How We Know For Certain Biden Is Losing It

How We Know For Certain Biden Is Losing It

Here’s what the Mayo clinic says about dementia, a sad fate of many aged people:

People may experience [these symptoms]:

Cognitive: mental decline, confusion in the evening hours, disorientation, inability to speak or understand language, making things up, mental confusion, or inability to recognize common things

Behavioral: irritability, personality changes, restlessness, lack of restraint, or wandering and getting lost

Mood: anxiety, loneliness, mood swings, or nervousness

Psychological: depression, hallucination, or paranoia

Muscular: inability to combine muscle movements or unsteady walking

Also common: memory loss, falling, jumbled speech, or sleep disorder

None of this is funny, and I don’t intend to joke about it.

I make no definite claim about any specific disease of Biden’s. I am not a diagnostician. Yet it is clear he is somewhere on the spectrum of symptoms listed here.

He has not descended to the worst place: he still functions. They hide him away at night. He naps with visitors. He can read the teleprompter, as long as its not too taxing. They even, as we saw recently, constructed a special theatrical stage for him to ease his mind, and make access to the teleprompter certain and unobtrusive.

He cannot answer unscripted questions, or be without the prompter, though, or his earpiece. His minders often break up meetings as Biden is about to display too much weakness. If they were not so vigilant it would be much, much worse.

The cliche is right: he’s not getting any younger. He won’t be improving.

Now I don’t care about the details or our “diagnosis lite”. Maybe the earpiece is real, and maybe it isn’t. Things like that are not especially interesting.

It is perfectly clear, however, that he is not all there. He is more there than some of his most passionate critics hope, I think, but he is not if full health.

The question is how long they can keep him propped up. There is never a steady decrease in functioning with dementia, but good days and bad, all superposed on a gradual decline. His fading abilities won’t be as easy to notice if you stare too hard daily. It’s like the inverse of watching a child grow. You never see it happening unless you don’t see it happen. Grandparents see it easier than parents.

Same thing here. His minders won’t be as quick to recognize slips. They’ll look at his better days like a golfer looks at his best scores and says to himself “This is how good I am”, failing to understand he is better described by his average. Day to day it will not seem to the minders that Biden has lost much, or anything. This means they might wait too long before acting.

The rest of the world will peg right in, though. It may not be clear to you and I, dear reader, who is really in charge, if anybody specifically. Yet what we can’t see is plain to other rulers. Because the true power is somewhat occult, it will be easier for these foreign rulers and other actors to manipulate it. Behind-the-scenes deals will become even more common.

There is also this. In an Expertocracy, a form of formal and informal government in which I am firmly convinced we are in, there is no central authority. There are oligarchical “hot spots”, which sometimes compete and sometimes cooperate. These are matched by regional (on-line space counts) organizations of Experts.

This means that it’s not important any one man be in charge, for no one man could be. That in turn implies Biden can last much longer than when the Presidency was a real imperial position.

This much is pure opinion: I would rather have these secret overlords rule than they put The Cackler on the shrunken throne. I am radio man from way back and love the human voice. But not hers. It pierces through to my pineal gland, sounding like a cross between an blood-soaked Hindu goddess and banshee.

Seems to me, too, that they would have to do a lot more damage control with The Cackler than with Biden. She is in firm control of her meager intellectual abilities. And that’s what’s frightening. Nobody, except for Equality-blinded effeminates would want her as President.

Again, however, I am willing to admit I could be wrong about that. Maybe she’ll turn out to be just wonderful.

But one thing we can be certain about: Biden is losing it.

If you’re not already convinced because of the manifest evidence in favor of that proposition, here’s one more piece you likely did not see. Because, like that dog that didn’t bark at night, it’s not there to be seen.

It’s that the usual crew is not out “debunking” and disputing claims that Biden is losing it.

They just keep silent—and hope the decline doesn’t grow too alarming.

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  1. Sheri

    MOST Americans experience the symptoms stated (except the physical ones, maybe). It’s what happened to our country. Take away their ice cream, iphones and HULU and they are toast.

    We knew Biden had dementia when he was hiding in the basement. NO ONE CARED. Why can’t you understand that??????

    Biden CAN answer unscripted questions. They DO NOT WANT him to do so.

    We DO NOT CARE what other leaders see. How hard is that to understand?????? Have you been checked for dementia lately?

    Kamala has to hire child actors for an audience. She is that stupid and incompetent.

    As for this happening, how do you see an Incan Empire, an Aztec Empire, or a Roman Empire??? Things go to hell all the time. It’s how humans work. It appears humans are begging to go to hell right now.

  2. No Remorse No Quarter

    No sympathy for Long March burn it all down better CPUSA comrades.

  3. Johnno

    Biden is handles by the same fortiying invisible committee that ran around Trump, and handled Obama, Bush, and every other President for the last couple of decades. It’s easy when the entire population is conditioned to disassociate itself from conspiracy facts! Once the population is programmed to accept men as women it is all over.

  4. swordfishtrombone


    Once the population is programmed to accept men as women it is all over.

    Once the population is programmed to accept a first century Jew came back from the dead to save us all from the effects of a woman eating an apple after a snake told her to, it is all over. (There, fixed it for ya!)

  5. Lady Jane

    Dementia is no joke, but Biden has become a caricature of his arrogant deceptive character, manipulating others for gain, inc his own son, while being manipulated by the machinery of debased experts.
    Reminds me of Norm MacDonald’s Cranky Old Man ventriloquist dummy. We’re the dummies if we don’t get a grip on reality in true Faith & freedom.

  6. GP

    Sure, if you count incoherent rambling as answering

  7. Shecky R

    Interesting that you never attempted to diagnose the orange, whore-loving, Russian-controlled turd/fraud that preceded him… food for thought.

  8. Joy

    Between Johnno and sworfish, we never stood an earthly…

  9. Rudolph Harrier

    Mr. trombone is a great example of why atheists cannot preserve anything. They are only able to resist Christians specifically. I suppose that for a brief period of time they were able to resist Muslims (Dawkins certainly tried) but since the leftists declared that resisting Muslims was “Islamophobia” and atheists are unable to resist leftists, the point became moot pretty quickly.

    Atheists in biology departments were great at holding the line when it came to fighting creationists. But they didn’t even try to fight the people asking “is there really any biological difference between a man and a woman?” Similarly you now have people saying “isn’t ‘experimental science’ just a bunch of white imperalism?” and atheists in the science departments won’t lift a finger to resist, even though their whole discipline is on the line. In ten years they will have completely thrown own their curriculum and will be ranting about white privilege and the like in their classes, even if they are called “Physics,” “Chemistry,” etc. in the bulletin. But they’ll pat themselves on the back for “defending science” because nobody is talking about God in their classrooms. (Or, at least, not the Christian God.)

  10. Johnno

    Ah swordfish… there you have it folks! From the guy who agrees that:
    – Herd immunity is suicidal
    – His grandparents would be better off practicing anal sodomy than risking pregnancy complications.
    – That anal sex is an ingenius use of a human appendage on par with putting your foot to the accelerator pedal of an automobile.
    – That anything at all is acceptable between consenting -adults- in the bedroom, ANYTHING! Nothing can go wrong! Wait… maybe not anything… I didn’t mean it that way! Don’t put words in my mouth, shut up!

    And now (to no one’s surprise)…


    I wonder what set trumbump off this time… was it the latest Dave Chappelle special?

  11. Joy

    Biden’s not losing it because he never had it to start with
    It bodes well for the mid term elections, no?
    You’d think?

  12. Joy

    Swordfish’s comment was comedy

  13. Briggs

    Interesting our paid shill did not attempt to defend Biden’s intellect. (They’re going to cut your rate Shecky)

  14. Dennis

    The decline has been obvious for nearly two years to those not blinded by Leftist partisanship. Clearly noticeable even in just the few months between the start of the primaries the general election. He’s not all there, and clearly not the one really calling the shots. But, in addition to his WH minders, the mainstream media runs cover for him as well – if he were a Republican, the news would be 24/7 about the President’s mental incompetence, and he’d probably have been hounded out of office by now or subjected to Amendment 25 procedings.

    Pretty soon they’ll need to outfit his White House Playset with a bib dispenser and one of those diaper changing stations. Maybe they can also install a soft-serve ice cream dispenser like we used to have in our high school cafeteria to keep him happy.

  15. Dennis

    “Russian-controlled turd/fraud that preceded him… food for thought.”

    Shecky apparently not aware it was Biden, not Orange Man Bad, who gave up opposing Nordstream 2, thus giving Putin what he wanted. (An example of Biden occasionally stumbling into the right policy, and which was inevitable anyway. US has no business telling Russia and Germany whether they can build an undersea pipeline between themselves. I’m only surprised because the real loser is the Ukraine, whose corrupt Biden Clan-adjacent oil companies will lose out on transshipment fees).

  16. Jack

    He looks a little older, otherwise Biden seems no different than he did 30 years ago. He’s been a meat puppet his entire life and that’s just what the party and their sycophants have always wanted.

  17. Ann Cherry

    Oh boy, veering off-topic here, but I’ll bite: Dennis (and feckless Shecky), Trump’s first foreign trip included visiting Poland et al. to sign a natural gas deal with the U.S., so they wouldn’t have to buy their gas from Russia.

    Trump (rightly) opposed the Nordstream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany, which benefited Russia and harmed Eastern Europe, because THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF NATO was to defend Europe against Russia. We are practically paying for Germany’s national defense, being the largest funder of NATO, while Germany plays footsies with Russia, because Germany stupidly shut down their nuclear plants, and their stupid broken-down windmills don’t work during cold north European winters. What happens when Russia threatens to turn off the gas? Germany is beholden to them, now.

    Who, exactly, is colluding with whom? We watched Obama do nothing while Russia “annexed” Croatia, and now Biden is colluding with Russia to help their energy industry, while working hard to destroy our own oil and gas industries. And let’s not even talk about “Where’s Hunter?” whom I understand is still a paid board member on a Ukrainian oil company, and still receiving payments from China, too. It’s my understanding that both China and Russia have copies of Hunter’s notorious laptop computer, and they’re probably using it to blackmail Sleepy Joe.

  18. C-Marie

    The cover up lies by Satan were over, and He Who is the Truth manifested the truth by His Death and Resurrection …. believe it and live it to inherit Eternal Life.
    God bless, C-Marie

  19. C-Marie

    Yay, Ms. Cherry!!!
    God bless, C-Marie

  20. Dennis

    Ann: NATO is a bloated, worthless, war-mongering Cold War relic long past it’s “use-by” date. Should have been disbanded by 1995 at the latest (and never expanded needlessly to continue antagonizing Russia in its own sphere of influence – and antagonizing Russia needlessly is basically NATO’s current raison d’être). And everyone involved in its war crimes against Serbia in 1999 (especially Clinton, Blair, and NATO Commander Wesley Clark) should have been in the dock at The Hague long ago.

    Also, you’d better alert Croatia that it’s been annexed by Russia! This is definitely Breaking News I’ve not heard before.

    Of course Nordstream benefits Russia (and Germany). So what? One of the many things Trump was ultimately in error about (pre-2015 he had also disparaged NATO, then like so much else, he turned to do the establishment’s bidding once in the WH). Lots of countries benefit from various things and deals that are none of our business. If Germany wants to buy gas from Russia, and the two of them want to build a pipeline to do so (which, as far as I’m aware does not travel over or under any American territories – Or has the US annexed the North Sea?), and cut out middlemen like the Ukraine who’d otherwise take trans-shipment fees, good for them. I’m only surprised Biden agreed because he and his clan are in the pocket of corrupt Ukrainian oil and gas companies. Someone else must have something on him and his brood sufficiently strong to have overridden their Ukrainian connections. Perhaps this is also why Hunter went into the art market instead – the modern art market being arguably an even more corrupt industry than Ukrainian oil & gas!

  21. Dennis

    Just realized perhaps you meant annexed the Crimea. Well, yes. The Crimea is Russian, has been since it was conquered from the Turks in the 18th C. under Catherine the Great. All of the great cities and ports of the Crimea were built by Russia (starting with Potemkin’s great efforts under Catherine’s reign). It only ended up in the Ukraine SFSR (and later independent Ukraine after the breakup of the USSR) because of internal USSR border adjustments for administrative reasons in 1954 (when no one anticipated the fall of the USSR would then turn these into default “national” borders claimed by newly-created independent states). The Crimea and its important port of Sevastopol belong by right to Russia. Another Trump error – not recognizing Russian sovereignty over the Crimea.

    In fact, to court even more controversy, one could argue that all of the Ukraine (or at the very least the Eastern half – look at an electoral map of the Ukraine and see how clearly it divides by ethno-political orientation) should just be part of Greater Russia (never in history had there ever been an independent Ukrainian state until 1991.

    And the Lwów Voivodeship should be returned to the Republic of Poland! 🙂

  22. Ann Cherry

    Dennis, I meant “Crimea” not “Croatia.” And I agree completely about NATO being a bloated cold war relic. Nevertheless, we are required by treaty to fund them, (a whopping 2% of GDP I believe). You’ll remember the tremendous HEAT that Trump took when he basically said the same thing as you? Had he pushed harder, the howls of “Russian Colluder” would have been heard from the moon. Instead, he pushed the NATO countries to start meeting their own funding obligations; even so, Germany, with the largest EU economy, continues to under-fund.

    NATO is a binding treaty from days of yore, designed to protect Europe from Russia. So when Europe’s richest economy makes itself completely dependent on Russia for energy, you don’t see a disconnect? I hope that when Trump gets back into office in 2024, he uses this to push for ending NATO altogether.

    But because Germany gets to have (mostly) us paying for their defense, they think they can afford to play footsies with Russia. Sure, if Germany is stupid enough to give up its energy independence, it should buy its energy from wherever it wants, including Russia, but only if NATO is revoked and they start paying for their own defense when things (inevitably) go south.

  23. Ann Cherry

    Dennis, I agree with you about Crimea: they are Russian is culture and history. They are also a strategic port for Russia in the event of war.

    The point, and I’m sure you agree, is that the same people who accused Trump of “colluding with Russia” barely registered a complaint when Obama colluded with Russia to give them Crimea. Imagine if Trump had done something like that? Even further, Obama PROMISED Ukraine that even though they weren’t part of NATO, we’d provide weapons in the event of Russian aggression. Instead he provide MREs (“meals ready to eat”).

  24. Dennis

    Lots of defunct treaties that get superseded by the course of events. We should renounce the treaty and withdraw from NATO, which would be tantamount to its disbanding and collapse.

    Yes, I do agree about the double standard of the media regarding Trump’s actions versus other Presidents. That’s par-for-the-course with GOP Presidents. He should have done the right thing anyway. The whole “Russia Collusion” farce basically derailed his entire Presidency from the start (not that the spineless congressonal GOP did much to help, even when they had control of Congress).

  25. Wilbur Hassenfus

    They did some damage control: Early this year, an acquaintance parroted a story that Biden has a stammer, and always did. Part of the story was a heartwarming anecdote about a young boy with a stammer who was inspired by Biden’s courage in overcoming the handicap.

    Of course, Biden has been a public figure for decades, often on camera, and has never spoken with any trace of a stammer. Nor does he now. In the old days, he spoke clearly and confidently. Now he speaks like an old man with dementia.

    But remember: Something was badly wrong with Hillary Clinton during the final months of the 2016 campaign. Many on the right thought she was done for. But whatever it was, she seems to have gotten over it.

  26. Bill Dwyer

    You have views and Bill Dwyer has views. If you would like to view his views on news, people and events with some humor included, please visit:

  27. Uncle Mike

    Pres Parsnip has handlers up his backside who make his mouth move. Those handlers have managed to screw up everything they’ve touched: the border, Afghanistan, oil production, the economy, the schools, the FBI, the Defense Dept, the EPA, public health, the FauciFlu, foreign relations, etc. etc. They have the Medusa Eyeball: they glance at something and it turns to sh*t.

    So whether or not the Parsnip is impeached or strokes out, and whether or not Kommie Ho assumes the position, the Puppeteers will continue to shaft America. The Marxist Cabal holds the reins of power, Congress has been gelded, the SCOTUS has gone full pervert, and the Precipitous Decline is snowballing. The brake lines have been cut and the Bus of State is headed for the cliff. Major global trainwreck — hide in your bomb shelter and pass the popcorn.

  28. DAV

    Those handlers have managed to screw up everything they’ve touched

    He’s clearly not the one in charge.

  29. Codex

    Once you admit that the thousands of eyewitnesses to a man coming back from the dead, who had been publicly executed, is so astounding it warrants serious consideration, you will be on track to getting out of the abyss.

    Instead of feeding whatever demons drive this poor soul, pray for him.

    All creation will rejoice with His father, who wants him to come home.

  30. philemon

    Biden was an empty shell back in the day. Oh, yes, he’s pretty sad now, poor senile guy, but remember what he was.

    Does anybody remember the Keating Five? They were dirty.

  31. Dennis

    Dead RINO John McCain was one of the Keating Five (only Republican among 4 Dems, true to his RINO nature), but what role did Biden have in that? Never heard he was involved in that as well.

  32. Bobcat

    Yeah that’s stating the obvious Briggs. This man should have never been made president given his mental condition alone. It wasn’t Constitutional for Biden to take office for that reason period. And that’s not even going into all the election fraud tomfoolery.

  33. philemon

    Dennis: “Dead RINO John McCain was one of the Keating Five (only Republican among 4 Dems, true to his RINO nature), but what role did Biden have in that? Never heard he was involved in that as well.”

    Wasn’t implying Biden was involved, but why were any of the people who were involved viable candidates for any office after that?

    Sorry, but no way that should have happened.

  34. Dennis

    Philemon: “…but why were any of the people who were involved viable candidates for any office after that? Sorry, but no way that should have happened”

    You are correct, sir (though only Glenn and McCain ran again. The other three did retire after their current terms were up – though all should have been removed from office and jailed).

    But, at the end of the day, one must blame the combined stupidity and amnesia of the electorate for re-electing these corrupt turds (by the time McCain won the GOP nomination for President in 2008, Keating Five was basically forgotten by almost everyone, and McCain treated as a national hero and pillar of rectitude – though his real apotheosis came when the Left adopted him as one of the “good Republicans” for his antagonism to Trump. The best I can say about McCain is that his daughter and her husband are even more nauseating).

    More evidence for the “Why Democracy is Retarded” file.

  35. Dennis

    “How do you break the news to someone that his brains are fried?” – Philip K. Dick, “Valis”

    Then again, if he’s too far gone, he won’t understand what you mean and it’ll make no difference anyway. He’ll just mumble some gibberish and go back to playing with his Fisher-Price White House Playset, oblivious in his senectitude, while the real country crumbles and suffers all around him.

  36. swordfishtrombone

    Rudolph Harrier,

    Mr. trombone is a great example of why atheists cannot preserve anything.

    And you’re a great example of… well, nothing really. An inability to stick to the point? You raise a list of issues, most of which you represent innaccurately, and without nuance, and which have nothing to do with the point I raised.


    From the guy who agrees that: Herd immunity is suicidal [etc]

    You share Rudolph Harrier’s total inability to stick to the point, or address what I said, but you add an inability to be a decent human being. And there’s not much point mentioning nuance to someone who still types entire sentences in BLOCK CAPS in 2021.

  37. Ann Cherry

    (Dang, why does this happen? Satan, perhaps? 😉

    Jonathan Turley reports, Hunter and Joe Biden not only shared bank accounts, they paid each other’s bills, undermining Joe’s claim that they “never discussed business.” Maybe he just forgot….

    4 minutes:

  38. Johnno

    You share Rudolph Harrier’s total inability to stick to the point, or address what I said, but you add an inability to be a decent human being.

    This coming from the guy who linked to a divine fak-checka who stated exactly that. Then when questioned about it refused to answer. Not my fault you don’t read your own links and then run away embarrassed.

    And there’s not much point mentioning nuance to someone who still types entire sentences in BLOCK CAPS in 2021.


  39. Johnno

    An inability to stick to the point?

    Stick to the point??? You’re not even on topic!

  40. Rudolph Harrier

    swordfish will go on at length about his hatred for God, but refuses to elaborate on any other issue. In particular he is too scared to attack any of the non-Christian rot in academia that I brought up.

    Somehow he thinks that acting in this way is disproving my claim that atheists of his ilk will resist Christianity, but not anything else.

  41. Milton Hathaway

    Joe Biden was always a mystery to me, a walking-talking counter-example to the Peter Principle, having risen many levels past his level of incompetence. Things became much clearer after reading chapter 3 of Peter Schweizer’s book, “Profiles in Corruption”. The boss of the Biden crime family is clearly Jill Biden. I would find it very hard to believe she isn’t still running the Biden excrement-show. I don’t think she cares a wit about anything except financial gain, and she only cares about exercising power to the extent it results in financial gain. That’s a pretty horrible resume for a shadow president, and goes a long way toward explaining what comes out of the Biden White House. I bet every ‘bad’ decision has added to the Biden family fortune. Follow the money indeed.

  42. Rudolph Harrier

    Scott Adams posited the “Dilbert Principle” as a replacement to the “Peter Principle.” The Peter Principle is a theory that says that incompetence in management is largely unintentional: people who do well in their jobs get promoted. Eventually they reach a level of management they are not equipped for and so do not do well. This means that they do not get promoted anymore, but office politics also prevent them from getting fired or demoted to a level where they were actually competent.

    The Dilbert Principle instead says that the effect is entirely intentional. Basically the idea is that in most companies higher management, especially the levels not quite at the top but near the top, actually have very little to do with the success or failure of the company. Directives come from further above, and employees below learn to reinterpret or ignore their supervisor’s more damaging demands. Scott Adams was definitely thinking of tech companies first and foremost: the boss doesn’t know a thing about how computers work and so makes a list of demands that are impossible and would make a horrible product even if they could work. But the programmers will just redesign the product so that it superficially resembles what was asked for but actually works. Thus an incompetent “pointy haired boss” does little damage, but an incompetent programmer could spell disaster for the company. This led Adams to speculate that at many companies employees who are incompetent, but not badly enough to get fired, will intentionally be promoted to limit the damage they can cause.

    The Peter principle can’t explain Biden, but the Dilbert principle could. There is the potential objection that Biden is at the top, and an incompetent CEO is always bad news. But it should be apparent to everyone that Biden really isn’t in charge, the deep state is. As a senator Biden could screw things up by voting the wrong way. As the president he only signs what is prepared for him, and thus the damage he can do is limited.

  43. Dennis

    “As a senator Biden could screw things up by voting the wrong way. As the president he only signs what is prepared for him, and thus the damage he can do is limited.”

    Yes, but his signature is all important, and and can do great damage indeed (just look at how companies are relying on Biden’s lawless EO to enforce vax mandates). No one else can sign Congressional Bills or Executive Orders for him (however lawless and unjustifiable legally and Constitutionally many Executive Orders are, they still do great damage because rarely overturned in Court – except Trump’s DACA order overturning Obama’s previous EO, because apparently Democrat EOs are sacrosanct).

    Of course, the question of whether he really and truly understands what he is signing and would be deemed to have legal capacity if fully tested and examined on the matter, is anyone’s guess at this point (were he a Republican, I’m sure Amendment 25 proceedings would have been implemented by now). I think beyond the most basic understanding (and we don’t know how his handlers are describing things to him ether), he does not – not in the sense that he is closely reading what he signs, deeply analyzing info and data related to various policy issues, and understands the full implications of his actions.

  44. Dennis

    “…a paranoid incompetent has schemed his way into the White House and convulsed America into a vicious war against imaginary internal enemies…” – publisher blurb from back cover of Philip K. Dick’s “Radio Free Albemuth.”

    LOL. The book was set in the late ’60s and early ’70s but it reads more like pre-vision of the Biden admin. PKD was indeed prophetic in many ways. Shame he died so relatively young and before internet era took off.

  45. Rudolph Harrier

    When I saw “dangerous” in that discussion I mean dangerous for the deep state.

    If Biden will sign whatever is in front of him, and heightened security measures for the president mean that they can watch him every second of every day, he poses practically no danger to them. Less danger than President Harris and far less danger than a President Sanders or Trump.

    The danger to us is another matter of course.

  46. swordfishtrombone


    This coming from the guy who linked to a divine fak-checka who stated exactly that. Then when questioned about it refused to answer.

    If you’re accusing me of something, please be specific: What fact check did I cite to refute what claim of yours, and how did it not support my position? If I’m wrong about something, I’d like to know.

  47. Johnno

    If you’re accusing me of something, please be specific: What fact check did I cite to refute what claim of yours, and how did it not support my position? If I’m wrong about something, I’d like to know.

    It was a link to some ‘raptor’ atheist dude that you linked to trying to claim someone believed something they didn’t. I don’t recall the doc’s name, but I think it was in the thread where we were discussing animal studies etc. some time ago. The fact-checker also hyperbolically claimed that the concept of relying on herd immunity was suicidal and therefore we should all get the vexxine because only the vexxines can save you.

    I asked you whether you accepted that ludicrous claim of the concept of herd immunity being suicidal. You never responded.

    If you don’t, and I’m assuming you actually don’t, if you understand actual science that is, then this should serve as a lesson to you that blind obedience in your “fact-checkers” is not a good thing. But even if it wasn’t, the most hilarious part of the “fact check” is that the whole premise is refuted by the quote itself that it is trying to debunk, so the author not only read it wrong, but then tried to debunk what he thought the guy thinks rather than what he actually said. I quoted the relevant information in the thread.

    “Official” Fact checkers parse their words and carefully construct their language and engage in intellectual dishonesty about what precisely they are trying to debunk in order to talk around what actually needs addressing and hiding it under paragraphs of irrelevant text intended to reinforce the government or corporate talking points, and many people fall for this. You have done this numerous times, and never responded to detailed criticisms of what is contained in the links you’ve provided by several people here, which is why people asked you whether you even understood what is being discussed by your links because they often not only fail to address, but never actually address what is being talked about.

    I get it. You trust these things like many people do, because they look so “official” to you, all the mainstream media and corps are acting in lock-step with social reinforcement, and as you claimed they “link to official sources.” The problem is that the “officials” are the ones who are suspect, so appealing to their questionable authority is itself a fallacy. Much the same with cherry picking faulty studies that are known to be debunked and retracted later, but never updated by fact-checkers who often link to themselves and hide pertinent information within numerable links within their own site that you need to hop around to scrutinize. So the “official links” are often circular reasoning where the checkers link to themselves as an authority.

    Not to mention, that as is pertinent to the topic, the information we have on hand is a moving target, so while at our most lenient we “anti-vaxxers” as they call us simply recommended caution, the fact-checkers you follow demanded we simply just follow orders. This results in ridiculousness like this:

    Anyone with any experience with science and how its reported in the press know we’re almost always in for a bullshit parade from the start to the disappointing finish. The reason is because the beginning is usually never actual scientific scrutiny by the press, but regurgitation of press releases and marketing. As the marketing wears down, the disappointment is reported and the damage control begins to set in with each lowering of the bar.

  48. Joy

    “why does this happen”?
    Did you ever consider it might be the person controlling the comments?
    He does have a wicked sense of humour but Satan’s going a bit far, I’ve had similar thoughts on the matter
    Ask a software engineer…

  49. swordfishtrombone


    I asked you whether you accepted that ludicrous claim of the concept of herd immunity being suicidal. You never responded.

    If I didn’t respond, then you don’t know what I think about it. So far as I’m aware, relying on herd immunity in the case of COVID-19 would be effectively suicidal, as it’s understood that it might take as many as 90% of people being infected (or vaccinated) before it is achieved, and in may in fact never be achieved due to the continual evolution of new variants. It would be a bit like relying on herd immunity to protect us from getting colds.

    If you don’t, and I’m assuming you actually don’t

    Never assume…

    if you understand actual science that is, then this should serve as a lesson to you that blind obedience in your “fact-checkers” is not a good thing.

    What would you know about “actual science” when you do nothing but cite Twitter and “ZeroHedge”? Take a hike.

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