Spartacus Speaks; Australian Head Knocking; MI Bright Spot; Causes of Death; More! — Coronavirus Update XCIX

Spartacus Speaks; Australian Head Knocking; MI Bright Spot; Causes of Death; More! — Coronavirus Update XCIX

Last week, there was some good news. This week, it’s mostly bad.


I am not the Spartacus, but I am Spartacus. If you have seen the movie, you understand.

Meanwhile, if you read nothing else this week about out Expert-created planetary panic, read Spartacus. The Abstract:

  • COVID-19 is a blood and blood vessel disease. SARS-CoV-2 infects the lining of human blood vessels, causing them to leak into the lungs.

  • Current treatment protocols (e.g. invasive ventilation) are actively harmful to patients, accelerating oxidative stress and causing severe VILI (ventilator-induced lung injuries). The continued use of ventilators in the absence of any proven medical benefit constitutes mass murder.

  • Existing countermeasures are inadequate to slow the spread of what is an aerosolized and potentially wastewater-borne virus, and constitute a form of medical theater.

  • Various non-vaccine interventions have been suppressed by both the media and the medical establishment in favor of vaccines and expensive patented drugs.

  • The authorities have denied the usefulness of natural immunity against COVID-19, despite the fact that natural immunity confers protection against all of the virus’s proteins, and not just one.

  • Vaccines will do more harm than good. The antigen that these vaccines are based on, SARS-CoV- 2 Spike, is a toxic protein. SARS-CoV-2 may have ADE, or antibody-dependent enhancement; current antibodies may not neutralize future strains, but instead help them infect immune cells. Also, vaccinating during a pandemic with a leaky vaccine removes the evolutionary pressure for a virus to become less lethal.

  • There is a vast and appalling criminal conspiracy that directly links both Anthony Fauci and Moderna to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

  • COVID-19 vaccine researchers are directly linked to scientists involved in brain-computer interface (“neural lace”) tech, one of whom was indicted for taking grant money from China.

  • Independent researchers have discovered mysterious nanoparticles inside the vaccines that are not supposed to be present.

  • The entire pandemic is being used as an excuse for a vast political and economic transformation of Western society that will enrich the already rich and turn the rest of us into serfs and untouchables.

As of this writing (Monday afternoon), I’m not aware of any Expert rebuttals to Spartacus. My guess is most (all?) will pretend the paper doesn’t exist.

Partly this will be because of his conclusion, in which he is sure our elites are causing intentionally a population reduction. I say they’re too stupid to pull it off, though they’d certainly enjoy it if it happened.


If you aren’t reading a friend of ours, you should be. It’s eugyppius, and one of his latest is “We Are All Cattle Now“.

Our own SARS-2 vaccines, despite their fancy mRNA and virus vector technology, are entirely of a piece with veterinary standards. They have a poor side effect profile, they provide only temporary and partial protection against infection, and they are deployed on a vast scale with no regard for the evolutionary pressure they place on the virus or their broader consequences for infection dynamics. These are normal standards in the context of industrial livestock, where most animals are not raised to live very long in any event, and the risk of occasional accidents — inadvertently favouring or even causing lethal superstrains, or inflicting widespread vaccine injuries — can be weighed against the economic loss associated with mortality from infections.

And “Preprint: ‘The SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant is poised to acquire complete resistance to vaccines’“.

A pre-print by researchers at Osaka University in Japan studies the specifics of Delta immune-escape adaptations, and brings more ominous news: The Delta strains now circulating have obvious vaccine-escape adaptations. In some ways, these adaptations have enhanced the potential infectiousness of Delta. But this potential has not yet been realised, because the Delta spike protein has not fully escaped. When that escape does happen, antibodies against legacy spike elicited by the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccines will probably enhance Delta’s transmissibility.


Last week we saw Australia fought back. A bit. But it slowed imperceptibly their descent into a toxic-femininity-led health tyranny. They are already sending Thought Patrols—there is no exaggeration here. They are grilling citizens asking if they oppose the government. Who would say yes?

There are video after video released showing the police cracking skulls, shooting citizens with rubber bullets, gassing them, beating them up, brutalizing them. All in an effort to keep them Safe.

The irony is so thick, only an NPR listener could fail to see it.

The government did try to quarantine. Not just the people, but the internet and news feeds from the riot zones. They, like the Chinese before them, know that the world should not see what is happening. They are aided, as always, by the corporate masters of American Big Tech.

Why beat the crap out of citizens to get them to be healthy? Because Experts, aided by the matriarchy, loathe above all things not being believed. Prove this to yourself with this thought experiment:

The vaccine is announced by Experts to be perfect. Everybody believes them, and sings praises of Experts. But due to some technical limitation, the vaccine can’t be manufactured and delivered quickly; yet the delivery rates are the still same as we see now. Some 50-60% of all humans get it in short order, while the rest have to wait and only get it in a trickle. But everybody wants it and says they want it because of their love of Experts.

Would there be vaccine passports? No. Would there be mandates? No. Would there be morally outraged journalists and women screech bombing us? Yes. But not about the vaccine: about some new thing.

It is only because we disobey they feel the need to punish us.


One thing, therefore, is true: they are afraid of us. Their grip on power, to us, seems near absolute. But to them, they feel it is slipping and can be lost. Let us hope so.


He has provided himself some solid competition. Lying comes to him as easily as grants come to his friends. So we have a huge collection of falsehoods to choose from. Nothing will beat this one, though, I think.

This is an award-winning-level lie. The Noble prize of lies, medically speaking, about coronadoom.

Since January 2020 only 439 kids aged 17 and younger have died from Covid, all otherwise seriously ill. Flu is a much, much worse killer. It’s not even a comparison. The second tweet in that Benson’s thread has the stats:

Check yourself.


The hersterical governor of Michigan caved:

Whitmer and the Michigan state legislature agreed on a budget. This is no ordinary budget because it bans mask mandates and vaccine passports:

Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the state legislature have agreed on a budget proposal that includes language banning health officials from enforcing mask mandates in schools and preventing state public agencies from enforcing vaccines on employees or customers.

“The director or local health officer shall not issue or enforce any orders or other directives that require an individual in this state who is under the age of 18 to wear a face mask or face covering,” the 1,000-page budget states in one section.

Michiganders haven’t gone inside yet, so the bug hasn’t been spreading efficiently. In the later fall, when it gets cold, Michigan “case” and deaths will rise. Be ready for this and do not panic.


A mainstream propaganda outlet put out a piece with the subheadline, “Experts say the U.S. will likely have to learn to live with the virus.”

You know how we love Experts here. In this case, they’re right (it happens). Not completely, though:

“No vaccine is 100% effective at preventing infection,” added Dr. Kimberly Fisher, professor of medicine at University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School.

Now, public health and infectious disease experts are shifting their metric of success.

All vaccines are 0% effective at preventing personal infections.

They are only effective, if at all, at preventing illness. I swear, Experts have given people the idea that the vaccine produces something like an electrified aura around them that reaches out and kills viruses when they get close.

An aura that can only be penetrated by an unvaccinated person’s stare.


Italy’s government said no man may buy or sell without the mark.

This kind of thing enforces and strengthens the oligarchy. Not just in giving companies life-and-death powers over their serfs, which is obvious. But in teaching citizens the most important rulers in their lives are their employers. As if we are all put here on earth to serve Jeff Bezos.


Peer-reviewed, and therefore uncriticizable paper, is “Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?” in Toxicology Reports by Kostoff, Briggs, and others. I don’t know this Briggs, but I have hopes we’re related. Abstract:

  • Bulk of COVID-19 per capita deaths occur in elderly with high comorbidities.
  • Per capita COVID-19 deaths are negligible in children.
  • Clinical trials for these inoculations were very short-term.
  • Clinical trials did not address long-term effects most relevant to children.
  • High post-inoculation deaths reported in VAERS (very short-term).


This tweet will die of coronadoom in seven short days.

I’ll do the new mask study(ies) in a separate blog post so they don’t get lost.


A friend of the blog David Burns is running a Covid Cult Tournament I encourage you to join.


We’re all sick of this, but, as we predicted far in advance of it happening, the fake metric “cases“:

Dropping. But it WILL pick up again in late fall. Late November? Early December?

Be ready for it. Deaths always increased in winter. Always. Always. Always. I’m saying Always.

This one is of interest, though. The causes of death.

Some peaks, such as septicemia in April 2020, are physician caused. Not the covid, but the panic. By Experts. Experts killed people. They are still killing people.

Gaze and wonder at this plot. Take your time.

See how flu and pneumonia went Poof!? Ain’t that something?

See how chronic lower respiratory disease went See Ya!? Isn’t that interesting?

See how Other diseases of the respiratory system shrunk like they plunged into a bucket of cold water. Dude and dudettes!

What about them cancer deaths tailing off like that? Gol-di-locks! isn’t that something!

What’s going on?


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  1. Ian Partridge

    Yet another great pull apart of the ongoing government narrative.

    Was there supposed to be a link to the Spartacus paper you did an abstract from? It would be useful to have one.

  2. Ian Partridge

    Spartacus paper link definitely wasn’t there when I first looked at the post. Working now OK.

  3. Briggs


    My enemies removed it. I restored it.

  4. Sheri

    I was ALWAYS convinced this was the way the government killed off it’s population. It’s less bloody and so much less obvious than tanks down main street.

    Afgans are livestock. They are given Ivermectin when they come here. That may insure they survive Covid for a while, even though that is not why they are given a “horse drug”.

    Australia is/was a penal colony and always will be.

    It wasn’t enough to kill 35 million with AIDS. Fauci is going for a new personal best. He is Mengele and Americans LOVE him. We are an EVIL country. (I do despise Trump for not firing the evil twit.)

    The super power flu vaccine should illustrate what vaccines are supposed to do, along with shingles vaccine. Because as we age our immune system loses some of it’s function, we give older people “super” vaccines, which are just four times as much of the nasty germs as other vaccines. Of course, the theory may be totally wrong and probably is, but the point is all the vaccine does is give one’s body a target to destroy any time a germ of similar nature shows up. Some bodies need more incentive. Most times that works. Of course, you have to have the REAL virus or bacteria, not some spike protein. That idea failed for thirty years and is still failing.

  5. Johnno


    Israelis are now all “unvexxed” again with the coming if the 4th horseman! Looks like they are catching on to the scam!

    Sanofi ceases mRNA vexxine development. Pfizer still trying to harm children with theirs.

    Pfizer repackaging Ivermectin to sell to you at higher price! Pfizermectin is coming!

    Norway is free! FREE! People celebrate their new Independence Day!

    New York is still screwed however… People probably want Cuomo back considering his successor is literally a hersteric!

    And not just a hersteric… a hersteric sent by God! Oh, He sent her alright, but not for anyone’s benefit!

    Thanks for all your heroism front-line workers! Your usefulness as tapdancing props has ended! Now go F yourselves, love, the government.

    Harvard geniuses at work! Come, see where your experts come from!

    Based President of Croatia!

    If it costs just two lives to save one, then it’s worth it!

  6. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Great update, Sarge, you’re always up on the latest.

    Spartacus: “It is an actual criminal conspiracy […] In a sane country, this would have immediately led to the world’s biggest RICO and mass murder case.”

    Yes, and there is plenty of evidence pointing to this gigantic, monstrous crime, if only one has a willingness to look. But since the Luciferian criminal cabal perpetrating the crime also runs the media, education, and federal government, with unlimited funds stolen from the people by a corrupt, usurious financial system, the poor dupes who are its victims cheer it on. Madness.

    Briggs: “[Spartacus] …is sure our elites are causing intentionally a population reduction. I say they’re too stupid to pull it off, though they’d certainly enjoy it if it happened.”

    They only need to be smarter than a demoralized, sin-stupified populace. That, and a diabolical spirit of destruction, vengeance, and powerlust, plenty of chutzpah, and even more money, they stand a chance of pulling off the Greatest Crime of All Time (after killing God, of course).

    Off-Guardian published an excellent Covid Cribsheet: 30 facts you NEED to know gathering in one place all the most relevant facts, studies, and links making the case for Covid Crime Fraud. Bookmark! Great to have at your fingertips. Ryan Cristián at The Last American Vagabond does a great job going over the list. He’s covered all this stuff time and again on his Daily Wrap-Ups. Highly recommended.

  7. Ryan

    I know this has been asked before but I don’t know if it’s been resolved:

    Is it normal for there to be a backlog of “unclassified” deaths that are later given a classification? Or do we expect the deaths to remain unclassified forever?

  8. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Karl Denniger points to this study:

    “Background: Between March and April 2020, 84 elderly patients with suspected COVID-19 living in two nursing homes of Yepes, Toledo (Spain) were treated early with antihistamines (dexchlorpheniramine, cetirizine or loratadine), adding azithromycin in the 25 symptomatic cases. The outcomes are retrospectively reported. The primary endpoint is the fatality rate of COVID-19. The secondary endpoints are the hospital and ICU admission rates. Endpoints were compared with the official Spanish rates for the elderly. The mean age of our population was 85 and 48% were over 80 years old. No hospital admissions, deaths, nor adverse drug effects were reported in our patient population. By the end of June, 100% of the residents had positive serology for COVID-19. Although clinical trials are needed to determine the efficacy of both drugs in the treatment of COVID-19, this analysis suggests that primary care diagnosis and treatment with antihistamines, plus azithromycin in selected cases, may treat COVID-19 and prevent progression to severe disease in elderly patients.”

    So they all got the doom but nobody died and no one even went to the hospital. Treated with over-the-counter antihistamines Claritin (loratadine) and Zyrtec (cetirizine), and antibiotic azithromycin (recall Dr. Zelenko reported excellent results, early in the plandemic last year, using HCQ/azithromycin/zinc treatment).

    That study was published 16 January, 2021. In a sane world that success rate of 100% would have set off a medical/scientific scramble to duplicate the results and trumpet the success, if confirmed. But since we live in Covid Clown World the medical criminals ignored this possibly life-saving treatment so they could continue carrying out their insane plot to poison all humanity. Same goes for ivermectin, cortico-steroid inhalers, and whatever other cheap, safe and effective treatments were available. LIVES COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED BUT THE RULING CRIMINAL CABAL WANTED MASS-MURDER FOR FUN AND PROFIT.

  9. Briggs

    (Hagfish: I have yet to secure the Redman. Details to follow.)

  10. GP

    Anyone have a link to the Spartacus PDF? Zero Hedge’s link 404’d

  11. Briggs


    I deleted the bad link I had. The original is still at ZH, which can be printed to PDF I suppose.

  12. Dennis

    “As of this writing (Monday afternoon), I’m not aware of any Expert rebuttals to Spartacus. My guess is most (all?) will pretend the paper doesn’t exist.”

    Anonymity makes it easier for them to ignore. If he (or she) wants to have a bigger impact, gotta ditch the pseudonym and come out publicly and defend it on every media platform possible. Would make even more impact if this person happens to be an insider/well-known person whose status, knowledge, or credentials can’t be dismissed out-of-hand.

    That sudden and continuous upward leap in “unclassified” deaths beginning around Nov-Dec 2020 is the most troubling, since that’s when the first vax rollout began as well. (How do you make those charts at that CDC link? I’d like to see the unclassified chart taken out to the most recent data – that one seems to end in April).

  13. John B()


    While the graphs do show some interesting death drop offs and that more than curious UNCLASSIFIED graph

    What I find more interesting is some vaunted “Co-morbidities” rising and falling with Covid (e.g., Alzheimer – Obvious correlation, Cerebrovascular disease – some correlation, Diabetes mellitus – Obvious correlation, Diseases of the heart – strong correlation,).

    It begs the question, …

    … and going to your link (, there are two columns (Covid + Others and Covid Alone) – Covid alone is 10% less than Covid Plus

    Covid Plus numbers are similar to WoM

    Some very interesting plots with the latest data

  14. Mark

    “Italy’s government said no man may buy or sell without the mark.”

    On the other hand it’s Italy, so the chances of this law being followed is pretty close to zero.

  15. Magnus Stout

    Just read the Spartacus paper. I have no science background, so my opinion is just lay on what “they” say. However, it appears more scientific and logical (with regard to its particular pathology and treatments) than anything I’ve read from the MSM in the past 18+ months. One curious unanswered question regarding the Gain-of-Function research: do we really believe China–the beta test grounds for the Technocracy and lover of everything “1984”–was somehow caught unawares? If not, then China *is* part of the same Evil global cabal as well (Vox Day should take serious note given his recent boot licking of their Winnie the Pooh leader, Xi).

    What was inferred–but missing–was a discussion of Evil in relation to the coercion and lies we see. The author(s) focus on the subjugation of the Will, but seem to only go 9/10th of the way to saying: this must be motivated by something like supernatural Evil. Instead, they stop short at seeing things through a materialistic lens: “justified” fears of overpopulation, overactive greed and lust for power. It is ultimately a weakness (no matter how great the intellect) to be unable to spiritually discern Good and Evil.

    Based upon (1) recent confessions from Orthodox priests taking the Vexx and (2) recent exorcisms, I now believe the real aim (that is, of the purposeful agents of Evil–not useful idiots like Schwab), is to spiritually damage people through these injections so that they will lose the ability to commune with God ( We know from St. John’s Revelations that you cannot repent of the Final Mark, so perhaps this is a multi-step process of Apostasy that leads to the End. I don’t understand the physical mechanism, other than to speculate that it must have evolved from the Pentagon research into combating “religious extremism” through the “FunVax” suppression of the VMAT2 gene:

    Finally, here is a White Pill: any technocratic Tower of Babel (their paradise–out nightmare) is ultimate constructed *under* the Providence of God. Put differently: God is always in control and will *never* permit such Evil the means to complete deprive Men of their Wills. We may pay a cost, but we are not to fear the loss of the body, but to fear the One who can destroy both body and soul. The core lesson of Revelations is this: remain faithful until the End; Christ will return, destroy the Wicked and render Judgment on all.

  16. AnonymousTN

    I actually went and checked the data from MCH. I live in TN and checked the two districts that have mask policies in the Nashville area. They are both listed as unknown or pending. In other words, excluded from the study.

    Shelby County (which includes Memphis) did list they have a mask policy. The study is 100% dependent on the school districts answering MCH’s survey.

  17. Briggs

    Anon TN, Many thanks for this. Quoting you tomorrow.

  18. John B()

    Dennis and Ryan

    Today’s Unclassified chart looks much like the chart from April

    It looks like Ryan’s correct

  19. Dennis

    Magnus: ” I now believe the real aim (that is, of the purposeful agents of Evil–not useful idiots like Schwab), is to spiritually damage people through these injections so that they will lose the ability to commune with God.”

    Magnus, I recall hearing something a couple years ago, I have no idea where to find a link or anything now, about some scientists who said they had discovered a supposed “God gene” or “God zone” of the brain (I forget if it was a gene issue or a brain issue – maybe both), which they linked not only to “fundamentalism” but to religious faith in general…and, of course, they were looking to manipulate it to decrease “fundamentalism,” but it was clear from the general tone that these people would be very happy to decrease man’s religious faith altogether. I have no idea what the Covid vaxes really contain (apparently the usual printed inserts in vax boxes are long blank sheets for these – itself a huge red flag – though it’s clear form the discovery of nano-particles that these are not just simple vaccines to fight a supposedly super-dreadful virus), but there are indeed diabolical forces at work everywhere.

  20. Robin

    From what I’ve read and learned, I do not think it is valid to claim that COVID is a blood borne illness. This does not seem justified by the data I have seen. The technical premise of the Sparticus letter seems quite shaky to me, and I do not see why it was even suggested – it’s a bit superfluous to the core “Sparticus” message.

  21. JRob

    Matt, you continue to excel in gathering the explosive truth. I still look forward to Tuesday just to read your updates. I never would have found the Spartacus article if not for your update.

    However, there is one bone of contention that I have to raise. You’ve been saying forever that deaths will rise when the cool weather kicks in and everyone goes back inside. You are correct that the U.S. seasonal increase in all causes deaths begins in the fall, peaks in January, and goes back to baseline in the Spring. However, this cannot be explained simply by increased transmission indoors.

    It’s well known that there are seasonal influenza peaks in the tropics where it is warm all year round and where there is no seasonal aggregation of people indoors. Furthermore, in NYC, essentially everyone lives in and works in a high rise or a skyscraper all year round. I doubt there is much seasonal difference in the time people spend indoors and outdoors in the city.

    The great paradox of respiratory viral outbreaks is the duality of person-to-person transmission and global patterns of respiratory viral outbreaks. On the one hand, respiratory viruses like influenza and SARS-CoV-2 spread person-to-person through aerosolized paricles, but on the other hand, person-to-person transmission cannot account for the global patterns of outbreak migrations.

    It’s been well known for decades that respiratory viral outbreaks oscillate between the northern and southern hemispheres, as documented by Edgar Hope Simpson in his book on transmission of influenza. Outbreaks occur simultaneously East-West across latitudes, but not simultaneously North-South across longitudes, even though global air travel goes in all directions. This global North-South oscillation is exactly what we have seen for SARS-CoV-2.

    The major outbreak in March 2020 started in the northern latitudes, moved South, crossed the equator, and hit the areas in the southern hemisphere. The July-August peak in 2020 and 2021 in the US was the virus moving South, not people going indoors for air conditioning. Also, the viral migration crosses the equator twice a year, so the outbreaks in tropical regions can last 6 months or more in long broad peaks, as opposed to single bell shaped peaks at the extremes of the oscillation.

    The failure to understand this oscillation by the medical establishment has resulted in all kinds of ridiculous claims about the efficacy of masks, vaccinations, lock downs, etc., as explanations of why outbreaks started or ended in particular regions.

    The scientific debate is about what causes outbreaks to start, and about what causes them to peak suddenly and then decline when there are plenty of susceptible people still in the population. The global patterns clearly cannot be explain by people going indoors and spreading the virus. Here are links to the best review of this phenomena that I have seen:



    J. Rob.

  22. Rudolph Harrier

    Anonymity makes it easier for them to ignore. If he (or she) wants to have a bigger impact, gotta ditch the pseudonym and come out publicly and defend it on every media platform possible.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. All a lack of anonymity does is open you up to character attacks. Hell, I know exactly one thing about Spartacus that isn’t widely known (where he posted this before it went viral) and even that would be used to assassinate his character and try to discredit his words. If his real identity were known they would find skeletons in his closet (or at least make some up) and on top of that would pressure his employers, harass his friends and relatives, etc.

    And what would be gained by revealing his identity? The only thing that could be used is to try to put some credentials behind the argument, if he happens to be a doctor or scientist or something like that (I do not know if he is or not.) But we’ve all seen that credentials stop mattering the second you go against the narrative. How many doctors have encouraged the use of Ivermectin and been dismissed as conspiracy theorists? How many brain dead pundits have called Ivermectin a “dangerous horse dewormer” and been praised as medical experts?

    People who say that they care about someone’s credentials really only care about media approval, and Spartacus ain’t getting that whether he reveals his identity or not. People who don’t care about that stuff only care about how good the argument is, and we can discuss that without knowing Spartacus’s identity.

  23. Briggs


    Thanks for this important correction.

  24. Dennis

    “…People who don’t care about that stuff only care about how good the argument is, and we can discuss that without knowing Spartacus’s identity.”

    Yes, in an ideal world arguments would be all that matter, but in reality anonymity limits reach, and having an identifiable face and identity to openly advocate and argue points, and rally people behind something, matters.
    An anonymous letter posted somewhere on the internet can be easily ignored by mainstream media and will never reach most normies, who are the ones who need most convincing.

    I understand the risks involved in going public, and obviously Spartacus must think it not worth the risk at this point – fine, but that will limit reach, and in a couple weeks it will be largely forgotten, like so many other “big deal” things (various articles, analysis, leaked reports, emails, video, audio, etc.) that have come down the pike in the past, for which large claims are made that “this will be the thing to blow it all wide open,” but are soon largely forgotten. (Look at the J&J leaks today from Project Veritas – should be massive news that leads to criminal indictments – I bet it barely makes waves, if mentioned at all on mainstream media, and a week from now it will be just another thing filed away with countless others like it over the past 18 months, but having no real effect on the ongoing debacle relentlessly imposed on the world by the powers that be).

  25. John B()

    Ryan’s correct in that:

    Appears to be a backlog of “unclassified” deaths that are later given a classification

    It appears that 600-700 are never classified

    Also, depending on the year, you will find around 11-14,000 deaths that are “natural” but are not covered by a specified cause or disease (Thinking a lot of these are otherwise old age)

  26. Chad W Jessup

    The current time is 1:26 Pacific, and the Spartacus pdf has been removed.

  27. C-Marie

    Clicked on 30 Facts and Spartacus lonks … madedfs … stored in IBooks!! Forwarded links, too.

    God bless, C-Marie

  28. All,
    I’ve mentioned Hope-Simpson seasonality here before. I stand to second what JRob has posted. For the tropics and subtropics, corona viruses have their epidemic season in summer, not winter (and maybe the local rainy or dry season matters). Thus, the numbers should drop in the USA, now, regardless of interventions. They’ll increase in the extra-tropics as the local winter approaches and then drop as its spring approaches. Even for same family respiratory/mucosal point of entry viruses, their serotypes may have differing seasons. Where I live, Influenza A is a late autumn to early winter thing. Influenza B is a late winter to early spring thing. That, of course, does not mean variation in timing doesn’t happen.

    There is a predator-prey type interaction between hosts and viruses. Subgroups of hosts have their susceptibility at differing times. Even with major epidemic seasons, when the pathogen goes endemic, there will be local spread throughout the year (a reservoir effect), whether zoonosis happens or not.

  29. Shecky R

    Oh boy, Fauci you call a liar, but Feser you just let slide & slide… can’t wait for you to interview a couple of Eddy’s children one day (hah, like he’d ever permit that to happen).

  30. brad.tittle

    The “unclassified” deaths seem to have flattened out without decreasing. But I am interpreting the “unclassified column” to be “Symptoms, signs, and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified. ”

    They may still be climbing. That dreaded lag affects this column also..

  31. Dennis

    JH’s much-vaunted “Shecky humor” at it again, I see. 😉

  32. philemon

    Speaking of fear, has Dr. Peter Daszak upped his security detail?

    “We now have confirmation of the suspicion. Dr Daszak put in a detailed application for NIH money where he explained that he would be using humanized mice with modified ACE2 receptors as an intermediate test animal to explore the possibility of virus crossover. The above paragraph and leaked presentation slide proves that this crossover was achieved, and more than that, Dr Daszak did indeed know exactly what way going on.?The ‘serial passage’ system is essentially a compromise between outright genetic engineering (which can leave obvious fingerprints) and natural evolution. What you do is setup the optimal circumstance for viral crossover by hopping the wild sample onto some cultured cells, then onto the humanized mice. After that it’s ready to make the easy hop into humans. An accelerated and selective version of natural evolution which is arguably ‘dual use’ in as much as it might be simply a test to see whether the species crossover happens, but on the other hand if you do enough of it with well chosen intermediate points then sooner or later that’s exactly what’s gonna happen.”

  33. Magnus Stout

    Thank you for your comment, Dennis. I believe that our “secret weapon” in this age of universal deceit is our discernment through the Spirit of Truth. Ultimately, that is the final authority.

    While comforting to find secular support, such sources are reactive, not predictive. The spiritually sensitive were able to “smell the sulfur” no later than April of 2020. The collective problem we face today is that such senses are greatly dulled and many remain asleep.

    I don’t have any answers for what is/will be than this: listen to your spiritual intuition. Either be cold or hot–never lukewarm.

  34. JH


    Since January 2020 only 439 kids aged 17 and younger have died from Covid, all otherwise seriously ill. Flu is a much, much worse killer. It’s not even a comparison. The second tweet in that Benson’s thread has the stats:

    ONLY 439 kids have died! ONLY! ONLY! ONLY!

    So, to you, the only important indicator is the number of deaths?

    I don’t know who Benson is. Below is what the CDC site publishes. How do you reach the conclusion that Flu is a much, much worse killers for the age group of 0 to 17 years?
    Age Groups: 0 to 17 years
    Start Date: 01/01/2020 End Date: 09/18/2021
    Pneumonia and COVID-19 Deaths: 110
    Influenza Deaths: 188
    COVID-19 Deaths: 464
    Pneumonia, Influenza, or COVID-19 Deaths: 1,508
    Total Deaths: 56,781

  35. JH


    You are sPart alright. You are the Spartacus of cherry picking and the Spartacus who provided supporting analysis for the Kraken lawsuits. (I have read the court documents, all accessible via the State government website.) I don’t know how much you were paid for the analyses, but I’d like you to know my tax dollars are wasted partly because of you.

    I do a bit of filter() and mutate() of data. Is it fun to filter and mutate the information you read in the media?

  36. Briggs


    Yep. Pneumonia is at least twice as bad as coronadoom. About 1,000, more than double.

    We ought to lock down all kids until we defeat pneumonia.

  37. Dennis

    Magnus: “The spiritually sensitive were able to “smell the sulfur” no later than April of 2020.”

    Yes, that’s about the same time I was already calling the global Covid response the greatest collective crime against humanity ever perpetrated. But even I didn’t think we’d still be dealing with so much madness 18 months later.

    But I also thought Big Pharma wouldn’t be able to rush through vaccines for a class of virus that had never been successful despite decades of attempts, and didn’t foresee the extent to which government regulators, politicians, and media would basically turn themselves into the PR departments of Big Pharma. I thought people would wake up sooner and get fed up with the BS, and Covid-craziness would peter-out as people realized it was not much more serious than flu and got bored with the whole thing, and mass testing ended (it never has, and has ramped-up against the past few couple months to drive more “case” spikes) – but instead it just got worse as the year went on. We didn’t even have a muzzle mandate in my state until mid-July 2020, so for months I was going places without one, no problem. Suddenly long after the virus had spread and masks could do any good even if they were actually effective against the spread of viruses in the first place, muzzles became the chief sacrament of the new Covid Cult. Thankfully no mandate now where I live and most people have woken up to the fact that muzzles do nothing (or at least don’t wear them most places most of the time), but the vax propaganda push continues, most schoolkids continue to be muzzled, most govt building are off limits to the unmasked (surprisingly Post Office is an exception), certain events, like local symphony, require not just mask but proof of vaccine or test within last 48 hours, etc…

    Thankfully I don’t have to worry about any forced employer mandates, so I don’t know the extent to which local companies are complying with Biden’s lawless order (or using it as cover for what they want to do anyway) or are imposing their own absurd vax or test requirements on employees, but I don’t have any confidence now that things will, if ever, get back to normal any time soon, or that enough people will ever wake up. I think the madness is here to stay in this Brave New World, and will likely only get worse in many respects. We’re seeing now especially the downside of certain technology – all the things that provide so much convenience, ease of communication, information, etc. can also be used as the means to perfect a system of global totalitarian surveillance and enslavement the likes of which would have made the worst tyrants of ages ago salivate with envy. If Covid had happened just 15 years ago “track and trace” Covid-stasi would have been impossible without smartphones, ditto the plan to just have everyone stay at home and do Zoom Work or Zoom School for a whole year, have groceries delivered or order online for curbside pickup (and Amazon 15 years ago was still mostly a bookstore), etc., etc. The most “absolute” monarch or tyrant of the past never had such capacity for total invasive surveillance and control over every aspect of people’s lives as governments are now asserting (and not just with regard to Covid – it’s everything. I heard recently that some Democrats are proposing to make every single banking transaction over $600 instantly reportable to the IRS – for what use and why, and how justified without a warrant or probable cause to suspect criminal activity? Absolutely insane.)

  38. Dennis

    “Age Groups: 0 to 17 years
    Start Date: 01/01/2020 End Date: 09/18/2021
    Pneumonia and COVID-19 Deaths: 110
    Influenza Deaths: 188
    COVID-19 Deaths: 464
    Pneumonia, Influenza, or COVID-19 Deaths: 1,508
    Total Deaths: 56,781”

    The categories on this list don’t even make sense. Entries for “Pneumonia AND Covid-19 deaths,” “Covid-19 Deaths,” and “Pneumonia, Influenza, OR Covid-19 deaths” (and the last isn’t a cumulative category, because the first three groups add up to 762, not 1508)? Talk about muddying the statistical waters – but typical CDC junk.

    And is the “Total Deaths” at the bottom supposed to be all-cause deaths for ages 0-17 in that time frame? If so, and 56,781 is correct, then Briggs’ 439 (or 464 or however one is supposed to tell which are actual Covid-19 deaths from that list of mixed categories), is indeed a negligible amount of all-cause deaths in that age range (less than one percent – about 0.7%).

    People seem to have forgotten over the past 18 months that people everywhere have always died of many things (Memento mori: And you too will die someday!) – sadly even kids at times – the vast majority of them, in all age groups, from something other than Covid.

  39. Briggs


    Get the CDC numbers here:

    They list pneumonia separately here. As of Jan 2020, 464 corondoom deaths in 0-17, and 966 pnuemonia.

    Thus pneumonia is TWICE as bad as the doom for kids.

    Assume the doom disappears for kids entirely. Pneumonia will still be killing kids. Meaning masks forever and ever and ever for kids. Don’t let them near other children.

    Safety first, Safety last, always Safety.

  40. JH

    Briggs, so you attribute the number of 1,508 to Pneumonia? Why not COVID-19? What is the definition of pandemic?!


    Some people believe that human beings can be trained to think with both sides of the brain. I don’t buy it.
    I do think human beings can learn how to see both sides of an argument. I might be too optimistic as you (without knowing it) seem to prove me wrong.

  41. Briggs


    I missed your question about the Kraken. The sum total of all consideration I got, in funds of all kinds, in benefits of every stripe, totaled across all sources, was $0.00.

    Rounded to the nearest dollar.

    This figure is in 2021 United States Dollars.

    The pneumonia figures are from the CDC. You may send your inquiries there.

  42. Dennis

    JH – You didn’t present an argument, just muddled data containing a list of confused categories and numbers lacking proper context. There are no “two-sides” to discuss.

    And when it comes to Covid (or more properly – the response to Covid), one is either on the side of Truth, sanity, and basic human liberty and dignity, or on the side of lies, tyranny, madness, paranoia, and the defacing and degradation of the human person. There is no other option, and no “middle way” between them.

  43. Uncle Mike

    Wow! I am Spartacus, too. Best ever biochemistry analysis of the Vaxx. Note this statement: “… those who are vaccinated are a threat to the unvaccinated, not the other way around.”

    And this: “… a pharmacokinetic study from Japan showed that the lipid nanoparticles and mRNA from the Pfizer vaccine did not stay in the shoulder, and in fact bioaccumulated in many different organs, including the reproductive organs and adrenal glands, meaning that modified Spike is being expressed quite literally all over the place.”

    And this: “If someone is vaccinated with mRNA based on the Spike from the initial Wuhan strain of SARS-CoV-2, and then they become infected with a future, mutated strain of the virus, they may become severely ill.”

    And this: “… it is possible that people who take this vaccine may continuously express SARS-CoV-2 Spike from their somatic cells for the rest of their lives.”

    The vaxx mandates so favored by the Ruling Elite Marxists are making people sick and doing nothing (or worse) to stem the spread.

    Not discussed but worthy of mention is the oft repeated claim that the vaxx may reduce the severity of the disease if the vaxxed person contracts it post-jab. This claim contains a counter factual. The severity of the disease post-jab cannot be compared to the severity pre-jab in the same individual because the latter did not happen (counter factual). The severity in one person (post-vaxx) cannot be compared to the severity (pre-vaxx) in a different person because no two people are alike in every respect (except possibly identical twins). The claim is thus baseless. Just like all the other baseless claims of the Marxist dictators.

  44. philemon

    “Not discussed but worthy of mention is the oft repeated claim that the vaxx may reduce the severity of the disease if the vaxxed person contracts it post-jab.”

    Maybe, for four months or so. That seems to be the limit of the vexxines. After that, well, there are some indications that the vexxined fare worse. And, hey, boosters! Get the spike protein injection again and play your odds.

  45. Johnno

    Looks like the threat of job loss is getting more medical staff to finally speak out and blow some whistles.

    An interesting part:

    One nurse explained how the media is actually lying by stating that most of the healthcare workers are now fully vaccinated for COVID-19. She said this wasn’t true, and that she knew of departments that were only about 20% vaccinated, and that ER workers had an especially low percentage of workers who were fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

    “Why aren’t people asking the nurses why they don’t want to take the shots?” she asked.

    She said she ran an ER department, and that it was tragic that they were seeing so many heart attacks and strokes, and that it is obvious that they are related to the COVID-19 shots.

    So as we may have suspected, the government(s) and media are probably bluffing about the number of vexxed amongst this or that institution. They could also be bluffing about the amount of vexxed amongst the general population too. Which would explain the continual hersteria and coercion and why they keep lockdowns going eveb when they allegedly reach their “targets” of 65 or 75 or 90%.

    Assuming that is true, and the number of vexxed is lower than they are advertising, and this is very possible considering they lie and distort everything else, then that makes the reported numbers for vexxine injuries and deaths EVEN WORSE! Because it means an even greater percentage of the people are being harmed as a ratio!

    Time to call their bluff. Best way to know if to see how many are truly laid off or how many places fold and give up coercion. That’s likely why the Democrats are really raising the stakes through the back door.

    Biden’s Vax Mandate To Be Enforced By Fining Companies $70,000 To $700,000?

    Youtube is also moving in for the kill.

    But there is some hope.

  46. Dennis

    “Which would explain the continual hersteria and coercion and why they keep lockdowns going eveb when they allegedly reach their “targets” of 65 or 75 or 90%.”

    Speaking of moving “targets,” at his third jab PR stunt yesterday, Biden pulled 98% out of his ass as the the new vax target, with no explanation or justification. Remember when they said 70% was the supposedly magic number for “return to normal”? Ditto “just wear a mask for 100 days.” The target always moves to suit the Regime’s tyrannical desires. 98% is utterly absurd, and far beyond anything ever traditionally seen as a “herd immunity” standard (plus this new 98% number fails to take into account natural immunity, which is more robust than the jabs anyway, so no need for anything near 98% need to be vaxed even if the jabs worked).

    As for the fines, they depend on the absurd, lawless, and unconstitutional mandates being upheld in the first place (as well as OSHA’s attempt to rewrite workplace safety regs to include Covid – and failure to vax – as a “workplace hazard”) – though I have no faith in Regime-compliant Fed courts doing the right thing (including the supposedly “conservative supermajority” SCOTUS).

    From the ZeroHedge article: “Buried on page 168 of the House Democrats’ 2,465-page mega bill is a tenfold increase in fines for employers that “willfully,” “repeatedly,” or even seriously violate a section of labor law that deals with hazards, death, or serious physical harm to their employees.” – Yes, we’ll, Biden’s mandate is not a “law,” so every company in the country needs to tell him this corrupt Regime to piss off. State governors should issue counter-Executive Orders underscoring the lawlessness and unconstitutionality of Biden’s “mandates,” and ordering non-compliance and non-enforcement within their borders (similarly, governors in border states should call up state national guard units to enforce border law, and arrest federal agents acting in contravention of federal border control law by simply herding masses of illegals into the country).

    Every day the news from DC underscores the extent to which the federal govt of the USA is the greatest enemy of the American people, and most evil entity on earth at this point as far as I’m concerned. Secession/national divorce and the dismantling of the federal govt need to happen, post haste. This country in its present incarnation is in terminal decline and cannot survive. Best end it before the worst comes. The “velvet divorce” of Czech Republic and Slovakia that put an end to Czechoslovakia should be our model.

  47. Uncle Mike


    You don’t understand. If you get the FauciFlu after you’re vaxxed, and get some degree of sick, you can’t say it’s more or less severe than if you hadn’t got the jab. The no-jab-got-sick event never happened. You’re comparing an actual event with an imaginary event. The imaginary is not reality, is not a fact, and is thus counter factual.

    What tastes better, an apple or a Martian? You can’t say because while you may have eaten an apple, you’ve never eaten a Martian.

    If you got the jab, and the spikes are coursing through your body and accumulating in your heart or adrenal gland or prostrate, and continue to do so for years, you may die from internal damage 5 years down the line. You can’t say that won’t happen. You don’t know.

    The BS about the vaxx only works for 4 months so you need a booster is ridiculous. Most vaccines work for decades or even for your entire life. The immune system “remembers”. Why is this supposedly superduper mRNA nanobot vaxx so pathetically short-lived? After being lied to for your entire life by sleaze bags, isn’t there some point at which you stop believing them, especially when the lies are so obviously falsehoods?

  48. Johnno

    Tucker covering Aussie state terrorism.

    Mark of the Vex Officers are enforcing the rules.

    Then there is this…

    President Putin has gone into hiding. Well, sort of. On September 14, he said that many people (“dozens”) in his inner circle have tested positive for the virus, and as a result he has to self-isolate. His sudden seclusion has sent waves of anguish across this huge country. His explanation was met with disbelief. Everybody around Putin is vaccinated and so is Putin, or so he claimed. Why would he need to self-isolate; how could all these vaccinated people become sick? Is the vaccine – fake? Or should we look for another explanation. Did he fall, or was he pushed? Will he come back? Is this the end of Putin’s era? Is Putin ill, or was he forced into isolation? Is it a conspiracy? The Russian government is, and always was manual, not automatic; the absence of the ruler at the helm of the mighty ship of the Russian state could spell trouble. The Russians do not believe the official version, but what is the truth?

    Being a hersteric is a requirement for reporters and also informants.

    About those supply chains…

  49. Rudolph Harrier

    According to MN department of health, there is now a noticeable number of amount of people presenting Influenza like Illnesses (non-COVID-19). This is the first time that this has happened since 2020. However if you actually dig into their surveillance report, they still are not seeing confirmed influenza cases. Rather there is a huge spike in Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) with a much smaller, but still significant, increase in Rhinovirus. There is a big push to get the influenza vaccine, and I usually do, but I think this year I will pass since all the data I’m seeing says that the real problem will be the cold, which the flu vaccine doesn’t protect against.

    There is of course also fear porn over how children are at risk due to COVID. Recent report was that over 200 state schools have had at least 5 cases of COVID-19 since the start of the school year, and this is being used to suggest schools need to close or kids need to be vaccinated. But really, think about that. With children in close contact for an entire month, with many schools doing weekly testing, the best they could get is “at least five” cases. One story also talked about how emergency rooms were being overwhelmed, but due to panicked parents demanding tests for their kids, not due to actual illnesses.

  50. Rudolph Harrier

    I find the “it only works for four months” idea plausible, because the data does suggest that. Countries that have pushed mass vaccination generally do have very few vaccinated people being hospitalized at first. But after four or so months it collapses and the data from Israel and the UK suggests that at that point things might be worse for the vaccinated.

    A theory I’ve heard to explain this phenomenon is as follows: the drug companies knew that vaccinated for a coronavirus in general was a fool’s errand, because the mutation rate is so high, and that mRNA techniques did not have robust long term immunity. But they also knew that the FDA was only going to care about effectiveness over a few months in order to make an “emergency use authorization” which would lead to big bucks for big pharma. So they compensated for the crappy state of their treatments by increasing the dosage initially, so that even if the immunity decayed quickly at least it would be strong enough at the start that it would be good enough for the FDA. This had two side effects: First, doing so required a high enough dosage that the treatments were much more dangerous than anything else on the market, which big pharma figured the FDA wouldn’t care about due to political pressure. Second, eventually it would be discovered that the treatments were worthless after a few months. But the gambled on getting huge numbers of people jabbed before that became clear, and that once they were jabbed they would succumb to the sunk cost fallacy and so agree to boosters (meaning that this downside was just more profit for big pharma.)

    I don’t know enough about pharmaceutics to know if this plausible in terms of production and development of a treatment, but it does seem to line up with the data we are seeing in terms of when people get sick.

  51. Dennis

    And Rudolph, how many of those kids’ “cases” actually also had any symptoms at all, or anything other than very mild ones if so? If some schools are testing every week, it’s surprising there wouldn’t be at least 5 false positives “since the start of the school year” (not even 5 a week they seem to be claiming!) in every school, even if no Covid were present at all in anyone. Pure test driven casedemic and fear porn.

    The biggest thing that still needs to end immediately (and has been for well over a over a year, so I won’t hold my breath) is the continued mass testing regimes of people presenting no symptoms of illness.

  52. Dennis

    I see California has just announced they will try to force jabs on all schoolchildren now – as soon as FDA gives “full approval” (a meaningless definitional change that is 100% about politics and paying the Big Pharma piper, not vax safety or necessity).

    Absolutely criminal.

    If California parents don’t rise up and resist this tyrannical (and medically dangerous and unnecessary risk to their kids’ lives and health) imposition by every means necessary, then they deserve what they get. Then again, coastal Leftists never seem to learn, continually electing and re-electing the scum they have governing them and turning their states and cities into shi*tholes (literally in the case of San Francisco, which is basically now just a big open-air public toilet), so perhaps they already deserve the very worst of what they get.

  53. swordfishtrombone

    Come on, Briggs! Either you’ve changed, or I have. You now trust an absurd online manifesto (not a paper) by an anonymous person whose screenname suggests that they are a biochemist (even though they don’t actually claim to be one AFAIK), while you doubt the consensus position of mainstream science reached by actual experts who at least sign their actual peer-reviewed papers with the actual names. Many of the bullet-point claims made in this manifesto are flat-out false; some venture into absurd conspiracy theory territory: nanoparticles my ass!

    If this person isn’t a biochemist, then you’re making an argument from inappropriate authority fallacy, if they are one, you’re making a plain old argument from authority fallacy by appealing to one authority against the consensus position of science. Either way, it’s a fallacy.

    Incidentally, someone has to score this open goal: The gospels are also anonymous, so maybe trusting them has primed you to accept anonymous claims that appeal to you as long as there’s a fake name put on the title page?

  54. Dennis

    Anyone who knows anything about the corruption of the peer review process, and how so-called “consensus” is manufactured, would know that appeal to “consensus” has nothing to do with Truth or “the Science,” and everything to do with professional and social conformism, serving the masters of grant money (orgs like Gates Foundation and others who pay for “the science” they want to back agendas), and politics (ex. the perversion of science behind the “climate change crisis” con).

    See especially Prof. John Ioannidis’ famous 2005 article “Why most published research findings are false” ( Similar info has more recently come out about the flood of Chinese research papers in recent years that are just junk science. See also the famous Sokal and other hoaxes on so-called prestige, peer-reviewed journals, showing them up for the intellectual fraud they mostly are.

  55. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Swordfish Trombone: ”…the consensus position of science”

    Oofda, that’s one stinky flat note, Trombone. Try clearing your spit valves.

    But you’re right to be skeptical about Spartacus. We live in a Golden Age of Deception, deploying a full crew of tricksters, charlatans, confidence men, snake-oil salesmen, patent medicine hucksters, secret agents, double agents, propagandists, media fabulists, narcissists, magicians, illusionists, schemers, plotters, and plain old liars. And they work on both the left and right (a manufactured division, by the way). Example; couple months ago a video circulated of some dude named Dr. David E. Martin giving a deposition to lawyer Reiner Fuellmich in which he claims to show patent filings years ago for elements of SARs1. There was a loud chorus of “aha!, we caught them now!

    Not so fast, guys. Here’s an interesting Twitter thread from a fellow seems to know what he’s talking about. Seems there’s a bit more to that story. And then about Dr. David E. Martin, just who is this cat? That’s an article by some astute reader examining Martin just by looking carefully over his online presence. Quote:

    ”Yes, David is doing some good in the world, but I think that’s only the skin of the potato. When I peel back the skin, I see a larger, more sinister agenda. The larger agenda always leads back to the same places — the World Bank, the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, etc.”

    He goes on to reveal a man who is a bit of a narcissistic fabulist running some sort of op’ on the fringes of the New World Order. Thinks Reiner Fuellmich is another ambitious charlatan. Interesting read, agree or not, can help develop skeptical/analytic chops. The writer himself is skeptical of “germ theory”, and that’s another fascinating rabbit hole to go down: the dispute between Pasteur’s germ theory — outside pathogens cause disease that patent medicines and surgery cure, and Antoine Béchamp’s “terrain theory” — disease is caused by environmental toxins, vitamin deficiencies, etc., and that healthy living is the cure. Interesting topic. Anyway, getting back to the main point, it’s easy to get taken with things that confirm ones own biases and become one of Briggs’s ‘theorists in love with their theories’, or one of ‘Kip’s dupes’ and so get played for a sucker.

  56. Dennis

    Hagfish: That PDF won’t let me copy and paste for some reason, but a big red flag for me in this “Omar Jordan” PDF was a few paragraphs in, where he calls the Plandemic films a “limited hangout” operation, and claims that those arguing that the virus was probably lab-created (perhaps a bio-weapon) are just part of the same deception operation and fraud as the official story that it was natural – because they all actually believe a virus exists in the first place!

    And apparently it’s not just SARS-COV-2’s existence this Omar contests. He seems to think not just that certain viruses have been overblown in terms of danger to public health, but that no viruses exist at all. Sorry, but that’s just not credible. And whatever the merits of some of his criticisms of Martin (much of it seems of the ad hominem type – I only read the first 5 pages or so; if this guy can’t summarize his argument cogently in less than a 69 page PDF, I just don’t have time or patience right now for the latest internet tome from some guy. The “Convivio” awaits on this rainy Sunday afternoon), it’s undermined by his own claim that the idea that viruses exist at all is part of “the lie they’re selling.” In this guy’s mind, it seems, everyone – even those opposed to the mainstream Covid story and devoted to exposing the various lies we have been subjected to for 19 months – is really just a part of the elaborate op. And for him it seems to come down to something like, “if you don’t believe terrain theory explains all, and that viruses simply don’t exist, then you are part of the deception, etc.”

  57. swordfishtrombone


    “Anyone who knows anything” (poisoning the well) also knows that although peer-reviewed science isn’t perfect, it’s a lot better than anonymous, unsourced online manifestos or religious texts. And in any case, the only way we can discover where science has gone wrong and correct it is by doing more science. It’s also a fallacy to imply that because some science is no good, then science itself is no good. If you don’t trust science in general, perhaps you should live by your principles and stop using the fruits of science, such as the Internet, modern medicine, and cars?

  58. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Dennis, those are not unreasonable criticisms. But some of what this guy (didn’t see a byline) writes strikes a chord. After seeing that initial video of Martin I started looking into the guy, saw some other vids with him, and became suspicious. Some things seemed off. The obvious self-promotion of a supposed superman. Things he says, like, “those of you thinking central bankers are behind this are fools, because the actual people behind it, and I mean all of it, are the life insurance people! Citing, as evidence, that at Teddy Roosevelt’s inauguration seated on the stage behind him were the executives of big life insurance companies. Huh?!

    The terrain theory vs germ theory is an interesting aside. Quite interesting to examine the history and claims made by the terrain guys. Makes you think. What if there’s no such critter as a virus and we’re dupes like Covid Cultists? Not saying I believe it all but important to be able to challenge, impartially, what you think is true against potential new evidence that may change your mind. Even if you end up dismissing still learn useful things along the way. Hmm, maybe I need to look into life insurance companies…

  59. Dennis

    Yeah I don’t know much about Martin other than the Füllmich and Plandemic videos – the things about insurance companies sounds silly (though I wouldn’t doubt they are to blame for some of the ongoing nonsense from various companies, stores, etc. who’ve been told they have to play along with Covid Theatre by liability insurance reps, etc – but not the larger Covid fraud in general).

    As for Terrain vs Germ theory, I don’t see why some version of both can’t be correct. It’s clear that environmental factors, toxins, vitamin deficiencies, exercise, diet, etc., have a great deal to do with overall health (we’ve seen that just with Covid, the extent to which simple supplements and working on fitness to build immune system and cheap over-the-counter meds like Ivermectin have shown great effectiveness in preventing or treating Covid. By far the biggest contributing factor to serious Covid is obesity, which comes down to diet and exercise). At the same time, I think there is no doubt that there are various germs and viruses that can cause illness as well (even if some have been greatly overblown by certain vested interests using fear of them to push socio-political agendas – HIV and SARS-COV-2 being the two prime examples).

    [As an aside, I also fail to see how Füllmich could be part of some nefarious agenda himself – he has nothing to gain professionally really by doing the work he’s doing – the easiest road professionally would be to support the Regime. Unless one posits, like Omar Jordan seems to do, that he is still in some way actually a nefarious part of the global Covid psy-op. There seems to be a certain segment of the online Right and dissidents of various stripes for whom nearly everyone, unless they agree with every aspect of one’s pet issues, is considered a “Fed,” “part of op,” “NWO stooge,” etc. Not that there aren’t some, but too often denunciations of people doing good work overall get thrown around a lot without evidence? An unrelated example: I don’t agree with RFK Jr on every political issue by a long way, not even opposing all vaccines – but he’s doing great work on the Covid and Covid vax issues. In this fight currently facing the world, we have to look for solid allies where we can get them, even if not all are perfect in every respect.]

    As for our buddy Swordy:
    “the only way we can discover where science has gone wrong and correct it is by doing more science.” – In charge of the same institutions and peer-review gatekeepers? LOL.

    “It’s also a fallacy to imply that because some science is no good, then science itself is no good.” – No one ever said “science itself” was no good. The fallacy is you is thinking “peer review” is in itself a magic mark of authority and trustworthiness. Again, see the Ioannidis article or the Sokal and other hoaxes that have exposed the peer-review system for the fraud it is.

    “If you don’t trust science in general, perhaps you should live by your principles and stop using the fruits of science, such as the Internet, modern medicine, and cars?” – Again, no one ever said all “science in general” or tech was no good. An, intentional misreading of what I wrote.

  60. Joy

    “@ swodfish @ Dennis’ and vice versa
    “no one ever said “science in general’
    ]They absolutely did and they do, regularly around here. Which blog have you been reading?
    You’re still relatively new, clearly.

  61. Hagfish Bagpipe

    On Feullmich (Fool Much? As our anonymous writer snarks), he thinks it may be a lawyer’s publicity stunt, perhaps to launch a career in German politics. It’s hard to see how such a legal challenge may bear fruit when the legal systems in Germany and California, where he also practices law and where he’s filing his class action lawsuit, along with Germany, are such corrupt tools of the Underdevils. If he succeeds, great, but I’m just sick and tired of getting taken in by conmen (I voted for George Bush, twice). I have heretical thoughts about Trump, too. By the way, you’re not a Fed, are you? Kidding.

  62. Dennis

    “ You’re still relatively new, clearly.”

    Yes, just fell off the turnip truck and landed here yesterday. 😉

    Hagfish: I agree it’s hard to see certain lawsuits winning because of the overall corruption of the legal system and many courts being tools of the Regime, but that doesn’t mean his motives are bad pursuing it (even if he ultimately hopes to launch a political career). And there have been sporadic wins in various courts around the world on certain issues, everywhere from Spain to Cali itself. In my own state, all of the governor’s “emergency” Covid restrictions – muzzles, school closures, business closures, etc. – were ultimately ruled illegal under state law and state Constitution (so far I’ve seen no evidence of him appealing – quite surprised; he also lost a later case on more limited new school mask mandate just weeks ago). Granted, it was too late in coming, and great damage had already been done, but it serves as a great precedent and has helped keep him on a tighter leash as scariant fear porn has ramped-up these last few months (especially when state legislature made it clear they would not approve, under new laws in place since early this year, attempt to reimpose general mandates and restrictions). So, perhaps not all recourse to courts is a lost cause yet.

  63. Joy

    Read old posts, really old ones and weep!

  64. Dennis

    This is hilarious:

    Hilarious, but also nauseating and pathetic for what it says about the state of people in this country, and the world right now, their minds utterly blasted by Covidism. A few people had “common-cold-like symptoms” for a couple days, and they act as if they’ve survived the greatest existential threat imaginable, with this emasculated soy-boy wringing his hands and wetting his pants wondering, “How do I stay alive?” when faced with such devastating common cold symptoms.

    Just pathetic. You’d think he and Karen would be ashamed to have their names and pictures associated with such a ridiculous story. But in today’s America, they probably think they’re actually among the country’s greatest heroes of all time. Those generations who survived the Spanish Flu, Great Depression, and WWII clearly can’t hold a candle to these brave people facing-down a cold.

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