The Massively Stupid Idea Of Weekly Testing Of The Unvaxxed — Coronadoom Update CXIII

The Massively Stupid Idea Of Weekly Testing Of The Unvaxxed — Coronadoom Update CXIII

Well, what more can we say that we haven’t, and dozens of times? Although there is, here and there, some hope the panic is waning, female Safety Firsters, effeminates and soy-jacks still desire the panic to continue. As do any whose jobs can be done (a loose word) by Zoom. Who wants to start commuting back to an office now, after they’ve seen the Paradise of the Couch?

Imagine having to drag your keister in front of a group of bored proto-adults, whose masks might even slip, frightening you almost beyond your ability to function, and to lecture these kiddies on some subject you no longer love, just so the kiddies can get a “degree”. Isn’t it better to forbid the students to gather so you can sit at home and punch a few buttons instead?

Much easier than putting your mind to work at questioning the official narrative.

I focus on brain sink institutions because I have received reports from several sources saying the very few remaining employees of universities are required to test for coronadoom weekly.

This is what our most intelligent people have derived as a solution? Truly, we live in a time of Great Stupidity.

“You don’t understand, Briggs. If people are vaccinated, they need to be tested for their safety and ours.”

So you vax stops working when an unvaxxed persons draws nigh?

“Of course not. But if the unvaxxed person is infected, he, she or xir might pass on his infection.”

Pass to you, and then you vax fails? It fails because you were infected from an unvaxxed person?

“Well, not exactly.”

But your vax does fine, works as advertised, if you are infected from another saintly vaxxed person?

“Well, not exactly.”

Never mind. I won’t convince you to think sensibly about this. Let me ask again about continuously weekly testing for the unvaxxed. Suppose an unvaxxed person tests positive. What then?

“Aha! Well, we advise them to isolate. And also to go to the doctor.”

All right. The doctor will, as in most cases, most likely send them home to sweat it out, but whatever. The real question is this: Will you require the unvaxxed but infected and recovered person to continue testing?

“Well, the regulations are that the unvaxxed have to undergo weekly testing.”

You take refuge in the bureaucracy? You must realize the rule is not just stupid, but insane?

“The unvaxxed person might become infected again.”

And the vaxxed person, as we have seen everywhere, especially recently, might become infected at first. And even again. Yes?

“The Ominous Omicron, as you call it, is truly frightening.”

The point is this: the idiotic, empty-of-science weekly testing is only there to coerce the unvaxxed into taking their medicine. Because they are bad people. Not because it affects you in any way, except that it is brings a curse on your tribe when it contains bad people. Right?

“I have a PhD.”


Hey, gang, it’s looking like it’s time for yet another conspiracy theory to get its wings.

If only these poor folks could have been warned in advance. Alas, who could have guessed there might be side effects to such a harsh mandatory hurry-up-and-take-it-now-without-thinking-you-bad-person drug?

Here’s something Americans might not know. Some non-American tyrants who mandate taking the regime-approved medicine allow evidence of prior infection and recovery in lieu of the mandated medicine.

I haven’t heard this in many American cases: I recall one lawsuit by a professor, of all things. But we Americans are always an all-or-nothing culture.

Incidentally, since many who are vexxed are also recovered, and recovered status is not often recorded, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on with the vex. But never mind. Evidence is not welcome in this debate.

Do read the comments to the OBE.


Safety First! magical voodoo hersteria.



Bad news for the Zoom class. The bug is not cooperating, to any great extent, with their desires the panic continue.

Here’s causes of death. Recall the drop off at the end is due to late reporting. But also recall the doom deaths are reported in a double-quick hurry. This makes cancer and heart disease look better (if I can use such a word) compared to the doom.

As we have predicted since last summer, this winter’s deaths are indeed inching up. But not by that much. It’s a blip and not a rise. This could be due, in part, to the Ominous Omicron. Many infections, many fewer deaths.

Anyway, cancer and heart disease are still killing many more. Can we panic about this? Just for a change.

I’ve received many reports that some insurance company found a lot of deaths in the middle aged. The reports were of relative changes, which is always a red flag. Let’s look at the actual numbers.

These are weekly deaths from all causes; drop offs at ends are late reports, which takes a good 8 weeks to get most counts in.

The big vax hersteria started in the summer, when people were either fired or told they would be fired if they didn’t take a government-dictated medicine. Because if they were fired they couldn’t catch the disease any more.


Jobs cause coronadoom?

Anyway, the oldest are still dying the mostest. The second picture shows a most suspicious bump in 45-54 year olds. Coronadoom? Well, the alpha, the most dangerous variant, wasn’t killing them. Nor was the delta. But there sure where a ton of vaccinations at this age, and younger, starting in the fall.

Same kind of thing for the 35-44 and 25-34 year olds. Smaller fall bumps.

Then we have this headline: Fentanyl overdoses become No. 1 cause of death among US adults, ages 18-45: ‘A national emergency’. “More adults between 18 and 45 died of fentanyl overdoses in 2020 than COVID-19, motor vehicle accidents, cancer and suicide”.


We see in the last picture there is no special bump for the youngest. But the vax rates in the youngest are lowest, and the big push for kids is happening now.

Here are the attributed doom deaths by age (same caveats, with the addition that we have to trust the government to attribute correctly):

Could be a vax effect for the oldest, who are no longer dying at the highest numbers of the doom—they say. But it could also be that the oldest have largely been killed off in great numbers, and only the strongest survive. These are absolute numbers, not rates.

Even if all the improvement is to the vax, it is still the case the oldest—shock!—are dying at higher numbers than the young. And that the bug is killing as many as before.

Here’s another shot of the total attributed doom deaths:

There’s that blip. Just doesn’t seem to be taking off. You can track it day by day, same story.

Lastly, yes, as we reported a few weeks back, flu has returned. Not in a big way. But it’s hear, baby, and ready to kill (drop off at end also late reporting).

Funny, ain’t it, the flu comes back just the doom seems to be petering out.

Keep panicking. It proves you are a good person.

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  1. JR Ewing

    The primary focus on the “middle aged deaths” story has been acute vaccine injuries and avoided medical treatments, etc etc. That is going to be dwarfed by an increase in cancer and other chronic disease in forthcoming years.

    With regards to flu, I initially was skeptical that it had really disappeared, instead it made more sense that we were mislabeling it as the Doom. But then I heard from multiple sources that were testing for flu and literally not finding it. But now it appears that we are finding it again. I cannot think of any mechanism that would cause such a thing to happen.

    My hunch is that my original thesis was correct and they are just gradually putting it back out there to get ready to start turning the covid “cases” back down when the time comes later this spring. Then, next year, when we get into “flu season” – right before the midterms – flu will spike and Covid won’t.

  2. Huerfano

    They’ve been handing out free rapid antigen testing kits up in Canuckistan. I hear now that hospitals are getting clogged up because people with mild to no symptoms are using the free test, getting a positive result, then running to the ER, thinking they need to be hospitalized. Anyone else hear about this?

    Also, some health official up here said the Coof Juice was not very effective against Omicron. The solution: get a third shot of the Juice, of course. Why does it feel like this is all about forcing the jabs, and nothing else?

    The big push up here now is for vaccinations so you do not have to be hospitalized, saving the health care system. And then Canuckistan gives out 100,000s of free tests, and voila, cases and hospital visits climb, justifying more panic. A dumb idea at least, but I think deliberately done to keep the panic up.

    Some may argue Hanlon’s Razor: never attribute malice to what could be stupidity. But after two years of surreptitious stupidity, at what point can we say it’s clearly malice?

  3. Cougar Love

    I thought the narrative was that the unvaxxed are where the virus mutates into something that can defeat the vaxx.
    Which is a pretty good answer, I think.
    Not true, I’m sure, but very effective.

  4. Murray


    There’s actually a good argument that the vaxed are far more efficient variant-evolvers then the unvaxed. The vaccines stimulate an immune response against the spike protein only, and there’s some evidence that they suppress the innate immune response to the other parts of the virus. An unvaccinated person, on the other hand, develops an immune response against the whole virus, and that response will differ slightly in each individual.

    In other words, the virus will encounter a more or less homogeneous (spike-specific) immune response in the vaccinated population, which will enable it to find “solutions” to bypass this response. Imagine a video game where you encounter the same enemy again and again, using the same tactics every time. You’d learn to beat it pretty quick.

    And that’s before we get into the question of Original Antigenic Sin. The vaccine primes the immune system to recognize the original Wuhan version of the spike protein. A booster focused on Omicron may fail simply because the immune system will continue to mount the familiar Wuhan response rather than update to the new variant. Fun times.

  5. Kenan Meyer

    unrelated: in this conference call ,CEO of Indiana life insurance company OneAmerica Inc, Scott Davison says that in the last two quarters of 2021 they saw a 40% excess death rate in the age group from 18 to 64 , compared to pre-pandemic numbers.
    Interestingly he concludes that official COVID numbers are massively underreported. He begins at about min 21:00

  6. Incitadus

    Mass formation psychosis is the modern equivalent of the ever popular witch hunt;
    it’s in our blood. The drivers are always the Church and State keeping the lumpen
    proletariat in line and killing as many of the paupers, the insane, and deniers as possible.
    Testing has replaced the floating on water technique, ventilators and Q-tips the
    thumbscrew and boot. Scientism is eclipsing the Church though the Church is all in. It’s
    interesting that in the halcyon days of witch burning handsome people were seen as more
    likely to be head witches or deniers, just as under Leninism they were seen as more intelligent
    and in greater need of extermination. This might explain the cult of the wild eyed mask mutts,
    and though this may be too great a generalization it has the scent of equality about it. Given the
    endless cascade of natural and lab grade pathogens that are on their way masks could become
    a haute couture accessory like in Eyes Wide Shut.

  7. Deplorable D

    My agency has required testing for the unvexxed to be done weekly. However, they only asked people to voluntarily attest and/or voluntarily supply their vexx information. So they truly do not know who is jabbed and who isn’t. The agency [I work for a county in CA] sent 500 at-home test kits to my office of about 100 people. The only people taking the tests are those who are already triple jabbed, and others who want some time off. It is the holidays. The incentive is the agency is approving all Workman’s Comp claims if you tell them your at-home test was positive. No proof required. You receive 10 days off, and the compensation does not come out of your vacation or sick time.

    In 18 months of no masks, no social distancing, no ridiculous barriers at work, only 5 people tested positive for the Doom. Three of those were asymptomatic who happened to be positive right before the CARES Act time-off compensation ran out in September [funny coincidence]. Suddenly, in the past three weeks we have 12 people “testing positive” after using the at-home kits. Ten days off over Christmas and New Year’s… and Workman’s Comp to boot.

    On the sad side, a friend of mine who is also a skeptic of the Doom, has caved into the vexx pushers. He said the weekly testing was the final straw for him [he works at a different agency than I do]. He said it is just too much hassle, and the anxiety of knowing how many false positives come out of these tests is too much for him. I reminded him, “Remember when they said if you were vexxed, then you did not need to wear a mask anymore? How did that work out? Watch. Now that the CDC admits you can still catch Covid even when vexxed, it will not be long before they require you to be tested also.”

    On a sadder note, one of my co-workers had to attend a funeral for niece who took the Moderna drug. The next day she died due to a blood clot. She was 26. The medical examiner ruled it was “natural causes”. Absolute Clown Show!!

  8. Rudolph Harrier

    My company requires weekly testing for the unvexxed. But I have, shall we say, found a method to guarantee that I will never get a false positive.

    They are making moves to require testing of vexxed employees. Currently they have opened up the weekly testing to everyone, whereas previously they only provided tests for those who were required to test weekly or those who had symptoms. They’ve also starting sending e-mails encouraging everyone to test even if they don’t have symptoms. As we all know, what is encouraged soon becomes mandatory.

    However I’m not sure how they are going to do it. Their current trajectory makes it look like they will require testing of everyone, but if they do that then they won’t have much leverage to force people to get boosted. I would not be surprised if they begin by declaring this month that “fully vaccinated” now requires a booster within the previous six months (and so those that have had a vexxine jab from further back must begin testing.) Then a month or two after the boosted rate goes above 70% they require everyone to get tested.

  9. KGB

    Even though, like most Asian countries, Taiwan is fully on-board the Covid train, at least they’re still allowed to present alternative views.

    TVBS is a national news network that is often on in the background in public settings, like doctor’s waiting rooms. The first half of the linked clip concerns vexx injuries. The doctor interviewed at the 12 second mark says, “After vaccinations we’re discovering sudden occurrences of reactions such as heart inflammation, muscular stress, and fluid in the pericardium tissue. We’re also seeing enlargement in the atrium and ventricle. Although these occurrences are not widespread, the number of patients we’re seeing with these symptoms is not insignificant. Most of the patients are in their twenties and thirties.”

    It’s indicated that this doctor has seen in excess of 100 occurrences. And that’s just one doctor. But can you imagine an interview such as that making even the local news in the West? I had someone tell me that in South Korea there is also budding realization that the clot shot is more dangerous than first believed.

  10. Kip Hansen

    Briggs ==> An oddity in the chart of Cause of Death is the rise in UNCLASSIFIED deaths.

    That means that a lot more doctors are marking Death Certificates without a specific Cause or Underlying Cause of Death. OR that there is a rising trend of deaths by “odd things” — which is probably not a reality-based fact.

    UNCLASSIFIED has exceeded even cerebrovascular disease which is normally the #3 cause of death!

  11. KGB

    Talked to a fellow at work the other day. His girlfriend has a 28 year old daughter, a nurse by trade. She took the shot in the spring and a week later suffered a heart attack. Perfectly normal, a healthy 28 year old suffering a heart attack, a 26 year old dying of a sudden blood clot (see Deplorable D’s post).

  12. Kip Hansen

    Briggs ==> “Could be a vax effect for the oldest, who are no longer dying at the highest numbers of the doom”

    That is an illusion from the chart. The Top #3 age groups for Covid Deaths are still 65-74, 75-84, and 85+. There was a point in Oct 21 when 55-64 jumped up out of age order, but the chart is by RAW NUMBER and not percentages — 55-64 are the real Baby Boomers (along with the next older group, 65-75).

    If the chart were in deaths/1000 in the age groups, it would be more apparent.

  13. Cookie

    HA! Djokovic has won in the standoff with Australian tennis…(since when does a tennis association trump government?)

    What message does that send to those who have to get jabbed to work?

    I can tell you what it says…the pandemic is a scam and money comes before citizenship, if the great unwashed don’t rise and string the elite up at the nearest telephone pole then they deserve everything that happens to them!

  14. Cookie

    The scum media are now trying to put the idea in the Sheeple heads to maybe boo Djokovic at the Australian open.

    Don’t forget WHO your enemy is, the scum propaganda media who churn out their lies like sausages every minute of every day, keep the attack focused on them.

  15. Mercury in Aus

    I am a subscriber to a local newspaper here in Aus. Therefore I am able to comment on news items in the digital world. One article was very critical of Djokovic and his exemption and subsequent ability to enter the Australian Open Tennis Competition in Melbourne. I posted to the effect that it was reported that he had caught Covid in June 2020 according to the international news media and I also had the temerity to post that as he had caught Covid he had natural immunity which was much better than any jabs of the vexxenes available. There was an immediate response from a Karen stating “wrong – and and dangerous statement to make” Apparently the vexxines are safer – the Sheeple in Aus have bought the scam.
    FYI – I am not vexxed and am awaiting Omricon which a senior medical official is Aus has conceded is probably under reported as to numbers infected and if that is the case the same medical officer conceded it was a good thing. Bring on Omicron and the end of the so called pandemic – long live the endemic.

  16. Johnno
  17. PaulH

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry:

    This study shows that after three months, the vex effectiveness of Pfizer & Moderna against Omicron is actually NEGATIVE. Pfizer users are 76.5% more likely and Moderna users are 39.3% more likely to be infected than unvexxed people.

    “Vaccine effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 infection with the Omicron or Delta variants following a two-dose or booster BNT162b2 or mRNA-1273 vaccination series: A Danish cohort study”

  18. Johnno

    I wonder if ‘negative’ indicates the vexxed are actually manufacturing the great and almighty omicron and other variants themselves. After all, that’s what the vexxines are supposed to do. Says it right on da bottle.


    Djokovic loses Love-40, as we know the Aussie gub’mint has no love.

    Uh oh!

    It’s just like Windows Update!

    And now we have this from Fauci: we’re not going to use the expression “fully vaccinated” anymore. Why? Because it commits what we laughingly call our public health establishment to determining a definitive endpoint.

    He said, “We’re using the terminology now ‘keeping your vaccinations up to date,’ rather than what ‘fully vaccinated’ means. Right now, optimal protection is with a third shot of an mRNA or a second shot of a J&J.”

  19. Joy

    Found this interview and thought one or two here might like to hear it from someone who’s suffered the loss of two of his family members.
    If you have ears and a heart take a vaccine for your family’s sake.
    I currently have four family members very unwell with the disease. All are not boosted.
    two have no vaccine at all. the other two have had two shots.
    I am praying they will be okay.

    Hope Sheri’s okay, too.
    Take care Sheri if you see this.,.and Johnny, please take a vaccination of whichever ‘make’ your faithful beliefs allow.

  20. Johnno

    I clicked on Joy’s sob story link at Insider.

    Insider gets their story from the BBC here:

    The story confirms the daughter died of heart failure.

    “Mr McAllister said he believed his daughter had no underlying health conditions.

    “She’s a 32-year-old healthy girl and she took heart failure at the end because she just couldn’t cope,” he said.”

    The same BBC link then links to another story about the mother’s earlier death here:

    And as it turns out…

    The husband of a woman who died with Covid-19 shortly after giving birth has spoken about the pain of losing her.

    And as for being “anti-vaxxers”:

    Mr Willis said he and his wife had been taking precautions about coronavirus by using personal protective equipment and avoiding bars and restaurants.

    Both of them tested positive for the virus on the same day and in the subsequent days Mrs Willis’ condition worsened before Mr Willis had to take her to Altnagelvin Area Hospital in Derry.

    Josh Willis wants to raise awareness of the dangers of Covid-19 among pregnant women after his wife’s death

    Mrs Willis had not been vaccinated for Covid-19 when she died – her husband said he wants to raise vaccination awareness after his wife’s death.

    So both deaths are “with covid”, husband and wife both tested positive, he’s assumedly vexxed, wife was not vexxed, likely because she was pregnant and didn’t want complications. She died “with covid” based on the shitty positive tests during childbirth.

    Further link confirms it:

    There’s no mailonline link for the alleged anti-vaxxer stance, so who knows? I just shared some of the BBC’s sob-story links saying “please take the vexxine” here… is that proof I’m pro-vexx??? The husband’s account seems to think that his wife was taking covid seriously. Maybe she was not anti-vexx, but anti-mandate to force people to get vexxined which means she wanted her co-workers not to get fired??? No context is provided. Maybe it was the husband’s vexxine that shed spike proteins and infected her? Who knows?

    But we can safely conclude that the media has shifted from sob-story to demonization of two women so they can push vexxine propaganda. And given we know that the test is certified bullshit, there is no reason to take the story’s slant seriously.

    Joy, the more boosters your family members take, the more sick they are likely to become. Please don’t kill them with your lunacy. Well… considering the rising all-cause mortality amongst the vexxed, you are better off praying it’s not too late. The vexxine clearly hasn’t helped them. Boosting more of the same is not a solution. It’s insanity.

  21. Joy

    Johnno, sorry that was a typo, I intended to write, did write, ‘Johnby’ of whom I am quite fond. I ‘know’ the other sensible one has been vaccinated, just sense it.

    As for the heart failure event. Sorry Johhno but this is the end result of Covid 19 and multiple organ failure.
    The physiological effect of massive production of inflammatory exudate and what is iknown as a ‘cytokyne storm’. WILL and does cause a catalogue of effects on major organs. Sepsis is also a risk as clots are thrown off in all directions or to specific organs.

    The daughter was 32 or something. She was otherwise a healthy lady. There was also a 27 year old girl from Scotland who’s father is now calling for fines for the unvaccinated. He reports that his daughter was NOT ‘anti vax’ but just too busy with her children who are now without a mother. That is true of so many who haven’t been vaccinated. They don’t feel that strongly about it to be moved to have it in their minds that their immune system will cope. After all, “it only kills the old people”.
    In my observations and that is all it is, the ones who have died who have often been a bit younger and “fit” have also been very muscle bound. So if their immune system goes on overdrive, they gave. alot of tissue to oxygenate and a lot of tissue producing the exudates involved in in the inflammation.
    Hence the world kick boxing champion who died young. One ofrty year old fitness fanatic in England who’s friend said he wan’t anti vax but just thought it untrustworthy/dodgy, being. a new technology. He changed his mind and it was too late for him, too.
    I hate to seem unkind and I’m not being unkind but know it’ll be read the wrong way.

  22. Johnno

    Joy… before I even begin to touch on the rest of your speil, please clarify…

    Did you just claim that being young, active and having lots of muscles makes you unhealthy?

  23. Joy

    Did you just claim that being young, active and having lots of muscles makes you unhealthy?
    No, but you seem to be mistaken about what makes for a bad response to flue or other inflammation inducing infections or diseases.

    The cytokine storm is not. anew phenomenon.
    It’s known for a while now that men do have a greater cytokine reaction.
    Same, normally, for children and babies.

    There’s nothing controversial in that point.
    The observation I’m making is how often the usually males, who die younger, are “well built”. When considering what is known as “work of breathing” or oxygen demand, the larger you are and the more muscles you have impact the work load on the heart. Think about race horses that run themselves to death.
    Also consider that it is not only the size of the person but their relative size to that of their heart muscle and degree of ability for anaerobic energy release.

    What I am observing is a side show and incidental to the point that these younger and self measured fitter individuals are labouring under the false notion that because they feel well and think they’re strong, their immune system will behave in a particular way. It is not true.

    People have no control over their immune system’s response. Being well nourished is only the minimum expected as a baseline.
    So the point is about the amount of body mass compared with cardiovascular function.
    The penny dropped last night when I was watching a couple of rallying anti vaxers just how far people have ventured into the fever swamp of conspiracy.
    So in answer to your question: no, you read me wrong Johnno.

  24. Johnno

    Okay… so tell us Joy… What has that really rare extremity you detailed for us here got to do with the great and deadly covid? How does strenuous overexertion help covid to kill you… ? Especially when you are not strenuously overexerting yourself when lying in a hospital bed for weeks? Please weave for us this fascinating tale of your medical scientific theory… A Noble prize might be waiting!

    Fully vexxed and boosted Pentagon Secretary Austin has the covid! Joy should explain why. Was it all of his muscles?

    Fully vexxed and boosted and masked Whoppi Golberg has the covid! Joy should explain why. Was Whoopi running around like a racehorse?


    Vexxines affecting menstrual cycles is now admitted mainstream news and no longer “conspiracy.” Joy wants her family to take them. Trust The Science ™!

    Vaccine-schmaxxine… just ACCEPT THE MARK!

    Call Citigroup’s bluff.

    Medical staff shortages are preferrable to unvexxed staff! Joy is wagging her finger at these nurses just like that foolish deceased mother and daughter.

    Voracova kicked out of Australia too! Confusion over exemptions is occurring because one branch of the Australian Government contradicts the other branch. It’s a tennis Clown rodeo!

    UH-OH!!! The FDA is sweating!

    What hadt the New Normal wrought?

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