The Awesome Occult Powers Of White Supremacists

The Awesome Occult Powers Of White Supremacists

It’s difficult to remember how big parapsychology was in the 1970s. It was at that time taken seriously, or at least not dismissed, by a large number of what we then called scientists. (Men who investigated how the world worked and reported their independent results.)

I’m sure you’ll allow me that little joke. Anyway, it was still true that ESP, telepathy, clairvoyance and other experiments were being done and reported on in (at the time) top journals. Even Science and Nature magazines, now devoted to politics, carried parapsychological papers.

At first, as in any “new” field, there were many large positive “findings”, but as experiments were more closely examined, the effects, so bold and bright at the beginning, began to fade, and even vanished.

The old-fashioned explanation for the dying of the light is that enthusiasm accounted for the early glowing results. Confirmation bias and zealous desire corrupted the critical faculties and obvious errors were missed. There might have been more than a fair share of juicing data, too.

Proponents had another idea. They developed the theory that with the increasing interest in parapsychology came a growing number of skeptics, which was surely true. These skeptics were known as goats, and those with psychic powers were called sheep. The goats’ also had psychic powers, believers said, which canceled out the sheep’s powers when the goats thought about the sheep.

That’s real power.

You could thereafter only see psychic phenomena if you looked away. Or if data was examined only by believing experts.1

This, I admit, is a long way to introduce an analogy on how elites, rulers and Experts view white supremacy and whiteness.

Not just in how it’s only they that can see white supremacy. That’s obvious to everybody. Gaze upon this thread, and especially the replies, to see an example (it’s the diligent FBI posting a most-wanted pic of a granny who was involved in the “insurrection”).

And, of course, addled academics can find white supremacy, a.k.a. racism, in data with just as much, or more, efficiency than Targ and Puthoff can find psychic vibrations in Uri Geller’s bent spoons.

These are part of it, but the analogy I want to concentrate is on the occult powers of whites, who are the goats of society.

I should say the occult magnificent awe-inspiring powers of whites. White rights, that is; the based, the so-called white supremacists. Their opposites are not blacks, Hispanics or Asians. They are white lefts, the baizuo and fellow whites.

It’s these nervous baizuo and fellow white paleskins who hold the top positions in everything, everywhere. It’s they that live in fear of the other half of the whites, the based whites, who are nowhere in power, but who, the nervous paleskins fear, could grab the left’s power whenever the based choose.

Do you follow?

Consider. Who does the very President of the once United States say is the “biggest threat” to the country? Thirty years ago is was commie red Russians, who could have nuked the world, destroying life as we know it. White supremacists are now that supreme terror. All Experts agree.

Black Larcenous Marauders and Auntyfag (the g is silent) are, as even the snitches for the oligarchs are forced to admit, running amok, mostly peacefully burning, stealing, smashing, looting, stabbing and murdering. But these groups, the powers-that-be also tell us, are nothing next to the threat of white supremacists.

BLM and Auntyfag will continue their mayhem, yet based whites are worse just by being white. How amazing these based whites must be!

Think! Since based whites are the new red commies, this makes them a force akin to globo-thermonuclear war. That’s amazing. Maybe that’s why baizuo and fellow whites push globohomo so hard, as a counter? Just an idea.

The white left is right to fear the white right if the white right has these powers.

Based whites are born “that way”, too. By five months, Exerts say, they are full-fledged white supremacists. Through their white supremacy, they infiltrate innocent corporations—and begin inventing things. Cruel whiteness! Bloomberg warns “New Data Expose How White and Male Some Companies Are”.

That was a headline in a story about Boeing’s boss, who has been purging based whites from his company. (Which reminds me: given Boeing’s active search for Diversity, we’ll soon all pray to be put on no-fly lists.)

Whites supremacists do much more than threaten. They act. By not acting. Just like the goats in ESP experiments, based whites through their mental powers alone keep the left from reaching the Paradise of perfect Equity.

This must be so because the baizuo and fellow whites says it is, and because it is they that hold the actual power of all institutions. It must be the mental white rays, or perhaps vibrations, of the based that telepathically puts racist, sexist, x-ophobic etc. images inside the minds of innocents and slows Progress.

This is why the goats have to be culled. It’s true they hold no real positions of power. But because of their uncanny abilities, which are destroying the world, they can’t be stopped any other way.

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1I am not as dismissive of the paranormal as it here sounds, though I am unconvinced by most of its claims. I wrote an early book on the subject, which you can access free here. Though I warn you it is out of date and was written before I came to my full understanding of probability.


  1. John B()

    According to this LA County School Teacher, a Mexican Police Officer was channeling Whiteness and Racism, but, unfortunately for the police officer, according to this expert (she is a teacher), he will always be Mexican and that makes him sad.

    Other take-aways: she was afraid for her life because the Mexican Police Officer was a murderer. The Mexican Police Officer was jealous of her because she owns a Mercedes.

    It’s really good that they blurred her face.

  2. Cloudbuster

    I note that commenters on that FBI Twitter thread fives days ago are still repeating the lie that Sicknick was killed by protestors long after it was announced he died of natural causes.

  3. Mike H

    Children who were encouraged to develop their world view by reading “Harry Potter” now run that world. Then and now, adults have failed to assert adult prerogatives; and since adults appear in no hurry to do so, the acceleration of social debasement cannot but increase.

  4. Jan Van Betsuni

    The Occult Powers of White Supremacy can be conjured more propitiously by first assembling The Five Essential Talismans: (1) A Corn Cob Pipe (2) A Old Straw Hat (3) A Crumpled Pack of LUCKIES (4) A Vintage VITALIS Bottle – and – (5) A Faded Draft Card

  5. Sander van der Wal

    Boeing’s latest and greatest planes are already falling out of the sky.

    But not to worry. Airbus is also making planes. In France.

  6. john b()


    The tweets didn’t include anything about Sicknick

    They were talking about another officer who was dragged and beaten and had a heart attack and survived
    (Three men have been indicted in that)

    Officer Fanone

    But the difference between handling the aftermath of riots in other cities and DC is striking

  7. Dean Ericson

    Briggs: ”Who does the very President of the once United States say is the “biggest threat” to the country?”

    Jew supremacists?

  8. Kevin L Walker

    ‘Globohomo,’ ‘Auntyfag’: takes away from an otherwise interesting post, imo.

  9. Dean Ericson

    Ever since we started bending over backwards trying to accommodate all the poor “victims” their campaign of diabolical hatred against us has only ramped up to become this insane genocidal fury.

  10. Dean Ericson

    Kevin L. Walker, we don’t need any fag homo minders here, thank you.

  11. Dennis

    The best white occult power is getting blacks to beat up Asians throughout the country. The occult rays of whiteness are so strong they drive otherwise law-abiding blacks to just randomly beat up Asians on a daily basis. Amazing! I guess the same process was at work with al the BurnLootMurder and Antifa riots last year. Whitey must have some built-in ability to MKUltra people into doing his bidding.

  12. Ann Cherry

    “[N]ervous baizuo and fellow white paleskins who hold the top positions in everything, everywhere […. ] live in fear of the other half of the whites, the based whites, who are nowhere in power, but who, the nervous paleskins fear, could grab the left’s power whenever the based choose.”

    Briggs, that is spot-on.

    Yes, the ones screaming loudest about “white supremacy” are themselves so white, they need to get a sunburn just to neutralize the blue; and those screaming loudest against “capitalism” are benefitting most from it, but capitalism sinicized, made Communist Chinese in form and function, embracing social credit scores (“Be less White”) and the surveillance state (“Vaccine Passports”).

    Race and class warfare, “the battle of the sexes”, the war on gender (which is war on the human person), the Covid lock-downs….all of this is designed to keep us distracted, riled up, masked up, hot under the collar, and at each other’s throats, while they loot, plunder and pillage, in the biggest wealth and power transfer from the “have-nots” to the “haves”, in all of human history.

    These mega-corporations are perfectly fine with Communist Totalitarianism, because they can link arms with Gov’t to decree Walmarts and Costcos “essential businesses” while shutting down the competition because “germs”. For the ones that survive, they can force private-sector wage, hiring and benefit mandates that put the little guys out of business.

    They can donate tens of millions to government foundation slush funds, like the CDC Foundation, and get mandated consumption of their experimental drugs, while virtually outlawing low-profit generics.

    From their viewpoint, what’s not to like? Command and control communism, not free market capitalism, is the system of choice for this new breed of “globalist” privateers, because it gives them everything they want, while protecting them from what they don’t want…especially our “misguided opinions”….as symbolized by mask mandates.

  13. Shecky R

    Hyperbole, hyperbole, thy kingdom for hyperbole…

  14. John B()


    What’s hyperbole is that middle class racist woman in the video I posted

    I felt really bad for her son

  15. John B()

    SH R


    What’s hyperbole is that middle class racist woman in the video I posted above

    I felt really bad for her son

  16. John B()

    Why Am I going into moderation?

  17. Cloudbuster

    john b(): “The tweets didn’t include anything about Sicknick”

    No, you’re wrong. More than one of the tweets said some version of “They killed a cop.”

  18. Dean Ericson

    A fine post, Mr. Briggs.

  19. John B()


    You’re right … I saw that at first, but then I got distracted by the other story … talk of a flag pole … heart attack, etc., … confused me, … again, cops were injured, blinded by lasers in Oregon, the abuses in the Freezone, … charges not filed, criminals bailed out, … no bail set for DC people who did nothing but tour the capital building respecting barriers and roped off areas, etc,. … it’s all frustratingly wrong

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