It Was A Situation For Despair: Corruption In The Pharmaceuticals — Guest Post by Robert Yoho

It was a situation for despair, but there was no alternative but to keep one’s nerve.

–Colonel Heinz-Gunther Guderian, a Panzer commander facing the Allied invaders on D-day


I recently published Butchered by “Healthcare”, a book about how medicine has degenerated over the past 20 years. The corporations have been marketing drugs that barely worked or did not work. They gained power by spreading fear and disease-mongering. The covid story is a continuation of the same modus writ large and with astonishing chutzpah. The following is how the parts fit together. The other players in the scrum—the media, the tech companies, and the politicians—have motives related to the Pharma corporations.

How does the money go around?

With the best of intentions, we rained money out of the sky on our healthcare system. Per capita, our medical spending became twice that of any other developed nation. The total is about the same as our federal government’s spending. More precisely, our $4 trillion of medical outlay is bigger than federal tax collections but smaller than total federal spending, which now includes money they never collected. This makes healthcare by far the biggest and most influential lobby in Congress. Despite all this, about half of our medical services are useless or damaging. This is not academically controversial.

Two tech companies, Apple and Google (Alphabet), now have market capitalizations bigger than our annual federal government spending. Their recent influence-flexing, along with others of their ilk, reflect this newfound wealth.

Fifty to seventy percent of US citizens have been convinced to take prescription drugs—more than anywhere else. Big pharma’s worldwide gross revenues are $1.3 trillion, much more than the GDPs of most countries, and it obtains about 40 percent of its revenues and 75 percent of its profits from the US.


Pharmaceutical corporations violate more criminal laws than any industry in history, as measured by their criminal settlements with US federal prosecutors. The top 22 drugmaker payoffs since 2004 have their own Wikipedia page of shame.

Peter Rost, former Pfizer marketing vice president, compared the drugmakers to mobsters:

It’s scary how many similarities there are between this industry and the mob…obscene amounts of money…killings and deaths…[bribing] politicians and others…The difference is, all these people in the drug industry look upon themselves…as law-abiding citizens…However, when they get together as a group…It’s almost like when you have war atrocities; people do things they don’t think they’re capable of…because the group can validate what you’re doing as okay. —From The Whistleblower: Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman

Their attitude toward the doctors—and the rest of us—is exemplified by Harry Loynd, who was responsible for promoting chloramphenicol, an antibiotic that caused aplastic anemia and killed many children. He said, “If we put horse manure in a capsule, we could sell it to 95 percent of these doctors.” He stopped promoting the drug only after it went off patent and became less profitable.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been entirely a creature of Pharma since the early 2000s when the bulk of its revenues began to be paid directly by these corporations. This happened when “user fees,” billed during the patent process, were implemented. After this happened, the FDA started to regard the pharmaceutical companies as clients rather than entities to be regulated. Currently, if the FDA refuses to approve a drug, they might have trouble making payroll. This transformed them into another lackey in Pharma’s marketing department.

Since this time, the FDA and Pharma working together have shamelessly faked the studies required for drug patents. Peter Gotzsche, one of the founders of Cochrane Reviews, wrote, “The pervasive scientific misconduct has led to a research literature where one has to dig deeply to find the few gems among all the garbage.” He was referring to statistical manipulation, hiding studies that do not promote drug marketing, use of contract research groups in other countries, and many other frauds (also see Ben Goldacre’s Bad Pharma and the BMJ editorial from July 2021, “Time to assume that health research is fraudulent until proven otherwise?“).

The medical journals, even the most prestigious ones, are also now entirely in the service of the medical industry. Ninety-five percent of their articles are written by corporate ghostwriters. Journal editors, who should be the ultimate scientific referees, are paid tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year directly by the companies. Cicero said it best, “Nothing is so strongly fortified that it cannot be taken with money.” These academics, however qualified and decorated, are only human and are shilling for their paymasters.

Currently, “conflicts of interest” are declared by those who write the literature and publish the medical standards. Unfortunately, this does not cleanse the filth from the process. In government or law, issues like these could result in firing or even criminal prosecution. In healthcare, they are ignored.

Sophisticated observers can easily find study frauds in published manuscripts. For example, there were obvious omissions in the recent covid vaccine papers. The hospitalization rate—a vital metric—was absent in some reports, and the study groups chosen were skewed toward younger people who invariably have benign outcomes because the severe variants of the disease attack primarily elders.

One of my brilliant friends who read all the available studies said that he thought the vaccine probably had some utility and possibly even saved lives, but that he could not be sure without seeing the complete data. I prefer Frederick Nietzsche’s interpretation, “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” We have been lied to again and again by these companies, as their criminal records attest. If the vaccines had a net benefit, the studies would have included all the data.

Despite the wall of lies and the data distortion, some believe that the vaccine saves lives overall. It does, however, cause substantial harms and many fatalities. Our reporting system for vaccine complications and fatalities is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). To document a problem, a form that takes 45 minutes to fill out must be submitted. This is an obstacle for overwhelmed physicians. We now have 16,000 deaths that made it into this record. The problem is that only when demise occurs within a few days of the vaccine are we sure there is a relationship. The result is that under-reporting for the entire database is possibly a hundred-fold. The best estimates of under-reporting of actual deaths is by a factor of three. The total is horrific. Past vaccines have been yanked from the market after fifty (50) fatalities or less.

My Covid Story

When I heard the first vaccine had “95 percent efficacy,” I thought it was a joke. I knew that the industry’s primary vaccine moneymakers over the past 20 years were nearly useless. The one for influenza was a failure considering the costs and the minuscule benefits (see Cochrane reviews for meta-analyses). And the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine was rejected by Japanese regulators because half the studies were concealed. These must have shown that it did not work. Despite this, it is used universally in Europe and the US, where the Pharma companies are more powerful.

My suspicions were confirmed when I found the vaccine was not a true vaccine. According to the accepted definition. Rather than rename this concoction something like the “unvaccine,” the authorities changed the definition of a vaccine. Unlike getting covid, this unvaccine conferred no immunity!

The limited post-market studies seemed to show some modest decrease in disease activity, for only two to four months. If you believe the marketing hype, it must be given to everyone in the world, twice or thrice or more. This makes it possibly the most profitable drug in history. The psychiatrists and their psych drug companies are amateurish by comparison. They have managed to only get 17 percent of us using their drugs.

A horrific story soon emerged. We had inexpensive, proven treatments for viral illnesses that also worked for covid. These drugs were some of the most harmless ever invented, and billions of doses have been used in humans. Despite my background researching these companies, I only became fully red-pilled about their mendacity when I learned that a combination of simple medications reduced total deaths by at least 80-85 percent.

Of the 700,000 US deaths attributed to the illness by early October 2021, more than 500,000 might have been prevented. The blood was on the hands of those concealing the therapies to sell the vaccine. My favorite tech company, Google, whose original motto was “Do no evil,” (since changed) and its beloved YouTube, was the center of the censoring apostasy. Who benefits? Pharma has a powerful motive to pay them—using our healthcare money—to change truth to lies. Why is this happening? Because experimental drugs are unethical and likely illegal to market when there are alternative therapies that work. These companies, along with a host of other players abetting the fraud, are so deep in this atrocity that backing down would be an admission of genocide.

Who else benefits from this? I have never respected journalists or expected anything from their media. They gutlessly reflect whatever is going on and sell advertising by taking advantage of any controversy or anxiety. And the politicians have used and magnified this wave of troubles for their own ends. I find it hard to fathom that the destruction of our nation, our rule of law, or our productivity benefits any of these players, even in the intermediate term, but there it is.

Yoho is a physician. You can obtain his Butchered by “Healthcare” anywhere books are sold. Go to his website to access half of the audio version and more.

Bonus: Covid & Vaccine References That Can Save Your Life

The linked video is long but crucial. The physician in the video, Peter McCullough, is a famed academic. He says that 85 percent of covid fatalities would be prevented by ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D, and other treatments used early and in combination. It is unethical and illegal to experiment instead of using effective treatments. This coverup promotes the profitable “vaccine.”

Treatment resources and legal help: AAPS Covid Patient Guide, Truth for Health, America’s Frontline Doctors.

Ivermectin is safe and effective for covid. It is being slammed by a wall of lies. See this. Also, see podcasts at and here.

To get involved, here is a practical path.

Briggs Pops In I’m hijacking Yoho’s post to bring you this important commercial message, which has the best statistical take I’ve ever seen.

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  1. I was a kind of ‘disciple’ of psychiatrist David Healy, who was uncovering this stuff from The Antidepressant Era (1998) onward; culminating in Pharmageddon (2012 – about all of medicine) which are all superb.

    He also documented the extent and quantitative influence of ghosted papers from very early: although it was slow and difficult to publish even this, and the information appeared in a much censored form.

    When one goes into specific detail – it is clear that serious problems go right back into the 1960s; as I found with teh ‘SSRI’ (Prozac-type) ‘antidepressants’:

  2. “Fifty to seventy percent of US citizens have been convinced to take prescription drugs—more than anywhere else.” Is that for needed or not needed? Insulin is vital, psoriasis is not (it’s sold as a cosmetic drug on commercials—run around naked with this drug—show your skin). A misleading statistic you gave.

    The Wiki page shows us why people are dying of Covid—no off label usage. I hope that was your point, because that’s what came across.

    Only 17% using psychiatric drugs? Seems a very low estimate…..One rarely mentions that said drugs were designed as chemical straightjackets so people could be put out of institutions and back on the street. I guess that could be upsetting to some.

    Insurance and pharmacy negotiation boards add to this mess. You can’t just sell a drug for a given price. It’s regulated beyond belief. “Cash” prices vary and your hands are tied on what you can charge.

  3. Their lust for injecting children, who are not at risk for covid, with their poison jab, is utterly demonic.


    Apparently, the vaccine is 40% effective and takes four shots. Killing mosquitos was quite effective until the hatred for “chemicals” destroyed that option. Interesting that chemicals can be shot into and pumped into humans, but you can’t kill deadly bugs with them….It’s almost like the regulators want dead humans.

  5. Pfizer just began its clinical trial to examine the safety and effectiveness of its Covid-19 vaccine for children a few months ago — in March. It is due to be completed in June 2024. Moderna also started its clinical trial examining the safety and effectiveness of its vaccine for children in March. It’s due to be completed in June 2023.

    Since when do medical professionals and regulatory bodies use a press release to make medical decisions, especially about vaccines given to healthy people, which command the most conservative and diligent safety and risk profile? There are no published results in peer-reviewed journals. It is irresponsible of any medical professional to recommend a vaccine based on a press release!

  6. Sheri
    October 8, 2021 at 9:24 am

    Brilliant comment

    No chemicals in the “environment”, but we’ve always had a passion for them in our bodies

  7. Excellent post. Hospitals are now becoming Houses of Satan, where lies abound and “health” workers are rewarded for creating misery and death. The few brave souls who speak out–like Dr. McCullough–face censorship and abuse from their Satanic peers.

  8. Anyone unsure of Yoho’s assertions can look up Ambien. That this stuff is on the market at all is scary. I took it a couple years ago for a sleep problem, and it caused me actual hallucinations, paranoid delusions, and such erratic behavior that I almost ruined a couple of friendships. I started looking it up on-line, and found tons of horror stories. An acquaintance took the stuff, went out and drove in a total blackout, and was involved in an accident. He didn’t find this out until he woke up with his car missing. I learned that this was not uncommon for Ambien. Sleep tight, right?


  9. Drugs are killing more people than ever around the world….problem is they are the prescription drugs.

    One of the most profitable drugs in the world Statins have marginal benifit at best but nearly everyone is put on them at some stage in their life…the drug companies were even trying to get them added to the water supply.

    In Australia the “public” broadcasters popular show Quantum was pulled as they did a number of controversial shows on Statins and other subjects, it has returned as a sterile shadow of its former self.

  10. If the trials are not scheduled for completion until 2024, the US government will not stop the COVID panic until 2025 at the earliest.

  11. The key thing about the jabs still being in trials is that no matter what the FDA calls them – EUA, “approved,” etc (at this point their various designations are clearly purely political) – they are still experimental in the most basic sense, and any attempt to force or coerce people into taking them (whether by government itself, or outsourced to corporations and other employers, like Biden is trying to do) is a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code and countless other basic human rights principles and laws. No drug still in trials should ever receive either full or partial “approval,” and it has long been clear these should never have received EUAs either (the entire basis for the EUAs was totally fraudulent).

  12. Dennis, yes, it’s concerning that psychotic, sociopathic, mass-murdering pieces-of-shit are attacking us, but, we can still do the passo doble

    All is not lost.

  13. Unfortunately, the TRUE reality is much worse. It isn’t simply a matter of “A Situation For Despair” due to “Corruption In The Pharmaceuticals.” This view is short-sighted, misguided, and misleading.

    It is and long has been “A Situation For Despair” because a bunch of psychopaths are governing big businesses (eg official medicine), nations and the world and that the Covid Scamdemic is a VERY DESTRUCTIVE WAR AGAINST NON-RULING PEOPLE EVERYWHERE — you and I. But that’s only ONE part of the equation.

    The true, WHOLE, but “politically inconvenient” and “culturally forbidden” reality is more encompassing. Review “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective  & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” by Rolf Hefti at

    Without a proper understanding, and full acknowledgment, of the true WHOLE problem and reality, no real constructive LASTING change is possible for humanity.

    For people to GET to FIGHT against their destruction through Covid jabs they first need to have a proper grasp of the nature of the world they live in (ie, the need to “see the light” first) because if they do they will be MOTIVATED to fight.

    “Finding individuals who can think for themselves now is like finding diamonds in a sewer.” (Unknown)

  14. Dennis, that’s a good rig. When you wear it, work on your carriage, and the way you walk, to make it convincing. You are a bull (shit) fighter, and you face down death, and dopes, with perfect equanimity, every day. Olé.

  15. Thanks for the pep talk. Once I’m properly kitted-out, I’ll change my handle to Don Dionicio. 🙂

  16. “…the study groups chosen were skewed toward younger people who invariably have benign outcomes because the severe variants of the disease attack primarily elders…”

    Something I have been pointing out for more than a year now, is that “the environment” contributes at least as much to deadliness of Covid as the vulnerability of the individuals infected. Nursing homes do not just house the most vulnerable people, they are the most deadly environments in the whole pandemic.

    It should have been obvious long ago that the severity of Covid infection correlates strongly to the DOSE of viruses inhaled – aerosols. The orthodoxy that spread is by contact and expelled large droplets and infected surfaces, is flat wrong. This leads to the absurd assumption that multiple people touch an infected doorknob, most of whom are asymptomatically infected, but someone dies after a cytokine storm and blood clots on the lungs. In fact, deaths and severe illnesses are overwhelmingly concentrated among people who had high exposure to built-up aerosolized virus indoors.

    The DOSE of inhaled viruses then is dependent on the duration you are present in the environment with infectious air, multiplied by the concentration of viruses in the air. The latter depends on air space per person, ventilation, and the duration that infectious persons were present exhaling; and also the vigor with which they were exhaling (singing, shouting, and puffing and panting with exertion, are major multipliers).

    Nursing homes are almost the only environment in which viruses can build up indefinitely because the persons becoming infected and then shedding virus themselves, are there 24/7. Only prisons are comparable. Apartment blocks with internally recirculated air are a problem especially when the residents are locked down. Crowded housing under conditions where ventilation is reduced due to outdoors temperatures or pollution or weather conditions, are also a problem.

    Meat packing plants and cool stores are obviously associated with occupational risk because there is minimal air exchange / ventilation.

    Seemingly mysterious cases of severe illness simply need better detective work (which is non existent) to determine where was the unrecirculated air that the victim was breathing for too long, even in one corner of one floor of a business. People whose lives revolve around a small apartment, crowded bars and cafes, nightclubs, the gym, and a poorly ventilated workplace, have been obvious candidates for risk.

    Back to the vaccine “trials”. These make no attempt at all to control for severity of infection and the efficacy of the vaccine when really challenged. The problem that is even worse than the exclusion of “the elderly”, is the exclusion of “nursing home residents”. The famous exponentially greater deadliness of Covid for “the elderly” is actually a serious error of conceptualization; the risk level for independently-living and healthy elderly in spacious suburban homes is barely any higher than that for younger people. The death data from nursing homes drags the rate up for “all elderly”.

    A real vaccine trial would involve the subjects, who should be as young and healthy as possible, living in a poorly ventilated environment 24/7, into which known infected persons at viral “shedding” stage should be introduced for short periods. I would bet my bottom dollar that the vaccines would fail this test miserably and the trial subjects infected under these conditions would require swift removal from that environment and the best medical treatment to avert their potential death.

    Unfortunately the platform on which I was making arguments centred on the error cascade resulting from the false “contact, droplets, surfaces” orthodoxy,, recently cancelled me permanently for daring to make the argument I have just posted in this comment. So much for genuine – and needed – scientific enquiry.

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