The New Based Right

The New Based Right

Most of you already know that based was formed by shaving the first two letters from debased, to form a new word meaning the opposite of debased, thus completing the pair of a formerly unpaired word (as in gruntled from disgruntled).

Based is everything debased is not.

Non-procreative sexual activities are debased. Procreation is based. Sexual orientation is debased. Biology is based. Body positivity is debased. Beauty is based. Hyper-processed food and soy are debased. Meat and wine are based. Individualism is debased. Obedience to legitimate authority is based. Drugs are debased. Discipline is based. Diversity and unchecked immigration is debased.

Family and a shared culture is based. “Progress” is debased. Custom and tradition are based. Modern textbooks are debased. Old books are based.

Screaming “racism!” is debased. Understanding race is based. Equality is debased. Difference is based. Cowardice and effeminacy is debased. Bravery, masculinity, and femininity are based. Unthinking atheism is debased. Worship of God is based. Ignorance and denial of the Nature of things is debased. Understanding the limits implied by Nature is based.

Oligarchy is debased. Liberty is based. There are shades and nuances to all these, and few are absolute comparisons, but you take the point.

The terms progressive, liberal, Democrat, Republican, libertarian, centrist, Big Con, conservative, neoconmen and the like are all now debased. This does not imply all those applying these labels to themselves are debased (though this is true for progressives). What it means is that these tags are dead, they carry no force; they in no way are imbued with the spirit of the true based Right.

Forget every elite source, politician, ruler, and named person, who are all progressives in practice, if not in heart. Ignore the neoconmen, about whom nobody is now fooled. Think instead of people like Rod Dreher (new link), Ross Douthat, Jonah Goldberg, Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Rich Lowry, David French, and organizations like Heritage, NRO, Fox, TPUSA, GOP, the WSJ, all those in the Big Con or Con Inc who call themselves, or are called, “conservatives”. The label cannot be shaken off.

Conservative, and conservatives, are no longer based. Even those individuals and groups who are semi-sort of on the real right contain debased vestiges.

This is scarcely their fault. The entire culture is debased. We are saturated in the debased, and trained and everywhere encouraged in it. It is the very muffled masked air we breathe. Starting with the Kindergarten, even pre-school, on up, continuing to all entertainment, sports, to nearly every corporation. Two words: Human Resources.

We all suffer from this. Because of our long training and because of original sin we are each of us debased in part. The first step in becoming based is recognizing this, and accepting the implied responsibility.

All of this is known. Meaning we finally we come to the point. I submit that, needing a new word to describe what we used to call “conservative”, with all its implied prefixes (paleo, etc.), we adopt based-Right, or simply based.

The word is already in common in our circle, and will continue to be used to describe actions which push against the debased. I mean something more than that. We should all call ourselves based, and call others based as compliments in the same way people now use “conservative”.

We need the word in wide use for the separation it brings. We need it so we can say “So-and-so is a based writer”, or “I’m based”, or “What the based movement needs”. Read those again substituting “conservative” to hear how natural they sound.

Can you imagine any of the conservatives above, and the legion like them, admitting they were based? Can you see Sohrab Ahmari writing “We need to strengthen the based movement”? Would we see written “Heritage is a based think tank”? Would Charlie Kirk say, “What the based strippers need to do…”?

The questions answer themselves. These people know they are not based, and know they do not desire to be. They want the separation between them and us just as much as we do.

There are many in the conservative camp who are based, but don’t know it. Don’t know the word, I mean, with all its connotations. They don’t like putting themselves into the same camp with these other people. They know that something is off, but can’t quite see what it is. We need to assist these people, and ease them into our camp.

If you can’t remember any of the comparisons above, at least remember these: Punching right is debased. Keeping your counsel is based. Ratting out your neighbor is debased. Keeping the brotherhood is based.

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  1. Hun

    Thank you for this based article.

  2. When you can finally admit to yourself that Anders Breivik is a hero, then you know you’re on the correct path.

    When you understand that the Bush/Clinton assault on gun owners was only stopped by the rise of the militias and the Murrah Building (OKC) incident, then you know you’re on the correct path.

    Talk is for building up your side, influencing the fence sitters, and identifying the enemy.

  3. Sheri

    McChuck: WHAT MILITIAS??? The Second Amendment means zip in a population of sheep. There is NO ONE to rescue America. So, what militias? (Trump said violence is bad, so anyone mentioning militias is anti-Trump. Gun grabbers are now pro-Trump.)

    Let’s go with “sane” and “insane”. Already available and much more accurate. More and more evidence of the accuracy daily.

  4. Mike H

    The Based Manifesto! Thanks, Briggs.

  5. Very interesting.

    Terminology is the base of all meaning. Without clear terminology, there is no clear meaning. Without meaning, there is no understanding. Without understanding there can be no communication. Without communication there can be no brotherhood. Without brotherhood, there can be no greater purpose.

    Base seems to have a clear meaning.

    However, “Right” is debased. What does “Right” mean? As opposed to “Left?” What does “Left” mean. Today, there is no meaning to this dichotomy. This dichotomy has been manipulated to confuse and disrupt.

    Blue vs Red? Another meaningless dichotomy. Manipulated to confuse. Red is specifically the color of totalitarian communism–always has been. Until the PC Prog cabal manipulated that meaning and slipped the meaning of Blue to the anti-Normal political movement (in the USA).

    Everything that has happened, is happening, in the USA’s political environment is based on the Politically Correct believers’ battle to destroy Normal American culture–the soul of Normal America.

    Normals can have a wide range of political beliefs, from libertarian pseudo-anarchists to authoritarian pseudo-socialists. Normal America was a place of rough and tumble wide-ranging beliefs, wrapped up in constitutional protections.

    “Based” works. “Right” does not.

  6. Yawrate

    I’ve always thought that the Left/Right distinction is insufficient. Democrats and Republicans are in the center. The more you get away from the center the closer you get toward anarchy or tyranny. Both a horizontal and vertical axis are needed to describe most people.

    We need a new party to describe those of us more interested in the preservation of America. A decided focus on what is best for America. We currently have an alt-Right and a ctl-Left. The alt-Right in many ways fits an America first vision. But the alt-Right is tainted with racists and anti-semites. The ctl-Left is our emerging hegemonic blurring of corporatism and crazy leftism.

    Would the moniker based-Right be enough to rally around? What about AFP? The America First Party?

  7. Dale

    It’s all about the based.

  8. Dr. Briggs, this is the best idea you’ve ever had. I strongly encourage all of the author’s pals to adopt this nomenclature immediately. I’m 100% behind it. Start calling yourself basic—or based, or whatever it was—without delay! In order for this to take hold, you need to be strong. So ignore the laughter, keep using the term, and urge all your ideological co-droolers to do the same.

    And remember, it is the essence of based to condemn riot, violence, and murder when you think the “left” is doing it, but it’s OK if the rioters are supporters of our effeminate, and literally debased, president.

  9. Jane Perdue

    A sincere thank you for this essay, Stat Star Mr. Briggs.
    Therein lies the satisfying sound of a nail being hit on the head by a real steel hammer.

    Based is based on Divine Natural Law.
    The only sure foundation of Truth.

  10. Levi Russell

    Yes! Well written. I submit another name for the list of politicians: Marco Rubio. He is a snake in the grass

  11. Briggs

    Thanks, Lee. Coming from one of the debased, this means a lot!

  12. Jerry

    “Based” – I like it. Conservative and Right-Wing terms have no meaning anymore, or their meanings have been bastardized.

    And as a bonus, the Lee Phillips of the world haven’t a clue about what it means. Like most based things, it scares them, because they don’t understand it. Divine Natural Law is bigger than they are, not beholden to Science, Equality, Inclusion and The Mask.

  13. Dean Ericson

    Based, graded, ranged, and pressed — let’s roll.

  14. deb

    Based sounds like something the so called debased would call us. WE the people, Freedom lovers, lovers of peace BUT not at any cost. WE cannot, must not allow the government to unarm us. Though I maintain, a spoon can be a weapon if used in the right place, it could be deadly maybe. I am not violent, but what cost is Freedom.

  15. Watcher


    The paradigm shift from conservative/liberal, right/left, Republican/Democrat etc. to based/debased moves the realm from the political to the moral and spiritual. We fight not a political war dependent on election cycles, but a much longer and heavier one with a more certain outcome.

    If I might add another way to utilize the term, we can do so by its conventional meaning. Based means being BASED in courage, strength, beauty, goodness, righteousness, faith, and love.

  16. Dennis

    Wonderfully based synopsis.

    “Think instead of people like Rod Dreher, Ross Douthat, Jonah Goldberg, Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Rich Lowry, David French, and organizations like Heritage, NRO, Fox, TPUSA, GOP, the WSJ, all those in the Big Con or Con Inc who call themselves, or are called, “conservatives…”

    I must admit in my formerly de-based incarnation I once admired many of these, and 20+ years ago was an avid reader of National Review, Commentary, etc, thinking them the height of conservative thought on the topic du jour (granted they were better then in the late ’90s and early ’00s, having become progressively more de-based since, and outdone by even worse grifters and cucks in the social media/podcast-era).

    Then I got based. Or as I sometimes like to say (taking riffing on Alvy Singer’s, “I’m a bigot, but for the Left,” in “Annie Hall”): I got woke, but woke for the based Right!

  17. Whitney

    Thank you so much. I have never known where are “based” came from until today and I have wondered!

  18. Whitney

    I just canceled my Duolingo subscription. I tried Russian for a while but I wasn’t getting anywhere so I switch to Spanish which I apparently already knew through osmosis, it’s crazy how much Spanish I know, but these little stories they had were all perverted. All the little figures black or brown frequently Muslim and 90% homosexual, it was incredible I was just done. Everything’s debased

  19. NakedTortise

    And when we need to excise modernist infiltrators (which may end up being our only pastime), what shall it be? Nouveaubased; Neobased; Basted; Underbased; Fauxbased?

    And some sort of crown for those who take it the furthest: Ultrabased; Overbased; Altbased?

    I love it. Getting “based” through to the mainstream person is going to be tricky, though.

  20. Roger Maynard

    We have Americans, and unAmericans. Traditional Americans, are regular Americans- we the people-. UnAmericans, and nonAmericans, are floating in the same punch bowl as communists, pedophiles, democrats, libtards, useful idiots, and the rest of the no cause and effect gene mopes.

  21. brent G

    /pol/ is always right.

  22. Alan M Breedlove

    Brilliant. I’ve tired of describing myself as “unwoke.” Based is spot on.

  23. @Lee, yes the based hypocrisy is stunning! Who can imagine someone on the left tolerating, let alone encouraging violence, looting, and physical assault? And who can even imagine someone on the left Tweeting that Trump’s election in 2016 was rigged? And even if some outlier (*cough* Pelosi *cough*) DID issue such Tweets, the purely objective commissars at Twitter would immediately expunge or at least tag such a Tweet as misleading. Right?

    Oh, wait…

  24. Mr. Ryan:

    Assuming you would like answers to your questions, the answer is: I could. I could imagine those things. Because, as you and I both know, they happened. A lot. Did you have a point?

    “Oh, wait…”

    For what?

  25. Matt Bracken

    Thank you for clarity.

  26. C-Marie

    Just found this online, the word “based” in slang usae:

    “Based is a slang term that originally meant to be addicted to crack cocaine (or acting like you were), but was reclaimed by rapper Lil B for being yourself and not caring what others think of you—to carry yourself with swagger.”

    So maybe use “stalwart” …the online definition:

    “As a noun, stalwart has more than one meaning; “loyal supporter” is only one of them. … In modern usage, stalwart functions as both adjective and noun. Adjective. As an adjective, stalwart means, resolute, unbending, and determined, as well as brave, courageous, and valiant.”

    God bless, C-Marie

  27. Esteve weave

    collectivism vs individualism. Choose one.

  28. JTLiuzza

    Great essay. This term has been in use for some time. Dr. Briggs does a fine job of defining it.

  29. Uncle Mike

    I refuse to be typed or pigeon-holed, even as an iconoclast. Thanks for the argot update, tho.

    Somewhat off topic, let me remind you Dr. Briggs, that one year ago I predicted here that Trump would be impeached again. Nobody else made that prediction, just me, and I was right. Yes, it was a 2020 prediction that didn’t come true until two weeks into 2021. That’s a minor nitpick. So please award me the Accolades of Prescience or Grand Doomseer or whatever else the prize is.

  30. Fancy Lead

    The adroit mental, value, and discipline skill set required to do intoxicants (drugs, alcohol) responsibly, safely, enjoyably, in temperate, non-harmful, life-enhancing ways is fully based.

  31. Democracy is debased. Monarchies are based.

  32. oughtsix

    Based…. as in, REALITY!

    Reality based.

    If you snark-tarts have to start with the “who’s reality?” and other relative-isms you are, by definition, de-based.

  33. Pat Cusack

    Loved your “alt-Right” and “ctl-Left”.
    So what happens now when we do “ctl-alt-del”?
    Dare I say the Greater Reset?

  34. It pains me to say we have become a failed nation and sick joke. If it is any consolation, this psychosis has enveloped the entire world. One of my favorite monikers is “out of bad comes good.” So maybe the crummy Republican Party will die and good one will emerge. But what an uphill battle that will be. Anything pro Constitution, free speech, tradition, capitalism, biological gender, patriotism and grounded history shall be deemed alt-right and cancelled. Drop those words and use BASED to describe the new platform. All else, DEBASED (thank you William M. Briggs).

  35. Liberty Mike

    Disparaging individualism is debased and is an affront to God.

    Challenging de jure diapering is an act of individualism.

    Individualism is the mother’s milk of entrepreneurship, imagination, innovation, and invention.

    Individualism is beauty; it is goodness; and it is truth.

  36. Spot on Dr. Briggs! Base(ically) a traditionalist.

    Traditionalist = based = Christianity (Biblical, the Word breathed by God) = salvation = Christ, Prince of Light = truth

    Progressive = debased = Marxism (communism, socialism) = satanism = satan, prince of darkness = lies and deceit.

  37. Uncle Mike

    Another group that has been maligned and attacked by the Debased Left is “Christian”. Maybe the New Based Right ought to consider whether “Christian” meets their criteria, and if not, bag it all now. Because the real struggle we have been engaged in isn’t economics or culture per se; it is a religious war. It is about Christian ethics and morality versus anti-Christian debasement and immorality. Abortion is the key issue: the value of human life. All other issues and conflicts descend from there.

  38. deb

    again, agreed and AMEN

  39. Johnno

    All your Based are belong to us.

  40. Jewel

    The debased have been using The Dyslexicon of Post-Modern Meaninglish for a long time. There’s just a handful of words that have thousands of updated definitions. Perhaps Duolingo can make a course for Meaninglish. Of course, you’d never get anywhere, in spite of the all the diversity because you’d be wrong every time.

  41. John B()

    Shouldn’t that be MeanEnglish?

  42. Arawn

    Meat and wine??? Heil meat and beer supremacy!!!

  43. Fr. John+

    It comes down to this. Secession in the USA, and war, if not that. Death to every non-white, non-Christian infidel, as the Manifesto of Christendom. DEATH TO THE JEW WORLD ORDER. This includes the ArchBastard of Canterbury, the Anti-pope, and the False Phanar.

    Christus Vivat
    Christus Regnat
    Christus Imperator.
    NO King but Jesus. No Christendom but White Europe.

    “Accordingly, we need exactly that: an Imperial Renaissance. Not to impose our Russian and Orthodox truth on the other peoples, cultures and civilizations, but to revive, fortify and defend our identity and to help others in their own renaissance, to fortify and defend their own as much as we can. Russia is not the only target of the “Great Reset”, although in many ways our country is the main obstacle to the execution of their plans. But this is our mission – to be the “Katechon”, “the one who withholds”, preventing the arrival of the last evil in the world. – Alexander Dugin,

    “Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.” – H. Belloc

    These are based statements.

  44. Crew

    Non-procreative sexual activities are debased. Procreation is based.

    There is a problem here. In normal heterosexual relationships men and women will engage in sex without expecting any procreative result. That is because sex is used for multiple purposes. One of which is to affirm the relationship between a man and a woman. Once there is a secure relationship, procreation can occur. However, after they have produced their desired number of children, they may still engage in sex for the purpose of maintaining their relationship.

    Is such sex evil in the eyes of god?

  45. Religion in all of its forms is what is debased. The doctrine of original sin is particularly debased. Teaching kids the creation story, Noah, Tower of Babel, Abram and his kin, etc. as fact is severely debased. The Old Testament in particular is full of debasement: Exodus 21 is case in point. Or Deuteronomy 22:23-24 where killing a woman raped in the city is justified because she didn’t yell loud enough to draw attention to her plight, is debased. Numbers chapter 5 where a woman is made to drink mud water from the filthy tabernacle floor to appease the paranoia of her jelly-spined husband is debased. Judges 19-22 where throwing your concubine out to serial rapists to protect your own lily-white hide is atrociously debased. After being told “thou shalt not murder,” to then go out and murder Canaanite, Moabite, Hittite, Amalekite, etc. women and children is unconscionably debased. Christian and Jewish apologetics that try to accommodate these horrors are beyond debased. Having sex for just a bit of afternoon delight seems completely innocent compared to those examples.

    The New Testament is nearly just as bad. The Sermon on the Mount makes a mockery of justice. It encourages men to be a doormats for every bully coming down the pike. If he slaps you, turn the other cheek. If he steals your tunic, give him your cloak also. If he forces you to walk a mile, walk two. What happened to the author’s assertion that “Bravery, masculinity, and femininity are based”? What kind of a man would take such abuses so passively?

    And what should we say about the pro-slavery stance throughout the Bible? And what should we say about women told to keep their traps shut in church? And what should we say about all governments are instituted by God? Did God really choose Hitler to oversee the gassing and burning alive of his anointed select? And what should we say about a God who would inflict eternal punishment on the temporal sins of someone who was a slave to the cause-and-effect nature of his own biology?

    Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Shinto, etc. are all equally disingenuous. They are all short-sighted attempts to contemplate and describe/define the infinite… and they all fail.

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