Kids Don’t Need To Be Vaccinated: Proof Using CDC’S Own Numbers

Kids Don’t Need To Be Vaccinated: Proof Using CDC’S Own Numbers

As of this writing, since January 2020, 542 kids have died in the US from Covid. Check this yourself, from the CDC’s official numbers.

This from a population of about 73 million.

The rate is thus about 0.000007.

Yet our rulers want to vaccinate kids (and everybody else) with a known-to-be-inefficient vaccine, where being “fully” vaccinated used to be two shots, is now three, and will soon be, I predict below, like flu vaccine, annual.

At this point, a safety-first person will say, “You are heartless. Any number greater than zero is too many. Vaccinate!”

In the same period, i.e. since January 2020, 1,043 kids 0-17 died of pneumonia. Twice as many. There is no good vaccine for pneumonia. But it could be avoided by keeping kids socially distanced from each other—permanently.

If one death is “too many”, then you must not allow kids to be within contact of any human being who has a disease that may be passed to them, from which they may acquire pneumonia.

They must also not be allowed in any car.

In one year, just about 3,091 kids 0-17 died in car crashes (435 from 0-4, 847 from 5-14, and 30% of 6,031 from 15-24).

Multiply these 3,000 deaths in cars by about 1.75, since the Covid deaths are over a 21 month period.

That makes about 5,250 kids dying in car crashes in the same period—10 times as many as Covid.

Further, these deaths are entirely preventable. Just don’t let any kid inside a car. If one death is too many, you are a potential murderer if you drive a kid anywhere.

Also, since January 2020, 189 kids 0-17 were recorded as dying from flu, for which there is no mania for vaccination.

The vaccine itself will likely kill some kids.

According to VAERS, as of 8 October 2021, 122 people aged 0-24 have died after vaccination. Many deaths were reported for ages older than 24. A further 6,264 deaths were reported with age unknown. The table is here:

The CDC says 204,981 kids less than 12 have had at least one dose. 8,541,754 from 12-15 have had at least one dose. And 4,789,987 16-17 have had at least one dose. And 18,220,377 from 18-24 have had at least one dose. That’s 31,757,099.

From which there were at least 122 deaths reported in VAERS.

That’s a rate of 0.000004.

That rate is likely higher because, we assume, some of the 6,264 deaths with unreported age were between 0-24.

The death-vaccine rate for kids 0-17 we don’t know for sure, because Open VAERS doesn’t break out the data for that age group. However, it’s likely in the same ballpark as these numbers. There is also uncertainty in the exact causes of death. But that is matched by the uncertainty in VAERS reporting, which at best is slipshod and unprogrammatic. Many events go unreported.

You can be sure, if vaccination is made mandatory, reporting deaths in kids from it will be at least discouraged, if not worse, given how addicted our rulers have become to the Noble Lie.

All this means that about the same number of kids will have deaths tied to the vaccine as die from Covid itself. This does not count other harmful side effects, of course.

If one death is too many, the Covid vaccine cannot be used on kids.

The CDC will now prove to you that most kids who get Covid suffer least. You can check this yourself. Indeed, though you don’t see it reported, by far the most common “treatment” for the infected, young and old, is to send them home to wait for their own bodies to cure themselves.

Before we get to this proof, a reminder “cases” is an asinine, wrong metric, one guaranteed to generate fear. “Cases” are a function of testing: more tests means even the most minor infections are registered. “Cases” are also a function of test sensitivity: the greater this is, the more the most minor infections are registered. “Cases” are also a function of disease prevalence.

“Cases”, lastly, are not cases, which are severely ill people requiring treatment, which the majority who get Covid do not need—and do not get. (This used to be standard medical reporting until 2020.)

Here, then, are the “case” rates (the drop off at the end in gray indicates late reporting, an artifact of data collection):

If you allow the false metric “cases” to guide your decisions, you might panic seeing the rise in “cases” in the young. But we don’t know how many of these are marginal infections, how many asymptomatic, how many not worrisome, how many serious from this picture.

For that, we can look at attributed deaths:

So small you can scarcely see them on the chart. The “cases” have almost no relationship to deaths at all.

I repeat: “cases” are, and always have been, a false and misleading metric.

Deaths in those under 17 have never been large, have never surged, and will not. And that is without vaccination for most.

The last argument some use for mandatory vaccination in kids is that kids contract the disease and then spread it. Which is true. But it is also true adults contract the disease and spread it. Including, increasingly, among vaccinated adults. The vaccines used for Covid are like flu in this sense: they are at best only 50% efficient at preventing death. They cannot, as we see next, prevent infection. Vaccines for diseases like this are not a panacea.

Three errors are common. The first is monstrous, given our worship of Science. The official word is that vaccination prevents infection. How? By the vaccine projecting an electrified aura around your body that zaps approaching viruses?

Vaccines do not prevent infection. At best, they prevent serious illness or death after infection. If you never become infected, the vaccine has done nothing for you. How could it?

That our Experts, scientists and doctors allow this idiotic falsehood about preventing infection to spread shows how much you can trust them—and again, how addicted to the Noble Lie they are.

It would be best, since Covid will be with us forever, to vaccinate only the most at-risk kids, those who have severe disease (comorbidities) already, as was true in the few who died so far. The remaining kids would do better to acquire immunity through having the disease.

The second error, also purposely spread, is that acquired immunity is not as strong as vaccine-generated immunity. There is no possible way this is true. The mRNA vaccines only reproduce part of the viron, and so cannot provide the same level of protection as having had and recovered from the “full” virus.

That rulers still insist on vaccination even in the presence of acquired immunity proves this is an irrational moral panic.

The last error is related. It is the vaccine provides lifetime, or long-lasting protection. We saw already this is false. “Fully” used to mean two doses, and now means three. And soon will mean even more, given the observation the vaccine provides only limited benefits. This is even now being admitted.

There exists no justification based on any available evidence for mandatory vaccines for kids.

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  1. bruce g charlton

    “If one death is “too many”, then you must not allow kids to be within contact of any human being who has a disease that may be passed to them, from which they may acquire pneumonia. They must also not be allowed in any car.”

    Careful! You assume that this is a reductio ad absurdum (which, obviously, it *ought* to be – to a truly Christian sensibility) – but in fact this outcome (and more on the same lines) Just Is (more-or-less) The Plan – the desirable daydream – of our demonic overlords.

  2. Rudolph Harrier

    I expect to see ads like this in the near future:

    “Being fully vaccinated* provides lifelong protection** from COVID-19***!”

    Then in the fine print:

    *”Fully vaccinated means having two initial shots followed by a booster shot every four months.”
    **”Protection means that some symptoms of COVID-19 may be less severe.”
    ***”COVID-19 refers to the alpha strain of the virus and not to any variant.”

  3. Rudolph Harrier

    Speaking of “if it saves one life,” there is a big media push in MN against in person schooling since a student died of COVID-19. This is the first such death this year, and the second death in that age group since the very beginning of the pandemic. Another stat they use in their fear mongering is that “80% of cases in schools are from students!” They don’t expect you to piece together that if the “cases” are very high among students, but there has only been average of 1 death per year among students, then the case fatality rate among students is very, very low. And most people probably won’t connect those dots.

  4. Hagfish Bagpipe

    If you think of the Overlords as Harvey Weinsteins and the jab needles are their dicks you’ll understand what this is all about.

  5. Dr. Weezil

    There is a “vaccine” for pneumonia. It’s a nasty piece of work. I know people who have gotten it and have said they will gladly get the vexx booster, but never the pneumonia shot again.

  6. At its root, it is not an “irrational moral panic.” That is what exists in the true believers; the Branch Covidians. The Coviet oligarchy pushing the ClotShot have other motives: money, global control and mass depopulation. That is why things like the far superior and much longer lasting immunity among those who fought the Fauci Funded Flu and won, is ignored completely, and insist that those people take the ClotShot.

  7. Hagfish Bagpipe

    I had this nightmare, was taken in to some creepy medical facility for my jab and locked into a medical cubical, then suddenly the door is opened by a horribly naked Klaus Schwab with an erect syringe popping up from his groin, “Ick will du füken!”, he grunts maniacally, air-humping his hideous syringe at me then prowls forward all bug-eyed and bat-shit crazy… — I scream! — and wake in a cold sweat.

    No jab for me.

  8. DAV

    suddenly the door is opened …
    Clearly Bagpipes are raucous devices.

  9. Public health officials are a welfare class.

    Of those 500 or so kids that died with Covid, most were incidental diagnoses – kid cracks his skull but has a positive Covid test while in hospital. Nearly every other one had serious comorbities. Odds of healthy kid dying of Covid is somewhere around ~1 in 75,000,000 – since I can only find 1 report of a healthy kid in America dying and even that is unverified.

    Question I ask on Jack Dorsey’s ego chamber,

    “If the kids aren’t dying of covid, and the vax doesn’t stop spread – no community benefit – then why would I jab my kid?”

    No answer of course.

    Might parents finally draw the line here? Doubtful. They will rationalize it that the chance of vax harm is also really really small so it’s not a fight they absolutely have to make.

    Incremental tyranny is fun. 99.9% of people only fight when they have to. Unless they’re drunk. Maybe that’s the key…. 🙂

  10. Sinister delenda est

    Mr. Briggs, please take a look at Alex Berenson’s most recent comments of this week’s COVID Surveillance Report out of the UK. Alex is concluding that the data in the report shows people actually get a WEAKENED form of natural immunity, if they are vaccinated prior to being infected with COVID-19. If true, this is yet one more reason they want to hurry and vaccinate everyone, so you become dependent on boosters, and yet one more reason for most people to resist and aim for natural immunity.

  11. Ann Cherry

    “Vaccinated Children Likely Still Have to Wear Masks in School, Surgeon General Says.”

    This Surgeon General looks like he was separated at birth from Chicago’s Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, and his assistant is that mentally ill man pretending to be a woman, who was recently decorated as the country’s first “female” four-star general. (So-called “feminists” are apparently fine with gender appropriation.)

    A masked child is an abused child, and yet it is primarily the Teachers’ Unions who lobby the CDC et al. for the forced Masking and Vexxination of children. Incredibly, most parents seem willing to go along with this child abuse, so long as it’s officially sanctioned, and the ones who fight back are labeled by the Biden Administration as “domestic terrorists.”

  12. Dennis

    We know the vaccines for kids are unneceesary and dangerous, THEY know the jabs are unnecessary and dangerous…and THEY know that WE know…but THEY don’t care…THEY simply want to punish, manipulate, and control you and your kids forever in a medicalized technocratic tyranny under the guise of “safety…for your own good.”

    “More than ever I am convinced that history has meaning, and that it’s meaning is terrifying.” – René Girard (from “Achever Clausewitz,” a.k.a. “Battling to the End”)

    These pedo-jab fanatics are among the demonic agents of pure evil that help this terrifying history of Mankind unfold.

  13. Dennis

    If I do say so myself, I rather like this coinage: “Pedo-Jab Fanatics”

    If people can get that term trending on Twatter and elsewhere (I actually have no “social media” accounts), perhaps it could help turn the tide against vaxxing kids. 🙂

  14. Hagfish Bagpipe

    “Pedo-Jab Fanatics”


  15. Rudolph Harrier

    If your kids are in public schools, pull them out now. I have no doubt that there will be many schools that give the vexxines to children without their consent or the consent of their parents. The employees that do this will think that they are righteously saving the lives of children, so they won’t hesitate. Private schools also might do the same. If there was ever a time to homeschool, the time is now.

  16. Dennis

    Yep, Rudolph. Plus some countries, school districts, etc. have already announced that they deem kids as young as 12 (and I’m sure younger soon) able to “consent” without approval of their parents or guardians. They really don’t care – They’ll just start jabbing as many as they can and present people with a fait accompli if people don’t resist and take pro-active preventative action now.

  17. Russell Haley

    It’s interesting people are still clinging to the assumption that vexxination has anything to do with covid.

    The ones in charge have:
    – Ignored natural immunity from infection
    – Removed access to any drug that has the potential to lower the rate of hospitalization and death
    – Ignored the deaths and harm attributed to the vex
    – Ignored the data indicating the vex is failing and LOWERS the effectiveness of the bodies immune system
    – Suddenly re-write “The Science” around infections in the 0-24 age group so they can recommend vexxing.

    If I had any money or control I would be collecting samples of the vexx and analyzing them. There is a Doctor of Natural Medicine that examined a vexx under a microscope an claims to have seen self organizing metallic rings. While I do not believe anything that I see on the Internet without confirmation, there is much evidence to support that finding being true.

    And for what it’s worth, I work with advanced electronics and we are looking at a number of new technologies that work inside the body based on the bodies own natural electrochemical energy. There is no *technical* reason to doubt they are putting nanoparticles in the vexx. And the new Pfizer patents points to using items embedded in people for “contact tracing”. If you read between the lines in the article below, you can see that they may have already put the particles in peoples bodies.

    Hurray for Distopia!

  18. Russell Haley

    @Rudolph Harrier – “If your kids are in public schools, pull them out now. I have no doubt that there will be many schools that give the vexxines to children without their consent or the consent of their parents.”

    I show my wife as much of the data as I can. Though she doesn’t understand it, she recognizes that there are problems and the vexx isn’t working. I have been telling her for the last few months that they will vaccinate kids and she keeps saying “They would never do that.” Oh, just like they said no Vaccine Passports, right? So now that the province of BC is literally saying they will vexx kids asap, she thinks we should “wait and see”.

    Threaten someone’s comfort/leisure and they will act in very bizarre ways. Denial is a very powerful thing.

  19. @ Dr. Weezil,

    I’ve had the pneumovax. It was no worse than any other I’ve had. Does that mean everyone will see the same things that I did? No, for some will have significant, to them, after effects. Given that I’ve already had a thromboembolic event, I will refuse the covid-19 one for now.

  20. Jack

    The leading cause of death of children aged 0-17 is abortion.

  21. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Russel Haley: ”Denial is a very powerful thing.”

    Indeed. But there are many who simply can’t see that far. And, being normal, and somewhat innocent, cannot imagine that depth of depravity. “Look at that eagle soaring overhead!” “How can you tell it’s an eagle?” “See its white head? — that’s an eagle.” “I can’t see it, my vision isn’t that good — maybe it’s an airplane?”

    Trust me darling, it’s a damned eagle.

  22. Crew

    @Russell Haley: I looked at both of those patents and they are not as nefarious as the article makes them out to be.

    The first one requires that you install an app on your cell phone.

  23. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Briggs, what’s up there in the North Country? Just buy that old fishing camp. The Briggs Institute of Briggsian Briggsology. Seminars, outreach, and community building, that kind of thing. Tying flies, trapping beaver, and dissecting the filioque. Some other skat. We’ll all show up. A bunch of pests, we are.

  24. philemon

    @Rudolph Harrier – “If your kids are in public schools, pull them out now. I have no doubt that there will be many schools that give the vexxines to children without their consent or the consent of their parents.”

    Russell Haley: “I show my wife as much of the data as I can. Though she doesn’t understand it, she recognizes that there are problems and the vexx isn’t working. I have been telling her for the last few months that they will vaccinate kids and she keeps saying ‘They would never do that.’ Oh, just like they said no Vaccine Passports, right? So now that the province of BC is literally saying they will vexx kids asap, she thinks we should ‘wait and see.’

    “Threaten someone’s comfort/leisure and they will act in very bizarre ways. Denial is a very powerful thing.”

    Maybe this will wake up the Mama-Bear in her:

  25. philemon

    These vexxines will kill an inordinate amount of young people who were in no serious danger from Covid.

    And now there is a rush to inject five year olds with the damned thing? Yes, they are that depraved.

    The WEF is running scared. Their “Narrative” isn’t working. They thought they could consolidate their wealth, and not get replaced by the next oligarchy, but it’s not working. Very rich people are not normal. It’s a clinical fact.

  26. Dennis

    That Manitoba case is nuts. Government’s own witness had to admit PCR is a joke and “cases” basically meaningless. Then the court, making a lying claim this is an “unprecedented pandemic,” abdicates its duty to provide meaningful judicial oversight of public officials actions and protection of citizens’ basic rights, because …“courts do not have the specialized expertise to casually second guess the decisions of public health officials.”

    Courts (i.e. the presiding judge and/or jury) do not have “specialized expertise” in the issues involved in a great many cases that come before them. This is why, when necessary, parties call expert witnesses to testify about such issues and explain them to the Court. To simply say lack of “specialized expertise” by the Court is itself grounds for absolute deference to “public health officials” (who, in many cases, may simply be political hacks and not medical doctors or bearers of “specialized expertise” themselves), simply amounts to granting unchecked dictatorial power to govt officials any time they claim to be acting for “public health” or decree a “health emergency.”

    This is exactly one of the reasons the trial Court in a Kentucky case this summer (Ridgeway v. Beshear) found the governor’s and his chief health advisor’s mandates and other covid restrictions illegal and unconstitutional. The Court there, far from assuming deference to public officials, rejected the expansive claims of the governor which would basically allow him and his “public health” advisors and officials to rule by decree anytime he said the magic words “public health emergency”:

    “Yet, Defendants contend that the Governor’s rule by mere emergency decree must continue indefinitely, and independent of legislative limits. In effect, Defendants seek declaratory judgment that the Constitution provides this broad power so long as he utters the word, ‘emergency.’ It does not. For this Court to accept Defendant’s position would not be honoring its oath to support the Constitution; it would be tantamount to a coup d’état against it.” [Note that the Constitution referred to there is the KY State Constitution, not federal constitution]. The judge added, “What the people have endured over the past fifteen months—to borrow a phrase from United States District Judge Justin R. Walker—“is something this Court never expected to see outside the pages of a dystopian novel.”

    Quite a different judicial approach to protecting citizens’ fundamental rights and liberties.

    Condolences to Manitobans. Could be worse I guess – it seems you’re not a totally full-blown Covid police state like Australia…yet.

  27. Dennis

    “And now there is a rush to inject five year olds with the damned thing? Yes, they are that depraved”

    Pedo-jab fanatics. We’ve gotta get this term trending. It’ll help turn the tide. The vaxxers will run scared having the “pedo-“ prefix attached to them.

    “Oh, school board, you think 5 year-olds should be forced to get a Covid vax in order to attend school?Why are you a bunch of PEDO-jab fanatics?”

    “Oh, Mr. President, you want to force my 5 year-old to get a dangerous Covid vax, for a virus of no risk to her? Hands off, you PEDO-jabbing child sniffer! Apage satanas!”

  28. Bruce

    Not about kids, but this is about the government withholding the reporting of vex side effects:
    “OSHA does not wish to have any appearance of discouraging workers from receiving COVID-19 vaccination, and also does not wish to disincentivize employers’ vaccination efforts. As a result, OSHA will not enforce 29 CFR 1904’s recording requirements to require any employers to record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination…”

  29. Dennis

    I like how National Cuck Review’s headline frames their main concern: They’re horrified not at OSHA’s actions in themselves – which are further evidence that this entire Regime and the response to Covid are a criminal enterprise designed to punish and deceive the public – but that OSHA’s actions may “feed vaccine conspiracy theories.” NR is mainly worried about the PR aspect of it all – from the vax-pushers’ POV. Bad for business I guess (I’d like to see how much of NR’s ad revenue comes from Big Pharma).

    All these superannuated ConInc Cuckservative organs are fit only for the dustbin at this point.

  30. Rudolph Harrier

    “Conspiracy Theory” means “unapproved narrative.” Some are true and some are false; that doesn’t affect their conspiracy theory status. Thus people dismissing “conspiracy theories” will rarely do so based on the evidence even in cases where the conspiracy theories are false because what really matters is that the theories are unapproved. The talk will instead be in terms of “the experts say,” “according to authorities,” “these ideas could fuel dangerous extremists,” etc. If the conspiracy theories happen to be true, then they definitely won’t address the evidence.

  31. Joy

    So tempted! 🙂
    Not even allowed to be here!

  32. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Briggs, when you’re planning the courses at the Briggs Institute of Briggsian Briggsology, there needs to be a class on Barbershop Quartette. A sadly neglected skill.

  33. Kathleen

    CDC is taking comments on this demon-driven effort to pump children full of the slaughtered-baby-death-jab. Here:

    Big pile of information kindly provided by Briggs here that could be crafted into personalized comments.

    You all know the stakes. Tyranny. Future Generations. Only question is whether you think push back might work in at least some cases. Our fathers jumped into the fray with no guarantee of success though…

  34. Johnno

    Jabbing kids with dangerous stuff developed using murdered children…

    Makes sense, considering who we are dealing with…

    What exactly happened in 1972 or 1973, in the Netherlands, where an infant girl was aborted, and her kidneys used to make a cell line that would be used, going forward, in the testing of vaccines?

    That cell line is called HEK 293 (HEK stands for human embryonic kidney), and it has been used to test COVID vaccines.

    I have already presented evidence for concluding the abortion involved removing the living infant from her mother’s womb, and taking her kidneys, which of course killed her.

    This evidence rests on the realization that, in order to extract viable and useful kidney tissue, the baby had to have a functioning blood supply, which meant she was alive.

    But the evidence ALSO comes from knowing many other abortions have been carried out, in order to harvest tissue for medical research, by murdering living babies.

    I have found a very informative article (2/9/2021) at the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK, by Christian Hacking, titled, “What the HEK?!” by Christian Hacking. Quoting from the article:

    “HEK 293 is a human cell line created using a kidney from a dissected unborn baby in the Netherlands between 1972 and 1973. It is the second most common cell line and is used extensively in ‘pharmaceutical and biomedical research’. It is also used in vaccine creation and cancer research.”

    “It was used, along with other human cell lines, to develop a genetically engineered spike protein (that the mRNA vaccine codes for) in the original development stage of the vaccine. The ‘new technology’ Pfizer vaccine and the Moderna Vaccine were tested on HEK 293 before they began human trials. This testing is ongoing for all new batches. Finally the ‘old technology’ Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine grew a weakened viral strain in HEK 293 cell culture…”

    “The kidney in question was dissected from a healthy Dutch baby girl of unknown origin by the team at Leiden University in the Netherlands in 1972. Despite the inclusion of the term ‘embryonic’ in the title, the baby in question was probably 12-13 weeks old when she was killed so as to secure functioning kidney cells. The man in charge of the research was named Alex Jan Van der Eb; he is still alive and still based in Holland.”

    “When questioned on the matter by the FDA in 2001, Dr Van der Eb confirmed it was an intentional abortion of a ‘fetus’ but gave hazy details of the exact experiments.”

    “’So the kidney material, the fetal kidney material was as follows: the kidney of the fetus was, with an unknown family history, obtained in 1972 probably. The precise date is not known anymore. The fetus, as far as I can remember, was completely normal. Nothing was wrong. The reasons for the abortion were unknown to me. I probably knew it at that time, but it got lost, all this information’.”

    Author Hacking continues: “…extracting and growing living cells is incredibly difficult. In order to give oneself the best chance of success you need to ensure the child is healthy, fresh, intact and sterile. As one embryologist and Emeritus Professor of Anatomy confirms:”

    “’In order to sustain 95% of the cells, the live tissue would need to be preserved within 5 minutes of the abortion. Within an hour the cells would continue to deteriorate, rendering the specimens useless’.”

    [That statement was made by “Dr C Ward Kischer, embryologist and Emeritus Professor of Anatomy; specialist in Human Embryology, University of Arizona College of Medicine…”]

    [My comment: This suggests the abortion, in the Netherlands, in 1972, was planned and technicians were standing by. I would say that, to ensure the viability of the tissue, the infant had a functioning blood supply and was alive when her kidneys were removed, killing her.]

    Hacking: “In order for the organs to be at ‘optimal viability’, the child needs to be dissected and organs extracted within 5 minutes of delivery. Anaesthetic also cannot be used so as to not change the cellular activity of the organs the researcher wants to obtain.”

    “Acclaimed Doctor, Ian Donald, the pioneer of the ultrasound scanner, also claims to have witnessed the WI-38 [another cell-line] dissections [1962], conducted at the Karolinska Institute; he described them such:

    “’Experiments were being performed on near-term alive aborted babies who were not even afforded the mercy of anesthetic as they writhed and cried in agony, and when their usefulness had expired, they were executed and discarded as garbage’.”

  35. John B()

    Think of the push for late term abortion

    Pfizer and J&J are big donors to planned parenthood

  36. Dennis

    “Think of the push for late term abortion
    Pfizer and J&J are big donors to planned parenthood”

    As is Gates – both parents were on the PP board, and he’s been into Big Abortion and population control for decades (as is the supposedly “devout Catholic” Melinda – just like Biden, eh?).

    Organ harvesting is one of the main reasons the Left is so enamored with late-term abortion, but despite all the exposés over the years, little changes. Most of the “outrage” is instead directed at those doing the exposing (undercover cams, whistleblowers, etc.).

  37. Johnno

    Abortion Shmabortion…

    This is all to save lives gentlemen!

    What do ya fellow think they should do then, huh?

    Use puppies????

    Then experiment on them by chaining them down and sticking their heads into vats of flesh-eating parasites after cutting out their vocal chords so that the experts won’t be bothered by their barking and whining as the carrion go about their life-saving work???

    Oh… wait…

    Fauci under fire from Democrats and Republicans for alleged research involving puppies, flesh-eating parasites

    Fauci Funded ‘Cruel’ Puppy Experiments Where Sand Flies ‘Eat Them Alive’; Vocal Cords Severed

    I don’t recall any of this being in that Fauci documentary the critics are creaming themselves over…

    Ask your children if they ever want to take medicine from this guy!

  38. Johnno

    Most of the “outrage” is instead directed at those doing the exposing (undercover cams, whistleblowers, etc.).

    Well, some whistleblowers are exempt from the outrage mandates…

    ‘Coached’ Facebook whistleblower revealed to have questionable backing

    Greenwald: Pierre Omidyar’s Financing Of The Facebook “Whistleblower” Campaign Reveals A Great Deal

    See, what you have to do whenever you whistleblow is to only blow it in the right direction… or simply ‘blow’ the establishment men with just the right fondling and care as I’m certain she’s quite good at…

  39. philemon

    I have no idea how many children will be injured or die due to insufficiently tested, experimental, non-efficacious. mRNA injections. But neither do “they” and the smirks on their faces tell you that “they” do not care.

    kitten corner: drug testing on mancubs
    gatito bueno
    3 hr ago
    excuse me you guys, but did the FDA panel basically just say “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” except about child vaccine safety?
    Techno Fog
    FDA Voting Member:

    “We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it.”


    Video HT @politicalwilli

    October 26th 2021
    907 Retweets1,236 Likes

    because that seems like maybe it’s not such a super idea.

  40. Johnno

    Pediatric COVID Hospitalizations Plunge As Schools Reopen, Baffling Experts… BAFFLING THEM!!!

    All summer long, Dr. Anthony Fauci, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and other unelected federal bureaucrats have been warning that COVID cases will explode as soon as teachers and students return to classrooms in person this fall, which is why Dr. Fauci has been one of the loudest voices cheering on politicians like NYC’s de Blasio and others who have imposed such mandates on teachers and school employees (which has since been expanded to cover most, if not all, city employees). But just as Pfizer, Moderna and their allies in the federal bureaucracy prepare to declare mRNA vaccines safe for all students between the age of 5 and 11, Bloomberg has just pointed out a remarkable shift: hospitalizations involving US children (already extremely rare compared with the adult population) have fallen sharply as schools reopen.

    China Braces For Another Major COVID Flareup By Forcing Jabs On Children As Young As 3

    In an attempt to get ahead of the next major COVID wave (potentially driven by the delta variant or its “sub-variant” delta-plus) local media reports cited by Bloomberg attest that China has started giving COVID jabs to children as young as three, despite the fact that China has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, with 75% of its 1.4 billion people already vaccinated.

    The moves come as China tries to quash what has become a ‘whack-a-mole’ series of flareups across its vast territory, with flareups of the virus coming more frequently than they did before delta arrived. Beijing remains committed to its “zero-tolerance” COVID strategy, which has kept its borders closed and heavy handed quarantines in place even as its peers roll back most of their COVID limitations.

  41. Johnno
  42. Briggs

    Philemon, terrific article (title is not so great though). Thanks.

  43. philemon

    You’re more than welcome! Yeah, title could be better.

  44. Dennis

    Unfortunately he’s still a pus*y for not simply voting “No” instead of abstaining, and his “explanation” indicates he’s still basically a Regime Narrative vax supporter in general. There’s basically no one truly worth a damn at any official “public health” agencies – FDA, CDC – all worthless.

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