Podcast In Which Uncertainty, Especially With Regards To Coronadoom, Is Discussed

Podcast In Which Uncertainty, Especially With Regards To Coronadoom, Is Discussed
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Did this show with Patrick Coffin last week:

Or watch the thrilling video here.

From Coffin’s description:

#244: Lies, Damn Lies, & Covid Stats—Dr. William M. Briggs

Mathematician Dr. William M. Briggs is back. The featured speaker at the recent Truth Over Fear summit and former guest on The Patrick Coffin Show returns to rock the podcast.

How can tell they’re lying to you about Covid statistics. Don’t be intimidated by a PHD from Cornell University. Dr. Briggs (known hilariously on Twitter as “Statistician to the Stars) breaks down the numbers in an engaging, accessible way.

This whole coronadoom panic is fueled by fake math. Learn how and why.

In this Episode You Will Learn

  • Why “cases” are irrelevant
  • The lies and flip flops of Tony Fauci
  • The true definition of statistical “models”
  • How the Covid-19 panic rates compared to previous “pandemics” in history (hint: it’s very mild)
  • Why society has been taught to view doctors as infallible oracles
  • Why mathematics is not a “pure science”
  • How to spot “stat fallacies”

Resources Mentioned

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  1. brad.tittle

    Why are deaths up in the Mortuaries (more bodies coming in the door) but not up in the CDC numbers?

  2. Johnno

    Hospitals complaining about staff shortages to combat the great and deadly covid caused by shortages they themselves created!


    “Two months after firing unvaccinated hospital staff, Houston Methodist is one of several area hospitals experiencing a severe shortage of medical personnel. Media reports say hospitals have “reached a breaking point” because of a flood of COVID-19 cases.”

    “KHOU-11, a local news station, says medical tents have been erected outside of Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital but are vacant because of a shortage of nurses.”

    ““An internal memo at Houston Methodist Hospital said it ‘is struggling with staffing as the numbers of our COVID-19 patients rise,’” the Chronicle reports.

    Public officials are scrambling to address the shortage, which has created a massive patient backlog throughout the Houston area. ”

    “It’s unclear to what extent Houston Methodist’s decision to fire 150 unvaccinated medical workers exacerbated the nursing crisis. For perhaps obvious reasons, hospital officials have been mum on the issue.”

    “Some may be tempted to think Houston Methodist was able to quickly replace the workers they lost, but evidence suggests this is unlikely. Apart from the broader shortage, front line nurses “are burned out,” they say.”

    “Every human decision brings about consequences, intended ones and unintended ones. Unintended consequences are so common economists often call them “Cobra Problems,” after an interesting historical event in India that occurred when the British Empire tried to eradicate cobras by putting out a bounty on them. (Can you guess what happened?)

    When hospital administrators set their policy—get vaccinated or lose your job—their goal was to increase vaccination rates of hospital staff. The unintended consequence was a shortage of nurses and other hospital workers during a deadly pandemic.”


    PANIC PANIC PANIC! The Experts are coming to improve your lives!

  3. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Listened while de-ticking the dog, great fun as always, Coffin is a good foil for you.

    Dog liked it too.

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