Brief Notes On Our Expertocracy

Brief Notes On Our Expertocracy

Still on vacation, but thought you’d like to see this:

They ackshually started the damned headline with ackshually.

The only thing missing from the headline is calling Danovitch an Expert. I don’t have access to the paper and can’t read the article, in which they might very well have used the term.

That was followed up by this thread.

And this:

Experts band together:

These tweets will die of coronadoom in 7 days, like all my tweets. There is no cure for this.

This one might live:

“[U]nfettered social interactions” translates to interactions not approved by Experts.

I’ll leave you with this, another item which was, at one time, dismissed as a “conspiracy theory.”

Headline: “Lockdown Forever: Scotland’s Leftist Govt Want to Make Emergency Coronavirus Laws ‘Permanent’”

Naming such powers that are due to expire on March 2022 as “prohibiting or limiting numbers at gatherings; introducing lockdown measures; and requiring that face coverings are worn”, the document said that the proposal would give Scottish ministers “the same powers to protect the people of Scotland from any incidence or spread of infection or contamination which presents or could present significant harm to human health in Scotland, not just Covid”.

We knew this would come, dear reader, when we surrendered the first time.

The time to stop them has long past.

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  1. Cloudbuster

    “…the cognitive development of babies there 10 hrs/day.”

    If we’re going to talk about destructive policies, let’s start with the one where it’s acceptable for a mother to warehouse her baby in a daycare 10 hours per day.

  2. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Liberal counties in “Free” Florida (Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Alchula) are defying the putative ban on masking school kids announced by DeSantis.

    It has been obvious for some time (ABS posted about this on twitter months ago) the Democrats have painted a target on the back of DeSantis because he could beat both Biden and Harris – even with the cheating.

    It will be interesting to see how he responds to the attacks

    FYI, In Florida, Palm Beach County is referred to as the Sixth Borough of New York

  3. Amatuer Brain Surgeon

    When ABDS moved here over 20 years ago only Palm Beach County was called the sixth borough

    New Yorkers bring with them their infectious diseases, Covid and Liberalism, and when combined with the invaders from the south being flown into Fl by Biden’s Boys, DeSantis will be the last conservative to be elected here.

    What is happening t Fl is How to turn a red state blue….

  4. FunkyPhD

    Message received from the Scottish Parliament: “There’s no other choice. God willing, we will prevail in peace and freedom from fear and in true health through the purity and essence of our natural fluids.”

  5. John B(S)

    wearing a mask at school could actually improve certain social and cognitive skills

    I’m certain that it’s true in the same sense that blind people theoretically improve their other senses in order to better navigate their world

    In a modest proposal, let’s blind all the children

  6. awildgoose


    I bet they’ll rehab Gillum and cheat him in over DeSantis just to rub the plebes’ noses in it.

    TX won’t be far behind FL in turning blue.

  7. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Thanks Sarge, now go back to tying your flies. Those midges require concentration. Especially making the tiny masks.

  8. Kenan Meyer

    “ackshually” as in inshalla . Perhaps not an accident , although it’s been corrected now.

  9. Sheri

    You go, Cloudbuster!!! Daycare is a bane on society and why there are so many mandatory vaccines. You can’t let your daycare kid get chicken pox. That’s a no-no. Wonder if the internet deleted “failure to thrive” information on babies?

    John B(S): Might as well only leave them hearing and then we can control all they know. So much easier.

    Welcome to Communism USA. Guess you should have gotten off your duff and moved to prevent this? What’s that you say? It’s okay with you? You get a government check even if you’re 25, you never have to pay your rent because who cares about Joe the Dict*ator, and being treated like a two year old including ordering your food cut up and packaged because you’re too stupid to feed yourself seems natural to you. Guess that’s who we are now.

    PS Told you parents HATE those brats they made.

  10. Sheri

    Notice how they used exactly the same techniques during the 1918 Flu Epidemic and got the same number of deaths. The results were basically the same we got now, except for the communist takeovers (see Australia). An “expert” would not repeat a FAILED method, would they????

  11. Dennis

    This country is doomed. Seeing adults still going about muzzled still is bad enough, but nothing angers me more than seeing some parent walking around unmasked while his or her kids are muzzled. Absolute child abuse, what’s being done to kids in the name of Covid “safety.”

  12. Johnno

    More great discoveries in Expertology!

    Hospital Experts –
    No heart transplant for you without a vexxine that could cause more heart problems!

    Government Experts –
    There are now new categories: Unvaccinated, Vaccinated, Fully Vaccinated, Fully Vaccinated without a booster, Fully Vaccinated with a booster, Fully Vaccinated with (x) number of boosters, Immortally Indestructible etc.! The more you take, the more freedoms you will have! But you still have to wear a mask and keep your distance and stay at home!

    Barrier Protection Experts –
    All those plastic barriers you installed? They do NOTHING! In fact, here is how they make things WORSE!

    BIG Plastic walls all around you will not protect you from aerosol viruses. But don’t worry! Porous masks will! The Joys of the world assure us!

    Trust your experts! Doing otherwise is Terrorism!

  13. Johnno

    “ackshually” as in inshalla . Perhaps not an accident

    It’s not! Clearly the new THE SCIENCE ™ given to the Experts (blessing be upon them) by the Angel Gabreel demands the obliteration of the old false science as we are clearly seeing. Those idols must be dynamited by the will of THE SCIENCE ™. There is no science but THE SCIENCE ™ and Fauci is its prophet! Put on your masks! Fast from going outside and other people’s company! Take your periodic vexxines to stay halal!

  14. billrla

    Straight-up, state-initiated propaganda, trumpeted in the filthy pages of the NY Times.

  15. Sean

    Larger things than Kung-Flu will take a hand with other events, and make it moot. It’s all a lot of malarkey to be sure, and humans have their ways of drifting away from tyrants, big or small, with or without bloodshed. But with the bloodshed, will come worse things, giving rise to unrelenting warfare, without mercy. All to slake the taste for blood of a few communists and their stooges.

  16. Milton Hathaway

    Interesting conspiracy theory, that the push for 100% vaccination is an effort to eliminate the control group. Of course, even 99% vaxxed would leave millions in the control group, which one would think would be sufficient for all those future studies. As Rush used to say, you don’t need a conspiracy theory to explain the liberals, they all think alike anyway. Liberals instinctively despise federalism – they don’t think their solutions should have to pass any sort of testing.

    ABS – Milton is not convinced that liberals moving to a conservative area necessarily bring their liberalism with them. People adapt to their environment, and liberalism requires an enabling environment, such as an intensely liberal urban area with little accountability for failure. Milton was a huge liberal in his youth, but was slowly converted to conservatism when held increasingly accountable for his failures.

  17. Dennis

    “Interesting conspiracy theory, that the push for 100% vaccination is an effort to eliminate the control group.”

    Not sure I get this theory (unless the idea is that the unvaxed will simply be rounded-up in to camps and killed). But, if the jabs, as many think, are tantamount to a death sentence through their expected long-term effects, such as ADE, prion diseases, etc., then wouldn’t the push for as high a vaccination rate as possible be designed to eliminate the vaxed group of average sheeple rather than the control/unvaxed group? Perhaps the real test is whether, by resisting the death jab, one proves oneself to be of a higher caste, so to speak, worthy to live on in a world of greatly reduced population, where the conformist sheeple will have been eliminated, and where the surviving übermenschen can flourish?

  18. Simmerjet

    Don’t worry yourselves, NSW Police always put these bulletins out when they start running low on domestic violence calls…Gotta keep those rough and tumble weekends going to justify the chopper flyovers.

  19. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Awild Yep.

    He checks a few boxes; black, drug user, sodomite

    At least Donald J Trump had the foresight to commute the jail sentence of Rod Blagojevich and it is cold in Illinois so maybe he will move here

  20. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    It is astonishing to see so many high school students (remember when they were not rule followers?) in Wellington going to and from the High School walking, riding bikes or skateboarding while wearing masks – outside, alone.

    Adults in cars, driving alone, wearing masks. Yikes and thus is “free” Florida. But, to be fair, this is the Treasure Coast (so named because liberals are always pirating your wealth and liberty?) Atlantic side of the peninsula.

    The Gulf Coast still has some men over on that side of the peninsula.

    As an aside, if ABS desires to get to the south he must go north for Floria, an original CSA state (Her flag still bears memories) is not the south. although to be fair to Florida, who can forget Shelby Foote’s masterful description of it in “Fort Sumpter to Perryville.” Writing about Scott’s Anaconda Plan , Foie avers: This 1000 mile coastal portions, belly and crotch of the continent, bisected by the phallic drop of the Florida peninsula…

    Man could write…

  21. Russell Haley

    @dennis “Not sure I get this theory (unless the idea is that the unvaxed will simply be rounded-up in to camps and killed).”

    1) People will start dying in droves due to imune system priming
    2) The vexxed will need to have 8 month regular injections
    3) The vexx passports will be flipped on their heads: you will no longer be allowed to *get* a vex shot if you have crossed the government
    4) The vexxed will be told to round up the unvaccinated and if they fail, then they “don’t deserve the governments support”. Which means no vex.

    It’s the Mark Of The Beast. It is both a spiritual mark and a physical mark. The fear of God has driven them insane to the point they will put a deadly chemical into their body without understanding the consequences.

  22. Mens Bellator

    The next logical step is to have them all wear burka.

  23. Jerry


  24. swordfishtrombone

    As usual, this is a storm in a teacup presented as if it’s the end of western civilisation. Briggs cites an article and implies that it is wrong but presents no argument against it, and admits that he hasn’t read the paper on which it’s based. (I can’t read it either because it’s paywalled)

    This is followed by claims from an enraged, torch-and-pitchforks Twitter mob (stellar quality resource!) about the AAP taking down an article about the importance of “face time”, but the article in question (linked to on here by Kathleen) is about face time between mothers and their babies during breastfeeding, which has nothing to do with learning at school, which the original article was about.

    Keep calm and carry on, I say.

  25. swordfishtrombone


    Make the names of every one of those cop ‘n’doc assholes public. This is footage for the history books to be remembered forever.

    Except that the video in question doesn’t show a forced vaccination:

    CLAIM: A viral video shows police and medical workers in Australia forcibly separating a child from her parents and vaccinating her against her will.

    THE FACTS: That’s not what the video shows. The incident in the video is unrelated to vaccines or COVID-19 testing, according to a statement from police in the Australian state of Victoria. The child in the video, who is clearly under the age of 12, would not be eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in Australia at this time.

    The video of a young child being wrested from an adult man’s arms sparked all manner of false claims online this week, with social media users baselessly claiming the child was being forcibly vaccinated and referring to police as the “Australian gestapo.” Other users falsely claimed the video showed a child being separated from parents after testing positive for COVID-19.

    In reality, the video shows a family incident unrelated to vaccinations or a positive COVID-19 test, according to Victoria Police.

    “Victoria Police can confirm this is inaccurate,” the police tweeted in response to the video. “This vision was in no way related to Covid/vaccinations or testing. For the privacy of those involved, we will not be providing any further details.” [Yahoo Finance, 20th August 2021]

    You’re being played by liars and falling for it every time. Don’t make it so easy for them!

  26. Johnno

    Well, mea cupla swordfish, a genuine mistake on my part!

    Link for fact check:

    But as for dismissing the main topic as a minor incident, nuh-uh! Whenever the establishment starts to quietly memory hole longstanding incontrovertible science for the sake of an propagandistic agenda, then something less of a teacup and more of an oversized novelty mug is going on here.

  27. Shecky R

    “Vacation”… now that’s an interesting term for it 😉

  28. Johnno

    Glen Beck on experts.

    Australian police who swear that ““This vision was in no way related to Covid/vaccinations or testing” are happy to demonstrate their actual vision!

    Who is actually running the Biden administration? Practically everyone else other than him!

  29. philemon

    “Keep calm and carry on, I say.” swordfishtrombone is so British. Of course, the poor British had war rationing well into the 1950’s long after WWII ended.

    August 21, 2021 at 11:16 am But as for dismissing the main topic as a minor incident, nuh-uh! Whenever the establishment starts to quietly memory hole longstanding incontrovertible science for the sake of a propagandistic agenda, then something less of a teacup and more of an oversized novelty mug is going on here.

    Have to agree with Johnno.

  30. Dennis

    “…or the local McDonalds in Kabul being temporarily staffed by marines…”

    The Globalist American Empire at its finest! Two decades of trillions of dollars wasted and thousands of soldiers dead, all to make sure a McD’s in Kabul stays staffed as the occupation collapses around it. What a joke country this has become.

    Good article…thanks for the link, Alex. Always nice to see a reference to a Kantorowicz’s great book “The King’s Two Bodies” as well.

  31. Fred Newcombe

    I learned a long time ago that ‘x’ is an unknown quantity; and, a spurt is a ‘drip under pressure’. Put them together, and, you have ‘expert’!

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