On The Confirmation Bias Of Experts & Doctors

On The Confirmation Bias Of  Experts & Doctors

There is a thing in bad science, and indeed in all life, called confirmation bias. I’ve said many times that all scientists know and believe in the concept, just as all believe and know it only happens to the other guy, never themselves.

Confirmation bias happens when disconfirmatory or negative evidence is discarded, explained away, not taken seriously, or usually just left unseen. We all feed our biases, but some of us are better at it, if you will, and can even make a living out of the (dis-)ability to seek and recognize only that evidence which conforms to and confirms a cherished belief.

Take conservative George Will. He was so sure that Trump was a genuine lunatic tyrant—Will took that genuine seriously—that he supported publicly General Milley’s treason as the lesser of two evils.

That example of confirmation bias shows that it can happen to the most celebrated minds. Will was not alone, of course, in being certain sure Trump was dangerously insane. Most of the bien pensant were. Confirmation bias is easier when there are many confirmers.

Will and others could not see negative evidence for their belief. And this made a difference in their diagnosis of the political situation.

Doctors, of course, also diagnosis patients, seeking the cause of reported symptoms. Bad doctors, like bad conservatives and bad scientists, have favorite theories and do their best to squeeze the evidence to fit the frame.

Chiropractors, for instance, will want to say most maladies are caused, wholly or partially, by subluxations of the spine. Surgeons will want to cut out the bad parts, internists want to prescribe the latest ask-your-doctor-about pills, and so on for every specialty.

None will ever admit to bias.

This is fine when second, and third and more, opinions are allowed (a decreasing situation) and when those opinions don’t all share the same bias.

We’ve already seen medical schools, following, or possibly in concert with the AMA’s, abandoning sex.

A female may be recommend for prostate surgery by these newly minted “doctors” if the female insists she is a man. These doctors will not only not seek to inform the lady about anatomy, a social construct, and will not only cash the check of the lady, but they’ll make sure to “find” a prostate in her.

What these object will really be in anybody’s guess. In the PI, “psychic surgeons” remove “tumors” through bellies without causing a scratch. A trick made easy when the “tumors” are chicken guts concealed in the surgeons’ palms. The “real” certified, degreed “doctors” in the USA will be doing equivalent tricks, but using more sophisticated methods (and expensive) than crude slight-of-hand.

Beside doctors pretending to believe—or, worse, believing—their crazier patients’ notions about sex, we might wonder if there are other popular biases ready to be confirmed. New ones, I mean, the old ones, like the irrational prejudice against eating fat, still surviving fine.

There are. Turns out students demand to be taught the disease of global warming, which they call “climate change.”

Yes: medical students at Emory believe patients suffer from warm winds, and demand (students never ask anymore) their professors to explain it to them.

They are sure that global warming—when it finally strikes—will cause disease. How they are sure of this is a curious question, because almost every one of these medical students is ignorant of physics. But set that aside. They are sure global warming is going to create illness.

“Despite this…my peers and I, as we sat in our first-year medical school lecture halls, we really heard no mention of this whatsoever,” says Emaline Laney, a student at the Emory University School of Medicine. [ellipsis original]

Laney never considered the possibility that she never heard about it because it is not so. Instead, she insisted that her bias be confirmed.

“We ended up really one by one going through every single lecture we ever went through throughout our medical school curriculum,” she says.

They developed a proposal to integrate climate change content into the standard course of study for first-year medical students.

Emory agreed to let the students be taught the biases they themselves cobbled together, probably figuring it’s easier to go along than be accused of deniers, or whatever. Since the idea is false, the professors likely wouldn’t have know what to teach anyway.

On the other hand, maybe they would have. It seems the editors of 230 peer-reviewed publications swear that global warming is going to infect global health. Not only that, but they said global warming is the “greatest threat to global public health”.

Not coronadoom. Global warming.

We’ll check into this more carefully soon, but for now, don’t be surprised if you get a lecture from an over-earnest “doctor” upset how your fever is contributing to global warming.

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  1. Michael Dowd

    Global madness is upon us. “Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad”. Lots of destruction on the way.

  2. Leftism is the blatant denial of the existence of reality.
    These people are stupid, and crazy, and evil.

  3. Sheri

    George Will is an example of hidden insanity and a true progressive who masqueraded for years under a different party. (Note that most of these people are older and no longer able to hide the lie of their lives—much as The Ice Cream President we have now. As one ages, one’s true self always becomes apparent. There were many progressives pretending to be otherwise.)

    Medical students can major in social justice. Actually, most of them probably do.

    Honestly, this is insanity (denial of reality), NOT confirmation bias (something totally different and that should be addressed) and it made it hard to read your post because of that. Were you just trying to justify or explain away the insanity or avoid calling it that???? McChuck hits this right on and calls it what it is.

  4. John B()

    I’ve had doctor friends …

    One in particular …

  5. Dr. Weezil

    Yes, they are pivoting toward “climate change” as the next driver of the apocalypse. All of the insane people are going along with it. Today I received an email from the singer of a relatively well-known band in Great Britain. The English have gotten screwed and pounded pretty hard by the profound nonsense of the past 18 months. The email said, to the effect, the “pandemic” was really nothing; climate change is the bigger disaster.

    Musicians are generally dumb, and these guys have harped on this nonsense for years, but the sickness is finally taking real hold. And their keyboard player is supposedly a “skeptic.”

  6. Hagfish Bagpipe

    “…global warming is the “greatest threat to global public health”.

    Injections will solve Global Cooling Emergency, just as injections have solved Covid Emergency. Inject RFID chip into every human on earth to monitor CO2 production, link that with digital currency bank account so they may be persuaded to comply with climate mitigation by turning off money of recalcitrants. Also inject nanotechnology into every human so they may be controlled by AI over Internet of Bodies. Absolute control over all mankind will bring absolute control over dangerous people who are cause of frightening emergencies. Usher in Golden Age Absolute Control of Fear. Injections are key. Confirm this bias. [Robot zombie sheeple: yes master…must get injected… injections good… hate and fear resistors…resistance bad…] {That’s a good sheeple. We will release $500 into your digital account, which you may use to purchase food, opioids, and pornography at the company store.}

  7. Johnno

    It’s not an accident. It’s all part of the plan.

    Once COVID ‘crisis’ is over, Trudeau plans to apply same radical policies to ‘climate emergency’

    Medical associations back stripping licenses from doctors who warn against COVID-19 jabs

    Next they’ll strip them of licenses for denying the climate is danherously changing, which for some reason also needs a vexxine and surgeries to solve.

    But this has nothing to do with climate or covid. But man himself is responsible for these hoaxes.


    We have met our chastisement and it is us!

    But there is still time to fight. Start by defying the police. They are all racists anyway according to them, so F’em.


  8. Shecky R

    Interesting…. yet another entire post so clearly demonstrating the confirmation bias (and sophistry) of the writer and pretend ‘expert’ statistician.

  9. brad.tittle


    at 4:20:00 they start the comment section. We learn that early studies showed that we killed between 2 and 6 people to save 1 life.

    at 6:28:00 we learn that “we need to approve the vaccine before we find out what is in it!”

    at 6:29:00 the FDA suggests that the coalescing point for risk with regards to myocarditis and pericarditis is 40 years. They change up quick as soon as he says that.

  10. Johnno

    It is important to understand that this was an “Advisory” committee meeting, and they do not set policy. The FDA could still approve the 3rd Pfizer COVID-19 shot against the recommendation of the Advisory Committee.

    Also, these three doctors who shared the truth about the data are not part of that committee, but testified during the “open comments” section of the meeting.

    But the fact that the FDA allowed their comments is very significant, as they are now in the public record.

    There is obviously some infighting going on at the FDA regarding the Pfizer COVID-19 shots. What could be the reasons for this?

    I see two potential reasons why this could be happening.

    First, this could be a “drug war,” where Pfizer’s competitors are upset that Pfizer is getting so much of the market share on the COVID-19 vaccines, and they are applying pressure through their contacts at the FDA to start discrediting Pfizer and slow down their rapid race to dominate this market.

    Or, secondly, people are starting to abandon ship on the Biden Administration as the current COVID-19 vaccine narrative is now falling apart very quickly, as hundreds of thousands of people are now screaming to have their voices heard regarding their negative experiences with the COVID-19 shots, and the FDA and others are trying to cover their butts in the event that there is a regime change and people start getting arrested for crimes against humanity.

    I hope for the second scenario, but fear it is probably the first one.

    If the Biden Administration and their handlers on Wall Street believe they are still firmly in control of this mass vaccination campaign that is really an act of genocide and crimes against humanity, then they will just go ahead and approve Pfizer’s third shot anyway, without the approval of this committee.

    They will basically tell the American people and their business rivals that they know we are on to them, and that they don’t care because they believe that nobody is going to do anything to stop them.


  11. Dennis

    I thought my opinion of the current state of the medical profession and “public health” establishments couldn’t get any worse, but now it is clear this country is (mis)educating an entire generation of medical students to be Quacks. Wonderful.

  12. Johnno

    To avoid WW3, the UN is now fully exempt from vexxines!

    No Vaccine Rules for Big U.N. Meeting: Free Pass for World Leaders

    The U.N. General Assembly will ignore vaccine requirements for attendees at next week’s big meeting in New York, snubbing NYC rules for convention centers and public gatherings.

    Presidents, premiers, monarchs, dignitaries, diplomats and their traveling staff members have been told by organizers they won’t have to show coronavirus vaccination passports or other proof of inoculation on arrival at U.N. headquarters on Turtle Bay, Manhattan.

    Instead attendees plus their staff will be waved through and allowed admission free of any checks with more than 100 heads of state and government and over 20 foreign ministers signed up to speak in person.

    An honor system — and only an honor system – means dignitaries won’t have to show vaccination cards or other proof of inoculation as they’ll simply attest to it by swiping their ID badges at the assembly hall.

    The decision to ignore the rules as applied to the general public in NYC came after Russia challenged an earlier proof of vaccination requirement on the grounds it was an infringement on personal liberties.

    “We strongly object that only people with a proof of vaccination should be admitted to the GA hall,” Russia’s ambassador Vassily Nebenzia wrote in protest to U.N. officials.

    He described it as “a clearly discriminatory measure”, adding that preventing delegates access to the hall was a “clear violation of the U.N. charter.”

    Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for one isn’t vaccinated and reiterated Thursday he has no plans to get the coronavirus shot anytime soon, AP reports.

    “Why take the vaccine? To have antibodies, isn’t that right? My antibody levels are way up high,” Bolsonaro said in a live broadcast on social media Thursday night. “After everybody in Brazil is vaccinated, I’ll decide.”


    Gee Russia, what’s wrong with DeBlasio wanting you to take American vexxines? Is there something wrong with them?

  13. Robin

    “Gee Russia, what’s wrong with DeBlasio wanting you to take American vexxines? Is there something wrong with them?”

    After a seventy year attempt by communists to destroy Christianity in Russia, it has come storming back. The Russian military is positioning itself as Christian soldiers,[here is the consecration ceremony of a newly designated Military Cathedral:


  14. This is how fads happen; and not, sadly, solely in medicine. Dose and route of administration make the medicine, or the poison. Conditions matter, folks.

    There is nothing new under the sun, either; when it comes to human nature.

    “Global Warming”, as most think of it, does not exist. Carbon dioxide cannot do what is being ascribed to it. The most it could do, on this rock, is move the lapse rate (change in temperature with height *above the ground*, or altitude) more toward the moist one. That does not have to change surface conditions at all. And, with all of that, the natural chemical conditions strip the air of carbon dioxide. Thus, despite all the caterwauling, we *should* be returning some amount of the sequestered carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere; for the current concentrations are much closer to plant starvation levels than many realize. Climate is, after all, one or more summary statement about a given location’s previously realized weather. Of course it changes, within the bounds of all necessary and sufficient conditions; of which insolation is primary, I say. Insolation also changes, very slowly, but changes; though seasonal insolation change gives you a clue.

  15. Plantagenet

    At least two generations ( in the West ) who grew up without a Cold War, World War or Great Depression to add a little back bone find themselves without a dragon to slay! So they busy themselves trying to create their own so they can answer the question “ What did you do in the war daddy?”

  16. Sheri

    Fascinating how long people can be told “let them eat cake”….

  17. Dennis

    “Fascinating how long people can be told ‘let them eat cake’….”

    Well, propaganda clearly works (Exhibit A: The very phrase “let them eat cake,” falsely attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette to slander her and promote the Revolution, repeated ad nauseam for over 200 years. The ideological descendants of the Jacobins who invented that slander on the ancien régime are now in charge everywhere, so it’s no surprise we are bombarded with new lies on a daily basis in support of the new regime and its latest revolutionary Great Reset).

  18. Joey Zamboni

    Todays science is no longer based in fact…

    Todays science is based in *fear* & *punishment*…

    Who can we scare into complying & what can we do to them if they don’t…

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