Paper Says Social Distancing Doesn’t Work; Lockdowns Don’t Work; Deaths At Yearly Low; More — Coronavirus Update LXIII

Paper Says Social Distancing Doesn’t Work; Lockdowns Don’t Work; Deaths At Yearly Low; More — Coronavirus Update LXIII

Look for new plots in the update below.


I will join this robust list of malcontents, lunatics, deniers, outcasts and iconoclasts in my speech, “Fools! I will destroy them all!”

COVID-19 & The Great Reset at the Restore The Culture summit.

Truth Over Fear summit is a three-day online gathering of 40+ frontline doctors, scientists, attorneys, researchers, and journalists, who will share invaluable and eye-opening insights into the truth behind the headlines, Covid-19, the rushed vaccine, and the Great Reset.

Big Tech does not want you to hear this information and is working hard to censor us. Most of our presenters have been silenced. In fact, the same day we published this summit, YouTube terminated our account and we are now shadow banned everywhere.

I believe I’m at 11 AM Saturday. Presentation (already recorded) first, and at 11:30 a Q&A (live). Wait until you see my industry-leading graphics, created with forefinger & Gimp. This will make sense when your eyes boggle at what I’ve done.

This is free, I think, except for some parts. I get nothing from it. My talk is general and is on how models only say what they’re told to say.


Remember that short horror film we saw a couple of weeks back? This is its sequel. This is why we are doomed.


Item: Americans Will Officially Need A Vaccine Passport For Travel To Europe In 2021. Ursula von der Leyen says so. Women, as ever, are too over-cautious in general to be leaders.

Anyway, bye bye Europe. Enjoy your fear.


A nice thread of papers proving what was always obvious to all but Experts.

I’ve said it, oh, three or four hundred times, but here it is again. Lockdowns force everybody in tight quarters, just like in fall when we go inside to escape the cold, there to more efficiently spread respiratory and other communicable diseases. See below for the predictable pattern that emerges, in the all-cause weekly death (or Perspective Plot).

All Experts knew this before 2020. They pretended to forget it after that.

The people in England know it:


In the Price of Panic we tell the story of so-called social distancing. It started as a little girl’s science project. She wrote a model, with the help of scientist dad, showing that social distancing works when you assume social distancing works.

Dad decided to juice it a bit and published it as a paper. Just one more paper with a model saying exactly what it was told to say, as all models do. But it was picked up by chance by WHO.


That’s what I said. Anyway, they picked it up and it became a thing. Not a good thing, either, for the WHO—don’t say it—recommended against social-distancing in a 2019 guideline paper.

But in 2020, being Experts, they forgot they said it.

Now some are touting the PNAS paper “A guideline to limit indoor airborne transmission of COVID-19” by Bazant and Bush, saying the paper says social distancing doesn’t work. You’ll see a lot of headlines of the “MIT study says 6 or 60 feet, it doesn’t matter” variety.

This is nice, in its way, but this paper, like all the others, is based on theoretical models which assume what it seeks to prove. From the Abstract:

We here build on models of airborne disease transmission in order to derive an indoor safety guideline that would impose an upper bound on the “cumulative exposure time,” the product of the number of occupants and their time in an enclosed space. We demonstrate how this bound depends on the rates of ventilation and air filtration, dimensions of the room, breathing rate, respiratory activity and face mask use of its occupants, and infectiousness of the respiratory aerosols.

Well, there it is. Models saying what they’re told to say. Their model was also told to say masks work, which observations show they don’t.

“Did they check their model against Reality, Briggs? You know. Make predictions and check them?”

You are so cute. Of course not.

However, it doesn’t make me sad that people are representing this paper as “proving” social-distancing doesn’t work.


Item: “More people died from overdoses than from the coronavirus in San Francisco last year.”

Say, it looks like Experts who forced everybody to shelter in place in Frisco got it wrong.

A rare error for Experts, who are experts. With PhDs and other advanced degrees in expertology.


From SL in Manitoba.

Thought I would send you an update to what’s happening here in Manitoba. While we basically have had no spikes in regards to hospitalizations or deaths, our government continues to clamp down with severe restrictions.

Here is a snippet of what was announced today, in addition to restrictions we’ve been facing since November:

The following additional public health order restrictions will be in effect on Wednesday, April 28 at 12:01 am for a period of four weeks:

  • no visitors will be allowed to private households either indoors or outdoors with certain exceptions including allowing one visitor for people who live alone;
  • no indoor gatherings will be permitted and outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people will be allowed in public outdoor spaces only;
  • faith-based gatherings will be limited to 25 per cent capacity or a maximum of 10 people, whichever is lower, with indoor mask use required at all times
  • patio dining will be restricted to groups of four people only with no household restrictions;
  • food courts in malls and shopping centres will be required to close;
  • gyms and fitness centres continue to be limited to 25 per cent capacity, but individuals, patrons and staff will be required to maintain physical distancing of three metres (nine feet) from others;
  • spectators at outdoor sports and recreation facilities will be limited to one parent/caregiver spectator per youth participant, if physical distancing of two m (six ft.) is maintained;
  • dance, theatre and music schools will continue to be limited to 25 per cent capacity, but the new orders will limit the maximum number of people on site to 10 with one parent/caregiver spectator per youth participant, if physical distancing of two m (six ft.) is maintained;
  • personal service business will be able to continue to operate at 50 per cent capacity, but appointments will be required;
  • day camps will be permitted to have up to 10 children indoors and outdoors; and
  • retail stores must be limited to 25 per cent of the capacity of the store or up to 250 patrons, whichever is lower, and malls will be limited to 25 per cent of the facility’s capacity.

In addition to these changes, enforcement will be enhanced in key sectors including for self-isolation requirements. Stakeholder outreach will be also be increased in malls and other spaces where gatherings are taking place.

From Joel S Hirschhorn comes an announcement of his new book, Pandemic Blunder: Fauci and Public Health Blocked Early Home COVID Treatment.

About the Book:Pandemic Blunder contains considerable medical information and data to support a number of proven safe, cheap generic medicines and protocols that knock out the coronavirus when given early. Read about the pioneering, courageous doctors who have been using innovative approaches to prevent their COVID patients from needing hospital care and facing death. The book includes many expert opinions and Real World Evidence from doctors that show 70 to 80 percent of COVID deaths could have been prevented—and still can be. Don’t be victimized by disinformation and propaganda. Learn how corrupt forces are aiming to make billions of dollars from expensive medicines and vaccines, and how hundreds of thousands of deaths could have—and should have—been prevented! Detailed information is given to help people protect their lives by using simple prevention protocols, an alternative to vaccines.


The Price of Panic.

Website of similar name: price of panic.


Sources: CDC State data (source), CDC official toll number one, number two (the old weekly file, now suspect). Causes of death (source). Deaths by age. Covid & flu. WHO flu tracker. All current as of Monday night.

Daily tests (in very light brown) and positivity (blue) from Johns Hopkins.

I loathe moving averages—because the replace the data with a model. They should have put weekly averages instead. Still trying to figure how to download this so I can do on my own.

Remember how Experts told us—promised us—of the coming Texas & Florida apocalypse when they ended their mask mandates?

Top row: northern states with mask mandates. Bottom row: southern states without mask mandates. Mask mandates do nothing.

Michigan extended its useless mask mandate to 2-4 year olds. The governor there is crazy. Look below to see what the estimated lifetime risk of death for this age group is.

Show mask fanatics this graph above. See if they see it. They will not. Religious belief in the cult of the mask is a powerful filter.

You do see, though, the tiny initial bump in the south, corresponding to the larger bumps in the north, followed in the south only by the summer bump, after the first wave passed in the north. Then everybody joins the usual cycle in this winter. We get the late spring mini-bump, as we always used to with flu, and then comes summer.

Mask mandates do not work. There is zero evidence for them. Yet MI and OR want PERMANENT maskings, trackings, etc. It is purely a power play for oligarchs to further consolidate businesses. It’s only your fear that lets it happen.

CDC weekly ALL CAUSE death counts, or the Perspective Plot, from late 2009 until now. The late drop off is late counting: it takes up to eight weeks to get all data. We need to look at all cause deaths because we can’t quite trust the attributed COVID numbers.

The black line is deaths of any kind. The red is COVID. The blue line is flu+pneumonia (it’s the pneumonia that kills most flu patients). The blue is estimated starting mid year 2020 because CDC stopped separate reporting on flu. The suspicion is some flu and pneumonia deaths are being attributed to COVID.

Deaths are down from what we’d expect this time of year. Perhaps the most vulnerable died a little early last year. (This sentence will shock those who think death is impossible for themselves, even under government or expert protection.)

Here is the CDC deaths “involving” COVID.

Still panicking? Why? For what reason?

Here is another way to look at all deaths, the week-of-the-year all-cause deaths. This is BIG because it’s so small.

Green line is 2021, red is 2020. The dotted line are all cause deaths minus COVID. That means the 2020 deaths that look out of place(above the mass of other lines but below the dotted line) are deaths caused by the panic.

By late 2020 we had got used to the panic, and many who would have died this time of year had already died, and so most of the excess deaths were doom deaths. And we’re now past all reason for panic. Except people find it difficult to let go.

NEW More proof is had in this, the weekly counts of various causes of death.

Note the different y-axis scales. Drop offs at ends due to reporting delays. Notice next the spikes around April 2020 of everything from Alzheimers to septicemia. These are panic-caused, likely iatrogenic deaths. E.g. NY and nursing homes. That’s what freaking out does. Panic kills. The January spikes in all deaths is quite normal, as we know.

One thing that stands out as deeply suspicious is the smoothness of the COVID only deaths. Whereas everything else is rough and bouncy. Also quite odd are the Unclassified, whose official name is “Symptoms signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings not elsewhere classified”. Notice these are increasing as total deaths are dropping, even below expected numbers.

Flu is still missing. Though this is the time of year, in the northern hemisphere, where we expect to be low (but not zero). Here is the WHO’s global flu tracker:

Flu is still gone the whole world over. For almost a full year now. Yes. A year without flu. Astonishing.

Here’s another way to look at it, which highlights the very first (Twitter) graph atop this post, by which I mean the spring “mini-bump” after the main flu surge and before summer:

You can see Swine Flu, which started at an odd time, and which caused a minor panic. And you can see where flu vanished into … where exactly? Hello? Hello The Science believers? Where?

Here is the CDC official population mortality rates for the all causes other than COVID, and “involving” COVID (with and of; “involving” is CDC’s word).

                 Age     COVID OtherCause
1       Under 1 year 0.0000170    0.00620
2          1–4 years 0.0000020    0.00026
3         5–14 years 0.0000023    0.00016
4        15–24 years 0.0000190    0.00100
5        25–34 years 0.0000800    0.00190
6        35–44 years 0.0002300    0.00290
7        45–54 years 0.0006500    0.00530
8        55–64 years 0.0016000    0.01200
9        65–74 years 0.0039000    0.02400
10       75–84 years 0.0096000    0.05600
11 85 years and over 0.0250000    0.17000

A reminder that these are from totals, and so represent the closest thing to lifetime population fatality rates. Anyway, the risk is so small for the young there is no reason to panic. None.

About masks in more depth, see this article and this one and especially this one. Leave the Cult of the Mask.

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  1. John B()

    That was completely irresponsible of you to have that FAUCCI video here

    I’m dying

  2. Ann Cherry

    “From Joel S Hirschhorn comes an announcement of his new book, Pandemic Blunder: Fauci and Public Health Blocked Early Home COVID Treatment.”

    Other than mRNA “vaccines”, there’s a near total block on information regarding treatment of Covid, until the hospitalization stage, which of course ensures that more patients ARE hospitalized in the first place.

    Watch this 20 minute video from March 10, where Dr. Peter McCullough testified to this effect before a TX Senate HHS committee:

    Covid is almost entirely treatable; according to Dr. McCullough, Hirschhorn, and many others, hospitalizations would be reduced by a whopping 85% if these proven treatment protocols were followed.

    Dr. McCullough: “There’s two bad outcomes to Covid: hospitalization, and death.”

    His mission is to get information out: where Covid is being treating, and what drugs affect viral replication and so forth. “We use corticosteroids, antibodies are terrific, we use intercellular anti-infectives….anti-inflammatory drugs…

    “The best anti-inflammatory is Colchicine…you’ve probably never heard about it.” (I hadn’t.) He testifies here that in a large randomized, double-blind study of 4,000 patients, there was a 50% reduction in death for patients using Colchicine. He also uses drugs to treat thrombosis, which is what kills most Covid patients.

    Who benefits from more hospitalizations and deaths?

    Hospitals benefit. They receive about 12K bonus money for each Covid-positive admission, and over 40K if they go on a ventilator, in addition to regular whopping charges.

    [We’re told they need the money, because due to gov’t lockdowns and “health orders” most people were either forbidden from going to hospitals, or were made afraid of them, esp. early on. ]

    Big Pharma benefits. They began a well-financed campaign to slander therapeutics, in favor of the more profitable and evergreen (variants! Boosters!) Franken-vax for Covid, as early as last May. In order to receive emergency authorization for these genetic modification treatments, which had so far escaped FDA approval, the drug companies had to show there were no good therapeutics.

    [They also had to show that the disease was especially DEADLY. Hence, the exaggerated numbers, showing anyone who died WITH Covid as having died FROM it.]

    If you’re an actual Covid survivor (meaning tested positive AND had at least one symptom), you’ve got durable and lasting immunity, and that is like showing the Cross to Dracula for the Covid Cultists. Yes you can, catch it again! Yes there is, asymptomatic spread!

    Everything we know about viruses and their spread… EVERYTHING, was tossed by the wayside last year, and in the blink of an eye, they had their mandatory vaccines and passport tracking programs all but up and running.

    What a slick marketing campaign, and likely, the model going forward:

    Big Pharma, with its 100+ multi-national (“Be less white”) corporate partners, together with various gov’t entities, all bundled together like fascia, forcing “vaccines” on the populace from cradle to grave, imposting unity in thought and deed, Branch Covidians with Apps for turning in recalcitrant neighbors who dare to open their businesses without authorization, venture out unmasked, receive the Ritual Jabs, or otherwise disrespect the Cult, its dogma, or its sacraments.

  3. Sheri

    SO DON’T TRAVEL TO EUROPE. AT ALL. Problem solved.

    Canada has not been a free country for a very long time. Communism is the name of the game. With a nice coating of paint to try and create the pretense of freedom.

    I said when this began THAT ONLY A NEW, EXPENSIVE DRUG would ever cure the virus. And all cheap drugs were outlawed by communist governors who killed their constituents with this order. I no longer believe the USA began with a tea tax. There is no way stupidity enough to allow half a million people to be killed by their own government with glee could develop in such a short time. Someone rewrote history. England probably dumped the colonies and went on to more lucrative things, knowing what idiots lived in the colonies……Or to keep their own idiots under control, which is what we see now.

    In a bit over a hundred years, we are back to the pre-Florence Nightingale days, killing people with windows nailed shut and heat turned up to cook the virus and the patient. Locked in houses and hospitals, some “home prisons” and poorly managed hospitals in very poor condition with very little support BY DESIGN of the evil governors. Sorry, Florence, you tried. You could never have anticipated the stupid and how strong it would become.

    John B(): Try finding a tribal ritual for dealing with errant witch doctors, since Faucci is a witch doctor. Maybe there’s an historical example of how to deal with power-hungry fake medical persons. I can think of one…..

    Ann: Well said.

  4. Hun

    That Fauci video is one of the worst things I have ever seen.

    “Real World Evidence from doctors that show 70 to 80 percent of COVID deaths could have been prevented”

    70 to 80 percent have been *killed* by doctors and caretekers, ordered by politicians and corporations. To this day there are still hospitals that are using intubation for covid patients, even though it has been known from almost the beginning of this “pandemic” that intubation kills. And this is just a small tip of the iceberg of all the wrongful deaths.

  5. Ann Cherry

    In order to sell Covid “vaccines” to the whole population, which is necessary for their “vaccine passport” tracking systems to be effective, they began last year to perpetuate several Big Fat Lies, such as “there are no good therapeutics for Covid.”

    Another lie, is that asymptomatic people transmit the virus, giving them the whole reason for masks, social distancing, business restrictions, school closures, etc.

    But perhaps the biggest WHOPPER, now that these “vaccines” are up and running, is that prior symptomatic Covid infection does NOT protect against subsequent infection.

    Here’s the most comprehensive study I found:

    “We analyze an updated individual-level database of the entire population of Israel to assess the protection efficacy of both prior infection and vaccination in preventing subsequent SARS-CoV-2 infection, hospitalization with COVID-19, severe disease, and death due to COVID-19.

    “Vaccination was highly effective with overall estimated efficacy for documented infection of 92·8% ….; hospitalization 94·2%; severe illness 94·4%; and death 93·7%.

    Similarly, the overall estimated level of protection from prior SARS-CoV-2 infection for documented infection is 94·8%; hospitalization 94·1%; and severe illness 96·4%.

    Our results question the need to vaccinate previously-infected individuals.”

    Gee, ya think?

    Other studies of “Prior infection vs. Vaccination” also show that prior infection provides durable and lasting immunity:

    These studies screened for “Covid plus symptoms” in the subsequent infection, to rule out false positive tests. No indication they did so in the first infection, so some who appear to have gotten a subsequent infection, may have been symptom-free and unknowingly false-positive the first time around.

    As one of these doctors put it, there’s a name for people who are walking around with a virus but no symptoms: they’re called “healthy.”

    It seems there’s another “long-Covid” side effect: amnesia; in a futile effort to “stay safe”, we’ve forgotten everything we know about viruses, everything we know about corporate greed, and everything we know about totalitarian governments.

    “Vaccine Passports” indeed. Ach-Tung! Papers please?

  6. Murray

    I live in BC, and we have a similar set of restrictions to Manitoba. Churches have been closed since November, we are required to wear masks in all indoor public spaces, we can’t have visitors to our homes, and as of last week we can’t engage in “non-essential” travel outside our local health regions. The current measures are in place until late May, and who knows what they’ll do after that?

    The rationales for all this are the dreaded “vaaaariants” (adopt a spooky Vincent Price voice when using this word) and the horrifying “thirrrrd waaave” (Bela Lugosi).

    And it’s true that BC–and Canada in general–currently has the highest number of doom “cases” since this all began, bigger even than the winter spike. But I’ve been charting the Canadian government’s official numbers on cases and deaths by province, and it’s now clear that deaths have entirely stopped tracking cases. From July last year until January of this year, deaths tracked very closely with case counts, with the expected two-week delay; that is, when cases rose or fell, deaths did the same two weeks later. The correlation was quite impressive.

    In mid to late January, this relationship began to diverge, and we are now at the point where deaths are at very low levels even as “cases” are peaking at their highest ever levels. In other words, this disease appears to have burned through all the most susceptible people. It’s over.

    Will this make any difference? Of course not. The government and media relentlessly amplify the “case” count in order to keep the panic going, even as people stubbornly refuse to die of the doom. When the cases have dropped to summer levels, they’ll declare victory and claim that it was all due to the restrictions. Then when cases rise again in the fall, they’ll be right back to it.

  7. JR Ewing

    As a shameless member of the bourgeoisie, 14 months ago, right before the beginning of “This Pandemic” (as the sheep like to say), I ordered an expensive Italian shotgun to be picked up at the factory in the fall of 2021 while on a 20th anniversary trip with my wife. She was going to buy some expensive shoes in Milan, I was going to get my expensive Italian shotgun.

    I was notified this week that the metalwork was ready and it was time for me to schedule the specific dates for my visit to the factory.

    But even for a special trip and conspicuous materialistic purchase like that, I’m still not getting vaccinated and there is no way in hell I’m going to sit in a metal tube for 10 hours with a diaper over my race. No freaking way.

    So I’m either going to have to cancel the order and forfeit my deposit or just send them measurements and have the woodwork done on the gun without me being present for a fitting. Either way, it sucks and it is completely unnecessary.

    Not sure whether to be sad about the state of the world or ragey at the nonsense of it all, but I’m definitely not happy.

  8. John B(S)

    Regarding: “The Horror Film from a couple weeks back”

    Do you speak of the weeping CDC lady from Update LIX

    Or was it a non-Update post?

    I can’t recall a near-death experience like the one above

  9. John B(S)


    You really are right out of “Dallas” or “Falcon Crest” (I was just kidding about the Larry Hagman crack awhile back)

    Have you checked with an an attorney about your chances of getting your shotgun back in the country under Biden?

    Maybe that would tell you whether to lose your deposit

  10. Dean Ericson

    Ann Cherry wrote: “Big Pharma, with its 100+ multi-national (“Be less white”) corporate partners, together with various gov’t entities, all bundled together like fascia, forcing “vaccines” on the populace from cradle to grave, imposting unity in thought and deed, Branch Covidians with Apps for turning in recalcitrant neighbors who dare to open their businesses without authorization, venture out unmasked, receive the Ritual Jabs, or otherwise disrespect the Cult, its dogma, or its sacraments.”

    That’s a good summary of where we’re at. I would only add that the people who concocted this mad plot have deliberately murdered thousands of Americans, and maybe millions worldwide, in their satanic lust for profit and power. Hirschhorn’s book detailing how the Covid Conspirators suppressed effective treatments in favor of their $ick jab$ — a topic often aired by an outraged Karl Denninger, among others — Hirschhorn too kindly calls it a, “Pandemic Blunder”: it’s not a blunder — mass murder is a deliberate feature.

    Evidence of the COVID Plot, on the website of the Orwellian-named Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security — Which is a front for Bill Gates — is this 89 page scenario published in 2017 war-gaming the message-management during a future corona virus pandemic. This is straight out of the mind of Bill Gates, who had determined vaccines were going to be his next MS-DOS-like success, and his ticket to even more money and power, which he worships, because he’s a complete, stone-cold sociopath, along with his evil wife.

    The scenario anticipates COVID perfectly. Recall the Gates team then war-gamed this entire operation in October 2019 at Event 201. The main thrust of the war-gaming is how to manage the messaging and herd the sheep into GETTING THE JAB. That’s the end game. It comes from the mind of a man who is used to getting his way because he can buy people and institutions to do his bidding. The entire operation is artificially created for power and profit. We’ve seen this also with Climate, another artificially created scheme that sucks in people and institutions by buying them up wholesale until it becomes a self-sustaining, self-referencing money-power making machine. The Military-Industrial complex is another example of a self-sustaining juggernaut that creates the conditions needed for its existence — in this case creating wars. The political cabal who just seized power in America by coup jumped on the COVID plot because they saw immediately how it could serve their own power plot by crushing the people under a demoralizing terror and also facilitating vote fraud. As with COVID, Climate, and the MIC, it’s a cabal that is able to manufacture illusions through the trillions of dollars they control, a racketeering mindset and organization, and the backing of Satan.

    Read that Johns-Hopkins scenario and you’ll see it was Bill Gates who hatched this plot. It doesn’t matter the origin of the virus. Gates would have known that somehow a seasonal flu was bound to come along that could be puffed-up to serve his purpose, and the compliant machinery he had been patiently building would spring into action. He knew his business plan would also profit the Globalist Powers That Be, and that they would go along with it. He planned it all out and it succeeded wildly. He’s well on his way to having all the foolish livestock — that’s us — jabbed, and every jab means more money and power for Gates and crew. Deliberate mass-murder for profit and power. And all the money-power-hungry devils joined in. And their willing accomplices and zombie armies of useless idiots. These bastards need to pay.

  11. Sheri

    JR Ewing: Wow, what a mess. Hope you figure out a suitable solution. Planning ahead doesn’t work with crazy people running the planet, it seems.

    Dean E: While I in no way subscribe to the “Big Pharma” idea (said while hating on my insulin company…..the greedy twits), I fully believe the goal of Covid was to kill as many people as possible. Money for the pharmaceutical companies was just the cost of mass destruction. The behavior is very, very much like the dictators of the past who murdered subjects to reduce population to a controllable level. Evil is very widespread, maybe more-so than in the past mass murders. There seems to be more players anyway. While Gates makes money, I doubt he’s smart enough to have pulled this off. Faucci is the one we should have kept a closer eye on. He STATED Trump would face a pandemic. He was/is the major player here and no one is showing much interest in stopping him. He was part of the research in China and reportedly did NOT stop the research when told to do so. I would not swear he’s finished. Waiting for 2022 and 2024.

  12. Dean Ericson

    Fauci is Gates’ man. Gates bought him. Fauci has made a life out of selling his soul to whatever money-power paid. He does what he’s told. Gates is smart enough to pull this off. He spent years building a vast apparatus of interlocking organizations to support his plan. He knows how money buys people and organizations. The man is a cunning fanatic. COVID is his evil baby.

  13. Dennis

    Anyone remember that toward at the end of the campaign and in early January Biden kept repeating that he just wanted people to wear a mask for 100 days from his installation…just 100 days to knock this out…over and over.

    Well, the 100th day since Jan 20 ends at Midnight this Saturday, May 1. So all this crazy BS finally ends on Derby Day, right? A new birth of freedom and everyone will act like sane, normal human beings again, and the tyrant pols will be toppled? Yeah right…I probably have better odds of winning the Pick Six. And the way this world is going, I’d rather soon just be trampled by a running horse and get it over with.

  14. John B()


    As a legal professional, what’s your take on the Nuremburg Code, Informed Consent and forced Vaccination?

    I know the Fakt Checkers are all over this

  15. Lynne VandeBunte

    Why sexist? Why make up a blame of women on this issue? That is extra. The EU president is cautious–that is NOT because she is a woman! Look, for heaven’s sake, at Fauci. Is he cautious because he is a man? Leave sexism out of this–it is NOT needed in this debate.

  16. Russell Haley

    My inlaws sold their house in 2019 and moved 1000 miles to the city we live in. They told us it was to be close to their grandchildren (our children). However, they are now terrified of COVID. They stopped seeing us except for a three week period over the summer of 2020.

    The inlaws got their COVID shot just recently. They have been hinting we should get “vaccinated”. They came over to see my wife and she reiterated we are not getting the COVID shots. They informed her that they will not be staying here over the summer and will go visit my wife’s sister (who’s kids are grown and out of the house) instead of spending the summer with their grandchildren. We have not heard from them since.

  17. Dennis

    John: For reference, here is a copy of the Nuremberg Code at Fauci’s own NIH: Also, vaccine & health care law, etc. is not my actual area of practice, though I’ve look into it some in the past year, so this is just my two cents.

    I think the biggest issue with the Covid “vaccines” and the NC is informed consent. No one is really proposing “forced” vaccines as such, though they plan to make your life miserable if you refuse…no dining out, travel, concerts, sporting events, etc..some even calling for banking restrictions and more. Even these restrictions – which are effectively a form of coercion – certainly raise big red flags under various domestic legal and constitutional regimes and international law (UN human rights charters etc – I’ll ignore for the time being arguments over the true legal standing of such documents), particularly with regard to the right to bodily integrity in refusing vaccines and equal treatment under the law for those who do refuse (thankfully, vaccine passports and other discriminatory restrictions have been getting a lot of pushback, particularly in the US, though some in the EU as well despite the recent announcement by that von der Leyen character regarding travel to the EU), particularly for these vaccines that are not even fully approved but are merely being used under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). There is certainly precedent for mandatory vaccines for children in schools, etc. for various childhood diseases like measles, mumps, polio, TB, etc. (even then they can’t make you get it – just keep you from school), but I think traditional vaccines (and even those have been greatly expanded and abused in recent decades – RFK Jr., much as I dislike the Kennedy clan in general, has been at the forefront of this issue doing great work) should be put into a entirely different category than these experimental new Covid “vaccines” and the restrictive legal regimes being put in place to effectively coerce people into taking them. Some have tried to argue (apparently with EEOC approval) that even employers, for example, can require Covid vaccines, but this is a dubious claim given that these “vaccines” are not fully approved and are operating under EUAs. No one can require as a condition of employment that one agree to be an experimental subject in a drug trial.

    Which gets us back to the NC and the informed consent issue. I suppose the “fact checkers” you’re referring to are those such as this: While it is true that the NC addresses “medical experimentation, not vaccines,” this article and it’s alleged “fact check” obfuscate the real issue by pretending these are just ordinary, fully approved vaccines and also starting with the straw man argument that people are claiming that “vaccines are in direct violation of The Nuremberg Code.” Well, no one has ever said vaccines as such violate the NC. That’s just dumb. But what the article ignores is the biggest elephant in the room: THE VARIOUS COVID “VACCINES” IN USE RIGHT NOW ARE MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS!

    That simply cannot be repeated enough, and I don’t get the sense that most of the public truly understands this, hence the issues with informed consent: THE VARIOUS COVID “VACCINES” IN USE RIGHT NOW ARE MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS! When you agree to take it, you are effectively signing up to be a guinea pig in the drug companies’ ongoing trial testing. Not only are some short-term side effects (more coming out every day) still unknown, but all long term effects – potentially very dangerous, deadly, and scary based on prior animal research with mRNA and DNA vaccines; hence the reason they’d never been approved for even trial use in humans before – are unknown at this point. Not one has been through the full trial testing and approval process (usually many years’ long) and all are being used right now under fraudulent EUAs. I say fraudulent because in order to qualify for an EUA the applicant must show that there are “no adequate, approved, and available alternatives.” Well, we’ve known since nearly the beginning of this Covid panic (see also the Hirchhorn book referenced above which summarizes it all nicely), that there are cheaper and safer viable alternative treatments for Covid than highly experimental and potentially dangerous mRNA and DNA gene therapies operating under EUAs (but Big Pharma doesn’t stand to make as much money from those, so they have been systematically denounced and swept under the rug in favor of the latter).

    Despite the fact that people supposed to be given a little handout (too cursory in my view based on the ones I’ve seen) with the vaccines as part of the “informed consent disclosures,” I don’t believe they are closely read and reviewed with them in detail by a medical professional before getting the jab (NC #1: “The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs or engages in the experiment”) , or that most people truly understand it and are giving truly informed consent as contemplated under the NC (Read #1 of the NC linked above. Do most people getting the vaccine have “have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved, as to enable [them] to make an understanding and enlightened decision?” Are the true “nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment” and “all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person, which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment” made known to and understood by people agreeing to these gene therapies? I don’t think so).

    NC #2 is also interesting: “The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, UNPROCURABLE BY OTHER METHODS OR MEANS OF STUDY, and not random and unnecessary in nature.” Well, again, there is ample evidence of cheaper and safer existing effective treatments that make these experimental “vaccines” unnecessary.

    How about NC #3: “The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study, that the anticipated results will justify the performance of the experiment.” My understanding is that all trials began with humans in this case, and given the alleged “novel” nature of this virus and disease and the extreme rapidity with which these “vaccines” were rolled-out, I doubt there was adequate “knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study” on which to base testing and development of these experimental “vaccines” and to judge their efficacy and necessity.

    NC #6: “The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.” Well, based on side effects reports, including deaths, so far (and with long-term effects still unknown), it seems clear that the risk of harmful side effects from these experimental jabs exceeds the problem to be solved – a virus virus 99.98% survive and which is more easily and safely treated with already existing drugs.

    NC#8: “The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons. The highest degree of skill and care should be required through all stages of the experiment of those who conduct or engage in the experiment.” Certainly not the case from what I’ve heard, where some giving the jab have very little training or understanding themselves, in some cases people being trained to give the shot at “pop-up vaccine centers” who are not even qualified nurses, and even in the case of nurses, most are not deeply knowledgeable about the nature of the experiment they are helping conduct on people (probably too busy choreographing a new Tik-Tok vid for their next break).

    It is absolutely criminal and obscene what is being done to the world and to people’s health and freedom in the name of fighting a virus that is literally no more deadly than ordinary flu for over 99% of people. Every day more and more reports come out of horrific “side effects” of the Covid “vaccines” (The latest I’ve seen are instances of otherwise healthy nursing babies breaking out in severe rashes and in some cases even dying within a day or two of their mothers getting Covid vaccines. It is criminal to give these experimental vaccines to any pregnant or nursing mother – and they would be excluded from almost all ordinary new drug trial). The avain flu vaccine was stopped in the late ’70s after some 500 or so deaths…there have been over 7 times as many so far attributed to the Covid vaccines, yet they keep jabbing away pretending there is no problem. If someone dies of anything within 28 days of a positive PCR test, it goes in the books as a “Covid death” but all deaths near in time to vaccines injections are treated as mere coincidence.

    An utterly obscene clown world – except even less funny than most actual clowns.

    I don’t care what they threaten me with at this point in terms of loss of freedom, ability to travel, work, etc. I will never agree to subject myself to one of these experimental jabs for the amusement and profit of the scum running this world. There is a higher freedom one must maintain in one’s mind, body, and soul. Let them threaten or do what they will. I’ll still be free in a higher sense than all the sheeple lining up for their jabs and Covid passports.

  18. John B()


    Thanks, You’ve basically confirmed another source of mine (Robert Barnes)
    who speaks of NC AND Robert Kennedy in the much the same way
    But he gives a very high level view, he talks about Supreme Court cases through the years and ends with Informed Consent as per NC.

    Yours deserves a post somewhere (maybe even The Stream)

    Contact Briggs for his opine

  19. Jerome Musial

    Alzhiemier and heart attacks go up when ‘non-blood clotting’ non-vaccines are jabbed into the elderly. Interesting.

  20. Cloudbuster

    I’m assuming the spike in Unclassified deaths is from watching that video.

  21. John B()

    Russell Haley

    That’s freaqin’ sad

    I’m glad your wife held her own – that’s tough

    I wouldn’t “blame” the in-laws necessarily – blame Biden first

    Heart goes out to your kids

    64 yrs old and not worried

    I think my wife and I have both had it and we’re probably STILL flirtin’ with it but not worried

  22. Dennis

    John: Yes, Robert Barnes is very good (he’s was excellent of election fraud as well). And I’m sure he’s up on more intricate statutory and regulatory details and court cases with this stuff than I am (frankly, unless it’s something I’m getting paid for by a client – or through a monetized podcast like Barnes – I just don’t have the time or inclination to do a lot of detailed research on some of these things or feel like spending my free time reading SCOTUS rulings or statutes of no immediate use to me).

    It’s all just so tiresome and depressing. Just got off the phone about an hour ago with a longtime friend (still?) and sometime client who berated me for not just getting a Covid shot to just “go along to get along,” and so as not to put my client prospects and practice at risk (he had been wanting me to file a motion for someone on a certain issue, but I demurred given the current rules at court rules on masks, etc. and whether there’d still be an option for video hearing by the time it could be scheduled – the court clerk was unable to reassure me that’d be the case since they are to switch to mostly in-person hearings within the month, but still with mask and anti-social distancing requirements EVEN IF vaccinated! – so I just won’t take anything at this point that might require a court appearance, and very little of my work generally involves court appearances anyway).

    He then said he’d even be reluctant at this point to refer me to potential clients for my usual work that doesn’t involve court appearances, since potential clients might be skittish about meeting with an attorney who couldn’t provide a vaccine cert or proof of recent negative test! I told him I’d consider such a potential clients to be brainwashed paranoiacs not worth the trouble of getting involved with in the first place. He basically hung up then. Oh well…thus may end a friendship of 25 years. Even people I used to think quite sane and intelligent have been driven mad by Covid it seems (And this person in particular – given his family history – I’d have thought would be more cognizant of anything the potentially involves the Nuremberg Code or raises the spectre of forced or coerced experimental medical procedures, just “going along to get along,” just following orders and arbitrary rules of govt officials, doctors, and “experts,” etc.). What a sad world.

  23. John B(S)


    That was the closest I’ve come to death yet

    Wait, there’s that time I saw a woman with a FAUCI FAN sweatshirt
    Had to catch my breath that time

  24. John B()

    Dennis – Thanks again for what input you did provide

    My heart to you and yours as well

    He could have at LEAST caveated his referrals to anyone who cared

    Continued prayers

    (Barnes predicted that Powell et al were treading a fine line and could face legal blowback in some of their public statements)

  25. Dennis

    Thanks John. It’s just so disheartening to see what this stuff is doing even to people I used to to respect and thought too smart to be taken in by so much of the propaganda. And in any case, much of what I do could be done remotely if need be if a potential referral were really that scared of the Corona (phone/vid consult, then draft docs and just send them to let people get signed or notarized on their own, etc.). And where I live, the clients I have met with in person since this all started have been quite laid back about things anyway.

    Oh well. What will be will be. It’s in the mid 80s for the first time this year and quite sunny today, so I think it’s off to the park soon for a long walk and some fresh air. 🙂

  26. Stephen J.

    Re: the 6-foot vs. 60-foot observation — it’s important to note the context of this point. What the MIT study said is that given enough time together in an airflow-restricted environment, assuming the virus transmission is largely aerosolized rather than droplet-borne, spatial distance between infected and non-infected individuals was no longer a relevant factor in assessing infection risk (“you might as well be 60 feet away rather than 6”).

    So what this means in practice is that “social distancing” is unnecessary in environments where people only interact briefly and spend, on an individual basis, only limited time — like the vast majority of any given shopping trip, whether to small stores or to large — and useless in environments where people are expected to spend long amounts of time in mutual proximity, e.g. worship services, entertainment events, and public gymnasia.

    In other words, the pathetic excuse for “allowable” churchgoing attendance is pointless: either open the doors and let everyone take the risk they want, or shut them all for good across the board. The latter would at least be consistent with their own statements about the virus, though it is not consistent at all with any sane construction of human rights.

  27. JR Ewing

    @john b

    I’ll the gun eventually if I pay for it. That’s not a problem.

    My frustration is that most of of the fun of ordering one of these is the “factory experience” and unless I acquiesce to the Jab and agree to mask up for the flight (and god knows whatever else), I’m going to miss out on the fun part of getting measured and fitted and fussed over by an Italian craftsman.

    I flew 80,000+ miles per year up through 2019.

    Haven’t been on a plane since feb of last year and given the nonsense in the world right now there is no way in hell I’m going to do so for a very long time.

    Not going to debase myself or risk my health fir a vacation. No way.

  28. Dean Ericson

    Dennis, that’s a terrific comment addressing the Nuremberg aspect. In the bigger picture, the devils running this operation don’t give a damn about established law, or morals, they only care about advancing their own power and profit. They can hire armies of complicit lawyers to write new laws favorable to their sick agenda, all under color of law. Satan is a lawyer, too.

  29. Dean Ericson

    JR Ewing; the gun sounds great. I’d love to see it. Some of the finest craftsmanship of our people has been devoted to armaments. I think of the Arms and Armor wing at the Met Museum. I hope you get it, and that you love it. But if it has to be sacrificed, well, there’s a war on. And sacrifice is what happens in war.

  30. Dean Ericson

    J. R. , speaking of sacrifice, you know our host is a passionate sartorialist. In better times he would be spending his filthy lucre, the filthy lucre of a prominent statistician, on custom suits made in Italy, going there for the fittings, and lording it over the plebes in his tailored outfits, sophisticated shirtings, custom calfskin shoes, vintage watches, luxurious silk ties, and beaver fur fedoras. But the big boob has sacrificed all that to try and keep his friends here on the straight and narrow. Briggs is some kind of nut. But he’s our kind of nut.

  31. M.G.

    @Dennis Thanks so much for your lowdown on the NC. Very helpful!
    It is a crazy world klawn-show. It’s so inspirational that you stand your ground and do not let brainwashed clients sway you.

    @Dean Ericson. Gates-of-hell and Fausti, are pawns. I reckon they have been paid for b/c of their fab names, with psychopathy as prerequisite, of course.

  32. Dennis

    Thanks Dean and MG. One thing I meant to mention also above in relation to vaccine coercion, passports, etc, but forgot:

    Just this January the Council of Europe issued a resolution (I’m not certain of the actual legally binding effect, but it is important nonetheless) reminding member states and the EU (they are not co-terminous – some CoE members, such as Britain, are not in the EU) that they “ensure that citizens are informed that the vaccination is NOT mandatory and that no one is politically, socially, or otherwise pressured to get themselves vaccinated, if they do not wish to do so themselves.”

    It added further that member states should “ensure that no one is discriminated against for not having been vaccinated, due to possible health risks or not wanting to be vaccinated” and that vaccine monitoring, certificates, etc. should only be used for “the designated purpose of monitoring vaccine efficacy, potential side-effects and adverse events,” and added in a footnote that “Vaccination certificates should not be used as a ‘vaccination passport’ (at borders, in aviation, or for access to services). Such use would be unscientific in the absence of data on the effectiveness of the vaccines in reducing transmission, the length of any acquired immunity, as well as the percentage of ‘failure’ to produce immunity due to new variants, viral load and delayed second doses…Such use would also pose privacy concerns, and, taking into account the limited availability of vaccines, may perpetuate and reinforce exclusionary and discriminatory practices.”

    Clearly, despite recent pronouncements from von der Leyen and others as the push for vaccine passports continues in some quarters (both in governments and among nominally private corporations and other entities), there is ample grounds and precedent in international law and various domestic legal regimes to oppose vigorously any efforts to impose mandatory vaccines (especially for those that are only under EUAs anyway; and again, they won’t resort to physical force – yet – but use other means to effectively make them mandatory and coerce people into going along) or Covid “passports” (even if they don’t use that exact word, since it’s become so toxic). All it requires is the will of people to resist. Just stop playing along, stop acting like you need permission of Joe Biden or anyone else to have people over, have a cookout, go outside and breathe fresh air, etc. For the regime they want to impose to succeed, it needs a certain threshold of participation – it’s been flagging, with many skipping second doses even after getting the first – hence the ramped-up propaganda efforts lately. If enough people hold firm and just resist, the oligarchs will lose in the end.

    Listened to a great interview (and terrifying in some ways given what he thinks the real goals are of the people behind the push for vaccine passports, a supranational vaccine database, and total vaccination even of people not in high at risk demos, like children and infants) while out walking in the park a while ago by James Delingpole with Mike Yeadon ( Yeadon used to be a Pfizer executive, so he knows Big Pharma from the inside, and he’s been blowing the whistle on these mRna and DNA vaccines from the start. He also makes the point about the need for a high threshold of participation for the op to succeed. They can be defeated…but do people have enough strength of character and will for freedom these days to resist being mere sheeple?

  33. Aderivaldo Cabral

    But it was picked up by chance by WHO.


    That’s what I said (…)

    Dr. Briggs at the top of his game.

  34. Dean Ericson

    Dennis: “If enough people hold firm and just resist, the oligarchs will lose in the end.”

    That’s it. Solzhenitsyn stood like a stone wall. The oligarchs collapsed. Of course, the oligarchs regrouped and are now at our throats. We stand like a stone wall. Fock them.

  35. Dennis

    “Freedom is always available. One need only pay the price for it.” – Henry de Montherlant

  36. Milton Hathaway

    “I loathe moving averages—because the replace the data with a model. They should have put weekly averages instead. Still trying to figure how to download this so I can do on my own.”

    The data label on the plot calls it a “7-day moving average”. Assuming that its just a simple boxcar average (uniform weighting), then it seems like all you have to do to get a set of weekly average numbers is to just select every seventh point from the moving average. You can even select the particular weekday you want.

    One caveat with moving averages is that they can introduce a time delay, which can shift the occurrence of a peak. To avoid introducing a time delay, for the 7-day moving average example, one would average the three days prior, the day-of, and the three days following, and assign that value to the day-of average.

    I guess I’ve never thought of a moving average as a model. It’s a data-reduction technique, or more accurately, a data-suppression technique; some information content is attenuated in order to make other information content stand out more. But I think I see your point, the modelling aspect comes into play because of the decision that some of the information content in the data is deemed to be unimportant. The choice of weighting used in the moving average defines the model. For example, if you wanted to emphasize daily variations, you could use a weighting of -1, +1, -1, +1, -1, +1, -1.

  37. Simon Platt

    Now then, Briggs. I woke up this morning with an unfamiliar and unpleasant tune in my head. Eventually the penny dropped and I realised what it was. I had to listen to Deep Purple to make it go away.

    You’re making something of a habit of it. The last time it was some noxious sluts whose video I couldn’t get to the end of. I’ll have to stop following your links if this carries on. I hope you can assure us all that your forthcoming lecture will not have any musical accompaniment.

  38. John B(S)


    How did I do that? … I can’t remember the song!

    I know it has Fausti and vaccinate and some goofy kid but I truly can’t remember

    I am so tempted … but no … when I least expect it

  39. Simon Platt

    I can’t remember it any more, either, John. I do hope it doesn’t come back again overnight.

  40. John Moore

    The argument that forcing everyone inside is going to increase COVID19 is, well, absurd – to be nice.

    If everyone stayed inside, the COVID19 would be trapped in just those homes where it had already appeared. It would infect the people there, and then it would die out.

    I am surprised that such an illogical argument appeared here, but the anti-COVID19-precautions madness seems to have gone to far here.

    Yes, there’s a lot of things wrong with the public health folks.

    But good grief, isolation has long been proven to work with infectious diseases. The Chinese made it work in Wuhan (using measures we couldn’t do here, because we aren’t a dictatorship). But that, and the experience of some other countries such as Australia and New Zealand show that lockdowns can work.

    There are many complications here, but the argument that they just don’t work is baseless

  41. John B()

    Deep Purple will do that

    I’m embarrassed to say, that I never knew “Smoke on the Water” was based on reality! Until fairly recently

    Maybe I missed the Casey Kassam episode explaining what happened

    Or chalked it up to Urban Legend

  42. Dennis

    Utter nonsense John Moore.

    And no amount of lockdown or face muzzle tyranny is justified for the virus with a 99.98% survival rate!

    We’re not even talking anything remotely close to Black Death level here with 30-50% of the population dying, it’s just a seasonal flu no different from others that pop up every few years that may be a bit more severe than usual, but not apocalyptic. It’s pure madness what’s been done to the world, and continues to be done, in the name of this stupid virus for over a year now, and it sounds like you have drunk the “zero-Covid” kool-aid.

    It has nothing to do with health at this point, and never really has. It’s all about pushing an insane left wing agenda to build a totalitarian global state with complete economic and social control over everyone and every activity – and vaccine “passports” and the supranational database controlled by the Oligarchs that will be installed with them, are the first step in that process. Think you’re all good now that you’ve got your covi-vax and muzzle? Well, when the next virus by Gates, Fraudci, & Co drops or the next “booster” jab is mandated – guess what? No travel, job, or banking for you if you don’t comply and just bend-over to get reamed by Big Pharma and the Oligarchs at OneState…big X marks on your “passport” record. The “Vaccine Passport” will effectively become a “Life Passport” to be allowed to live at function like a normal human being at all.

    It will never end unless people simply stop complying with any of it, and stop now!

  43. Joy

    Re Russel Haley and John B’s response:
    …a summer without baby sitters:

    At least your wife’s parents, didn’t buckle

    They have one life

    Vaccination is for others, as well as you

    Had Trump been in power, he would have been giving advice for people to be vaccinated.

    There would have been some who did not get vaccinated but not so much fuss because Biden makes things almost impossible to comply

    Why does the vaccination of others impinge on you?
    Why does the non vaccination impinge on you?
    Because this is an infectious disease.

    You all seem to have taken completely for granted the work that is done all the time regarding infection control and yearly efforts to control the flu.

    So much is taken for granted

  44. John B()


    I am Pretty sure Russel was not lamenting Baby Sitters
    I believe he was concerned for the relationship between his wife and children and that of mother/grandmother

    Some people fear the infection

    Some people do not

    Some people welcome the vaccine Others do not

    Then there are people who feared the infection most and welcomed the vaccine most but continue to fear the infection maybe more than they did before

    THOSE people should NOT have been vaccinated

    “I have no fear of death, it brings no sorrow” – The Last Farewell”

  45. JOy

    You don’t say!
    I wonder why they haven’t seen them? Hmmm…
    Priorities are difficult for fanatics

  46. Joy

    Perhaps you think I know nothing about this kind of thing?
    Also, what does fear of death in one, mean to another? Serious point worth contemplation.

    This isn’t brave-heart, it’s a vaccine.

    One minute you’d
    “rather feel the earth beneath your feet”
    and the next?
    “who wants to live forever’

    Let me know when you make up your mind!

  47. Joy

    The daughter needs to take a look at her choice to make a political stand about something which is a medical personal, matter. It’s a shame.
    Protest by non vaccination!

    I’m still with the Grandmother

  48. John B()


    “I’d rather feel the earth beneath my feet
    Yes I would … if I could … I surely would” … El Condora Pasa
    But ultimately that’s not in my hands

    If BIG TECH would allow Trump a platform, you’d hear Trump extol the vaccine
    He’s proud of what he helped accomplish

    I doubt the daughter’s choice of vaccination or not is political on her part (maybe Russel…since he’s on this site … but then so are you)

    The Last Farewell was about a relationship about to be severed, perhaps permanently

    I pray that when the fear of this thing goes away, that severance won’t be permanent
    I’m with all them

    But I fear the powers like it the way it is and will make it permanent

  49. Joy

    It’s as if only those on the far right or those “on this site’ as you put it, think they’re the only ones suffering in any way with this outbreak
    “I doubt the daughter’s choice of vaccination or not is political on her part (maybe Russel…since he’s on this site … but then so are you)”
    Yeah? why do you suppose she refused it and why do you suppose I am on this site?

    Trump, for all the nastiness from both sides of the political divide, managed to keep the rabble in some kind of order

    “Not in your hands” entirely, or you wouldn’t bother to ‘mind the gap’ so to speak

    Big tech has no control over your mind unless you let them. Same goes for anyone with the courage of their convictions
    *not casting any aspersions

  50. John B()


    Politics ruins everything

    I can think of many reasons why someone would not choose vaccination that have absolutely nothing to do with politics

    Big tech has no control over your mind unless you let them. Same goes for anyone …

    You and I may go places that others say you shouldn’t
    The problem is that too many people are willing to let others tell them what they should listen to and what they shouldn’t … how many people had no idea that the Hunter Biden story was true?

  51. Joy

    Yes, that’s why politics shouldn’t enter discussions unless they are primarily political ones!

    Big tech is pushing fascism and then blaming the ‘right’ for it

    A word of encouragement on two fronts today, three, but i’ll spare you one about British politics:
    A young black girl, very pretty was on the BBC talking about body image and how “rap” is the cause of all or many of her ‘issues’ which she said were causing her to feel ashamed of herself and her behaviour.

    I wound it back and listened again. It was about the pushing of certain pills to make girls put on weight, or become voluptuous. Apparently the rapping men like’em like that.
    Conclusion? She was amending her ways and the BBC let her say something negative about rap.

    a black man who’s name I wish I’d caught, also on the BBBC was giving an American woman calling herself english, but also black, that her BLM movement was nothing but a money making venture for people to swoop down and take advantage of the afflicted.
    He gave her a very hard time and I believe It might have been on “hard talk”
    So, twice in a day, black on black criticism. Which the BBC allows, just as I said they would.

  52. Goldhoarder

    Did the tech oligarchs shutdown the restoretheculture webpage?

  53. Joy

    Russel Haley,

    I am sorry for speaking out of turn, take no notice of my scolding
    Maybe JohnBy is correct and even if he isn’t, I’m still sorry for passing judgement

  54. Dennis

    Goldhoarder: Yes, they did (Fortunately, I had already downloaded mp4s of the presentations Friday afternoon before it was shutdown, and was able to watch and listen throughout the weekend). It is clear we are living in the most extreme totalitarian state, where there is no longer any free speech (the oligarchs really do fear the Truth!), and the First Amendment is meaningless. Apparently they have a new site host, but it is outrageous that this happens constantly, and only to people who question the regime narratives. Here’s what Patrick Coffin’s site had to say about it (

    As you all now, the platform we used for hosting Truth Over Fear: Covid-19 and the Great Reset three-day summit, has kicked our event off the internet and suddenly locked out all 50,000+ attendees who were participating in the live streams.

    This is war, and they know that I know.

    THANK YOU especially to the outstanding speakers. My apologies to the attendees who were inconvenienced.
    Last-minute update: We will host this summit next weekend at the same time on the same URL:

    All of them but one have confirmed their spots for the live Q&A sessions.

    Please sign up below so we can send you the invite to next weekend’s summit. As a thank, you gift you will get my Ebook How To Handle Haters

  55. Joy

    It doesn’t matter what ‘the paper says’. Social distancing is over in June

    It’s a bit late out of the stalls and missing the point about covid.

    See refutation of Patrick Coffin on the podcast top right of the front page of this blog. By the very scientists being criticised.
    What else did he get wrong? To quote my favourite commenter

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