God Catches Cooties From Man; Michigone & Oregone Mull PERMANENT Mask Mandate; More — Coronavirus Update LXII

God Catches Cooties From Man; Michigone & Oregone Mull PERMANENT Mask Mandate; More — Coronavirus Update LXII


So the Vatican is holding a health conference, promoting it using an image like the one in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, where God gives life to man. Only this time God has on a glove, and so does man, lest either man catch God’s cooties, or man gives his to God. It’s not clear.

Name of the thing is Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul: Unite to Prevent, Unite to Cure. Sounds like any other busybody money-sucking virtue-signaling paper-shuffling NGO, no?

All the best people are coming. Like Deepka Chopra, who will try to quantum heal the coroandoom by putting sick people into Schrodinger boxes in which they are both cured and dead simultaneously. Chelsea Clinton—yes, the CC—will deliver the talk “If you abort your baby, it can’t catch a disease”.

Cindy Crawford, the model, will discuss the best outfits to wear to your vaccination. Thupten Jinpa, PhD, and President of the Compassion Institute will deliver meaningful looks of sympathy at the crowd. Some sources are reporting he might even sigh.

Joe Perry from Aerosmith’s talk is titled “The best guitar picks for use in a pandemic”. Oligarchs like John Scully have been tapped to push their latest investments. CEO of Salesforce Marc Benioff is coming. The CEOs of Moderna and Pfizer will be there giving the joint talk “Blood Clots? What Blood Clots?”

Finally, the Fabulous Fauci will come! He will decide on what he will say after hearing what he thinks the other speakers want to hear.

This thing is huge. It’s well the organizers put the soul last in the title, because that element is scarcely represented, if at all. The discussion will be on “deeper meaning of human existence and seek areas of convergence between the humanities and the natural sciences”.

If my reading of history is right, the deeper meaning of human existence is something the Vatican figured out a couple of thousand years ago. Nothing about panicking over diseases in that deeper meaning. But, things change. Which is probably why they don’t mention the name of our Lord in any of the material of this conference.

If one were conspiracy theorist, one would say this has all the markings of our New World Order promised by so many.



The article begins, “A top health official is considering indefinitely extending rules requiring masks and social distancing in all businesses in the state.”

Top health official. An expert, credentialed in expertology, which guarantees his opinion is correct and true and, of course, unquestionable. Lest one become a denier of The Science.

Long time readers will recall how we joked over a year ago they’d never ask for mask mandates and lockdowns for flu. Boy was that funny.

Gretchen “I Cannot Be Wrong” Whitmer is doing the same for Michigan: Michigan Moving To Make ‘Emergency’ COVID-19 Mandates Permanent.

But what makes the Great Lakes State truly unique now is that it wants to make its emergency rules for businesses permanent.

State bureaucrats are moving to impose permanent regulations that would mandate the following and more on all Michigan businesses: mask wearing whenever employees are within six feet of someone else, daily health screenings, extensive record keeping, and keeping a “COVID-19 safety coordinator” on-site. Retail stores, personal care services, and other businesses open to the public would have to become the mask police: They would be required to make all customers wear masks, vaccinated or not.

What makes this story even more horrible is that some organizations have sued Whitmer over her against-all-evidence rules—and won. But she ignores the courts.

The Mackinac Center Legal Foundation filed a lawsuit on behalf of three medical providers who had been shut down, and a patient who had been denied care, and the Michigan Supreme Court eventually ruled that the governor had acted illegally and could not extend these emergency orders indefinitely.

Whitmer, nevertheless, maintained unilateral control.

The only way to counteract this kind of tyranny, and not be arrested, is to convince people to release their fear. We need to get a message to the people what they are doing to themselves. Please help spread the word!

We see next, the word is getting out a bit.



Item: European anger grows as lockdowns and third wave sweep continent while UK and US re-open: Italian restaurant owners in violent clashes with police over closures – after corrupt health workers gave thousands of vaccines to young ‘queue jumpers’

Item: Riots rock Montreal as COVID-19 lockdown protests turn ugly

Item: NOT ON THE “NEWS”: HUGE protest yesterday in Denmark against lockdown measures.


Item: UK government reports 847 deaths, 12 brain injuries, 112 blind following corona shots. “A total of 626,087 adverse side effects occurred, with 132,528 reported for Pfizer, and 492,105 for AstraZeneca. This total is up nearly 70,000 from the previous week’s report of 556,609 adverse side effects.”

Yellow Card reporting (at least somebody still has a sense of humor) official site.

John Carver reminds us of the VAERS system for loose reporting of vaccine side effects.


There is no doom but Coronadoom
There is no death but Coronadeath
Praise be the Coronadoom
Destroyer of Worlds


Tell somebody in the Cult of the Mask of Florida, Texas, or Sweden and they will not hear you. I don’t mean they ignore you, pretending not to have heard. I mean they do not hear.

What you are telling them is so foreign they cannot assimilate it.

They always answer “Put on your mask!”



Police can now arrest you for being outside your home, healthy but without an “essential” reason. As I said elsewhere, The only thing left is to shoot people in the head and prevent them from dying of coronadoom.

It is no longer a metaphor to say Canada is a police state. It happened because your cowardice allowed it. “Oh hu hu! Save me from getting sick, O great government!”


The Price of Panic.

Website of similar name: price of panic.


Sources: CDC State data (source), CDC official toll number one, number two (the old weekly file, now suspect). Deaths by age. Covid & flu. WHO flu tracker. All current as of Monday night.

Daily tests & positivity: the COVID Tracking Project shut down in March! I didn’t notice that last week, and accidentally reported the same numbers a couple of weeks in the row for the number of tests and positivity (I’ve automated all these numbers, since we’ve done them 62 damned times). View this as good news: even they know it’s now over, and they don’t bother counting any more.

Texas & Florida apocalypse (using the new CDC state data):

Top row: northern states with mask mandates. Bottom row: southern states without mask mandates. Mask mandates do nothing.

You do see, though, the tiny initial bump in the south, corresponding to the larger bumps in the north, followed in the south only by the summer bump, after the first wave passed in the north. Then everybody joins the usual cycle in this winter. We get the late spring mini-bump, as we always used to with flu, and then comes summer.

Mask mandates do not work. There is zero evidence for them. Yet MI and OR want PERMANENT maskings, trackings, etc. It is purely a power play for oligarchs to further consolidate businesses. It’s only your fear that lets it happen.

CDC weekly ALL CAUSE death counts, or the Perspective Plot, from late 2009 until now. The late drop off is late counting: it takes up to eight weeks to get all data. We need to look at all cause deaths because we can’t quite trust the attributed COVID numbers.

The black line is deaths of any kind. The red is COVID. The blue line is flu+pneumonia (it’s the pneumonia that kills most flu patients). The blue is estimated starting mid year 2020 because CDC stopped separate reporting on flu. The suspicion is some flu and pneumonia deaths are being attributed to COVID.

Deaths are down from what we’d expect this time of year. Perhaps the most vulnerable died a little early last year. (This sentence will shock those who think death is impossible for themselves, even under government or expert protection.)

Here is the CDC deaths “involving” COVID.

Here is another way to look at all deaths, the week-of-the-year all-cause deaths. This is BIG because it’s so small.

Green line is 2021, red is 2020. The dotted line are all cause deaths minus COVID. That means the 2020 deaths that look out of place(above the mass of other lines but below the dotted line) are deaths caused by the panic.

By late 2020 we had got used to the panic, and many who would have died this time of year had already died, and so most of the excess deaths were doom deaths. And we’re now past all reason for panic. Except people find it difficult to let go.

Flu is still missing. Though this is the time of year, in the northern hemisphere, where we expect to be low (but not zero). Here is the WHO’s global flu tracker:

Flu is still gone the whole world over. For almost a full year now. Yes. A year without flu. Astonishing.

Here’s another way to look at it, which highlights the very first (Twitter) graph atop this post, by which I mean the spring “mini-bump” after the main flu surge and before summer:

You can see Swine Flu, which started at an odd time, and which caused a minor panic. And you can see where flu vanished into … where exactly? Hello? Hello The Science believers? Where?

Here is the CDC official population mortality rates for the all causes other than COVID, and “involving” COVID (with and of; “involving” is CDC’s word).

                 Age     COVID OtherCause
1       Under 1 year 0.0000160    0.00610
2          1–4 years 0.0000020    0.00026
3         5–14 years 0.0000022    0.00016
4        15–24 years 0.0000190    0.00100
5        25–34 years 0.0000780    0.00190
6        35–44 years 0.0002300    0.00290
7        45–54 years 0.0006400    0.00520
8        55–64 years 0.0016000    0.01100
9        65–74 years 0.0038000    0.02300
10       75–84 years 0.0095000    0.05500
11 85 years and over 0.0250000    0.17000

A reminder that these are from totals, and so represent the closest thing to lifetime population fatality rates. Anyway, the risk is so small for the young there is no reason to panic. None.

About masks in more depth, see this article and this one and especially this one. Leave the Cult of the Mask.

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  1. Hun

    The state of the Church is beyond depressing.

  2. Hun

    “The dotted line are all cause deaths minus COVID. That means the 2020 deaths that look out of place(above the mass of other lines but below the dotted line) are deaths caused by the panic.”

    Take at least half of the COVID deaths and move them into the “caused by the panic” category to get a more realistic picture.

  3. Sheri

    Oregon and Washington DESERVE and WANT this. Leave them be and they don’t bother the rational people. Keep them caged and masked in their own little fantasies. Everyone saw this coming, NO ONE stopped it. Even that worthless Trump. Come on, call it “Karen Havens” and sell it for all you’re worth. Get the crazies to leave your state and live happily ever after in the crazy states. (No flu shots needed in these states due to masking. Probably no other vaccines either. Be Happy.)

    I saw a headline concerning the health conference and who was invited that said “What? No invite for Satan?”. The Catholic church worships Satan at this point. Give it up. They sold their soul with their so-called Pope (who is really a fund raiser who can relate to the Satanites. Really, who needs God when you have MONEY?????) It sounds like the busybody money-sucking virtue-signaling paper-shuffling NGO BECAUSE IT IS. It’s not a church anymore, unless you count churches of Satan. Embrace reality for once. Churches do die…..

    This thing is A HUGE GRIFTER CONVENTION FOR THE STUPID BUT RICH. Come on, we all know what it is and we all know how strong the stupid is. Toss in “Catholic Church” and the grifting is through the roof.


    Has the Pope ever said “God” since he was elected????

    “And not get arrested”. Yep, you’re one of the cowards who wanted to stick with England because a revolutionary war was too freaking DANGEROUS so let’s all kiss English backside. Freedom is way too expensive to bother with, isn’t it?

    Biden and those at NASA wear TWO masks. It’s an IQ test and they failed…..

    WARNING: ANTI-VAXXER, HATER OF HUMANITY ZONE. (Too bad you flunked statistists….)

  4. Jerry

    Do you ever notice how the mask disciples in these “look at me I’m wearing a mask” are literally dripping with virtue? And the eyes…always the eyes…..

    The big Vatican health conference should tell you all you need to know about the Vatican in 2021. Saving souls? Jesus is our Lord and Savior? nahh….that’s old stuff…….

  5. Sheri

    Oh, when can we expect a column on “hump whatever you want” vaccine for the 12 year old non-sexual (so they can’t consent) brats out there. Kids DIE from this, so why no outcry against the HPV vax that they now are selling to ADULTS. Fair is fair. Let people die slowly and painfully of cervical cancer, or keep their freaking pants on, rather than die from the vaccine. You could be killing your 12 year old so they can work as a prostitute….

  6. Cloudbuster

    There sure are a lot of Jews speaking at that Catholic health conference.

  7. John B()


    If you look at WOM for Canada, almost three weeks to the day of Curfew start they had a precipitous drop in deaths – THAT DROP however leveled off and now their deaths are on the upswing.

    India meanwhile looks like something Mann might have created.

    I was just thinking Covid reminds me of “LOGAN’S RUN”.

    We should rename it “The SANDMAN Virus”

  8. Stephen J.

    For what it’s worth, it should be mentioned that despite the granting of these police powers in Ontario, every single police department in the province (44 out of 44) has publicly stated that they will not employ them. Granted, if the capacity is left in place long enough this high-mindedness will no doubt erode, but it’s still a pleasant stance to see them taking.

    Ontario is in an unfortunate situation in that the only administrations worse than the one we’re currently enduring would be the ones offered by the major alternative parties. A hopelessly incompetent and badly-advised government is a terrible thing, but it’s better than a hopelessly corrupt or frighteningly idealistic one.

  9. Dennis

    Absolutely disgusting that the Vatican would invite a rabid pro-abort like Chelsea Clinton to address a “health” conference. But, sadly all too typical of the antics of Anti-Pope Bergoglio.

    I don’t understand how Whitmer can simply “ignore the courts.” Are people just kow-towing to her anyway (if so, they deserve their misery)? She is the one who should be ignored (should be arrested for contempt of court and be impeached by legislature).

    But alas, so many have come to love their fear and their virtue-signalling muzzles to show what obedient sheeple they are. Saw a guy walking in the park yesterday with his kid who looked about 5 or 6, both with 2 muzzles on – a cloth muzzle over top of a surgical muzzle. I wanted to go punch him and demand he be arrested for child abuse!

    One of the awful things about this whole debacle for the last year has been seeing just how easily so many Americans are brainwashed into cowed submission to mindless petty diktats by anyone seeming to act under color of law or “expert” authority. Remember how superior Americans used to act when seeing films or reading about people submitting to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc – “How could people ever fall for that?”, etc – Yeah, I see now why it was so easy for them. Most people everywhere are mindless sheep, and Americans, in all their arrogant and ignorant glory, are no different.

  10. BDavi52

    It’s gotta be a set-up for a joke!
    The Pope, Brandon Marshall, Jane Goodall, Cindy Crawford, Joe Perry, and the Fabulous Fauci all walk into a bar…

    An unbelievable conference with an unbelievable list of speakers, talking on unbelievably silly topics: Globalism at its finest!

    Brand Identity is always a major issue for any multi-national, like the Vatican….and you can’t get much better than having Katie Couric, Sanjay Gupta, and Robin Roberts moderate your Brand’s showcase! Kudos to the Pope! I just hope they come-up with an updated Logo (the Cross is really kind of dated and offensive, isn’t it?.

  11. Monica Nieves

    Best laugh I’ve had in awhile!

  12. Rudolph Harrier

    Local news had a report on whether pregnant women should take “the vaccine” (as usual they didn’t specify which vaccine was actually meant). They said that the vaccine would be wonderful for the baby since the antibodies could transfer to the baby thus preventing your child from dying from COVID-19 (though I can’t find any information on babies actually dying from COVID in the US). And then there was one quick line about “studies have shown that the vaccine increases the chance of stillbirth” only for the report to say to not let that worry you because of all of the benefits of the vaccine.

  13. Dean Ericson

    Holy smokes! — one of the conference presenters is famed opera canary Renee Fleming! Woo-hoo! And she’s going to warble her speech in song — how cool is that?! It’s a specially written aria titled, “Unite and Divide” and goes like this:

    Unite! Unite and divide and stimulate!
    Catalyze interdisciplinary enriching of consciousness!
    Translate! Transform! Our diversity, our precious dialog shaping the future of sustainable eggplants!
    Unite! Unite and explore and access facilitating!
    Oh! emotions, emotions challenging and emerging meanings — oopsie!

    Unite! Unite and prevent the cure!
    Unite and cure the globe, the glob, the festering dingbat blob!
    Snort powerful conversations, inspire insipid lipids! Examine excrement!
    We must organize! Organize! Workers of the world expire!
    Elaborate and optimize access! Flagellate a chicken sandwich!
    Unite! Unite and divide and amalgamate and crush!
    Crush the sheeple! Eat at Joes! — Oopsie!

  14. Dennis

    Rudolph: About a month ago it seemed one local news channel lead off every evening news show for a week or so with what amounted to an infomercial promoting “the vaccine” (as you point point out, everyone speaks of “the” as if there is just one and they are all the same) for pregnant women – interviews and soundbites from pregnant women who’ve subjected themselves to it (they “did their research” they assured us), and local doctors assuring pregnant women it’s safe (the only mention I saw of possible side effects was in the context of denouncing such concerns as “conspiracy theories”). Absolutely criminal to be promoting these “vaccines” (i.e. experimental gene therapies) for pregnant women, especially since women of child-bearing age are not in a high-risk category for Covid to begin with.

  15. Rudolph Harrier

    Anecdotal, but shows the insanity of treating it as “the vaccine”. Heard from a guy who got a first dose of the Moderna vaccine and when he showed up for his second dose it was the Pfizer vaccine. He only found out by carefully reading the paperwork and when he pointed it out to the nurse giving the vaccine she told him it didn’t matter (he left despite her assurances). Makes you wonder how many people have mixed the two vaccines and not even known about it.

  16. C-Marie

    We are seeing two Church systems.

    One is the True Catholic Church which is unvarying in its completeness, with Jesus Christ as the only Head of His Church, with at present someone occupying the papal chair but who was illegally voted in as has been publically admitted, in that a definite political process was used to get him in.

    The other church system that we most often see in progress at the Vatican these days, is what is named or called, the church system of man, meaning that the desires of humankind overtake and in some ways, get rid of the Truth, by bending it, reducing it, destroying it, and letting the enemy have his way in much.

    The True Catholic Church still is, and will always be, as Jesus said that He will be with us always, it is just that it gets overshadowed in the news and more, as the church systam of man gets most of the press … and that it does … does keep us all informed as to what is going on.

    Pray that the next Pope is God’s man.

    God bless, C-Marie

  17. Forbes

    I’m not Catholic, but gracious, that line-up looks like a celebrity rent-a-thon for some sectarian “save-us-we’re-drowning” appeal, comprised of an over-the-hill gang whose 15 minutes of fame expired in the 20th century, looking to generate a last gasp of narcissistic applause to convince themselves they’re still relevant. Sad.

  18. Dean Ericson

    Lee Phillips: ”OMG, they’re everywhere!”

    I know! Even the Vatican!

  19. Dean Ericson

    Sheri: ”What? No invite for Satan?”

    No dancers either, not even a mime, and where’s Bozo? This is not right.

  20. Milton Hathaway

    Permanent mask mandate and emergency rules in Oregon and Michigan? I have no problem with that, since I live in neither of those states. The next time I meet someone who lives in Oregon or Michigan, I will be sure to say “thank you for your service”, explaining that it is very selfless of them to take the bullet so that the rest of the country can learn from their leader’s mistakes.

  21. Darren R Cole

    I (living in the totalitarian state of NY where we really have no choice to comply but somehow it is never reported) received 2 doses of the Moderna vaccine with almost no side effects from the vaccine. One of my employees received the “wonderful” J&J 1 dose vaccine and immediately after getting it had to be put on oxygen and took two weeks to stop having breathing problems & general illness. Yeah sell these vaccines as being perfect little fix.

    Also if you look at my eyes when I am in my forced mask you will not see them saying “look at me I’m wearing a mask” because I am not! I am truly sick of all of this but again being in NYS either I follow or am not allowed to participate in the public.

  22. Kathleen

    >> I don’t understand how Whitmer can simply “ignore the courts.”

    Our Michigan reality has become some twisted version of Kafka’s “The Trial.”

    We haven’t just successfully completed one effort to stop the insane tyrant.

    We have completed a half dozen or so.

    Recalls. a Half Mil Valid Signature, validated drive to open up the state. Etc. While having insane hurdles thrown up over and over and over again.

    And nothing happens.

    It is like living some twisted version of Kafka’s “The Trial.”

    And given the situation in Rome, I’m just waiting for the big, burning rock from Heaven.

  23. Dennis

    I saw someone pointing out on Twitter yesterday that if people in Britain and elsewhere would chimp as much over lockdowns, masks, etc. as they did over the proposed European Super League (even just typing “Eur” in Duck Duck Go brings up “European Super League” as 2nd quick link option), this would all have been over months ago. One sees where modern soyboy Bugman’s priorities lie.

  24. Paul Jackson

    Surprise, surprise, not a single actual Catholic will be speaking at or hosting at that abomination of desolation.

    Praying for God’s intervention.

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