Vaccine “Hesitancy” Is Caused By Hersterics, Tyrants & Midwits

Vaccine “Hesitancy” Is Caused By Hersterics, Tyrants & Midwits

We’re going to suppose, you and I dear reader, for the duration of this post, that the mRNA coronadoom vaccines work, just as hersterics, tyrants, and midwits say.

By work I mean they have about the same, or slightly greater, efficacy as the traditional flu vaccines at preventing severe illness and death. That the side effect profiles of the shots are real and about the same as with flu vaccines. That the vaccine, while still allowing infection (as all vaccines do), does not allow mutations to spread more quickly because the people with the vaccines do not realize they are infected as easily.

There are, for this post, no other medical objections to the vaccine that are valid. There are also no corporate objections. The pharmaceuticals that push their vaccines are no greedier than when they push any of their meds. Scientists who create them are no more or less altruistic than before. The vaccines work.

You must keep this securely in mind: the vaccines work. We all believe that, for this post.

There is still an excellent, indeed unassailable, reason not to take the vaccine. And this is the spittle-flecked foaming-at-the-mouth bug-eyed bug-minded bug people pushing it.

Which of us that still retains any hold on sanity and Reality would trust, for even a moment, a screeching-storming blubbery effeminate who giggles as he describes how he would hunt down and blow dart the hesitant, adding their skins to some registry, as this FDA official said?

Even though we know, and believe, that vaccines work, this repellent creature produces in us a disgust that overwhelms the trust we have in our own knowledge. We see him and ask ourselves, Is there something I don’t know that shows the vaccine doesn’t work? Why else would this profoundly disgusting man say this?

Not just him, but there are many such cases.

Take our very own Vice President, a person, it is clear, who proves the truism about racial quotas, who said, “We must protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated.”

Why, we ask ourselves. After all, the vaccines work, so the only people that need protecting are the unvaccinated. What does she know (from her betters) that she is not telling us?

Big Tech censors and cancels those who discuss side effects. Why? Are drug side effects not real? Are these somehow worse than what we have been told? What else explains the censoring? And not just for side effects, but for discussion of possibly helpful drugs, like ivermectin and even vitamins! Why worry about these if the vaccine works? After all, no vaccine is perfect, and maybe these drugs will help those in which the vaccine in ineffective. Right?

Then there is midwit “Dr” Wen, the woman who formerly made a living killing the lives inside would-be mothers. She would forbid the unvaccinated work and lock them into their homes until they die of slow starvation and loneliness. That will teach them not to listen to Experts.

The people who control Biden agree with Wen. They made him say that all sizable companies must mandate the vaccine, or harass the unvaccinated with endless, and quite useless, testing, seemingly forever.. Some in our government would forcefully vaccinate all, eliminating even the testing.

The testing is useless, dear reader, because what happens after a positive test? Nothing. If the person survives, which he almost certainly will, he will have acquired immunity. But some Experts say acquired immunity doesn’t exist, a noble lie they tell to encourage vaccinations. Why would they need to lie if the vaccines work? No, really. I’m asking: why lie? Doesn’t lying produce distrust?

Other rulers, like in France, say that no man may buy or sell without the mark. They insist that people must carry, forever and ever, for their rest of their lives, and the entire lives of their children and their children’s children, a “passport” which proves the vaccination.

Why? And why this disease and no other? Why not for flu or yellow fever, which is orders of magnitude deadlier? What is so special with this vaccination it requires an eternity of paperwork?

If the vaccines work, which we all agree they do, why do any of this? The only people at risk, with few exceptions, are the elderly unvaccinated. Further, they know the risk they take. It is their choice. Without exception the same people pushing mandatory vaccination also support assisted suicide and other bodily “choice”. What is going on?

Some say the unvaccinated cause mutations to spread more easily. Grant this. Still, the only reason mutations could be worrisome is if the vaccines don’t work against mutations. But we agree above they do work. Were we wrong?

Others say the unvaccinated are causing the “health system” to collapse, But this is false. Deaths are dropping. Anyway, doctors are always complaining they have it hard, and more and more people are becoming sick and obese from more than just a bug.

In Australia, the rulers are beating the ever-living crap out of citizens who question government policy. Why? Is there something about this vaccine that needs brutality and extortion to get people to take it? Again we ask, were we wrong about the vaccines working?

Why are people who are vaccinated still wearing masks, even when they don’t have to? Do they know something we don’t?

Then we recall the same people pushing mandatory vaccination are those who pushed mask mandates and lockdowns. We know that masks mandates don’t work and lockdowns help spread viruses, which is why deaths peak every winter when we all go inside to spread bugs. Can we really trust people who are this often and so egregiously wrong?

On and on it goes, from every direction. A Catholic church, no less, bans communion with our Lord Himself for the unvaccinated. This is very strange behavior for a vaccine that works.

Why all the unnecessary hysteria from hersterics, tyrants and Expert midwits? Why the shrill insistence that nobody dare question authority?

Do you have to force men to drink beer? Do you have to coerce women to shop? Why this terrible squeeze for a vaccine that is so wonderful? Were we wrong about it working?

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  1. Robert Yoho

    “ By work I mean they have about the same, or slightly greater, efficacy as the traditional flu vaccines at preventing severe illness and death”

    But the flu vaccine is preposterously ineffective in preventing severe illness and death. Search for Cochrane Reviews influenza vaccine. So even this hypothetical premise is ridiculous.

    These Pharma companies have ruined their own studies for decades with statistical frauds, ghostwriting, concealing sometimes half their studies (HPV vax), and other mendacities. Peter Gotzsche and Peter Rost have compared them to mobsters. They have more criminal settlements than any industry in history (see Wiki). For more, see my book Butchered by Healthcare.

  2. Sheri

    Yes, you have to coerce me to shop, at gunpoint.

    You lost me at “pretend it works. My brain just cannot go to that level of insanity.

    Robert: Nothing new here. The medicine men were always the kings, for time eternal. No matter what the fraud, it sold. After all, it’s the perfect con. No one wants to be sick.

  3. Sheri

    Oh, there are problems on the Sea of Vaccine Tranquility. BLM is calling DeBlasio’s vaccine mandate “racist”. Now, we all know they really don’t care about any of this, just want to be loud and annoying, but I don’t recall a vaccine being called “racist” before. It’s a Brave New World.

  4. spaceranger

    It’s interesting how suddenly, even after the Purdue Pharma debacle, the MSM are now accepting anything Big Pharma says as if it were carried down the mountain on stone tablets. Pfizer sends out a press release and it’s on CNN’s Chyron in minutes, with an “Expert” being interviewed to confirm everything they say is absolutely true and no alternate opinions discussed whatsoever.

  5. RF

    Control with no end is the red meat fueling the powerful elite. Billionaires can only buy so much. Some even replace astronauts in order to rule the stars. They never see any need to trickle down monies to those on Earth whose labor fuels their chosen edicts, research, or philanthropy. Politicians can only add more seniority, so rarely leave office voluntarily. Covid-19 is a never-ending Möbius strip on which the quest for more power has replaced character and truth. Tyrants are no longer afraid to show their “insides” on their “outsides.”

  6. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Briggs: ”What is going on?”


  7. Hun

    Most of the inoculation pushers are clueless. They don’t know what they are doing. That includes most people in positions of authority, like local city government officials and most doctors.

    Another group is people who are being been bribed or extorted. Bribed often directly, with money and perks and extorted mostly indirectly via thinly veiled threats to their livelihoods.

    And the most important group is the people with an agenda. This group may slightly overlap with the other two groups.
    What is the agenda? They have been hinting at it for years: A glorious world where people have been modified to love the invaders, to better focus at their work tasks and to expire long before they become a burden to others. All this can be achieved with a mRNA shot here and there, as the doctor prescribes.

  8. Rudolph Harrier

    I don’t think it can be denied at this point that we are living in a cyberpunk dystopia.

  9. GP

    That’s where you’re wrong, if this were a cyberpunk dystopia we would (ok, not we but someone) have android servants and cool cyborg parts. Unfortunately our dystopia isn’t cyberpunk.

  10. Shecky R

    I assume Matty is equally incensed by the oppressive & unnecessary corporate mandates to wear shirt, pants, and shoes to dine in various establishments… such ‘unnecessary hysteria’ from the tyrannical over clothing that not a single other creature on the planet dons… I’m doubtful they’ll even allow me in Catholic Church on Sunday without pants on!!! Oy.

  11. brad tittle

    That 3000 excess deaths a week is still running strong in the “Symptoms, signs, and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified” category. I know this might be something else, but has anyone read anything anywhere that explains it rationally without making one wonder if they are covering up something. The only place I have seen it mentioned is here by our host. He called them “unclassified”.

    The number of people dropping dead not long after they got vaccinated is getting too big to ignore. 70x the heart related deaths in people who were vaxxed with the p version. But that was someone playing games with small numbers against other small numbers…

  12. John B()

    Does any one see the vaccine fingerprint on the “Deaths From/Of/With Covid”

    Like the mask, I don’t see anything in the data

    Shecky – Take a selfie

  13. John B(S)

    Does any one see the vaccine fingerprint on the “Deaths From/Of/With Covid”?

    Like the mask, I don’t see anything in the data

    SheckieR – Take a selfie


  14. Dennis

    I see Biden is doing a third jab TV PR stunt today. It’d be a shame if he had a really bad reaction and instantly croaked on live TV. 😉 Though I also wouldn’t be surprised if it’s either a fake syringe or placebo.

  15. Robin

    “The testing is useless, dear reader, because what happens after a positive test? Nothing.”

    Yes indeed. Sharing our recent virus fighting experience (and why Briggs is correct) for anyone who is interested.

    There are three generations of us working under the same roof here. I’ve read about 1500 or so papers on COVID + Treatments, and have watched countless hours of technical presentations over the last 2 years or so.

    I decided last fall that the best course for the family was to concentrate on immunity. The very elderly member with co-morbidities got vaccinated, it was her choice, I didn’t interfere. The rest of us (4 persons) I put on a health regime, with diet, weight loss, exercise, and nutritional changes including supplements. This is a general anti-viral strategy. My wife and I are in the danger zone age-wise, so I put the two of us on a nutraceutical prophylaxis. I have one child who lives and works way from home in another city.

    All of us worked from home until about 3 months ago, the youngest took a job in a local business. I encouraged him to do so – to get back to normality. He is a very healthy and fit young man.

    He goes to work, to the gym, to climbing centres and to concerts too. An almost normal life. He caught a virus about a month ago. So I got him to take over-the-counter nutraceuticals that I keep in stock for such emergencies. We also monitored with a Pulse-Oxymeter; his sats have been fine but his heart rate was quite elevated, so I forbade him to exercise at the gym until it returned to normal.

    Now he’s fully recovered, no after affects. Went to the doctor as a follow up last week, given the OK, back to normal, work, gym, out with friends, etc.

    One of his friends, same age, same fitness level, who also came down with the same thing at the same time, and has been vaccinated, went through a very very hard time. He’s still recovering.

    He took a lateral flow test for COVID (two in fact). They were both negative. The health service here offers these for free. I found a technical paper on this specific test by Germany scientists. They concluded that a negative result is useless, and that a positive result might be OK, but generally it should not be used.

    So my son contacted his brother who lives in another city and has been vaccinated (against my advice but his choice). For the distant son, within days of his first dose he got shingles, with days of his second dose he caught COVID, got a negative result from the same lateral flow test but took a PCR test that turned out to be positive. So he recommended his younger brother take the PCR test.

    My youngest came to me and said he had scheduled a PCR test. Me, being the ultimate contrarian, said to him, as Briggs has written. “Why? It’s an invasive test, they don’t just get a sample from you, they scrape tissue (epithelial cells) from your upper sinus tracts, and if you are positive they will tell you to go home and take paracetamol” (true). The only result is that he could get a sinus infection (they are notoriously difficult to eliminate). So I told him there is only a downside to it so why bother?

    So he cancelled the PCR test.

    My wife and I, who are in the danger zone, assisted him as and when needed, several times a day. We were in contact with him regularly.

    My youngest was very worried about this, thinking we may catch it. But I told him that from what I’ve read, he’d have to cough and sneeze enough with sufficient viral load to overcome our immune system. So as long as he took regular showers, gargled, washed his hands, and kept his coughs and sneezes to himself, there would be no danger. And after a week we would not need to worry anyway, he wouldn’t be infectious.

    Nobody wears masks around the house or the neighborhood. Long story short, we never caught the virus, nor did anyone else.

    A recent publication has found that people who co-habitate with others that have the virus automatically pick up anti-bodies, almost like magic, even if they do not get sick. This is likely our status now.

    We don’t know if he had COVID, we know that the Doctor diagnosed him with a viral infection. His symptoms were not like COVID but his vaccinated friend’s symptoms were exactly like COVID. With Delta variant, there are lots of different potential responses. For some people, it is no more than hay fever like symptoms.

    Just our 2c worth for anyone who wants to know.

  16. Eric Brown

    Does anybody know what’s actually going on in Idaho? I see lots of fearmongering, but precious little actual data.

  17. JH


    Vaccine “Hesitancy” Is Caused By Hersterics, Tyrants & Midwits

    Caused by her-sterics! *sigh*

    Are you saying those who hesitate to get vaccinated are stupid or smart or easily influenced or unmanly (i.e., take ownership of your own choices)? Sometimes, it is hard to tell whether you are trashing your perceived foes or fellow comrades.

  18. Briggs


    Hersterics is, as I’ve said before, like herstory, an enlightened spelling of history favored by those who don’t want to be accused of misogyny. Hersterics is the enlightened, woke spelling of hysterics.

  19. Johnno

    Well you see, there is a PLAN ladies and gentlemen.

    A GRAND one!

    The plan has seen logistical delays…

    Currently the target for completing the PLAN is around 2030.

    If the plan is not completed, Babel will fall, you understand? This is about completing the tower’s construction, and all the global unfrastructure around it. No, I did not misspell infrastructure. Unfrastructure requires a great dismantling and the extermination of many undesirables. This makes things more efficient, see? It helps the planet heal, you understand? Wouldn’t life be a lot happier if beaches were less crowded? We need space. Social distancing. Less tourism. This helps enjoy the beach. This means more available reservation slots at fancy restaurants, yes? Less congestion on roads. We can all drive at 100mph in our robot vehicles while watching Netflix. Less of everything means more for everyone else. The robots will fill in the gaps. You spend your whole life travelling. Lots of empty available homes everywhere. You just walk in and stay there. Everything free. Own nothing. Have everything. Only a minority of underclass will have to work. But they will also be happy or at least content even if they don’t get all the perpetual benefits. But they will be allocated two weeks of vacation during which time they may safely remove their masks also taste the fruit of such benefits. Then work eagerly waiting for their reward the next year! Partaking and treated as one of the maskless elite!

    They have worked out the math. There is a benefit/cost on each human life. They have figured out the right ratio for paradise.

    But who gets chosen?

    The vexxine system is the great lottery. You win some, you lose often. That’s how it goes chaps. Those who receive the shot are worthy to spin the wheel. The unfaithful will be eliminated, because if paradise is to work, you need to be obedient and conform yourselves to the will of the gods of New Olympus, at the zenith of the Tower’s top floor. Otherwise you shall be cast outside the walls of paradise where there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    This is a story about faith.

    Faith in the government.
    Faith in the media.
    Faith in the technology.
    Faith in the medicine.
    Faith in the church of anti-christ scientist.

    Throw away your patriarchial white supremicist ideas on scientific rigour,logic and facts and consistency and outdated systems of fairness. It will be your undoing. You do not need to understand or comprehend the great mysteries of the message. You need to feel it with your heart. Maybe, quite literally with myocarditis. Maybe it will stop altogether. But that stoppage is love!

    These are loving vexxines. They make you feel good in the taking of them. Not in the practical effects, which are superficial. To focus on them is for the hard hearted and stubborn, the ones who think they’ll be saved by their own actions, and not through the salvific power of the love that only the state can give you. Think of all those amongst the body of the people who have sacrificed themselves willingly in the great lottery to save just one life! Oh, they would all do it again! Some still are. Twice. Three times. Now, even four! They are saints. They are part of the body of the state; those whose wills are aligned with it. So it is just as simple as to say that it has been the state all along who has suffered to save you!

    Heed dear children, the sacraments of the State! Receive it’s needles! Keep safe within its four walls without the threats from outside. Be grateful for its loving rubber bullets. Be all in this together under the comforting shadow of its wings, its talons, its razor beak. Its huggable tentacles. Its several eyes that see far and wide.

    Oh give thanks to the State for it is good! Its mercy endures forever! I have seen the light! It has been calling me closer and closer ever since 15 minutes ago when I received my first dose of Pfizer! I am departing for a better place! Reset the world upon my bones! Tik tok the children all that I have done for them. Venerate my memory – here is a man who listened and heeded the fact-checks and did his moral duty for the advancement of the queendom. I did it all for you!

  20. JH

    Hersterics is, as I’ve said before, like herstory, an enlightened spelling of history favored by those who don’t want to be accused of misogyny. Hersterics is the enlightened, woke spelling of hysterics.

    Right… as if revising the spelling would magically change who you are or how you behave.

    I think you might be suffering from some sort of HE-steria… you know, manly spelling of hysteria.

  21. Cookie

    Oil is the big news, prices up because contracts cannot be met.

    This is the real reason for scamdemic…we are running out of oil.

    This is a big change as we will not be able to feed the world, wars are inevitable.

  22. Dennis

    JH must be new here if he read Briggs’ headline (or the article itself) as a criticism of the unvaccinated. “Hesitant” was in scare quotes for a reason. Or is JH just trolling?

    And considering the etymology, strictly speaking men can’t suffer from hysteria, though I’m sure some po-mo “gender” activists and trannies would argue otherwise, since they also claim some “men” have a uterus 😉

  23. Sheri

    JH is a she and is definately not new here. She just does not comment often.

  24. Briggs

    JH, I’ll explain during office hours.

  25. Rudolph Harrier

    For those who respond better to images, here is a nice little chart I pulled from the VAERS database:

    Unfortunately VAERS doesn’t list what the things a percent of and you can’t put that in yourself. These are tracking the death events associated with each vaccine. I think it’s pretty striking to see things this way to put into perspective you much COVID vaccine deaths dominate all other vaccine deaths.

  26. Johnno

    JH is very upset… because as is typical of hersterical lefties, they can’t take nor comprehend puns, humor nor jokes. They require the canned laughter track to tell them when something is funny. What’s funny here is JH managing to explain it well enough that changing spelling or language in order to change people doesn’t actually work, hence Brigg’s humorous transitioning of he and his into hers, just to trigger the committed out there of imagine it does, with additiinal shockwaves by coupling her (associated with a minor protected political category of people) to a perjorative word. Much like mansplaining. Did JH protest then?

  27. Dennis

    She. My bad. Definitely hysterical. 😉

    Rudolph: Here’s a site with some handy VAERS data summaries too, through 9/17 (it’s updated every week, so I assume 9/23 numbers will be posted soon).

    Page 2 of the PDF has graphs of vaccine deaths per year since VAERS began and and cumulative deaths of all vaccines versus deaths from Covid jabs. Laid out in a bit better format than that other one.

    Any other vaccines for any previous virus or disease with that death and adverse event profile would’ve been pulled from market long ago, and some Big Pharma execs and govt regulators hauled before not only Congress but criminal courts as well. Absolutely criminal what is being done in the name of Covid – and the jabs are just one aspect of it all.

  28. philemon

    Cookie: “This is the real reason for scamdemic…we are running out of oil.

    “This is a big change as we will not be able to feed the world, wars are inevitable.”

    Cookie, we have been “running out of oil” since 1956 according to scare-mongers. The war racket, which relies on oil, has been on-going all throughout any “oil crisis” you think happened. Lots of wars. They weren’t necessarily inevitable, but they happened anyway. (Ahem, propaganda…)

    It’s like the CIA always claiming that they have “mind-control” technology. They want you to believe it, but it’s a bunch of baloney. The only thing remotely like “mind-control” they have is propaganda. If you don’t buy the propaganda, you will remain sane.

    Dennis: “Any other vaccines for any previous virus or disease with that death and adverse event profile would’ve been pulled from market long ago, and some Big Pharma execs and govt regulators hauled before not only Congress but criminal courts as well. Absolutely criminal what is being done in the name of Covid – and the jabs are just one aspect of it all.”

    But Dennis, don’t you think vaccine passports are such a good idea?/sarc

  29. Dennis

    After all the jabbed die off from ADE and other long-term effects, we won’t need passports.

    The UnVaxxed shall inherit the earth.

  30. philemon

    Well, I’m hoping it won’t come to that. Passports are stupid.

    I know many vexxined people who only took the clot-shot because they needed to travel for their jobs, even though they had medical people in their family who were skeptical, and completely understood why other people were skeptical as well.

    Let’s not give in to the Schadenfreude.

  31. Johnno

    Ah yes… ‘peak-oil.’ With all the hersterics of global warming/climate change.

    What many get confused about is that peak oil doesn’t mean oil will run out. It means oil prices will plateau and tank because there is too much of it, or that the rise of different sources of energy and providers other than Saudi Arabia will mean oil as a commodity will be in less demand and also in price decline. Which is good news for us and horrible horrible news for Aramco, Exxon, Royal Dutch Shell, Crown Prince Mohammad and the rest of the barrel gang.

    But don’t worry. They are also investing in green energy, which they are pushing hard for your government to prefer their product and kill off the other new startups in fracking and gas. Many green energy projects that also happen to need oil… So line up to pay more for green energy to make up for the oil profit shortfall!

    Cookie is wrong. If anything the oil barons want more of us around consuming their product. So oil quantities aren’t why they are killing us. It’s just that their utopian prison system has a capacity limit.

    As I explained, their motives have a religious conviction. Don’t believe me? Listen to them!

  32. Jim G

    Spartacus the Biochemist explains how COVID-19 works and covers the spiky details. This appears to be a very good scientific analysis of the whole mess, but there is always the possibility of inaccurate information. It names all the various biological pathways it can mess you up. I’m not a biochemist, but it makes quite a bit of sense from my experience and if only half is true we are really cronadoomed. The PDF download no longer works, possibly due to excessive downloads and not censorship. Perhaps Briggs can provide an opinion on accuracy, although statistics is not biochemistry. Plenty of reasons to shun the vaccine.

  33. @Jim G,
    That article is mostly correct. If I am remembering correctly, the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system is ACE 1, not 2; but overlap is possible.

  34. JH

    Johnno, do you get Shecky’s humor? I bet not. Why? Because as is typical of he-sterical rightist, you cannot take nor comprehend puns, humor nor jokes. You require the canned laughter track to tell you when something is funny. What’s funny here is that Johnno attempts to explain Briggs’s pejorative attitude. Downright mansplaining.

    Denny, trannies? Some people believe some transgender people claim some “men” have a uterus. Ah, I see, scare quotes are for inside jokes and would make people appear funny and dandy. Just like “I am just joking” makes everything OK.

    I sure enjoy taking a jab at Briggs. I will have more free time after October. Expect more trolling from me. I forgot how fun this can be.

  35. Briggs


    Email me for tips on how to survive after they fire you in October.

  36. Johnno

    What’s funny here is that Johnno attempts to explain Briggs’s pejorative attitude. Downright mansplaining.

    Amen and Awomen!

  37. JH

    Briggs, me being fired in October? I just got a raise, why would they fire me? Your imagination or your wish-casting is running wild. You would be disappointed less frequently if you could control your wishcasting. Anyway, even if I were fired. I would be fine. No worries, my dear friend.

  38. Briggs


    A raise? Well then you could hire me with the excess funds.

  39. Dennis

    “Shecky’s humor.” Now that’s funny!

  40. Dennis

    So Fraudci’s upped the ante to “Dark Bad Winter” from Biden’s merely “Dark Winter” of last year! Oooohhhhh, scarrryyy! Funny too how flu magically disappeared last year, but now he speaks of Covid being “conflating with an influenza season.” Sounds like predictive programming (just like he knew in 2017 that a “pandemic” would occur during Trump’s Presidency).

    Just more Regime scare tactics. It’ll only be a “Dark Winter” to the extent people want it to be by continuing to play along with the Covid Con Game and pointless Public Health Theatre.

  41. Dennis

    Strike “being” in line 3 above. Stupid proofreading failure. Need an edit button.

  42. Joy

    …line 2? the comment box reformats the text so lines break differently.
    An edit button would solve an awful lot of problems but then if you’re in the business of selling solutions…

    Some genius software engineer needs to write a better generic product where editing is allowed. That would sort the good from bad once and for all.
    How about a game where a discussion is set and people may delete or edit their own comment, perhaps ltd to several hundred characters.

    Swordfish would be genius at it but wouldn’t need to edit, really.
    So the team that wins has to do less editing and the final “discussion” is left for all to see where the truth lies in a given argument.
    That would really be cool.
    I see a new on line intellectual game might be born from such a webpage. Count me out but it would be a fun read and fun in general.

  43. Dennis

    Hmmm…it seems the lines change depending which device I’m viewing on. Smaller screen squishes lines.

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