The Toxic Femininity of Hate Speech

The Toxic Femininity of Hate Speech

“Hate crimes” are effeminate. It isn’t that motive in crime is unimportant when considering crime, but calling “hate” a crime is absurd because it punishes thought, not actions. It’s not even the accused who gets to say what he thought. The accuser’s word is taken as sufficient proof of thoughtcrime.

“Hate speech” is therefore matriarchal because it’s all about feelz, and nothing else. To bar speech that might hurt feelz is toxic femininity.

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is banning speech deemed by the ladies “insulting” or “demeaning”.

All members of the University have a responsibility to promote and a right to expect…an environment that is free of harassment and free of insulting and demeaning comments and epithets based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, military status, socioeconomic status, family status, or political views; and consistent enforcement of federal, state, and university protections against discriminatory treatment yet is free from any official speech codes.

Only women and male effeminates would believe, or even come within a mile of believing, they have a “right” to expect an “environment”, or even their personal selves, free from “insulting and demeaning comments”.

What’s with this “environment” business we always hear about, anyway? Insults come from people, not environments. The ladies want to blame the air, the buildings, the very surroundings, like they were infested with hateful insult and discrimination demons. That can only be removed by exorcisms and rituals of you-can’t-make-mean-faces-at-me law passing.

It does no good to point out that if a man is being an exit hole, make him stop. Men aren’t allowed to use violence to do this stopping any more, because that’s been deemed wrong. Hence all the “Be nice” rules and laws, which only certain someones are allowed to violate (pets and handsome men). But if it’s just hearing “You’re wrong” that you don’t like, put in a funny way, then you’re the problem, not the “You’re wrong”-sayer.

Further, it is useless to argue that these laws are always one-sided. That the harpies and ackshually boys feel free to form a screech circle around you the moment you point out the flaws in their feelz. Then it suddenly becomes okay to hate and discriminate. See how far “The debased are the real haters” gets you.

It is worth, though, in some tortured way, looking at enormous list of “shared principles” which contain the hate crime/speech lists.

It starts by emphasizing “a shared commitment to education as a dynamic learning process”. Now part of this horror is because of the tendency in all bureaucracies to decorate their words with needless encrustations. But, after all, the entire sentence isn’t needed. It’s a university, for crying out loud, what else would it be doing except educating?

Yet they repeat “learning process” so often—e.g. “Those who teach and those who learn assume a mutual responsibility to explore and add new dimensions to the learning process”—it can only bring to mind some sort of therapeutic feelz correction. Why else would they write of “Powerful learning experiences”? Anything focused on feelz at leans toward toxic femininty.

It’s funny how they emphasize they feel strongly that student and profs should have “The widest possible range of free inquiry and expression”, and that “Members respect the rights of others when they express their concerns, opinions or beliefs.” Which are direct contradictions of the speech proscriptions mentioned earlier.

This is hypocrisy, yes, but also an indication that they ladies and soy boys still feel (it’s always feel, not think) they are the besieged ones, that thoughts needing free expression are theirs because they are the victims of oppression. Who could it be that’s oppressing them, though, when they’re in charge of everything?

They also believe that their thoughts will bring only joy, while the thoughts needing muzzles bring only hate. Saying “I think poopdick is disgusting” is hateful because it condemns something they enjoy, yet their saying “I think people who think poopdick is disgusting are disgusting” is something to be celebrated. So it’s “who, whom?” after all.

This is how they can conclude “Upon observing discriminatory behaviors or hearing offensive comments, every reasonable effort is made to protect the victim(s) and witness(es) from further harassment.” And not give even a hint of a word of what to do about false accusations, or about how only side’s feelz count and the other’s doesn’t.

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  1. Sheri

    Still, stupid parents pay to send their brats to these “feelz” colleges. I guess people love those “feelz”. (I know Joe Biden seems to.)

    I’ve always said women are toxic and men were weak and useless for not reigning in the toxic. So now you all pay.

    Actually, it’s about control. Always was. Women control with “feelz”, men control with…..Danged if I know. They don’t seem to do much anymore…And these individuals do not believe their thoughts “will bring only joy”. They are hateful harpies and they KNOW how to shred someone they hate using words. What they fear is action, which is why we now know our “leaders” are terrified ass*s that hide in fear daily at the capital. A bunch of Chihuahuas would send nearly the entire Congress into terminal PTSD. Only idiots let women run their countries.

    “what else would it be doing except educating?” You were laughing when you typed that one, right?

    (While I have the XX chromosomes, I was out while God was passing out “feelz” and no amount of remedial tongue lashings from my mother and my sister, whining and sobbing could ever “correct” that. Nothing ever will. “Feelz” are used by Satan more than by God. Far more.)

  2. Dean Ericson

    ”Who could it be that’s oppressing them, though, when they’re in charge of everything?”

    God. God is oppressing them. They are the greatest victims in the history of the world. And now they seek revenge, as victim supremacists, and have risen up as the cruel Overvictims, wielding the terrible Victim Power against their enemies; all mankind, and even God himself.

  3. brad tittle

    @Sheri — I have oppressed women all my life. There terrors I do to them. Open doors. Help them when they need help. That is how I have oppressed them.

    There have been some wacky laws on the books with regards to marriage. Many have been removed or buried. On the surface they appear to be oppressive. There is a part of me that thinks some of those oppressive laws were actually there to help the woman out. Everything is a two way street. Someone threatened me with a restraining order once. I got worried for awhile. Then a counselor explained, that means he has to stay away from you as much as it means you have to stay away from him. The restraining order is a nuisance if you want to travel internationally. I wanted that guy kept away from me. If he wanted to get a restraining order, awesome. I can live without traveling to Canada or Mexico without too much trouble. Restraining order never happened. I learned why when my wife tried to issue one against him. Suddenly the balance of restraining orders became a little more clear.

    But that still begs a question on how a law that says a woman has to be intimate with her husband is a law in place to help the woman. Just take @Sheri’s comments into context and it starts to become a little more clear. Then add in every marriage joke that married men seem to have no problem laughing at because the truth behind them has slapped most of them into a stupor.

    That stupor is also related to @Sheri’s comments.

  4. Alexander the Great

    The problem is that alpha males win, period. And for those who aren’t alpha males, like, for example, the vast majority of university professors and academics (not all, just most), they gravitate toward university campuses with other like-minded betas and they can not only create a “safe space” where alpha traits are less of an advantage, they can also influence future generations to ensure the alpha male “toxic masculinity” is forever purged from the gene pool.

    What they don’t realize, however, is that they are merely hastening our cultural doom because other nations still reward the alpha, and the alpha mentality will ALWAYS dominate on battlefields and in virtually every other fully competitive environment.

    The only way to save our nation is to celebrate the art of manliness and root out this scourge of effeminacy.

  5. Dean Ericson

    The Victim Supremacists were so successful selling guilt they decided to franchise their operation; blacks, women, poopdicks, trannies, et cetera, were all sold guilt mongering franchises that came with expert instruction from Victim Power headquarters as well as free marketing from Victim Media. It was wildly successful. The newly minted victims tasted the liberating thrill of airing their grievances and then the gratifying sense of empowerment as their oppressors rolled over and wet themselves. Victim Power, Inc. reaped vast profit from the franchisees. The only group that couldn’t get in on the victim action, of course, is white men, since they represent Christian civilization, the target of this operation, so they get cast as the oppressor of all the victims.

  6. Ann Cherry

    I’ll try again:

    Speech SHALL be free from insulting and demeaning comments based on race [etc. etc.]…..”yet [at the same time] free from any official speech codes”…

    Because it’s all “unspoken rules”?

    That has us, especially the melanin deficient, rolling in the aisles, Briggs! Let’s face it, we’re the whiggers now! The Sneetches with the stars on our bellies! (Thought-crime! Outlaw Dr. Seuss! Oh wait….)

    Communists everywhere (just a word for forced collectivists), seek to ban speech that is “insulting or demeaning” in order criminalize whomever, or whatever, they wish. “Show us the man, we’ll show you the crime” -Joe Stalin

    We note that Gulags and Re-Education Camps also have a “shared commitment to a dynamic learning process”, and can be “very powerful learning experiences”.

    They speak of “processes” and “learning experiences” because these things take time; forced collectivism is unnatural to the human spirit, and “forced” is always the driver.

    As for limiting speech (and presumably, thought) while at the same time “emphasizing that students and profs should have the widest possible range of free inquiry and expression”…..That is just good old fashioned gaslighting, also known as “say anything to get the desired effect or behavior.”

    They don’t care about truth, just results; so we have these various exercises in obedience, designed to subjugate (masks, forced injections, cattle-like distancing rules), school shutdowns, small-business shut-downs, energy pipeline shut-downs, farmland buy-ups, and entirely foreseeable shortages in microprocessors and metals, the list goes on, ad nauseam.

    All of this, in order to make stupid, dis-inform and mis-inform, gaslight, redefine basics like gender, and make us all, or most, quite frankly broke, busted, a bit nuts, and desperately in need of a Big Strong Government to make it all better, and if you point out the emperor has no clothes, you will be jailed without bail, or made to wear a Penitential Mask, to show the world you are an Anti-Vaxxer.

    All in partnership with Woke University and WokeMart Global Got-the-Goods-on-U, most of whom are getting very, very rich (the sky’s not even the limit!); and all of whom are diverse, and yet of a single mind, with shared principles, free of epithets.

    Sheri, you nailed it as usual. I enjoy the comments here almost as much as Briggs posts.

  7. Discourse in America is controlled by Jews which was predictable when so many members of The Tribe were early proponents of the “free speech” movement.

    Of course, Jacques Derrida and Stanley Fish were famous and feted members of The Tribe who convinced their students th texts they studied conveyed no message and the message that was to be found there was imposed on it by readers.

    Once they had used their fame and tenure to “deconstruct” (destroy) reality and advance “free speech” they turned to the control of discourse with the reprehensible Fish publishing “There’s no such thing as free speech and It’s a good thing too.”

    That is they used their celebrity and influence to gain control of discourse in America and then The Tribe declared what is and isn’t permissible speech.

    Its is modern Marxism and it has ruined and destroyed the University system but if you say that publicly you will be destroyed which show you who wields power in America.

    If they were not so evil, one might be denoted to congratulate the roughly 3% of the American population who now control nearly everything.

    All of this can be found and documented in Chapter thirty-one of “The Jewish Takeover 0f American Culture” in Jone’s “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History” but one would likely be unaware of that book because it is not spoken about on Tucker or Maddow or Blitzer.

  8. For Christ’s sake, people, please understand some human anatomy and biochemistry. Albinos are melanin deficient. Everyone else is not. Barring differences in melanin type, the amount is not very variable. Depth of skin where melanin is seen *is* very variable. Darkest tones have melanin throughout the skin thickness. Lightest ones have it all along the basement membrane. In-between tones have more or less of the thickness with melanin present. Skin color is literally skin deep.

  9. Ann Cherry

    cdquarles, I think extremely fair-skinned people, who burn every time they go in the sun, consider themselves “melanin deficient.” It’s sort of an expression, a joke if you will, given that the BLM crowd considers pale skin color a deficiency. I’m actually medium-toned, so I was selling myself short, I’m only semi-deficient.

    Your informative anatomy lesson proves my point: The upper layers of the skin of white people are in fact, “deficient” in melanin. Your quibble seems to be with the location of the deficiency. For example, if we might say someone is “brain-deficient”, we’re usually referring to the frontal cortex that performs higher reasoning, not the reptile part, which is never lacking, so long as we draw breath.

  10. Well, Ann, I am not extremely fair-skinned. I do tan quite nicely; but even I get a sunburn if I stay out in the near noon sun too long with my skin exposed. By the old (USA) Democrat rule, I am a person of color. By today’s, well, some will say that I am not. I reject that premise.

    I did some checking on the relative prevalence of albinism (more than one kind, by the way), and if reports are accurate, it happens most often in Sub-Saharan Africa; where that particular accident results in awful mistreatment of the people affected. All (humans) have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

    Hmm, about cortical function, there are some who have high cerebrospinal fluid amounts with normal pressure yet still have greater cortical function than some that have normal amounts of cerebrospinal fluid with high pressure. Oh, cranial volume does not necessarily tell you much about cranial content size, in terms of neurological tissue and function, either.

  11. Uncle Mike

    Young women are angry, angry at being women, at being smaller and weaker then men, at being the child bearers and baby nurturers, at requiring a man to get them pregnant, at needing a man to marry them and support them. None of that is easy, none of that is by choice. God did it to them, and the political culture can’t fix it.

    Young men just want to get laid. They don’t want responsibilities or consequences. Just hit and run and go play. Women are dangerous. They will trap you and make you into their slave.

    The young woman’s burden is to perpetuate the species. The young men are nearly useless at the job. The young women know or sense this. They feel trapped. They’re told to be good workers, to obtain careers, to be cogs in the economy. They’re admonished: don’t get pregnant, there are too many babies already, the population must be culled and downsized, having a baby will ruin your life. All that runs counter to their hormones and biological role as females. It’s a nature-discordant message.

    So have a heart. Empathize a little bit. You can’t marry them, or find them decent husbands, or mute the cultural mis-messaging. Take some comfort in the power of biology. Chances are most of them will find their way without your help or interference. Try not to react to their anger with anger of your own.

  12. Uncle Mike

    PS — ABS, you’re nuts.

  13. Fr. John+

    Dean Erickson- “God. God is oppressing them. They are the greatest victims in the history of the world.”

    Until they’re not. Women are not victims, Wymnn are GUILTY. And therein lies all the difference.

    “For Adam was formed first, and then Eve.
    14 And it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman who was deceived and fell into transgression. 15 Women, however, will be saved through childbearing, if they continue in faith, love, and holiness, with self-control.…”. I Timothy 2

    Everything about feminism is REBELLION.

    And rebellion, according to YHWH (you know, the ‘god’ Jews supposedly worship?!?) is ‘as the sin of WITCHcraft.’ I Sam. 15:23. Another FEMALE ‘occupation’ – about as old as the ‘oldest profession.’

    And therein lies Christendom’s problem. We have abandoned biblical hierarchy, warnings, and Christ’s Kingdom at every step, and are now reaping the whirlwind of at least two generations of LILITHS. (Either from Frasier, or the Apocryphal legend- they’re both Jewesses, either way.)

    And yes, Jews ARE to blame. Golda Meier, Bella Abzug, Ruth Ginsberg, Ayn Rand, etc.
    “Jewish women, mostly Eastern European immigrants in New York City, helped to lead the communist cause and were a vital component of its rank and file. “-


    I’m quoting from their own sources, folks!

    No, Women are guilty- of disobedience, abortion, fornication, adultery, lesbianism, feminism, Pelosi/AOC/Tlaib/Omarism- and above all, Women across the world are GUILTY for LISTENING TO THE SHIKSA [i.e., Jeiwsh] HO’S THAT LED THEM INTO THIS MORASS….

    And they need both the FATHER, and their own fathers, to take a switch to them, and ‘put them in their RIGHTFUL place.’ Beneath a man’s authority. “…Him from whom every fatherhood is named, that is in Heaven and in Earth.” Eph 3:15

  14. swordfishtrombone


    “Wymnn are GUILTY.”

    If the story of Adam and Eve was true (which it isn’t), Eve would be guilty, not her descendents.

    “And therein lies Christendom’s problem.”

    You mean, that it tries to keep dreadful ancient moral standards (slavery is okay) alive 2,000+ years past their shelf life, on the grounds that they are sanctioned by a god for which no evidence exists?

    “And yes, Jews ARE to blame.”

    Christian sexist bigot is also anti-semitic shocker! Film at 11.

  15. john b()

    Fr.John+ isn’t much of a Biblical scholar

    Genesis 3:6 []

    “6 The woman saw that the tree was good to eat and pleasing to the eye, and that it was enticing for the wisdom that it could give. So she took some of its fruit and ate it. She also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate it.”

    I’m pretty sure that mansplaining was a thing even back then, but the man held his tongue

  16. Uncle Mike

    Fr. John+, you’ve got some issues, man. Seek help. You don’t have to submerge yourself in hate and anger. There are better ways to live, without all the pain. You seem like a prime candidate for psychoanalysis. Prayer might be useful, but you’re pretty far gone. See a shrink right away.

  17. swordfishtrombone


    “calling “hate” a crime is absurd because it punishes thought, not actions”

    You mean, like the tenth Commandment?

  18. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Uncle Mike. You are a prime witness to the truth that men can be blind to truth just so long as the truth is big enough.

  19. Jan Van Betsuni

    The Lockean Social Contract has been replaced by a Nanny State Mother Goose and her gaggle of little sjws.

  20. Joy

    JVB, I’ve been mother goose this week. ‘Helping’ mummy peacock to do her job while surrounded by magpies and crows, extremes of temperature and humidity…a metaphor for life these days and probably always

    Remaining a faithful Christian is like being a mummy peacock in Essex

    Nature and life are often cruel, never knowingly fair. People should have more understanding than they do, especially that they so often boast such a grand old age

    Gentlemen who have daughters, often appear to have learned from them how to treat a lady. Some of them even admit to having learned rather too late in life. Some never learn

    The difference with hate speech is that the motive is called the crime.
    That’s warped
    Crimes are crimes without the erroneous claim that the motive made it a different crime
    Judges decide on sentencing and always have, how the motive has a bearing on the length and type of the sentence. A crime is an act

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