SUV Christmas Parade Massacre A Rare Propaganda Failure

SUV Christmas Parade Massacre A Rare Propaganda Failure

Here is a helpful infographic from one of our leading propagandist outfits backed by an influential oligarch.

The Christmas Parade Massacre had to written of. There was no getting around it. The absence of a story in a major source of what some call “news” would have been noted. It would have been wondered at. But coming, as this story does, right after the Rittenhouse acquittal, propagandists had to be careful.

They had to say what happened without saying, or even hinting at, why it happened.

Step one was to issue a headline: “Here’s what we know so far on the sequence of events that led to the Waukesha tragedy caused by an SUV.”

Then came the map of the slaughter, shown above.

This propaganda has the best advantage propaganda can ever have: It is true. There isn’t an incorrect word in the headline, map, or story itself, which even has a list of the murdered, their ages, and some tear-jerking details.

CNN, not in the same class or skill level as the WP, went a bit too far and whitened the skin of the driver in pictures. This was instinctual on their part. Had to be. They couldn’t have thought it through. Because if you did think it through, you’d realize their message is this: beware of vengeful light-skinned blacks. The deeper implication is, given a major purpose of propaganda is to deflect from the truth, that the darker the skin the more dangerous.

Surely they couldn’t have meant either of those. Not purposely. Still, that’s what sloppy work can do to you.

The WP also tried to distract from the truth. Two truths. One was the race and motivation of the mass murderer, and the other was their own role in creating the madness in him. These are both so obvious I need say nothing more about them.

In earlier days the WP might have got away with it. Their mistake was to say anything at all about the SUV. They could have ran the headline “Five dead in accident” and left it at that. Their regular audience of midwits would have felt the sad thought they were meant to feel, and moved on to the story of white supremacists being responsible for the recent increase in the new omicron form of racism, or whatever.

It is true an SUV was what squashed the people under its wheels. But they had used the “SUV did it” trick one too many times, blaming inanimate objects for horrors done by people they didn’t want blamed.

Because of the internet, even normies quickly learned that SUVs must be driven, and if they are driven, they are driven by someone. And if someone drives one, there had to be a reason the driver plowed into a group of people, didn’t slow down, even sped up, and kept going.

The “SUV did it” propaganda wasn’t nearly strong enough to stop this chain of reasoning. It would possibly have worked in the old, pre-internet days. As it is now, they weren’t fast enough. By the time the WP had their “Blame the SUV” headline, autists had already discovered all about the driver. As one quick headline had it: “Convicted Pedophile, Repeat Felon and Self-Described Black Terrorist Who Preached Violence Against White People”.

That was only one of many. Twitter and all the rest had the story fast, long before propagandists could get to work. And the news—real news—spread. Even to people who are normally shielded from these things. It’s true that normies, the woke, progressives, and leftists of every stripe didn’t repeat or report this news—they do know their duty—but they all saw it.

And once they saw it, they weren’t quite immune—immune is maybe not the word—they were at least vaccinated against the propaganda. Leftists did retweet and repost the propaganda, as they knew they had to, but we could all see their hearts weren’t in it. We knew this because none of them said anything about the massacre. They just wanted it to go away as quickly as possible.

Which it has, more or less. How many propaganda sites had news on the story over the weekend?

We have a slight victory for Reality in this event. Yet we can do better. Not for the first time I adjure you: do not use the enemy’s language as your own.

So do not say media, say propagandists; do not say news, say propaganda; do not say journalist or reporter, say propagandist or regime spokesman.

If we all did this, it would not stop the propaganda, but it would slow it, and it would cause them to adjust. It would blunt the force of most efforts to sway us into the reactions they want.

Tease them without mercy. It is the one thing they hate above all, being laughed out. Being yelled and screamed at they adore. But they cannot abide ridicule.

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  1. Just think of the future euphoria of driverless vehicles. The mad machine will have unlimited propaganda potential.

  2. Yes! This is the struggle now. Influence. Propaganda. Message.

    De-based PC-Progs despise Normal Americans. Driving over Normals in trucks is just a tiny taste of what they’d do if they had the power. Their hatred of Normals and the Normal way of life knows no bounds.

    They do totally control the messages on legacy channels of public communication. They do totally control the messages pounded into the heads of students in education and academic institutions. They do totally control the messages conveyed by Hollywood. Their main weakness is that the root of their message is a lie.

    Never before has a culture been crushed from within, without a fight. The Russian revolution and the Chinese revolution were similar in effect–but involved massive bloodshed and resistance from Normals. A similar hatred drove the killers in those cultural upheavals. A hatred of the Normal culture, egged on by a hate-filled, unnatural belief system built on lies. Both of those cultural upheavals took dozens of years to resolve back toward reality, and millions upon millions of lives were snuffed out in the struggle. Normals endured decades of living in abject terror and squalor, kowtowing to the PC-Progs who’d seized power, before throwing off the yoke (Russia’s rejection of the haters a bit more brazen than the subtle rejection in China) of the self-haters and embracing their cultural heritage.

    Can we achieve the same with ridicule, laughter, and shame? Or is it already too late?

  3. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Speaking with my father on the phone after the Rittenhouse acquittal, he tells me — as if I’ve never heard of the case — that a young man was acquitted of murder after killing three black men who attacked him. I tell him the three guys were white. He’s surprised to learn it. I knew the media liars were trying to create that impression but was surprised to find they had tricked my father, who is usually more discerning, with such a whopper.

  4. awildgoose

    That map is 5th grade-tier.

    Oh wait, we’re talking about the Wapo, nevermind.

  5. Rudolph Harrier

    For the people who post here with living parents, it’s very likely that those parents are from the boomer or adjacent generations. Boomers were raised on TV and bought into the cult of the brave truthful journalist all of their lives. Even for the skeptical among them, their skepticism generally won’t extend to the local news. That is, they might doubt CNN or MSNBC, but not the local news at 9.

    Now it’s well known that such outlets get fed their major stories from their parent companies, often verbatim (“this is dangerous to our democracy.”) Generally speaking these scripts don’t contain outright lies; those are saved for “pundits.” But they can be highly misleading. So for example reporting on the Rittenhouse trial would contain phrases like “Rittenhouse is accused for attempted murder due to firing at three Black Lives Matters protestors. There are many people who say that his actions were motivated by racial prejudice. Here are some comments from local black community leaders on the issue.” Nowhere is it said directly that the assailants were black (or even that they were assailants for that matter) but their actual races are not said and all the adjacent information keeps talking about blacks, so that only the most careful listener would realize that it was not actually claimed that the assailants were black.

  6. IcePick Slim

    “…So do not say media, say propagandists; do not say news, say propaganda; do not say journalist or reporter, say propagandist or regime spokesman…”
    If you weren’t pointlessly preoccupied with Cuckservative Inc talking points, you’d realize that calling it “State Media” is all that’s required, as that’s what it’s specifically been for 50+ years now. A direct broadband arm of the D.C. Uniparty dictatorship.

  7. Jerry

    Guns kill people, and by the same reasoning apparently, SUVs do too. We need tougher SUV laws.


    We are all Boers, now. Plan accordingly.

  9. Johnno

    Too bad the SUV wasn’t a sentient self-driving Tesla which recently was last seen running down a camel.

    The propagandists would’ve still been conflicted over running that story anyway, because they want their self-driving electric car future where you own no vehicles and must use the Mark of the Vexx and Carbon allotment to go anywhere within your approved vicinity.

    So undersandably they were in quite a tizzy. But they knew they could not offend the golden calf they worship, so they had no choice but to look stupid. So they feigned that they had no idea who the culprit was, no idea about the ethnicity, no idea whether it was he/she or ze, no idea what would motivate it, forgot how to look up social media history they routinely do, etc. And even when they had to admit all of it, it is still whitey and the system’s fault because hundreds of years ago a whitey man put out his leg and tripped a black guy walking by and they all laughed, and blackey was hurt and he recounted this tale to his children who internalized it and passed it on for generations, never forgetting, and tgat was just the tip of the iceberg of what whitey did to them, but eventually they forgot and moved past it and were beginning to be happier one day, but the liberal white universities decided they had to be taught to be hurt again so they could look useful and charge people for newly invented courses and feel important and create a new cause for them to feel they were doing something with their lives.

    So anyway, this is all still whitey’s fault, because this is a war of whites against other whites with blacks as a proxy for one side. Similar to the middle east conflicts where war can be waged in Syria using local forces but its really about who controls trade and pipelines between the US/EU versus Russia/China.

  10. Chad W Jessup

    In this article, “”, it is posted that “One meme posted in 2015 features a black man whipping white people who are picking cotton while a smiling Martin Luther King looks down from the sky.” What an insult to a great man, Martin Luther King, Jr., a Christian who would never harbor thoughts like that.

  11. Original Grandpa

    I’m with Jerry. Until something is done about these SUVs… mine are locked in the garage, where hopefully they don’t hurt anyone…
    Kidding aside, while these are all good ideas, we need to remember that “they” want “us” dead. Without the testicular fortitude to do it themselves, hired idiots do the work. But, “we” need to remember – “they” want “us” dead. Not “canceled by culture”, not “doxxed”, not “shamed” – DEAD. Focus, people. Dead. “We” are prolonging the opening salvos, because we know what happens when the line is crossed by us. As soon as we realize we’ve lost the propaganda battle – and it is no longer ‘winnable’; we can move to the next. In the words of Malcolm Reynolds:
    “If someone tries to kill you, you try to kill ’em right back”
    That’s where we are now. Grandmas dancing, and little babies in strollers. Dead.
    “We” are moral folks, with values and responsibilities. “We” don’t want this fight.
    But – “they” started it, and regardless – the fight wants “us”. Arm yourselves. If you are in an open carry state, do so. If not, ymmv. Wear camo, it triggers them. Wear a MAGA hat, a RTKBA shirt, a “stand for the flag, kneel for the cross” t-shirt. Camo pants and a pistol. Be polite, be kind; but always ready to give them the fight they aren’t intelligent enough to know they don’t want. Until “we” say not only no but hell no, this will go on. And none of us is getting younger.
    They want to dance, let’s dance

  12. Uncle Mike

    Black people need a new PR campaign. The one they have now, courtesy the Loser Left, isn’t helping the brand. The Left paints Blacks to be illiterate Marxist welfare deadbeats who loot, burn, rape, and murder. According to the popprop, real Blacks hate America, especially the cops, because they are still slaves.

    This picture is somewhat unfair to actual Blacks, most of whom are none of those propagandistic stereotypes, although a percentage have been persuaded by the debased regime to adopt the mold. The cacophony of popprop noise impedes thinking skills, even in the literate.

    So Blacks need a new message and new messengers. As in any PR campaign, the ad copy doesn’t have to be true, just pretty. Bright and shiny sells. Maybe some cheerful music. Blacks are good at music, right?

  13. To original Grandpa,

    I too am a grandpa, I to agree with you. We are nearing the point in this world and country that only a HOT 2nd Amendment response will get us back to the real America. This BLM and virus scam need to end. The Media and the left ARE the enemies of the people. I don’t know what the straw will be – but its about to fall.
    Be prepared and act accordingly

  14. — Tease them without mercy. It is the one thing they hate above all, being laughed out. Being yelled and screamed at they adore. But they cannot abide ridicule. —

    It has been said, and truly, that ridicule is the unstoppable weapon. Voltaire is reported to have said “I never made any prayer to God but one: ‘O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.’ And God granted it.” Besides, laughter is the best medicine, isn’t it?

  15. yomamma

    Adjure not abjure.

  16. Jon Carry

    Could you please fix the opening sentence? It detracts badly from the rest of the article.

  17. Johnno

    Don’t worry folks. Twitter’s new CEO has anticipated the tewsing and ridicule coming their way!

    Underappreciated fak-checkas can get a new side jib being mean-checkas with a nrw hurt-index that swings between Butthurt and clinical PTSD.

    The new rule for the twits is that you cannot make or share any media with the holy visaged of private persons without their express permission. So if you want to photoshop an image of Fauci on a chicken, you need his legal consent.

    The same for the SUV, ask the vehicle’s permission first, and then brighten up the image so that the paint job looks whiter.

  18. Mann Friedman

    Icepick Slim:
    The State Media does NOT belong to the state!
    There is NO STATE ANYMORE!
    We now live in Global Oligarch Mandated Authoritarianism.


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