I’m On Vacation

I’m On Vacation

The coronadoom update will still show tomorrow, but in abbreviated form. I am Up North. Where I belong. Posting will be sporadic until next week. Guest posts, perhaps classic reposts. Or shots of current cocktails. Anything is possible.

That’s not me in the picture, and I have no idea who it is. But I’ll lay claim to the lake.

God bless all supporters. Hell. God bless detractors, too. I’m feeling magnanimous.

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  1. HBG

    Can I join you?

  2. JohnM

    Tut! Tut! It is, “MAY I join you?”

    My father would always say, if I started a sentence with, “Can I …..” would respond, “Yes, you can; but you mayn’t”.

  3. You deserve a break! See you back on the battlefield when you’re ready, rested and recreated.

  4. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Let’s all join Briggs up at Northwoods Lake Lodge and Cabins, a completely restored 1930s fishing resort on a lovely lake famous for its muskie, walleye, and loons. There’s a dozen charming log cabins for guests tucked away along the sandy shore of a bay, and a grand old main lodge built of enormous white pine logs, with pine plank floor boards two feet wide. There’s a huge stone fireplace along one wall with, of course, a huge stuffed moose head hanging over it. A couple bookcases along one wall make up the library with leather club chairs arranged in front on a rare old persian carpet. There’s a cafeteria-style kitchen line along the back wall and behind it you can see the chef, a real blonde bombshell, rattling pots and pans. The smell of bacon, flapjacks, and coffee is delicious. Four rustic log picnic tables make up the dining room, with wrought iron chandeliers overhead for real candlelight dinners. It has the best bar ever, naturally, a fine old mahogany monster of mirrors, brass, and antique fixtures jutting out in an elongated U shape so you can argue with the fellow across the way. Some mighty fine liquors make cheerful ranks on the bar shelves. In the evenings Briggs lectures on statistics and the Trinity while we play cards, smoke, drink, and laugh. And nobody checks their phone. And there’s no Tv. But there is an upright player piano for singalongs and a small stage for amateur theatricals, guest lectures, farcical dances and all manner of entertaining hijinks. Sundays there’s the adjacent log chapel for services. It’s a good and grand and gracious place to spend a lazy August and I’m looking forward to seeing see you all there.

  5. solarian

    May a singing bird cross your path and delight you, sir. Or whatever you can encounter there, in the north of America.

  6. john b()

    It looks like there used to be a livestream of the resort’s webcam

    We could have arranged a time each day for Briggs to wave … oh well

  7. Shecky R

    You’ll need to be magnanimous given that the gaping hole you’re digging just keeps getting deeper and deeper and harder to ever climb out of. Oy….

  8. Milton Hathaway

    Hagfish – you do paint quite the appealing picture – do you also work in oils, or just words? If the former, I’d love to purchase a copy for my great room.

    I’m packing now, I’ll be there shortly. (Mind travel – it saves on gas.)

    If you are up to a debate across the bar, I’m interested in discussing Briggs trick question “How many times can you be wrong about a matter of great importance and still be taken seriously and not be fired?” See also the famous Thomas Sowell quote about putting decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.

    Specially, I’d like to discuss why do we as a society continue to do this. (I.e., let politicians and experts skate on their mistakes.)

    And how can we as a society fix this? I find myself pondering the way casinos work – there are huge amounts of money constantly handled by many people, yet thefts are rare. It seems that casinos have accountability down to an art.

  9. john b()

    Hmmm … I just heard than Jen Psaki is on vaca too (the Circle Back Ranch?)

  10. C-Marie

    So, can I paint the peaceful scene??? Have a wonderful God-blessed vacation!!!
    God bless, C-Marie

  11. Johnno

    How dare you take a vacation while Afghanistan is being Mission Unaccomplished!

    Who do you think you are???

    Joe Biden? Jen Psaki?

    Are you even allowed to go swimming, and risk spreading Covid through the water supply? Do we even have a way to vaccinate fish yet? How does covid warming affect their gill system? I demand a study with all the scientific modelling we can muster!

  12. Michael 2

    Up nort: Where the state bird is a mosquito and they race ticks. Oh, that would be Minnesota adjacent.

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