Zero Covid Holocaust; Delta Waning; Guilt As A Weapon; More! — Coronavirus Update XCII

Zero Covid Holocaust; Delta Waning; Guilt As A Weapon; More! — Coronavirus Update XCII


THEY ARE DOING THIS AFTER THE DREADED DELTA IS STOPPING ITSELF. We must publicize this as widely as possible so that they know we know any “solution” is useless.

Here are this morning’s “cases”—-please see below what “cases” means!

They may only be wanting to take credit for what is happening anyway. This is fine. Let them boast and brag.

But if we can do anything to mitigate their “solutions” now is the time to do it.

Please forward to this everybody you know.


Got that Bangladesh mask study, thanks to many. One word summary: lol. Will critique it (and other new mask papers) in separate post.

Mask mandates don’t work. Do government officials who order them have stock in mask manufacturing? Don’t laugh: see this.


We start with the numbers this week to make a crucially important point: the Dreaded Delta is waning, as we predicted. But before, unfortunately, hersterics began to implement new “solutions” (the same tired old ones, masks etc.). Meaning they will take credit where credit is not due.

All numbers today are from this CDC official source: link. We can’t do the normal numbers because Monday was a holiday and the ruling class minions did not update the usual data.

First “cases”, a word you must always use with the scare quotes. “Cases” is a mixture of disease prevalence, testing level and testing sensitivity, and has ZERO indication of illness severity. The number by itself tells you nothing of importance.

It has use as propaganda only, or is used by weak minds like horror films, to frighten oneself. Yet we must use it here because it is the Experts’ tool:

It is clear the peak has been passed. Whether this is because the disease is becoming less prevalent, testing has decreased, or testing has become less sensitive we cannot tell from this one number.

But we might try and use this measure of social activity to guess when bottom comes. You see the other peaks were followed by less rapid falls than rises. Same likely true here. Perhaps sometime in mid to late October, then. Assuming behavior remains as it has before.

The bottom will come just as the next rise will begin.

This point cannot be over-emphasized. The coroandoom has not been cured. The vexxine will not eliminate coronadoom. It is endemic. That’s a word Experts forget. It means coronadoom will be with us forever. Therefore, “solutions” to bring us to Zero Covid will fail. Forever. And the countries that implement them, like Australia and others, if they cannot release their grip on fear and Expert hubris, will die.

Here are attributed deaths:

Looks like we’ve hit the peak, though it might come later this week. Some reports might be delayed because of the holiday, and so might some deaths, given people don’t like dying on them. (Laugh if you like, but this is a well-observed phenomenon.)

Let’s examine this attributed deaths plot closely, and see what we can learn from it.

The 5th (Dreaded Delta) wave of Covid is waning. The initial 1st peak came late in the 2020 season, because of its novelty. The 2nd peak arose because of deaths in the south, as people sought air conditioning. The 3rd peak rose when people in the north sought heat. The 4th (the usual late-winter secondary surge) matched the year before, as did this summer’s 5th wave.

Get ready for 6th in November-December. Like we see each and every damned year. Here, look:

That’s last week’s plot, but it’s the winter peaks we’re highlighting. We’ll get another this winter. Even if the military, as they were once upon a time going to do (remember?), goes house to house vexxinated everybody. The vexxine is not going to cure the doom. Did it cure flu?

Now the size of the fifth is important. About the same as last summer’s. Last summer there was no vexxine. This summer there was. Interesting. Especially when we examined the plot below, which gives deaths per capita. Hold this in your mind.

Who is dying? Let’s look at deaths by age:

Old people. That’s who are dying. Coronadoom is a disease of the elderly, not the young. That includes the Dreaded Delta.

People under 40 are not dying of the doom. There are scarcely any deaths in those under 17. MORE THAN TWICE AS MANY KIDS DIED OF PNEUMONIA THAN COROANDOOM THESE LAST 18 MONTHS. MORE KIDS ARE DYING OF CAR CRASHES THAN THE CORONADOOM. Kids are under no relevant threat. None. At all. All those screaming “What about the children!” are therefore raving maniacs.

It takes no effort to get this data. Experts can even do it. Presumably some have. Why haven’t we heard from them?

No, I’m asking. Why?

Now the per capita attributed deaths are lower this summer than last, for ever age group. Yet the total number of attributed deaths is about the same, and perhaps a tad higher. This is curious.

One explanation is the total number is over-attributed. Too many people dying with and no dying of. Whereas in the deaths-by-age, we’re getting dying of. I can’t make out the CDC’s descriptions to know if this is true.

But we can see the total all-cause deaths. If those don’t soar like the total number of attributed doom deaths, then we know we have bad counting. That might be the case. We’ll have to wait for next week to see, when the government comes back to work.


I want you to read the essay “Vaccine Failure and the Way Out” by a friend of ours, eugyppius. Much gold. Like this:

The Corona vaccines don’t work very well. Ubiquitous statistics showing that the vaccinated enjoy substantial protection against serious illness and death seem wrong. In some cases they are probably manipulated. They are certainly confounded by the different testing regimes to which the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are subjected. Once you forget the specifics of efficacy and look at the broader picture, it is easy to see where we are. The vaccines have not reduced Corona mortality compared to the same time last year in any jurisdiction that I know of. Countries with high vaccination rates are now seeing the same number of deaths, or more, as they had at the beginning of September 2020. Time is a flat circle…

Governments are both more powerful and more paralysed than they have been at any other point in history. Powers have diffused throughout the realms of bureaucracy. By distributing power in this way, occupational classes ensure loyalty and unanimity across the whole of the civil service, academia and the press. The consequence is that states have become profoundly and permanently demobilised, incapable of acting according to coherent strategies. Over and over in Corona, we see clear hints of strategic thinking in certain quarters — the exit ramps are among the clearest signs – but these are always overridden by the broader momentum of countless thousands of nameless, faceless optimisers and hystericists who sit on hundreds of boring pointless committees performing the same iterative destructive acts of governance over and over.

He describes the Expertocracy, the diffusion of power from the older, parliamentary systems, to the bureaucracy, which exists both in and out of the legacy government. We’ll have occasion to discuss this in more depth soon.


Interesting thing about this story of how the vexxine gave this woman a disease is how she, even as she lay suffering or even dying, bought with complete faith the Experts line “You’re protecting others”.

Not herself. Others.

Same with masks, lockdowns, etc. for all of us.

Guilt. Very effective propaganda because it preys on the soft spot in women. And women are the social rule makers—they enforce the day-to-day rules of social interaction. We now believe the now all-too-common notion that it is not our behavior that puts us at risk, it is the behavior of others. You in your mind can be clean, virtuous. It is the other guy who made you ill. Therefore fear and hate your neighbor.

This applies to everything, not just the coronadoom.

Everything is somebody else’s fault. What a cheering message! How we welcome it! And how destructive of peace it is!

Am I sexist?Don’t believe me?

Effeminate men, too:


Forced injections is now a civil “right”. Liberty is quarantine. Masks are breath. Lockdowns are freedom.


You have to laugh. Long-time readers will recall we did a calculation, now ages ago, showing that number of people infected had to be much higher than “case” reports and so forth. This turned out right.

Maybe you’re also old enough to recall that magic number was 70% vexxinated and the panic would be declared over. Now we have 83% or so of the entire population having anitbodies. After this winter’s surge, this will be close to 100%. Will they—in every country—end the panic then?

Or will they continue to pretend vexxination will bring us to Zero Covid? Some don’t pretend, of course. Experts love their models with all the ardency of a teenage girl fawning over a pop singer. They will go on believing their models even after every single human being is forcibly vexxed, yet the coronadoom still survives.

Doubt me? The put your peepers on this headline: Israel is planning to administer FOURTH Covid shot which could be adjusted to fight new variants as country battles wave of infections despite hugely successful vaccine roll-out.

If there is a fourth, there must be a fifth. And so on. Until something distracts us from this panic and puts us onto the next.

Or how ’bout this headline: Despite 95% vaccination rate, Cornell today has five times more COVID cases than it did this time last year. Duke is at 98%, and they are re-panicking.



Yet again the media has been caught playing with its own stool. We have seen from beginning quacks, nurses, health “professionals” of all kinds with no scruples and with a desperate need to be part of the story lie, lie, and lie some more. The media eats this crap up.

The story here is Rolling Stone, a serial liar, quoted some quack saying emergency rooms were being overwhelmed (are they ever not?) with people overdosing on ivermectin. The media loved this lie, and broadcast it.

Along with the lie that the drug is only for horses. Ignoring that the Noble prize in medicine (I know, I know) was awarded for this drug’s discovery and use in humans. They are still trying this massive gaslighting as I write this.

Speaking on lying. How many times have we seen this propaganda bots used in the panic? Who is paying for them?

No, I’m asking. Who?

Speaking of lying liars, how ’bout that CDC director?

I believe this Walensky was, once, a “doctor” herself. Jerusalem Post said yesterday, “This Jewish woman has become the face of America’s fight against COVID”.

They’re right! She has.


Go here for resources on declaring a religious exemption to forced vexxination. Another one here.

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  1. PaulH

    The first link to resources on declaring a religious exemption gives me the error “The page you are looking for isn’t here.” Perhaps it was scrubbed by the bots. 😉

  2. awildgoose

    22 year-old Pfizer woman is an obvious crisis actor in a staged environment.

    I figure the cheesecake photos are a lame attempt to convince thirsty dudes to get the jab.

  3. Briggs


    Yep, they whacked it.

  4. Rudolph Harrier

    Does Mitt Romney really think that saying “if you don’t vaccinate you could harm me” is going to encourage anyone to get vaccinated?

    Now if he had said “if you get vaccinated I’ll allow you one free punch to my face”….

  5. Suburban Yahoo

    Get pneumonia, go to doctor, get diagnosed, get treatment (probably some HORSE MEDICINE LoL)

    Get Chinavirus, go to doctor, get diagnosed, be put in hospital for execution intubation hospital gets $$$

  6. Sheri

    John B(): Technically, tha aborted cells are clones from two, I believe, fetuses from decades ago. I suppose one should oppose use of all cadaver products out there if this is a viable argument. It’s really a question of “what is still human after decades of cloning” or whatever. I can’t say. I have trouble telling what is human with the creatures walking around the White House, news media, etc so decades old is never going to be figured out.

    The really cool part of the ivermectin gaslighting is THEY ARE CALLING AFGAN REFUGEES LIVESTOCK. You see, ivermectin kills a parasite common to Afghanistan. The refugees are “dewormed” as they come in. I love it that the caring people in the media ARE CALLING AFGAN REFUGEES LIVESTOCK.

    And the Oklahoma people waiting for the ER were wearing winter parkas in August. Seriously, check the season on the lying photos….

    If Americans were not so unearthly stupid and actually understood vexxinations, this could not be done. Sorry, stupid kills and this is only going to get worse. Vaccines ONLY protect the person getting them. NO ONE ELSE. And do you really want the guy with the Biden sign on his front lawn protecting you? I know that’s not what I want for him or me……..

  7. Johnno

    “It takes no effort to get this data. Experts can even do it. Presumably some have. Why haven’t we heard from them?

    No, I’m asking. Why?”

    Because as we well know by now, this whole thing has been a front for the ibedience collar program called the Mark of the Vexx. Also probably depopulation, so they are looking at the charts and are saddened that they have no met their targets for increased deaths.

    “Did we say 70% of the population vexxinated was the goal? Haha, what we really meant was that we wanted 70% of the population dead… We must save the Earth! But these human immune systems are trickier to destroy than we thought…”


    L Ron

    It’s only distinct in that you are not at fault for using a medicine or procedure that originated due to immoral means in the distant past that are not done anymore. So long as no more harm is being done in the production of it you may use it.

    HOWEVER – If a certain company still operating, or all of them for that matter, make it standard operating procedure for ALL their research, then it is good to stand against the company and all its products in total. It is also wise to ask why we have not burnt the company(s) to the ground and had their CEOS and staff not scalped and torn apart by wild dogs.

    There’s a reason the same media and libtards go apeshit over every little attempt to curb abortion. It’s a source of valuable experimental human resources. It’s safe to say that virtually all medical reseaech done today by the globocorps uses human sacrifices as a standard practice. I’m just surprised that all the women who show up to these things on a daily basis aren’t all demanding residuals and royalties for the use of “their body” parts that are making all those capitalist pharma bastards rich. But maybe they lose that chance of income because the state is covering the procedural murder?

    I know we shouldn’t give them any ideas, but given the Satamic Temple is going after Texas for restricting abortions and therefore harming their ability to hold ceremonies outside the clinic while the baby is having his/her neck broken or being cut up, I think anything we can do to get all of them fighting amongst themselves is a plus. Maybe it would lead to a literal market where women are breeding research material for profit, but I suspect that’s already happening, and why should they get a cut anyway when many women can be found that’ll give it away for free? That’s why they need abortions right up to birth, even after. The organs are more ripe then.

  8. Shecky R

    You can continue to compare apples & oranges all you want, only to then talk about pomegranates… but, in the end, it won’t prove very fruitful. Just sayin’.

  9. Briggs


    I know you have to make a living and all, but whoever is sponsoring you to make these comments is going to complain soon about not getting their money’s worth.

    Or are we slowly converting you?

  10. DAV

    Liberty is quarantine. Masks are breath. Lockdowns are freedom.

    Reminds me of a sign over a gate in Poland: Arbeit macht frei.

  11. John B()

    Johnno :

    Thank you! Very well reasoned.

    I remember back in the 70’s, bioethical concerns came up about using NAZI medical data (the underlying truth of that matter was that the data was likely crap).

    I’ve heard that the “market” for fetus’s continues. PP doesn’t get any moneys for the fetus’s, however they get fees (reasonable costs from pharma (e.g., 30,000 for postage and handling – I think that was a joke)

    Of course this is all disavowed.

  12. Eric Blair

    Experts : my bike helmet won’t work unless you wear one

    Q?: if the jab works, you’re good to go, why do I need one ?
    Q?: if the jab doesn’t work, why would I get one ?

  13. john b()

    Moneyball requote (per Bongino)

    If the jab works, why doesn’t it work?

    If masks work, why don’t they work?

    If EXPERTS predict, why can’t they predict?

    If EXPERTS are right, why aren’t they right?

    If SheckieR is Useful, why is he useless? Just sayin’

  14. kograt

    The definition of insanity:
    Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact… same thing… over and over again expecting… shit to change… That. Is. Crazy. The first time somebody told me that, I dunno, I thought they were bullshitting me, so, boom, I shot him. The thing is… he was right. And then I started seeing, everywhere I looked, everywhere I looked all these pricks, everywhere I looked, doing the exact same thing… over and over and over and over again thinking: “This time is gonna be different. No, no, no please… This time is gonna be different (C)

    They’ll do boosters and then again and again.
    Just few links

    It why they are prohibited it and why pharmacies does not fulfill prescriptions anymore. And even FDA enforced import prohibition. Old times it was just not enforced. They are overcome Dallas Buyers Club court decision back in 2012 under Obama.

  15. Cookie Boy

    Funny how the Wuhan virus follow the seasons, what we need is more UV not vaccine, maybe tube manufacturers can get in on the scam advocating UV light everywhere, we can all die of melanoma instead.

    Geeze we are living through the scared little bunny rabbit generation…and to think a number of generations gave their lives up in wars for this?

  16. Briggs


    COVID-19 won’t be eradicated: WHO

    “In a press conference, WHO leaders say COVID-19 won’t be eradicated despite mass vaccination and booster campaigns.”


    Not that Experts created a killer bug that will be with us forever, but that they finally giving reasons to end the panic they started.

  17. Dennis

    “Not that Experts created a killer bug that will be with us forever, but that they finally giving reasons to end the panic they started.”

    In a sane world, yes. Unfortunately, I think they and their paymasters will simply use it as an excuse to try to keep the panic, paranoia, and tyrannical response going forever as well.

  18. Rudolph Harrier

    The main question is whether “COVID will never be eradicated” leads to “and therefore we cannot sustain many of these mitigation efforts” or whether it leads to “and therefore you will need to take boosters forever, plus government approved big pharma prophylactics, and oh by the way we’re probably going to keep most of the mitigation efforts around too.”

    The main point for the government to stress the idea of “zero COVID” up to this point was so that they could act as though the current situation was temporary. People would not be willing to swallow all of this if it was sold as “we’re doing this forever.” Now they can play into the idea of a sunk cost. I.e. “You’ve already got two shots and maybe a booster. Are you really going to complain getting more boosters? You wouldn’t want to be one of those ‘anti-vaxxers’ you spent the last year mocking, would you?”

  19. Chris Mallory

    Using numbers from a month ago, since all this started back in Jan 2020, there were 361 kids under the age of 18 who had died from the chinaflu. That is 19 months. In that time 53,000 kids have died from all causes. In the average year, 1000 kids die from drowning. When are the “For the childrenz” people going to call for banning swimming pools and erecting fences around other bodies of water?

  20. Rudolph Harrier


    They’ll start calling for the banning of swimming pools when the news starts running constant stories on the tragedies of drowning children. The truth is that most people don’t care at all about the statistics. They might care about big scary numbers, but they have no sense of scale. “500 children died” or “500,000 children died” are equally scary if presented without context. What they respond to is the narrative presented to them.

    Most people are NPCs. This is not a judgment against them, just a statement of fact. NPCs follow their programming, and the programming today is delivered through mainstream media.

  21. Johnno

    Kograt, the question is not are they insane. Some definitely are. But rather, is the goal something else that we are not being told?

    In conspiracies of this kind, especially in the case of blind studies, the test subjects are deliberately misled. The narrative is not the truth. We know that much. My guess is that it is the surveillance state and the ability to killswitch economies and individual lives and movement. It is for total control and to checkmate those who are unwilling to bend to government. Deaths and injuries are a bonus.

    Also it is likely that the overseers know that if the circus ends, they can be held liable and be the fall guys and go down in history as the new Nazis. Their only option is to double down harder and convince themselves and others that their cause is just. They can never admit they are wrong. They cannot allow a return to normality, because that means they can be taken to court. So chaos and suspension of law is preferable.

  22. Dennis

    Whatever puppet Biden’s “plan” calls for Thursday, if it involves any attempt to impose federal mandates of any kind, directly or indirectly – whether for muzzles or jabs – or federal vaccine/health “passports” (remember when we used to recoil in horror at commie-style internal passports? I’d take 50s-70s USSR over the present regime any day!) the only legitimate response should be (a) mockery and mass refusal to comply, and (b) impeachment and removal of both Biden and his VP (who surely should be deemed complicit in such illegal acts, especially since Biden’s obviously impaired mental state means he surely is not even the originator of policies issued in his name). Such clearly unconstitutional and illegal power-grabs would be far stronger prime facie presidential impeachment cases than any of the 4 that have gone before. While they’re at it, they should add refusal to enforce border control law to the charges – reneging on their oaths to uphold the laws and constitution of the US is clearly impeachable.

  23. Jan Van Betsuni

    W.H.O. confirms: Global Pandemic now Endemic

  24. Sheri

    Cookie boy: It could be that little bitty bunny in Monte Python!

    I certainly agree it’s sad that people fought for a country that is now filled with morons. On the other hand, it’s the children of the people that fought the wars who now want the mess. Guess these people were better warriors than parents.

    Chris: “When are the “For the childrenz” people going to call for banning swimming pools and erecting fences around other bodies of water?” No can do. Then the piranha lawyers couldn’t make a living suing someone for the death.

    Rudolph: It is good to be a delta.

  25. Rudolph Harrier

    Apparently the proportion of cases among the vaccinated in Israel in the 20+ age group is now higher than the share of the vaccinated part of the population. The data I was shown comes from sources in Hebrew that I can’t verify, but if it is accurate it would mean that we are entering the land of zero to negative effectiveness.

    There are plenty of news articles that discuss the fact that the majority of COVID cases in Israel are now from the vaccinated, but they rarely give anything more specific than that (despite giving exact percentages for everything else.) The most specific I’ve seen in recent articles is “above 60%.” (The Israeli Department of Health does not make data on cases available, though it does prominently feature an article claiming that “the vaccines” are over 95% effective at preventing infection, which is completely impossible even if only 50% of the cases come from the vaccinated.)

    I did come across this amusing line in an article though:

    Levine was among the public health officials who expressed doubts about the wisdom of Israel’s untested move towards nationwide booster vaccination, but he told The Daily Beast that the latest statistics, showing that only 0.2 of the first 1.1 million recipients of the third jab were infected with the coronavirus, proved it had been a “brave decision.”

    Taken at face value (with .2 and 1.1 both being measured in millions) this would mean that about 18% of the triple jabbed are already sick with the Coronavirus. It’s possible that it is meant to be .2% of he first triple jabbed are already sick, which is still pretty bad when you consider how recently they received their jab. The article links to a tweet which does not relate to this claim at all. It does have a graph showing a .5% out of 100,000 rate of severe illness among the which maybe is being severely misinterpreted, but who knows?

  26. philemon

    Rudolph Harrier
    September 7, 2021 at 10:08 am
    “Does Mitt Romney really think that saying “if you don’t vaccinate you could harm me” is going to encourage anyone to get vaccinated?

    “Now if he had said ‘if you get vaccinated I’ll allow you one free punch to my face’….”

    Mitt: “Oh, no! Not the face!”

    Personally, though, I don’t trust anyone pushing the “Gene Therapy” vexxines one inch. So, in spite of the admittedly tempting incentive of a free punch to Mitt’s face, which he deserves, I’m not gonna play Russian Roulette with my immune system.

    Anyone who has been vexxined at this point, would do well to stock up on Ivermectin, zinc ionosphere drugs or food (onions, but you might want something stronger), Zinc itself, D3, ascorbic acid, and vitamin A (which might be a problem for vegans – organ meat and all). At the first sign of any symptoms, hit it hard and hit it fast.

  27. philemon

    Sound familiar?

    Somehow, I think 20-35 year olds did not get the “distrust the lame-stream-media” message, even though the nightly news was obviously funded by Depends and Viagra.

    My guess is that they were taught in school that Global Warming was a fact, the Lame-stream-media agreed; so, it must be true, and the Lame-stream media was trustworthy! Despite what their parent or grandparents said.

    Also, a lot of them think they should be vegan, which impairs brain function.

  28. Maria


    I came here to see what he stats were saying around the world. I am of the same opinion as Briggs about the masking and vaccines and forced lock downs. I am just want to share that I know of two church groups that are predominantly anti mask, ant vax and in the last month most of the people came down with a flu. Members of each family that had it had a variety of symptoms from severe illness for days with slow recovery to brief malaise.. etc. SO it seems from my perspective that there is something going around now while there wasn’t much going on last year. Also some elderly people from these churches have been severely affected. I know that there is not much we could have done differently. But we need to acknowledge that there is something going around that seems more severe.

  29. Joy

    In a press conference, WHO leaders say COVID-19 won’t be eradicated despite mass vaccination and booster campaigns.”

    That is not news.
    It has been said and understood since the beginning
    Drama queen !
    No infectious disease has ever been eradicated except for small pox, to date. Even that still “exists” in laboratory freezer(s).
    The news is that nobody’s waiting on the WHO to be told what to do. Some use them as justification for their own polity, or argument. I’ve even done it! Not the same at all.
    I recall our own expert saying what other countries does is irrelevant in this epidemic, or will be, (not that it is meant in a derogatory way) but that what a different country does has little to no bearing on what will happen with regards to our own management. Our health services etc.
    Nor is/was the US waiting for WHO’s say so on anything. Since they do as they please with impunity these days it seems rather churlish and fake to blame the WHO for the US’s situation. The WHO is another international interfering body of business. That’s a separate matter.
    They have been part of the problem at times, but not without the help of the media and the left.
    Trump did right by pulling out. Most nations are only members as an act of enforced charity anyway. It is the poorer nations who rely on the WHO and those with really bad taste in music or sci-fi. In fact, those countries strong enough to look after themselves or not rely on others may well value such an organisation. From here it always looks like another international rule making, group put in place to stop western countries being western.
    Those in third world countries might view them rather differently. Enforced charity is tyranny. Enforced love is not love.

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