Is The Coronadoom Narrative Crumbling?

Is The Coronadoom Narrative Crumbling?

“Nyah, nyah, nyah,” he added.

It always starts with one.

This is the entirety of the post today, friends. My computer has gone to join the Great Bit in the sky, and I am doing this post on—may the Lord help and bless us all—a cellphone.

Given my thumb is the size of the screen, typing is a penance.

If I do not have a replacement soon, I shall have to grow smaller thumbs. We shall persevere.

Once my computer is restored I believe I shall introduce moderation to all posts. The endless pointless arguments in the comments have become useless and are a distraction.

Update I have and keep a full data backup; the problem is the motherboard, which needs replacing. I now have a backup, but slow, computer. I’m a couple of days behind on everything.

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  1. Peter Morris

    I hate it when my computers take a dirt nap. The last few have all been hard drive failures. The most recent was damage involving a controller chip, but previous ones involved physical damage when the read heads made contact with the platters.

    I hope you get back up and running soon!

  2. Michael Dowd

    Agree with comments moderation and suggest elimination be considered. Time is our most precious gift from God.

  3. Ann Cherry

    Yesterday’s “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo” featured an interview w/Dr. Ben Carson, discussing the suppression of existing therapies for Covid. Video clip imbedded in this American Thinker article, starts w/ Biden informing everyone that he sees more of Dr. Fraudci than his wife, and telling us that Dr. Fraudci is the “real President”. Well, we know it isn’t Biden…..

  4. Joy

    The real president is Obama
    At least Ben Carson isn’t a denier or a conspiracy theorist. He’s actually doing his job.

    Drs in ITU and intensive care have been using the full arsenal at their disposal since the beginning. Just not the drugs preferred by those who know little to nothing about respiratory care of any kind.

    Ben Carson is on the side of the angels, actually doing something to help save lives.
    Also a big Trump supporter, who is also an advocate of vaccination.

  5. Ann Cherry

    President Trump is not, and never has been, an advocate of vaccine mandates. I’d suggest everyone watch the full 35 minute clip of Maria Bartiromo’s show, which includes an interview with the great Sen. John Kennedy, discussing the Build Back Bolshevik bill, now before the Senate, which includes $400 million in taxpayer money for a federal vaccine DATABASE. Horrific.

  6. Al

    My last crash (total, never worked again) was caused by Mrs Al introducing the keyboard to red wine. Grrrrr.

    I am, anecdotally, sensing a growing resistance to the prescribed mRNA narrative. As much as the media try to keep a lid on it, the reality is being tentatively bathed in the dawning light of reason and suspicion. The nothing-to-see-here rabbit holing of heart related adverse effects from the vaccine have started to give way to new suggestions that they are caused by the virus. Acknowledgment that they are statistically a thing is progress. Or, even more preposterously, anxiety induced by the wholly invented condition of, wait for it, Post Pandemic Stress Disorder, PPSD. You couldn’t make it up, except they did. Fit athletes popping their clogs in plain sight is difficult to explain away.

    The lies are becoming more fantastic, almost as if we are being taunted. But the question remains, even if the majority do eventually force the establishment to accept that the game is up, who is going to stop the assault on our liberties?

  7. C.R.Dickson

    A good place to get a computer (new and used) is Tiger Direct. For the last 15 or so years, I have purchased refurbished laptops and desktops for $50 to 100. I just bought a refurbished desktop with a 3.1 GHz processor for $79. I keep 10 or so working computers at all times and I have never had one fail. I usually retire them after 10 years by transferring everything to a newer $79 computer. I also keep backups on 3 and 4 TB SSD drives just in case.
    Tiger Direct

  8. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”Is The Coronadoom Narrative Crumbling?”

    It’s been crumbling since April of 2020 thanks to the efforts of smart and courageous individuals relentlessly shoveling away at the foundations of this monstrous edifice of bullshit. Its complete collapse cannot come soon enough, followed, pray God, by prosecution of the criminal conspirators who concocted the stinking Babylonian pile.

    ”…I shall introduce moderation to all posts.”

    Shovel away!

  9. Brian (bulaoren)

    You do mean a replacement for your computer, right? You can not be easily replaced.
    This Necronomicon strain doesn’t seem to be panning out for the doom mongers; nyah x 3.
    For anyone seeking a little perspective on the latest school murders, I recommend a movie called “We need to talk about Kevin “. It came out around 2011.

  10. V

    Since you’re an analyst, consider the latest Intel architecture (Alder Lake), with native Intel compiler support. Potential significantly reduced runtimes of your codes, if you ever drop into a lower level language like Fortran.

  11. GP

    “If I do not have a replacement soon, I shall have to grow smaller thumbs.”
    I’m sure you can find a thumb donor, after all it’s not like you need 2 thumbs to survive. No surgery unless you take your boosters like a good little boy though.

  12. Kenan Meyer

    “The endless pointless arguments in the comments have become useless and are a distraction.”

    Self discipline has become a precious rarity in these times

    (having to remind myself as well)

  13. John B()

    Kenan Meyer

    Self discipline is a good goal

    Mea culpa as well

    I’ve lost the thread a few times and there goes the spool …

  14. Al

    As the narrative crumbles so the lies get more transparent. For a long time consistency and credibility in the establishment narrative has seemed to them to be increasingly unimportant. On that topic I came across this on another blog and am shamelessly pasting it here…

    “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

    ~ Theodore Dalrymple

  15. Deplorable D

    According to the documents obtained through the FOIA request to the FDA, Pfizer’s own reports to the FDA state there were 1223 fatalities from their drug in the first 90 days. Note Rothenberg states there have been deaths from the vaccine alone. If only we applied this same criteria to the Doom deaths, then we might be in an entirely new situation today.

  16. Kip Hansen

    Briggs ==> Ah, we all fail to backup those pesky hard drives — I was hot on it for years, but have slacked off now that I save all important files to a separate SD card (they come in magnificently large capacity these days) that sits in a tiny little slot in the side of my laptop.

  17. Rudolph Harrier

    The narrative around the Omicron variant has been particularly blatant. Lots of reports of “we have absolutely no idea what this variant could do, but the only proper response is to be terrified.” It’s kind of surreal seeing reports about a state being “ravaged” by Omicron only to be then shown a graphic with less than 5 confirmed cases in that state. You could put this into a Kent Brockman scene and nothing would need to be changed to set up the joke.

    That being said, it doesn’t really matter how dishonest or irrational the narrative is. If it is shown everywhere simultaneously, there are many who will never question it.

  18. Dennis

    The ability to lie without batting an eyelash must be a requirement for hiring at Pfizer and other Big Pharma firms. And if the clip continued, I’d bet the CSPAN monitor didn’t press him on it either.

    The Narrative has been collapsing almost since day 1…but too many have too much invested in it personally and professionally to simply give it up and admit failure.

  19. Joy

    No Ann, and nobody said that:
    “President Trump is not, and never has been, an advocate of vaccine mandates.”
    Except you, who didn’t read.
    There’s no bigger fan of vaccines than Trump
    As I said this has been a false debate about freedom. Nothing to do with saving or caring about life itself. It’s about rights to be selfish, on the one hand and rights to control others on the other hand. Both are extreme positions to take. Being anti vaccine for the sake of it is going into yet another league of error, especially when for so many it’s really simply to support their freedom stance. A lot of very mixed up ideas making the rounds

  20. BrianH

    I love reading Briggs’ blog and enjoy reading other readers comments as well. The only time it becomes tedious is when two hard heads insist on having the last word. Maybe a one comment limit per day?

  21. Joy

    As for “we have absolutely no idea what this variant could do, but the only proper response is to be terrified.”
    That looks like a direct quote, who said it?
    our experts and South African Drs have been completely frank in their predictions, suspicions. They have backed that up with reasoning and have explained why they hope it is gong to be mild enough to out compete the delta variant. That nobody knows is simply that nobody has been able to count. They know enough about viruses of the kind to understand what different types of mutations are likely to mean. Nobody here has told the public to be terrified. The above narrative on the Omnicron was predictable. It’s called
    ‘shooting the messenger’
    Had they taken no action, certainly here, the media, who currently control ‘the narrative’ would be all over the government like. a rash. As it is, they’re still finding reasons to moan.

  22. Joy

    Better moderation, that’s what it needs. If people re going to be lied about on a public space, they need the space to defend themselves.
    As for one comment a day:
    How can a discussion proceed when the blog post is only fresh for a day?
    It’s toxic enough now to be all but finished as far as good debate is concerned.
    I, for one, don’t trust those who I held in high esteem for the longest time. It’s not an accident that topics have been developed and expanded to feed the frenzied.

  23. Ann Cherry

    Joy, I wasn’t contradicting that “Trump supports vaccines” but making the entirely different point, that he does NOT support vaccine MANDATES.

    Furthermore, just because one opposes these experimental. and often dangerous, gene- altering mRNA vexxines, or opposes vaccine MANDATES in general, does not make one “anti-vaccine.”

  24. People really need to stop responding to Joy. She spectacularly failed the witch test, making her dishonest at best and seriously malicious at worst. Just ignore her. I think Briggs should ban her for failing the witch test but I’m not in charge.

  25. Joy

    Ann Cherry,
    Your point was clear, but you were responding as if I had said something else.
    Yet more obtuse responses.
    Trump is pro vaccine MRNA and AZ. All in, especially the US one, which he takes pride in.
    It looks like John b agrees with you so that’s case closed.
    What do you mean by witch test?

  26. Joy

    Where do you get “seriously malicious”?
    If something I have said seems false to you then maybe check your judgement.
    You are a spiteful and trollish commenter here. Your name says it all.

    What lies have I told? I’ve been painfully honest around here. That’ what’s caused some of the trouble. The rest is simply nuttery on part of the extremist fundamentalist zealots

  27. Dennis

    The inanity doesn’t even pretend to be rational or based in reality now:

    From June (when governor’s lawless muzzle mandate not only expired, but was also ruled illegal and unconstitutional) to around late September, face muzzle “required” sing disappeared at grocery.

    Then it was back for a few weeks – because of “Delta”, of course, though no more than about 30% of customers seemed to pay attention or comply.

    Then the sign was shunted to the side corner of the entrance where most wouldn’t see it anyway, though with with PA announcements every 10 minutes or so saying masks were “required” of all, included the jabbed! (how’s that “back to normal if you just get the jab,” eh?)…but again relatively low compliance.

    Then the “mask required” reappeared in a prominent position about a month ago, with the same PA announcements every 10 minutes or so.

    Today the sign was moved again where it can barely be seen, but PA announcement now says “due to the rapid spread of Covid variants in our community, we highly “recommend” (notice the official downgrade from before for the jabbed, despite alleged scariants ravaging us now!) all vaxxed customers wear a mask, and “require” that all non-vaxxinated customers and all store “associates” (that now ever-present stupid term for “employees”) wear a mask…though again, there was only about 30% compliance among the customers (or perhaps they were all jabbed – D*mn, I may have to start wearing a muzzle at their grocery now, lest people take me for an mRNA dupe!).

    All just ever-shifting nonsense disconnected from any reality or actual risk.

    Also got an email yesterday from a local business group purporting to query people about “what your business is doing to prepare and protect your employees and customers from the Omicron variant as the pandemic continues”…told them to get bent, shove their scariant nonsense up their backsides, and remove me from the list (not even sure how I ended-up on it to begin with).

  28. John Mauer

    Advent. Practice redundancy.

  29. Joy,

    Confess that Jesus Christ is Lord amd God has raised him from the dead.

    If you do I will take everything vack and apologize. If not I take none of it back. Should be easy.

  30. Jeepers Malcolm, I do confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and God has raised him from the dead. But I have no idea how that relates to anything Joy has written, at least in the comments on this post. I’ll go so far as to say that I agree with what she’s typed. Since I am, in fact, a devout Christian and did, in fact, confess just above (and do so daily at least), what does that mean insofar as my agreement with Joy?

  31. C-Marie

    So sorry to hear about your computer’s demise, but so glad to see that Christ’s strength in you, continues!!

    A note: Many of us, including me, will not take the vexxine due to the use of murdered babies’ tissue, whether they were murdered many years ago, or recently. Distance from their deaths, makes no difference.

    Regarding comments: They are usually very interesting. How about two comments on same post, but who would keep track? Maybe keep comments succinct? And not ever so wordy!!

    Some people are slow to accept that Jesus Christ is the only way to God the Father, as accepting Jesus and His death and His resurrection, causes one to recognize that Jesus is God and man, that He has two nature in one Person, and to admit that one has unforgiven sinner status, which strikes at one’s pride and self-righteousness.

    God bless, C-Marie

  32. Rob

    Isn’t Pfizer’s “dosage” the lowest of the 4 major vexes?

    Anyway, it sure sounds like the CEO is copping to the fact that people have been scared into volunteering for an experiment. Because this is the kind of data bragging that typically comes out of trials before a drug is approved for genpop.

  33. philemon

    The “Narrative” of lies piled upon lies (it’s lies all the way down) could never stand for long. That’s why there has been so much desperation and pushing from the first.

    Fear fatigue is setting in, more and more people are aware that they have been lied to, the actual risks are becoming clearer (the media/gov hype notwithstanding because, hey, they’ve been lying all along), and people, in general, are not that stupid.

    The EUAs for the clot shots need to be pulled, and their status as “vaccines” brought to trial, so that full liability for the damage they have caused falls upon the people responsible, who fortunately all have very deep pockets.

  34. HMI

    FWIW, in an emergency, I have found that my phone plus a bluetooth keyboard can make for a tolerable expedient.

  35. John B(?)


    Your line has been used as a trope before
    It makes no sense in the way it’s offered
    Joy is a Christian
    Tell us all how she isn’t without demonstrating that you are not

  36. philemon

    Igor ChudovWrites Igor’s Newsletter ·3 hr ago

    “Myocarditis is a mild and expected side effect of vaccine. It actually means that the vaccine is doing its job. You will have a “bigger heart” and will be just fine, unless you want to become an athlete. We are developing medications in our pipeline to help you manage your myocarditis for the rest of your life. Experts say that most people get myocarditis eventually by their 9th or 10th shot, so do not panic.”

  37. Rudolph Harrier

    Gee I wonder what possible way use to determine who is a Christian and who is not, when one person professes Christ as Lord and the other does not.

  38. Everyone,

    The issue with Joy is that she continually throughout her time here she appeals to Christian morality to justify whatever policy positions she supports, as well as insults everyone who disagrees with her. A lot. Granted, her insults are generally of the “I’m implying that if you believe this you’re a conspiracy theory believing wingnut who refuses to listen to reason”, but insult she does.

    If she is appealing to Christian morality, then she should have no trouble confessing Jesus is the Christ and God has raised Him from the dead, as I do confess now.

    She has been asked before and refused to answer, in which case, I have no reason to believe she is a Christian and no reason to listen to her pronouncements on moral judgments binding to Christians.

    It isn’t a trope, it’s a witch test, and very easy to pass. If she does, I will assuredly apologize and take back what I said. But she has been asked before and failed the test; so I treat her accordingly.

  39. Rudolph,

    It’s a mystery, isn’t it?

    I of course confess Jesus is the Christ and God has raised Him from the dead.

    If she admits that, I am obviously wrong and will apologize. If not, I apologize for and take back nothing.

  40. John B()


    If it were illegal to be a Christian (we can all imagine that, can’t we?)

    Could THEY convict you?

    I’m done now – I’m assuming moderation for myself

  41. HanSolo

    I just received a nice, speedy pc from a reputable supplier, but one day later, it didn’t want to work anymore after BSODing over and over. Back it went on a UPS truck today. I do still have many backups in the house. Good luck with your replacement…also get an ssd backup.

  42. Johnno

    Except you, who didn’t read.
    There’s no bigger fan of vaccines than Trump

    Except that’s twice you didn’t read what Ann said, which is that Trump isn’t a fan of vaccine MANDATES.

    If people re going to be lied about on a public space, they need the space to defend themselves.

    I agree! Isn’t it nice that I gave you the opportunity to prove your accusations, and you still haven’t!

    What lies have I told? I’ve been painfully honest around here. That’ what’s caused some of the trouble. The rest is simply nuttery on part of the extremist fundamentalist zealots

    Ah ha-ha… Oh yeah? You manage to find that “Masks cause cancer” article yet that you claimed Briggs and I promoted? Or is it all the extremist fundamentalist zealots who are now conspiring against you? (Note to poor DAV: This is sarcasm, not a straw-man.)

    Naaahhhh…. you can’t do it… better run back off to Essex to relax then. Stay there are long as you like. Don’t come back.

    Well… that’s that then. It’s back to me ignoring Joy. Before I thought she was at least honest, but we now know for a fact that she is not. She’s had close to a week to prove herself. Can’t say I didn’t give her rope to hold on to, but she’s chosen to hang herself from her end…

    I have no opposition to moderation, but we are all free to scroll past Joy and save Briggs the precious time. Practice that and this place will magically be better.

    As for this week’s narrative… Pfizer and its joyful fans are birds of a feather. Look you in the camera and deny, deny, deny, all while being unable to back up anything they claim, can’t dispute the facts and can only engage in ad hominem with the usual ammunition of, “CONSPIRACY FUNDY TRUMPER ANTI-VEXXER HUMAN-RIGHTS DEMANDING THE-SCIENCE(tm) DENYING YOOOUUU!!!” whose effectiveness is proven to wane about as well as their vexxines.

    It’ll be a glorious day when we snuff out their lives with a good sentencing and hanging in the Hague.

    We can then embark on a museum-building revival dedicated to these times where entire walls can be covered with the comments, propaganda slogans and media bullshittery and tik-tok videos of those who proudly supported the regime! Carnival music will be playing throughout on a loop all through the tour. There will be a graveyard of syringes for every injury, and everywhere examples of Madame Tussaud’s wax dummies of dummies standing around doing perfectly normal everyday things in a mask.

  43. DAV

    Note to poor DAV: This is sarcasm

    More like a parody of argument.

  44. Johnno

    More like a parody of argument.

    Tomato/Tomato. Which is still perfectly valid and powerful. Which is why Fak-checkas and social media censors go after it for a reason. As is also proven abundantly true, far lefties lose or pretend to lose their ability to detect obvious humor and hyperbole, which is why they are busy trying to make internet memes prosecutable. Tough to be a comedian these days, and that was before the plague!

  45. Joy

    Important New Paper: Johnno:

    1 The paper itself actually does mention cancer and dementia, the table mentioned is indeed from the paper itself.
    2 “Thread diameter”. Strange error of reasoning in thearticle. Should be reference to diameter of holes in fabric
    3 Droplets contain virus, virus is not freeing the air, hence diameter of droplet containing particles Is far larger
    (Molecules of Co2 and O2 are tinier than the covid viral cellso there is no issue with restriction of gasses.).
    4 In addition, what is also not mentioned often nor in this paper, is that airflow is slowed due to turbulence which affects velocity of particles
    Particles in droplets in the air can remain in the air for a bout an hour.

    Everything I said still sands. Without question, this paper is introduced into the arena of discourse to project an impression that there is somehow controversy about the matter of masks themselves. Whereas, the discussions with regards to non pharmaceutical intervention have to do with mass use of masks outside of clinical settings and whether this, despite other methods of transmission, slows the spread at large in any measurable way.&nbsp
    Instead of that we have the straw man argument about “stopping spread’. Or other absolute statements, with use of words like block cease, prevent, etc. Spread happens when masks are worn, too, via the hands and the eyes.
    The link to the article is here below: (It was posted days before your disgraceful diatribe claiming that I was lying and unable to support the comment about your defence of it.)
    The article, on further inspection has not just the obvious Mickey mouse flaw of being written by someone with no experience in a clinical field, at a guess, skip that…was the reason I didn’t bother to read the link itself to the paper! It shows that the author ‘thinks’ that coronavirus travels in the air without water vapour droplets. Also, that the size of the thread as opposed to the holes in the fabric! as the salient measure. Another schoolboy error?
    So, as I said, it is a phoney article, probably a hoax which was defended.
    No wonder it was “rabbit holed”.

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