New CDC Report Shows How “The Science” Is Done Today: Badly

New CDC Report Shows How “The Science” Is Done Today: Badly

“Wait two weeks,” the political appointee who heads the CDC said, repeating the Safety First Mantra. “Wear your masks and the Dreaded Delta will subside. Our new The Science, which you must believe, says so.”

I might have got the quote wrong in detail. But it’s right in spirit.

I did, however, get right their new The Science report. And it’s perfect.

A perfect example of how The Science is conducted these days. Which is to say, badly. The conclusion foregone, the assumptions unverified, the methods shoddy, the results political.

The new report, from which the mandate to wear masks again was drawn, is “Outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 Infections, Including COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Infections, Associated with Large Public Gatherings — Barnstable County, Massachusetts, July 2021”.

This report is ostensibly about the Dreaded Delta variant, and you’d think the CDC researchers would take care to see where and how people became infected, especially because of the mask mandates and vexxine panic.

(I use vexxine and not the real spelling to save us from being banned by censor bots.)

Not so. They winged it.

During July 3–17, 2021, multiple summer events and large public gatherings were held in a town in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, that attracted thousands of tourists from across the United States. Beginning July 10, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MA DPH) received reports of an increase in COVID-19 cases among persons who reside in or recently visited Barnstable County, including in fully vaccinated persons. Persons with COVID-19 reported attending densely packed indoor and outdoor events at venues that included bars, restaurants, guest houses, and rental homes.

Goodness! People reported going to restaurants. Therefore, they must have got the Dreaded Delta with their side of fries. Solution? Mask mandates!

Now it might be true that some, or even all, of the people they measured got the DD at both indoor and outdoor “events” in this one particular spot, or they might have got it elsewhere. They might have all got it the old-fashioned way, by person-to-person contact in myriads of ways and locations, i.e. all the ways in which people make contact with one another. Who knows?

I’ll tell you who doesn’t know. The CDC. This hand-waving about transmission path isn’t enough to damn the study, but it’s sloppy. This circumstantial evidence is assumed to be conclusive.

Regular readers have had it drummed into them that a “case”, as our Experts use that word, is not a case in the old-fashioned medical sense. Before 2020 in medicine, a case was an infected person who sought or required treatment. Today, a “case” is a positive test, a possible infection. True cases used to be separated from infections. Not anymore. Now panic rules and everything must be made to appear as bleak as possible.

The CDC grabbed a sample, with scant details of its completeness or sourcing, and with an embarrassing non-reporting of the total sample possible. There is no “N” in this study! They grabbed a sample from the Massachusetts Depart of Public Health, not knowing how many people were exposed or could have been infected, or were vexxed or unvexxed. They therefore could not compute infection rates. Which is necessary and crucial when you are, like the CDC is, making claims about the transmissibility of the DD. Bad.

Then “COVID-19 cases were matched with the state immunization registry.” Jabs out-of-state wouldn’t appear, but let that pass. They only kept “breakthrough” samples, which had to be people who admitted travel to or living in that above county within two weeks of a certain date. Why not grab everybody in the registry with the relevant dates? Obviously weak.

“[A] total of 469 COVID-19 cases” were sequenced. Only “346 (74%) persons with COVID-19 reported symptoms consistent with COVID-19”. That makes 26% of the possible infections asymptomatic. Huge! Why no reporting on this?

After that, the real comedy (in Dante’s sense) begins (my emphasis). Of these 469

Five were hospitalized; as of July 27, no deaths were reported. One hospitalized patient (age range = 50–59 years) was not vaccinated and had multiple underlying medical conditions. Four additional, fully vaccinated patients aged 20–70 years were also hospitalized, two of whom had underlying medical conditions.

So only one unvexxed guy who was already ill was hospitalized. The other four who were admitted were vexxed. It seems only two total hospitalizations might have been due to the coronadoom. The CDC did not say. Hiding something are we, CDC?

Using classical statistics methods, which of course I reject, this would paint a very bad picture of vexxination.

Nobody died. And only two vexxed out of 469 people might have been hospitalized for coroandoom.

This cannot, in any way, be used as strong evidence of the danger of the Dreaded Delta. Or, indeed, of the coronadoom in general now (of course, accepting the vexxination status of this sample and of others etc.).

Does this paper stink? Is it rotten science?

Don’t answer! There’s more!

This research is about the DD. They only got sequencing on 133 people, not all 469, and of these 133, in 13 “sequencing was not successful”. Only 120, out of 469, were known to be the DD.

Here’s the most hilarious sentence, “Among the 469 cases in Massachusetts residents, 346 (74%) occurred in persons who were fully vaccinated”. Meaning 26% were those not “fully” vexxinated. (If you think “fully” need scares quotes now, just wait. Right, vaccine-passport France?)

The CDC does, at least, provide a breakdown of vex manufacturer, but owning to the lack of N, of both the population of vexxed and unvexxed, it is of little use.

Thus endth the data analysis. Now come the recommendations drawn from that analysis. They say.

On July 27, CDC released recommendations that all persons, including those who are fully vaccinated, should wear masks in indoor public settings in areas where COVID-19 transmission is high or substantial. Findings from this investigation suggest that even jurisdictions without substantial or high COVID-19 transmission might consider expanding prevention strategies, including masking in indoor public settings regardless of vaccination status, given the potential risk of infection during attendance at large public gatherings that include travelers from many areas with differing levels of transmission.

You will search in vain for any evidence of the efficacy of masks or vexxination in the data. Yet they were still, by some medical miracle, able to infer both work.

I believe the Irish word to describe the work of our Experts is shite.

(We’re still doing the regular update tomorrow.)

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  1. This episode will go down as the most dramatic demonstration of the loss of trust in a supposedly authoritative institution in the history of inquiry. And the “authorities,” who had commanded worldwide respect and acclaim not long before this, did it to themselves. They subordinated science to political imperatives. They reaped exactly what they’d sown: the same level of distrust our political class had already earned.

  2. Anecdotal reporting from a source in the Army says that 4 out of 130-150 of young soldiers given the vexxine have suffered heart failure within 36 hours. About one third of those given the vexxine required medical care or hospitalization within 3 days.

    No, I’m not kidding. No, I’m not exaggerating.

  3. spudjr60

    This was “Bear Week” in P-town; not in any way shape or form a representative sample for real Americans or Normal behavior.

  4. To be fair to science – this isn’t science at all – neither good nor bad; but merely professional bureaucratic ‘research’ – a committee report. It has nothing to do with truth or reality – and everything to do with power via propaganda and rhetoric.

    Real science is based on the motivations of truth-seeking and truth-speaking – and these attributes are not assumed in real science but depend on personal knowledge of specific persons (i.e. you need to know that a person is truthful).

    Without truthful motivations, there can be no science of any kind, since competence doesn’t matter. There are countless ways to be dishonest; many of them undetectable. A competent non-scientist researcher is merely better at misleading deniably.

    Real science is dead – some decades since (depending on specialty) – except in small groups of (mostly amateur) individuals who know each other and are working primarily outside the mainstream.

  5. steve

    Curious as to how we reconcile the Florida Hospitalization data with all this…

    – Patients currently hospitalized in an ADULT inpatient bed with COVID-19 is at an all-time high (10,000+)
    – Patients currently hospitalized in a PEDIATRIC inpatient bed with COVID-19 is at an all-time high (114)

  6. Sheri

    McChuck: Heart attacks in males that age ARE NOT UNCOMMON. The rate looks a bit high, but knowing the worthless army, they had the men marching after the vaccine. Women also suffer heart attacks at that age, far more often than people realize. Strokes too. It may be the person, not the vaccine, and the person may die later on physical training. You’re going to need more data before I buy your assertion that this is a problem with the vexxine (which you desperately want it to be, it seems).

    I agree with bruce that real science has been dead for some time. I put a RIP headstone for it on my climate blog, a couple of times.

    This actually seems like a test to see just how stupid people are. Repeating almost verbatim the lie you told over year ago, then proceeded to kill and wound thousands with that lie, must be checking to see if anyone has a pulse and a brain.

  7. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Wait, what day is this?…. not Doomsday… it’s Monday?! Doom is spilling over! There’s so much Doom-stupid leaking out everywhere lately you could fill this blog seven days a week — St. Thomas, somewhere in his great mountain of writings, must have denounced medical tyrannies, right? — fill it six ways from Doomsday with Covid exposés. This fraud is getting so ridiculous, so shaky, and the fraudsters so desperate that unrelenting blows of truth and mockery will bring the entire rickety stinking pile of Big Lies crashing down. Pound away, me hearties!

    If I had a hammer
    I’d hammer in the morning
    I’d hammer in the evening
    All over this land…

    Hey commies, see how you like it! — Ha-ha-ha! Bam!-Bam!-Bam! Timberrrrrrrrr!

  8. Ann Cherry

    I’d like to share with Briggs and his readers, two excellent articles that I read over the weekend.

    Both of articles are suitable for sending to friends and relatives of all political persuasions, and especially to school administrators, children’s teachers, elected representatives, medical providers, public health authorities, and so forth.

    The first is simply entitled, “Corona” by Eugyppius:

    The second article is entitled “Eighteen Reasons I won’t be getting the Covid Vaccine”. (This was written back in April; by now he may have eighteen more):

  9. Rob

    This is called decision-based evidence making.

  10. Rudolph Harrier

    The really fun part will come when the same research group tortures the data in a different way to “prove” that the only defense against the DD is “the vaccine”. That result will then be used when talking to those who haven’t gotten “the jab”, while this paper will be used after they get it.

  11. Forbes

    “Bear Week” in P-town, you say?

    Just speed-balling here, but aside from an un-typical (nor-random) cross-section of America, isn’t it likely that a high proportion have a compromised/suppressed immune system typical of the transient P-town visitor??

    Granted, the P-town community is not in my wheelhouse, but outlier outcomes (such as this Barnstable county report) are prevalent in small sub-populations will have relevance to that community–but none for the country at-large (except to the extent of demographically matching the sub-population).

  12. Johnno

    I’m afraid that THE POLITICS ™ is now fully committed to THE SCIENCE ™ which was already committed to THE POLITICS ™ in the most grand money, prestige and woke morality circlejerk of circular reasoning you’ll ever see rolling down a hill.

    For THE POLITICS ™ to now abandon THE SCIENCE ™ for science means that they must admit the Truth, which means they killed millions over nothing. It means they are the 21st Century’s THE HITLER ™. This cannot be allowed to happen! Think of their feelings! Think of the feelings of their masked and vexxed followers!

    No! The Truth and Science must be suppressed for THE RELIGION ™, which will be spread door to door and by a mighty Jihad by THE POLITICS ™. All who do not bear THE MARK ™ of THE RELIGION ™, will neither work, nor eat, nor buy, nor sell, nor entertain themselves. THE HITLER ™ demands it! But it’s all your choice to choose to die of starvation and poverty, because they are giving you freedom to choose from a buffet where everything is being taped off.

    This is why free-speech Emmanuel Macron got absolutely apoplectic when someone dared photoshop him to look like THE HITLER ™. Because that was the Truth! But there must only be THE RELIGION ™ based on THE SCIENCE ™ dedicated to THE POLITICS ™.

  13. Sheri

    Hagfish: Thanks for ruining my day with the lyrics to a stupid song from the 70’s that I hated then and now.

    Question: Can a person vaccinated for measles spread measles? I’m curious because I always thought the idea of vaccinations were to stop the spread of a disease. Yet now, the latest “vaccine” neither stops the spread nor stops the infection. What changed? Was vaccination redefined? Just sayin’…….I may have blinked……..

  14. Chad

    Rob — “…decision-based evidence making.” LOL!!!

  15. C-Marie

    Great “persuasion” article!! Thank you, Matt!!
    And, thank you, Ann Cherry!! No vexxines in our household, even at almost 78.
    God bless, C-Marie

  16. Johnno

    Thousands of Pakistanis Line Up for Vaccine After Gov’t Shuts Down Cell Service for Unvaccinated

    Ahead of the cell phone shut-off, Pakistanis complained life without a phone would be hard, but said they also feared the vaccine.

    “It will be hard for me if I can’t use my phone, but I am very scared about the vaccine,” one worker in Lahore told in June.

    A truck driver in Karachi told the Times no one in his 25-member family will take the jab because he’s heard vaccinated people may die in the coming months.

    “I have heard that people, after getting the coronavirus jab, will die within the two years…It is the reason that in our extended family of at least 25 people, no one is willing to vaccinate themselves.”

    “You can’t force someone to get vaccinated,” lamented one vaccinated teacher, adding, “It makes me a little suspicious.”

    The head of Pakistani’s Young Doctor’s Association, Salman Haseeb, insultingly told AFP he believed the public was too stupid to decide whether the vaccine is good for them, saying, “Pakistan’s education level is low. People are also spreading rumors and misinformation about the vaccines.”

    Additionally, the Sindh government has also stopped paying unvaccinated government workers in efforts to pressure them into getting vaccinated.

    What next? Will Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft threaten to suspend online videogame accounts for the unvexxed???

    How many youngins won’t be able to cope without their online Call of Duty, Fortnite, or Madden/FIFA?

  17. Dennis

    “ You will search in vain for any evidence of the efficacy of masks or vexxination in the data. Yet they were still, by some medical miracle, able to infer both work.”

    Yep, but the scum in charge of every decrepit and corrupt institution in this country don’t care. Based on scientifically baseless “CDC recommendations” by their political hack leader, I just got an email informing me the Western District of KY federal court is now requiring muzzles again for entry. I don’t do any Fed court related stuff, but I fear the state courts will soon follow (Even if Tyrant Beshear doesn’t try to impose new “mandates” himself), in which case I will smash things. Absolutely sickening that 18 months on this insane, tyrannical, nonsensical BS is starting up all over again to make life unbearable.

  18. Johnno

    Local Philippines Government Declares That Unvaccinated People Will Be Barred from Purchasing FOOD

    Those who do not submit to the Covid-19 vaccine will essentially be segregated from the rest of society and starved until they roll up their sleeve and take the experimental injection. It seems that governments are now resorting to terror to coerce people to get the jab: Food and basic resources are now being used as weapons against the population.

    Mayor Chan’s executive order lists numerous Covid restrictions until August 25th, citing a “surge” in positive cases of the virus in the city as the reason for the order. However, after this date the tyrannical restrictions will be increased: Whilst the temporary lockdown will be lifted, those who have not received the Covid-19 vaccine will be banned from most of public life.

    Section 4 of the document read: “Effective August 25, 2021, only vaccinated persons, upon presentation of their vaccination cards, shall be allowed to enter public and private markets including department stores, supermarkets, grocery stores and convenience stores.”

    Mayor Chan stated that the city’s half-million is not vaccinating fast enough to reach the 70 percent vaccination threshold that governments are enforcing worldwide. It seems there’s no need for gas chambers when governments can simply starve people and threaten their lives instead.

    After Mayor Chan issued the executive order, he went on Facebook to brag about the sudden uptake in vaccinations, which increased from the daily average of 2,000 shots per day to 5,600 per day. Unsurprisingly, terror and intimidation are very effective incentives and have now set the bar high for new standards of medical ethics, as governments resort to threatening their own citizens to claim ownership over their bodies.

    “70 percent vaccination threshold” eh…? Weren’t there a bunch of conspiracy guys going around saying the elite plans were to reduce human population by 70% by 2025 or something? I don’t know, but I’m just going to leave that question here… along with these:

  19. Dennis

    Midway tyrants and psychopaths in charge everywhere. It was never about “science” or “health” or “cases” or even “deaths,” but about what suits the tyrannical desires of political hacks and the oligarchs they serve.

  20. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Sheri: ”Hagfish: Thanks for ruining my day with the lyrics to a stupid song from the 70’s that I hated then and now.

    Well, it is a revolting song, after all.

  21. Rudolph Harrier

    Where did this 70% threshold come from anyway? Are they pretending to link that to “herd immunity” (which would be ridiculous anyway, since it ignores natural immunity and even “the vaccine” manufacturers don’t claim that they provide the sterilizing immunity necessary for herd immunity.) Or is it just a number they pulled out of their backsides because they thought it would be more palatable and realistic than saying “everyone must be vaccinated immediately!”?

    I always see the goal at 70%, never, say, 65% or 80%, so someone somewhere made a choice that that is the threshold for something. But it’s never really explained what that is. There’s a lot of news stories about the US hitting the magic goal today and none of them explain why it matters. All the articles also continue to warn of doom coming anyway, so passing the threshold doesn’t seem to have done a thing.

  22. Leo

    The sensor bobs will get better. Perhaps discuss wax scenes? And people who have been waxed?

  23. Dennis

    “Or is it just a number they pulled out of their backsides…”


    And as you said, despite this supposedly magic number apparently having been reached, the doom-mongering continues, as do sporadic attempts to reimpose muzzles, etc. It’s about maintaining total social control, so whenever some arbitrary “freedom/return to normal” goal is achieved, the goalposts will always just be moved again to suit the tyrants and keep the populace in a constant state of anxiety over when the next (re)imposition of arbitrary mandates, etc. might strike.

  24. Scotty T

    New bumper sticker idea:

    Science is a method not a corpus.

  25. Jan Van Betsuni

    **Current CDC Motto|| {“CDC 24-7: Saving Lives, Protecting People™”}

    **Proposed CDC Motto|| {“Don’t Be Fickle”}
    [fickle (adj.)] c. 1200, “false, treacherous, deceptive, deceitful, crafty”;
    probably from Old English ficol “deceitful, cunning, tricky,”
    related to befician “deceive,” and “deceit, treachery; blemish, fault.”

  26. Johnno

    Even when you reach 70%, there’s always a 70% more that you can reach from the remaining 30%.

    But as we all know, the magic number of 70% is not the place where they can stop. It’s the suitable majority that they wish to reach so that they can more easily leverage to crush the dissenting 30%. It’s the common 2/3rds majority rule of democracy. You can’t easily divide 100 by 3, so 2/3rds gets you the beastly 66.6… So just round up to 70. Voila! A sign of public consensus and acceptance of your benevolent rule!

    But now… vexxines at work in China!

    Millions Locked Down As China Battles Worst COVID Outbreak Since Wuhan

    We noted last week that the delta variant has finally arrived in China, causing one of the country’s worst outbreaks since the original wave of COVID that spread from Wuhan across China (and world). Well, despite authorities’ best efforts, the outbreak appears to have worsened over the weekend, and now officials are reimposing COVID-related restrictions in Beijing for the first time in months as questions about the efficacy of Chinese COVID vaccines multiply.

    According to Bloomberg, the outbreak is now the broadest since the original outbreak in late 2019 as cases are being found in 14 of 32 provinces. The fact that delta has spread so widely across China – even if the case numbers, which are likely under-reporting (perhaps dramatically) the true levels of delta penetration, are still relatively low – is alarming government officials.

    As we all know the Chinese are a hotbed population of openly-anti-government freedom-loving anti-vaxxer mask-non-compliers, right? Another stunning success for THE SCIENCE ™! Oh, how the W.H.O. praised China! Praise them! Praise Xi! Praise him with tambourine and dancing! Praise him with timbrel and pipe! Praise him with clashing cymbals! Praise him with distancing and mask!

    But wait, there’s more!

    Moderna, Pfizer Hike Vaccine Prices By Up To 25%

    Pfizer and Moderna have both made clear that they see their COVID vaccination businesses as long-term profit drivers, not the public service that enabled them to receive billions of dollars in public money to effectively subsidize their development. And now that jabs from China and Russia are facing newfound skepticism across Europe and the emerging world, Big Pharma is showing its true colors, and demanding a massive premium from all buyers of its jabs as Pfizer rolls out its first ‘booster jabs’.

    It’s interesting that they’re raising prices, considering that the Pfizer jab hasn’t exactly held up to the original promise of its efficacy.

    Despite their original promises not to profit off the vaccines until the pandemic had ended, both companies are now seizing the opportunity to hike prices charged to governments like those in the EU.

    As WallStreetBets pointed out, Pfizer and Moderna have contracted to supply Europe, a nation of 446 million people with 2.1 billion vexxines, so it is looking like close to 5 doses per person! Unless Europe plans to be very generous and donate many to the nations of poor, either where they are or being invited in through their borders. None of the millions of invitees are being tested or anything by the way… no concerns there! But you can’t work or travel or go to a restaurant without the vexx!

  27. Uncle Mike

    You say there is no evidence of the efficacy of vexxination, but there is. There were 346 “cases” involving the fully vexxed. We might not be able to calculate a percentage, but clearly vexxination DID NOT WORK for these 346 individuals.

    That’s not surprising. According to those selfsame “experts” at the CDC, “recent studies show that flu vaccination reduces the risk of flu illness by between 40% and 60% among the overall population during seasons when most circulating flu viruses are well-matched to the flu vaccine.”

    The flu vexxs reduce risk marginally, when well-matched. The flu is a single strand RNA virus just like FauciMassDeathVirus. Both mutate like Jurassic Park dinos on steroids. Well-matching is impossible, as demonstrated by the 31 (and counting) known variants of FMDV.

    Upshot: the vexxes don’t work, not for those folks in Pigbarn MA and likely not for 40-60% of the vexxed. The MANDATED JABS ARE FUNKY. If you think you’re safe, guess again.

    And masks don’t work either. The FMDV’s are tiny, smaller than a p-value. The pores in the masks are relatively huge — it’s like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain-link fence.

    Here’s the rub. Fauci and the US and GB Gummits in concert with the Red Chinese created a deadly new disease and infected the world. Now they’re desperately trying to slow down the deaths and/or blame somebody else, like the Common Man or Woman or Child or Tranny or whomever, to take the onus off their own a$$es. It’s your fault you died of their disease, not theirs. You didn’t get your vexxes and wear quadruple masks (neither of which work) so you killed yourself. They didn’t do it (the Bart Simpson excuse).

    It’s the Biggest Crime of All Time. The record setter. We can’t hang these scum nearly enough times to achieve justice.

  28. JC

    I’m curous to know how many of these people were partying hard (drinking and/or drugs and/or lack of rest) and lowering their immune response… vaccinated or not.

    Why aren’t those with previous infection and with antibodies considered ‘vaxxed’ in the sense of having antibodies. There needs to be another card for those with natural immunity

  29. HBG

    Meanwhile in Australia they have announced that Fly in fly out workers (FIFO) will not be able to keep their jobs unless they get the jabs

  30. Uncle Mike

    Please excuse my hyperbole. The Biggest Crime of All Time is Marxism. Hands down. 120 million and counting. But the FauciMassDeathVirus has to be in the Top Ten, anyway. And considering that the perps are Commies, well, it’s no surprise. Ratchets up their macabre totals.

  31. Milton Hathaway

    With apologies in advance to Sheri, I saw this handwritten sign yesterday:

    Meet the new virus
    Same as the old virus
    We won’t get fooled again

    I liked the sentiment, but it seemed a bit optimistic. They probably should have included the third line:

    Meet the new virus
    Same as the old virus
    Get on your knees and pray
    We won’t get fooled again

    FauciMassDeathVirus? Doesn’t really roll off the tongue. Maybe just shorten it to the Fauci-19 virus? Credit where credit’s due.

  32. @Sheri –
    I’m not as stupid as you seem to think I am. I am a veteran myself. Young soldiers do not have heart attacks in any appreciable numbers. Especially 4 of them in one unit, all within hours of taking an experimental vaccine known to kill young people. And they weren’t marching around, which, for your information, is simply walking.

  33. Dennis

    JC: “There needs to be another card for those with natural immunity.”

    The better take, JC, is that there should be no “cards” whatsoever that one is forced to flash in front of anyone who demands it to verify one’s medical treatment history simply in order to be allowed to go about one’s daily business (especially for – as most everyone seems constantly to lose sight of in the midst of the endless panic – a virus with a 99.98% survival rate. Such “card” or “passport” demands are utterly go*da*n f-ing insane – so it doesn’t surprise me to see one of the top headlines today say that DeBlasted of NYC is making moves toward just that (with “more to come” he ominously warns).

    And if people should be required to show health “cards” or “passports” (remember the days when we used to commiserate with people of the USSR, et al. for things like “internal passports”? Good times eh? This is much worse.) to verify their status with regard to such a banal and a barely noticeable virus for most (if not for endless media and political hype, “covid” would have been treated no differently than any other of the many “bad flu seasons,” with most people blissfully unaware and just going on about their daily lives), why not also for many other things that are more deadly or more transmissible? Where does this medicalized, technocratic, surveillance-state tyranny and apartheid end?

    Does everyone remember just a couple months ago when the new hack heading CDC finally admitted, in the face of opposition from rabid maskers afraid of losing their chief religious totem and political badge, when the “rules” were first relaxed that if you are vaccinated you don’t need to worry about whether someone you are around is vaccinated or not (or require a mask), since you are protected? (Which is correct for every other real vaccine – except flu, because it’s not a true vaccine either). The recent flip-flopping on this issue, and the demand that even mRNA injected people wear masks again now, is a tacit admission of total vaccine failure (and if muzzles didn’t “stop the spread” for the first year, what makes them think they will suddenly work now?). Yet the push for more jabs, boosters, punishment of the “vaccine hesitant” (I’m not “hesitant” you jackwagons – I’m not getting it! Period. That sound “hesitant”?), face muzzles again, and the imposition of Medical Apartheid continues.

    After two months of thinking, apparently wrongly, that things were returning to normal and would never go back after people realized the extent to which they’d been lied to for over a year about the virus, vaccines, muzzles, etc, I’m back to once again refusing any new client business that may require a court appearance in the coming months. Based on the federal court notice yesterday, once still can’t be confident that one will be able in the near future to simply walk in or out of any building in a manner other than that of an abject slave, muzzled and obeisant to arbitrary and medically/scientifically unjustified rules that change on the whim of whatever brainless hack is in charge. F this world.

  34. Jan Van Betsuni

    My pet theory is that The CDC (and their parent organization – The Department of Health & Human Services – what a name (as if there was any other kind)) just got called into conference by certain Treasury Department higher-ups who secretly instructed them to “play-for-more-time”; because the Great Financial Reset project schedules just got pushed out another 18 months ~ due to recent discoveries of additional unknown unknowns and related concerns to national security.

  35. Robin

    Great analysis Briggs. Impressive.

  36. ~ Nona

    Thank you for such wonderful, detailed analysis, Dr. Briggs.

    I don’t know how you do it, day after day.

  37. Briggs


    I farm most of it out to India.

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