, and once having killed, to need to kill again—and again. But we have these feelings anyway. We try not wanting them, but nothing makes them go away. We were born with them. God put these feelings in us, just as surely as he put your desire to run from somebody running at you screaming with a knife. We all have our God-ordained roles to play in this life.

Besides having to read ill-thought-out articles like yours, we have to sit in Church every Sunday and be condemned from the pulpit. Have you any idea what this is like? It is not a nice feeling. This is why suicide rates in the serial killer and maniac community are so high. We didn’t make the choice to use our victims’ intestine as jump ropes. It’s just part of who we are.

We admit the country has made great strides in accepting, even celebrating, people’s lived experiences. Yet so far that progress has eluded the serial killer and maniac community. It’s time for that to change. God loves us. God made us. God does not make mistakes.


NASKA Body Count Leader, 2020

You have to admit Cain has some sharp points. And they were not all on his cutting instruments, which he was kind enough to show me in a photograph attached to his letter.

I have to say Cain’s letter changed my mind. If a man says his unwanted desires are from God, can we really say he’s wrong? He says he’s had them all his life. They make him, and the other members of the serial killer and maniac community, what they are. I think we have to believe Cain when he says this.

If we doubt him, we are doubting God made these people with their particular gifts and qualities. Once we start down that road, we’ll have to apply our doubts to a whole range of behaviors and acts. That would be going against what God wants, if Cain is right. Which he must be, since he is so sincere.

You know what else he’s right about? Judgmentalism. To say a behavior is wrong is to be judgmental. We have to admit that this is the definition, pure and simple. And doesn’t Scripture say judge not lest ye be judged?

We have to be careful here. I’m not condoning every behavior when I saw we mustn’t be judgmental. I, like you, dear reader, only support and cheer for those acts which elites and our rulers have judged support-worthy.

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  1. Chicolini

    The same argument made in favor of the child killer in the German film “M”.

  2. To “discriminate” means “to be able to tell the difference between dissimilar things”.
    All people are unique individuals, but stereotypes exist for a reason.
    Most adults have free will, but not all choose to follow the light.

  3. trigger warning

    NASKA needs an exception handler. The IEEE 754 standard seems a good candidate. “By default, an IEEE 754 exception is resumable and is handled by substituting a predefined value…” and moving on.

  4. Sheri

    ‘God does not make mistakes” Okay, explain why he made human beings, because mistake is the only answer I have right now (I’m only being partially sarcastic. Humans are the dumbest creatures on the planet right now.) And God NEVER made anyone a fornicator, a serial killer, a dictator or a member of ANTIFA. They made themselves that. No matter what anyone says.

    All people are born capable of being a serial killer, homosexual, fornicator, thief, every sin out there. Otherwise, there would be nothing to act on. The urges are there in everyone.

    Yes, the scripture says judge not lest ye be judged. It says a lot of things and the people using this quote are usually cheerfully violating ever single forbidden activity. I generally ignore the quote due to its continual misuse and attempts to make it justify evil and sin.

  5. Darren Cole

    To learn a lot more about what Cain is referring to watch the documentary “The Ted Bundy Tapes.” In it a journalist is provided with access to have recorded conversations with Mr. Bundy from his prison in Florida where he was on death row. For the majority of the conversations Ted was not willing to talk about the murders unless he talked about them in the 3rd person as almost an observer. This was chilling to hear from the killer. The most telling part was that until he was maybe one day before his scheduled execution he had not admitted to any of the murders but as soon as he faced certain death he confessed everything and his reasons that as Cain mentions he always felt from childhood. I am sadly fascinated by the psychological make up of these serial killers. Not as any kind of calibration but instead just wondering what drives each of them to where they got to. I always find it frustrating in ways when people like the Night Stalker Richard Ramirez in California that just stuck to their stories of saying that he blamed Satanism.
    It is very clear from my studies of the Bible and time spent with my pastor that the statement is true that God created serial killers as difficult as it might be for us mere mortals to accept. We are not intended to understand all of the motives and intentions of the Lord but to accept them. Facts are that not all of our prayers are answered, we are not all able to pay our bills on time, we are not all perfect and free of sin, we are just mere mortals placed on this Earth.

  6. Bernard of Clairvaux

    Posts like this always get me wondering how many months, weeks or days until this satire becomes reality.

  7. Don B

    OK, I am persuaded – God made serial killers.

    But who made Maxine Waters?

  8. Jerry

    By his logic, God made me to be serial killers worst nightmare.

    Mankind, it seems, has become a navel-gazing parody of itself. The taboo is no longer taboo, it is now commonplace – so we sit around thinking about how we can shock people. This character “Cain” is just mind-numbingly boring.

    And so it goes.

  9. john b()

    As the Penguin said in the 1966 Batman Movie in the scene in which he dehydrates the pirates
    “Every one of the them has a mother!”

  10. Ray K

    Dear Dr. Briggs;
    How long must you wear that cast on your tongue?
    You surely must have sprained or broke it, ghost writing
    That letter from your alter ego “Cain.”
    If this is real, then you have been chosen as their voice;
    And, unfortunately, this is not their last communication to you.
    Good Luck to you and yours.

  11. Sander van der Wal

    “Cain” misses an important point: God also made the serial killer’s victims. Now, if a serial killer’s victim is not killed by a serial killer, she is not a serial killer’s victim. Which is impossible, as God made her to be such a victim.

    There should be some logical fallacy here somewhere

  12. Brian Walsh

    I cannot remember prior to age seven nor can most people I know. God made men who became or will become serial killers but he didn’t make serial killers for murder is something somebody does, not something he is. That said, I think it would be found that all serial killers have neural pathways which diverge in readily apparent ways from people who aren’t serial killers. We have studies which prove that neural paths can be diverted due to traumatic experiences, drug and alcohol use, gambling and pornography addictions, etc. We also see the neural paths began to heal when deprived (by self or others) of these things. Sin makes people stupid.

    Evidently sins of others also have the ability to make us stupid. At least it would appear so in this day and age.

  13. Dean Ericson

    But Briggs, you’re missing a crucial difference: dumpster-pumping men are engaging in CONSENSUAL activity, while the serial-killer’s victim most likely did not give consent. Huge difference, see? CONSENT is the sole determiner of moral action among men. Example: was these two dumpster dudes in Germany, and one agreed to eat the other one, and the meal-to-be agreed to be eaten, and he was done et, and died, and that’s cool, because consent. And if some promoter had wanted to put these cannibals on pay-per-view so that anyone who wanted to watch a man get eaten could do so, that’s cool too.

    So I would say to your correspondent, Mr. Cain, that his organization only needs to work on eliciting consent from their potential victims. Perhaps by a social media campaign highlighting the delights of being dispatched by serial killers, as well as the moral cachet victims earn. After all, this is the great Age of the Victim, and what better way to signal your virtue, and get “likes”, than being sacrificed on live TV with millions watching? There’s so much potential for advancing progress and liberation these days, people, just think outside the box.

  14. Joey

    I read, with a mixture of curiosity and mounting excitement, how the Serial Killer Alliance suddenly morphed, in paragraph 7, to a community that includes both “serial killers” AND “maniacs.” Is this a big tent movement? I do hope so. I don’t claim to speak for all “fiends,” but I know (anecdotally) that many of us are ready to demand our own place at the table. Strength in numbers!

  15. My potentially erroneous understanding of the serial killer’s motivation is that only by killing his (almost always his) partner can he achieve le petit mort.

  16. Fr. John Rickert

    Robert George, Professor of Politics, Princeton Univ., 1994. “I am personally opposed to killing abortionists. However, inasmuch as my personal opposition to this practice is rooted in a sectarian (Catholic) religious belief in the sanctity of human life, I am unwilling to impose it on others who may, as a matter of conscience, take a different view. Of course, I am entirely in favor of policies aimed at removing the root causes of violence against abortionists. Indeed, I would go so far as to support mandatory one-week waiting periods, and even nonjudgmental counseling, for people who are contemplating the choice of killing an abortionist. I believe in policies that reduce the urgent need some people feel to kill abortionists while, at the same time, respecting the rights of conscience of my fellow citizens who believe that the killing of abortionists is sometimes a tragic necessity — not a good, but a lesser evil. In short, I am moderately pro-choice.”

  17. Sheri

    Sander: If God made the serial killer’s victim, the will be killed by a serial killer. It’s part of that omnipotent thing. Cain would be saying that people are born to be the victims of serial killers. I guess it’s like foxes and bunnies—the bunnies are the food for the foxes. Cruel or not? Not sure. (Please note I do not believe God made certain people to be the prey of other people.)

    Dean: How do you justify consent as the arbitrator of morality? I mean, battered wives consent by staying, so wife beating is okay as long as the wife stays? Eating each other is okay? A whole plethora of sexual deviancy become moral. Interesting. What happens when consent clashes—like you consent to have your house burned down but your neighbor’s not happy with the idea?

    Fr. John: Defense of an innocent.

  18. Uncle Mike

    Satire is only effective when the audience gets it.

    What God gave us (among other things) is the awareness of right and wrong and the capability to know the difference. Judging acts, words, and thoughts is intrinsic and necessary to function in society.

    Beware the Neo-Marxist drivel that only wokesters are allowed to judge you, me, and everybody according to their twisted delusion of endless class/race war and their solution to everything: violent revolution. I judge them to be wrong, and I stick by my judgement.

  19. Milton Hathaway

    Excellent quote, Fr. John. A rapier well-wielded. Make’s “Cain’s” attempt seem the hatchet job in contrast, but everyone’s gotta start somewhere, I guess.

  20. Philo

    During the Creation sequence in the Bible God made Adam and Eve as sinless human beings with a free will. At that point humanity was sinless and in God’s image. Unfortunately they gave in to the Serpent and took a bite of the Fruit of Life, becoming sinful and no longer whole. God cast them from the Garden of Eden for their sin- eating of the fruit of the Tree of Life. Their sons Cain and Able were later born sinful. Unfortunately Cain gave in to jealousy and entrenched the sinfulness of man- to the point that God promised a savior would be born.

    Humans have always had a free will to respond to God. No one is forced to. Some are weak because the world is now imperfect. As a result people sin in all sorts of ways. (I put a limit on killing people for any reason except a just cause. We all have to live with that.)

    God “DID NOT” make serial killers, murderers, or ANY other aberration. GOD made two SINLESS people. Not having enough fortitude or mental ability(all humans have limitations as a result of being made as humans with human souls and a free will), Eve, at the Serpents behest, ate of the Fruit of Life- committing a sin. She went to Adam and did another sin- enticing him to eat the fruit. Adam ate the fruit and sinned, Together they dedicated the human race to sinfulness in their first children.

  21. robyn a chesser

    Yeah HE also gave US free will

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