Men’s Fashion

Happy Easter! As you don your new bonnets and climb into your finest to celebrate, provided here in one spot are all articles on men’s fashion.


Stunning New Book! Hats For All

How can you tell which kind of head enjoy? If as you walk down the street mothers draw their children closer, young ladies gasp, and men move to cover their wallets, you are a long-oval. Otherwise, you’re probably normal-oval.

The Etiquette Of Hats (For Men)

Beaver fur is preferred over rabbit or some other lesser creature. Beaver is more supple, sheds rain better, and is prettier…Never be cheap in hat or shoes! It always tells.

General Clothing

Top 10 Men’s fashion rules

Rule 1: Dress for the job! All other rules flow from this one. It’s the most obvious, but also the most abused.

Men’s Fashion Advice: Pocket Squares

The younger you are, the less of your pocket square should show. If you’re in your twenties, you haven’t yet earned the right to be cavalier. Conversely, the older you, the freer you can be with showing silk.

Horrible College Fashion: Both Professors And Students

At the beginning of the semester, a veteran professor told me to pay attention to the students’ dress. She said that in the first week, all the females would be primped, painted, and pretty, and that the males would be wearing “their best t-shirts.” But by Thanksgiving, even the females would come class directly from bed, clad in either pajamas concealed by coats or the same sweatsuit.

Top 10 Women’s Fashion Rules

I’ll give one example of such signaling. A female asked me to read over an email that she was going to send to another female. The subject was of political importance. I began to read the email aloud. “Sally…,” I said, for this was the opening, but I was stopped immediately by the writer who said, “Is that too strong?” I didn’t understand: wasn’t Sally the intended recipient? She was. But the writer said to me, “Whenever I am happy with somebody I always start with something like ‘Hi Sally’, but if I am very angry I leave off the ‘Hi’.”


  1. Bruce Foutch

    ‘Rule 1: Dress for the job!’

    I have actually heard that you should dress for the job you want.

    In fact, it may be also true that you will get the job (or no job) if you dress contrary to the job you have (or want.)

  2. dearieme

    Rule 1: unless you are a tractor driver, never wear a baseball cap.
    Rule 2: if you are a tractor driver you needn’t wear a baseball cap.

  3. JH

    Rule JH#1: wear something that you feel comfortable in, which often times naturally reflects your style.

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