The Culture War Is Nearing Its End

The Culture War Is Nearing Its End
BRIGHTON, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 13: Thousands of protestors hold signs as they attend a Black Live Matters rally on June 13, 2020 in Brighton, United Kingdom. Black Lives Matter Rallies continue across the UK following the death on 25 May 2020 of an African American man, George Floyd, while in the custody of Minneapolis police. His death sparked protests across the United States as well as demonstrations of solidarity in many countries around the world. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

The Culture War in the West is nearing its end. The war is in its mop-up stage, but there can be no doubt about its conclusion: Reality will lose, Desire, backed by the oligarchy, will win.

That doesn’t mean that you have to surrender, though. It does mean that you will have to continue your fight underground. More on that below.

Like all wars in their final phase, there will always be pockets of fighting that continue, though with diminishing strength and frequency. Skirmishes will still occur, even after treaties (Diversity oaths, etc.) have been signed. Local uprisings will happen, only to be put down. Some territories, lucky to be at the peripheries, might manage to break off and go their own way.

Again like in actual wars, most of the fighting was in regions strategically and tactically important. The devastation in these areas is heavy. (Think about what happened to government and education.) Yet some places remain almost unaffected and serene. (For example, traditional and quiet religious orders.)

Some still have hope the war can be won, as seen in this headline: “Christopher Rufo says he’s outmaneuvering ‘hostile media’ on [Caucasians Require Termination]: Most people ‘on our side'”.

Rufo is right the majority of people are against teaching Caucasians Require Termination (CRT), but that counts for little, because in wars the side with the more powerful weapons win. Teachers unions, for instance, have already vowed to continue promoting the evilness of whites in spite of any rules against it. True, the baizuo pushing this might come to grief when it is realized they are white, too, but for now, they are triumphant.

All rulers and Experts say “Diversity is our strength”. There is no state more conducive to turmoil than Diversity. And maximal Diversity is CRT.

Think on it. There isn’t any major entity, from religion to education to business to government, that is not now in the hands of the Enemies of Reality. Their victory would now be complete were it not that the victors are a minority of persons. And because Reality must continuously be fought. You will have to repeat forever, and with great force, that men can be women or it will soon be disbelieved.

Older people will remember that folks looked forward wistfully to a time when we were ruled by scientists, then thought to be the most intelligent and enlightened of all men. Reality fought against this idea, and, like everywhere else, lost to Desire. We now have the Utopia Desire wanted. Enjoying it?

The 2020 election functioned as a tearing down of the Berlin Wall, a visible symbol of the futility of continuing the war. Regular readers will recall how we tried to fight the Fortifying, as they victors called it. But we lost. The truism that history is written by the victors will apply here, and has been applying to our memories for some time. The statues of great men like Lee fall to the cheers of Desirists, to be replaced by those celebrating the wastes of society.

Think the internet will save you? Ask Klaus about his ideas. Klaus also reminds you the oligarchy looks with a lustful eye at the property you have remaining. An enormous sum, collectively, which is why that area of the war will continue with the most force. Remember: “You will own nothing, and be happy.”

Some, like Ed West, are painting the end of the war as not much more than a regime switch. When Reality ruled, busybody aunts, the Karens of their day, kept public morality in line. Now, with Desire the soon-to-be-victor, busybody aunts, the Karens of our day, will perform the same duty. This is nothing more than the commonplace observation that women in societies do most of the morals policing.

He says, “The revolutionaries were always going to create new rituals, new speech codes and new forms of censorship. England has changed a huge deal since our great victory in 1966, but in many ways it has barely changed at all.”

Of course it is true that public morals will be monitored and maintained. That is a constant. Somebody’s beliefs must be imposed and others’ shunned, canceled, or even censored. It’s that the wrong side’s views are now imposed.

West is right, however, when he explains how moral relativism was one of the weapons of war wielded with great success by the Desirists. “Relativism is a position you employ when you’re weak, to be abandoned when you win.” It is more than clear that it has been abandoned in their victory. The woke are all vehement moralists.

We know that we have lost because their morality has become official. Yet we also know that we cannot accept it.

So how to fight? First, save yourself and your family. Then think about your neighbor. Then think about your neighborhood and village. Then think about your county, then your state or region. Worry last about the country as a whole. As they move towards nationalizing everything and then toward supra-state governance, there will be less and less you can do about the state anyway.

Do you really think they’ll let you vote your way out of this at the national level?

Don’t count on things like, in America, “free speech” to save you. The Desirists have won battle after battle proving the words on the paper mean what they say they mean. “Free speech” now means that speech which they allow and makes them feel safe. “Hate speech” is a crime.

If you hold out hope in the courts, forget it. The law schools are calling “for professors…to be barred from the publication for ‘marginalizing’ others”. To great applause, “conservative” justice Neil Gorsuch did to the Constitution what Genghis Khan did to captured maids—and in full view of the public.

There is much more to be said on how to fight. On how to use deception, on why to flee when you can (though the regime will suspect you for fleeing), on creating our own long march through the institutions. We’ll save most of that for another time. For now, a few brief words.

Do not listen to those who preach against anonymity. Use it. Some of us have to be, as they call it, facephags, but most of us should never tie their real selves to their online persona. If you don’t understand “opsec”, learn—

“Wait, Briggs, you ass. You’re exaggerating again. It’s pathetic. Nobody cares what you do or say.”

Headline: “DNC, Biden allies want phone carriers to vet anti-vax messages: report”.

The Democratic National Committee and other White House allies want wireless carriers to scrutinize phone and social media messages for alleged misinformation about the Biden administration’s push to vaccinate more Americans against the coronavirus


For goodness sake, do not carry your self-funded tracking and listening devices with you when you don’t want the government to know what you’re doing.

Join your brothers. Pray.

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  1. Sheri

    If the nipples don’t say porno, I don’t know what does. And even the news did show the exposed anus to ADULTS. (There are cures for this but cowards never fight back and we are nation of idiots and cowards. Watch advertising—geared to humans with lower IQ’s than my dog and yet it works. Thus went the Aztecs, the Incas, etc (NOT a famine or climate—THEY DID TO THEMSELVES) and thus go we. Greed and empty heads kill every time.)

    And no, this is not without a solution. This is BECAUSE THIS WHAT PEOPLE WANT AND DESIRE. There are solutions still, but cowardly, useless lumps of flesh will do nothing (Rufo is clueless on solutions and wrong that most people do not want this. THEY DO.). When they die a painful, horrible death, they deserved it. Evil should die painfully and so should those who did nothing to stop it. We still don’t need a war, just enough people who care. Underground should be easy for the ten people who still give a crap.

    God owes Sodom and Gomorra a really, really big apology or we need a firestorm NOW on the whole planet. One or the other.

    My village is a lost cause of evil and greed. Staying away from them is the best bet. The lesbians across the street are looking forward to life in hell.

    I always said you can’t vote your way out, but no one gives a damn. They keep pretending they can so they can drink beer and do nothing. They are lazy, evil people. There would be no USA if we were as stupid, lazy and evil as we are now. (Seriously, all the judges are Satan worshippers on the Supreme Court and that idiot idea about electing presidents to pick justices…..)

    For now, get off the damn social media, stop using texting and things that are traceable, and grow up. It won’t happen, of course, because most of you prefer HELL AS AN AFTERLIFE AND A WAY TO LIVE HERE. Humans are lazy losers and they love it until reality smacks them.

    Prayer won’t help. People WANT this and that is their choice. God gave us free will. Learn to live with that reality. God did not make puppets. He may destroy the evil beings, but you can still be evil and God will let you screw your life up as much as you want.

  2. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Kudos, Sir. The left has control of all the institutions but because they are totalitarians they are now coming for individuals and part of that will include Biden sending his boys out to go door to door to speak with you about the Jab but they will also be assessing whether of not you and your family are enemies of the state.

    The coming to fruition of totalitarian tyranny in America began with the execrable Lincoln and it is right and just that idol of him be located in Washington.

    As always, it is long past time to awaken to the reality that you are on your own and as a Catholic ABS has known that for a very long time. Although he maintains the Bonds of Unity in Worship, Doctrine and Authority, ABS expects nothing positive from his Bishop and Pope, the best he hopes for is a day or two of relatively peaceful existence as he dodges the delusional detritus and destruction created by the revolutionaries who assembled and then exploded the V2 rocket in the heart of the Church.

    In fact, ABS believes it is best to refer to that ill-fated adventure as The 60s Synod, rather than an ecumenical council so as to mentally put it in its place. It was unlike any previous ecumenical council- all of which were called to address a crisis – whereas the 60s Synod was called to “update” the Church as though such a desire was legitimate.

    Worse, before he abdicated, Pope Benedict XVI spoke about how excited he was to go to The 60s Synod so the Catholic Church could confess its error in the Galileo matter. Imagine a Catholic being excited about standing before the world and confessing error. Men like the now Father Ratzinger expected the world to applaud the confusion of error?

    Lord have mercy. In order, the enemies of The Catholic Church are The World, The Flesh and The Devil.

    The Catholic Church was right about the heretic so it is impossible for it to correct its right action – if it is sane.

    ABS lives on earth, he does not live on a planet.

  3. MikeW

    Join and support a Bible-believing church or synagogue. The Bible has been the source and inspiration of all modern freedom movements, from the Magna Carta, to the Reformation, to the US Constitution, to the anti-slavery abolitionist movements, to the Israeli Basic Law of Dignity and Liberty, etc. All freedom movements are only temporary, for it is basic human nature to deceive and plunder the material blessings that freedom provides. Whenever the deceivers and plunderers take charge, as they are doing now, the good times are over and the bad times begin. But as living standards erode, even among the ruling elite, some of the more enlightened among them will look for alternatives. The more Bible-believing sources of enlightenment that exist, the faster will be the next cycle of recovery.

  4. Hun

    I am in a V4 country right now and most people here don’t even know this degenerate crap exists. The locals are busy dealing with the idiotic covid rules instead.

  5. Hagfish Bagpipe

    I see the same evil portents in the gory entrails, Sarge. Most people have no clue as to the evil nature of the totalitarian tyranny now wrapping its hideous tentacles around men’s throats. If they did they’d be rightly terrified. But they’re still sleepwalking around in their ridiculous masks, la-di-da, maybe worried about japanese beetles marring the lawn, but not a thought for the jackboot about to stamp their face, forever. Sheri sees it, that’s why she gets so exercised. This new Great Terror promises to out-do its predecessor. The people orchestrating it are the same vindictive sociopaths who murdered millions building their hell-on-earth bolshevik paradise. We’re stuck in a nightmare horror movie, “The Great Terror Two: No More Mister Nice Guy” The best that can be said is that things are going to get much worse before they get better.

    “Do not listen to those who preach against anonymity. Use it. Some of us have to be, as they call it, facephags, but most of us should never tie their real selves to their online persona. If you don’t understand “opsec”, learn—”

    Nah, I like my name, I’m keeping it.

  6. Chaeremon

    European descendants have colonized America and a dwarf minority of them demands African descendants [etc] to become colonizers too, just because equity, err equality, err boredoom[sic] …

  7. MikeW

    Hun, who do you think makes up and enforces your “idiotic covid rules”? Even in a V4 country, the ruling elite from the EU, UN, WHO, etc. are running the show now.

  8. Hun

    Oh, I know, MikeW. It’s just the most degenerate stuff from the West that almost doesn’t exist here. V4 countries are shitty in other ways and maybe that’s bad enough for our masters right now.

  9. c matt

    War is one metaphor; I see it more as sawing off a branch on a tree. Despite the efforts of one side, the other side is insistently (and successfully) sawing away at the branch while perched on the wrong side of it. Survival depends upon being on the correct side of the branch.

    Reality never loses – it may just have to go to penalty kicks before winning.

  10. Kenan Meyer

    Since april 2020 I suspect that the CCP is the great puppet master carrying out a 100 year plan. Of course this is a baseless conspiracy theory and I can prove nothing. However, CCP officials lately cannot but brag left and right how they are winning the war. I get this from some chinese dissidents I am following. History will tell if what we perceive is really at the highest level of abstraction or there is more on top.

  11. Shecky R

    “Oligarchy”… interesting word you use there, but might want to look up its meaning and historical context before employing thusly again. Just sayin’.

  12. Jerry

    No sane person WANTS this crap. Is the country – the world – insane? YES, at least a very loud minority.

    When just finding a way to stay alive was the number one goal of the population, we prayed to God and believed in His laws. Now we have had generations of life that have got progressively spoiled and lazy, who truly have no clue as to the fragility of ordered, BASE life.

    My hope, as was the hope of others, was that the “pandemic” would bring people back to their knees, open their eyes to where we have come and where we need to go.

    Unfortunately, the pandemic was not a true pandemic at all. Manufactured, contrived, useful terror. No piles of bodies on the street and business as usual for Wal-Mart and Lowe’s.

    We are God’s children and we are also imperfect. As a species, we don’t do very well when we have free time on our hands.

    I think Staff Sergeant Briggs is correct in every way, however I also believe that all things are possible with Jesus. Pray that we can discover the way to that end. PRAY.

  13. john b()

    Don’t stick the fork in just yet

    There are still Highlights

    The California board is slated to postpone implementing its proposed Mathematics Curriculum Framework during a Wednesday meeting, pushing final action on the curriculum to May 2022

    The move comes after hundreds of former and current professionals working in science, math, and engineering fields, as well as educators and venture capitalists, signed an open letter denouncing the plan as one that will “de-mathematize math” and instead insert “environmental and social justice” teachings into curriculum.


    The proposed framework:

    Promotes fringe teaching methods such as “trauma-informed pedagogy.” [ch. 2, p. 16]
    Distracts from actual mathematics by having teachers insert “environmental and social justice” into the math curriculum. [ch. 1, p. 35]
    Distracts from actual mathematics by having teachers develop students’ “sociopolitical consciousness.” [ch. 2, p. 39]
    Distracts from actual mathematics by assigning students—as schoolwork—tasks it says will solve “problems that result in social inequalities.” [ch. 7, p. 29]
    Urges teachers to take a “justice-oriented perspective at any grade level, K–12” and explicitly rejects the idea that mathematics itself is a “neutral discipline.” [ch. 2, p. 29]
    Encourages focusing on “contributions that historically marginalized people have made to mathematics” rather than on those contributions themselves which have been essential to the academic discipline of mathematics. [ch. 2, p. 31]
    “Reject[s] ideas of natural gifts and talents” and discourages accelerating talented mathematics students. [ch. 1, p. 8]
    Encourages keeping all students together in the same math program until the 11th grade and argues that offering differentiated programs causes student “fragility” and racial animosity. [ch.1, p. 15]
    Rejects the longstanding goal of preparing students to take Algebra I in eighth grade, on par with high-performing foreign countries whose inhabitants will be future competitors of America’s children—a goal explicitly part of the 1999 and 2006 Math Frameworks. [ch. 9, p. 43]

    If there are actual people with skin int the game willing to put signatures in opposition there is still hope

  14. DAA

    Dear all, Reading this and watching some of the videos, I just want to throw up – not against the blog, not at all! – because all of this seems to be the realization of our worst nightmares. This worse than ever. I now believe that a full out war, if we can wage one, would be better. They have not all consolidated their positions. While they are still a little off-balance. Otherwise we must do as Root in Person of Interest and become invisible. Let us really pray.

  15. DAV

    will include Biden sending his boys out to go door to door to speak with you about the Jab

    No worse than Jehovah’s Witnesses really. Annoying but harmless. I’d be more worried if they were going door to door to administer the Job wanted or not.

    Hagfish Bagpipe,
    Nah, I like my name, I’m keeping it

    I can understand why. Much better than your old one. Especially the bagpipe part. One of the most irritating “musical” devices ever made surpassed only by the Ghetto Blaster. Simultaneously loud and obnoxious. Appropriate.

    But then the first is interesting as well. Slimy and thick skulled with no backbone. Perhaps best left for another time.

  16. Johnno

    We were warned. 100 years ago. By the Mother of God, herself, at Fatima, Portugal.

    The errors of Russia would spread. America and the world would fall to Communism. The Church would have much to suffer as will the true Pope.

    But then comes ‘The annihilation of Nations.’ God will have had enough.

    This could have been averted if the Pope and bishops around the world had consecrated Russia to her Immaculate Heart as requested in 1929. Christ Himself implied a 100 year time limit, similar to when He requested the King of France do the same for his nation to Christ’s Sacred Heart. It was not and 100 years to the day, France fell to the Revolution, and the royalty were beheaded.

    To this day the Popes have not obeyed, preferring the dreadful project of modernity called Vatican II, and made feeble attempts to do it, either alone without the participation of the bishops and being too limp wristed to assert the Papal authority they were themselves diminishing for collegiality, or being too chicken to mention Russia by name any more than Taiwan, because of political considerations and the pointless project of empty ecumenism.

    We’re coming up on 2029. Just in time for the UN Agenda 2030. So look forward to several more years of losses in the war with the anti-realityists. You can’t vote your way out. You can’t shoot your way out enough. You certainly can’t reason your way out.

    You can only get out via a miracle. God can do it. You’ve got a time limit. Some think it’s too late. But those idiots have been saying it since 1960. What have you got to lose by trying? Have all our other fancy ideas worked out? This problem requires a mass exorcism. Science and your constitutions won’t save you.

    The traditional Popes of the past were right. America was wrong. Free Speech was an error, intended to avoid conflict amongst irreconcilable people, but only reinforced the idea that there was no such thing as Truth and that every buffoon could speak lies and be tolerated and defended for doing so, well they are now free speeching sexual depravity to your kids. Freedom and Liberty divorced from God and the Church naturally turn to tyranny and set up their own anti-morality, anti-Church, anti-Inquisition, anti-Pope and eventually culminating in an anti-Christ. The rules if yhe tolerant constitution are only for gathering you fair-playing suckers and in the darkness bind you.

    Separating the Church from the State is IMPOSSIBLE. You only have two options.

    1. True Church and State.

    2. Anti-Church and State.

    Full Church and State separation will NEVER EXIST any more than Zero emmissions or curing covid forever.

    If I have to fight my way out and put my life on the line. I’m not doing it for any secularist constitution or flag. I’m laying it down for the complete and total victory of the Kingdom of God and the rule of His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church over the entire world. I’m going for ALL the marbles. I have only tolerated the present disorder because for awhile it was a peaceful detente and we were comfortable. But that clearly doesn’t last.

    Clearly our highlander lefties believe there can be only one, and only one to rule them all. The lukewarm still holding on to the middle ground won’t have it for long. Time to pick a side at Armageddon. Satan’s Goats or God’s Sheep? Decide. Your beloved “nations” are only as good as the side your majority democratically chooses. So far it looks like the goats afe gargantuan and the sheep are very very few. But you know deep down how that will inevitably work out!

  17. john b

    Hagfish Bagpipe,
    Nah, I like my name, I’m keeping it

    (inspired by Swordfish Trombone?)

    In the fables and other stories I’m familiar with names are very powerful
    Something shared only with family and closest acquaintances

    In the wrong hands …

  18. Uncle Mike

    Resistance is futile? Please note that the dildo monkeys are Darwinizing themselves. They are the Last Generation of their ilk. They could speed up their extinction, however, IMHO.

    BTW, Sarge, any thoughts on today’s USAF and their New Airlift Invasion? MS-13 and other terrorists coming soon (if not already) to your neighborhood courtesy our flyboys (and girls) in zoom blue. Who voted for that?

  19. c matt

    Annoying but harmless. I’d be more worried if they were going door to door to administer the Job wanted or not.

    The annoying Biden’s Witnesses are merely phase one. After duly recording your resistance, the Jackboot Jabbers show up in phase two.

  20. Dennis

    Has David French published “The Conservative Case for Rainbow Dildo Monkey in Children’s Libraries” yet?

  21. Trotsky's Icepick

    Reality is a construct of the white male capitalist imperialism, comrade.

  22. Dennis

    There have been some very bad WH press secretaries, but has there ever been one to combine such high levels of smarmy obnoxiousness and ineptitude?

    WH “flagging posts FOR Facebook,” and just recently announced they want to censor private text messages as well? And send door-to-door federal vax promoters around to harass the unvaxed (query: How do they know who’s been vaxed or not unless your supposedly confidential and legally protected medical info has been illegally leaked or acquired?). All of this raises all kinds of 1st Amendment and anti-trust issues, HIPAA issues, etc…and as usual the GOP cucks and RINOs in Congress will do nothing, and while they bloviate about “Cuba Libre” the Biden admin ramps up its war on Americans and continues to hold 1/6 political prisoners in jail. I don’t give a damn about Cuba, or South Africa, or Haiti or anywhere else until elected officials start defending and protecting the rights and liberties of Americans at home, and securing our own borders.

    It’s not paranoia or a “conspiracy theory” when the govt really is openly declaring that it’s coming for you. Be prepared.

    But, one thing the efforts of the Biden admin against free speech and their political opponents demonstrate – they are scared. On Tuesday Biden Tweeted that “No other election has ever been held to such scrutiny and high standard” – an absolute lie. Utterly demented. But the fact that he feels the need to Tweet such “reassurance” in his legitimacy more than 8 months after the election says a lot about how scared the Dems are of audits, and how little they actually believe – deep down – in their own BS they’re spreading. Their strategy is basically just repeat mindless mantras about “most secure election ever” and hope people buy it, while they use the natsec-military-surveillance state (in collusion with Big Tech – the kind of public-private state corporatism that is literally “fascist”) to crush opposition. The “Big Lie” is the lie that Biden actually won fairly, and that their opponents are the “fascists.” Typical projection by the Left – they do exactly what they accuse others of doing.

  23. Dennis

    For some reason Brigg’s second link to the Zmirak article doesn’t show up above, but did in the email notice. Weird.

    Funny Zmirak mentions the Reichstag Fire analogy (and the recent Revolver reporting on FBI infiltration), as it was just yesterday revealed that the disgraceful Gen. Milley used that same analogy in his efforts to rally troops against the 1/6 protesters. Milley was right to use the analogy, but not for the reasons he probably thought – he seems to think the role of the “Nazis” was played by Trump supporters (he even referred to the 1/6 protesters as “the same people we fought in World War II” – an outrageously stupid statement that really calls into question the mental capacity of current military leadership), when in fact the “Nazi” role was played by the pro-Biden, Deep State, FBI running a false flag operation all along.

    As an aside, in the way most intend it, the Reichstag Fire analogy actually doesn’t hold up at all. I think most historians now believe the Nazis were in fact not lying about the origin of the Reichstag fire…i.e. it really was set by a Communist activist (Marnius van der Lubbe), and not – as many Nazi critics believed then, and as many still do – a false flag op by set by the Nazis themselves to justify a crackdown on opponents. They just lucked out that van der Lubbe’s actions played into their hands (as most sane Communists knew it would – hence the likelihood that he acted alone and was probably a bit mentally unstable, in the end harming the cause he claimed to support).

  24. Dennis

    “Marinus” that should be above, not “Marnius.”

  25. Jim

    With God, the Catholic God, the God of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, ALL things are possible.

    Abandon yourself to Him, and win.

    God first, then family, the neighbors, then state…

  26. John B(S)

    Twitter Account:

    Jen Psaki
    United States government official
    WH Press Sec. Working mom of 2 small humans. Spends most days communicating about @POTUS
    ‘ agenda & rebuilding trust with the American people.

    [Obviously a Transphobe and a SpeciesPhobe]

  27. Russell Haley

    It was not the day to day interactions of the early Christians that “defeated” pagan Rome (the old gods are clearly not dead). It was the blood of the martyrs and the souls in the Church Triumphant that clenched victory. Constantine was literally moved by a heavenly vision, which set the Christian uprising in motion.

    To defeat The Enemy, we must pray for martyrdom.

  28. pyrrhus

    Lee was an honorable loser, who foolishly fought pitched battles against superior forces…Stonewall Jackson and Nathan Bedford Forrest were the great generals who understood that they should use hit-and-run and ambush tactics against the less agile Northern forces…Precisely the tactics we should use against our evil and corrupt rulers who cannot, however, control the countryside…

  29. Pk

    Sorry, but this was the most secure and in fact the most scrutinized election ever. By scrutinizing the count, even late into the night, they were able to adjust the ballots to make the Dems secure in the knowing they could not lose.

  30. C-Marie

    God is allowing the wages of sin to have their day here in America, for people to truly see that they truly are horrendous, horrible, and awful. Murder of the unborn and just born, murder of the psyches of the born and allowed to live children, worship of self, utter disregard of God’s heart, of His commandments, of Him Who is Love.

    Could anyone believe that He would not move to save as many of those who are His own, and of those who shall be His? Hs works of love and mercy and forgiveness have brought many to Him and have built up Faith in Him, but to those who are asleep, satisfied, whose love has waxed cold, something must be allowed to come to pass so as for them to look, see, know, and understand, that there is an etenity coming down in which our responsibility for ths turning from God will be weighed, and so many will be found wanting.

    Jesus said, ” 24“A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a slave above his master. 25“It is enough for the disciple that he become like his teacher, and the slave like his master. If they have called the head of the house Beelzebul, how much more will they malign the members of his household!

    26“Therefore do not fear them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. 27“What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops. 28“Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. 29“Are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. 30“But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31“So do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.

    32“Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven. 33“But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.

    34“Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35“For I came to SET A MAN AGAINST HIS FATHER, AND A DAUGHTER AGAINST HER MOTHER, AND A DAUGHTER-IN-LAW AGAINST HER MOTHER-IN-LAW; 36and A MAN’S ENEMIES WILL BE THE MEMBERS OF HIS HOUSEHOLD.

    37“He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. 38“And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. 39“He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it. Matthew 10.

    Scary at one level, Yes. But Jesus is faithful, and our Peace is in Him, and as we confess Him, He will confess us, just as He said. Be His.

    God bless, C-Marie

  31. R. White

    figured something like this would happen so about 10 years ago so I moved my wife and children to the mountains of the southern Blue Ridge……..always nice to have the ground.
    …….revenuer reman wanted granddaddy bad, headed up the holler with everything he had, before my time but I’ve been told, he never come back from copperhead row.

  32. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Lot of great stuff posted. Dennis is on a roll. Johnno is right, as usual. C-Marie lays down the law. Lee Phillips makes a funny. And “Trotsky’s Icepick” — that’s pretty good, but maybe should be “Trotsky’s IceAxe”? Just a thought, it’s pretty funny either way.

  33. Hagfish Bagpipe

    DAV [admiring my handle]: “[hagfish] …Slimy and thick skulled with no backbone… [bagpipe] one of the most irritating “musical” devices ever made surpassed only by the Ghetto Blaster. Simultaneously loud and obnoxious. “

    That is an apt description of Globohomo’s ideal citizen. My future is bright.

  34. Kathleen

    Thanks Briggs and Johnno.

    Spot on, both of you.

    And you’re largely right Sheri. But prayer does work. But it requires real effort and true love of God. It leads to uniting one’s will to God’s will. And God will give that to those that ask. He does help us bring forth flowers in this dung heap. I know first hand being blessed to work with those on the sidewalk trying to save the worse of the worse in awful conditions week in and week out.

    Prayer. Does. Work.

    Souls are saved. In front of our eyes. The worse of the worse.

    Only God can do that.

    It makes a difference how one prays.

  35. C-Marie

    Beautiful, Kathleen!! And thank you for all those hours of using the gifts that Jesus has give to you. You will certainly have many, welcoming you into Heaven.
    God bless, C-Marie

  36. Uncle Mike

    Go ahead and flag me, Traitor Joe. I’ve already flagged you! You are a lying jerk as well as a traitor.

    The problem with symbols like flags or dildos is they are not the real things. The map is not the territory. Traitor Joe’s handlers are doing some real stuff, like military transport of millions of criminals into the country, corrupting elections, driving the price of energy through the roof, inducing stagflation, taking bribes from Red China, burning, looting, and terrorizing American cities, instituting martial law via lockdowns, destroying businesses, incomes, and families, etc etc.

    Those are real, tangible, harmful things. The hoorah over symbols is a smoke cloud distraction from an increasingly bad reality.

  37. Jan Van Betsuni

    A new age of Prohibition has begun. The last one endured for 13 years. Inquire about secret passwords and door knocks at your local speakeasy. Work on a good bathtub gin recipe. Brew your own beer. Poke fun at ladies with large hats and long hair pins whose husbands follow them about like pet lambs. Marvel at protest marches in support of equal rights for men to access healthcare from gynecologists. Be of good cheer. Carry on.

  38. Robin

    “So how to fight? First, save yourself and your family. Then think about your neighbor. Then think about your neighborhood and village. Then think about your county, then your state or region. Worry last about the country as a whole. As they move towards nationalizing everything and then toward supra-state governance, there will be less and less you can do about the state anyway.”

    Recently I’ve entered into an exchange of private communications on the subject of vaccination with one of the most kind and intelligent family members I know. I wanted to probe his thinking.

    I send over publications, and source data, and my analysis of the source data that shows sleight of hand, deceptive and, in some cases, downright fraudulent scientific lies. It’s in print, it’s obvious, and it’s irrefutable.

    Then I send over press briefings/articles from members of the “Trusted News Initiative” (look it up, something Joseph Goebbels would have dreamed up) and, with the same source data, show how they are printing utter nonsense, lies and propaganda and the public appear to accept every word, unquestionably.

    I then show common threads in their conflict of interest statements, who they get their money from, etc, and how their assertions must be treated with great caution. This is a problem with universities, scientists, journals, corporations, media, and politicians. The entire chain of information has been corrupted largely while the world was sleeping.

    In fairness, this person does read and consider what I write; but then counters, not with logic, but with emotion: “Why would A,B,…,Z (ie long list of political leaders scientists from around the world) all lie about this. They would not lie.” This is the reply of an extremely intelligent person, IQ probably off the chart. When seeing this cognitive dissonance, for lack of a better term; this unwillingness to question the official WORD, I can fully understand how Hitler gained and held power in pre-war Germany.

    Consequently I have come to the very uneasy recognition that the western world is, as was the zeitgeist of Germany in the early 1930s, sleepwalking into something that will ultimately result in the most unimaginable, inhumane acts in world history. Something that would make Adolf Hitler blush. Mandatory injection with complete immunity to criminal acts (as opposed to alleged immunity to a virus) is just the start.

    Back then a lot of Germans could see what was going on and tried to stop it – but ultimately had to leave Germany or die for their beliefs. When the average German citizen (the person that raised a family, worked hard, did what they were told and paid their taxes ie the “normies”) finally understood what their political leaders were really doing, it was way too late. The Russians were at the outskirts of Berlin, raping every woman in sight and the media couldn’t hide the truth from the normies anymore. Tens of millions dead and many millions more maimed.

    The Oligarchs that are bringing this horror upon us seem to have learned exactly which buttons to push in the machinery that underpins civilisation just like the NAZIs did. Except the NAZIs could only do this within their borders; now it can be done (and is being done) globally. There are no borders. No doubt in my mind that death is coming in large numbers to bring civilisation to a near collapse.

    So I agree with you Professor Briggs, the war for the minds of the normies is just about over. They will be coming for the rest of us, just as happened in Germany. Barring some sort of divine intervention, we are fast approaching a new Reich on a global scale ultimately leading to untold human suffering and a new feudal age. The objective now is to find some way to survive it, until the normies (those that are left) can finally see for themselves that the enemy is at the gates.

  39. Kathleen


    Francis REBUKES Benedict and TRADITION.


    Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered, let all those that hat Him flee before His Face!

    Covert us Oh God, and show us Thy Face and we shall be saved!

    May the thrice Holy Name of God overthrow all their plans!

    The timing of this is IMPORTANT.


    NEWS on Francis rebuke of Tradition here:

  40. Joy

    Dav’s right, as usual, his comments stay truthful, helpful and honourable

  41. Joy

    For the Curious about Christianity and the attitude to covid 19, listen to John Lennox, a pure mathematician who has also taken all of a week to write about the epidemic in a small book on the matter.

    He recommended Luke chapter 13, which is very apt lesson for Truthful people

  42. Dennis

    “…When seeing this cognitive dissonance, for lack of a better term; this unwillingness to question the official WORD, I can fully understand how Hitler gained and held power in pre-war Germany.”

    Yes, just listen to the noxious New Zealand PM yesterday: “Dismiss anything else. We will be your single source of truth.”

    Sadly, there are too many normies who still seem to think politicians like her and mainstream media are actually sources of truth…and surely just would not lie to us all, would they?

    The politicians and media who bleat the most about the “Big Lie” and “misinformation” are likely the ones doing the most lying and misleading.

    Just look at how they continue to lie about vax efficacy while fearmongering-over “cases” (using “variants” as the excuse to impose more lockdowns, etc):

  43. Dennis

    Kathleen: Having read the motu proprio and the Rorate Caeli article you linked to, I fear the writer, Fr. Pierre, while trying to put as positive a spin on it as possible, is being too sanguine. This is nothing less than an all out war on the traditional liturgy by Bergoglio, and I suspect a deliberate attempt to provoke open schism.

    Take Fr. Pierre’s analysis of Article I: “Article 1, discussing the liturgical books promulgated by Sts. Paul VI and John Paul II, indicates that they are the ‘unique expression of the lex orandi of the Roman Rite.’ In the absence of any indication to the contrary, one must conclude that the status of the Extraordinary Form liturgical books remains intact.”

    Why must one conclude that, if it is claimed that the Paul VI liturgy is the “unique expression…”? Unique means “sole, one and only, having no like or equal, exclusive,” etc. The Bugnini-Paul VI mass cannot be “unique” without implicitly abrogating Quo Primum and all other traditional and valid rites. The fact that he does not do so explicitly is probably yet again a manifestation of Bergoglio’s typical double-speak and obfuscation…he never quite says clearly what he means about much of anything…leaving it up for endless debate and parsing by various factions. But if he means what Fr. Pierre’s interpretation wants it to mean, “unique expression” was a very poorly chosen way to describe the Novus Ordo.

    The only concession he makes to the TLM is for those already celebrating it, “‘those Catholics who feel attached to some earlier liturgical forms’ and not to others.” He and others opposed to the TLM have always tried to narrowly interpret this “those Catholics who feel attached to” language he quotes from JPII as applying only to those who are actually old enough to have experienced the TLM as the everyday form of the Mass before the Novus Ordo came into effect, i.e. it should be presumptively disallowed for those born after c. 1970, and those “too young” who do prefer the TLM should be weaned off it ASAP (see also Bergoglios’ “not to others” above…this clause is itself ambiguous in that sentence. It could mean to refer simply “other liturgical forms” but I think he means effectively “not to be extended to other Catholics,” i.e. those born or raised post-Novus Ordo).

    And even then, the motu proprio also puts a number of bureaucratic obstacles in the way of continued celebration of the TLM, and especially prohibits its use in “parochial churches” and “the establishment of new groups.” Priests who already celebrate the old rite are to ask permission from their Bishop to continue (Benedict XVI’s Sumorum pontificum made it clear any priest could celebrate the traditional Mass without needing permission from a Bishop. Bergoglio’s action will allow the many Bishops who are themselves opposed to the TLM to crackdown on it in hopes of ultimately eliminating it. Simply refuse continued permission…cite Bergoglio’s motu proprio…done, and no reason to justify or explain himself further).

    Each Bishop is also “to appoint a priest who, as delegate of the bishop [i.e. spy], is entrusted with these celebrations and with the pastoral care of these groups of the faithful,” and who is to “verify that the parishes canonically erected for the benefit of these faithful are effective for their spiritual growth, AND TO DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT TO RETAIN THEM.” Step out of line according to the Bishop’s bugman…that’s it, no more TLM for you “rigid” folk.

    It also requires any new priests ordained after today who wish to celebrate the TLM to “submit a formal request to the diocesan Bishop who shall consult the Apostolic See before granting this authorization.” Again, this will be up to the whims of certain Bishops (and unlike those priests already celebrating TLM who need only permission of local Bishop, these get sent to the Holy See itself). And one can see that the intent is to simply await the death or retirement of those already celebrating the TLM, while making it very difficult for new priests to continue the Tradition. Any new young priest who puts in a request to celebrate the TLM is effectively having himself put on a list as – in Bergoglio-speak – a “rigid” reactionary to be kept under strict watch and restricted as much as possible.

    I appreciate Fr. Pierre’s effort to make Bergoglio’s actions seem less extreme and troublesome than they are for the fate of the TLM, and I am certainly no expert in Canon Law…but this Motu proprio seems bad to me, very bad…and insofar as it strikes at the very heart of the Church – the Liturgy – I’d rank it as perhaps the worst thing Bergoglio has yet done (and the list of competition is quite long).

  44. Dennis

    Sad to see as well that the best some pseudo-trad Papolators and administrative-state worshippers on Twitter, like Vermeule, can muster in response is, “I’m afraid to look at Catholic Twitter today,” and “I will block anyone who speaks ill of the Pope.”

    We need some Bishops and Cardinals to have the courage to declare that the emperor has no clothes, and demand a Council to depose this antipope. Everything he does is calculated to undermine Tradition and sow discord, faithlessness, ugliness, and the conversion of the Church into an NGO subordinate to the NWO.

  45. Kathleen

    >> We need some Bishops and Cardinals to have the courage to declare that the emperor has no clothes, and demand a Council to depose this antipope.

    That is *exactly* what we need, Dennis.

    I like Rorate Caeli, but they do maintain that tone… I’m not wild about their initial analysis either. But as always in these things Rorate Caeli gets enough on the table for serious debate/analysis to begin.

    You hit point after point of my concerns.

    This and Pachamama on the Altar of Peter are **grave** offenses against God.

    It is the Rite. of. St. Peter. that he thinks he can abrogate.

    And he does think he is abrogating it.

    The. Rite. of. St. Peter.

    Let that sink in.

    So yes — it’s council time.

    Praying but not betting on it.

    Betting on 8 more years of misery leading up to 2029 and the living will envy the dead.

  46. Dennis

    What’s happening in 2029?

  47. C-Marie

    So needy to need to exercise control. Poor, poor man … discernment by the Holy Spirit is what is needed.

    Appears that there is no mention of leading and guiding by the Holy Spirit in this at all.

    Pope Benedict XVI is beloved by ever so many. Agreement not in everything, but in most.

    Praying that God our Father is preparing His man for the Papal office for when the time arrives, and that by the Holy Spirit, Jesus is giving to the man chosen by God, and to every Cardinal who will be eligible to vote, and even to those to whom the Cardinals look for advice, the knowing of whom it is who is God’s will, to be elected next Pope.


    God bless, C-Marie

  48. Kathleen

    >> Praying that God our Father is preparing His man for the Papal office

    From your lips to God’s ear, C-Marie, God bless you!

    Dennis — On 2029 – this is the short version.

    June 17, 1689 Our Lord COMMANDED via Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque that France (then the primary vector of the spiritual rot afflicting the world) be CONSECRATED to HIS SACRED HEART. This consecration would EXORCISE France and make France a VECTOR OF GOOD – His Consecrated Nation pouring out GRACE.

    The Louis blew it.

    June 17, 1789 – PRECISELY 100 years later Louis XVI was STRIPPED of his legislative authority by the demon driven Third Estate.

    June 13, 1929 The POPE was ORDERED by OUR LORD via Sr. Lucy of Fatima to CONSECRATE RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart. Same deal. Exorcism, turn vector of evil to vector of grace.

    To make this connection EXPLICIT Our Lord told Sr. Lucy in 1931:

    Make it known to My ministers, given that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My requests, they will follow him into misfortune.


    They did not wish to heed My request! Like the King of France they will repent of it, and they will do it, but it will be late. Russia will have already spread its errors in the world, provoking wars and persecutions against the Church. The Holy Father will have much to suffer.

    So that brings us to 2029.

    We must pray and strive for the consecration of Russia. He said it will happen late. I believe it is tied to Catholics doing what we all have been instructed by Our Lady of Fatima.

  49. Dennis

    Hmmm…this is the first I’ve heard it claimed Lucia received direct visitations from Our Lord himself in 1929 and 1931, after the apparitions of the Virgin to her and her cousins at Fatima in 1917. I’d like to know where to find out more about this. Though I’d did know the connection between the Sacred Heart and the fall of the ancien régime in France.

    And it’s certainly not Russia that is the primary spreader of falsehood in the world today…frankly, the US govt takes the crown in that competition, followed closely by CCP-lead China.

    In any case, I’m glad we have some devout ladies here to pray for all of us sinners! And I do think the period around 2030-2033 and the near future and is going to be a cataclysmic one. Is it a coincidence that the WEF/NWO have focused their agenda around the 2030s (“You’ll own nothing,” elimination of fossils fuels, cash, etc…), and that the 2000th anniversary of the death and resurrection of Christ will be in April 2033?

  50. Joy

    Scientists say vaccines alone are not currently enough to stop coronavirus spreading, and other measures are needed

    — BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews) July 10, 2021

    Note the above BBC news, some two days before the press briefing on Monday
    12th July. Was an attempt, presumably, to muddy the waters and sew discontent.

    It is incorrect / outdated, even on 12th July, Evidence is presented to show vaccine efficacy.

  51. Russell Haley

    I still think it’s hilarious that people are talking about privacy and many of us are still using gmail and outlook for all out communications. Duh. Do we really think the “oh, we won’t look” rules are actually being respected? Please.

    It’s the emails guys, it’s the emails.

    (For the record I am well aware my gmail account is not private and I don’t say anything private in emails).

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