Dreaded Delta Surge Explained (Is it the Vexxine?); Cars Killing More Than COVID; Literal Ministries Of Truth; UK Pingdemic; More! — Coronavirus Update LXXX

Dreaded Delta Surge Explained (Is it the Vexxine?); Cars Killing More Than COVID; Literal Ministries Of Truth; UK Pingdemic; More! — Coronavirus Update LXXX


How many died of traffic fatalities last week? About 744. On average. Given 38,680 died last year.

How many died of the doom? CDC says 163. But that’s an undercount due to government quitting every day at 5. Or before. The real number is probably closer to the traffic fatalities, and maybe, given late counts, a bit higher. We’ll see in a few weeks.

Car deaths are preventable—and catchy, too. Guy driving down the road has a heart attack, slaughters a family of five. It happens.

It needed! We could lock down the highways now. Hey, if it saves just one life, right?




So. Not knowing how to react in any other way, our Experts and rulers, with full approval by the easily addled majority, are once again panicking. And insisting all panic with them.

With panic comes overreaction. Such as re-instituting mask mandates and forms of locking down. Now these measures haven’t worked at all anywhere they have been tried. But Experts, relying on their theories, say they should work, therefore, they conclude, they do work.

Now the Dreaded Delta has been roaming through the UK for one to two months, according to the hyperventilating headlines. “Case” numbers are bumping up. More on that in a minute. Let’s look first and the DD’s destructive power:

In days of yore, when scientists remembered about viruses, they knew that bugs like the coronadoom would mutate into less virulent, but possible more catching forms. Like the DD appears to have done.

Those readers who have been here since the beginning know that testing is driving the casedemic. The greater the number of tests, the more marginal, and even false, infections will be turned up. These positive tests everybody, even those who know better, call “cases”, to make them sound scarier than the are. Unethical, yes. But useful in juicing panics. (Here’s one would-be public servant saying he is testing daily.)

USA testing was down around half a million daily and falling fast the the DD panic struck. It jumped, almost immediately, to 1.5 million daily—a whole million extra! And it’s only going up.

Same thing in the UK:


Also France, whose ruler insists all carry a paper around with them everywhere at all times and for the rest of their lives saying they have got the coronadoom vexxine. Without it, no man many buy or sell.

Anyway, we’re back to the purposeful juicing of data. We now have to suspect whether attributed deaths are dying with or dying of again. This means (as below) we have to look at total all-cause death numbers. If these are more than we’d expect, then there’s some concern. If not—and so far there is no evidence—then the panic is a bust.

California, Land of the Woke, made it illegal to go without a mask again indoors. Because of the swelling “case” numbers of the DD.

I loathe those black lines Google puts on the data, because the black lines aren’t the data, but it’s almost impossible not to think it. Anyway. This is all of California, not just LA.

There is no reason to panic. But panicking they are.

(Naturally, all this has to be done by vexxine manufacturer and other dimensions.)


This is really a continuation of the DD update, but the vexxine numbers become important here.

Here’s a thread that’s going around, making those who shouldn’t be nervous. This is the first picture from that thread.

You can see the “cases” are shooting to the sky, because of at least increased testing. But we also saw deaths aren’t following.

Have you noticed the media nowhere reports on deaths anymore?

Imagine tracking ordinary coronaviruses, which cause the common cold, showing their numbers blow out of control as they do twice a year (late fall, mid summer, but less so). We could panic in perpetuity! People assume that deaths must be following all these dangerous surges.

We really are ruled by the effeminate.

Anyway, the supposition of this thread is that the vexxine has something to do with the DD “case” surge.

The whole answer is maybe. But, since deaths aren’t being (yet?) over-attributed, the practical
is so what?

Look, as I’ve said before, the purpose and design of vaccines is to cause you injury. They are designed to. The idea is: no pain, no gain. By giving you pain in a smaller way, the hope is to avoid pain in a bigger way.

The doom vexxines cause your body to make harmful spike proteins, to which your body is supposed to say “Whoa there” and make antibodies to handle them. Since the mRNA of the vexxines is, they say, temporary, you won’t continue to manufacture your own spike proteins, but, it is hoped, by the time your body is done making them, your body also has figured out how to defeat them.

On the other hand, if you do get a version of the coroandoom, the virus enters your body, and like the mRNA vexxine, it manufactures spike proteins, albeit much more efficiently. Too efficiently for those old and sick. But for almost everybody, their bodies outwit the doom. This is why everybody doesn’t have to get the vexxine if they are concerned about death.

The theory is, again, the vexxine is less painful than the doom. Not that is it of no pain or no risk. Which is the government line. For those of borderline health, its a toss up whether they’ll have more pain from the vexxine of the doom itself. But also—and this is a forbidden subject—some people will never get the doom, being naturally immune (perhaps having been previously infected by one of innumerable other coroaviruses which cause the common cold).

Now as you are vexxed, your immune system is stressed. At that moment, you are more vulnerable to novel infections. The Dreaded Delta is one of these. So it’s possible the newly vexxed are contracting more easily the DD, which after all isn’t the same as the other coronadoom variants.

But the deaths aren’t really following. It’s only infections. Which they unethically call “cases”.

The vexxine, some say, still protects against severity of disease. Meaning you could get the DD and not become too sick. They are already announcing those that are still dying are the unvexxed. This is plausible. I like it as an explanation. But. It’s also hilarious, because it it means the vexxine isn’t preventing infections especially well. Meaning if you get infected while vexxed you could pass on the bug. Meaning the line “Get vexxed so you won’t pass on the disease” fails.

Yes, the vexxine could have, in a roundabout way, given rise to the DD. Look at this way. The other variants kill more enthusiastically, meaning the people who get them die at greater rates and, it follows, therefore have less change of passing on the deadlier bugs. This is why ebola doesn’t spread like mad. But it also means the less deadly variants can pass more easily, since those bugs aren’t killing off their hosts. This is why the common cold coronaviruses spread easily.

It also explains this (one of many such reports), which regular readers will recall Yours Truly predicted.


You’ll recall initial reports of relative vexxine effectiveness were in the high 90s. I said back in December:

As I’ve said before, trial numbers in medical experiments always look better than real-life numbers, and I’d bet good money these numbers will shrink. I have no idea by how much. I’d be (pleasantly) surprised if in real life it was much north of 50%.


Also re-read: “Absolute Vs. Relative Risk Reduction” if you don’t recall the difference.

The vexxines aren’t as efficient at stopping the (it seems) far less deadly variants.

None of this will be any surprise to regular readers.


Normally when we see “Ministry of Truth” we expect it to be a joke at the expensive of some government official who can’t believe the public won’t accept his lies.

But in this case we have the ruler of New Zealand—whose only real skill is looking mournfully at the camera while she condemns great swaths of her subjects—telling us that, yes, indeed, New Zealand has an actual Ministry of Truth. As befits such an august agency, the ruler says the MOT is the “single source of truth” (my emphasis) for citizens.

Whoever it is that is behind Biden is jealous. They had Biden say the other day that folks like you, dear readers, who post analyses (such as mine) using the government’s own data, analyses that questions the government’s hersterical narrative, are “killing people“.

The regime behind Biden is therefore demanding social media censors expunge from all platform those who question the government.

As I’ve long said, those governments like New Zealand and ours who have created MOTs have hit upon a brilliant, cost-effective way to do science. Announce what is true and cannot be denied. It becomes vastly simpler to do research when you know the answer.

Easy research doesn’t mean it’s easy to gain notoriety, and therefore grants and promotions, as a scientist. Any dumb sap can submit a paper that repeats the Ministry line. If you want to get ahead, you need to praise the Ministry with sweeter words, you need to find a way to go farther, but in the same direction, as the Ministry wants to go, by promising the fears of the Ministry are worse than they realize.

Ask yourself if this is not how it works for those areas of science that have caught regimes’ eyes.


Item: Not all experts are created equal — and that’s a problem in the fight against COVID.

Since the pandemic struck in early 2020, a small class of experts have become modern-day rock stars. The medical-industrial complex has quickly become the perfect foil to the under-resourced mainstream media, adding easy credibility to the constant stream of COVID-19 clickbait. The only problem with these ready-to-cook experts is that, as with all professions, not all experts are created equal. ..

The granddaddy of COVID experts hasn’t actually practised as a health professional for almost four decades. Norman Swan, the [Australia’s] ABC’s health guru, has been a radio producer (and briefly a Biggest Loser star) for most of his career. Swan, who has accumulated 118,000 Twitter followers and 2.6 million podcast listeners, is usually entertaining but not always accurate. Most famously, in March 2020 he warned Australia would soon record 80,000 daily infections, “14-20 days behind Italy” (Australia’s record was during Melbourne’s second wave when we hit 721). Swan was also accused of undermining the vaccination program in Australia when he suggested “we’d learn a lot by waiting” to roll out the Pfizer vaccine.

As I like to say, you can never be fired for being wrong in the right direction. Experts have been telling governments and oligarchs and the love-to-be-frightened what they want to hear, so it does not matter if they are wrong. Excuses are needed for the monumentally harmful decisions made, and the Experts give these.

Meanwhile, those who make correct predictions, but in areas which say the official decisions were wrong, are canceled or ignored. Proving the opposite of our dictum is true, too: you can always be fired for being right in the wrong direction. Wisdom as old as mankind.


It’s nice to see people screw themselves over because of the hersterical rules and restrictions they have insisted on. This story is hilarious.

In the UK, if you get too close to a person who’s self-funded listening and tracking device (SFLTD) says they have cooties, your own SFLTD will “ping” and say you might now have cooties. You then must, under penalty of shame and threat of public exposure, run to the time out corner and “self isolate”.

Here’s one of my favorite headlines (hat tip Wrath of Gnon): “Metropolitan Tube line is SUSPENDED and Piccadilly and District lines are partially closed due to shortage of control room staff after they were ‘pinged’ by NHS Covid app.

It comes as industry bosses are warning that Britain faces food shortages with shops being closed early and bins not emptied for ten weeks if urgent action is not taken to address the so-called ‘pingdemic’.

Richard Jones, London Underground’s head of network operations, said: ‘Due to a shortage of control room staff who are having to self-isolate following notification this morning via the Test and Trace app, there will be no service on the Metropolitan line for the rest of the day.

From another story: “Food shortages, shops forced to close early, bins not emptied for 10 WEEKS and a £4bn hit to the economy”. They say, “A fifth of all private sector workers are currently having to self-isolate, according to industrial analysis.”

I lost another similar link which said the pings could go through walls, and the people in adjoining apartments were getting pinged.

Well, since self-isolation not quite mandated, a few people will venture into freedom after pinged. They will ping others. Most of those will run and hide, but some won’t. (What’s your guess on whether government and hourly workers will insist they have to hide?) These newly pinged will go on to ping others.

And so on. We now see the pings spread far, far better than the Dreaded Delta. Soon, all of the UK will be “pinged.”

I can’t think of a more fitting way to end this needless panic than by this layering on of a wholly voluntary crippling frenzy. The idiocy of England’s Experts is almost boundless (this had to be an Expert’s idea). It’s people aren’t too bright, either, I’m afraid. It seems nobody has hit on the idea of not carrying SFLTDs.



The Price of Panic.

Website of similar name: price of panic.


Sources: CDC State data (source), CDC official toll number one, number two (the old weekly file, now suspect). Causes of death (source). Deaths by age. Covid & flu. WHO flu tracker. All current as of Monday night.

Daily tests (from here from Johns Hopkins) have spiked. The Dreaded Delta panic is working.

This is my GIMPing of the graph, trying to change their anemic almost-not-there tan to something readable. Go and see the original. Testing has shot up over a million a day to 1.5 million a day.

Thanks to Experts and the media.

And with testing comes “cases”, i.e. positive tests. But not, in this case, deaths.

CDC deaths “involving” COVID.

Delta variant! Delta variant! Delta variant! Delta variant! The Delta variant rises! But, apparently, does not kill.

The week-of-the-year all-cause deaths.

Green line is 2021, red is 2020. The dotted line are all cause deaths minus COVID. That means the 2020 deaths that look out of place (above the mass of other lines but below the dotted line) are likely deaths caused by the panic.

The drop off at the end is late reporting. Those three black dots indicate the last three weeks. Three weeks from now, about 80% or so of all the deaths will have been counted. It can take, the CDC says, up to eight weeks to get a full count.

See the dotted green line? That’s All Cause MINUS the COVID. Those numbers are way below where we’d expect them.

There is no reason for the Dreaded Delta Panic.

Here’s more proof the crisis is over:

Strange, isn’t it, that heart disease and cancer are on the decrease, even as the doom vanishes?

And those unclassified deaths are curious, too: they’re about the same number of the doom The codes indicate those times when the doctors aren’t quite sure why the person died. For instance, “Ill-defined and unknown cause of mortality”.

Notice the rise of these unclassifieds. Could they be related to the vexxines? The rise is certainly co-incident with rise in vexxines. This is a forbidden question on social media, so don’t ask it, or they will ban you. That’s how The Science works, by limiting uncomfortable questions.

Here’s the standard state comparison:

Does your state still have restrictions, like Michigan, which had 211 deaths per 100,000? Or is your state free, like Florida, with its much older and sicker population had 179 deaths per 100,000?

See that tiny wee uptick in Texas for the last week? That’s the Dreaded Delta? See it in Florida, too? No, sir, you don’t.

Flu is still missing. We haven’t done the plot in a while. Now there are always flu deaths, even in summer. Not this year. Not anywhere.

We also haven’t looked at the totals by age in a while. Here they are:

Update This is a cumulative chart since the beginning of the panic, from 2020-2021. It is mislabeled. I’ll fix in the next update.

See any reason to panic for the young? You do? Where?

Another shot (the CDC’s ordering is screwy):

Way it reads is 8 people 44 and under died of the doom last week. 8.

About masks in more depth, see this article and this one and especially this one. Leave the Cult of the Mask.

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  1. awildgoose

    Pretty sure the gang behind Biden is Obama, Rice, Jarrett, and Lynch along with their various toadies and hangers on. I’d bet Psaki has input into their decisions as well.

    I’m tracking towards being forced to get a jab for a job. Not sure what I will do yet.

    I’ve started looking at natural minerals and nutrients that can potentially limit the effects of the spike proteins.

    I do have savings and secondary income. Out in the countryside life is basically normal. The scare signs are posted at businesses, but there are no diapers or distancing.

  2. GP

    You linked the same tweet twice in the 2nd Ministry of Truth paragraph

  3. Hun

    “They are already announcing those that are still dying are the unvexxed”

    That is not true, though. Even the UK mainstream media are admitting that the majority of doom deaths are the vaccinated.

  4. Sheri

    Give it up with the traffic fatalities crap. That’s a fifty year old failure used as a comparison to ANYTHING—guns, opioid deaths etc etc etc. NO ONE CARES because we have accepted car deaths and they are getting fewer as cars do all the driving and people just ride. You need a license and insurance, and your car needs safety features. Cars are no more free than anything else. They are “masked” like the rest.

    There’s a whole greek alphabet out there to terrify people with. Covid lives forever, you know that. I do agree “so”. Well said.

    Ministry of Truth is government-speak for the communist party line. No matter what the government calls itself, if there is a MOT, it is COMMUNIST. Even if the MOT says it is not.

    This whole “scientist” thing brings to mind the “neuroscientist” from Big Bang and her advertising. I have a degree in chemistry. Like our little “neuroscientist”, I have NEVER worked in chemistry. She is an actress. I have done many different things. Yet, by the logic of today, I AM A CHEMIST and can flaunt that insane lie everywhere. If you NEVER practiced a field or have not done so for 10 years, you should lose the title. You may say you studied the field only. Politicians use this lie all the time. They are NOT a doctor and should lose their license and have to get recertified when out of congress. Experts MUST be active in their field and not in politics.

  5. Chao

    My graduate school is mandating it. Soon I am gonna have to take them.

  6. Briggs


    If no one cares, there’s no need to mention it.

  7. JR Ewing

    Again, flu “disappeared” because we call it something else now. The old name didn’t have the same juice so it got rebranded as new and improved.

  8. John B(S)


    Not to mention she breast fed her son until he was four

    (but who cares?)

  9. Rob

    Thankfully, not everyone in the UK is quite so dumb as to use the track and trace app:


    Turns out, only half of “online” British adults still have the app installed – and lots of those have it turned off. Not to mention the fact that I doubt more than half of British adults can even be referred to as “online” and the % of the real tech-savvy group (18-24 year olds) using the app all the time is just 9%. All you have to do is turn off Bluetooth when you go clubbing…..

  10. John B()

    I was originally going to comment that (WOM) USA Serious/Critical cases are back above 6000 after flirting with 3000

    I never followed that aspect of WOM for the longest time

    I have been following since June to some degree but haven’t charted it per se
    What I THINK I’ve noticed is that 2 Days ago values didn’t always seem to match up with values that I’d thought I’d observed 2 days ago if that makes sense

  11. Hagfish Bagpipe

    awildgoose: ”I’m tracking towards being forced to get a jab for a job. Not sure what I will do yet.”

    It’s not the jab you need, strictly speaking, but the doc that says you did. Driver’s licenses, passports, social security numbers are readily available if sought. Everything is hackable and this is the great age of fakery. No one owes fealty to demonic tyranny, but rather, resistance. War is deception. Use your imagination, and, like our enemy — chutzpah. Good luck and God bless.

  12. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Prime Minister Winston Churchill is in his bathtub, smoking a cigar, drinking whisky, and reading the day’s war reports. The phone rings and the PM picks it up;

    Churchill: “Churchill.”

    Hitler: “Guten abend mein enemy, dis ist Adolf.”

    Churchhill: “No deals, it’s still unconditional surrender.”

    Hitler: I am zorry to hear dat, but das ist nicht vhy I called.”

    Churchill: “Whuzzup?”

    Hitler: ” Ve notice you building up ein large force on your southern shore, vas ist das?”

    Churchill: “I cannot tell a lie, we’re mounting a huge invasion leaving here on June 6 headed for the beaches of Normandy.”

    Hitler: “Acht, zo, danke schön. I vould like to zend you a box uf fine cigars, vhere are you now, bitte?”

    Churchill: “Number Ten, be here all week.”

    Hitler: “I’m zending dem airmail special delivery, vhen dey arrive you’ll have a blast!”

    Churchill: “Thanks. I say, for Hitler, you’re not all that bad.”

  13. Joe Krepps

    As _always_ brilliant, connect-the-dots analysis!
    There’s something that’s been on my mind and, I think, you touched on it. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! “But. It’s also hilarious, because it it means the vexxine isn’t preventing infections especially well. Meaning if you get infected while vexxed you could pass on the bug. Meaning the line “Get vexxed so you won’t pass on the disease” fails.”
    Let’s say I’ve never been infected by Covid19. (I have, actually, mid-January 2020 when it was starting to make news.) Being a good little boy, I get vexxed. “Something bad happens” and I get infected. But, because I’ve never had it and the vaccine (supposedly) lessens the symptoms of those infected, I assume it’s allergies making my nose run and, I just didn’t get a lot of sleep lately so I’m tired. I go about my business, out in the real world, interacting with other never infected folks rather than stay home because I’m not feeling 100% but, I’m not exhibiting typical symptoms of Covid19.
    For all of the wild hysteria surrounding “shelter in place”, masking, social distancing, etc…aren’t vexxed people who become infected, unintentionally, the greatest means of spreading the virus? If so, isn’t that insanely counterproductive to reducing the spread?
    I was never officially tested, either for Covid19 or antibodies, so I can’t say with 100% certainty that I’ve had it but I’ve definitely experienced known symptoms. I know IF I had those symptoms again, I would take precautions to keep from infecting others. If I was a never-infected, I could easily blow off the lessened symptoms as allergies and/or lack of rest.
    Are we creating _millions_ of “Typhoid Marys” by injecting people with something that diminishes known symptoms of Covid19?

  14. GP

    Why didn’t Churchill simply say “It’s a secret” or keep his mouth shut? Why do you think not lying means being an idiot? How did Hitler get Churchill’s personal phone number? How did the switchboard operator understand Hitler through that thick German accent?

  15. John B(S)

    GP Hagfish

    No truth? … no silence?

    …, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.

    Winston Churchill

  16. John B()

    Hell of a Blog post from Matt Ridley


    Last Paragraphs

    But there is one situation in which respiratory viruses will stay virulent or even become more so. That’s if mild cases meet fewer people than severe ones.

    This appears to be what happened in 1918, Paul Ewald argued, when severe flu cases were evacuated from the front line to a series of staging posts, field hospitals and trains, while mild cases slept it off in a dugout. And I think it is what happened last year when mild cases of Covid-19 stayed locked down at home while severe cases went to hospital, where many cases of the virus were acquired in hospital.

    In other words, lockdowns (whether necessary or not) probably delayed the evolution of the virus into a milder form. That is now happening, and is our least worst option given that eradication is impossible and the virus may become more transmissible in response to vaccination.

  17. Sander van der Wal

    Regarding The Netherlands, the testing spike was because the clubs and bars were now allowed to stay open through the night. If you were not fully vaxinated already, you had to get a negative test. So lots of young people got a test, lots and lots. Ore than usual.

    Even more people got into the bars, showing screenshots of other people’s negative test results, or vaxination status. And then they all caught delta Coronae, so the “cases” are rising as well.

    This was two weeks ago, now the hospital numbers are rising a bit.

    Regarding the death toll, first year gave 27000 people dying of corona. Link is to a csv file, in Dutch about mortality figures, https://www.cbs.nl/aedd2950-efeb-48cb-8b7c-2fec8cf63fe6. First disease column is mainly cancer, second heart attacks and the like, third things like Parkinsons, fourth lungs, fifth accidents, murders and the like, and last one Corona.

    The CBS is the official statistics office. Should be reasonably independent.

  18. Robin

    Quick questions. You wrote:

    “As I’ve said before, trial numbers in medical experiments always look better than real-life numbers, and I’d bet good money these numbers will shrink. I have no idea by how much. I’d be (pleasantly) surprised if in real life it was much north of 50%.”

    Doesn’t the ANOVA only find what would be the expected average (mean) difference of two sets of (assumed) normally distributed data, based upon unbiased computation? This does not say anything really about the result of individuals and their likely outcome other than to say that 50% of individuals may be better than this average and 50% may be worse for that particular curve centred on the mean result, correct?

    I think that what people don’t grasp generally is that when the 95% interval of outcomes is placed upon this result (assuming that the range of outcomes (means) may be considered normally distributed too, that the variance is constant across all assumed distributions and that each of these distributions will remain stable over time if the findings are to be of any value), we get potentially an infinite family of possible distributions centred around values in the range of (in the Oxford/AZ case that dominates the UK) 41.0 to 75.7% with the most likely result being 62.1% (based upon a tiny sample size of single blind design).

    Now we assume that the distribution of the unbiased outcomes on this 95% interval are normally distributed, right? But what if they, for all practical purposes, aren’t clearly normal? What if the distribution is very nearly flat? What if the maximum likelihood of any mean values within the 95% range is little different from any other point on the 95% interval?

    If my above critique is plausible, then any outcome is possible (as you have suggested, Prof Briggs), especially for the individuals – it could even enhance the risk of hospitalisation or death for a significant portion of the population.

    This appears to be happening in UK hospitals according to Public Health England. Statistics since February this year clearly show more hospitalisations among vaxxed than unvaxxed, and significantly more deaths through July 9th, and it is getting worse (I completely discount cases as this data is meaningless).

    According to Alex Berenson, the Israeli data is showing the same outcome with the Pfizer vax, as he says the numbers show “complete vaccine failure on every level”.

  19. Dennis

    “In days of yore, when scientists remembered about viruses, they knew that bugs like the coronadoom would mutate into less virulent, but possible more catching forms. Like the DD appears to have done.”

    It’s amazing how so much the medical and scientific professions seem to have unlearned everything they supposedly ever knew about viruses and mutations, vaccines, herd immunity/immunology, face masks, etc. because of this one rather banal Coronavirus. Never have I held doctors and scientists as a whole (especially those who work for or just shill for Big Pharma) in less esteem. The medical and scientific establishments have proven to be utterly corrupt and untrustworthy in every possible way.

    Alex Berenson was spot on today in his Substack (he was recently temporarily locked-out of Twitter and will likely be fully banned soon) – basically the way I’ve felt for the past year already. https://alexberenson.substack.com/p/it-isnt-over-until-they-say-its-over

    It’s all just so tiresome at this point, but the powers that be won’t let up, and the insanity gets even worse in some respects despite things being mostly back to normal in much of the US for now (my biggest fear is that the continued efforts of media and polticians to induce fear over “variants,” and blaming the unjabbed for any “surge” in “cases” will lead to yet more lockdowns and muzzle mandates as Fall approaches. Or worse – it seems we’re nearing the point where they will really start trying to mandate jabs, especially once they rush through “full approval” instead of EUA status, to be allowed to have any life – job, banks account, shopping, etc). Biden admin openly committing impeachable crimes against the Constitution, and the media and most other seems not to care; a regime compliant federal judge rules IU can make dangerous experimental jabs a mandatory condition of attendance for students at a school their tax dollars help pay for – get your myocarditis-inducing jab or no education for you!; the Surgeon General, Fauci et al. are still pushing mandatory muzzles for kids as young as 2 “regardless” of vax status, the head of the biggest teacher’s union is still pushing against in-person learning, threatening to destroy another year of kid’s educations; France is going all-in on vax passports, threatening jail for going to a restaurant without vax, Australia is an absolute tyranny at this point over a handful of “cases,” UK is going the way of France with vax passports come September…(and they will be exported to the US, as you can bet the Biden admin is taking notes from France and the UK)

    And on top of all that, we have a Church run by an heretical anti-Pope who is now waging war on the Traditional Mass. But Globhomo Rainbow Flag draped-altars at Novus Ordo masses are just dandy!

    Perhaps these are all signs of the impending End Times. Frankly, it can’t come soon enough. Just an utterly sick , evil, and tiresome world, that gets worse and more intolerable to live in every day.

  20. Russell Haley

    Did you hear what the NZ PM did there?
    First, she says “we will share everything *that we can*”. A nice mushy statement to allow them to claim – at a later date – that the information they withheld was done so to ‘save lives’ so ‘they couldn’t release it’.

    Next, the reporter asked about “rumors” that the NZ was going to lock down again. The PM said that sources other than the government should be ignored. Then she said “Newzelanders should prepare, but not panic.” As in, “the rumor is true, but I don’t want to say that out loud because it will validate a website other than the government site.”


  21. Xens

    “are likely deaths caused by the panic”

    Why would these deaths hit the same age groups as the coronadoom though? (As you can see from the age breakdown, if you pull it from the CDC.) I have to reject this explanation.

    To me, it looks like corona deaths are in fact somewhat undercounted. It remains a nursing home killer, but a bigger one than normal. More or less the Hong Kong or Asian Flu once you adjust upwards for our older (order of magnitude more 85+s) and fatter population.

    Had these been the same number of dead kids or young adults, a lot of the panic might even have made sense.

  22. Rudolph Harrier

    I’m interested to see what will happen to the flu this winter. The “official” explanation is that masks and social distancing did such a darn good job of preventing disease spread that they stopped the flu by accident. But since doctors and reporters love to spread panic the “official” explanation also warned us that the flu was not gone for good, but could come back with a vengeance.

    Now some areas are talking about reintroducing mask mandates and lockdowns. But there’s no way that we will get this happening worldwide, as in 2020. There will be many places that refuse to do it again. Under the “official” explanation, these areas should be ravaged by the flu. Will the numbers actually reflect this, or will the flu simply remain mysteriously absent?

  23. CommenterName

    I’m glad you decided to keep doing the weekly updates. As I expected, Covid will be a fertile topic for a long time. This week’s update was a barn burner. The New Zealand PM claiming that the government is the only source of truth was worth its weight in gold. I always get something new from your posts that I don’t get anywhere else.

  24. Dennis

    Russell: Yes, the NZ PM has been one of the worst Coronatyrants (see also her recent Orwellian statement, “Ignore everything else (i.e. other sources of info). We (i.e. the govt) will be your sole source of truth”).

    From what I’ve read, it appears the NZ govt these days is basically a wholly-owned subsidiary of China and the CCP. What’s inexplicable is that she seems also to have a high approval rating. I used to think, based on my interactions with a number of them abroad, that New Zealanders and and Aussies were very laid-back and freedom loving people…now they appear to be among the most abjectly obedient and psy-oped by coronadoom.

  25. Sheri

    Briggs: That was my point–why are we still reviving that dead horse argument about traffic deaths?

  26. AC Osborn

    Twi things.
    In the UK there have been more deaths with Vaccinated delta cases (163) than unvaccinated (92).
    Take a look at the coincidence of Vaccination programme start and the increase in cases in Taiwan.

  27. After 2 years of deep consideration and debate on the subject of viral respiratory infections, isn’t it interesting that the most common such infection is NEVER discussed?

    What ever happened to “the Cold”?!

    We used to have “bad colds going around.”

    We used to hear, all the time:

    “Did you get the bad cold yet?”

    “My whole family was out of commission for weeks after Junior brought home a bad cold from pre-school. Junior had it first, Mom caught it his third day home from school, she passed it to Sis, and Dad got it after 2 weeks. Our whole house has been out of commission for 2 weeks!”

    A Cold is/was simply an upper respiratory infection with an unidentified virus. These viruses were known to be mostly of the Corona virus family.

    Virtually no one ever had a test for a “Corona virus” when they had a “bad cold.” We had standard home remedies, assisted by aspirin, decongestants, fluids, and rest.

    The same goes for flu, too.

    What would the results have been, 2, 3, 10 years ago, if everyone with symptoms of upper respiratory infection was subjected to a “test for Cornona-virus”? Imagine the daily updates of “cases of Corona infection” each time a bad cold went around.

    Could all this effort actually just be about “a bad cold?”

    By the way, while I’m not an epidemiologist, nor a virologist, I did write a book about Corona virus, colds, flu, allergies–from a layman’s point of view–detailing my own system for being free of those infections and afflictions forever.


  28. Dennis

    Re “Delta Variant” etc: According to Dr. David Martin, in his long interview with attorney Reiner Füllmich (previously linked on a prior thread), where he details the history of SARS coronavirus-related patents (dozens of them, including also patents for their vaccines!) going back to the ’90s, and why SARS-COV2 cannot be considered a “novel coronavirus,” there has not actually been any observation of any such “Delta” variant that exist as a distinct entity form the original virus, only DNA extrapolations using computer models (and anyone reading Briggs knows all about what models tell you!), and he says you could basically “create” a variant out of whole cloth overnight depending on what criterion you use, in order to create the perception of a new problem and feed the fearmongering media beast.

    Anyone have any links to any information about how we are even certain that “Delta” truly exists, and if so, how we know for sure in any particular case that one has it (if PCR can’t even distinguish between live virus that may be contagious and dead viral fragments perhaps left-over from prior infections but not contagious, how can we be certain anyone has “Delta” either)? I asked this in a prior thread and Joy said they determine using a random sample of population sent to another lab than the usual one that processes PCR test, but this did not seem to really clear things up. (1). Is this a random sample of those tested, or of general population, (2) the question still remains whether one is detecting live contagious virus or just fragments, no?

    If Dr. Martin is correct, and his detailed analysis of the history of the SARS-related patents (including for SARS-COV2) seems pretty air-tight – it’s right there in the public records!, though mainstream media and politicians seem uninterested – this entire thing was a manufactured “pandemic” (he considers the “lab leak” theory also a diversion, since there was no “leak” properly understood) from the beginning designed to promote a “pan-coronavirus vaccine” long-advocated by Daszak, Baric, Fauci, and others (in the vid he cites a jaw-dropping quote by Daszak from 2015 about the need to manufacture just that market). Martin also explains why ordinary flu seemingly “disappeared” last year (it didn’t, it was just repackaged and and subsumed into “Covid” as part of the push to create a lucrative new “vaccine” market, which first required inducing fear amongst the populace of a dread new virus). He also reviews a patent application from Fauci in 2008 (or maybe 2005) for an mRNA vaccine for HIV – it was rejected because it didn’t meet the definition of patent office definition of “vaccine”! It just boggles my mind that this evidence doesn’t get more traction in mainstream media and so few seem interested in really investigating and asking questions about the true origin of everything that’s been going on for the past 18 months (those that do are simply shut down and labelled “conspiracy theorists” or purveyors of “misinformation”).

  29. kograt

    It looks like we have 9 weeks lag in unclassified death excess with the weekly administrated doses.
    R squared 0.94

    Estimate is 111 death per million doses with 9 weeks lag

    Also it looks like with the single colon regulator could increase or decrease COVID death like 3 times because the Natural and Covid as secondary pretty same like COVID mortality and it just depends on how to count.

    Also it looks like Vaccines was able to prevent death first 6 weeks, but then it lost it’s efficiency. Starting from April there is no correlation between the amount of vaccinated and weekly covid death. (for comormility covid and Natural also).

    So it looks like Starting from April vaccines just kill.

    Pictures are over there (text in Russian sorry) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H2uQfF9Iqfc62B-eQuXnA_AsjjWDx7-0hCDO2gpIAmE/edit?usp=sharing

    Legeng is
    Black – Natural Death
    lightGreen – COVID as comorbility
    darkGreen – Covid death
    Blue – weekly doses/1000
    Orange – cumulative doses
    Red – death for unknown reason weekly – 782
    Purple – cumulative death from unknown reason (from each week deducted 782 before cumsum)

    It not the proof but it really good correlation.

  30. To add to what Dennis has said, the only way to be sure about any virus variant is to isolate it, culture it, look at it under the microscope (an electron microscope in this case), obtain enough of its genome to sequence it; and be able to maintain it in said cultures capable of transmission to new cultures. PCR tests do not detect pathogens. They detect nucleic acid strings; and those are not unique, particularly so for short ones. Human bodies already contain, in their genomes, and about 1/5 of it, homologous to and similar to various viral genomes.

  31. Dennis

    CD: I think that’s what he was talking about, and that this “sequencing,” instead of being done properly as you describe, is simply being done by computer models extrapolating from very short strings, and which can basically be made to produce whatever “sequence” the modeler wants.

    I dunno..I just wish these questions were actually discussed more in mainstream media and real answers provided health officials, etc, instead of just permanent fear-mongering and threats to your liberty if you don’t just line up and take the experimental mRNA jabs (especially since, contrary to increasing evidence, they’re trying to blame new “cases” of “variants” primarily on the unjabbed).

    Mitch McConnell (whose wife has deep personal and family ties to CCP, which is basically responsible for pushing “lockdown” policy worldwide in response to Covid) threatened more lockdowns today if more people don’t line up and get jabbed. Insane. Fortunately most people around me seem unconcerned whether those the meet are vaxed or not or wear a muzzle when going anywhere, but the powers that be do seem to really care, and they don’t seem inclined to leave you alone.

    Crazy that my state simultaneously has one of the worst establishment cuck GOP senators in McConnell, and one of the best senators (and one of the few in current GOP with a spine who’s pushed hard against Fauci, mask mandates, lockdowns, vax for those with natural immunity, etc) in Rand Paul. I think Rand should challenge Mitch to single combat – loser to be put in stocks and carried around the state to be displayed in public squares and pilloried by the citizenry.

    P.S. Anyone know anything about Deagel.com and the mysterious and deeply disturbing Deagel 2025 forecast?

  32. Ann Cherry

    Dennis, I googled this Deagel outfit, they are some kind of private “military intelligence”; their “2025” report, written in 2017 (pre-plandemic) predicts a reduction in U.S. population (and that of other western nations) of up to 70-90%. In the U.S., the Deagel report predicts population reduction from 327 million, to 100 million.

    Apparently, they predict that many if not most of this population reduction, will be due to death by suicide. Let that sink in.

    Another major factor: things get so bad in western societies, particularly in the U.S., that there will be mass migration, not TO the U.S. like is happening now, but AWAY from the U.S. …..primarily to Asian countries such as China.

    Dennis, this Deagel group just wreaks of “Chinese Communist Psychological Operation.”

    On the other hand, it may contain their game plan: if you want to create conditions for “mass suicide” an/or “mass migration”, how about a series of Plan-demics, complete with total lockdowns, supply-chain break-downs, church, school and business closures, forced isolation, forced masking, forced vexxines, and a Manson Media dedicated to keeping everyone in a constant state of anxiety and fear.

    In the initial stages, it appears to be working as planned:

    Five Times More UK Child Suicides Than COVID Deaths During Lockdown


    Is The Pandemic Fueling A Rise In Suicide Attempts Among Kids? : Shots – Health News : NPR

    Few if any young people are dying from Coronadoom; in one Democrat-run state, which suffered over a year of total lockdown and public school closures, only ONE person under age 20 has died while testing positive for Coronadoom, and she had a severely compromised immune system to begin with; in fact, the Coronadoom is one the LEAST LIKELY ways for a child to die.

    Children who are lucky enough to make it out of the womb alive, are more likely to die of child abuse, accidental poisoning, auto accident, shooting, drug overdose, and various forms of accidental or intentional suicide.

    While few children die or even get sick from Coronadoom, many children are made feral by school-shutdowns, and all are permanently damaged by the psychological abuse of forced masking, forced isolation, and harmful indoctrination programs.

    But nowhere on the planet, is the Coronadoom the number one cause of death for any age group, ever. But don’t worry, Doom-lovers, the Wuhan Lab is still open for business, and they are no doubt cooking up the next course for the Deagel report’s predicted “mass-suicides”; this one will be jokingly called “The Epstein/McAfee Virus.”

  33. Joy

    What ever happened to “the Cold”?!
    For the informed, it went where the flu went and for the same reasons. No mystery, no surprise.

    deep thought for some, perhaps, bread and. butter infection control for anyone who understands very basic concepts. Showing a lack of good information.

    Feynman once said about those people who thought they knew better and used to write to him to criticise or give ideas. Stop thinking you’re going to come up with something we haven’t already thought of or don’t already know. He always read the letters, so he claimed but they were often screwy and never helpful.

    To keep presenting your thoughts as if they are original insight that none of the epidemiologists consider, is disingenuous. It tends to appeal to the lay audience.

    It also looks a lot like trying to claim some semblance of righteousness or honour in being so vociferously on the ‘side’ against truth and good practice in infection control.; epidemiology and managing epidemics, which of course, you say , should never be done.

    Never mind, you can move on to something else worthwhile once it’s over and pretend you did something helpful.

  34. Dennis

    I know what they’ve predicted, just curious if anyone knew anything about their origins, backers, credibility, etc. Though billed as some “private military intelligence” outfit (akin, I think, to Jane’s) from what I’ve read they seem very Deep State adjacent (also like Jane’s), or perhaps even controlled by Deep State…or, as you said, maybe even be some CCP op.

    Others have also pointed out that their predicted massive population declines by 2025 – especially in the West, US to just 100 million! – came pre-pandemic, but if people like Dr. David Martin are correct, then this “pandemic” was in the planning for a long time among some very sinister people…so did Deagel know something was/is coming that others didn’t?

    I’m still inclined to think we will see massive deaths coming because of ADE and other long term effects of the jabs…but could it be enough to cause a full 2/3 decline in population? I know Gates and many others would be thrilled at the prospect, as population control and reduction has been one of his family’s obsessions for decades. Surely these great and high-minded philanthropists and Big Pharma jab creators who only want want what’s best for humanity would never engineer such a thing deliberately, would they? 😉

  35. “What ever happened to “the Cold”?!
    For the informed, it went where the flu went and for the same reasons. No mystery, no surprise.”

    Excuse me, m’am?

    Please do elucidate for the ignorant (that’s me): Where did the Cold go, and for what reasons?


    Let go of the venom and think positive!

  36. Dennis

    “Never mind, you can move on to something else worthwhile once it’s over and pretend you did something helpful.”

    It has been over for a long while already in any real sense as a true global health “emergency” or “risk” or “pandemic” or whatever term one prefers.

    But in another sense, it may never be over the way things are going, because THEY (the power-mad politicians and their handlers, fear-mongering media, and financial oligarchs) won’t let it be.

  37. Dennis

    To borrow the title of a Current 93 song, “(THEY) Have a Special Plan for this World.”

    And that plan doesn’t include either the spiritual or material well-being of you or your loved ones, however much they bleat about health, and safety, and security, and their desire to help or save humanity (or the very Earth itself).

  38. Joy

    It has been over for a long while already in any real sense as a true global health “emergency” or “risk” or “pandemic” or whatever term one prefers.

    It depends what you mean by ‘over’.
    If it is, it’s been like pulling teeth fo no justifiable reason. With the usual misplaced anger at those who have done their best. Frankly, it could have been so much easier but hey.

    I can’t speak for the epidemic in the US, which seems to be ‘special’, but our own epidemic is looking like it’s on the wax but smaller than we saw before. It’s been overtly stated that there WILL be an ‘opening up wave’. So we’re hoping and thinking small but definite bump in numbers. Those of us with a handle on what’s true and what isn’t, from personal clinical experience, are just keen to move beyond to the next part of the cleaning up process.

    How big is the wave? People are guessing and pretending they know since it’s fifty fifty when they set their own boundaries and they can guess with no clue as to what they’re talking about!
    Little more than snail racing or sea ice extent arguments, but dirtier and less entertaining.

    What we hope is over is the need to take ‘enforced’ non pharmaceutical measures to control flow of patients into the health systems.

    We’ve many of us paid a price in sacrifice over the last two years and I’ve certainly seen so many good things coming from the epidemic which give me hope rather than the doomsaying attitude which seems to have taken over in the over there and with the left over here.

    I think had Trump won, we’d have seen happier campers. Still moaning about so Calle panic and being braver than-thou, much happier all round, though.

    At least you’re smiling now, good to see.

  39. Dennis

    “It depends what you mean by ‘over’.

    Over in the sense of justifying the insanely tyrannical, paranoid, and endless fear-mongering response we’ve had for 18 months and counting from media and politicians – for a virus with a 99.985% recovery rate that, for the the vast majority of people, is no more serious a daily risk or concern than getting the flu or a cold, or any number of other things we live with and allow people to otherwise get on with their lives.

    Everything everywhere should have been back to normal functioning by the end of May 2020 at the latest. Real herd immunity would have long-since ensued, and there would have been less “collateral” damage from the criminal response itself (including other deaths attributed to lockdowns, massive economic destruction and joblessness – unless you’re an oligarch who saw your wealth soar; the 1% and the .01% are doing very well out of lockdowns – destruction of a year of schooling for many, and the mental terrorzing of people – even kids who are at virtually zero risk from Covid – with incessant fear-mongering and wildly disproportionate risk assessment, all aimed at cajoling people into agreeing to subject themselves to dangerous new gene therapy injections – with already serious short term risks of adverse events, and unknown medium and long-risks – in order to have any normal life again).

    The response to Covid has been – another thing I never get tired of repeating and drilling into people’s heads, like the “cases” issue I recently mentioned on the other thread – the greatest collective crime against humanity ever. And once we see the long-term fallout from the mRNA injections, I think what we’ve seen so far will look like a light warmup for the real evil.

  40. Johnno

    Democrats block investigating Wuhan. I wonder why…? Actually, no I don’t…

    “House Democrats on Tuesday blocked a GOP bill which would require the Director of National Intelligence to declassify information related to the US government’s investigations into the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic – and in particular, what role the Wuhan Institute of Virology may have played in the outbreak.”


  41. Dennis

    Yep, Johnno, no surprise. Just as it’s no surprise Pelosi is trying to stack the already farcical “Jan 6 Commission” and remove anyone who might actually ask tough questions rather than mouthing regime platitudes like Liz Cheney.

    And just as it will be no surprise when the corrupt DOJ protects Fauci and refuses to act on Rand Paul’s criminal referral for lying to Congress (actually among the least of his crimes, but it’s a start). I really thought the Biden admin was getting ready to throw him overboard when they didn’t hesitate to release all those damaging emails a couple months ago, but I guess not – and he had mainstream media protecting him from answering any tough questions or paying any price for what was in them, just as Hunter & the Big Guy did with the hard drive last year and their current “art” money-laundering scheme).

  42. Johnno


    “Quebec nursing home gave COVID patients morphine instead of virus treatments”

    ““I had never seen deaths happen so quickly,” Sylvie Morin told the Globe and Mail. Morin was an assistant chief nurse at Sainte-Dorothée, a long-term care (LTC) home where more than 100 residents died last year during the “first wave” of COVID-19.

    She explained that the nursing home staff were instructed to give the residents thought to have COVID-19 a “respiratory distress protocol” that included morphine, the sedative Ativan, and the anti-nausea drug scopolamine. The Mayo Clinic notes that common side effects of injected morphine are “difficult or troubled breathing,” “irregular, fast or slow, or shallow breathing,” “shortness of breath,” and “very slow breathing.””


  43. Joy

    July 22nd 2021 at 5: something!
    Your’e very arbitrary in your expert advice about what should have been sorted by May last year.
    Your certainty is misguided.
    As is your summary of the disease as no worse than flu.
    For you, maybe! Not for the ones who are making p the numbers and who have hitherto survived catching the flu up until now. They’re alive because they were saved and given an increased life expectancy by vaccination programmes which you say are worthless and all sorts of other hand me down claims.

    You’re angry and you’ve been used to promote the cause of freedom. Nothing wrong. with that cause but you’re wrong on your appreciation of how bad this virus is and has been.
    So you’re back to arguing that doing nothing is the right thing to do. I want you and your friends to own that argument because that’s all you have. It would be more honourable if yous tuck with that and stopped pretending that you have a better source of numbers than those you’re working with. The numbers you’re working with are those which are handed down. Nobody has independently counted this stuff which you and Briggs are denying.

    So stick to arguing for freedom and that’s not going to be so controversial except it’s a difficult moral position to uphold. No problem except when you then start preaching about pro life! That’s the pickle some of the right have got into with all of this. Some lives are worth saving and others are not.
    All life is precious but some is more precious than others.
    and on and on.
    Just own the truth about your argument for one moment in time

  44. Joy

    “But there is one situation in which respiratory viruses will stay virulent or even become more so. That’s if mild cases meet fewer people than severe ones.”
    That’s tautology, or circular,
    As for cases in hospital being more severe than those where people are locked down? That’s an unsubstantiated idea. What keeping people to their own household does, which is all we did in the UK re “locking down’ is to ensure that what will inevitably happen anyway amongst families is limited ONLY to that, and no further.
    If someone in your house catches the virus, so will everybody else. Without some special measures which kind of amount to people not really being in the same house.
    The virus is multiplying within each host wherever they are. Each time it replicates it has another chance. It doesn’t know if it’s at home or in hospital.

    Point of interest;
    The Kent variant for example came up again in Cambridge in a patient who was immune suppressed. It meant that he had the virus for longer and so it was able to mutate many more times than in other hosts, where the immune system works
    Hospital cases are by definition already taking longer to resolve even if they are sent home without need for critical care. That’s still than someone who has the infection and no symptoms.
    You can’t stop that from happening with or without ‘lockdown’, even if that word’s finally defined one fine day to mean something ubiquitous, which it doesn’t. It means something different everywhere it was “ordered”
    For lockdown see China’s Wuhan. That’s a lockdown! Did that work? Look at the death figures! Either there’s a pile of bodies hidden or it did something to prevent death.
    So it’s obvious to anyone that China did far more than any other nation around the world in enforcing and limiting or banning human contacts to prevent spread.
    Ages ago I referred to milder cases flushing out the common strain.
    That’s always the hope, in time. That’s just an expectation and how viruses burn themselves out. Also how they survive because if they don’t kill a population the virus type lives to infect another host another day.
    Nothing new in any of that.

  45. Johnno

    Get a load of this whopper. Fake news is real folks, and it’s blatant and they don’t care.

    These are the “experts” that the Joys of the world listen to and swallow uncritically. Time to also ask yourselves the obvious. If they can lie about this so flagrantly, are the people who continue to subscribe to these narratives in the face of this evidence and continue to defend lockdowns, shots and masks also at this point not ALSO serial liars? And not only that, but the new covid hoax holocaust deniers?


  46. Joy

    These are the “experts” that the Joys of the world listen to …

    I have worked in critical care for respiratory conditions and have a working understanding of winter pressures since I often received contracts on that very basis, in my respective field of specialty.

    You’re the one speaking from a position of handed down information. I would call it being fed.
    My NHS contract was consultant grade role. Band eight in English. Diagnostics, too. Sorry Johnno.
    Didn’t just come up the river on a bike!

  47. Dennis

    Freedom is not a difficult moral position to hold onto in the face of a virus with a 99.98% survival rate. It is the lockdown, ZeroCovid mentality that is morally indefensible. And the effects of lockdowns in lives lost, and general economic and social destruction, has been worse than the virus itself. We live with an endless array of illnesses and viruses around us all the time – that’s life on earth, there’s no cure for that (except death) – and yet get on with our lives, and that’s what we must do with Covid, and what should have been done much earlier.

    Yesterday it was revealed that the Dutch government early on received a report that various effects of lockdowns would be as much as 6 times more damaging to society than just letting the virus take its course and reach natural herd immunity while still helping as much as possible to protect the most vulnerable. They chose lockdown anyway because they thought that would be the most visibly “correct” from a PR standpoint (otherwise media, etc., would accuse them of “not caring” about people who may die of Covid). An outrageously immoral and evil decision. There’s no evidence the people who did die anyway would not have died had there been no society-wide lockdowns (or that anyone who didn’t die would have died but for lockdown). And the same can be extrapolated to other governments everywhere who almost all made basically the same evil decision.

  48. Joy

    Yair Dennis, the fairies will mop up

  49. Destroy the Demons

    Maybe one of you geniuses can show me a single published paper anywhere in history that proves a CAUSAL connection between viruses and illness in humans or animals…DEATH OF MONKEY KIDNEY CELLS IN CULTURE DOES NOT COUNT …YOU BLIND PATHETIC SHEEP…ALL OF YOU..delta variant my butt…there’s no original…

  50. swordfishtrombone

    Daily Mail 23rd July 2021,

    Hillsong member, 34, who tweeted ‘got 99 problems but a vax ain’t one’ dies after month-long battle with COVID-19 and final ‘pray for me’ message

  51. swordfishtrombone

    Destroy the Demons,

    Maybe one of you geniuses can show me a single published paper anywhere in history that proves a CAUSAL connection between viruses and illness in humans or animals… DEATH OF MONKEY KIDNEY CELLS IN CULTURE DOES NOT COUNT

    Did you type that out all by yourself, or did you get help from your mommy? Anyway, maybe you can show me a single published paper anywhere in history that proves God exists… THE BIBLE DOES NOT COUNT.

  52. Dennis

    I love how so many clowns like fishbone and the media try to point to one outlier case (for which they conveniently give us no information with regard to underlying conditions, though clearly obesity was one judging from pics…) and use that one case, to try to push dangerous experimental jabs and to justify endless fear, paranoia, lockdown deaths, muzzles, economic destruction, etc, and claim it as a reason why we supposedly cannot ever have a normal life again. Funny they never latch onto a single vaccine death or adverse event to justify not signing up to be a Big Pharma gene therapy guinea pig!

    We don’t base public policy individual outlier cases, but on the average and what’s good for society overall, using sane risk assessment, rather than fearmongering and paranoia. Some people occasionally die of things most would shrug off, due to their unique health circumstances, that’s life. It doesn’t justify continuing to ruin and make miserable everyone else’s lives.

    Reminds of a case last year where the British media – which makes US media look intelligent and sane – was flogging a case they claimed of a “healthy woman in her mid-30s with no known underlying conditions” who died of Covid. Yet the accompanying pic showed she weighed at least a good 350lbs. “Healthy woman…No underlying conditions.” Lol.

  53. swordfishtrombone


    for which they conveniently give us no information with regard to underlying conditions, though clearly obesity was one judging from pics

    Another underlying condition seemed to be anti-vaccine stupidity, maybe brought on by Christian Conservative indoctrination. Also, if obesity is a problem (which it is), over half of the US is at risk.

    We don’t base public policy [on] individual outlier cases

    Correct. Nor do we base it on the ignorant ramblings of anti-vaccine, anti-lockdown, anti-mask, outlier individuals such as yourself.

  54. Robin

    Wow Prof Briggs. This article must have touched a raw nerve. Paid troll army, albeit a bit late, have taken notice and are coming out in force, it appears.

    Outcomes are getting so bad that the CDC has stopped counting vaxxed (breakthrough) cases from May, and the London Kings College ZOE app in the UK (that contains symptomatic cases) has stopped recording the same (just as the lines of the two crossed, ie the vaxxed (breakthrough) cases climbing above the unvaxxed). Oops!

    One has to wonder what they are worried about. I think I might be able to guess.

    Setting aside the vitriol, hyperbole, emoting, virtue signalling and blatant lies of the global “Trusted News Inititative”, the data clearly and unequivocally confirms that the programme, as so succinctly expressed by Alex Berenson, shows “complete vaccine failure on every level”.

    From a statistical perspective, there are so many known variables, so many variables not yet identified (due to inadequate study), so many sources of error, and the programme is of such a stochastic, non-linear and wholly experimental nature, that anything could happen. One could, in reality, inject 7 billion humans and get 7 billion different outcomes, such is the quality of studies to date.

    Nevertheless, we are told to “trust the science!”. LOL.

    What science?

  55. swordfishtrombone


    complete vaccine failure on every level

    In the US, 127,000 have died since the introduction of the vaccine, out of which only 1% were vaccinated. The vaccines are about 95% effective. That isn’t a failure.

  56. kograt

    It’s failed since mid of Spring 2021. It was very efficient till Week 3 of 2021. Since week 13 of 2021 it did not related to prevention of any single death. But related to 36K of death and it underestimate.

    The best (skewed to vaccine) risk benefit estimate is 1 to 5. Current risk – benefit estimate 2 to 1.
    I did check myself and it correspond to https://www.mdpi.com/2076-393X/9/7/693/htm

    If we did not had proven medicine we had to limit the campaign to 50+ .

    But we had and did not used medicine.
    And they made EUA even for kids.

    If it is not a failure then what is it?

  57. THIS just in –

    **CDC urges labs to use COVID tests that can differentiate from flu**

    Laboratories have until the end of the year to make changes to their testing practices
    By Caitlin McFall | Fox News



    “CDC is providing this advance notice for clinical laboratories to have adequate time to select and implement one of the many FDA-authorized alternatives,” the agency said.

    The U.S. has reported more than 34.4 million cases of the coronavirus since the pandemic began in 2020 and more than 610,000 deaths.

    But while cases of COVID-19 soared nationwide, hospitalizations and deaths caused by influenza dropped.

    According to data released by the CDC earlier this month, influenza mortality rates were significantly lower throughout 2020 than previous years.

    There were 646 deaths relating to the flu among adults reported in 2020, whereas in 2019 the CDC estimated that between 24,000 and 62,000 people died from influenza-related illnesses.

  58. Robin


    Thank you for your analysis and presentation that appears to be very objective and thorough.

    The paper you referenced:


    was published by very qualified and reputable authors and was just a review of the most reliable statistics that could be had at the time. It passed peer review and met the criterion of the Journal Vaccines.

    The controversial conclusion: “For three deaths prevented by vaccination we have to accept two inflicted by vaccination.”

    This led to a firestorm within the Journal Vaccines. Instead of just refuting this result (which at the time was based upon sound and reliable analysis) mass resignations ensued, led by members of the Editorial board, one of whom was an immunologist at the Jenner Institute at Oxford University (behind the development of the AZ/Oxford vaccine).

    Quelle surprise!

    No alternative view is permitted of THE SCIENCE. Science has become a new religion, Universities are the Temples, and any heretic who dares cast doubt on THE WORD will be excommunicated (because grant funding from Big Pharma and licensing royalties will disappear LOL).

  59. Dennis

    “Ignorant.” Says the mindless tw*t with a trombone up his a*s who claims the vaccines are 95% effective (See the following for a cogent discussion of why claims that most of those getting ill or dying now are “unvaccinated” – https://alexberenson.substack.com/p/here-we-go-again)

    Some people are beyond reason.

  60. Dennis

    Funny the mainstream media and Covidcultist vax shills like mr trombone don’t highlight cases like this as reasons NOT to get jabbed: https://insideeko.com/jordan-hayes-obituary-death-gofundme-jordan-dale-hayes-has-died/

    “Jordan Hayes Obituary – Death: 33-year-old Jordan Dale Hayes, has died. Jordan Hayes passed away on July 6, 2021 of heart attack at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. Jordan was a great advocate for staying safe by getting the COVID 19….”

    And apparently this big Covid vax advocate no one ever heard of until he died he was “one of the brightest, most talented and deeply loved humans that has ever existed,” according to his obit. Who knew.

  61. swordfishtrombone


    I did check myself and it correspond to

    The paper you linked to has been retracted. RETRACTED! Stop embarrasing yourselves with this antivaccine nonsense.

  62. swordfishtrombone


    “Ignorant.” Says the mindless tw*t with a trombone up his a*s who claims the vaccines are 95% effective (See the following for a cogent discussion of why claims that most of those getting ill or dying now are “unvaccinated” (Link to substack blowhard.)

    (An aside: why *do* you waste so much time childishly insulting my screen name? You rarely if ever make any valid points, so it’s not like you’ve got words to waste.)

    Look at the trial data, not some non-expert on substack. The vaccines are 95% effective. What that substack blowhard is claiming is that some of the people dying are vaccinated but they aren’t fully vaccinated, but guess what: that means they aren’t vaccinated.

    Funny the mainstream media and Covidcultist vax shills like mr trombone don’t highlight cases like this as reasons NOT to get jabbed

    “Vax shill”? Sigh. You cite one person who died after getting the vaccine. That’s bound to happen, in the same way that some people are killed by seatbelts, but that isn’t a good reason not to wear a seatbelt. (Now you’ll claim I’m a shill for BIG SEATBELTS.)

  63. Dennis

    Lol. You point to one fat guy dying as a reason all should get these dangerous jabs. I was pointing out the hypocrisy of the vax maniacs by pointing to that one that died of vax, yet received nowhere near the same attention as the anomalous case of a 34 year-old dying of the vid (still no word on his underlying conditions, how he was treated I hospital etc. – ex. did he get invermectin or hcq protocol during that month, or was he just left to vegetate on the breathing machine he was attached to in pic?)

    It is simply a flat-out lie for you to claim the vaccines are 95% effective. That is not reasoned debate or opinion, but pure vax propaganda…yes, vax shilling. Wake up guy.

    In many places now a clear majority hospitalized or dying are vaxed. Just look at stats from high-vax% countries like Israel and UK. Or how about this official update in NSW: 141 Covid cases in hospital (ohh scary. How many people are in hospital in NSW on any given day for everything anyway? they don’t say – just isolate one illness and push endless fear), all but 1 of those vaxxed, and even the 1 leftover has had 1 dose. https://twitter.com/EconomicRenegad/status/1419189429248225287

    This is increasingly a pandemic of the vaxxed.

  64. Joy

    The vexed appear to be the unvaxed

    “Look at the trial data, not some non-expert on substack. The vaccines are 95% effective. What that substack blowhard is claiming is that some of the people dying are vaccinated but they aren’t fully vaccinated, but guess what: that means they aren’t vaccinated.”

    Still there are people (and it was linked above, for the UK) who have died having been vaccinated once AND then compared with having been vaccinated twice.
    This data was supplied in previous public briefings but the above reference is only with regards to the Delta variant.

    *in order to clarify, to reduce people’s ‘fears’ and misinformation! Not to do the opposite as some are suggesting.

    The trials claimed high efficacy for the Pfizer jab and less so for astraZen’
    That most here have had the AZ jab, it is also worth thinking about which patients had which jabs.

    That no variant so far is escaping useful levels of immunity is good news.
    Some just don’t like solutions, they enjoy problems.

  65. Joy


    15:40 mins see graphic showing the actual ‘claim’ regarding the discussion about vaccines and what they have actually done. How they actually perform:

    Protection against Symptomatic cases of the Delta variant after one and two doses of the vaccine

    Note, no public information as yet about which vaccine was used in those patients who died.

    If that were predominantly one make of vaccine, there might be reason for keeping some things quiet.
    The controversy here is within the pharmaceutical trials and competition between companies. All vaccines had to undergo separate safety trials in each area of the world they are used. The CC isn’t the last word.

  66. Dennis

    That 95% number is Big Pharma PR that comes from their rushed trials with largely self-selected and healthy people (and even then the 95% claim is only relative risk reduction, not absolute).

    Real world results are showing exactly what people not in thrall to Big Pharma claims and the Narrative propaganda knew all along – the jabs nowhere near as effective as 95% under real world conditions across all demographics, and what little effectiveness they may provide declines rapidly within months (hence the call for “boosters” already…if two shots didn’t work, surely 3 will!…or maybe 4…or one every 3-6 months for life…CHA-CHING!!! RING THOSE BIG PHARMA CASH REGISTERS!!!

  67. Joy

    Nobody here, including me, thought that 95% claimed by pfizer, was reliable. (they claimed higher, actually, in the beginning)
    There was much commentary at the time about the rates of efficacy and their likely performance in real world roll out.
    Even before you get to the cellular level, there is the very likely breaking of the required cold chain,, which I myself would never trust in a nation as large as the US. That’s going to be discovered going forward. Little pockets of bad vaccine which failed to inoculate patients.

    The Delta varient is also up against a wall of *(in the UK); vaccinated people.
    One would expect those numbers to look a lot different as the weeks go by and vaccination is optimised.

    The aim is to prevent serious illness. They have done so spectacularly.
    That some still fail to mount an immune response is quite common with vaccines.
    TB, Hep B, many others.
    Don’t forget the human immune system doesn’t read the science papers or opinion pieces from
    Welcome to clinical practice. I be your pardon, it isn’t a Rose Garden.

  68. swordfishtrombone


    You point to one fat guy dying as a reason all should get these dangerous jabs.

    I actually posted that news item without any comment. I thought it was something that might get through to you, because that guy was a Christian, and had clearly changed his mind about the vaccine after realising (too late) that he’d been sold a bunch of lies.

    It is simply a flat-out lie for you to claim the vaccines are 95% effective.

    Kindly do not accuse me of lying. (Incidentally, I was telling my son and daughter about your views yesterday, as an example of the sort of person I am arguing with online, and they literally didn’t believe that there were really people as out of touch with reality as a you – they thought I was joking.) I have been vaccinated twice, as has my wife, and my adult son has received his first vaccination. None of us suffered anything more than an aching arm and feeling mildly unwell for a day or two.

    In many places now a clear majority hospitalized or dying are vaxed.

    Yes, but you’re drawing the wrong conclusion from that. Explanation:

    “If fully vaccinated, the risk of being hospitalised falls by about 90%,” said Prof David Spiegelhalter, chair of the Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication, at Cambridge University. “But it doesn’t disappear, and as a large proportion of the highest risk people are now vaccinated it’s inevitable they will start to form the majority of the people with Covid in hospital, particularly as most of the unvaccinated people are young and therefore at low risk. Indeed, being young reduces the risk even more than being vaccinated.

    Another big factor at play is age. McConway says the risk of an infected person being hospitalised is at least 10 times, and as much as 25 times greater, for a 75-year-old than a 25-year-old. If the latter risk is on the mark, then a vaccine that prevents 96% of hospitalisations would slash admissions among 75-year-olds to that seen in those 50 years younger.

    When it comes to deaths from Covid a fully vaccinated 80-year-old has a similar risk to an unvaccinated 50-year-old.

  69. Joy

    Where vaccinated people are in a majority of a set or population:
    that factor is already a given/baked in, when it comes to observing the risk of serious illness or death, from an infectious disease, which already mostly affects older people.

    The risk is already in the age group. The numbers dying will always be majority elderly so it follows that (vaccination “leak” being known), it will not alter that bottom line balance of risk by age. The elderly were always going to be the ones who would less readily mount an immune response after vaccine. That’s just physiology of ageing.

    That is why I believe as Joseph said above, Briggs was being ‘sarcastic’.

    Once everybody, or approaching everybody has been vaccinated, the risk by age is then a function of the disease itself again. If ONLY the elderly were vaccinated, you would need to compare ONLY vaccinated elderly, with ONLY unvaccinated elderly.

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