France Update: VAERS Suggests As Many Kids Dying From Vexxine as Coronadoom; Another Paper Shows Mask Mandates Don’t Work; Being Fat Is Bad; More! — Coronavirus Update LXXIX

France Update: VAERS Suggests As Many Kids Dying From Vexxine as Coronadoom; Another Paper Shows Mask Mandates Don’t Work; Being Fat Is Bad; More! — Coronavirus Update LXXIX


The French nation has descended into Effeminacy. No man may buy or sell with the Mark of the Vex.


Hyperpole, n: extravagant exaggeration by politicians in service of the noble lie.

Headline: “‘Potentially a death sentence’: White House goes off on vaccine fearmongers
The administration has shifted to a head-on strategy to dispel fear-mongering over its door-to-door efforts.”


From Open VAERS (which is a snapshot of VAERS, but put in easier-to-read format; the snapshot I used was made Monday morning of a period through 7 July):

The age distribution of deaths (available at the link) aren’t too surprising, except for the number of unknown ages—25% of the total. This is ridiculous for medical data. You can report a death but not something as basic as age or sex?

This implies at least some of these unknowns are in the young.

Now VAERS says 9 aged 15 and younger had deaths “associated” with the vexxine. This is at least 7 because of all those unknown ages. The CDC says 236 kids had deaths associated with the coronadoom.

We know there are about 60.57 million kids this age in the US. So the coroandoom associated death rate is 0.0000039. Most would say this is a small number.

The corresponding deaths associated with the vaccines would be (9 + something) / (number of kids vexxinated). It’s hard to find good numbers on the number of vexxinated kids. One report says 4 million, but that was two months old. However, a CNN (yes) report says 4% of those under 17 were “full” vexxinated. It’s probably less for those 15 and under. Call it 3.5%.

That makes 0.035 * 60.57 million = 2,119,950. So the associated death rate for vexxines is (9 + something) / 2.12 million = 0.0000042 + something. (Or 0.0000037 + something if a full 4% of kids 15 and under are vexxed.)

In other words, there is good evidence the vexxine is associated with death in children at the same or greater rate than the coronadoom.

Now the vexxine isn’t supposed to be for kids younger than 12, so the deaths listed in VAERS might be for other vexxines. On the other hand, many kids 12-15 have got the doom vex. If it’s only 12-15 year olds, then that 60.57 is far too large, and should be about half that. Meaning the rate of associated deaths for kids is roughly double the 0.0000042.

I agree this is a crude analysis with much uncertainty. All the data are loose and somewhat unverified, and VAERS itself is not terribly reliable or complete. I don’t know how many vexxinated kids died of the doom, so I don’t account for overlap. We don’t know the comorbidities of anybody.

Even with all this, there is at least prima facie evidence that vexxine harm is on the same order as coronadoom harm.

Anyway, how about this?


I warned earlier they were juicing the panic—have doctors/Experts no morals in the UK?—by switching from “hospitalizations for COVID” to “in hospital with COVID”, and pretending they were the same.

Headline: “Up to 40% of ‘Covid hospital patients’ infected with Delta variant may have been admitted for a different illness, official figures suggest”.

Then we come to the “cases” hersteria, and the dishonest attempts to continue the panic:

It seems, as scientists of old expected, the virus has mutated in less virulent forms. Continuing to track “cases” (positive tests) is silly and incompetent.


Nevertheless, this:

It’s not like the citizens of the UK hate this. They love and adore their newfound illusion of safety and loss of liberty.

This is madness. There is no other word for it. Madness.

Those countries that did not break free of the English yoke are the craziest (see Canada last week).

Gross intellectual indecency.

Australia is worst among all. Sheer panic over the Dreaded Delta, even though all evidence is that it is not a great killer. They are reacting solely to positive tests, mistakenly called “cases”, and will settle for nothing less than no positive tests. Which is insane. One article summarized:

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian again warned lockdown would likely be extended, telling reporters, “the only conclusion we can draw is that things are going to get worse before they get better”.

And the experts agree.

Ah, experts. That class of people who never have to pay for their mistakes.


There are many more of them (do a search), so the question is: who is funding them?


A new paper confirms what we already knew, but added some quantification to it. In Lancet: Diabetes & Endrocrinology we have “Associations between body-mass index and COVID-19 severity in 6·9 million people in England: a prospective, community-based, cohort study” by Gao and others.

They looked through just under 7 million records and “found J-shaped “associations between BMI and admission to hospital… and death (1·04 [1·04–1·05])”. That’s a hazard ratio, and the 1.04 is multiplicative for every increase in BMI by 1 from a base (arbitrary) of 23. So, for example, a person with a BMI of 30 has a hazard rate of 1.04^7 + 1 = 1.3 + 1 = 2.3 times greater than a person of BMI = 23 (who have a hazard ratio of 1 by definition, which is where the “+ 1” comes from).

A hazard ratio is not my favorite measure, in that it gives you a comparison of the “instantaneous” probability of a thing, like dying or being admitted to ICU. These are always harder to interpret than plain probabilities, e.g. “Our model discovered a probability of dying with 30 days after a positive coronadoom test of 1.2% for those with a BMI or 30,” or whatever, and another probability for every other BMI. What does it mean to have an “instantaneous” probability of dying right now? And again right now? And now now. And later now? Confusing.

They’re used, though, because (a) they make the math easier, and (b) they provide a one-number summary so many crave.

They do give us the raw stats of those dying and so forth by BMI, so that’s nice.

They had some models, “adjusting” for age and sex which didn’t change the BMI signal much, or at all. All presented in terms of HRs.

The real proportions of croaking from corona for this population is this:

BMI, %
< 18.5, 0.13%
18.5 to 25, 0.069%
25 to 30, 0.08%
30 to 35, 0.09%
> 35, 0.1%

Looks like the real fat ones died out at 1.4 times the rate. But nobody died at especially high rates.


We do the same for cows, and don’t we love people more than cows?

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra says it’s “absolutely the Governmen’s business” to know your vexxination status. Look for him on your doorstep soon, with his anal thermometer in hand.

Knock knock

Who’s there?


Becerra who?

Your son’s gonna Be Sarah unless I can vex him!

Well, it’s not that funny. See if you can come up with a better one. Like this guy in New Zealand’s howler.

How about those variants?

A lady who glories in slitting the throats in children inside the wombs of mothers says this:

Our bodies, her choice, apparently.


Apt title for article: Lockdown Effectiveness: Much More Than You Wanted To Know.

Much more. And (unless I missed it) he doesn’t address the two main points: (1) it was always government burden to prove lockdowns and mask mandates worked, whereas we have no burden to prove they did not, and (b) the definition of “worked” is not a scientific one, but a moral one, and we never had a debate over what was moral. The government just charged in and shrieked “DO THIS!”

A complete cluster-youknowhat. I am working on a larger article on this, so will save the meat for that.

The Tablet’s The War on Reality did a better job understanding this.


Headline: Ivy League Study Shows How US Media Created a Climate of Fear Over COVID-19.

We didn’t need a study for this. The media’s business is creating fear, because fear translates to dollars and prestige. It was always as simple as that. This is why the media—rightly—are said to be the enemy of the people.

I’m happy enough the write up included this well known quote: “‘Fear is the mind-killer,’ wrote Herbert [in Dune]. ‘Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.'”



Paper: Mask mandate and use efficacy in state-level COVID-19 containment, by Damian and Daniel Guerra.

Abstract with my paragraphifications:

Background:…We hypothesized that statewide 15 mask mandates and mask use are associated with lower COVID-19 case growth rates in the United States…

Methods: We calculated total COVID-19 case growth and mask use for the continental United States with data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. We estimated post mask mandate case growth in non-mandate states using median issuance dates of neighboring states with mandates.

Results: Case growth was not significantly different between mandate and non-mandate states at low or high transmission rates, and surges were equivocal. Mask use predicted lower case growth at low, but not high transmission rates….Mask use did not predict Summer 2020 case growth for non-Northeast states or Fall-Winter 2020 growth for all continental states.

Conclusions: Mask mandates and use are not associated with slower state-level COVID-19 spread during COVID-19 growth surges.

There’s things to quibble about, but it’s all at least in the direction of the uselessness of mask mandates.

Not that anybody cares, because it quickly became clear masks were purely performative and used as a means to force submission.


The Price of Panic.

Website of similar name: price of panic.


The week-of-the-year all-cause deaths.

Green line is 2021, red is 2020. The dotted line are all cause deaths minus COVID. That means the 2020 deaths that look out of place (above the mass of other lines but below the dotted line) are likely deaths caused by the panic.

The drop off at the end is late reporting. Those three black dots indicate the last three weeks. Three weeks from now, about 80% or so of all the deaths will have been counted. It can take, the CDC says, up to eight weeks to get a full count. So to be really sure, let’s look at eight weeks ago and earlier. This is week 17 and earlier.

See the dotted green line? That’s All Cause MINUS the COVID. Those numbers are way below where we’d expect them. You should be having a “Whoa, dude!” moment.

Why are the deaths so low?

Two most likely explanations:

(1) So many old people succumbed to COVID last year, that there were fewer people left to die this year. This likely accounts for some of the weird discrepancy.

(2) The CDC (and everybody else) is over-estimating coronadoom deaths. We’re back to the early “dying with” and “dying from” controversy, juiced by the variant panic. This is the most likely explanation.

Look: if the doom was not with us, we’d expect that dotted line to be hovering above all the other yearly lines, just because of population increase alone. And then we’d add the doom deaths, making the thick green line even higher. So that when we subtracted the doom deaths from the thick green line, the dotted line would be hovering.

Some of the excess deaths must be deaths by “other causes”, which took a sharp upward turn. Mysteriously.


Sources: CDC State data (source), CDC official toll number one, number two (the old weekly file, now suspect). Causes of death (source). Deaths by age. Covid & flu. WHO flu tracker. All current as of Monday night.

Daily tests (not shown; see here from Johns Hopkins) has spiked. Back over a million tests a day again. Meaning propaganda about the Dreaded Delta is working. Many are rushing to get tested again.

And with testing comes “cases”, i.e. positive tests. But not, in this case, deaths.

CDC deaths “involving” COVID.

Delta variant! Delta variant! Delta variant! Delta variant! The Delta variant rises! But, apparently, does not kill.

Here’s more proof the crisis is over:

Strange, isn’t it, that heart disease and cancer are on the decrease, even as the doom vanished?

And those unclassified deaths are curious, too. The codes indicate those times when the doctors aren’t quite sure why the person died. For instance, “Ill-defined and unknown cause of mortality”.

Notice the rise of these unclassifieds. Could they be related to the vexxines? The rise is certainly co-incident with rise in vexxines. This is a forbidden question on social media, so don’t ask it, or they will ban you. That’s how The Science works, by limiting uncomfortable questions.

Here’s the standard state comparison:

Does your state still have restrictions, like Michigan, which had 210 deaths per 100,000? Or is your state free, like Florida, with its much older and sicker population had 178 deaths per 100,000?

Ask your state legislator today.

Flu is still missing, but it’s always low this time of year, so I’ll skip the plot.

About masks in more depth, see this article and this one and especially this one. Leave the Cult of the Mask.

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  1. HBG

    I frequently get told – “yeh but look at Sweden”. I think I will get the Sweden vs UK graph printed on a T Shirt and then restart the conversation with a few mask mandators and vexxine vixens.

  2. Sheri

    I don’t read WIKI clones and I don’t believe HOCKEY STICK GRAPHS and henceforth I shall ignore all such objections to climate change data. If it’s good here, it’s good there.

  3. awildgoose

    Aren’t modern polls designed for the purpose of manufacturing consent?

    Leana Wen was born Chicom and rushed through the globalist indoctrination system in the West, finishing undergrad years early.

    No surprise she’s a sociopathic monster, and at the tender age of 39 by today’s standards, were going to be stuck with her for a really long time.

  4. NedO

    My disagreement here is about use of language.
    Example: one person has a 6-inch ruler, a second owns a 12-ich ruler.
    The second ruler is, at the same time, both 200% as long as the first, and also 100% longer than it.
    Imprecise usage is maddening; it clouds debate.
    My deduction is that what is meant is ‘hazard 2.3 times as great as’ or ‘1.3 times greater than’.
    But I’m certainly open to correction. Alert: writer is over 70.

  5. Bruce

    About a week ago, two Bay Area counties admitted they had over reported COVID caused deaths:
    “Using the older definition of COVID-19 deaths, a resident who had COVID-19 but died due to another cause, like a car accident, this person would be included in the total number of reported COVID-19 deaths for Alameda County,” the Alameda County Public Health Department explained in a statement.

    Together, Alameda and Santa Clara Counties have a population of about 3.6 million.
    For these two counties, COVID deaths to date using the new reporting method is just under 3,000.

  6. Rudolph Harrier

    It’s impossible to say how effective vaccines are anymore, since the CDC stopped monitoring breakthrough cases in May:

    Before that they had set things up so that a breakthrough case would only count if it was detected at 28 PCR cycles, while leaving the threshold for 35 PCR cycles for the unvaccinated. But I guess there were still too many vaccinated people becoming “cases” since now they don’t track that information at all.

    I’m just surprised that VAERS is still available to the public.

  7. Ann Cherry

    Someone on our Nextdoor neighborhood site posted a complaint: he was seeing too many unmasked people at the grocery store, and since only 60-70% of people had been vexxinated (yes, The State IS keeping track)… ”why weren’t more people wearing masks?” he complained. Being vexxinated himself, wasn’t enough for him to “feel safe”. All must be vexxinated.

    We’ve had many of these types of posts on Nextdoor, but when you post contrary information, from factual sources, it’s promptly removed, or they ask you to remove it, or you’re banned from the site. We’ve a friend who’s here from Australia (can’t go back due to their lockdowns) who’s had his Nextdoor account cancelled three times, for posting factual information or reasonable and polite opinions that “violated commie standards”.

    This effeminate fellow posting his complaints on Nextdoor with abandon (they aren’t “political” you see), so concerned about the unmasked, will be very happy to know that Dr. Fraudci is now calling for a national mandatory vaccine program; Tucker showed a Fraudci interview clip last night, where he was giving Chris Mathews thrills up his leg, expressing tucked-in anger at the “non-compliance” of anti-vaxxers; in his view, every single American must get the shot (meaning, regardless of age, pregnancy status, health status, whether they’ve had the symptomatic virus which gives durable immunity, and so forth).

    Yup, in Doktor Fraudci’s view, no reason whatsoever not to get yourself genetically modified, with a drug that’s not approved by the FDA, to protect yourself from a virus with a 99.98% survival rate, where the average age of death is 80, and the average age of death overall is 79. Doktor Fraudci is in a simmering rage over OUR extremism. We just don’t understand The Science™.

    The effeminate Nextdoor poster, and his sympathizers, probably goes about their day thinking most people agree with them, because in their world, contrary info never sees the light of day….and yet so many of us, DO understand the contrary information. That tells us, as many here have noted, they WANT to be stupid, ignorant, masked, and collared, and they want it for you, too.

    We can now, quite easily, see how the China Virus actually works; the infection, to use a favorite woke word, is “systematic”.

  8. Forbes

    Heart disease and cancer deaths on the decrease, while the Doom is waning? Just as many of the old have succumbed to the Doom, presumably many cardiac and cancer patients (diseases of old age) have died of the Doom, reducing the overall population of c&c patients.

  9. Dennis

    Ann: Never heard of Nextdoor, but it sounds even worse than Zuckerbook. Is there a muzzle mandate where you live? If not, or if the store doesn’t care, then I’d tell that nosy, officious neighbor to mind his own business. And if he’s still so fearful even though Vaxxed, then to just stay home forever, live in an hermetically-sealed bubble, and have someone deliver his groceries. These mad paranoiacs who want all life and normal social functioning to stop forever to placate their irrational fears of a seasonal flu virus must not be humored and placated, but rather denounced, vilified, and ostracized from polite society.

  10. Johnno

    Here in T.O. Canada, there are vans with loudspeakers going around begging people to get shot while playing that Wailer’s song – One Love.

    Our plantation masters are planning to reduce restrictions in a few days due to meeting some quota of shot people. How nice! Maybe I will finally get to see the new Top Gun movie in a 3/4 empty theater.

  11. Rudolph Harrier

    Nextdoor is basically a social media site that restricts discussions to people who (in theory) all live in the same physical neighborhood. Often what happens is that someone sets up a group and then puts notes in neighbors mailboxes on how to sign up, so that the only people who can join are those with the notes.

    In theory it’s to discuss topics of only local interest, and to encourage people to interact with their neighbors more. In practice it’s loved by the local would-be stasi members who want to micromanage what everyone around them does. The same type of people who love being on HOA boards so that they can tell people that their mailboxes are one inch two high to meet community standards.

  12. Dennis

    Rudolph: Yes, it sounded like just a tool for nosy and officious types to annoy the rest of the neighborhood. Were I ever to receive and invite, I’m sure I’d be banned in less than 24 hours. 🙂

  13. Ann Cherry

    Oops, I’ll try again. (Satan, perhaps?)

    This is long, let me know if you want me to stop. Briggs’ posts just get me fired up.

    I’ve noticed there’s some science fiction fans on this site. Here’s proposed plot, more like a science horror story. This is really fun, writing “fiction”. (To get in the mood for the story, first listen to the Rolling Stones’ finest work, “Sympathy for the Devil”)

    Once upon a time, an evil multi-multi billionaire college drop-out named William Gatesof-Hell, along with “Gorgeous” (it’s an ironic nickname) George Dinosoros and some other international billionaires and trillionaires, all of them major stockholders in international big tech, big media, big pharma, big shipping and big box stores and so forth, were all infected with a virus that’s been lurking in our bodies since The Fall of Man. These ones were made especially suseptible to an outbreak, because extreme wealth is a dangerous co-morbidity for this virus.

    Remember, this is just a fiction story.

    This virus is like the Chicken Pox or Herpes, because it stays in your body until death, sometimes lurking almost unnoticed, but other times, through-out history, breaking out like a very bad case of Cosmic Shingles.

    Today, we might think of it as the Chinese Chicken Pox, but it’s been around much longer than Communist China. Once, there was an outbreak called the Aztec Fever, where tens of thousands had their beating hearts torn from their bodies to “save the planet” and bring favorable weather. The Nazi National-Socialist-Workers Pox killed tens of millions worldwide, and the Marxist Measles has slain hundreds of millions more, in Asia and world-wide, in the past century alone, and this virus continues to grow more virulant.

    From time to time, there are smaller outbreaks, such as in Rwanda, where “only” a million died, but in almost every case, these outbreaks are mass-casualty events.

    Today, these infected billionaires have decided that instead of ripping out the hearts of their victims like their Aztec thought leaders of old, in order to Save the Planet, they’ll use modern viral warfare. This is Stage 1. They begin by doing gain-of-lethality experiments, using bat viruses, in a Chinese lab in Wuhan. When the virus is released, “oops”, it kills as it was designed to do: mostly the extremely sick and elderly. In some places, “oops”, the infected are housed in elder care centers, to increase the death rate of what they call “useless eaters”. Unlike the influenza, this virus barely affects children, the future worker bees.

    In order to increase the death rate, and prepare the way for Stage 2, and partnering with other “infected” people in government, universities, and media, they begin a well-funded disinformation campaign to slander and even outlaw, all therapeutic drugs, thereby increasing the death rate. Doctors are ordered by their corporate masters to instruct patients testing positive, to go home, and go to hospital if it gets really bad, where they can be put on a ventilator and die even sooner. They make sure to pay hospitals big bonuses for any patient, but even more if the patient goes on a ventilator and dies “with” Covid.

    Then, upon declaration that there are “no therapeutic treatments”, an experimental genetic modifier that hadn’t really been tested on humans, and wasn’t approved by the FDA, is given “emergency authorization” and now is going to become mandatory, along with bi-annual booster-shots.

    See how easy that was? But remember, it’s just a fiction story. To continue:

    Much to the dismay of the infected ones, there was not 100% compliance with their genetic modification program. Their anger was tinged with surprise; after all, these uninfected people had strapped masks across their faces and their children’s faces for over a year; they’d allowed their businesses to be closed down (40% of them, forever), permitted their churches and schools to be closed down, and they’d placidly allowed themselves to be herded into the billionaire’s big box stores, maybe with a few complaints, but they complied. After all of these exercises in obedience, why all the fuss over untested genetic modification shots?

    They saw the problem clearly: More persuasive tactics were needed. So they went back to their lab in Wuhan, which had never been shut down, and began working on more lethal viruses, in order to obtain better “vaccine compliance” rates. Abut this time they took it a step further: they manufactured the genetic “vaccine” for this new and improved, broadly-lethal virus, for a secret select, the elites and their children and other chosen ones. The virus was released (“oops”) and killed 90% of the population. Prior to this mass-casualty event, William Gatesof-Hell predicts how it will “get everyone’s attention”, right on You Tube.

    Because this is a fictional story, and not based on any real-life people, living or dead….any resemblance to this man is purely a coincidence:

    The end.

  14. Ann Cherry

    I’ve mostly had my comments removed from Nextdoor. Once in a while they’re allowed, if they don’t interfere with Covid Cult standards.

    I stay subscribed for lost dog notices and pretty sunset pictures. Once, someone posted about a cow wandering in the road, and I posted that it was holding a sign that said “Eat Mor Chikin”. Even something as innocuous as that, can offend the silver-haired-ponytail crowd. Lack of humor is a symptom of their mental illness.

  15. vinny

    See if you can come up with a better one…

    Not better but a vari-ain’t

    LENSES of the LOST
    Have you seen a contact tracer lately?

  16. Dean Ericson

    Dennis: ”Essential viewing: “A Manufactured Illusion: Dr. David Martin Deposition with Reiner Fuellmich”

    Watched the entire thing — holy hammer of God, David Martin has got the goods on these criminal Corona scammers. Seventy-three patents had been issued on various aspects of the supposed “novel coronavirus” sars-cov-2 between 2000 and 2019. The patents are public documents. His company specializes in analyzing technological developments and he’s been concerned with bio-terrorism topics since investigating anthrax attacks of 2001. Very knowledgeable, articulate, powerful speaker. Highly recommended. I’m going to have another go at it since he presents a lot of evidence and connects a lot of dots. Upshot is he thinks the scam genesis is mainly, or entirely about making a few men filthy rich. Power follows money so that would explain why the globalist revolutionaries bought into it, too. Dennis, thanks.

  17. Kate

    From what I’m reading they are going to wait for FDA approval before things ratchet up in the must-vex department. Look for fast-tracked approval, because they know that is an impediment. That approval is going to probably come at “warp speed”. One may love 50 thousand things Trump said and did, but being played by Communists will not be one of them. He thought he was solving a problem which is a true talent in his wheelhouse, but he naively trusted the wrong people. One cannot be naive in this world, one must be cunning and thinking ahead. Democrats excel at this.
    Where is this all leading? I mean, do they think they are going to hold people down while they jab them? I think half of our country is demon-possessed, I really do. I think many Democrats are insane, but I wouldn’t want them held down and given a jab. How did all these people disengage themselves from liberty, freedom, or minimal human decency, such that trying to force people to put something in their bodies they don’t want, is acceptable. New Zealand, Canada, these people are under satanic possession. Their people are slaves already.
    People need to stop answering poll questions. Once it was ascertained that it was Republicans (and black Americans) who were not getting the jab, that was when talk about mandates starting gaining traction, so people need to shut UP when asked to identify their political status, or if you must answer questions and can’t stand to say no thank you, self-identify as a Democrat. Better to shut up though. They know too much already. Now, they are going to go door to door, but what is their end-game, a violent situation that they can then use politically? Who is countering this madness? Republican leadership has become like teats on a bull, excuse the vulgarity, but they seem entirely ineffectual and useless. Do SOMETHING that resembles ANYTHING guys. The rest of us, get to praying, because without God, we can do little. With Him, all things are possible. There is no answer that does not involve Him. This has been proven in Scripture and history.

  18. Dennis

    Dean: Yep. In a sane world this testimony (among others – such as Dr. Robert Malone, Mike Yeadon, etc.) should be the main story at every news org, and journalists should be chasing Pulitzer’s trying to get to the bottom of it all. Instead, journalists now are mostly regime-owned propagandists. I’ve thought from the beginning that the basic story just didn’t make sense…a supposedly “novel coronavirus” appears totally naturally from some “wet market”…yet within 8-9 months of “outbreak” there are at least 6 ” safe and effective vaccines” in widespread use for a category of virus (coronaviruses) that had never been achieved despite decades of trying, 2 of them mRNA “vaccines,” which had previously been a tech deemed too dangerous, based on animals trials, to even begin testing on humans…Something smelled fishy from the beginning for those with ears to hear and eyes to see…but too many wanted to just blind themselves with politician and mainstream media propaganda.

    The whole “pandemic” has been a criminally manufactured enterprise from the beginning. Greatest crime against humanity ever. There needs to be massive trials and severe punishment. Fuellmich has been at the forefront of legal efforts to expose the fraud and criminality underlying it all, though I’m sure the legal establishment (especially in Europe, where his main efforts are based) will do everything to block any real justice in these matters.

  19. Bureaucratic terrorism !!!

    As far as the Occident is concerned, the political has completely swallowed the social.

    The systematic destruction of organic social life has reduced the masses to submissive guinea pigs.

    The real pandemic is the constant bombardment of all kinds of ‘information’ in the form of ‘news’.

    This is beyond 1984.

  20. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    ABS is on nextdoor and copy + pastes many of the posts to share with and laugh at with his son.

    A few days ago a woman posted a note about the destruction to her vegetation caused by the Iguanas and asked what the town was going to do about it.

    A rapid response by an animal rights activist claimed They were here before you and you are invading their home.

    The gentle person did not say how much local taxes were being collected from the Iguanas – prolly because they do not have to pay endlessly for their homes in trees unlike people who are forever taxed or else their homes will be taken from them if they don’t pay properly taxes.

    Nice little house ya got there buddy, how’s about forking over X numerous of dollars (Mileage rate 1/10th of 1% for every $1,000.00 in home value) so you can continue to live there.

    What’s that ?

    Hahahahahaha, NO!!!.

    Just because you paid off the mortgage 25 yeas ago does not mean you own your house – you really just rent it from our town so you won’t be homeless.


    Sure, it is a variation of what the Mob used to do – that was called a protection racket – but governments are now doing that so it is legal.

    Remember when the Mob was castigated and excoriated for the numbers racket?

    The govt took that over and now calls it a Lottery so its legal.

    Its the way of the world, buddy.

    Now pay your damn taxes or we wil take your house…..Capiche?

  21. Dean Ericson

    Looking around the web for info on this Dr. David Martin dude, can’t believe I never heard of him, he’s brilliant. Seems he and Dr. Judy Mikovits we’re involved in the making of a documentary, which I have not yet watched, titled, “Plandemic”:

    And here’s a really good vid I’m watching now with Martin & Mikovits giving a public Q&A following a screening of their documentary Plandemic:

    Martin also compiled “The Fauci Dossier” documenting the mad doctor’s development of what Martin terms a “bio-weapon”:

  22. Dean Ericson

    ABS, stop maundering about your off-topic taxes and go watch those excellent links posted from Dr. David Martin. Now, about those OT taxes: recently read a charming history of a small community adjacent to my own. She relates that in 1959 her total tax bill, school tax and county tax, was $19.27 — under twenty bucks! Now our own burden for those two taxes in a modest home in this same county is over $12,000. And for all that they turn your poor kids into homos and t4annies who can’t read. The department that will come pick up your brush and clippings is pretty efficient, have to give them that, but I just don’t understand how regular people can sustain such a punitive burden.

  23. Dean Ericson

    Muhammad Izadi, let’s have Christians and Muslims United against Bureaucratic Terrorism!

    High fives, bro.

  24. Dean Ericson

    This Dr. David Martin dude is a man of God, of some stripe, don’t know which, but it’s clear that the only men with the brains and stones to oppose the Globalist Devils are men who fear God more than they fear the Prince of This World and his squirmy minions.

  25. Johnno

    Shame on France, the eldest daughter of the Church is behaving like a harlot.

    Macron is literally a madman who needs to be put down. I said it! What? If Saddam Hussein was still around threatening the same, then people would be calling for his head too! What’s the confusion here?

    “I must kill you in order to save you!”- Macron.

    Just put us in the camps and light up the ovens Macron. That’ll be faster.

    Dear French people, ally yourselves with the migrants and take Macron out. Give them all his wealth and properties in exchange. Le roi est mort. French Revolution II. Let’s go!

    Also check out all this hersteria over the Euro Cup! Shouting? Singing? Cheering? No masks?! Literally mass murder!

  26. Dean Ericson

    Ann, there’s certainly some confusing and contradictory elements to the plot. Why attempt to get 100% uptake on the “vaccine”, if the vaccine deletes all your compliant followers? You want to delete your enemies, not your followers. As it is it’s us “enemies” who are resisting the jab. The compliant sheep are lining up to be culled. I can’t quite discern the method to their madness.

  27. Jerry

    I too wondered at the way Australia has succumbed to the COVID hysteria. One would indeed assume Australians would have more grit and a sense of independence.
    Then I realized that the bulk of the population is no doubt concentrated in urban areas, which explains it. Show me an urban population in the West that isn’t leftist wussified.
    This is why the Electoral College is the hill we must all be ready to die on.

  28. Ann Cherry

    Good question, Dean. In this fictional story, the initial vaccine doesn’t “delete” all of the compliant followers, just some of them. Even so, that small *unproven* number of *probably unrelated* deaths-or-hideous-side-effects-by-vaccine, discourages others and creates the dreaded “vaccine hesitancy” instead of their sought-after 100% compliance.

    So, in this (totally fictional!) story, they decide to “get our attention” and also “teach us a lesson” by creating a new, far deadlier virus, that kills even the young and healthy. As a precaution, they create a super-secret “vaccine” for themselves, then release the kraken. They may not have intended to kill 90% of humanity, but oops….just another Unintended (totally unforeseen!) Consequence.

    In an alternative version, they might permit only those with high social credit scores to have the vaccine, in order to incentivize good behavior. Heck, these stories practically write themselves.

  29. Ann Cherry

    Dean, I didn’t finish answering your question, it wasn’t in my fictional story. The reason they wanted 100% compliance, is because the “vaccines” contain lots of nanoparticles and tidbits of this and that. Right now it’s just mRNA in a toxic metallic soup that crosses the blood-brain barrier, or whatever they’re serving up as first course at the Fraudci Cafeteria. Later it will get more complicated and gourmet, as we know. “Boosters!” my friend. Such a happy, upbeat name, they’ll keep us safe, where do we sign up.

    Then, after they’ve forced 100% compliance, (because force is fun for them), they’ll trigger a nanoparticle in those they wish to destroy, which not only kills, but quickly desiccates for later manufacture into… well, you know, the Soylent Green. Because this is a fictional story, of course!

  30. jay retlew

    i think you got the wrong tweet for Micron

  31. Dean Ericson

    Ann, quite possible. When Satan writes the script, and wicked fools play their parts, the show is a bloody horror.

  32. George

    Dear B.

    Re: The Tablet’s The War on Reality did a better job understanding this.

    It did indeed. It was published in Tablet, a magazine devoted to “A new read on Jewish life”, and not in The Tablet.


  33. Daniel Mundy

    One of the current Vax push narratives is that over 18,000 non-vaxxed citizens have died next to virtually zero vaxxed drones since the vaccinations have started. While I can see in the charts that this is more of the “died with than died of” twits, have you looked at dispelling this false claim?

  34. Briggs


    Your question is exactly the right one.

    What we don’t have is data on attributed deaths and vex status. We have numbers of vexxed and unvexxed, and we have doom deaths. But we don’t have the separation, especially by vex brand.

    Curious this isn’t bigger news!

  35. swordfishtrombone

    It’s misleading to compare “no lockdown” Sweden with the UK, as the UK has far more international travel, and 10x the population density, to name two factors. If you more reasonably compare Sweden with its neighbours like Norway and Finland, it did *far* worse: with a 10x higher death rate than Norway, for example.

  36. Joy

    Swordfish you are of course correct.

    Furthermore, Sweden has a vanishingly small amount of travel to and fro Europe let alone the rest of the world, compared with the UK, which still has the busiest skies n the world. Heathrow is still the busiest airport in the world. We have a small area and very tight communities, particularly ethnic. Ironically, right near Heathrow, too.

    Sweden had the same epidemic plan as the UK and still does. They say that locking down is NOT off the table but that it has not as yet been deemed necessary. So it is misrepresentation to claim that Sweden has so far profited [because] they did not lock down.

    They profited because they are [Sweden] with all that goes with their geography and demographics. If you have ever been, you will understand. The best way to understand how a country is doing is to compare them with a normal year. That has to be done over time and for reasons Briggs has himself explained over the years.

    When their health service looks like being overwhelmed they are going t o lock down, at that time.
    We did the same, and our CMO was very surprised to have to take such drastic action and so early. Two to three weeks earlier would have saved more lives but it’s only obvious now after full understanding of the particular speed of spread in our own country. Such early action would have caused more havoc at the other end and without a vaccine, which saves lives and stops the rot, the gap still had to be bridged to Autumn.

    Given the level of exaggeration, poor definition of terms, misrepresentation of what actually happened I find it impossible to simply take on trust ANY claim about what vaccines do or do not do, from such a starting point.

    The MHRA are still looking at the benefits/risks of vaccination of all children. As it stands children who fall into high risk groups are given vaccination in consultation with their consultants and GP’s. We haven’t had the final decision as yet. It may well be that it is considered not worth vaccinating children unless theirs undergoes some massive change, I mean massive. That’s my view.

  37. Joy

    ..unless the ‘virus’ undergoes massive change….

  38. Dennis

    I’m surprised more of the Covid Gestapo types shown in the video Ann posted above haven’t had their faces smashed in…or worse (which is what they really deserve). And now Biden wants to basically federalize these “contact tracer” goons and use them to push vax on people. They’ll deserve whatever fierce reactions they get.

    Stories like this, that keep adding up, are why people must not relent and give in to the vax brigades:

    45 year-old woman, neither needs nor wants Covid vax, gets new job that tells her it’s “mandatory,” she relents and now she is dead. Johns Hopkins and any employer or school trying to force people to take these things should be held both criminally and civilly liable for every experimental vax injury or death they’ve forced upon people.

    If your job or school is claiming these things are mandatory, seek counsel, file suit, dox and shame officials/managers trying to bully you, reach out to resources such as RFK Jr’s Children’s Health Defense…but do not kowtow to the Covid Vax Cult scum trying to force these things on you! No job is worth risking your life with these dangerous jabs (the short term injury or death risk is clearly bad enough, and we don’t even know what the long term effects will be yet, though they are likely extremely grim based on prior animal research with mRNA tech).

  39. Johnno

    Sweden had a spike and then it dropped like a rock.

    Which is typical of a bad flu season. Sweden did what we always do. Let the wave come to shore and crash. Then life goes on.

    The experts were predicting and shitting out models that Sweden, and other countries and states that don’t care woukd be chilling catastrophes.

    Nothing happened.

    So all that’s left is to try and spin the available and over inflated data where if 1 extra person shows up positive on a bogus test than another compliant nation’s then it becomes ammunition to chastise the sensibile one.

    The point however remains. Lockdown nations fared no better than non-lockdowned ones. Because the lockdowns and masks do literally nothing and make things way way worse in several other ways, and the lockdown tyrants know it. This has nothing to do with any virus. The lockdowns are the point, as evidenced in Fauci’s leaked emails.

    Don’t fall for the horse manure of “variants” either. Variants due to mutations can circumvent and infect easier, but thanks to losing complexity due to mutations which always reduce the original contrary to the beliefs of the Darwin-deluded, are always weaker and we already know delta etc symptoms are indistinguishable from mild colds. It’s another hersteria moment whose only source of vitality is mainstream media bullshit.

  40. Ryan

    Re: unclassifieds: Is it normal for their to be a build up of unclassified deaths as cause of death is sorted out in the weeks following when a person died? Could the relatively flat past curve be only those left after classification was resolved?

    I have no idea, but I think that would make a difference in how to reckon the data.

  41. NIdahoCatholic

    Mr. Briggs, might I suggest calling it a “quaccine” instead of vexxine? Makes it more obvious it isn’t a spelling error, and makes it a bit more obvious to the reader that quackery is involved. Dittos PanicDemic.

  42. Johnno

    Of consideration – Question the idea of the American-Paid China-Made Virus being an “accidental leak.”

    Obama Lifted Gain of Function Ban 10 Days Before Leaving Office

    “Having comprehended the information in my article, you are aware that you have been manipulated into compliance with a secret agenda. You are now prepared to face powerful and conclusive documented evidence presented by Dr. David Martin that Covid was an intentional release, not a leak from a lab or a natural virus from bats.”

  43. Ann Cherry

    One or two more thoughts on this thread:

    I don’t know how anyone who reads this blog daily, some of you for years, I assume; and who also, even superficially, thinks about what they’ve read; or who reads some of these cogent, informed and oft-entertaining comments, and follows just some of the links therein, let alone…opens their bloody eyes and looks around their world, outside their gated communities, can continue to sing the praises of masks and lockdowns, with a straight face.

    But in reality, your faces are not straight; they are Joker faces, the evil kind from Batman. But go ahead and show your bloody ignorance and your contempt for the poor people who’ve had their lives destroyed by government fiat, over a virus with a 99.98% survival rate. If the Joker face fits, wear it.

    One thing is certain: in the space of a year, trillions were transferred from the have-nots to the haves, but not one single government worker, at the federal, state or local level, lost their job or took a pay cut, even though many or most, weren’t exactly doing their jobs, or were “doing other things.” We’ll leave it at that, for now.

    When I watch TV News Anchors, in Australia and elsewhere, tell us, with those same Joker faces, that due to “variants” and (say, fer instance..) “35 new cases”……lockdowns will increase, and (exact words) “We are now in a New World Order,” I’m inclined to believe them.

    Some of us learned or remember who first said that: George H.W. Bush, as he announced his “Thousand Points of Light” and too few saw this for the Globalism it was, even then; but these days, when someone on State-run TV says we’re in a New World Order, we take an even darker view of their intentions.

    But that would make us a bunch of paranoid conspiracy nuts, right? Because there’s nothing worrisome about lockdowns, forced masking, closed schools, churches and businesses, or even “Purpose-Built Quarantine Camps,” because it’s for The Common Good. Because Racism is a Health Emergency.

    I almost posted a Bitchute video of a young man in Argentina being held down for forced vaccination by a whole team, on a rooftop no less. Talk about a cautionary tale. But there’s no way of verifying these types of phone videos, and a couple commentators screamed fake. It looked realistic to me, and some said, yes, that’s such and such place, totally what goes on there. Who knows. God bless, even the Joker faces. They need our prayers more than anyone, and when all else fails we still pray for their conversion to Christianity. That includes at the highest levels of our Church.

  44. swordfishtrombone

    Ann Cherry,

    If you can believe in a talking snake, I suppose you can believe in anything, including a video supposedly showing a forced vaccination in Argentina, a country in which there have been protests against the lack of vaccination:

    Argentina’s gravediggers are threatening to strike over demands that cemetery workers burying the dead are vaccinated against COVID-19, a test for the South American country’s government which has faced hold-ups to its vaccine roll-out. [Reuters, May 19]

    Thousands of people demonstrated in cities across Argentina on Saturday to protest the “VIP vaccinations” scandal that forced the health minister to resign. Gines Gonzalez Garcia quit a week ago at the president’s request after it emerged that his friends had been able to skip the line for coronavirus inoculation. [CTV News, Feb 28]

  45. Ann Cherry

    Swordfish (the fish with the long nose): from your clip, it sounds like “Argentina’s gravediggers” don’t want to be vaccinated….? As for the “thousands” of Argentineans that are “demonstrating against VIP vaccinations”….maybe line-jumping by elitists violates everyone’s basic sense of fairness, or maybe they were demonstrating against other things, like in Cuba.

    Besides, no doubt they’ve been lied to there, as here, about the efficacy of the Vexxine and the death-rate from Coronadoom. They ought to be rooting for their VIPs to get that jab. Let the *important* people get all the pulmonary blood clots…..

    If the Vexxine is so desirable, then why do they have to force it on the unwilling? Why have about half our U.S. healthcare workers (last I heard), and about half of employees at Fraudci’s own agency, so far refused the shot? (Many healthcare workers say it’s because they HAD the doom, and therefore have durable immunity.)

    We ask, and ask again… why let them inject us with untested, unproved gene-altering agents, suspended in a toxic metallic soup designed to cross the blood/brain barrier, (with the promise of endless “boosters” containing who-the-hell-knows-what), for a virus with a survival rate about the same as the flu, when they can’t even promise that the Vexxine will prevent catching the virus or it’s “variants”…. which is the newly-popular, allegedly scarier, name for the mutation process…because it’s in a virus’ best interest, to become more contagious and less deadly. Emphasis on “less deadly.”

    But go ahead and lie, Swordfish long-nose, you’re in good company: some in the Biden Regency want us to think that the millions of Cubans were protesting last weekend, not because they’ve lived under a crushing Communist dictatorship for over 60 years, but because the weren’t getting their Vexxines fast enough (despite being offered them, and despite having *the best healthcare system in the world* according to noted Sicko and bloviator, Michael Moore, who made $multi-millions by lying to fellow stupid people, even better than does Swordfish long-nose & company!

  46. swordfishtrombone

    Ann Cherry,

    it sounds like “Argentina’s gravediggers” don’t want to be vaccinated….? As for the “thousands” of Argentineans that are “demonstrating against VIP vaccinations”….maybe line-jumping by elitists violates everyone’s basic sense of fairness, or maybe they were demonstrating against other things, like in Cuba.

    Nope. The gravediggers were protesting about NOT being vaccinated (Title “Argentina’s gravediggers plead for vaccines as death toll climbs”) PLEAD FOR VACCINES! That’s what’s happening in the real world outside your rightwing misinformation bubble. And people wouldn’t take to the streets to protest others jumping the vaccine queue unless they wanted the vaccine, not to mention that VIPs wouldn’t be jumping the queue unless they wanted the vaccine either.

    If the Vexxine is so desirable, then why do they have to force it on the unwilling?

    No one has been forced to take the vaccine.

    why let them inject us with untested [blah]

    The vaccines aren’t untested, nor do your other random complaints have any substance.

  47. The Farmer

    Keep going….your naiveness is entertaining!

  48. Joy

    Re section on post above which reads:
    “cases” means those testing positive for covid 19 with a +ive PCR test
    “Death” figures defined as those who die within 28 days of a +ive Covid 19 test

    Left hand graph Titled:
    “daily new cases”.
    “Data as of 000 GMT + 0”

    Jan 22nd 2021
    March 1st 2021
    April 8th 2021
    May 16th 2021
    Jun 23rd 2021

    Right hand graph Titled:
    Deaths per day
    Data as of 0:00 GMT + 8

    12th …2021
    19th …2021
    4th …2021
    10th …2021

    Check with a different browser and the twitter feed does not even show on screen, ahem, but only when you’ve gone to and fro’ Worldomter (presumably) to check .

    {} the right hand, graph is covered up …no months or moving average ‘radio buttons’ showing.

    {} Worldometer TODAY
    Take snapshots of pages if you still care

  49. Jim G

    Lately all I’ve been hearing on the news is vaccine is good, everyone dying from Delta is unvaccinated, even from a co-worker concerned that I wasn’t jabbed yet. This didn’t seem to agree with a video I had watched a few weeks earlier so I pulled the latest UK stats (search Variants_of_Concern_VOC_Technical_Briefing_17.pdf). Starting on page 13 you will find a table of case and death numbers. The video I watched was trying to say that those vaccinated were dying more than the unvaccinated, and that was true in the #16 stats where they didn’t break it down by age. In the new report #17 two things are clear: (1) those under 50 have no prevention of death from getting vaccinated (0.010 % dead/cases vs. 0.011 % but very small dead N=6) and (2) those over 50 have about 4x deaths if unvaccinated (0.907 % vs. 3.893 %). The funny thing is, those over 50 who got one jab did 3x better than those who got 2 jabs. Since the N values for cases over 50 was low (7,499 vaccinated vs. 978 unvaccinated) it is possible there may be other reasons for the much higher death rates compared to those under 50. Note that for those under 50 the case number unvaccinated (52,846) is much larger than vaccinated (19,693). It is quite clear that at least in the UK, the unvaccinated aren’t all dying yet but they might be getting infected less often. One would need to know the total population vaccinated vs. unvaccinated to know the full picture.

  50. Dennis

    It’s clear from the data everywhere that I’ve seen (knock yourselves out with Google, etc.) that the govt is simply lying when Dementia Joe and the CDC head go around claiming, as they did yesterday, that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Pure BS designed to justify more pressure to submit to unsafe and unnecessary experimental jabs and further govt crackdowns on basic civil rights and liberties (I especially don’t know how Aussies continue to put up with what they’ve endured without storming capitols and drowning the govt scum into the nearest body of water). Also keep in mind the govt announced a few months back that they’d use different test cycle numbers for “breakthrough cases” in the vaxxed versus new “cases” in the unvaxxed (So they are trying to manufactured a “pandemic of the unvaxxed” – and still failing according to the data).

    This is, once again, a pandemic of testing manufacturing “cases.” And scaremongering over “variants.”

    By the way, regarding the so-called “Delta” variant…does any one know precisely how this is being tested for in most people and it determined whether they have the orig thing or a some scariant? If PCR is unable even to differentiate between live virus and dead viral fragments, how can it differentiate between “variants”? Especially in the slap-dash way much of this mass testing is being carried out with very little proper training at pop-up test centers and few protocols in place to ensure lack of cross-contamination, etc? Or are they just assuming now every new “case” is a “delta”?

  51. Joy

    Variants are identified by sampling of local areas of the population. They are analysed at Porten Down.

    It is carried out in a separate way and place to normal PCR testing.

    The UK is testing samples from all over the world, was doing from early last year.
    to identify new types and sequences.

    Same as happens all the time in flu but people are blissfully unaware, of what goes on to protect older and vulnerable people from flu and other infectious disease.

    Also, is the reason WHY our country and other developed nations with vaccine programmes have older populations. Influenza and pneumonia vaccination has saved lives and increased life expectancy as well as taking winter pressure from hospitals and inpatient care settings.

    It seems there’s only one quarter who are actually in a flap about variants. Those being the media and those reacting to it. When they say,
    “a variant of concern” for example,
    Posing a potential risk to the so far successful roll out of the vaccine.

    Projecting fear onto the masses which isn’t there is a source of potential quixotic countering.

    Such language as a variant of concern would be used even in a ‘normal’ year when flu strains are chosen as targets for vaccines. It’s language not to be aeriated about.

    Why is the information coming from Twitter anyway? Why ignore the covering up of very basic graphics?
    If all they’re doing anyway i using the same graphs, best go to the source.

    Lastly, the video of the New Zealander saying they’re looking for the last few who haven’t come forward for vaccines is saying nothing like
    “we’re going to hunt them down”.
    That’s just misrepresentation and exaggeration again. AKA activism.

  52. Dennis

    “Same as happens all the time in flu but people are blissfully unaware, of what goes on to protect older and vulnerable people from flu and other infectious disease.”

    And this is the same policy that should be followed with Coronadoom (treat it as any other seasonal endemic flu-like virus at this point – which should have been the policy since a least May or June of last year – and try to protect the most vulnerable while the rest get on with life), instead of endless political and media obsession for 18 months and counting, with the resultant economic and social destruction that continues in so many places.

    Even in the US, which is largely back to normal in most places, variant scaremongering has people talking about perhaps renewed muzzle mandates or lockdowns as Fall approaches in coming months, and the largest teachers’ union is still pushing to keep schools closed to in-person learning, speciously claiming it’s just too dangerous to re-open, or to do so without mandatory vaccines and muzzles for kids.

    They’re even trying to fast-track “full approval” of the jabs now, to make it easier for govts, employers, and schools to try to make the jabs mandatory for people to be allowed to function and have any kind of life (critics can’t claim they’re “experimental” if we just short-circuit all the normal testing and approval processes, ignore adverse reactions – more deaths than all prior vaccines combined since VAERS began! – and change their definition from EUA to “fully-approved”!).

    And now the US admits it is pressuring social media and internet companies to remove users engaged in otherwise protected speech that the govt deems “misinformation.” And most people seem not to care – Psaki and Biden are basically gloating about it – real free speech appears dead in this country, even among ACLU-types). I almost wish I did litigation – this should be slam-dunk class action suit for everyone who’s been deplatformed on such grounds against the Biden admin and every social media company. It is unconstitutional for the govt to coerce or pressure nominally “private” actors (same with outsourcing surveillance that would otherwise require govt to get a warrant) to do what the govt itself cannot do under the First Amendment (And they’re not really private in a real sense any longer, but all part of one united private-public bureaucratic-surveillance NatSec state; this is why ConInc GOP types need to get over their fetishization of “muh private corporations”).

  53. Joy

    there’s a lot of mixed up themes and elements in your comment some of which are separate to the point about the science, not the facts of virology and the current state of the art with regards to the vaccine and development thereof.

    What do you make of the graph I pointed out? Small point, but I’m interested as to why you’re not suspicious about it…just a slip of the snapshot? Why cover up the times and moving average markers? Wordlometer is available to anyone who also has a Twitter feed so why not just look at Worldometer? Why go to Twitter fo information?
    Why worry that New Zealand’s doing what other countries are doing or will do and trying to mop up those too lazy or otherwise slow/incapable to organise a vaccine?
    Why read into that something else is going on. Did you not realise that Western governments know where tehir citizens live?
    You can argue, and might that it’s none of their business but given the situation they’re still going to come knocking or writing, or phoning to offer a jab.

    If you work in healthcare you’d know how lazy people are, a section of the population don’t take responsibility for their own health not because they’re anti vaxers per se, just because…no reason!

    Everything is. a trigger, it seems for more fury with the left. You didn’t need this epidemic to know the left for what they are. Yet the epidemic is world wide. It isn’t just politics. Politics has embroiled itself.

  54. Dennis

    I didn’t see any graphs in your previous comment I was responding to (with variations on other themes as well, as you said). If you mean the one from a couple comments ago..ok…so I clicked the Worldometer link. What do I see in the current graphs (not cumulative totals since this all began)? Rising “cases” are meaningless, and have been for a long time (I assume I don’t need to rehash the problem with mass PCR testing, esp. of asymptomatic people, etc), and alleged deaths remain negligible (even assuming they are correct – but we’re given no details to make us believe these are reliable either – official “Covid death” stat inflation has been a problem about as big as testing).

    Much ado about nothing. I simply do not care about “cases” and haven’t for ages. I have no clue even how many alleged cases there have been in my state since last June or so, when I stopped paying attention to the governor’s and local media’s daily charts and freakout sessions.

    As for : “…but given the situation they’re still going to come knocking or writing, or phoning to offer a jab,” any govt goon who comes knocking and harassing me over getting a jab will leave my porch with a rearranged face!

  55. Joy

    Okay Dennis,
    You don’t quite see what I’m talking about with regards the graphs.
    I’m not inviting another discussion about cases. Again, the only ones who seem so bothered are those reacting to those they think are reacting or those trying to make others react! Forget ‘cases’.

    can you see the graphs on this page? From WOM? If not clear your browser or use a different device. Remove all cookies so the page loads fresh.
    That’s the graph I’m talking about.

    Why does it appear like that?

    You’re overreacting about the person “knocking”. I expect where you live, given your description, you’ll receive a phone call or a letter. Just as individuals on a screening programme would. In areas where they expect you to be infirm they might knock at your door or attend a residence. Maybe in America it couldn’t happen because funding somehow limits that kind of thing, I don’t know but either way don’t get upset on behalf of New Zealanders. It’s necessary.
    Re the Science I think you would find that a more fruitful area to look at.
    You suggested somethings should have been sorted by last May. How do you think that would have panned out?

    I think there’s quite a lot who assume still, despite being shown otherwise, that this is not something that could have been managed like an endemic disease. The same individuals working in the field for flu, are doing so for this disease. You don’t need to be taking political opinions or governors decisions for any kind of clinical evidence, obviously. Yet it seems this is what is winding so many people up in the US.

    If you go punching strangers you might find yourself in lockdown all over again!

  56. Joy

    Sorry a n error, second to last paragraph should read:
    “I think there’s quite a lot who assume still, despite being shown otherwise, that this IS something that could have been managed like an endemic disease. The same individuals working in the field for flu, are doing so for this disease…”
    also Unnecessary to worry about New Zealand
    On the right wing side, I see a potential use of the epidemic as an excuse to gain tighter immigration and border control.
    That is only a good thing in my view, yet I don’t think people on theft have started levelling that accusation as yet, give them time.

  57. Joy

    On the left not “theft’

  58. Dennis

    The only graphs I saw on that link are what I said before: one each for cumulative “cases” and deaths, and one each for daily new “cases” and deaths. None of which, especially the UK numbers, particularly interest me at this point. To borrow a phrase I like from another context: “Hippocleides don’t care!”

    The virus itself, alleged “cases,” alleged “deaths,” etc, are a meaningless distraction at this point from the key political, social, and economic issues we face that have been caused by the response to the virus. The response to the virus has been disastrous (indeed criminal – we need global trials and severe punishment for the perpetrators), and far more deadly and damaging than the virus itself. The only Covid-related things I care about at this point are those related to preserving and protecting civil liberties, the return to normal life as free, sane people, and the right of people not to be coerced into experimental medical procedures more dangerous than the virus they claim to fight.

    I’m lost and to why you keep bringing up New Zealand. I did a quick check above, and don’t see any mention of NZ from me or anyone on this thread except you. I do think I or someone else may have pointed out yesterday on another thread the utterly insane and Orwellian recent statement by their PM, “Disregard everything else (other information sources). We (the govt) will be your sole source of truth.” She only says out loud what many govts everywhere believe and act like, including the US with its latest open admission of unconstitutionally pressuring social media companies to de-platform people the regime deems guilty of “misinformation.”

    And if Covid Stasi don’t want to be punched in the face, they’d best not risk trespassing on private property to harass people over their private medical choices! (Also, the only way they’d know you were not vaxxed to begin with would be by illegally obtaining your private medical info in violation of HIPAA, so there’s that issue as well here in the US).

  59. Joy

    Dennis, you’re making the point I’m demonstrating. You’re looking at a different page.
    (That’s no accident.)

    Whether you care wasn’t strictly relevant to the point about the page. I’m appealing to your logic and basic simple screen-view of cogent information. It’s not a personal criticism, in case it’s still not clear, it’s a point of curiosity.

    The NZ video and graphs appear on the very one you’re looking at right now…(the link was by comparison, forget the link if you can’t see the graph, you’ve confirmed my suspicions).

  60. Joy

    Cases graph: (left hand)
    Jan 05
    Jan 30
    Feb 24
    Mar 21
    Apr 15
    May 10
    Jun 04
    Jun 29

    Deaths: (right hand)
    Jan 18
    Feb 13
    Mar 11
    Apr 06
    May 02
    May 28
    Jun 23

    “It seems, as scientists of old expected, the virus has mutated in less virulent forms. Continuing to track “cases” (positive tests) is silly and incompetent.”

    I wonder if that line shows UP?
    1 since statistics can’t prove cause, to look at half a graph which is not even a true representation or accurate and say something about virulent strains is rather… silly?

    since 7 months appear on the actual graph and none of the numbers line up, it’s hard to know how, let alone why you’re drawing any information at all about virulence, death, vaccine success or anything else.

    If you want to look at strains then you take the viruses and look at them. You don’t count cases. Each change on the genetic sequence can and does relate directly to how the virus spreads or infects itself more efficiently.

    Saying tracking traces has any bearing is to miss the point entirely.
    ‘Variants’ of concern are first flagged up when unusual patterns of spread appear in small populations such as happened in Kent. Further investigation did show a new virus type which was more infectious and the reasons have been explained elsewhere. Along with why it matters when multiplying numbers of virus with the same virulence, even, Coes give a three week lag time for healthcare provision to know what’s coming.

    Cases as a figure on their own tell you noting without the rest of the information about the given population; who’s collecting the data; which tests; where they are in a given nation and on and on.
    Saying anything about the virus itself or a specific strain from so little information is to say something wrong

  61. Joy

    Banging on. About cases is a straw man as they say on line:

    I warned earlier they were juicing the panic—have doctors/Experts no morals in the UK?—by switching from “hospitalizations for COVID” to “in hospital with COVID”, and pretending they were the same.
    Headline: “Up to 40% of ‘Covid hospital patients’ infected with Delta variant may have been admitted for a different illness, official figures suggest”.
    Then we come to the “cases” hersteria, and the dishonest attempts to continue the panic:
    U.K. cases are much worse this year compared to last although deaths are comparable to last year at this time
    — Peace is a State of Being (@PeaceisBeing) July 8, 2021

    That’s faslse:
    They are on the side of the angels.
    Nobody changed the definitions of cases. There are just people making the claim.
    Those coming into hospital are tested.
    Clearly, since test supply is not the limiting factor, there will inevitably be more cases or positive tests showing up. We told Trump that. Trump was right! What’s your problem?
    I explained this several times and specifically to John B some six months or more ago.
    Through the very first onset of this disease our country had very few tests. We did not use the bad tests once it was identified they were not fit for purpose, (Chinese tests, and it was announced officially and said in parliament).
    So as we developed our own test, tested it, rolled It out, and then set up the track and trace system, so the obvious cases or positive test results show up in sequence until saturation or sufficient tests are available. This needs to be understood when looking at any graph of the UK with regards to cases or positive test results, call it a rose. (+ive PCR test aka ‘pcr+’)
    Now, like in other areas of the world, cases are increasing again with opening up as is expected AND predicted.
    Deaths are not keeping pace and the link is considered to be broken. There are only a few seriously ill post vaccine and even fewer who have died. Graphs are available at Public Health England. Or google old Downing Street briefings, I believe the last one showed such a graph if I recall correctly. (12th July?)

  62. Dennis

    Oh, I thought you were referring to comments or to the world meter page charts and not to Briggs’ info posted above about some health official in NZ saying they hunt people down. Well, it is true what he said. Though what their PM said the other day about govt being “sole source of info” is even worse.

    As for, “Now, like in other areas of the world, cases are increasing again with opening up as is expected AND predicted.” “Cases” are irrelevant and were declining when vax rates were even lower (flu season ending…as it does every year). Many places have seen “cases” increase after mass vaccine rollout. My guess is that the jabs are inducing more false positives than before (and it appears their efficacy in real world conditions was vastly overstated by Big Pharma after initial trials – quelle surprise! At most they may provide a few months limited protection. Cheaper and safer prophylactics and treatments such as HCQ, Ivermectin, mass use of vitamins C, D, zinc, etc. would have been the better way to go, than rushing out these dangerous jabs and coercing people into them.

    The only metric that matters is death, and “Covid deaths” are negligible still even under the most generous accounting methods. Most people who die, die of other things. And it’s long past time for the obsession with Covid “cases” to end. We don’t obsessed about cases of many other things that are far worse and more deadly than Covid. Might they rise in fall and winter as they always do during flu season? Sure. That’s life.

    I do suspect we will see massive death and illness in the relatively near future among the vaxxed, however, as medium and long-term adverse reactions (are they really “adverse” or are they intended, not a bug but a feature?) from mRNA jabs takes its effect and begins culling the population.

  63. Joy

    You’re avoiding the questions but never mind, I was curious . As with John B one should not be made to shoulder the claims of someone else and be forced to defend those claims. It’s asking a bit much, especially in this kind of a debate.
    Public and all.
    So this comment is not aimed specifically at you but feel free to comment, I found recent evidence and a lot is said. Those would be the kinds of claims to counter. Not false ones made or printed in the ragtag tabloids.
    One of the quotes below is directly at odds with the claim made in this post.

    9:00 minutes briefing start, scroll forward
    Diagrams/Graphs start at 15:00 mins showing results of road map tests for reopening further, to no restrictions by law.
    Second and third graphics show what the claim actually is about the vaccine:
    15:40 second graphic includes asymptomatic cases or +ive PCR
    16:22 Third graphic showing results from vaccination on numbers of those seriously ill in hospital or dying
    By tomorrow every ADULT will have been offered their first dose. Two thirds of adults will have received two doses.

    Also please note the emphasised point is directly in opposition to what the post above claim quoted above:
    17:00 to 17:10 Chris points out the good news and says:
    “The rates of hospitalisations, whilst not trivial and rising, (so over 2700 people are in hospital with covid at the moment), is way below both the first bit and the second bit o the peak…so Autumn and winter and spring of this year and spring of last year. “
    He also said,
    “The delta variant is now the dominant area in the UK”
    So it’s self evident that there’s no panic over the Delta variant.
    He also speaks about where there was agreement and where there was not so much agreement. *regarding ideal dates for reopening.

    Incidentally, I said a week ago, I could tell, again, Boris had a cold, turns out he’s tested positive again
    I’m fond of Boris and hope he’s okay.

  64. Joy


    Second graph at 15:40 minutes

    “Protection against Symptomatic cases of the Delta variant after one and two doses of the vaccine”

    I said asymptomatic cases (misheard Chris and did not look at the graphic title).
    The meaning and point is unchanged though, asymptomatic and symptomatic neither ending in hospital admission. Asymptomatic meaning those with a positive test with no onset of symptoms.

    “The Delta variant is now the dominant one in the UK”

  65. Joy

    The idea that there is a n exclusive choice, as to “going on e way or another” is false. Someone saying that was the choice is not telling the truth.

    You’re talking about pharmaceutical companies in the same way as greenies talk about big oil.
    It’s fallacious when they do it as it is now. There have been serious problems with rolling out the vaccine from the UK as a result of competition from companies charging ten times the price for one Jab. There are reasons for argument with that regard and with regards to how the vaccines were authorised, their trial disruption right at a criti cal point but none of that is relevant to whether they have a permanent effect or temporary one on immunity. It is not and never was the sole aim to provide permanent immunity. (although it is preferred) developers aren’t unrealistic about what is likely or fee
    achievable. So you’re presenting another straw man.

    “the only metric that matters is death”
    No, you’ve been reading some strange material.
    Unnecessary and avoidable deaths can occur due to secondary effects on service provision. the mortality rate is only one consideration. If everybody in the country all had (for argument’s sake) appendicitis all at once, imagine how that would look. You’re extremely unlucky to die of an ruptured appendix these days.

    So it’s the timing of the infections which count, regarding the numbers of patients who present all at once. There’s no getting away from that fact. Saying only deaths as counted matter is odd.

    As for saying only people of a certain age, die? Not a Christian view, but one many pragmatists argue, for doing nothing. Not exactly “pro life” , Christian, or charitable.

    Saying just do as we normally do was unrealistic, not to mention unoriginal and rather pointless. We took that route for as long as possible, always with a view to taking as minimal action as possible. That’s the truth, whatever contrary false claims you hear form elsewhere. There is evidence physical evidence, that this is the case. There is also evidence that Sweden did the same and that their epidemic took a different speed and shape of spread. Ye ti doesn’t stop the facile claims

  66. The Farmer

    Never ceases to amaze how much in a bubble so many of you are. The calcuable and incalcuable effect that is at best reactionary and at worst calculated has had on the world economy, the perception of how we handle adversity, the development of the next several generations all because you people in your bubble think you can control events and nature is the saddest point we have reached as a society and a species.

  67. Joy

    the development of the next several generations all because you people in your bubble think you can control events and nature is the saddest point we have reached as a society and a species

    Well if it were true, yes.
    nature is affected by humans, of course it is.
    “control” is a strong word. You can control cultures in a petri dish or in a patient with an infection.
    You can control the weeds in your garden.

    So clearly there’s another definition assumption in that accusation.
    Time and time again, the public are told as a piece that it is impossible to eradicate the virus but we still have comments from the farmer claiming people think otherwise.

    Real farmers know that they control/manage/steer/manipulate, nature around them even if they don’t have overall omnipotent control of all elements, such as the weather, for example.

    What people hate is being told what to do. Most of the moaning and complaining is all this is about.
    One man’s version of freedom up against another’s.
    Yet evidently, we have to pretend it’s really about something noble….I say be honest, to that

  68. The Farmer

    Unfortunately for you it is true.
    I have worked on both sides…as a farmer and in the pharma industry so I will venture my perspective is a bit rounder.
    It is all about control. It is the acceptance of the fact that nature is bigger than us and that we will lose if we pretend we can control and manipulate it that will either destroy or preserve the race.
    Your “real farmers”, manipulated by big AG (oh there we simpletons go again blaming “Big”) have adulterated the food supply to the point where it has become all about mitigating those disastrous effects in the name of public health. This is a continuation.
    Sorry you feel challenged given your alleged superior knowledge and ability to determine what is the best one true course. History will show, now won’t it?

  69. Joy

    I didn’t tell you how I felt I told you what I thought
    You’re simply being unrealistic yourself and framing everything to suit some perception about how “everybody thinks”. How is that different to my saying that it’s all about control and not wanting to be told what to do?
    Clearly you agree on that point.

    As far as working on both sides, I take it your’e a small holder with knowledge of statistics which has given you an opining int he pharmaceutical field. Your opinion is as valid as the point you make.

    There is not one mind amongst the public who comply or agree with some rules as opposed to others. There are just perceived enemies and groups with labels given by those who like to arbitrarily bin people, as much as the next!

  70. Joy

    It is all about control. It is the acceptance of the fact that nature is bigger than us and that we will lose if we pretend we can control and manipulate it that will either destroy or preserve the race
    who is “we”
    People do manipulate it,, there’s no pretence about it
    They control in the way that reins control a horse, i.e. the horse gets a say, or the uneven ground or the cliff edge! The lightening bolt?

    Nobody has overall control of anything in life, they just think they do.
    See German floods

  71. Joy

    The contention, also, was with your comment in italics

    the development of the next several generations all because you people in your bubble think you can control events and nature is the saddest point we have reached as a society and a species
    I said,
    “Well if it were true, yes.”
    If you think my view is superior the challenge is yours

  72. The Farmer

    Nice try but rather than disparage me I suggest you ever actually get your hands dirty. It might give you the ability to see how the world works.

  73. Joy

    I wasn’t disparaging you.
    I responded to your initial comment as above.
    Hands dirty?
    I’m a physiotherapist with years of experience, wards, ITU, rehab, care fo the elderly, women’s health, military, corporate banking, private health care, and a keen self taught gardener.

    I currently am a carer for someone who needs personal care and do that voluntarily, since lock down began last year. I performed life saving CPR on one individual who hates me to the point where she wants me hurt, big time. That’s just a small window.

    So, things aren’t necessarily all they seem.
    You say I am naive!

  74. Dennis

    I don’t know what questions I’m supposedly avoiding. This started about 15 posts ago as something about a few graphs in a link to Worldometer, which I looked at and were of slight interest, and you keep on with more vids and charts about variant this or that, cases, hospitalization rates, single vs. double jabbed, symptomatic this vs asymptomatic that, appendicitis analogies, etc…I’m not sure what the question, or even argument actually, is at this point.

    “Boris had a cold, turns out he’s tested positive again”
    LOL! The BoJo the Clown show rolls on…

    He had it already, double jabbed on top of it, enthusiastic muzzle wearer (except at G7 photo-ops!) has the sniffles and yet is told he’s positive again…and the people pushing continued mass testing, lockdowns, muzzles, dangerous and worthless jabs, and endless Covid paranoia still won’t draw the right conclusions. What we are seeing everywhere is massive “vaccine” failure…and in the next few months we’ll really start to see the medium and long term effects of these mRNA jabs manifest.

  75. Joy

    Dennis, You’re a lawyer, you can cope with a bit of paperwork!
    The one you didn’t answer is the one of curiosity which referred to the graphs on this page, nowhere else.
    You already said you don’t see them so that’s that, you’re not even curious! So you must think I’m making it up or something. That’ curious.
    My point is, uncomfortable as it might be, that content her is not visible to everybody in the same way.
    Or people are just ignoring important statistical detail!

    Re vaccines, I posted the vids which show graphs, they arevegitimate and officially produced ‘evidence’ ‘claims’ ‘arguments’. Those are the ones to argue about, is my point, not the ones from the Daily mail or Twitter.

    The point I am making is that if data is worth quoting on a Twitter feed whether it is visible to everyone or not, it is worth doing from the source! Since what was posted was false.
    You can’t see it!!! So, point is lost on you, never mind.

    Regarding Boris, he hasn’t got Covid, he has just been in contact with two others who have tested positive.
    I said he has a cold, which he still appears to have. Maybe he will contract covid again, or test positive. If you looked at the graphics instead of dismissing them you’d realise the claim is NOT that vaccines work 100 precent.

    Let me know if I covered it all as I’m away soon again
    *well said on today’s post.

  76. Joy

    Don’t even know what that word was before it was changed by guesser
    erm, official? legitimate?
    Re Boris, Ii know I said he HAD covid, that was how the news headline was put over to me, shows how Chinese whispers work.
    There are some testing positive for the infection (proper) who have been double jabbed and a very few have actually died. St this stage, they are expecting more, not remotely enough to make claims that vaccines are “X’

    They work, at the moment, long may that continue
    Soon the disease will be looted into it’s endemic place alongside pneumonia and flu. It’s just not happening soon enough for you.

  77. Joy

    ‘hotted”. ….slotted!
    If a word ever looks bizarre, it’s the spell guesser and it loves me very much

  78. Dennis

    If by “this page, nowhere else,” then yes, I saw the graphs Briggs posted (which quite well illustrate his points and why the madness is overblown), and I saw your links to Worldometer (which are the ones I thought you were banging on about).

    So now they’re just scared Boris may have been in “contact” with someone who tested positive!…even more of a clown show!

    “Soon the disease will be slotted into it’s endemic place alongside pneumonia and flu. It’s just not happening soon enough for you”

    The problem is that THEY won’t let it. The powers that be want more and everlasting control over people and their lives, and more economic centralization among the oligarchs. And it will not end because the mRNA jabs and continued mass testing will make sure of it (they can manipulate “positive” numbers with PCR at will, just adjust the cycles), and likely mass illness and death will ensue from the mRNA jab effects (the real “pandemic” will be vaccine-induced – and it is, I believe, deliberate).

  79. Joy

    If you saw the graph, tell me which months they were on the right hand graph from January 2021 to date.
    If you’re looking at what I’m looking at you’re either being very slippery or you’re mistaken that you’re seeing what I’m seeing.
    Still a small point but the curiosity grows.
    Ps, why do you think I care what you think…I think… care…..about Boris?
    I was being a news spoiler for expected thing tomorrow!!!
    private game, nobody’s allowed to. play but me and I take my bat and ball home if anyone complains.

  80. Dennis

    “the graph.” Now multiple references to various graphs here and at worldometer (and perhaps others) have been reduced to “the graph” which apparently I’m missing (and which is absolutely essential to all!). Just post “the graph” (or a link) you are now so concerned about here then.

    “…which months they were on the right hand graph from January 2021 to date.” I have no idea what the “right hand graph” is (the graphs on the worldometer link are not side-by-side, but proceed vertically down the page), and the dates on the graphs there are plotted along the bottom horizontal line.

    This graph business has really grown tiresome. I give up.

  81. Joy

    It matters to me because the truth matters.
    The point is small but the principle is not

  82. Dennis

    But you keep bouncing around between references to various graphs (some on different webpages altogether) that allegedly prove your point, such that I can’t tell at this point point which graph where is meant to prove which point exactly…and then you end up just saying “the graph” (is this like The Science?).

  83. Joy

    You already answered. For those who come later and read this:
    => July 16th at 12:37 pm
    (First mention of the graph in question)

    Re section on post above which reads:

    That you can’t see it is firstly the pint I suspected, secondly if you can’t who else can’t, thirdly if nobody gives a fig?
    Just double standards of diligence , it seems…The graph is clearly misleading and wrong. Why? Was the point and why copy a substandard Twitter post *or any post, which only a select few will even see?

  84. The Farmer

    She is not worth it Bro….I got bored with her a while ago.

  85. Joy

    The Farmer
    It isn’t about your entertainment, or me, it’s about the truth
    A pretty basic one in this example

    I’m not here to waste your time or anyone else’s

  86. Dennis

    Ok, I went to that Twitter link and to your Worldometer link again. I’m not sure what is the “offending article” at the Twitter link (she clearly just copied her graphs from WOM, just with a different date range, going back further to give us a comparison to last year at the same time, than your page link has).

    The graphs on both pages show the same thing. If you look at the right-hand side of the horizontals on at both the Twitter link and the WOM link, and look at the period around May to the current latest update for 2021, you see alleged “cases” rising, while attributed “deaths” since about April 2021 remain negligible.

    What, again, is supposed to be the problem?

    “Cases” (as defined for this one virus by the propaganda machine) are meaningless anyway, as I will never tire of drumming into people’s heads.

    And it’s clear that attributed deaths have also been vastly over-stated, not least because of failure to distinguish “with” and “from” Covid, and because of other inconsistent and arbitrary parameters (such as, in some places, counting anyone who died of anything within 28 days of a positive test being listed as a “Covid death” – yet, people who die within even less than 28 days of getting a Big Pharma mRNA jab are, we’re told, all pure coincidences!)

  87. Joy

    she clearly just copied her graphs from WOM, just with a different date range, going back further to give us a comparison to last year at the same time, than your page link has).

    So now we’ve got the same page, can you tell me which dates you see on the right hand graph

  88. Dennis

    Twitter lady’s or WOM’s? Hers end June 23 and June 10 (tweet was from July 8). WOM’s both end July 19.

    The point remains – each shows a sharp rise in “cases” between about mid-May and now (PCR test-driven casedemic), while deaths remain negligible.

    Time for the world to move on. Live with it like countless other things in this world. People die and get sick from many things – the vast majority of them not from Covid.

  89. Joy

    Yeah, Dennis, you didn’t read the months because I presume you can’t see them either.

    Shame you defended an offering that was not yours to start with.
    Some Twitter lady get she venefit of the coubt for a half baked effort at not posting what actually was the graph.

    she clearly just copied her graphs from WOM, just with a different date range, going back further to give us a comparison to last year at the same time, than your page link has).
    Move on, but the evidence is there for people to start to wonder what the heck is going on with this meaningless and pointless skepticism.

  90. Dennis

    “Shame you defended an offering that was not yours to start with.”

    Honest to God I don’t know what point you are still trying to make with regard to these freaking graphs or why they so upset you! That the graphs in her tweet of July 8 have earlier cut-off dates than the latest WOM updates of July 19? Well duh! So what…they still show the same relation between alleged “cases” and attributed deaths holding true…sharp rise in “cases” since mid-May until now, but still negligible deaths. There’s no problem.

  91. Rupert

    “It’s misleading to compare “no lockdown” Sweden with the UK, as the UK has far more international travel, and 10x the population density, to name two factors. If you more reasonably compare Sweden with its neighbours like Norway and Finland, it did *far* worse: with a 10x higher death rate than Norway, for example.”

    So because Sweden neighbors Norway and Finland therefore they automatically are comparable in terms of the “two factors” that you mention or the others you leave unmentioned? Quite the logical leap: why not directly compare countries that are more comparable in terms of relevant variables. Furthermore, the population density thing is a red-herring. What is pertinent in virus transmission is not the overall density (population/landmass) but the density of the major population centers. Sweden does have a lower density than the UK but that is only because vast swathes of the land are uninhabited. When you take that fact into consideration the difference between the two is not nearly as signficant a factor. As far as “far more international travel”, even if true which I assume to be the case, what matters is the percentage of newly-arrived foreigners as a percentage of the population. Given that Sweden has a lower population than the UK it is quite possible that that percentage isn’t much different or even higher in Sweden.

  92. Joy

    Well the case graph isn’t then being questioned.
    What is the point In presenting a graph which can’t be seen in its entirety?
    You say it clearly show deaths doing ‘x”. it doesn’t do that.
    If it’s so fabulous it warrants repeating what’s so fabulous about a graph that isn’t shown!

    The deaths from covid are rising at the moment and not as much as they did previously given the number of cases.
    So the graphs don’t show what’s being claimed even if they were visible.
    Why take some random persona’s graph comparison from Twitter and make a case for republishing it?
    If it’s clear to you, that’s nice, but it’s still obviously grotty as far as I’m concerned.

    I didn’t need to use the graphs shown, sinceI’m not the one disagreeing with the main thrust of the science. It is your side. I wonder why you take such flimsy and invisible graphs as some kin of evidence of anything.

    So it doesn’t “bother me” what some random “she” says. What bothers me is to see those claiming some kind of independent audit abilities in epidemiology, need to use such a thing to make some kind of “case”
    Not more than that, really.

    Was it a crappy Tweet?
    Enough with the pretending to be exasperated! I’m not buying it!
    I’m laughing, as you should be

  93. Joy

    No the logical leap is the ones claiming they think they can compare Sweden to the UK.
    So the answer is simply in defence of that silly and rather facile argument in itself.
    It’s only convenient and a hot media because the left wing media who you and your ilk help, picked it up at the beginning when the UK and Sweden were considered “outliers” for not “locking down”

    As someone said, there’s no such thing as outliers there are only ordinary liars.

    The virus is spread by human movement. That’s not controversial.
    What is controversial is what to do when a given health care system is in jeopardy.
    With a doubling rate of days or a weeks, action has to be taken in time and before they system breaks.

    Sweden never reached that point. That’s all there is to say about Sweden but it doesn’t stop the cherry picking and rather statistically illiterate claims from those who don’t know or care any more what they’re talking about.

    The UK did, more than once and at Christmas the peak would have definitely broken the system.
    That’s okay for those who think they’re in a darwinian race with the others. Not for civilised countries and people…particularly those calling themselves Christian.

  94. Joy

    Why does Sweden do so badly when it comes to other European countries?
    See how easy it is?

    If you want to slice it another way take a look at the countries which did better than Sweden and ask yourself about those

    If it doesn’t show, choose Europe at the top of the table and select deaths per million population.

  95. swordfishtrombone


    why not directly compare countries that are more comparable in terms of relevant variables.

    It seems like you agree that it’s wrong to simplistically compare two countries’ death rates and claim it’s down to a single factor (lockdowns).

  96. swordfishtrombone

    The Farmer,

    Trying to reduce the number of people dying in a pandemic is “the saddest point we have reached as a society and a species”? Really? I shudder to think what the happiest point was in your estimation. Maybe the Black Death.

  97. Dennis

    Joy: “What is the point In presenting a graph which can’t be seen in its entirety?”

    I think you are having problems with your browser or something…perhaps try clicking on the pics in the tweet to makes the graphs bigger? I see them fine. And, again, they show, as do the more recently updated WOM graphs of the same info, that while “cases” are rising, “deaths” remain negligible (scare quotes to keep in mind the problematic ways in which the Narrative defines these terms). There just is no there there.

  98. Joy

    Dennis, By jove…
    It was worth it after all. Thank you, couldn’t credit that the graph needed more magnification than I already had! Sorry for that…Still you can’t se New Zealand man but skip it.
    CAN now check the right hand graph!
    ” And, again, they show, as do the more recently updated WOM graphs of the same info, that while “cases” are rising, “deaths” remain negligible .. (scare quotes to keep in mind the problematic ways in which the Narrative defines these terms). There just is no there there.”
    No there there? Absolutely, that’s what I said with the video clip evidence.
    Twitterer doesn’t have a point. Maybe for US/non uk audience but it doesn’t translate because nobody is claiming there’s a
    “here there” (here.).
    There’s an expected opening up wave short of posing a serious problem for the health service but no certainty is offered, wisely, in my view.
    UK CSA and CMO say the same and have been saying so since the vaccine roll out. So far no surprises
    17:10 to 18:50
    Comment => July 13th 2021 at 1:35
    Re the cases in early spring it’s important to make it clear that there were a shortage of tests back then in the UK which needs to be understood when looking at cases compared to Deaths early last year. Said so elsewhere to Johnby…it’s most apparent on WOM, old news though and this Tweet brings that into the broth, which also makes it unnecessarily confusing.

  99. Dennis

    “Still you can’t se New Zealand man but skip it.”

    Oh I’ve seen plenty of NZ And Aus! Terrifying! One case or death and…BLAM!..more lockdown. Australia is now rounding people up and throwing them in camps (I mean “quarantine hotels”), even if they’ve tested negative, after allegedly having been at a “super-spreader” event (where all of 2 “cases” were found!).

    Such nutty “ZeroCovid” mentality is plaguing the US too (though not quite as severe as hauling people off to camps – yet). Philadelphia officials yesterday urged people to wear masks again (though fell short of “mandating”) indoors after a “disturbing rise in severe cases” (3 people in hospital they describe thus). Perhaps they’d do better to focus on the fact that it was also announced yesterday that among the biggest 10 cities in the US, Philly now has the highest per capita murder rate. Congrats to the City of Brotherly Love!

    Insanity reigns everywhere.

  100. Joy

    Alright Dennis,
    I have relatives in Australia. Two of them are seniors in healthcare.
    They’re fine.
    Don’t be upset on their behalf….such altruism!
    Look after yourself first.

  101. Joy

    => 18th July 1:35 (just above I said 13 July)
    Video describing comparison with last year
    Note there is no alarmism no exaggeration or false statistical claims of any kind, made. Again at 17:00. Compare to what’s being claimed in the very suspect Twitter post, deemed important enough to publish as having any use or ornament!

    See the first three graphs show the state of vaccination success with the current delta variant being the dominant one now in the uk.
    (So no longer considered a variant of concern, by definition, given the numbers)
    One might as well assume that to be a variant of concern when spotted by sequencing, it is:
    considered a candidate for possible vaccine resistance, or increased infectiousness without the accompanying reduction in virulence.

    So it is demonstrated here, that claims of exaggerated information about the current situation from experts in the UK is wrong, from here on, untruthful to all those who take the time to dare to look!
    Let go of your false ideas about UK experts and refine the argument to a less broad brush.
    Maybe in the US…

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