Reparations Math: Some Notes

Reparations Math: Some Notes

It’s not surprising to learn that the woke want to give blacks reparations, the left seeing blackness as a kind of severe disability. What did Biden say the other day? Blacks couldn’t start businesses because they didn’t have any accountants? Harsh.

Some blacks in olden days, the woke never cease tiring of reminding us, were slaves. Well, so were whites, both in the US and along the Barbary Coast, and in other locales. Some blacks were also slaves in Africa, under black masters. And some blacks in the US were masters, too.

But never mind. We’re only interested in what happened in the US to black slaves.

The point is, since some blacks, now all long dead, were slaves in the US, people who are black now, but who were never slaves, ought to be paid “reparations” for having black ancestors, regardless of whether those ancestors were slaves or not. The funds will gathered both from non-blacks who were never slave owners, and from blacks alive now, through their taxes.

California is hot on this idea, as they are on all wokeness: California moves forward with reparations effort to create ‘more equitable’ future. They will form a committee which will recommend how much blacks get.

Nancy Pelosi’s nephew said, “Although the horrors of slavery may have begun in the past, its harms are felt every single day by Black Americans in the present.” But he did not say how, especially considering California was not a slave state. No one ever says how: it is taken as axiomatic that blacks, whether they had slave ancestors or not, inherit the slave gene. Or something.

Anyway, since monies will be paid, somebody has to figure out how much and in what form. This is our attempt to help. We reach no conclusions here, only provide some notes to help us begin. Put your own thoughts below and then, along with California, we’ll work on an exact figure to give to blacks.

Below are some pertinent facts and statistics about slavery in the US relevant to considering “reparations”, researched and provided by reader DS (lightly edited). This is not to suggest these are the only relevant figures, just some of them. It leaves out the count of white slaves in the US, for instance.

The 600-750,000 dead in the Civil War—which ended more than 150 years ago–do not count in the calculations. No one is quite sure why.

It seems fair, also, to subtract all those benefits provided to blacks through Affirmative Action, which begin in 1961, which is more than half a century ago, and has only accelerated since. Try and find any corporation or institution that will not preferentially hire blacks, ceteris paribus.

We also should find a way to monetize (politicians love that word) the massive disparities in crime, numbers which also are entered in red on the ledger.

I got to thinking about how equitable reparations would be. Splashing money on people usually does not work as well as having them work for it. I do not believe reparations can be done equitably. If you ever write about reparations, here is some research I put together recently. Now the slave count is just for the census year 1860, so aggregate, I do not have. I also understand that many died during the crossing, so even though they were mistreated, they were left out.

[Some details taken from this WP story link: What we get wrong about the roots of slavery in America.]


Slavery in the new world began in the 1400’s, half a million enslaved Africans had already been forced to work on Brazilian sugar plantations or in the silver mines of Peru and Mexico before 1619.


Portuguese slave ship on its way to Mexico carrying 350 enslaved Angolans was pirated by John Jope who sold twenty or more of them to the governor of Virginia, the colony not having many laborers. The other laborers were indentured servants that would be free in seven years.


[Some details taken from this GP link: Reminder: The First Legal Slave Owner in America was a Black Man]

The first recording of a slave, 1651, is one owned by Anthony Johnson an Angolan who himself had been an indentured servant. John Casar was the first black to be declared by the courts as a slave for life in the 13 colonies.


[Some details taken from this link: click]

30% of southern people owned at least one slave. That means 70% owned none, zero.

[Some details taken from this link: click]

2,225,086 female black, 2,216,744 male black. 78,954 other unknown 89% were slaves before civil war. White population. 26,922,537.

[Some details taken from this link: click]

75% white owned not a single slave or 20,191,902 did not own slaves; 1% owned 40 or more; 0.1% owned more than 100.

4,888,070 free black or 10% black population in 1860; 261,918 lived in south 226,152 lived in north that is 35,766 more free in south than north.

[Some details taken from this link: click]

42% free blacks owned one slave black/white/other/family. 58% owned no slaves; 4% owned 10 to 19; 1% owned 20 to 84.


[Some details taken from these links: click, click, click]

Population in millions:

White 250.52
Black 44.08
American Indian 4.19
Asian 19.5
Hawaiian/Pacific Islands .81
Hispanic 59.64
Two or more races 9.14

Median Income US dollars:

White non/Hispanic 76,057
Hispanic 56,113
Black 45,438
Asian 98,174

Round up:

Blacks slaves in 1860: 4,441,830
Free Blacks in 1860 4,888,070

47% owned at least one slave or 2,297,392.9 blacks owned slaves

Black population in 2019 44,080,000 that is 39,638,170 more people today than were ever slaves.

That’s it for now. We need to take all these facts and figures, and others beside, and enter them all into some kind of formula. All suggestions on the details of this formula are welcome.

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  1. DAV

    The etymology of slave is from the word slav who were taken as slaves by Spanish Muslims circa the ninth century AD. No reparations for them.

  2. Paul

    I’m a white accountant in England. In my 40years working I have worked with many accountants and have met many others. I’ve racked my brains and I can say without a shadow of doubt that I cannot remember one single black accountant

  3. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Negroes are roughly 16% of the American population and so it is only fair we talk about them 82.67% of the time.

    Because the white man has not yet paid enough money to them

    we must allow the government to take all of our money and property and give it to the negroes because racism but even if that is done it will not satisfy negroes because racism.

    One must remain ignorant about The CSA and its facts compiled by the great southron Professor, Clyde Wilson, but one could still do a guick read of Jim Goad:

  4. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    I’m sorry, the Portuguese arrived in the American continent in 1515, not in the 1400s. In fact, I don’t think there were any African slaves in America before 1550 or so…. But, nevertheless, you’re right, this nonsense only happens in thebUS, wonder why…. Mohamed Ali took that name to dump his “saleve-masters-given-name”, but Mohamed and Ali were both notorious slave masters, and pretty abusive at that either!!!!! Go figure

  5. Sheri

    Reparations-WELFARE or maybe vote-buying
    other meanings: bribes, using of another human, way to buy off someone you’re still mistreating

    The past is the past. However, we could note the mistreatment of Chinese and Irish in America so I guess we need vote-buying for these groups (one could argue the Chinese already own Biden, so they are paid in full). Lands were taken from the First Peoples so we owe them (though they have casinos, land they were given for free and Federal handouts already so that has to count against payments). Rumor has it there were many other nationalities secretly abused, so EVERYONE GETS MONEY!!!!! Just mail everyone a check and get it over with. All checks equal since abuse could easily have been equal and we must be FAIR. Besides, we know everyone was abused by some group at some time in history. They are all owed.

    So the BRAZILIANs started slavery. THEY can pay, then.

    Formula: Reparations-ZERO Simple.

  6. The 250 million whites includes the 60 million Latinos, the vast majority of which do not consider themselves to be Americans, and never will. So there are really only 203 million whites in the USA, about the same number as back in 1980.

    Demography is destiny. The future belongs to those who show up.
    Look at the linked chart and weep for the future.

    Charlton Heston said it very well. We had a paradise, and threw it all away.

  7. Sheri

    Note: I know the Brazilians did not start slavery. It goes back BC. I guess anyone related to a Roman or other such group gets to fork out money for what their evil ancestors the Romans did. Definately. Slavery was RAMPANT then. We should go back as far as written history goes, and then maybe add oral history just for fun. I can see a board game–who owned who? Yep, it has potential.

  8. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    In a spirit of fraternal collaboration: This paragraph and the conclusions made later based on it are mistakes:

    “4,888,070 free black or 10% black population in 1860; 261,918 lived in south 226,152 lived in north that is 35,766 more free in south than north”.

    It has to be revised, William. The 4 million figure isn’t right, it’s 400 thousand.

  9. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    This nonsense is only possible in a very sick society, where some alien factor infiltrated is trying to destroy it from withing. It’s unimaginable, for real… Now, who else thinks that reparations are due to them for ever? Maybe, you have there a clue…. It’s like what happens in the justice system and the “punitive” damages, etc.: things that are not normal, that doesn’t exist or has ever been or ever will be in any part other than the US… And it’s crazy, cra-zy! There is where you have to take the fight: this type if nonsense is unique, because crazyness doesn’t replicate easyly, because it’s random, outside the order of the universe

  10. Dean Ericson

    Why only reparations to Negroes? What about all the other victims of Christian civilization? Surely Jews, as the greatest victims of all time, deserve reparations. And homosexuals, and women, and so on; the list of victims is long, and equity demands they all share equally in restitution. Where they go one they go all. No just us, no piece of pie. Victims of the whirled, unite! — you have nothing to lose but your souls.

  11. Hun

    Once you add mandatory repatriation to Africa, the calculation changes completely. Almost any sum starts looking good. I say, give each negro $1 Million and send them to Africa. Never allow any of them back, nor any other Africans. Cost: $44 Trillion. Yes, looks expensive, but it would be worth it. The US would be back putting a man on the Moon within a decade. Easily.

  12. “4,888,070 free black or 10% black population in 1860; 261,918 lived in south 226,152 lived in north that is 35,766 more free in south than north.”

    “Round up:
    Blacks slaves in 1860: 4,441,830
    Free Blacks in 1860 4,888,070”

    The 4,888,070 number in both of these instances should be 488,070. You have an extra “8” that needs to be removed.

  13. Zundfolge

    The two things that bother me about this nonsense is:
    1) What about whites like me? My ancestors were abolitionists. Not only do I feel no personal guilt for slavery, I have no ancestral guilt either (in fact I’d say blacks owe me at least a hearty “thank you” for “my” service).

    2) If the entire premise is that some people are guilty of the sins of their ancestors and others deserve to be paid for the wrong done to those ancestors what do we do with mixed race people?

    There are almost zero African Americans who are decedents of slaves who’s blood lines are 100% pure African Slave blood. Most of them are heavily intermarried with whites (and other races) so why should they get paid for something their ancestors suffered at the hands of their other ancestors and why are they not responsible for the evil done by their ancestors to their other ancestors?

    Reparations is theft. Period.

  14. Dennis

    Funny, serfdom in Russia only ended in 1861, but you don’t hear descendants of former serfs constantly banging on about it and screaming for “reparations” in Russia. Only in race-obsessed and increasingly anti-white America are people living today treated as perpetual victims of alleged wrongs done to their ancestors over 150 years ago, and treated as if they have no agency in their own behavior today (does a day go by anymore without some viral video going around of another black brawl breaking-out in an airport or fast-food joint?).

    “Some blacks were also slaves in Africa, under black masters. ”

    This is something almost completely ignored in the black slavery discussion. It’s portrayed in media and schools as if evil whitey just moored his boats, waltzed into darkest Africa, and stole a bunch of blacks from an otherwise peaceful and flourishing land – call it Wakanda – when in fact slavery was widely practiced among African tribes themselves, and most of the slaves brought to the new world were simply sold to whites by their previous black masters (or in many cases Arab masters – another thing about the slave trade often overlooked, because Arabs are now deemed a protected class of innocents who only suffered at the hands of whites, a view pushed by distorted and a-historical takes on the Crusades, colonialism, etc., but never committed any wrongs themselves). So, reparations should rightly be paid by current African and Arab descendents of those former masters as well, no? And speaking of colonialism, next time any black person mentions the alleged evils of white colonialism, ask him about the Bantu Migrations and the devastation they wrought throughout existing African cultures and societies (chances are he won’t even know what you’re talking about).

    The fact is, slavery had been a feature of almost every society in history until the early 1800s. It was mostly whites – and largely Christian motivated whites – who first developed mass movements to end slavery worldwide (though there are still pockets of it today – mostly in Africa and some Muslim lands). Whites have already paid “reparations” in the form of a Civil War that devastated the country and cost the lives of at least 700,000. Also, deducted from any “reparations” should be everything spent on social welfare programs, affirmative action, and the like, since the ’60s and Johnson’s “Great Society,” plus the costs to society of black crime since 1865 – lootings, riots, thefts, murders, rapes, etc.

  15. Johnno

    They could just start a new crypto currency called Blackcoin or Floydcoin or Panthercoin or whatever.

    It will only be distributed to blacks and only for circulation and use between blacks.

    No whites can obtain or use blackcoin. It will only be a black privelege. Blacks get to support black businesses and each other.

    If they complain that the majority of stores and big box retail are white owned. Then just ensure that Amazon and Apple and every other wokey retail toss out all their woke white owners and shareholders to become black so that they can accept blackcoin.

    I can imagine many other fun scenarios.

  16. Dennis

    “If they complain that the majority of stores and big box retail are white owned. Then just ensure that Amazon and Apple and every other wokey retail toss out all their woke white owners and shareholders to become black so that they can accept blackcoin”

    Or, since one’s sex is now supposedly a social construct and anyone is deemed to be in fact whatever he claims to “identify” as, why not apply that to race as well? Bezos and Tim Cook can just identify as POC now – problem solved!

    In fact, I think I’ll come out and identify as a POC as well, since I could use some extra cash: Reparations and more affirmative action now!

  17. fergus

    The notion that wealth obtained from slaveholding in the United States was passed on to present generations and should be redistributed to current citizens who share the slave demographic ignores several key pieces of information:

    1. Slavery was a net economic loss to the slaveholding South
    2. Wealth of the slaveholding South was decimated by the Civil War and did not recover

    As a result: 1) there is no “wealth” based on slavery to be redistributed and 2) any claim for reparations for slavery gained wealth is simply legalized theft.


    The world was mired in savagery, oppression and genocide for thousands of years and only the emergence of Western culture established the primacy of individual worth and individual rights to freedom and the pursuit of happiness, blossoming in the past several hundred years. Slaves were made of all races by all other races. Originally blacks were sold by other blacks to the European colonialists of times past, and brought to the new world as indentured servants, but quickly morphed into outright slaves. The evolution of morality and philosophy in the Western world slowly but surely established the moral and ethical repugnance of slavery of any type of any people. Rather than criticize the people who struggled to establish this body of thought as being imperfect as they were in their times, the “woke’ group should thank their lucky stars that they live in the Western world in the modern age in which Western culture has finally largely eradicated slavery, genocide and oppression in the Western world, and given them the freedoms to complain or not as they wish.

    Today, slavery, genocide and oppression exist to the tune of about 50 million in bondage (check any anti slavery NGO), rampant only in the non-Western world, such as Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Southeast Asia, including India, as well as some countries that slightly straddle the fence. It is that pre-Rennaissance, pre-Western freedom world that these “woke” groups want to drag us all back into. It is no accident that many of the “woke’ groups also espouse totalitarian communism, which is just the modern version of the dark age of oppression by an elite few.

    In fact, the U.S. did not benefit from slavery. Even the South itself did not benefit from slavery. Slavery was aimed at labor intensive agricultural colonialism as was practiced in the Caribbean particularly and locked the South into a backward agrarian economy with little or no endemic consumer base while the North and the rest of the world rushed into the industrial age. The North won the war because at the start of the war, since the South had been crippled by its backward, slavery riddled agrarian economy, the North had about 90% US industrial and manufacturing base, 90% or more of the railroads, an effective vibrant banking system compared to few banks in the South, the North produced its military hardware while the South had to import theirs, and on and on. Instead of benefiting from slavery, slavery doomed the South and held back the economy drastically. The US economy would have been much better off without slavery entirely. The Union soldiers who gave their lives to defeat the South paid for the victory, but their sacrifice knows no price.

    Further, the effect of the Civil War on Southern wealth was horrendous for all but particularly disastrous for those who held slaves. That fraction of their “wealth” that was represented by slaves themselves was zeroed out. Their land was only valuable insofar as it could be worked by slave labor (the modern equivalent of which is illegal immigration). A host of academic peer reviewed literature finds that whatever wealth existed in the Southern slaveholding community was wiped out in the Civil War. A simple search on Google Scholar for something like “impact of civil war on southern landholders” will turn up plenty of results for anyone who actually cares, which those demanding reparations clearly do not.

  18. Uncle Mike

    Zundfolge makes an excellent point: most people are mixed race. Moreover, modern scientific genetics proves that there are at least 110 ancestral races of humans based on gene allele analysis. The idea that there are only five (color-coded) races is pre-scientific nonsense.

    Therefore, prior to any reparation payments, potential recipients MUST demonstrate their worthiness by having their DNA pie charts compiled by a new governmental agency: the Department of Racial Purity (DRP). Anyone who is impure should be rejected. After all, if someone claims to be Black but has white allelles, they are probably a descendant of a slave owner. They could pay reparations to themselves if they want to, but leave the rest of us out of the transaction.

    And qualified recipients must not only be genetically pure, they must be inbreds of a qualified race. Not all 110 races should qualify, only those who are pure Gabonese (or a few others) Americans and can trace their lineage directly to a specific slave sub-population with a specific date of arrival. The DRP can make the determination.

    The payments themselves should have deductions based on other benefits already received, such as free education, housing, food stamps, voting rights. etc. No point in paying the inbreds twice.

  19. Incitadus

    Take heart people we’re all victims now…at this point trans-story-time is the only thing
    that really irks me. As for the rest roll up your sleeve and bend over what do you want
    regular or premium?

  20. John

    I have thought about this math a good bit and it seems to me that the only way to really make it work is to make reparations a trade for giving up the rest of the benefits which normally flow to blacks. If you could link reparations with a return to Africa and taking up citizenship there, then everything can make some sort of financial sense.

    If you were to set a goal for a migration of approximately 20% of the black population per year (working off a Pareto estimation that 20% of the pop. causes 80% of the problems) and were to start with a one-time payment of $50,000/person, man, woman, and child to relocate to Africa. 20% of 44.08 million above is 8.82 million people and a total cost of about $441 billion. That’s just a little bit more than the government plans to spend on the F-35. If we take the figures from the Vox Day article above, at a little over $10,000 net cost to the government per year the savings from not having that cost would repay the original outlay after 5 years of not having them on the dole. Using the same article, that’s a lifetime savings of $700k per person or $6.17 trillion dollars as a whole.

    In actual fact, however, the savings might be higher. Why? Because that $10,000/year is an average and who would be most likely to take $50,000 today to give up $750,000 over their life? High time preference people, and in actuality high time preference people most likely cost the country a great deal more than $10,000/year. Take prisoners for example: criminals and drug users tend to be high time preference people. The cost per year of a prisoner in my home state of Georgia was nearly $20,000/year in 2015 a quick search on Google tells me. Why not offer the deal to non-violent drug offenders and save twice the average net cost per person? As an added bonus you get to virtue signal about how you’re rectifying the oppression of the systemically racist drug laws while you’re at it. Welfare recipients would be similar: a single mother with 4 minor children would be presented with the option of $250,000 right now to move to Africa. What is she going to say?

    Why would Africa accept these migrants? Another quick Google search shows that the whole of sub-Saharan Africa currently receives around $5bn in US foreign aid. We’re offering $441bn in the hands of high time preference people, people who love to spend. They’re going to want homes, they’re going to want food, they’re going to want luxury goods, good internet, good roads, the list goes on. And in Africa, their $50,000 goes further than it would here. Some strategic guidance on investments in agriculture, infrastructure, production, etc. might allow Africa to use these funds to the fullest.

  21. Dean Ericson

    All this reparations chaff is classic divide and rule chaos emanating from those divide and rule worldly revolutionaries, the Esquimeaux.

  22. Richard Hill

    Some commenters have already mentioned the losses suffered by slave owners on emancipation. I believe the British compensated slave owners when their slaves were freed. This has to be included in righting historical wrongs.

    Nobody has mentioned that we have records and DNA methods to fairly accurately identify both the owners and slaves at the time of emancipation.
    If we want to balance the books the only people involved in payment/compensation, on either side, would be the descendants of the players at the time of emancipation. Somebody mentioned that very many descendants of slaves have also got slave-owning ancestors. One can foresee a feast for lawyers.

  23. Dean Ericson

    Richard Hill: “…righting historical wrongs.”

    I want reparations from Eve for listening to that lying snake.

  24. Dean Ericson

    Ericson: “…reparations from Eve…

    Jesus Christ settled that debt, you moron.

    For those who accept it. For those who don’t: your gold will not redeem you.

  25. C-Marie

    Almost no one actually has black skin in America. There are features that are similar which identify a person as having dark African heritage, or light European heritage, or medium Olive European heritage, or Oriental heritage, or Asian Arab heritage, or ….

    We must have compassion for those who have the family stories of slavery and oppression and of rape of their dark-skinned women ancestors, and more, but we all must continue on in Christ in Whom there is no slave.

    Many of these comments on this article make good points. Where the true reparations need to start is in the hearts of us all. Refuse to get carried away with fairness and unfairness, and instead do the part God gives us to do regarding the people in our lives. Of course, we see peoples’ coloring and features that have been given by God to each one of us.

    The progeny of the dark-skinned women and men ancestors also must change their hearts and minds, as applies, so as to honor God by no longer producing children whom they will not raise, but will instead choose to murder. All women need to do so. And once a woman becomes pregnant, no matter her age, she is and always will be a mother, and the father of the child will always be a father.

    Think about it. 3,000 babies a day, murdered in the United States of America by women of every colour here, every day. What if the news said that 3,000 people throughout the United States, were murdered in one day? Every day? Would that shake people up??

    We cannot honestly keep on expecting favor with God while doing the above. Plus, the “fixng” of honoring other people irregardless of colour, do we really think that can come to pass in such a murderous country???

    The situations about colour will not be solved until we as a country, no matter our colour, refuse to continue giving honour and legalization to the murders of the unborn and just born children.

    When we get there, no longer honoring and legalizing murder, God will help us mightily as our hearts become right with Him in and through His Son, Jesus Christ.

    God bless, C-Marie

  26. fergus

    Richard Hill: “I believe the British compensated slave owners when their slaves were freed. This has to be included in righting historical wrongs.”

    You likely are referring to the Slave Compensation Act of 1837, an act of the British Parliament in that year. It authorized the Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt (UK) to compensate slave owners in the British colonies of the Caribbean, Mauritius, and the Cape of Good Hope in the amount of approximately £20 million for freed slaves. It had nothing to do with slaves held in the United States.

    The only “compensation” paid to US slaveholders was in 1862 when slavery was abolished in Washington, D.C., and in an effort to keep the local slave owners loyal to the Union Abraham Lincoln’s administration offered to pay $300 each in compensation. This was paid out to 979 owners for 2,989 slaves, turning Washington into an island of freedom bounded by the slave states of Maryland and Virginia. Lincoln made a similar offer in an effort to win over the border states, but Delaware flatly rejected the proposal and it was never practiced again. In 1865 all the other slave owners lost all with the passing of the 13th Amendment and the national abolition of slavery.

  27. Milton Hathaway

    Should the Democrats pay reparations for destroying the black family?

  28. bgc

    Slavery came in with sedentary societies even before agriculture (eg Northwest Pacific Amerindians – who gathered shellfish from rich supplies) – and was essentially universal until the British abolished it:

    I am not saying that slavery is always the worst possible system, and the price of abolition (for slaves) was very high. But insofar as abolition is A Good Thing, the 18th/ 19th century British deserve the credit for it.

    However, assuming slavery is indeed Bad, historical slavery is of merely academic interest when slavery has been re-introduced into the West – in a big way – over the past couple of generations. For example Britain:

    (Slaves – white, for sex – were being kept a couple of hundred yards from where I live – it was in the local papers, but nobody was very interested or concerned: nobody remembers.)

    I presume the same applies to the US and Europe; if they cared to look. Of course, nothing will be done about modern slavery – except to make things worse; such are these End Times.

  29. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    The Red Diaper Baby caused a stir when he pay to advertise his anti-reparations ideas in the school paper at Brown University

    His major crime was committing truth publicly

    Prof Thomas Powell was even more of a thought criminal 🙂

  30. Milton Hathaway

    ABS – “Thomas Powell was . . .”

    You misspelled his name, and then you killed him. Harsh.

  31. Rose S

    Other possible factors?
    1. My grandmother was an indentured servant (white).
    2. We also have part Native South American ancestry.
    3. My grandparents & great parents arrived in the U.S. came after slavery was abolished.
    4. African Americans who arrive in the U.S. after slavery was abolished should not get reparations.
    5. Can you get an exception if you can proof that you genetically have African ancestry?
    6. People who are biracial should get lesser privileges since it is a wash.

    Maybe my family gets a reparations discount is off the hook in paying reparations? Ridiculous, but since you want more factors here are a few.

  32. Ann Cherry

    In order to calculate “Reparations for Slavery” we will need the same COMPUTER MODELING that’s used by those seeking “reparations” for “CO2 Emissions” in “carbon taxes” and other wealth confiscation schemes.

    This will require some equally twisted calculations, and much INTERSECTIONAL PONDERING, so we will have to leave this, like everything else that matters, to The Experts™.

    After all, if we start at the beginning, we’ll have to collect “reparations” from those African-Americans whose African ancestors originally rounded-up and sold their fellow Africans, often from warring tribes, to the slave traders in the first place, a well-documented, sad, and inconvenient fact of history.

    Then we’ll need to take some of those monies, and reimburse everyone whose ancestors were part the thousands of abolitionists who ran and supported underground railroads, etc, who were black, white and brown, and of course we’ll have to reimburse the progeny of the 300,000 Union soldiers, most of them white, who died fighting against slavery in the Civil War.

    Then, we should fine the current Democrat Party, whose political ancestors were those plantation owners who used slave labor in the first place, and who later formed the Ku Klux Klan, the militant arm of the Democrat Party.

    The Democrats can also pay reparations to black Americans for their congressional opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, their support for school segregation, and for their current racist opposition to school choice and the rights of inner city parents to give their kids a fighting chance with a better education and a robust free-market economy.

    Of course, these reparation-seekers must collect vast sums from Planned Parenthood, which is responsible for the deaths of untold numbers of “babies of color” in the womb.

    In fact, to calculate all the damage done by current leftist policies such as public housing, welfare dependency, mass illegal immigration…. well, we’re gonna need a bigger computer.

  33. Johnno

    All this happened because we removed the Lord’s Prayer from our classrooms and institutions that began the day stating “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sinned against us.” So essentially all those looking for compensation are going to opt out of the free salvation deed offered upon death when all debts are to be settled once and for all. All this is a mathematical exercise to try and put The Final Judgment into an equation.

    Anyway, if anyone says a white person is carrying around any guilt, all he has to do is say, “Oh don’t worry, I’ve been baptized. All those historical guilt I accumulated since Adam has been washed away.” Then point towards some unbaptized atheist white and say, “That guy, however, isn’t, go get ‘im!”

  34. All nonsense.

    Slaves in what became the United States were enslaved either under the laws of European kings or under the rule of local tribal leaders. No American (i.e. federal) legislation ever endorsed slavery – on the contrary the first congress (1789/90) debated anti-slavery motions and the 1796 slave trade act was the first of its kind in the world.

    So, want reparations? send lets go after the guilty in England, Spain, France, North Africa, and various Indian reservations in the U.S.

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