Australia Returns To Its Roots — Willingly, Gratefully & Shaking With Fear

Australia Returns To Its Roots — Willingly, Gratefully & Shaking With Fear

We would not have had the pandemic if we did not have sufficient technology to allow Experts, elites, and rulers to escape most of the consequences of their bad decisions. People would still have died, of course, but the waves of panic and hersterical overreaction among the masses would not have taken place. The Zoom classes would have been forced to meet in person, and once that was seen, there would have been no justification for lockdowns, which absent Zoom would have punished both the “essential” and “non-essential” alike.

Technology alone, however, was insufficient. Technology, incidentally, includes the implied technology in the trust of Experts. I.e. the belief they could “solve” the crisis “soon.” The greed of rulers for accumulating power needed to be there, too. But that always is. The way they took power by leveraging Experts was somewhat new, historically. But rulers always look down on the masses, so that attitude too was a constant.

The real change was the need by the masses to be comforted. They needed to be afraid, they enjoyed their fear. Yet they also needed to be told they need not fear, that the end was one easy fix away.

Because of the need for fear, this could have only happened, then, as we shifted toward matriarchal government, towards Effeminocracies, which are cultures which accept and welcome non-manly behavior in men, like homosexuality and equality.

No country has fallen farther than Australia. Why them and not another I leave to those better versed in that country’s history, or, rather, herstory. But that it’s Australia that is rocketing into the fires fastest is clear enough. And not just because of the coronadoom.

They are not without resistance. Led, not surprisingly, by men. Our last item below.

Item #1:

Yes, some will find liberty via VPNs, as many do in China, but the masses will voluntarily submit. There is no contradiction here: China is not a matriarchy, though it is somewhat effeminate when it comes to disease, the Chinese being famous hypochondriacs. China grips tightly so that the Party retains power. Australia is going to crack down so women, weak men and Experts don’t have to be insulted.

Item #2:

Australia’s Home Quarantine App Uses Facial Recognition Technology To Make Sure You Haven’t Left Your House

The app, listed as Home Quarantine SA in app stores and unveiled by the South Australian government Aug. 23, uses geo-location and facial recognition software to track those quarantining themselves, South Australia Premier Steven Marshall told ABC News in an August interview. All South Australians ordered to quarantine must download the app.

The app ensures citizens comply with quarantine orders by contacting people at random and asking them to provide proof of their location within 15 minutes. Citizens then share their location with the government or provide “live face check-ins” to confirm they are at their “registered quarantine address,” according to the app’s description.

“We don’t tell them how often or when, on a random basis they have to reply within 15 minutes,” Marshall told ABC News.

This story is everywhere, but I haven’t seen whether the government will buy tracking devices (cellphones) for the masses. I mean the remaining few who do not have one. Already going out in public without one paints you as a lesser kind of being. Here it seems to be illegal not to allow the government to track your movement with one.

Saying this will only be used for the duration of the coronadoom panic is a form of mindless optimism.

Part of the same story:

Item #3:

Making the (Conservative) Case for Vaccine Passports

Now you would think at this late date no one in the Big Con with any sense of shame would pen a “Conservative Case For” article. It is like Jonah Goldberg posing gape-mouthedpointing at “racism”. Both are living memes.

Still, here it is. In Australia’s Quillette, a sort of feminist progressive online magazine which many take to be “conservative.” Probably because there are some articles that say “Slow down” to the wokest forms of wokeism.

In this, Quillette is no different than National Review or one of many “conservative” think tanks. The tweak is that calling for government to control the masses through pieces of paper the masses have to carry everywhere all the time forever. So that the authors can feel safe from a minor threat. Not be safe. Feel safe.

That, friends, is the definition of effeminacy.

The level of squeamish terror in shallow breasts of these males (and, of course, females) must be incalculable for them not to realize the implications of their Keep-Me-Safe! Passes.

Many more examples can be adduced.

Item #4:

Men banded together can work miracles.

Update I forgot this!

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  1. DAV

    Actually the mask mandate thing was attempted for the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak. But was ditched universally soon after the mayor of San Francisco and some other officials were photographed at a prize fight without their masks. The only thing that changed is that no one seems to care anymore when the current Elite ignore their own edicts.

    I wonder what happens if one doesn’t respond withing 15 minutes or whatever. Phone batteries do run down and not everyone is necessarily in a convenient position to use one. Being asleep for instance or working in the barn without the phone.

  2. Sheri

    DAV: Being in the outback seems a reason to take more than 15 minutes. I go many places where there is no cell service. Guess an upgrade will be needed, if my flip phone can handle it.

    “That, friends, is the definition of effeminacy.” No, it’s that disgusting, soul-sucking male makeup. I will apply fist to face of any eunuch wearing that damn disgusting crap. I have no fear of them—they are weak, losing, pathetic creatures a 90 year old real woman could knock out with one blow. I hate and despise these vile creatures.

    A woman city employer caused 13 houses to be burned without consequence. Only your government can commit murder, theft, arson, treason, weapons gifts, outfitting a terrorist army and any other crime without consequence. It’s really a class system like the days of old–the elite and the useless peasants.

    Australia is a penal colony. Always was and always will be.

    Men are too weak to band together very long. Had they simply told women where to shove that suffragette crap in the first place, but no, WEAK losers. Stupid enough to fall for the “be nice to women” when the women are shafting you and beating you. What idiots the men can be.

  3. For a while I was sure that the attempt to transform Australia, a nation founded by convicts and assorted rebels, would backfire against its would-be totalitarian masters. Just shows how wrong you can be.

  4. Ann Cherry

    It’s my understanding that after they’d shipped a couple thousand prisoners across the sea to Australia, way back when, they realized it wasn’t cost-effective. Australia was populated thereafter by various immigrants, along with its indigenous population.

    Speaking of “Effeminocracies” (I’m stealing that), New Zealand has now adopted a ‘knife-control’ policy, removing knives and scissors from supermarket shelves, after a recent knife attack by a Sri Lankan national injured six people.

    No, this isn’t from the Babylon Bee, but from American Thinker:

    “Knives and scissors have been removed from supermarket shelves in New Zealand after a recent stabbing attack. Supermarket chain Countdown said on Saturday, a partial “knife control” would be in effect for several weeks to prevent stabbing attacks going forward.

    “This decision came after a Sri Lankan national injured six people at a Countdown location in Auckland last Friday. Authorities said the attacker was inspired by the Islamic State to carry out the attack. (snip)

    “Several other supermarket chains also removed knives from their shelves over the weekend. It remains unclear when this self-imposed “knife control” would end.” knife attack, New Zealand adopts ‘knife-control’ policy, removes knives from supermarket shelves – American Thinker

    They’d better remove all the rope as well, because these countries are clearly trying to hang themselves.

  5. Retired

    Do not comply and tell them to f off!

  6. Chad W Jessup

    My local Oregon newspaper published an article generated by the AP reporting that 84% of recent Covid deaths occurred in the unvaxxinated. The very last sentence read: “The median age of those who died was 81.”

    Nuff said.

  7. bob sykes

    The Aussies were actively looking for someone, anyone, to submit to.

  8. Johnno

    Chad, make sure to also check that the definition of an ‘unvexxed’ doesn’t include people who only had one shot or doesn’t include those 14 days past their most recent shot. Because that is how some are doing the math!

    Also folks, fake news at its finest is trying to bury ivermectin with horse shit like this.

    Yes, the conspiracy is real. It is not experts screwing up or expert incompetence or a confusing set of affairs and complications. It is coordinated expert malice. It is willful murder. It is criminal conspiracy. It is a crime against humanity that will surpass every previous historical atrocity in due time. Don’t talk to me anymore aboit Nazism, soon people and schoolchildren of the future will shudder at… THE SCIENCE ™ and COVIDISM.

  9. Shecky R

    Keep this up long enough and pretty soon you’ll start believing the very stuff you write for the masses… 8-[

  10. Johnno

    The “crisis of the unvexxed” is also another propagandistic lie. We can all see the stats. But the marketing is going full steam ahead.

    Good news is that the protests are growing larger as government hersteria increases.

    This mark of the vexx ass-port pushing has long been in the cards and has nothing to do with any health issues. Trudope of Canada let the cat out of the bag by declaring that these will soon be used for climate change, racism, social issues and just about amything else. They are obedience collars.

    Start calling them what they are –

    Obedience collars.

    Now being tested for us by the Australian puppy killers.

    The puppy-killers are who are locking you up in hotel rooms until you go crazy. They are highly entertained watching you go berserk and are so bored they are hoping you do something so that they can shoot you for sport.

    Soon the only option left to us will be the Solzenitzyn solution so that we don’t burn in the camps when we could’ve taken action. Plan with others now!

  11. Robin

    “in shallow breasts of these males (and, of course, females)”

    Ahem. Australian females with shallow breasts? That’s not what I recall.

    Australia has been an economic vassal state of China for at least 10 years. They are just doing what they are being told by their paymaster.

  12. Yancey Ward

    On the phone picture update thing, were I required, I would make it a point to force them to send the police to my every single time.

  13. Sheri

    Johnno: Unless you can show the magic vexxine that infers immunity in 20 seconds, IT IS CORRECT TO NOT INCLUDE THE 14 DAY PEOPLE. That is true of every vexxine out there. There is no magic 20 second vexxine no matter how much you want that to be true.

    Do I get crayons in my hotel room? That could be fun!

  14. Sheri

    Oh, and any country stupid enough to elect women to positions of power deserves to go straight to hell. In all of history, there have been half a dozen qualifies women. None are in power at this moment.

  15. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Not sure those “qualifiers” qualify as women, Sheri.

  16. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Johnno: ”It is willful murder. It is criminal conspiracy. It is a crime against humanity that will surpass every previous historical atrocity in due time.”

    Yup. Unless the gleeful participants in genocide are somehow brought to their senses.

  17. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Jim Jones Kovid Kool-Aid Killer Kult.

  18. Retired

    H Bagpipe, “somehow brought to their senses” ain’t going to happen. They will be made to come to their senses or they won’t be long for this world. I just saw my kid start to crack as he is seeing his world crashing with the choice of Covid roulette or no career. That first car purchase with payments and career development is weighing heavily. Those bastards will pay. When it kicks off, they will be sorry.

  19. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Retired: “They will be made to come to their senses or they won’t be long for this world.”
    You mean I have to get up off my fat shitposting ass? Sigh. Okay!

  20. philemon

    Contra Sheri, the problem isn’t women per se, but functional psychopaths (more males than females by a slight percentage) and malignant narcissists (more evenly divided between male/female). There are plenty of abnormal psychologies who are attracted to positions of power.

    From Australia:

    Australia did have their truckers’ strike:

    Looks pretty tame, but it apparently did cause lots of shortages.

    Lots of Aussi physicians seem to be aware that the whole thing is fuchacta but have keeping low due to license/livelihood issues, and wanting to continue treating like-minded patients.

  21. philemon

    Johnno: “The “crisis of the ‘unvexxed’ is also another propagandistic lie. We can all see the stats.”

    It’s worse than that. It should really be called the “crisis of the vexxed.”

    Even Jo Nova in Australia is now for treatments that work (not the vexxines) and freedom of speech for physicians instead of border lockdowns and Zero-Covid. I think she’s finally come to her senses that coronaviruses are not like rabies. At least, I hope so.

    The following was published in JAMA:

    Briggs, this is right up your street!

  22. awildgoose


    You’re exactly right.

    We’re witnessing Jonestown on a global scale.

  23. philemon

    “We’re witnessing Jonestown on a global scale.” Actually, there were some questions about Jonestown back in the day. Lots of those people did not die of poison. They were shot.

  24. Rudolph Harrier

    Another place where the “official” statistics say more than what was intended is in Israel. As has been discussed at length, most “cases” in Israel are now among the vaccinated. The common objection to this observation is to say “that may be, but most people in Israel are fully vaccinated. This is what is causing the cases to be higher in that population.”

    For a good example of this, see the following article:

    Now it is true that we would expect a higher proportion of cases in a population that is a larger proportion of the total, all other things being equal. But other things are not supposed to be equal; the vaccinated population is supposed to be effectively protected. This does not mean perfectly protected and as such with extremely high numbers of vaccinated compared to unvaccinated we might still have an effective vaccine and yet still have more “breakthrough” cases than cases in the unvaccinated. But key word “extreme.”

    For example, suppose that 90% of the population is vaccinated with a vaccine that is 90% effective at preventing infection. We would still expect to see more sick among the unvaccinated. If the vaccine did nothing, then out of every 100 infections we would expect 90 to be from the vaccinated and 10 from the unvaccinated. The 90% effectiveness of the vaccines means that 90% of the 90 who would normally be infected are not. That is, 81 are safe and only 9 actually get infected. So we have a ratio of 9:10 of cases from the vaccinated and cases from the unvaccinated. The ratio is misleading in terms of the effectiveness, but the unvaccinated still cause more cases despite being in a very small minority.

    Now the article I linked claimed a 85% effectiveness for the vaccine and listed an 85% vaccinated population (this ignores children, even though the article sources another worrying about outbreaks among children, and as such is not accurate.) If we run the same thought experiment as I did with 90% vaccinated and 90% effectiveness, we have would naively have 85 out of every 100 in the vaccinated population getting sick, but 85% of them would be protected, leaving 12.75 out of every 100 sick, while the 15 out of 100 in the unvaccinated group all get sick, meaning that the vaccinated should only account for 12.75/27.75, or about 46% of all cases, meaning we still aren’t seeing more vaccinated cases than unvaccinated (the article links to an epidemologist who does the same example with the same values, but she reaches 50% cases from the vaccinated in this example by doing essentially the same thing I did, but rounding all proportions to integers and thus causing errors to add up.)

    In fact to get to parity in this scenario, we would need an effectiveness of 70/85, or about 82%. Now you may say, maybe I’m quibbling. After all, that’s just a difference of 3 percentage points from what the article said. But consider:

    -The issue is not that there equal numbers of vaccinated and unvaccinated in Israel getting sick but rather that there are more vaccinated getting sick.
    -While the article never specifies what “most” means, it links to another article that lists the rate at 70%. (The data is even worse for hospitalizations, with 73 vaccinated and 9 unvaccinated, or 89% from the vaccinated, but we’ll stick with “cases.”)

    So let’s crunch the numbers again. 85% vaccinated, 15% unvaccinated and we want 70% of cases to come from the vaccinated. Naively out of every 100 cases we expect 85 to be vaccinated, 15 to be unvaccinated. To get the ratio of 70% from vaccinated, we need (x)/(x+15) = .7, where x is the number of vaccinated cases out of 100. With some quick math we get that x = 35. Thus the vaccines must prevent 50 out of the 85 cases we expected to see from the vaccinated, meaning that they prevent about 59% of cases, a far cry from the 85% claimed indirectly by the Post article.

    But wait, it gets better. This is assuming an 85% vaccinated population. But the case numbers include children, and in fact the articles cited by the Post article worry about outbreaks in children. Children are currently not being vaccinated, so it would be unfair to use them to determine vaccine effectiveness. But that also means that we should remove them from the case counts. As none of the children are vaccinated that would make the proportion of vaccinated cases in the total remaining larger. I couldn’t find the number of cases in that time period of Israel from children, but to get an idea of why this is important, let’s suppose that removing children from the counts only bumps the number of vaccinated cases from 70% to 75%. Running the same calculations from before, now we need to find an x so that x/(x+15) = .75. That increases x to 45, meaning that we only prevented 40 cases out of 85 leading to an effectiveness of 47%. With 80% of cases from the vaccinated, the effectiveness of the vaccine drops to 29%. If we end up having 85% of cases from the vaccinated it has no effectiveness whatsoever and beyond that lies negative effectiveness.

    So if we are extremely generous the data being cited to “debunk” the notion that vaccines are of limited effectiveness suggests that they may have something like 50% effectiveness. And even the debunking article admits that these current readings of effectiveness may be much better than what we would expect to see in the face of new “variants.”

  25. C-Marie

    And, many of us unvexxed, are unvexxed because the vexxines are not true vexxines, and that used during the process of manufacture or processing or testing, at some point, the tissue of murdered babies was used, even if the tissue had been reproduced so many times, that the original tissue was no longer, which is perhaps akin to the fact that at nearly 78, no cell in my body is from my childhood, and yet, it is still me.
    God bless, C-Marie

  26. Retired

    Good comment. Is fetal tissue used in all of the different non-vac’s?

  27. Jan Van Betsuni

    (In) Une brève histoire de l’avenir: Jacques Attali (1981) ~ Attali predicted global population management must eventually be driven by programs of seemingly voluntary (actually State induced) public cooperation to reduce life span and reproduction. [translated excerpt]: “The selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself: they will go to the slaughterhouse alone.” ] (Attali served as confidant & advisor to Francois Mitterand)

  28. Codex

    @Sheri – Here you go.

    Ruch city societies create soft times.
    Soft times allow irresponsible men to survive.
    Weak men make bitter resentful women.
    Bitter resentful women raise Stronk Wahmen and weaker men
    Stronk Wahmen and weaker men create more bitter resentful women.

    Rinse and repeat and hope something can be reborn from the ashes of a once civil society.

  29. Dennis

    Crazy to see a once laid-back country peopled by Britain’s biggest outlaws turning into the very worst police state tyrants. I used to think Australia would be a great place to live – now I wouldn’t even want to visit if I could.

  30. philemon

    Oh, I think a lot of Australians are way beyond the lock-down nonsense by now.

  31. Joy

    The Aussies were actively looking for someone, anyone, to submit to.”

    Not so. They are already under the influence of green which is a generational shift. All things PC and *woke, hip and trendy are often taken up by the Aussies who are always keen to be in fashion and not out on a limb. Most of the youngsters are more travelled than many other nation despite their distance from the rest of the world. Yet the Aussie chauvinism is not dead either.
    It’s heartening to see how sky news is far more critical and antagonistic to the woke ideal than our own sky news. Very strange, to me, quite curious, in fact.
    Sky news takes turns with eh BBC over here and it’s often hard to tell them apart. So that Australia sky isn’t toeing the line is odd. Who’s influencing who? and who’s really calling the shots with regards mainstream media?, the plot thickens. Do they even know what they’ve got themselves into? Media people? Many here are jumping ship as was predictable a while ago. There’s only so much money that can influence a person to continue lying for a living.
    Australia was never shaking or quaking. Briggs you don’t know history, you’re projecting paranoia by proxy
    Many of my family are in Australia, Melbourne and Tasmania I’ve worked with dozens of kiwi’s and Aussies and there’s a healthy commutative respect that endures despite best efforts of the catholic church and the anti Brittish element in the US who like to see if they can drive a wedge. Both nations voted to keep their flag, overwhelmingly. So….

  32. Joy

    first time I heard the word was on here.
    Now it’s on everybody’s lips, even my Dad uses the word!

    I will admit to thinking Briggs was exaggerating!
    The other thing I need to confess is that the transgender roll out?
    I was rolled out here shortly after I said it wasn’t!

    Again, done so by media. what’s really happening “on the ground” at the coal face, is another story.

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