Fink Tries To Slay The Kraken: The Attempt To Sanction Sidney Powell And Others

Fink Tries To Slay The Kraken: The Attempt To Sanction Sidney Powell And Others

This happened Monday, and I would have brought you the news on Tuesday, but the coronadoom update was too important (VAERS Suggests As Many Kids Dying From Vexxine as Coronadoom).

Headline: “‘Kraken’ Sanctions Hearing: Lin Wood Blames Sidney Powell In Attempt To Evade Punishment As Judge Expresses Skepticism.”

A federal judge signaled Monday that far-right attorneys Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and other pro-Trump lawyers could be sanctioned for bringing a Michigan election fraud lawsuit and denounced their evidence of election fraud as “fantastical,” as Wood and another attorney attempted to distance themselves from the case during the contentious hearing.

A regime lawyer appropriately named Fink led the charge, calling the evidence brought forward by Powell and others “lies” deserving of sanction. Or worse, say regime defenders. Yes, the Fink used the L-word.

The Fink knows, but thought best, in the spirit of unfairness, to keep quiet about the fact Powell’s evidence never, ever got a hearing. No witnesses called. No direct examination. No cross-examination. Just smears by hacks. Which they can get away with because, again, all of Powell’s suits challenging the “most transparent election in history” were suffocated by Experts before they were allowed to speak.

The Judge was with the Fink, saying things like “I don’t think I’ve ever seen an affidavit that makes so many leaps”. (Not my affidavit, but another. Mine is discussed below.) Perhaps this affidavit leapt, and perhaps it didn’t. No opportunity was made available by the usual channels to show the evidence.

My name came up in the hearing, more than once. This attracted the usual benthopelagic denizens, some accusing Yours Truly of grift. As I said before, I did all the election work pro bono. Nobody offered me any money, or any thing, either. Indeed, given the outcome, the work I did ended up costing me plenty.

Note to prospective grifters: challenging regime fortified elections is not lucrative.

Others came to see the evidence I offered (linked below), only to say things like this “lulz”.

Regular readers will recognize this as the Non-argument Fallacy, also called the Scoffing Fallacy, a favorite of those of limited intelligence.

They can’t identify the errors in an argument they dislike, so they dismiss it with “luz”, etc., and hope to get away with the bluff. They usually do, since their audiences are willing.

You’ll have to scroll down in this, but Yours Truly is in here in several spots.

The second tweet (Feinberg was clearly rooting for the regime) reads:

District Judge Parker has called the hearing to provide Kraken lawyers an opportunity to answer questions she deems relevant on whether she should sanction them. She is making clear that she has read all the briefs, does not want lawyers re-arguing what they’ve written.

Fink, the regime lawyer, took the position that the suit(s) should not have been brought by Powell et al. because the suit(s) cast doubt on the elections the suit(s) said doubt should be cast upon. And that’s bad, he said, so Powell et al. should be sanctioned.

He also thought that—and this is a free interpretation, not a quote—“Your evidence doesn’t count as evidence, because it is evidence that is unwanted and disputed.”

Brilliant legal tactic. Which might even work.

Here are some specific mentions of Yours Truly, e.g.:

This is easy to “eviscerate” because I never made this claim. I’m not sure what they’re reading. I never said one word about fraud or days on which ballots were given. The harshest word I used was “troublesome”. I also used “error”; specifically, these:

Error #1: being recorded as sent an absentee ballot without requesting one.
Error #2: sending back an absentee ballot and having it recorded as not returned.

“Troublesome” was a ballot in either error category.

The Fink is a poor lawyer, because I never once used the phrases “indefinitely confined” or “early voting”, or anything like them.

The Fink must have got me mixed up with somebody else.

The hearing was rather tumultuous, with even the recorder having to jump in to shut people up a couple of times. Tempers were hot, and folks weren’t being careful about who said what in which affidavit.

Here’s some of what I did, for those who have forgotten. Here’s more (and this is the only one I submitted an affidavit on).

Well, I never insist on it. The only title I ever cared for was Staff Sergeant.

Judge Parker at the end said everybody involved had 14 days to submit supplementary briefs, and she hinted she might allow even more time after that for difficulties, so this will play out for some time.

I’m ignorant about legals ins and outs, but given what the judge has said, it looks like she’s angling for some kind of semi-official condemnation, like an penalty-free ass chewing. So that they can make hay of it in the press, but stop any subsequent court bickering, which might accidentally allow some so-far-ignored evidence to finally get an airing.

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  1. Sheri

    Ever notice how the right whines like the left? I think we need more binkies and blankies.

    And stop complaining about the press. Americans WATCH AND BELIEVE–the majority do. You lost 40 years ago when you did nothing to stop the downward spiral. I’m tired of the whining. If you didn’t want to live under communism or have an armed conflict, you shouldn’t have been watching football and drinking beer, giving your unloved kids to the government. Stupidity, inaction, etc all have conseqences and NATURE DOES NOT CARE. If you behave wrong, nature smacks you down. How’s life looking up from the floor?

  2. Sheri

    The right publishes probably MORE lies from the left than the left does. Reading any right-wing site is reading the lies and garbage over and over and over. I don’t even need to read the Bing feed. The right Gives the left more press than the left does. Yeah, that’s smart. I cannot believe the whiney, stupid garbage. GROW UP OR SHUT UP.

  3. DAV

    The Forbes article wasn’t particularly friendly either:

    Powell and Wood spread baseless conspiracy theories in the wake of the election and alleged widespread fraud

    Why was it ‘baseless”?

  4. DAV

    The right publishes probably MORE lies from the left than the left does

    Hard to counter them without repeating them. Countering is important because they are repeated uncritically EVERYWHERE. Because of this, the left doesn’t even have to acknowledge what is said by the right.

  5. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Shari. Yours in an interesting philosophical position. You get to bitch and moan on virtually every thread and which threads are never ever about you personally but Briggs can’t defend his pro bono work because whining?

    Yes, Virginia, there are noticeable differences in the sexes.

  6. John B(S)

    RE: Fink

    I can’t help but think of the old Smucker’s ads.

    With a name like FINK, he has to be good.

  7. Dean Ericson

    Sheri: ”I’m tired of the whining.”

    That’s rich.

  8. c matt

    The first error most non-lawyer types make is believing the system is fair.

  9. “Note to prospective grifters: challenging regime fortified elections is not lucrative.”

    Yes, sir. I can relate! A man’s character is demonstrated by the character of his enemies. (Or something like that.) You’re doing a bang-up job, which will probably only be appreciated by historians. IF the documentation is available for future historians to review. You may be working for posterity, not present results.

    On a logistics note: Some blog software allows a user to block comments from a given commenter. Your commenters are largely interesting/entertaining/informative. However, a constant, never-ending repetition of the same refrain, over and over and over and over again, regardless of the instant subject you raise, from a certain interlocutor pretty much ruins the discourse. Is there any feature that I’m overlooking that would allow me to block from my view a specific commenter on your blog?

  10. Joy

    Dear media consumers:
    GB News channel (515 on sky), is a massive, probably death blow to the mainstream media in the Uk. There are probably some reading who don’t know it’s there as yet. It started on 12th June. They are setting themselves up, it seems, as a direct, not quite parody, of CNN as they’re not as atrocious, but the format is similar. There can be no complaint from the left, without complaining also about CNN.

    So far the channel has been compared to Fox but it’s not. *not that I know what fox looks like now, I have to find snippets on YouTube.

    It’s a good start.

    They want humour to feature heavily, which it does, and there’s a lot of fodder for that. Not just unfunny satire but old fashioned humour. Telling the truth is humorous when so many are lying all the time.

    I notice old pennies turning up on the channel although one of the main protagonists is not exactly what I would call straight forward although he is a media heavyweight and intellectual encyclopaedia. He played along with the BBC’s rules for long enough. Maybe like P Morgan, they can take so much but everybody’s got a limit.
    Trouble is, as the BBC and the left wing media has discovered almost everybody’s got a price, too.

    The left needs money to keep going more than the right. The truth is free

  11. Joy

    That comment went to moderation? The mind boggles…

  12. Briggs


    One suggestion is to put all comments into moderation. Especially in theoretical statistics posts I get some coming just to bitch that I don’t agree with the Consensus. Pointless, because that’s a premise in all these articles.

    I’ll think about it, but maybe what I’ll do is ask in a post what everybody wants.


  13. Since none of the “defects” as described received an evidentiary hearing, why does the issue not become moot? The only aspect she ruled was that being it not a timely filing. Seems to me the rest is just conversation. In addition the judge agreed (shook her head) with Powell that she did not have to include the various affidavits. Indeed it appeared for the most part they were from another attorney’s case and that attorney was not brought up for sanctions.

  14. john b()


    I don’t think Kent’s referring to you’re moderating, I think he’s referring to his ability to filter other commenters?

  15. Briggs


    Problem is, I don’t know how to do that. Besides voting for comments, which has to be done in each post, and which doesn’t really fix the problem Kent identified, I don’t know what to do. Except for total bans.

  16. DAV

    There is growing evidence of fraud during the 2020 selection. Here’s some from Georgia.

    I wonder what Powell presented that amounted to great leaps. I also wonder how a single judge can do this outside of a bar hearing especially the same judge who dismissed the case earlier.

    I recall reading some time ago at about a CA lawyer finally being disbarred after filing 245 fraudulent cases. Here we have one case that was dismissed apparently on a technicality.

  17. DAV

    I was able to block one poster some time ago (well, drop the post content) but it was highly specific to that person. I did it by injecting javascript into the blog code. It’s not general enough to share; requires a special browser which is no longer generally available; and relies on additional software.

    Oddly, I grew curious about responses to the blocked posts and found myself reading the posts anyway just to see what prompted the ensuing comments. Waste of time and effort really.

  18. Dennis

    More evidence comes to light every day in state election audits, though there was plenty there to begin with the to justify refusing to certify the election before the EC met, and none of it has been given a proper adjudication in court. Yet, Trump lawyers are hit with sanctions, suspended from the bar, etc. DOJ attorneys have repeatedly lied and exaggerated in charging docs for the 1/6 political prisoners being held without bail for months for nothing more serious than alleged trespassing, yet none face sanctions and the federal judges run cover for them and do the bidding of their true masters in the Biden-occupied White House and Deep State. The entire regime – legal and political system – is corrupt and worthless. You thought the courts were there to ensure fairness and justice? Ha! None to be found anywhere in this corrupt farce of a country.

  19. Incitadus

    The sky has fallen one trick pony commentator is yet another symptom of the war
    that has been waged on critical thinking skills in the West. She/he must find it
    cathartic and as with the clanging schizophrenic an ever tolerant mental health system
    must endure.

  20. Dennis

    Joy: From what I’ve seen, GB news seems rather indistinguishable from the mainstream leftist news orgs. Full of BLM-grovelling knee-takers: At least the kneelers lost in the end. Until last year’s BLM worship took hold, I thought the Brits only knelt for the NHS these days: The post-war cult of the NHS pretty well sums up British decline post-Empire.

    As for the comment-blocking issue: Short of Briggs switching to a system like Disqus, which does allow people to mute or block other individuals from the thread, I don’t think there is a way to do it on the user end on this site with the system in place. Do people not know how to just skim by comments or people they don’t like? Not that hard really. If you’re that worked-up about being able to block or hide someone commenting that you don’t like or think is “redundant” or “off-topic,” etc…perhaps just stay off the interwebs. 😉

  21. Rudolph Harrier

    The progression of the narrative (could apply to really anything the left does):

    1.) You’re crazy to think that it is even possible that this could happen.
    2.) Maybe it’s possible that it could happen, but safeguards will keep it from happening.
    3.) Maybe it happened, but only on too small scale to matter.
    4.) Maybe it happened on a larger scale, but you can’t prove it.
    5.) Yeah it happened, so what?

  22. john b


    Well said, I thought the same.

    DoES anyone really want FACTCHECKERS or something like what FAKEBOOK Does?
    Silencing people you don’t agree with is counterintuitive

  23. Joy

    Dennis, maybe you’ve not been so unfortunate as to have to make a study of our telly?
    Can assure you it is distinguishable. You just aren’t at home to Mr good news right now.

    We only kneel for the Queen over here, if we’re male and being knighted, or in church, or the gym, doing lunges *which is always what it looks like to me when the sportsmen do it!
    Ladies curtsey. Unless we’re not the full ticket.

    Those of us who work / worked within the NHS on both sides of the contract, know what’s wrong with it. So I don’t take media for info about what I know. Sure you do the same for legal matters.

    GB News? Is far beyond what has been allowed to go to air for a few years.
    If they don’t manage to take it over, it’s going to be the beginning of the end.

    I see it as the first in a line. Was expecting Piers Morgan to start one, Trump.

    Everyone you meet (exaggeration but it seems) is sick of the media if it’s brought up. Eyes roll. The BBC knows and appears not to ‘notice’. Just as happens with electioneering and lying about polls.

    Thought it might be a Trojan horse. It looks like it is legitimate in it’s aims even if it doesn’t go far enough, for now. They have some varied presenters, haven’t watched much. Dan on Sunday evening was brilliant. Stuff normally left to the internet or face to face discussion.

    They allowed Nigel Farrage an hour or so on Sunday before kick off. I missed the interview, heard from the other room.
    P.s. remember Zig and Zag?…always exercising free speech?… Often in trouble. I loved zig. They used to set me up for the day. Trump’s got them on his side, he can’t lose

  24. Dennis

    “Dennis, maybe you’ve not been so unfortunate as to have to make a study of our telly?
    Can assure you it is distinguishable. You just aren’t at home to Mr good news right now”

    I’m not sure who Mr Good News is, “at home” to him or not, but most news is bad news anyway.

    I try not to make a “study” of much telly at all, UK or US. Now that Wimbledon is over (still in mourning for Roger’s approaching end…and I’ve still never gotten over those blown match points in the 2019 final 🙁 ), other than occasional movies on Blu-Ray or streaming, I’ll not watch much TV at all from now until the US Open (a bit of The Open golf this week probably, that’s about it), and I avoid most TV news like the plague (TV News is even worse for your health than the Coronadoom!).

  25. Dennis

    “We only kneel for the Queen over here…”

    Then why do UK churches drape their altars in NHS flags? And all those virtue-signalling football players don’t appear to be kneeling to the Queen.

    In any case, like Guy Crouchback, I refuse to recognize the legitimacy of any British monarch since James II, and would not kneel to Mrs. Mountbatten. 🙂

  26. C-Marie

    Hi Matt, Probably he meant Joy’s or Sheri’s comments, or mine. Please do not change a thing. Kent can just skip the comments if they bother him. I like Sheri, Joy, and me, even when disagreements occur. Please do not change a thing here. No hoops, please!
    God bless, C-Marie

  27. Joy

    Yet most of what you write appears to come directly from the talking points and claims of the mainstream media. If you’re on line, it’s coming from the same kind of mouth pieces.

    You’re a literalist, I said “Mr good news”, not meaning telly news! If someone says something positive you immediately close it down as it must be wrong. Okay, the subject was news but that’s why I said Mr good news.

    Re NHS, you’re being a bit silly. It looks like there’s been a tweet going around again that’s yet another talking point? It’s unfunny satire

    We also have real bread, wheat, carrots, turnips, cans of soup/beans in church at harvest festival and we’re not worshiping that either.

    We drape the churches with flowers often, and thee are even candlelit masses at Christmas!

    They hold services for babies that don’t make full term and or who are born with life limiting disorders. The church is strewn with cards and photos. They’re not being worshipped either.

    Can’t say I know which churches you mean but there is a section now in St Pauls for people who’ve lost relatives to the virus. Even if you make the claim, there is no worship of the NHS on an official basis in church. Nor personally on my part.

    As for not kneeling, I knew you were going to say something like that!
    As for Mountbatten, do you condone the man’s murder?

    One of the main differences in non Catholic Churches is that you ‘see’ the mass ceremony or service, call it what you like. We hear what is said it is not a visual affair.

    It’s good that you don’t bother with the news. Pretty hard when others have it on though, you don’t get a choice, necessarily. You know a lot about it evidently, either way!

  28. awildgoose

    If folks want quality news from the UK, UK Column News is the place to be.

  29. 1 – While I claim no expertise on wordpress my impression is that the standard comments stuff will not allow the web site user (i.e. not the website owner/developer) to blacklist some commentators while whitelisting others. The website owner/developer can do this, but it then applies to all users – i.e. Briggs can blacklist me and then nobody can see my comments, but Kent can’t do it to protect only himself from my opinions.

    You can do this on sites that use community software built on drupal. Opensocial, for example, lets comment readers decide if they only want to see comments by members of some group – and groups can be defined in many different ways by many different levels of admin. So create your own group, and only listen to your own echos…

    2 – part of the stats issues is and was clarity. The doc is hard to understand for some one who has no background in stats and is uncomfortable with numbers. Had you written in simpler terms it might be more accessible to the innumerate – i.e. the judge et al..- and thus more useful to the kraken. I’d tell you how to do that, but don’t have a clue, never having managed it myself.

  30. Dennis

    However bad TV news may be (in the UK and everywhere), back in the day the Brits made some great TV series: the 1981 Brideshead Revisited with Jeremy Irons, Gielgud, Olivier, et al., is impeccable (and by far the best ever film/TV adaptation of a great novel), Traffik, Cracker, A Dance to the Music of Time, Parade’s End. Great stuff.

    Though I believe all of these were by independent channels, like Granada and ITV, and not the state-run BBC; make of that what you will ;). BBC seems to prefer shoving a-historical garbage like Black Anne Boleyn (cultural appropriation!), etc. in its viewers’ faces.

  31. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    In designing and building St Pauls, Mr. Wren created one of the biggest enclosed empty spaces in London.

    There are no priests, Mass or Eucharist inside – just a gigantic piece of architecture enclosing empty space.

    When ABS and The Bride went to Wren’s idol to idleness ABS could hear John Cleese shrieking What is the point. I mean what is the point? from an old Monty Python Episode.

    Catholics have Churches, Protestants have buildings

    Was that too churlish?

  32. Joy

    Still smarting on behalf of SwordfishTrombone. I really think that was a whole new low and don’t think can recover from that without some kind of removal of the offending item or apology. Not a slippery excuse for such.
    So claims about comments being off topic or not to the liking of others is a bit rich, to quote Dean. That was on the level of Sylvain Allard who also told lies.

    All Sheri’s comment, I admit, I did not read, but took it to be a dig at me anyway because I’m the only one who’s mentioned football lately…by way of lifting the mood! no less! I know Sheri says things which can be upsetting but also know she doesn’t realise people care what she says, perhaps? I forgave her instantly. So I’m quite prepared to take any of the blame for what I HAVE done bot not for what I have not and neither should other innocent parties, at the hands of the bilious religious sycophantic fan boys.

    Shame this post wasn’t posted yesterday, after all.

    The problem with the US election impropriety, is that the media only ever refers to the dismissed court cases but never the content of or reasons as to why the cases did not ‘reveal’ or prove fraud. If they’ve nothing to hide they should stop acting as if they do.

    Listening to Josh Hawley is instructive. One thing they were not is baseless claims.
    Timing was the biggest problem, as I understand it.

    Briggs doing his part to help is good work and not surprising, given other observations regarding the last year’s carry on…

  33. Dean Ericson

    I second Kent Clizbe’s praise for our host, who is inspirational in his courageous resistance and truth telling. We thank you for your service, Sarge. This website is an island of sanity and encouragement in these trying times.

  34. Dean Ericson

    C-Marie: ”Hi Matt, Probably he meant Joy’s or Sheri’s comments, or mine.

    Your comments?! Never, dear lady. Sheri sometimes gets excited, but the times are exciting. Joy often says interesting things but then she does like to talk. Even the sometimes naysayers here, like Mr. Tuna Tuba, or Mr. Phillips, or Mr. Alaird, enliven the conversation, in their unique ways. I myself might have been accused of saying something idiotic now and then, but if one speaks enough, it’s devilish hard to avoid. All-in-all it’s a fine forum our host has built, and a pleasure to pass through the entry door (polished mahogany!) have a seat, order refreshments, and converse with friends around the cheery fire.

  35. Dean Ericson

    ABS: ”Was that too churlish?”

    A good drink often benefits from a dash of bitters.

  36. C-Marie

    Hear! Hear! Tis a fine forum all round! And many graces from God to the founder, and to all!!!

    God bless! C-Marie

  37. Dennis

    “Yet most of what you write appears to come directly from the talking points and claims of the mainstream media. If you’re on line, it’s coming from the same kind of mouth pieces”

    Well, certainly much of the same issues are covered in the mainstream media, but it’s generally not my direct source, and I can count on one hand the number of hours I’ve watched television news this year.

    “You’re a literalist, I said “Mr good news”, not meaning telly news! If someone says something positive you immediately close it down as it must be wrong…”

    I was just teasing about Mr. Good News and where to find him. I don’t “close down” positive news, just rarely see or hear any! I’ll try to be “at home” more for the good Sir in future.

    “Re NHS, you’re being a bit silly. It looks like there’s been a tweet going around again that’s yet another talking point? It’s unfunny satire“

    Not a satire or photoshop! It was an actual English church with an altar draped in an altar cloth with a giant NHS logo facing the congregation. Though I agree it’s not funny…just plain sad and pathetic (like so much of British and Western culture in general these days). Maybe not a common occurrence throughout the realm, but once is bad enough!

    “As for Mountbatten, do you condone the man’s murder?”

    Prince Philip was murdered? My “Mrs. Mountbatten“ quip was, as I assumed would be understood, a reference to the Queen’s recently deceased husband’s family name (though like “Windsor,” it is really a faux-surname, an Anglicized form of his mother’s family house, adopted for political purposes – though perhaps understandable in his case, since “Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderberg-Glücksburg” is rather cumbersome), who was not murdered as far as I’m aware. As for Philip’s uncle, Earl Louis Mountbatten, who was murdered by the PIRA in 1979…well, it was probably a tactical mistake from a PR standpoint in the PIRA’s overall strategy against the British occupation of the Six Counties, but it’s hard to argue that a high-level Royal family operative, long-time British military commander (Chief of the Defence Staff), NATO advisor, and former Viceroy of India, who supported the ongoing occupation of the Six Counties, is not a legitimate target.

    Anywhoo…think I’ll brew a cup of tea and put the Brideshead DVD on the telly. Now where is that sneaky bear Aloysius hiding? 🙂

  38. Dennis

    “That was on the level of Sylvain Allard who also told lies (Joy)…Even the sometimes naysayers here, like Mr. Tuna Tuba, or Mr. Phillips, or Mr. Alaird (sic), enliven the conversation, in their unique ways…(Dean)”

    Where’s Sylvain been lately? Hope our favorite Baizuo hasn’t already been caught in the Hong Kong honeytrap and disappeared into the Laogai Archipelago!

  39. Joy

    Dean, It’s not funny.
    No apology and retraction, for lying and defaming SwordfishTrombone?

    I was on the receiving end of same of the so called ‘west work’ carried out on behalf of this site with or without the consent of the author. What you say is dangerous, I think it was deliberately said with the full expectation of someone acting upon false information. What with Dennis suggesting doxing in another post about French vaccines. Do you really want to bring that kind of thing on?

    In an ideal world one doesn’t need permission to tell the truth let alone be hounded for it. The world is not like that but on a site claiming to be aiming at truth seeking? Nah…
    Pride, jealousy, hatred and anger are being allowed to dominate. Then, the claim that it is somehow courageous?

    I think that’s what bothers me the most. It’s the rank hypocrisy and shoddy example set by people claiming a faith they really don’t seem to understand.

    If I hadn’t had other sources of hope and experience behind me, I’d certainly not only be walking away, but would, of course be thinking this is what Christianity actually means! Swordfish is absolutely correct in that summary.

    Some are confused about the difference between righteous anger, which any fool can display, and righteousness or truthfulness.

    If there is love as well as duty in morality, which I believe there is, Jesus Christ was very clear about the priority. No twisted pathological love definitions are required.

    If you believe God loves you, what is your excuse for persecuting others? True Christians do not persecute anyone. They walk away. The law of the land deals with anything illegal.

    Arguments about what the law should be are philosophical and political.
    If you’re serious about wanting to change something then stop behaving like something else is true.

    I will say my thank yous to Briggs in private, if it’s all the same to you.

  40. Joy

    You made a mistake about the NHS ‘flag’
    1, there is just a logo, which changes as and when the new broom comes along and wants to make his mark
    2 churches non catholic ones, do not treat the alter in the way that catholic churches do.

    Flowers, displays at harvest festival and all sorts of things are displayed and ‘draped’ as you put it. The service was probably in honour of the staff or those in the staff who dies. No need to concern yourself about worship of the NHS in churches. Although obviously you’re just being satirical.

    Outside of church? MSM will always find people to say what they want into a mic. You and your ilk seem to find it necessary to react every time the stunt is pulled. There is absolutely appreciation and thanks for staff and careers, key workers, who worked in the NHS over the last year and a half. Private medicine worked right alongside, too; they worked together. Did you hear about the George medal? It is for staff past and present!!! The NHS is far more resourced than it used to be and not necessarily the better for it everywhere but that’s another matter.

    Prince Phillip was a man who certainly earned his place next to Churchill and Nelson as one of our greatest men. That’s how the voting comes out, anyway. Prince Philip was loved all around the world. Unbreakable, honest, hard working, humble, humorous and inspired.

    Enjoy the beer . i prefer PYMMS in the Summer or Champagne. If it has to be alcohol.
    Be sure to boil the kettle properly, the electric doesn’t get very hot in America!
    I’ve tried it.
    don’t [do it in the mug], use a teapot for more than one for best results. Thin china or stainless steel /silver. Big pots make better tea.

    It was filmed in Killarney. The Church of sloes. snakes, though, just sloes.

  41. Dennis

    “I was on the receiving end of same of the so called ‘west work’ carried out on behalf of this site with or without the consent of the author. What you say is dangerous, I think it was deliberately said with the full expectation of someone acting upon false information. What with Dennis suggesting doxing in another post about French vaccines. Do you really want to bring that kind of thing on?”

    I have no idea what any of the stuff before the last two lines referring to – something between Dean and Swordfish I must have missed, “west work” and anything related to Joy herself apparently, I no idea what that refers to either…But the reference to what I said in a previous thread had nothing to do with “French vaccines,” and was specifically in the context of what people should do if faced with a situation like that of the story I hadreferenced – a 45 year-old woman with no prior illness who had expressed reluctance to get Covivax, but got a new job, relented when employer claimed it was mandatory, AND IS NOW F-ING DEAD! Here is exactly what I said:

    “If your job or school is claiming these things are mandatory, seek counsel, file suit, dox and shame officials/managers trying to bully you, reach out to resources such as RFK Jr’s Children’s Health Defense…but do not kowtow to the Covid Vax Cult scum trying to force these things on you! No job is worth risking your life with these dangerous jabs (the short term injury or death risk is clearly bad enough, and we don’t even know what the long term effects will be yet, though they are likely extremely grim based on prior animal research with mRNA tech).”

    These people – employers, managers, officials of various types – aren’t “anons” anyway, so its arguable whether simply making them more well known for their despicable actions in re. covid and covivaxes would constitute “doxing” in the normal sense of the word…but yes, any employers, managers, health officials, etc. doing this to people need to be publicly shamed, confronted, hounded, ostracized from polite society, etc., etc…and frankly that’s better treatment than many of these Covivax Cultists deserve.

  42. Dennis

    “Prince Phillip was a man who certainly earned his place next to Churchill and Nelson as one of our greatest men. That’s how the voting comes out, anyway….”

    Ummmm..oookay. He seemed like a decent chap – and quite hilariously un-PC (some of the quotes I read in stories about him after his death had me cracking up). But I’d say there’s a HUGE difference between leading a country through a world war (frankly, I deem Churchill vastly over-rated – and no less vicious and criminal in his own way than those he was fighting, but we’ll save that for another day), leading naval forces in the Napoleonic wars (and actually losing one’s life in the course of what would become one’s greatest naval victory, as Nelson did at Trafalgar)…and being a nice, humorous chap who attended to a few ceremonial duties while living a pampered life as the the Queen’s consort.

    “…the electric doesn’t get very hot in America!”

    Huh? News to me. In any case, I have a gas stove rather than electric..but for boiling tea water I don’t use the stove but an electric water kettle that allows you to set precise temperature for different kinds of tea (black or pu-erh should be boiling, but green or white tea a bit less – about 185-190 degrees). But thanks of for tea brewing advice! I’ve been quite tea addict since the year I lived in Ireland, so I’m reasonably proficient in making decent tea by now! 🙂

  43. Dennis

    “Enjoy the beer . i prefer PYMMS in the Summer or Champagne. If it has to be alcohol.”

    I said bear, not beer! Lol. It was a Brideshead joke…

  44. Joy

    Dennis, (there are no bears in Ireland!).
    Which preparatory history book did you read? check out Jim Fedekko. he’s fond of a bit of sour grapes over Churchill too.

    It’s not good form to speak ill of the dead.
    The Duke, Prince Phillip is obviously the man you don’t know from the media you’ve not been consuming!

    He has been responsible for so much around the world in the way of working for young adults and inspiring teenagers. The D of E award, is going to live on for a very long time if not forever. He is an example to young men growing up, of overcoming adversity. The military, also, lest said.

    Those who met him say the similar things, separately about him. He always ignored the sycophants who wanted to be seen to be with him. He used to find someone else, a caretaker or someone who looked busy or distracted, to meet. He loved Engineers, the bishop of York had interesting things to say about him. All sorts of people have come forward with their memories. He was authentic.

    People don’t normally talk about that kind of thing. Media forces issues. Yet people were united in their feelings about him. Media tried to keep him down. Doing the same is just doing the work of the left. Your mindset seems more akin to Biden’s. Irony is, Democrats love the razemetaz and the celebrity of it all. An unhealthy split, based on hot air.

    The creed of ignorance, the Philosophy of Failure and the Gospel of envy….very French.

    Your plugs only have two pins, that’s only part of the problem

  45. Dennis

    I wasn’t speaking ill of him – I said he seemed like a nice chap with a good sense of humor. I wouldn’t mind a nice life among various palaces and castles as a queen’s consort myself. 🙂

    But to compare him to Churchill (despite my reservations about his overly-exalted reputation – which is perhaps more extreme in America than in the UK itself) or Nelson (one of the greatest Naval leaders in history – compare HIM with Churchill’s disastrous role at Gallipoli as First Lord of the Admiralty!), is a bit much.

    I mean…even if you put him up near Churchill and Nelson, surely he ranks no higher than 4th on the All-Time Greatest Englishman list behind Morrissey! 🙂 [And anyway he’s really a Greco-Dano-German and Moz an Irishman! Ha!]

    I’m going to have Aloysius the bear attack you with lukewarm tea and stale biscuits! 🙂

  46. Joy

    OH nO! Morissay misery? There’s your problem right there. You’re riddled!

    Take your point about Churchill v Prince Phillip but was being brief in predicting. If you leave a chink someone will pick yo up on it. Haven’t decided top ten but Nelson and Churchill re military/leadership are the two best. I get Washington and wellington mixed up as they’re both about the rain.

    Prince Phillip was an underrated amazing man, from one who liked him before. Was implying that the ‘votes’ about him for or against in the fullness of time are going to be overwhelmingly for.
    (Aloysius bears never throw biscuits, bendy or otherwise or any food, selfish reasons , they never share.)
    I need a better screen reader before pursuing diplomatic discussions, going forward. Guessing’s not a very bright idea.

  47. Forbes

    I’m missing the “Kraken” reference as used. Can anyone help me?

  48. C-Marie

    Just a note, putting in a good word for Winston S. Churchill. Everyone has difficulties and some have disasters. Love Winston S. Churchill, his courage to go on, with God, knowingly at times and unknowingly at times. Have read much of what he wrote. Love his word usage, makes one seem to be right there. He had strong empathy and much depth of feeling for those who must be “sacrifced” in war.

    Winston Churchill is an American author .. so be careful to not mix up the two. When Winston S. was apprised of the confusion their names were causing, for at that time Winston S. did not use his middle initial on his publications, Winston S. wrote the American Churchill and got an agreement that he, Winston S. would use either his middle initial or his middle name from that time forward, so as to identify which author wrote which publication.

  49. Joy

    C Marie,
    There are people still alive who lived through the war and knew Churchill as their prime minister and so on.
    My Mother was born at the end of the war *the day peace was declared) but my father is old enough to have been evacuated. Lived in London during some of the blitz, A Lancashire lad who is self made, and self sufficient, like so many of his generation. They were made of tough stuff back then and Churchill was one of them, too. So many of us don’t have to look very far to discover the truth.

    My Mum speaks of when she attended the place where he was laid in state. It was so cold in the Cathedral she couldn’t feel her legs up to her knees, so she reckons.

    If you haven’t already seen it, watch The Darkest Hour. All true, very moving.
    He had a very friendly way with him and got on well with his staff even though he was cantankerous. Nowadays he’d be done by HR department.

    My Father often behaves the same way. Just misunderstood! Not surprising knowing what they endured. We’re spoiled by comparison.

  50. C-Marie

    Hi Joy,

    I was born near the end of 1943, and I wish I had asked my Mom about how it was for her and Dad, here in America with three little ones at that time. She and Dad are gone to Heaven now.

    I have seen The Darkest Hour, The Coming Storm, Into The Storm, and
    Churchill’s War, and Young Winston! And they are each excellent. The portrayal of his dear Clemmie is very well done in each one, and their love comes through very relistically, each is a real person with their own wishes, wants, and desires.

    I thought that I would not like the looks of Churchill in the movie, Into The Storm, but as I told our kids, as soon as he talked, he was Churchill!

    I have read all volumes on the Second World War and Churchill’s abridged edtion of The First World War, in which he says there is information not in the original The World Crisis.

    Have also read his A History of the English Speaking People, Blood, Sweat, and Tears, Painting As A Pastime, The People’s Rights, My African Journey, My Early Life, and I am definitely looking forward to continuing on. He was born to do as he did, with faults, failings, and more as we all have. And, for me, contrary to what has been put out lately that he only used religion and God as a prop, If one has read his works, one knows that is not so.

    Right now I am reading The Story of the Malakand Field Force. Not that anyone needed all of that information, but it was fun to list.

    I have found one book written about Churchill which I think is very well done. It is named, The Splendid and The Vile. My sister recommended it with a little trepidation as she knew that I had yet to read a book written about Churchill that I could plow my way through because only Churchill writes like Churchill. But this is the one!!

    God bless, C-Marie

  51. Joy

    The recent portrayal is left wing *home grown, or enemy, *foreign funded propaganda, they know how to press buttons of the specific group in their cross hairs. It’s that bad, how things have become.

    There’s so much ingrained and personal local knowledge of him (not mine)and of what actually happened so that books written which aren’t truthful will fall by the wayside as other projectiles do, when they come to rest.

    I lived in the Conservative club in Wanstead, which was his stomping ground, he was MP for Epping. Mine was the middle window in the attic which looked out onto the street. Took against the bad decor so started removing wallpaper, and found seven layers, couldn’t finish the job! Plaster blown and horse hair, anyway, flat mates and I had a decorating party and we “fixed” the problem to a Laura Ashely one. I’m a stone’s throw away from where many of The Few, flew and we share wildlife! So without really thinking about it much until you find people to disagree with, or find yourself in dark times as a nation, you don’t know what inspiration surrounds that tiny world (my world)

    He was right about empires of the mind being the ones to watch out for.

  52. C-Marie

    Loved readiing all of this. Thank you, Joy!!
    God bless, C-Marie

  53. Dennis

    Among other war crimes (the Dresden carpet-bombings, for ex.), let’s not forget that Churchill knew, at the very latest, soon after it became public knowledge in 1943 (perhaps actually knew about it in secret well before it became public), from other Polish officers in exile, that the Katyn Massacre of over 20,000 Polish officers (remember Poland, whom the Brits ostensibly went to war to protect?) was committed by the Soviet NKVD, and not the Wehrmacht, but he deliberately helped perpetrate the lie for years that the Nazis were the guilty party in order to avoid offending his new buddy Stalin (who had also actually been also an aggressor carving-up Poland in September 1939 – the Katyn Massacre took place in April-May 1940 – with his then ally Hitler).

  54. C-Marie

    Churchill wrote that he had to choose between Stalin and Hitler as to which would be the greater danger to England, and he decided that Hitler was far more dangerous to England than Stalin might ever be. War is horrible, and may be somewhat easier with drones and bombs and not so much hand to hand combat. The Lancers back then, actually lanced each person whom they wounded or killed. Up close. How to cleanse one’s mind after all of that.

    Yes, Stalin did so much evil, maybe like the United States legalizing the murder of the unborn and just born boys and girls, to the amount of about 3,000 murders a day, which comes out to about 30 x 3,000 x 12 to equal about 1,080,000 a year of purposely killed babies … and many are not dead when their organs are removed.

    There is never an excuse for murdering those children. But there is forgiveness and Love by God, by the children who have gone on to Heaven for their Moms, and by Christ’s own, when the graces of repentance are accepted.

    God bless, C-Marie

  55. Dennis

    Agree with the last two paragraphs, though not germane to the issue at hand.

    But, the idea that Hitler posed a greater threat (or any actually) to Britain than Stalin prior to September 1939 (when Germany and the USSR were allies, and colluded in invading and carving-up Poland – despite which Britain, and France, only declared war on one belligerent, Germany, and not the USSR as well, which was equally culpable), is just false. Hitler repeatedly tried to keep Britain and France from intervening in Eastern Europe (where war to crush Bolshevism was the real objective, and was inevitable, the temporary German-Soviet non-aggression pact notwithstanding) and was forced into a two-front war only after Britain and France declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939. Absent those precipitous declarations, Hitler had no desire to attack either and posed no threat. Only then was Germany forced to “pose a threat” to Britain and prepare for the Battle of Britain and the Blitz in 1940 (and conquer France, whole at it). Had Britain and France simply stayed out of it (and ultimately the US as well – as it also should have in WWI), and let the Nazis and Bolshies just fight it out amongst themselves in the East, it would have saved the world a lot of heartache, Britain and France not least (perhaps it could have even saved the Empire, the destruction of which Britain’s costly victory in the war, and ultimate subordination to US global objectives and hegemony, did so much the precipitate).

    P.S. Highly recommend Sean McMeekin’s recent “Stalin’s War” on the origin of WWII – which is in some ways basically a popularizing and mainstreaming of the controversial Suvorov thesis (though McMeekin, somewhat understandably as a mainstream uni-employed professor, is a bit coy about this and criticizes Suvorov on some points).

    P.S.S. Interestingly in light of the recent experience with wildly exaggerated Covid death predictions from official British govt sources (the infamous Dr. Ferguson; and which also had such disastrous impact globally in promoting lockdown mentality and paranoia), initially British govt advisors leading up to the Battle of Britain and the Blitz predicted as much as 250,000 casualties in the first week alone, and as much as 1.5 million total deaths. In the end just over 40,000 died the Blitz. MORAL: NEVER EVER TRUST GOVT ADVISORS AND THEIR PREDICTIONS ON ANYTHING! 🙂

  56. Joy

    C Marie,
    Welcome to the world of lies and applied anthropological books about Churchill.
    Rather read a contemporary’s take on the man from Roy Jenkins.

    He was a political opponent of Churchill, so you’d expect him to be saying something critical and from a position of knowledge, rather than adherence and flattery of a preparatory story about him and his fellow countrymen.
    The truth lives on

  57. Dennis


    Truth hurts sometimes.

    I still wouldn’t tear down your hero’s statues, though.

  58. C-Marie

    No need to bicker. Most sides agree to one degree or another, that Churchill saw Britain through World War II. God had His reasons for giving the work to him. He was appointed for a time, and his time was completed, with faults and failings and successes. It was God Who brought Britain through and Europe, too.

    Now Europe is on the road to the time of the One World Government, with still somewhat unseen, individual nationhood abolished, and one common mind being decreed, step by step. Very sad.

  59. C-Marie

    Hi Joy, I just bought Roy Jenkins’ Churchill on Ebay. Hoping that I will like his style of writing. We will see, and thank you for the suggestion!!
    God bless, C-Marie

    So busy looking up this book, forgot to offer God bless on just sent email. God’s blessings always!

  60. C-Marie

    Ooops! “Bicker” was not meant personally, as the telling of one’s understanding and beliefs is good!

    God bless, C-Marie

  61. Dennis

    I would still take a Churchill over any of the Eurocrats other weaselly modern “leaders” like Macron, Boris, Merkel, or Trudeau, etc… 🙂

    And he’d probably be fun to have drinks with (Boris would probably be fun get plastered with as well – just a horrible PM though) 🙂

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