The Race To The Most Stringent Panic Measure; More! — Coronavirus Update LXXXIX

The Race To The Most Stringent Panic Measure; More! — Coronavirus Update LXXXIX


De Blahsio in New York City, not a bright man by anybody’s reckoning, managed to score one on his fellow elites by being the first in the country to implement vexxine passports. Other rulers followed suit, and likely still more will, too.

Yet the USA wasn’t first nation. France was. Despite reports to the contrary, the ruling class in America still looks to Europe for “sophistication”. But that’s only a small part of why the idea of carrying an internationally certified (to prove its provenance) unique-in-history piece of paper (perhaps electronically) with you everywhere and for the rest of your life to gain entry to supermarkets and restaurants is thought to be a swell idea.

It is thought terrific because the idea was created by Experts. And the “terrific” comes from Experts considering the idea, judging it, and finding it good, and therefore certifying it.

You, dear reader, unless you are part of the ruling-Expert class are not, and cannot be, asked to judge the idea. You must accept. How could an invitation for your judgement be proffered? You are not an Expert. You are not qualified. You haven’t the necessary qualifications and certifications. You do not belong to the proper organizations.

The vexxine, as we know by now, is not the savior Experts promised it would be. As non-Experts like us predicted, the vexxinated can still become infected and die, and the young can suffer “rare” side effects, including death (a reminder “rare” is conditional). Innumerable booster shots are already being called for, and the vexxine will likely be required forever, as with the flu.

Which of course means your vexxine passport will need perpetual renewal. And that international certification was no joke. How else can some poor foreigner land on our shores and prove to New York City officials that his vexxination was genuine?

Expert calls to Expert the world over. So this, if it is not defeated, must spread and expand. Not just for the coronadoom, but for every politically unfavorable disease. But not, I emphasize, for politically desirable diseases.

Consider HIV/AIDs is desirable. And deadly, There is no cure, no vexxination. A person who enjoys sodomy with the disease could very easily kill his “partner” of the moment.

In San Francisco, as we all know, it’s no longer illegal to conceal your HIV/AIDs status to the person you’re buggering. It was seen as tyrannical having to tell your bathhouse partner whether you were likely to infect him with an (so far) incurable malady.

Yet we have this headline: San Francisco mandates proof of vaccination when indoors.

To be consistent, since HIV/AIDs is a communicable disease, spread almost always by bad decisions on the part of carriers, we ought to ban the infected from flying or shopping. Or appearing anywhere in public. Until such a time a vexxination becomes available. Which all must take or be barred from life.


Item: Deadly Lambda variant could be vaccine-resistant: new study says.

DO NOT WORRY if you get the Lamented Lambda. Just show it your vaccine passport and all will be well.


Item: Southwest, American, Delta break with United, won’t mandate vaccine for workers.

Many other employers, such as Google and Facebook, do require vexxines. Universities of course require them. These sad places are, after all, incubation centers for Experts. Peep your peepers at this:

You have to laugh, because this gives lie to the vexxine-salvation story, while also giving Standford profs yet another excuse to tell themselves how important they are. “We must protect ourselves above all people, lest the world go without Experts!”

Well, as any of us could have bet, the woker the entity, the more likely it will insist on mandatory vexxines and mandatory masks, and mandatory tests, and mandatory mandatories.

Few places are as woke as Australia and New Zealand:

Remember back when FEMA camps were a “conspiracy theory”?

Yet not all institutions are wholly woke. I’m guessing the other major airlines aren’t requiring it for their employees because they don’t dare require it of their customers. For if they did, get woke go broke etc. Unless the governments of each nation can make it illegal not to be vexxinated, like in France. (If you deny a man the ability to buy groceries, you make it illegal to live.)

Strange that Biden took off for his summer slumber without attempting France’s feat. It signals weakness. It seems to imply that we are not as far gone as some of us feared.


The one thing many normies learned during this was just how often Experts lie, and with such vigor and shamelessness!

This sets their program back some. It doesn’t, alas, destroy it. I’m not that hopeful. But we can remind normies every time an Expert has yet another “solution” that Experts are happy to lie nobly.

Or they are willing to insist the insane is sanity:

How can you trust the CDC on anything when they can’t even say that only women can be pregnant? If they are willing to embrace political madness for this simple matter, how can you be sure anything they are telling you isn’t a lie?

Answer: you cannot.


This was going around earlier. Proof the midwit meme is real. Too hilarious to check.


The evidence piles up mask mandates do nothing—except irritate people and produce fear. Read Do Masks Work? A Review Of The Evidence, from City Journal.

If you’re pressed for time, the answer is no.

Ignore the bits about “randomized” and all that. Regular readers will get the idea.

Also in the same genre, an excellent essay from a historian: TEN THINGS I LEARNED FROM THE PANDEMIC.

Answer: people always were and always will be idiots and tyrants.


The Price of Panic.

Website of similar name: price of panic.


Sources: CDC State data (source), CDC official toll number one, number two (the old weekly file, now suspect). Causes of death (source). Deaths by age. Covid & flu. WHO flu tracker. All current as of Monday.

Daily tests (from here from Johns Hopkins) have spiked again. Like last week, almost 2 million a day.

Select state data.

You can see the Dreaded Delta blip for Texas and Florida. It’s there for the top three states, too. But smaller. Last week some readers suggested it was the heat-lockdowns that accounted for the virus spread down in the hot hot south. This is plausible, even likely. I have to check other states next week to verify.

All cause weekly deaths:

The green dots are still under where we’d expect them, suggesting something other than just the coronadoom is killing folks. Here’s the weekly causes of death, which also suggest that. The cause beating the coronadoom is “unknown” or “unacknowledged”.

Ain’t that somethin’?

How about the weekly coronadoom deaths?

The DD blip is there, as last week. Last week I predicted “It will grow a bit, I’m guessing, the next two weeks.” Well, there you go.

Deaths by age:

Last week it was hard to tell. This week we can say the Dreaded Delta is still getting those 65+, with those 75+ being the largest victims. Kids still aren’t being killed. The mask mandates for schools will do nothing.

How ’bout that flu? Still gone.

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  1. JR Ewing

    A year ago, I was quite bothered by the zeal of the panickers, but at least then they could point towards some statistics to back themselves up: increased deaths, hospitalizations, the lack of an effective treatment.

    Now, I’m flat out terrified at the direction this is going, especially with regards to the vaccines and showing one’s papers.

    THE COVID CRISIS IS OVER, yet scared people – enabled by wannabe tyrants – are falling all over themselves to tear down society in the name of safetyism.

    The idea that a person can make a “wrong” decision about what to put into his own body, and not only be publicly shamed and shunned, but have his livelihood taken away and be called an enemy of the state is terrifying. Yet there is a very large and very vocal contingent in this country that wants to do just that, over a virus that at this point is endemic and no more deadly than the flu.

    And what really bothers me is that it’s clear that the vaccines don’t provide a particularly robust obstacle to transmission and spread, yet these tyrannical decisions are being justified as being “prudent” and “responsible” in order to prevent “detrimental effects on other people”.

    What it really is, is religious zealotry.

  2. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Afghans show us the Evil Empire is a rotten fake paper tiger that can be ejected by perseverance. Do not comply. Peaceful resistance. “No!” Powerful word. “I will not collaborate with evil. Nope, not doing that, never, it’s wicked, and stupid, will not comply, ever.”

    When Alex Jones is good, he’s GREAT!

  3. Rudolph Harrier

    To the surprise of no one, we are now moving from “it’s an absurd conspiracy theory to suggest that there will be booster shots” to “if you don’t get a booster shot, it’s your fault that people are dying.”

    Of course, even now they can’t be honest. Booster shots are being sold only as necessary because of the dreaded Delta, though that doesn’t make sense. If the vaccines aren’t very effective against the variant even in people who have recently gotten it, why would a booster shot help out? The real reason is because of the various studies that show a drop off in effectiveness over time.

    But they don’t want to say that yet because if they do there’ll be no way to avoid the conclusion that booster shots will be required forever. They want to rope in a few more people with the promise of “you only need this booster shot because of the unexpected situation but then you’ll be done forever. The idea that people will be given a fourth shot is a ridiculous conspiracy theory.” If enough people get a booster shot the line will quickly change to “you’ve already gotten the initial jab and you’ve also had a booster shot. How can you object to getting more shots now?”

  4. Robin


    Under normal circumstances, I would agree with you, but the vaccination roll out has disturbed the natural order of things. A recent investigation in Vietnam has determined:

    A fully vaccinated hospital has had 69 cases of COVID19 among staff. 62 of these agreed to participate in a study.

    The viral fingerprint was “phyogenetically” distinct from that circulating in the general population. The viral load of these patients was typically 261 times greater than that observed in the general population.

    Phylogenetic differences indicate that this cohort contains new host mutations – it could be that fully vaccinated populations in high risk environments like hospitals may be the progenitor of the most dangerous outcomes.

    What is going to happen to these persons when some acquire antibody enhancement and/or the effectiveness of the treatment diminishes?

    Heaven help those that come into contact with the influenza, rsv or possibly just the common cold.

    It’s not over yet.

  5. Hagfish Bagpipe

    For inspiration and practical advice here’s a top notch Canadian dude, Chris Sky:

    For starters, on the homepage page click on “United Non-Compliance: How to Stand Up for Yourself:”

    And then check out his other vids. If you’re ever getting the black-pill blues go watch Chris. He has a great spirit; funny, smart, courageous, and his “United (peaceful) Non-Compliance” is sound advice.

    That was also the message Rand Paul was giving recently: Do Not Comply. Don’t take their poison jabs, don’t wear their mask, don’t obey their lockdowns, open your business, live your life, don’t be afraid, stand up for yourselves. We’re in this together and we do not comply.

    Compliance gives oxygen to evil. Don’t do it. Screw up your courage and just say NO!

    It feels good, man.

  6. GP

    So the rest of us need to submit to more tyranny because the vaxmachine didn’t work? Screw that.

  7. Johnno

    There is a vexx for HIV/Aids!

    The blessed expert Fauci gave us AZT!

    But for some reason, all of the gays refuse to take it, citing that many who did got seriously ill and died!

    But that must just be some crazy crackpot conspiracy theory!

    Gays would never be conspiracy theory anti-vexxing capitol-rioting nutjobs!

    The trumbone knows all about the goodness of gays, so he would never confuse his sheltered masked children by telling them that such people exist…

    Also Afghanistan will never fall to the Taliban. If there are any experts you can fully trust it is the experts that belong to the best armee guys and intelligence spookies that the world have ever seen!

    U! S! A!

    U! S! A!

    E! X! P! T!

    Whoops, I mean… E! X! P! R! T!

  8. Dennis

    “We need to quickly move to non-removable tattoos of QR codes on wrists. Very small and not noticeable.”

    A certain St. John of Patmos warned about something like this: “16 Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, 17 so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.” (Rev 13:16-17)

    Insane that test numbers are back up in the 2 million a day range. They can keep casedemics like this going as long as they want to perpetuate fear and panic, and use them to promote tyrannical socio-political control and signing-on to Big Pharma’s Semi-Annual Lifetime Booster Plan. Mass testing – esp. like Stanford, requiring weekly tests for everyone regardless of Covijab status and even if you have no symptoms of anything (Hey jabbers, remember when they said getting the jab was the ticket back to “normality”? Sike!) – is the biggest problem we’ve faced since about this same time last year. All been a high-cycle PCR test-induced casedemic for over a year now.

    Fortunately, most normal people around me have moved on and hardly even mention Covid. Stores, restaurants and cafes no problem (at most of them, even the workers are unmuzzled – though the coffee shop I went to yesterday did have its baristas wearing them still, sadly – and no efforts, even perfunctory ones like a small signs asking unvaxed to mask as I saw a couple months ago, to check or pretend to be interested in vax status of patrons. These vax passport things depend on having people willing to enforce them – “Just say ‘No!'” as Nancy used to say. What are they gonna do, arrest every store and restaurant owner and patron everywhere for not checking vax pass?). Met a couple new clients recently – in their homes – and entire meetings went by with no one so much as mentioning Covid at all (first time in ages), or asking/caring about muzzles, vax status, etc. – even shook hands, just like old times! I think most normal people have moved on and are just done with the BS. Get the jab if you want, wear a muzzle if you want, but stop harassing people over it or pretending like it’s some moral imperative or sign of your moral superiority to do so. At this point Covid should be treated no differently than any other endemic seasonal flu-like illness that we’ve lived with for ages without it endlessly disrupting everyone’s lives or being an excuse for a tyrannical socio-political response.

  9. john b(s)

    RE: Afghanistan will never fall to the Taliban

    The problem with that is there were MANY experts that disagreed but they weren’t the right experts.

    They didn’t understand that Joe needed us out by 9/11 and that the Taliban could be counted on to respect that

    And that 300,000 “troops” weren’t going to stop 75,000 Taliban (not if they wanted to live past surrender)
    Besides we all know it was really Trump’s fault

  10. Varca Nemensis

    What is the role of Juice? Ever notice how the COVID czars and the heads of media companies and medical experts etc are saturated with Juice? And typically of the secular sort?

  11. Russell Haley

    As someone that often inhabits all of the various stratifications in the vexxine rejection graph (Born a roofer, bachelors degree in computer science, currently work with PHDs and inventors), let me rationalize it for you:

    – People that don’t go on to higher education take their cues from their environment. They are less concerned with the future. No death in sight? “No problem”. They look to strong leaders, see the low death rates and shrug. Many are typically in dangerous or risky jobs, like to drink and do drugs (risk) and have very little to lose. They see active participation in the fight as a good thing.

    – People that have some college or a bachelors tend to think of themselves as smart, but are unwilling or unable to do the research. They read that so and so doctor said such and such and there was some “sciencey” mumbling involved and that is good enough for them. These people tend to be heavily in debt and invested in stocks, real estate, and other passive investments that could be easily spoiled. Think of middling programmers, accountants and teachers in this group. Many of these people are risk adverse, that’s why they wound up in the middle of the road.

    – People that go on to PHDs obviously have a great deal of education. Also, getting a PHD is a great deal of risk (IMHO) due to the sums of money and time. PHDs are also much, much more likely to do research because the level of education requires it. They are used to breaking into the details that most people ignore. PHDs are also used to knowing information that other people do not understand and often scoff at.

  12. Rudolph Harrier

    From personal observations regarding mask use, I think two things are clear:

    1.) There are many people who will do whatever the mainstream narrative is. They can be told to get vaccines so that they won’t have to mask up and they’ll do it. They can be told the day after they get their vaccines that the vaccines don’t prevent transmission and they’ll put the masks right back on. They can be told to mock anyone who claims that there will booster shots, and they will gladly do it right up until the second that they get into line for their booster shot.

    2.) These people are not the majority. For the majority they were only willing to go along because they thought that the threat was catastrophic in nature, that the mandates were temporary, and that there “following the science” would lead to a point where the pandemic was over. Now it is clear that while people are dying, they aren’t dropping dead en masse, that the government will use any excuse to reinstate mandates, and that no matter what is said there will always be another “final for real this time” measure around the corner. So most people are fed up.

    In early 2020, when stores started to urge mask wearing, there was probably about 60-80% compliance even without a government mandate. Currently (at least in my area) there is maybe 10-15% mask usage in stores. The stores all have signs like “CUSTOMERS ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO WEAR MASKS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES AND THEIR COMMUNITY” or “ACCORDING TO CDC GUIDELINES MASKS SHOULD BE WORN IN ALL INDOOR SETTINGS” or even “IF YOU DON’T WEAR A MASK YOU’RE NOT ONLY RISKING YOUR LIFE, BUT THE LIVES OF EVERYONE AROUND YOU.” Not to the point of “if you don’t wear a mask the government is going to fine you again” at this point, but the signs are hardly being polite about it. Yet the vast majority of people don’t even consider wearing masks. They are done with it.

  13. brad tittle

    There was news that our local hospital was overrun. We took a drive over to the hospital in question. Drove around the entire building. This hospital was just shut down. Why? Because they built a new hospital. They did leave the emergency room open, but they ended up shutting it down because they had to fire people for not getting jabbed.

    Our new hospital seems to be inhabited. But there was nothing outside to suggest that dire things were happening.

    So I drove to the Mortuary where I have a contact. The contact told me previously that in November 2020, their intakes were way down and had been all year. When I was back in May, they were way up. To date, they have had 8 Covid Deaths come through their facility. 4 of them were folks with severe cancer. They are taking in a lot of bodies now. July, they had nearly double what they would normally have (54 vs 25-30). Covid tracker at google says we have had 125 deaths in our county since the beginning from covid. The support industry around Mortuaries in the area seem to be getting very well used. She also said that they have had a significant increase in infant deaths.

    All of this is anecdotal of course. I saw a comment on here months ago from someone in a mortuary in another state.

    Is there a mortuary association that shares data on these things? Do mortuaries want to share how much more money they are making now.

    Body bags are not really verified, but most of the body bags show up as $$$ in a mortuaries balance sheet.

  14. Rudolph Harrier


    To put it more simply, people with Masters degrees tend to be midwits. That is, they are above average intelligence but put far too much value on their intelligence and believe themselves to know more than they actually do. The unschooled are less likely to think that they know everything, since they have not had much formal education. Doctors with Ph.D’s have delved into their fields enough to know that there is more than they do not know than they know. Thus both the uneducated and Ph.D’s are more likely to delve into the sources and take time to come to a decision, where as midwits are more likely to go with their first instinct but believe that they made the smartest decision ever which can never be questioned.

    There are exceptions everywhere of course; there are very keen Masters students who do not go on the field since there is no need for them to get further education in what they need to do, there are PhD’s who just repeat the party line and there are certainly uneducated people who don’t think for themselves. But on the whole the greatest concentration of people who just repeat what they are told are people with Bachelors and Masters degrees.

  15. Sheri

    We all know what PhD stands for……..

    My new favorite term for a covid vaccine card is “Cootie Card”!!!

  16. Johnno

    No more medical exemptions in NYC!

    All must be vexxed and passported! All!

    Get vexxed, or starve to death while homeless! The government has spoken!

  17. Dennis

    “Currently (at least in my area) there is maybe 10-15% mask usage in stores.”

    Yep, about what I’m seeing around here too. Odd how workers vary from place to place, though. Grocery store and bookstore earlier today seemed about half-and-half of staff masked. Went out to dinner with family last week – saw no one at packed restaurant, not even employees, wearing muzzles; just got back form dinner tonight – saw no patrons in muzzles, but staff was all masked. Guess it just depends how paranoid your employer is. Seeing few of the perfunctory “highly recommended according got CDC guidelines…etc” type notices anywhere now though.

    Interesting takes by Russell and Rudolph on the midwit meme phenomenon. I wonder if intuition doesn’t also have something to do with it? Are people at both extreme ends of the spectrum perhaps more willing to trust their intuition – “something just doesn’t feel right about what we’re being told by govt/media/etc” – rather than feeling the need to always justify their opinions by appeal to some “expert/authority” to back them up? Sure, the high-IQ end may be operating at a more rarefied level of intuition or “inspiration” than the lower educated/lower-IQ end of the spectrum, who may be just following “gut instinct” they can’t really articulate, but they often come to the same conclusion on a practical level.

    Related to that, it’s interesting how so many truly pathbreaking inventions or discoveries by genius level types do seem come from “inspiration” or intuitions that they often can’t explain. Didn’t either Watson or Crick (I forget which one) say the double helix DNA idea came to him in a dream or something? And I seem to recall reading somewhere during the past year that Kary Mullis in his autobiography mentioned that the PCR test idea came him after experimenting with psychedelics. Probably many such cases!

  18. Chad Jessup

    I have no idea how a state governor could possess the kind of authority which allows him to issue a mandatory vexxine order!!!!!

  19. C-Marie

    “We need to quickly move to non-removable tattoos of QR codes on wrists. Very small and not noticeable.”

    A certain St. John of Patmos warned about something like this: “16 Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, 17 so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.” (Rev 13:16-17)”

    Thank you, Dennis. All coming to pass, step by step, right before our eyes!!,

    God bless, C-Marie

  20. Dennis

    Chad: They don’t, but lack of actual legal or Constitutional (whether state or US) – never mind moral – authority doesn’t seem to stop our present political overlords from attempting to do anything. So long as they scream “Covid” or “health emergency,” the wannabe tyrants think it gives them right to do absolutely anything they desire. But all tyrants require willing executioners of their nefarious plans. If – a big “if “ for which the jury is still out – enough people simply refuse to play along, they can’t succeed.

  21. Dennis

    “All coming to pass, step by step, right before our eyes!!”

    Indeed, C-Marie. It’s astonishing so many things happening in plain sight, yet so many people still seem to be sleeping, blissfully unaware of what’s truly going on around us. How can people like that nurse propose – apparently quite seriously (and she’s just of of many I’ve seen say similar things recently) – things such those Qcode tattoos for people to be allowed to shop, dine-out, receive medical care, travel, etc., and not be aware of the “Mark of the Beast” spectres they’re raising? Or if they are aware, actually still think it’s a good idea anyway?

  22. Robin


    “So the rest of us need to submit to more tyranny because the vaxmachine didn’t work? Screw that.”

    No. Not suggesting this at all. Just saying that Act 2 of the vaccinated population has yet to play out. It’s not yet over.

    According to Alex Berenson, in the UK (where around 87% of the adult population have had at least one shot) deaths due to all causes are currently 200 per day higher than last year, and are also higher than the expected value of the 5 year period prior to SARS-COV-2.

    I’m expecting a lot of turmoil this winter, turmoil that could bring the UK government down. Government is behaving madly, but the general population could be even crazier.

    I don’t know what to say to those who are not vaccinated and have their wits about them. Keep a distance from the madness of crowds, at the very least, and quietly do not comply are two suggestions.

    Force those in power to try and run a country where 20 to 50 percent of the most educated and productive population no longer participates.

  23. Rudolph Harrier

    In Minnesota the models used to justify the panic from the government predicted in the absolute best case scenario there would be 9,900 deaths from COVID-19 by March 22, 2021. This was based on a model that required lockdowns to continue for much longer than they actually did, permanent “physical distancing and stay at home recommendations” and unlimited hospital capacity. Furthermore the 9,900 figure is the minimum estimate given in this scenario, the expected estimate was 21,800 deaths. The scenario matching most closely to what actually happened had an expected 29,030 deaths, and a minimum of 15,726.

    Actual number of deaths attributed to COVID 19 in the state through March 22, 2021? 7,043. This is under a quarter of the predicted deaths and under the minimum predicted in the absolute best case scenario. Five months later we are sitting at 7,737 deaths, meaning we still haven’t gotten to the best case scenario 9,900 deaths number.

    Of course the only number that politicians care about is the claim that in the “unmitigated” scenario there would have been nearly 80,000 deaths. Thus they “saved” 73,000 lives because that is what the model says, even though the model is demonstrably incompatible with reality.

  24. C-Marie

    To Dennis: Maybe you know this, but until the mid 70s or so, Catholics were not so encouraged to read the Bible as the “theys” were concerned about misinterpretation. Our Protestant brethren were way ahead of us as far as reading scripture and many of them, as far as believing just what it says.

    So where in Daniel and in the Gospels especially by Jesus, and in the Book of Revelation speak of the Last Times, in my experience as a cradle Catholic from WWII onwards, plus twelve years genuine Catholic Academy education (not like today), the Bible reading was not encouraged at all. The family had the family bible, but it stayed on its shelf.

    It was taught that the 666 applied way beck to one of the Roman Emperors who placed himself in the temple. The facts that that action did not fulfill scripture for the mark of the 666 and more, apparently did not matter.

    Then in the early seventies, God took things in hand for Catholicism, and His Holy Spriti moved mightily and gave to those willing, His particular gifts of prophecy, evangelizing, praying in tongues, healings, and more. Most Catholic parishes were not ready for such, and looked askance on us who knew this was real. After a while, prayer meetings were formed and were allowed the use of the social hall.

    Control was an issue, but God’s Spirit kept us. In the bookstores, Protestant authors outnumbered Catholics on these issues for a while.

    The point being, that believing what the Bible says is scary unless one comes to know God our Father and Jesus and the workings of the Holy Spirit. The best way is by reading God’s Word daily, talking with Him, just being with Him, praying for others which is loving your neighbor, and so on. Read the Gospel of John, all of it, at the Last Supper. Jesus teaches so lovingly of our Father, His Father and our Father, as He told Mary Magdalen after He rose from the dead.

    Much is taught of our Blessed Mother Mary, and that is beautiful and good, and I love her dearly. But receiving God our Father’s fathering loving of oneself is sooo wonderful and comforting and trusting and everything!!

    So, without “Knowing” God’s Love and Fathering, I can definitely understand not wanting to look and see and know and understand and acknowledge what we are in the midst of the beginnings of … The One World Government and The One World Religion.

    God bless, C-Marie

  25. Dennis

    Thanks, Marie. You are clearly a devout and holy woman – good to know us sinners have women like you out there praying for us all! I kid here a lot, but I’m serious.

    As far far as bible interpretation goes though, it can be fraught with danger. Scripture isn’t easy or clear (even for those who can read it in the original languages – which is essential to any reliable understanding and interpretation ), so it is with good reason that the Church historically discouraged ad-hoc personal exegesis by the faithful. Unmoored from any strong foundation in Tradition and magisterial teaching authority, or knowledge of the root languages, too much of Evangelical/Protestant biblical interpretation devolves into over-literalism, silliness, and absurdity – such as the search for out-of-context phrases to bolster one’s political or economic ideology of the moment, as in the American “Prosperity Gospel” phenomenon of the past few decades. Likewise, too many also think if some Church teaching or belief isn’t in literally to be found the Bible then it has no authority or Truth (the kind of people who argue that since Jesus doesn’t specifically condemn abortion or transgenderism or “gay marriage” they must be ok).

    Dante and the medieval patristic traditions which held sway prior to the Protestant Revolt, held that scripture had a fourfold meaning: literal/historical, allegorical, moral, and anagogical. In this way, the Church wasn’t wrong to point out certain meanings in the passage you cite from the Apocalypse, though that is only one aspect of its interpretation. On the literal/historical level it can mean something to do with the Roman Empire around the time in which it was written, but on the anagogical level it also means something about future events and our ultimate fate. The key with any scriptural analysis is to understand the level at which one is speaking at any given moment. Since the “Reformation” even many Catholics have tended to stay mired in the literal/historical (or at most the moral) level. We need to recover the more mystical allegorical and anagogical traditions (of which Dante was a supreme master as poet and thinker).

  26. Johnno

    Israel extends Covid restrictions to three-year-olds as cases surge

    Won’t be long until herr biden declares children domestic terrorist conspiracy kooks for crying and being hesitant about being injected multiple time.

  27. Dennis

    Indeed. How long until we find out Floyd Ray Roseberry had “co-conspirators” who are FBI “informants” (i.e. agent provocateurs) or is one himself?

    Trust nothing at face value reported in the news these days. Especially when it involves the Biden regime or alleged “domestic terrorism” (most esp. if perp is white; If black media will ignore – anyone remember now or ever hear what happened to the guy who drove a car into the Capitol and killed the police officer a few months back? Of course not, he was black, so it disappeared from the news cycle as if never happened).

  28. C-Marie

    To Dennis: “… kind of people who argue that since Jesus doesn’t specifically condemn abortion or transgenderism or “gay marriage” they must be ok).”

    Jesus does speak to abortion in His saying that the Second great commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself .. therefore murdering your neighbor is not an act of loving your neighbor but of destroying your neighbor.

    And within the Second great commandment is the commandment to love oneself, properly.

    And Jesus does address transgenderism and same sex marriage in Matthew when He says 3Some Pharisees came to Jesus, testing Him and asking, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any reason at all?” 4And He answered and said, “Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning MADE THEM MALE AND FEMALE, 5and said, ‘FOR THIS REASON A MAN SHALL LEAVE HIS FATHER AND MOTHER AND BE JOINED TO HIS WIFE, AND THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH’?6“So they are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.”

    I do understand the different methods pointed out, but it is simplest to just accept what is written, to look and see if the prophecy, for instance of 666 , has actually been completed. Well, no it has not been done so. And I can see where long ago, even in Jesus’ time, that people had no idea as to how could it be that the world would see and rejoice at the deaths of those two prophets. I expect that no internet idea had yet arisen, and so it may have seemed sensible to attribute that prophecy’s fulfillment with the Roman Empire.

    Thank you, and anyone who spends time with God, grows more and more in knowing Him and loving Him and in the receiving of His Love and of His Fathering, of which Jesus taught to us so very clearly.

    God bless, C-Marie

  29. Dennis

    Wannabe tyrant Gov. Beshear lost another court case today (this time in federal court – not quite sure why it was in fed court though, and can’t be arsed right now to look it up), striking down his effort to impose a muzzle mandate in public schools (thankfully, my nieces in private schools had already been informed before the school year started that muzzles would be strictly optional for them). The court cited the same changes in the law restricting his “emergency” power that the state case Briggs reported here a few months ago relied upon.

    There is still a battle on to free the kids from their forced muzzlings, however, since the Beshear case didn’t address the state board of education (apparently not a party to this suit) issuing its own “mandate” for public schools, but I presume there are likely other cases pending against the Board, and given the recent trends in cases here, hopefully they will resolve that issue in favor of sanity and The Real Science(TM) as well.

    The tyrants can be defeated, but people must remain awake and vigilant. Even the courts are not wholly lost (though the key in these KY cases was action by the GOP legislature to restrict the governor’s ability to rule by “emergency” decree indefinitely – so we need solid state and local legislative action everywhere to stand up for sanity in the face of tyrannical power grabs by governors and the organs of the administrative bureaucracy, like school boards and health departments).

    Things seem relatively sane around here right now otherwise though. In day-to-day interactions most people seem pretty much over it, even in places that pay lip service to “CDC guidelines,” like the bookstore I went into today with a sign up again (it was not there last month) saying, “Please wear a mask (not just unvaccinated), as we follow CDC recommendations.” All the store staff were muzzled, but only about half of the patrons (still a very high percentage compared to other places around here lately), and no one bothered us about it. I thought they might at least say something at checkout asking to please obey the sign or not come back again, but the checkout guy acted pleasantly and as if he didn’t even notice.

  30. Johnno

    How long until we find out Floyd Ray Roseberry had “co-conspirators” who are FBI “informants” (i.e. agent provocateurs) or is one himself?

    My guess is that they are the 4 other guys he claimed were with him but who never turned up.

    Some good news, but only some…

    Singapore – Brit man gets psych eval for telling court that masks dont work and 6 weeks in prison for being maskless on a train!

  31. Bradley Wood

    From this article ( “Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said the situation is so dire that if a parent is seeking care for a sick or injured child, “your child will wait for another child to die. Your child will just not get on a ventilator. Your child will be care-flighted to Temple or Oklahoma City or wherever we can find them a bed, but they won’t be getting one here unless one clears.”
    No clue why they are quoting a county judge, I SERIOUSLY doubt this.

  32. Brad Wood

    Update WRT previous comment: Just read another article and discovered that this “Clay Jenkins” is a very serious tyrant pushing mask mandates, fighting the governor’s order against them, etc. The state supreme court has overruled his orders.

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