How Will The Killing Begin?

How Will The Killing Begin?

What follows is a big suppose. Just that: a suppose. So don’t get too worked up.

Suppose in the once United States, the left spirals out of control, as it has done so often before in many times and places, and the killing begins. How might it start? Would it be general? Or would the “soft” tyranny which clouds over us merely deepen to suffocating levels? Will it be Soma™ or bullets? Would the collapse be everywhere, or localized to population centers?

I suppose the frequent historical analogy. The debased left, unable to stop itself because it has no Magisterium (as do the based) to draw a line, accelerates until its traditional end, which is the mass grave. I don’t give any of this a large chance, not now. There are still many large, geographic islands of sanity remaining, even if population centers become daily more woke. Neither do I rate our collapse impossible. History is too blood-soaked to be optimistic. We are just supposing. If you think supposing is nuts, read this.

Here is how the killing might begin.

Sooner or later some man, or some small group of men on the right are going to lose their tempers. You can’t keep calling whites evil because of their race, and force them to agree with that judgement, without an eventual reaction. You can’t keep insisting everybody embrace lies—think how many are now official policy!—and force all to pretend to be enthusiastic about the lies without somebody snapping.

Most of us will keep our heads down. A few of us will end up loving Big Brother. But someday, and too damn soon, perhaps, one of us is going to act out, in some small, but noticed, way.

That’s when the debased left will, it is not impossible to suppose, start to kill its perceived enemies.

This acting out will be specific. What I have in mind is not yet another cop doing his job, shooting some mayhem-committing or murdering thug. Our rulers and elite exaggerates and uses these incidents as political fodder, because they understand what these incidents are and what’s involved. It’s only the debased who pretend not to know what they know.

The incident has to be something other than some official or official-like act, like those committed by cops. Don’t forget: the left will eventually need cops, whatever they are called, for their own purposes. They can’t eliminate them.

It won’t be any of you, I trust, dear readers, who finally can’t take anymore. We know that violence is useless against the State. It’s too big. They are many and we are few. They are strong and we are weak. There is no way to win by force. Not for us ordinary people, I mean.

Still, when somebody, or some small group, who doesn’t understand these things loses it and does something ill-advised, the left will have the casus belli it desires.

It doesn’t even have to be a real event, a genuine act. It can be the perceived threat of one. We saw—how many times now?—agencies of the State warning that the largest threat to itself is from the right. This in spite of BLM and Antifa running to a fro, stabbing, looting, burning, murdering.

How do they fool themselves?

By relying on reports done by groups like the Center for Strategic & International Studies, which recently conducted a “study” which “proved” “white supremacy or white nationalist ideologies” are the biggest terrorist threats.

They concluded this after juicing the stats by equating “plots”—which it to say, social media and gaming chatter—with actual killings and mayhem, which is coming from the left. We’re tempted to call this maneuver standard bureaucratic lying, but there’s an element of self-fulfilling prophecy about these things. Many of these investigators believe what they’re saying. Well, it’s easy to believe when money is being showered on you.

We saw, do you recall?, the amateur tyrant who rules Michigan say she had “threats” made against her, the “threats” deduced from on-line chatter. But after it turned out the nonsense came from idiot Antifa leftists, the matter was dropped. This “plot”, therefore, doesn’t count.

We had a trial run of an incident on January 6th, in which a few LARPers and festive folk traipsed through the open Capitol doors, held open, here and there, by Capitol police. One unarmed, harmless lady was shot dead by Capitol police. (Perhaps a feminist shooter?) A government employee died that day, too, a death which the media gloried over, lying about its cause for months.

After this “insurrection”, fences went up and soldiers were brought in to “protect” our rulers. Many of whom turned out to be just as cowardly as we thought. Very dangerous, that. There is no ruler more apt to turn homicidal than a cowardly one. Our government now has a majority of effeminates in power.

Whatever the “final” incident is, it won’t be from the anarcho-tyranny our rulers wield. It won’t be some pack of blacks attacking a group of white civilians who, say, successfully fend off the attack in a deadly way. That kind of thing can only be used if our rulers can paint it as the whites having struck first, with some evidence, however contrived or weak, of the whites “hatred” or “racism” and advanced planning.

Perhaps the incident will be a genuine assassination attempt or threat against one of our petty tyrants. Or a college student sick of critical race theory who pummels some professor—and it’s discovered this student has “ties” (hyperbolic words to describe social media “friends”) to others who are as nauseated as he. Maybe a march by “white nationalists” in which violence is committed, or claimed to be committed.

Anyway, let’s suppose the incident, or a small string of them, no matter how far separated in space or goal, happens, or is said to. What does the left go?

Arrest the perps at first, surely. As with 6 January, they are held in isolation, habeas corpus be damned. Maybe we’ll hear of some new “variant” of coronadoom which requires their quarantine. Or they’ll say the “risk” of new “attacks” is “too great” to allow these men to talk to anybody (outside government).

None of these first arrestees would be killed, I suppose. Indeed, it’s even likely one or more would be induced to “talk”, or it would be reported that one talked. Names would be named. A nation-wide “plot” would be “discovered”, which necessitates, as will be made clear to us by the media, more arrests.

Some of these arrests will come in the military, of the last remaining men—real men—who are not behind the pozzing of the forces. Or who are thought to be unreliable (i.e. have loyal men under them) by the higher ups who are doing the pozzing.

The killing could start during these arrests. In an abrupt change, we’d suddenly hear how it’s not okay to resist arrest, and that, after all, if these people had nothing to hide, they would never have needed arresting and shooting. We’d only be shown video if it can be made to corroborate the State’s side of the story.

I doubt the killing would happen once men were in custody, certainly not immediately. There’s too many other ways of controlling people now, and besides we have grown squeamish. Some likelihood of people disappearing can’t be dismissed, though.

In any case, the left needs to claim there exists a large plot against them. This will almost certainly be, they’ll say, a cabal of “white supremacists”, which as the investigation expands, will reveal a few sympathetic Asians and blacks who were “brainwashed” into joining the movement. It can’t just be “transphobes” or “climate deniers”. It has to be a group that is readily identifiable.

Which brings up the question of how baizuo (white leftists) will identify as non-white. Perhaps some sort of humiliating badge? Don’t scoff at that. Look out the window and see how many people are wearing masks. Indeed, it could be masks. Not wearing one, while white, might be enough to paint one as an enemy. Especially if the media begins to chant “Only white supremacists don’t wear holy masks.”

Even wearing a mask wouldn’t be sufficient to save you, not if “testimony” could be produced saying “I saw him once outside without a holy mask.” Regardless what the badge is, “rewards” will be offered for ratting out cabal members. That point will mark an acceleration. Neighbors who resent be falsely ratted out for non-crimes might (as is just) punish the rat. But to authorities, that punishment is more “evidence” of the plot.

If one of the oligarchs gets too far out of line, they will produce “evidence” it was that oligarch who was funding the cabal.

In order for killing to begin in earnest, the left has to produce real Victims. Perhaps agent provocateurs and false flags will be used. That kind of thing is serious, and it wouldn’t happen until the “plot” is revealed. We have to be primed. Anyway, nobody in power would really care if a host of Antifa were slaughtered. These people are the below whatever the dregs of society are. Their deaths could be useful.

A successful false flag would produce open killings, or at least accelerated “legal” executions. Then nothing stops the blood from flowing until exhaustion.

Dear reader, before you think Yours Truly has lost his way, I remind you every one of these tricks and “steps” has been used before in leftist singularities. The pattern and techniques are historical. The only question is whether it would happen, which I said at first is unlikely.

Because we are so effeminate, I think it far more probable that State’s enemies are milked to death and not killed. Cause them to lose jobs, money, friends, prospects. All the sort of techniques that the debased have been using to great success, only we’ll see them increase and become in various ways official policy.

It all depends on how patient the debased are. If they play the slow game, they ensure the oligarchs take complete and total control. We become Brazil, only less so; more like San Francisco under the on-ramps. Your tent can be made very comfortable! People on the right, not just “conservatives”, are too easy to turn. They even got Prosobiec and Cernovich calling Bruce Jenner “she” now. It cost—and I do mean in monetary terms—the oligarchs very little.

If the left becomes impatient, they’ll go the killing route. They are impatient for a future they can’t identify, they cannot describe, but in which they have an unslakable lust. Right now, the oligarchs are doing fine controlling the media to juice the left masses just enough, but not too much. They obviously believe they can control the beast they have created. Dr Frankenstein thought so, too.

Like I said, my money’s on the oligarchs. But, as the man said, shit happens.


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  1. Funny. I posted this today:
    It’s very simple.
    The power grab is out in the open.
    The Coup is seeking to consolidate it’s grip on the government.
    They are using the pretense of legal authority to do it.
    They are abrogating your rights, and you feel you have to go along with it.
    “Respect the authority.” You were raised that way. I was.
    They depend on that.
    When a cop comes up to make you wear a mask, take a shot, you are told to comply and then go to court.
    When they come to take your gun for no constitutionally authorized reason, you are expected to give it up. Then pursue legal action to regain it.
    When they come to put you in the re-education camp…who will you sue, and how?
    It’s better to draw the line sooner than later.
    Like when they try to put the mask on you, force you indoors.
    Is your right to peaceful assembly and speech, religious practice, any less than to own a gun?
    Draw the line early.
    And have a will made out.

  2. Sheri

    An apt comparison here is the left is a petulant, evil teenager that the parents refuse to reign in. The teenager continues to become more and more evil, finally murdering his parents. The escalation will continue until someone puts him down. It’s the way it has always been. How long till then? I vacillate between this Christmas and a couple of years out. Come on, the teenager is up to killing Fluffy and Fido. Soon, it’s Little Kim land or someone puts down the teenager.

    The left already started killing. It’s called Covid. Rumors abound that Hillary and Bill are accomplished in this area, but this remains rumor.

    We don’t need violence against the state, just a BACKBONE and we haven’t got it. Yes, we ordinary people could win (yes, even by force) but it’s too much work and we love being pummeled by the left. I mean that. The right is the whiniest group of losers I have ever seen and as Biden and Harris stay in office longer and longer, the whining goes louder and louder.

    GREED is what keeps America the mess it is and it will only get worse. The elderly are GREEDY—watch those Medicare “I’m a GREEDY twit and want your money for my needs and entitlements” commercials. When Granny is that GREEDY…..Notice Granny has a quarter million dollar house, but she wants her entitlements. GREED. This will slow an uprising. Keep handing out the candy to GREEDY Granny and the uprising will be quelled for now. We are in trouble when the cash runs out.

    Stupidity also keeps the sheep in line and lazy parents who give the government their brats to raise. We really do love what we created, both left and right.

    I see most of this column as an excuse to be sheep and blame the left for the weakness of the right. You’ve gone to the dark side, Briggs. At least man up and admit humans love living in the hell they created.

    Ed: There are a lot of lost guns out there…..

  3. Hun

    I remember a mini-series from the early 90s called “Wild Palms” that was a boomer imagination of dystopian America. Their event that triggered the final turn to totalitarianism was a terrorist exploding a nuke in Boca Raton, Florida. What followed was a milder form of 50’s Communist-style repression, which was eventually defeated by heroic boomer hippies.

    I mention it, because it seems like many boomers, especially leftists, and many younger leftists still seem to have this same idea of dystopia and still think that they are fighting against it. They have absolutely no idea that it is them who have already created a dystopia that is worse than whatever they imagined.
    And the event that broke it all already happened – it was 9/11. Since then, anything goes.
    Of course, mass killing is another level. Given the mass psychosis affecting the “elites”, I bet on some purely imaginary event to trigger it. More imaginary than the January “insurrection”.

  4. We have no good choices remaining. If we do nothing, the Left wins by default and we are eliminated, either slowly or quickly, while the Left imports millions of our replacements every year.

    If we fight, we may win or we may lose. But at least there exists a chance of survival.

    We MUST organize. We NEED funding. We REQUIRE a political fig leaf. The Republican party is fully in league with the enemy at the national level, but may still be useful in some local areas.

  5. Zundfolge

    I don’t believe “the right” will ever start the violence (which is why eventually we lose) but there will be plenty of January 6 type events that cause the left to claim the right is violent and then they’ll slowly push the boot down on our necks and we’ll eventually turn in our guns (or hide them in the backs of closets, never to be used again), pay the jizya and feel ourselves subdued.

    This will ironically prevent the left from going full on Pol Pot (sure they like to fantasize about killing us, but most of them don’t have the stones).

    The only way there will be large scale violence is if the entire global economic/political system crashes, then all bets are off. Parts of the world will be fine, but the big cities will look like “Escape from New York” and eventually that violence will spill out into the rural areas (where the food is).

    Before it gets too far out of hand, the Chinese and/or Russians will waltz in and “restore order”.

    The Beast and Anti-Christ will then firmly be in control, the A-C will wander into the newly rebuilt temple and then all Heaven breaks loose and we win.

    TL;DR It’s going to get progressively worse until the second coming.

  6. awildgoose

    Starvation via hyperinflation followed by market and currency crashes.

    That will give the controllers much more time to enjoy the show.

  7. Phileas_Frogg

    Who knows what the future holds? Certainly the Diabolical will continue their march, but at what pace and by which road, we cannot say with confidence. In either case, we must hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Be prepared to resist, by a variety of means. Will God ask us to fight the way of the Roman Martyrs? Or will we strike blows the way of the Spanish Requetés? We don’t know, we suspect, but we don’t know. We must gird up now like men; for He will demand of us, and we must answer Him.

    And what of the pockets of resistance? Local governments, state and county, are slowly building legal barricades around themselves to provide some sort of defense against a sudden rush. Numerous counties have pushes for their legislatures to declare effective legal resistance, and several states are taking concerted measures to legalize or even mandate resistance within their jurisdictions. Missouri has introduced legislation to provide for the state to instantly materialize men underarms answering solely to the government of Missouri, SB 528. The implications being obvious, a non-federal army can be called upon by the State of Missouri. Florida and Oklahoma have taken measure to empower private citizens to act during riots, a means of deterring further leftist infiltration and agitation.

    Even states as deep blue as New York have a tendency towards local resistance at the county level against leftist madness.

    Local governmental control and legislation is the ONLY feasible means of defense, we must control local governments, and we’re firmly behind the 8 ball, but the shot isn’t impossible. Our weakness is our disorganization, and the truth is we’ll never be able to compete with the left on this front. Any/all resistance will have to occur under the aegis of legality, where there exists a political organization for us to seize and use.

    May the prayers of the Saints and our contrition and penance knit for us the armour of God which will shall soon sorely need.

  8. Kevin Walker

    Sure it’s unlikely, but if anybody had said to me two years ago that all this stuff that’s happened over the past year could happen, I would have said no way. Nancy Pelosi is an especially brittle, vindictive character. She must be quite angry with everyone who supported DJT, and she does seem like a coward with all the fencing she’s had put up and apparently refuses to take down.

  9. Mike

    They will not kill you. They will throw you in cages with murderers and rapists and hope they kill you.

  10. awildgoose


    I kind of feel like the forces of evil already have things well in hand.

    I mean, we have a Veep that is straight from Rev 17:5.

  11. spaceranger

    The federal government’s reach is diminishing. Cities are declaring themselves sanctuaries from federal immigration laws. Meanwhile states are refusing to comply with federal drug laws. And on the red side, many states are refusing to comply with new federal gun laws. The red states are getting more populous, not necessarily a good sign as the starlings who shat their Left Coast nests flee and look for other nests to mess up. The technopoly will exercise more control as the oligarchs continue to crush the middle class. It’s a lot easier for a centralized government to manipulate the economy with giant companies than with lots of individual small businesses that they can put out of business with minimum wage hikes. But one thing that will help vaporize the narrative is when it is discovered how much of the social-infotainment-media complex is resting on click fraud.
    Bthe middle class is crushed and the oligarchs

  12. Tom

    I remember visiting the Killing Fields in Cambodia many moons ago. To my amazement, the dead weren’t capitalists or enemies of the government, they were “Comrades” that the Khmer Rouge had turned on. Similar thing happened in the Soviet Union when Stalin turned on the old Bolsheviks or Mao on internal party enemies in the Cultural Revolution (Hitler turning on the Brown Shirts also comes to mind).
    Point being, the Left might turn on each other and kill themselves off soon. We need to hold tight and wait to pick up the pieces.

  13. Sander van der Wal

    Why wait for a Real man of the right if you can have as many Fake men of the right as you want?

  14. It has already begun: aborting millions of black babies meets the left’s faux malthusian agenda. Similarly, Obamacare has built in death to the non-productive – for more info on how this relates to Mao, Stalin, Hitler, et al see my closing essay in Useless Eaters: Understanding the Socialist Delusion ( – a discussion of the origin and meaning the words “Nutlos Esser” – key para:

    Many people, including some on the right who should have known better, attributed the idea that treatment decisions would be based on the patient’s “level of productivity in society” to Obama advisor (and brother to his then chief of staff Rahm Emanuel) Dr. Ezekial Emanuel. In reality, however, Emanuel’s essay ( “Principles for Allocation of Scarce Medical Interventions”) is largely a reworking of ideas common among European and American eugenicists in the 1920s and the phrase itself probably attributable to one of many leftists gently re-interpreting Hegel during a restatement of someone else’s translations of his work into English.

    Now if you want to speculate on when the shooting will start.. Chicago? death is death: and if you can the people you want to get rid of to shoot each other, so much the better. From the left’s perspective Antifa, BLM, free drugs, and gun control are all great because they lead to more deaths – so, again, it’s long since started.

  15. Steve B.

    You should write a fiction book of these “supposes”. It will eventually be turned into a TV series. You can retire in style with armed guards at your compound when it all becomes reality. Just remember who gave you the idea when the royalties start flowing. Oh yeah, get a good lawyer before you start this new endeavor.

  16. Chaeremon

    Why the word begin in the title?
    No law can stop self-immunised kleptocrats (political autonomy); kleptocrats are always envious of other kleptocrats, it spirals like perpetual roundabout.
    The greatest damage is done by kleptocrats fighting each other with (as in) war — people & truth are the victims.

  17. MatiG

    “some pack of blacks attacking a group of white civilians”

    This kind of “colorful” phrasing makes it harder to refer people to this site. People who might otherwise be persuaded by the numbers and epistemology.

    Thank you for the word “baizuo”, though.

  18. Kevin Walker

    Nancy ‘I don’t care much about statues’ Pelosi says she’ll never forgive Trump and the January 6 rioters.

  19. C-Marie

    The killings started, officially, legally, back in 1972. And now the present administration has put our country back in the business of obtaining the body parts of babies mudered by their mothers, of which the thymus is of utmost desire for scientific research.

    Unless our country repents unto God, …..

    God bless, C-Marie

  20. Jan Van Betsuni

    The LEFT is now busy defiantly trampling through The Carnival (The Social Fair) eyeing various prizes on offer for dunking the clown, or shooting all the ducks on the river, or ringing the bell with one powerful strike of a sledge hammer. Whether the Grand Prize is Slavery Reparations or Universal Basic Income or Free Health Care For All or New Gender Pay Equality Laws – makes no difference – so long as a Top Shelf prize is “won”. That will demonstrate beyond questioning that their pusillanimous government has finally been throttled into tossing out a hard won concession. And the Oligarchs will be more than happy to appease. This is the attraction of a Carnival Culture. Those at the bottom are given a thrill (which they fully paid for) and those at the top get to continue Carnival Operations. For the select few – whose tastes don’t run to attending Carnival – the clamoring madness and absurdity can be worrying. Just keep in mind that the mass-charm-appeal of Carnival passes quickly. Like Cotton Candy ~ communism is never as good as it looks from outside the glass. Before you know it this Carnival will vamoose town (permits expired). Then The Police State (The Surveillance Panopticon) will get installed across the Fair Grounds corner to corner, satellites pinging off personal beacons like the incessant buzzings in a bee hive. LEFT is RIGHT & RIGHT is LEFT. We’re in the FUN HOUSE now. Want out? For temporary relief – press that red button on your MSM remote.

  21. Dean Ericson

    A curious war. We have an enemy who hates us and works for our destruction, but we have little idea who that enemy is, and we have little idea who we are. Sun Tzu would not be impressed. In the Civil War we had the North and the South. In WWI we had the Allies and the Axis. Ditto WWII. In boxing you had Jack Johnson against Jim Jeffries. In every conflict there is an identifiable force, and an identifiable counterforce. But in this war, who are we, and who is the enemy? This lack of clarity befuddles opposition. We can see this enemy hates whites, and the Christian religion, and Western Civilization, so it’s a force that is not-white, not Christian, and not Western. Does the Enemy have a name? Do we have a name? How can we fight an enemy with no name, no headquarters, and no territory, while we are a happenstance of indiscernables? St. Sun Tzu, pray for us.

  22. Kathleen

    My money is on Biden’s Red Guard gets rolling seriously first.

    We have to remember who is boss in all this.

    And the boss has milenia of experience that has taught him how to best go about what he’s betting on being the final destruction of what he views as the worm-pets of his enemy.

    He has undoubtedly taken lessons from his previous rounds and learned it is better to thoroughly break his enemies first. Blood too soon just makes Martyrs of the innocent victims. Innocent Martyrs’ blood causes the flourishing of Christ’s Church.

    We’re in for a lot more breaking first.

    But his useful idiots aren’t thought of as idiots for nothing and they could well send the situation hot before it’s advantageous for their boss.

  23. Uncle Mike

    I agree with the “it’s already begun” folks. The Violent Regressive Left has been murdering Americans for my entire life (I’m 69). Abortions (65 million and counting), euthanasia, pointless endless wars, the manufactured (Gates, Fauci, NIH Wuhan lab, etc.) pandemic, landscape scale arson, power brown outs, STDs, AIDS, drug addiction (importing, legalizing, free needles, promoting), urban riots and arson, coddling murderers and disarming police, computer addictions with video war games, lockdowns, school collapse, destruction of families, assisted (and encouraged) suicides, impoverishment by taxation, destruction of the health system including mental health, slave labor of illegals, state-run gambling, sugar addiction and induced obesity, grossly unsanitary tent cities, and on and on.

    It has always taken effort and savvy to avoid being enslaved, extorted, impoverished, or murdered by the Government. The Loons are never satisfied, have never killed enough, outwardly and explicitly call for mass arrests, death camps, and internal war (Up the Revolution), always raising the ante, drunk with power, psychotic and pathologically insane. Hate is their mother’s milk, murder is their habit, catastrophe their dystopian ideal.

    Survival against these satanic demons is not easy, never has been, and will not be in the future.

  24. C-Marie

    Listened to Biden’s talk tonight … he left out: the murders of the babies which he fully supports and which babies will not be attending the pre-school which he was pushing for 3 and 4 year olds, the government use of the murdered babies body parts which he fully supports, the disaster of drugs and cartels and illegals at the border, taxing the rich will not come close to paying for hsi plans , that fossil fuels are most likely necessary for the electric cars he is dreaming of, he said white supremacy is terrorism, …….

    Senator Scott’ rebuttal rejoinder was perfect!!! “line: “Original sin is never the end of the story. Not in our souls, and not for our nation. The real story is always redemption.”

    God bless, C-Marie

  25. Yancey Ward

    At some point the left will have to try to disarm people. That is going to require a river of blood in the US. If they can get control of the military, sure, they could probably do it by killing less than 2 million people, but they won’t lose sleep over it, I can promise you that.

  26. Shecky R

    Keep practicing your lazy brand of fascism, authoritarianism, and routine, obligatory child abuse, and history will not be kind….

  27. Briggs


    As you see, Shecky, our resident Woke commenter is not shy of promising blood.

  28. info

    If we know how this turns out. How do we short-circuit this? For example the Rwandan mass murder was only stopped by Military Victory:

    And likewise the Khmer Rouge too by Vietnamese invasion and defeat of the ruling regime while they were busy with their mass murders:–Vietnamese_War

    I think viable organized violence needs to be waiting in the wings to cut the murder spiral short while it is ongoing.

  29. info

    Also as Christians were being killed left and right in Yemen as the Yemenite King Dhu Nwas sought to wipe out all Christians the Byzantine Emperor called upon Caleb King of Axum to intervene. And he obliged. Defeating Dhu Nwas and wiping out his army:

    The murder of the Christians stopped.

  30. Mike H

    I don’t see this being a linear progression. Two major mitigating factors come into play in the near term.

    One will be the economic crisis brought on by MMT. As inflation accelerates to (and IMO well beyond) late 1970s levels, a tidal wave of discontent will roll down Main Street. Last time that happened we got Reagan. This time we could get Son Of Trump, perhaps literally.

    The other mitigating factor will be disruptive technologies in blockchain, pollution control, and power generation. Not infantile crypto and windmills and pretend ‘carbon credits’, but grown-up, long-term game changers that leave the Algores and the Rogans ranting to an empty choir. Disruptions of similar scale brought on the most recent phase of the Information Age; we’re due for a repeat disruption.

    Lest fire rain down from the perpetually disaffected in these comboxes, I don’t say any of this is good per se. Good is what we make of it. Virtue building has to overtake virtue signaling. AMDG. Pax vobiscum.

  31. gordianus

    … yet another cop doing his job, shooting some mayhem-committing or murdering thug. Our rulers and elite exaggerates and uses these incidents as political fodder, because they understand what these incidents are and what’s involved. It’s only the debased who pretend not to know what they know.

    This assumes that “the elite” is better coordinated & more powerful than they really are. Many of these stories are spread by non-elite progressives on social media &c. who think of them simply as outrageous injustices that should be widely known, not as part of any real plan, or else who hope to get a bit of fame & prestige thereby without thought of the broader political consequences, & once the story is popular, progressive journalists cannot but comment on it. Really this is just a special case of the sort of holiness spiral that modern progressivism has slipped into: when being the most extreme progressive gets you the most prestige & power within your social group, someone will carry the ideology to the point of insanity (because any large enough group contains a few extremists, sociopaths, & short-termist opportunists), whereupon the rest must follow (or risk being left behind & condemned as heretics). This sort of incident is caused by the incentive structures created by the circular firing squads into which modern progressivism has organized itself, irrespective of the motivations of any particular participant therein.

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