How Did We Do On Our 2021 Predictions?

How Did We Do On Our 2021 Predictions?

How’d we do? Put it this way: none of us would have won any awards. Here is the list so you can follow along (perhaps open in a new window).

As in previous years, I’m only reviewing the most interesting predictions of each entrant.

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The winners this year are Dean Ericson (use your search to find below), who saw deep into the occult machinations of the country, and Amateur Brain Surgeon, who foresaw Trump’s final dismal act.


1. “the election theft goes unpunished”: Yep, but this was so obvious I get no credit. And “I see an internecine war between the powers upholding Biden and those behind Kalama”: Also yep, as revealed even by CNN. This was only a trifle less obvious.

2. “The GOP will surrender on everything, without exception.” Not quite. They held the ground over some of the inflation-causing spending. Otherwise, as usual, they were embarrassing.

3. I was wrong as can be about the Cult of the Mask being broken by Biden’s insistence on them.

4. “Breyer…will likely let himself be replaced.” Not yet. Maybe this is good: perhaps he is holding on because he know what will come after him.

Score: Outhouse Central.


2. “By year’s end, Biden is no longer President”. Nope.

3. “Japan violates its own constitution and implements first ever lockdowns.” I am very happy to say this was wrong.

4. “Riots begin throughout Canada, specifically in Quebec and Ontario”. This happened, to an extent. They also did little good.

Score: Mr Median Average Moyen.

Kent Clizbe

1. “The Harris/Biden regime will impose nation-wide emergency regulations on commerce, travel, personal relations, masks, and more. Being vaccinated will be required for many activities.” Yes.

2. “Harris will be portrayed as a super-intelligent, problem-solver”. Surprisingly, this didn’t happen. They tried, a bit, at first, but even they were not crazy enough to push this after the first anemic efforts.

4. ” Iran. Will they get their war? In 2021, they’ll get some version of it–maybe a mini-version, but for sure a prelude to an operation to make Iran just like Iraq and Afghanistan.” Not quite.

5. “An attempt will be made by Normals to split ‘Conservatives’ off from the Republican Party.” There are always nascent attempts, but nothing ever sticks. Not yet.

Score: Mr Median Average Moyen.

William James Tychonievich

1. “Trump’s win will be clinched by Jan 10 at the latest, with Jan 8 being a decisive turning point.” It helps to know this comment was submitted on the evening of 5 January.

2. “Biden will be president on Dec 31 2021.” Yes.

3. “Trump will be charged and convicted by a state court of various financial and legal misdemenours.” Many of us were surprised this didn’t happen.

5. “In the UK, COVID restrictions will be lifted by mid summer.” Most of us are not surprised about this.

Score: Mr Median Average Moyen.

Yancey Ward

1. “Durham quietly goes away without any indictments”. Who was Durham?

2. ” The stock market, the S&P 500, the Dow, and Nasdaq drop by at least 20% at some point in the first half of the year.” Nope.

3. “Cycle runs of the PCR COVID test will be dialed down to 30 the day after Biden takes office, causing a clifflike fall in positive results for which Biden’s team will claim…” Partly right. PCR tests were indeed downweighted, but testing mania surged, and is still surging.

Score: Could Have Been Worse.


5. “Rapture”. If that happened, then too few people were taken for anyone to have noticed.

Score: Mr Median Average Moyen.


1. “The NYS government will continue to build an increasingly totalitarian rolodex of laws…Specifically Bill A416 will pass”. This didn’t happen, but we wonder why.

2. “There will be one major right-wing terrorist attack which will be used as an excuse to accelerate the expansion of Federal Control and increase the fear of, ‘Fascism,’ in the public. The perpetrator will be a legitimate right-winger. Depending on the target, the extent and the identity of the collateral damage, the Right will either disavow or quietly cheer. If the latter, I expect repeats and copy-cats.”

I quote the entire 4 January prediction because Frogg got the essence correct.

3. ” I expect color revolution in at least one of the following: Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia”. Not at this time.

4. “Donald Trump and at least one member of his family will go to prison if he does not Cross the Rubicon.” Trump ventured to the Rubicon, peered into its depths, and ran away.

Score: Certified Soy-free Predictions.

Bernard of Clairvaux

1. “Pence will not do anything as part of his constitutionally defined role to prevent the stolen election from going to Biden.” Predicting Pence would cuck was too easy.

2. “Neither Facebook nor Twitter will be broken up by the government, but both will decline in influence.” First part true, but I’m not sure about the second. Certainly Twitter has not grown.

Score: Could Have Been Worse.


1. “Republicans will win at least one of the Georgia Senate seats, thereby retaining nominal control of the Senate.” No.

4. “Trump will start his own television network, which will quickly become number one in the country.” No.

5. “The Rush Limbaugh radio show will end. Sean Hannity will move his radio show to noon, and it will become the number one radio talk show in the country.” Yes and no, but the yes part was likely not for the reasons Mike foresaw.

Score: Outhouse Central.

Michael John Grobaty

1. “Biden will still be publicly wearing a mask everywhere”. Yes, still.

2. “Biden will step down as president”. No.

3. “Trump will start up a new conservative news television station.” This one was common.

4. “Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilary will move to Spain.” I keep this one is because it came close.

5. “Dr. Fauci will win the Nobel Peace Prize.” As above, some of us were surprised this didn’t happen.

Score: Mr Median Average Moyen.

Ann Cherry

2. “I predict that the Conservative™ Surrender Monkeys, will continue to pretend they want freedom, or smaller gov’t, or lower taxes, or [fill in the blank], but what they really want is Ivy League Pedigree…” Well, yes, but so obvious it gets no points.

5. “Mass (mask-less) protests will break out, but the Surrender Monkeys (see above) have already killed the King and waved their white flags.” This happened in many school board meetings across the country, prompting the FBI to label parents terrorists, and the Geriatric Old Party to run away.

Score: Mr Median Average Moyen.

Dean Ericson

1. “Satan joins the Biden Inaugural Parade in a flaming carriage drawn by six stupendous serpents in sulpherous livery. Satan is wearing a mask. The crowd cheers.” True, but such an easy prediction it gets no points.

2. “Archbishop Viganò crowns King Trump in Washington Cathedral on January 20.” This happened, but it was hushed up by the Jesuits, who drowned it out in their much-lauded The Catholic Case For Sodomy Tour of 2021.

3. “People are ordered to wear goggles and earmuffs, in addition to masks.” Yes.

4. “The Federal Reserve Board passes a resolution condemning the practice of usury and asking God’s forgiveness.” This happened, too, but again was hushed up, the entire board being replaced in the dead of the night by their AI robotic simulacra.

5. “Klaus Schwab is inaugurated as President of Planet Earth.” Didn’t happen. He was elected Mason of the Nth Degree, and now directs all Luciferian activities from his South Pole fortress.

Score: Superior Sage & Seer.


3. “China moves against ‘intruders’ into south china sea; US navy shows the flag then leaves.” The first part isn’t wrong per se, but the opposite of the second happened.

4. “The China flu is defeated (ie becomes a common flu) by June.” Strong big no.

5. “China flu Vaccination becomes compulsory by mid year for interstate and international movement, and school and job attendance.” Yes, dammit.

Score: Mr Median Average Moyen.


1. “Nancy Pelosi will re-elected Speaker of the House with at least 15 Republican votes.” She didn’t need them. But I agree she would have got them if needed.

2. “At least one ‘Justice Democrat’ member of Congress will be sanctioned by the Ethics Committee and criminal charges referred to the US Dept of Justice.” Dude. The left leaves their own alone. But she was “investigated.”

4. “Supreme Court justice Breyer will retire before Oct 2021.” I thought so, too.

Score: Outhouse Central.

jeff melcher

1. “North Korea will test newer longer range rockets and attempt (but fail) to launch a ‘Sputnik’ style satellite”. Both right, but the latter, as most negative predictions, fails to score big.

2. “The Australian electrical power grid will collapse during a winter.” Didn’t happen.

3. “Ukraine will leverage the Biden family connections to pursue full NATO membership.” This wasn’t so, not exactly, but the Ukrainian Connection was there as the neoconmen tried to start yet another war.

4. “The PLO will reject peace proposals made by a new Israeli government, formed after Bibi, in late 2021.” Well, sort of yes, sort of no.

5. ” The African nation of Comoros – 3 islands — will suddenly find itself threatened by rising sea levels (like Tuvulu) and declare default on prior IMF/World Bank grant/loans while demanding UN ‘reparations’ for climate change.” True enough, but too easy/

Score: Could Have Been Worse.

John F. Opie

2. “The Chinese Communist Party will learn that regaining control over their economy as per Xi’s decrees means that GDP goals cannot be met, resulting in massive fraud and loss of faith in their statistics and resignation in the aging population that they were screwed, but a lack of means to revolt and severe societal controls will force the mandate of heaven.” This did not happen to any real extent. China is still Xi’s.

3. “The slow take-over of the US by the Chinese Communist Party will accelerate under Biden and become visible to most.” Not yet, anyway.

4. “Increasing default rates of Chinese state owned enterprises will severely hit financial markets as foreign investors learn their investments are sunk.” Not to any large extent, anyway.

5. “Commercial space flight will face major legal and policy challenges as involved parties realize that is the only way to stop space flight privatization from making a mockery of government space flight.” The left hates anything they can’t control, but space travel is still so small they haven’t yet focused on it.

Score: Outhouse Central.


1. “During 2021 Biden will become more and more reclusive, paving the way for a Harris Presidency before the 2022 Congressional elections.” This hasn’t yet had a chance to fail, but it’s not likely.

2. “A Near-Earth Asteroid (comet, space-thing) will pass between the Earth and Moon but only be detected on departure.” First part happened, but not the second.

3. “There will be a federal gun law enforcement action go wrong, spectacularly.” No, but maybe because they were still focused on coronadoom and anti-whiteism.

4. “The dispute about whether or not ‘2+2’ must equal ‘4’ or may in circumstances be ‘5’ will continue.” True, but too easy.

5. “A majority of redistricting and re-apportionment decisions made by Republican led state legislatures will be overturned in federal court.” I seem to recall one case.

Score: Mr Median Average Moyen.


1. “The ‘president’ will suddenly be depicted as courageous in movies and television again.” Maybe, but I saw no new movies or TV in 2021.

2. “Religious institutions will be forced to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies or lose their tax-exempt status.” Didn’t happen beyond bluster.

3. “Newsmax will become the most watched cable news outlet by the end of the year.” No. Even though I appeared on it twice.

4. “Illegal immigration will reach unprecedented levels.” Well, yes, but too easy.

5. “Two members of the cast of M*A*S*H will pass away.” Did they?

Score: Outhouse Central.

Michael Dowd for Jim Kunstler

1. “Black Lives Matter and Antifa are loosed upon a number of cities and wreak considerable destruction, but eventually get their asses kicked by federal troops.” Auntyfag (the ‘g’ is silent) made a nuisance of themselves, but never got their butt kicked.

2. “US Attorney John Durham brings charges against lawyers involved in the Mueller Investigation, including Andrew Weissmann”. No.

3. “Bubonic plague outbreak among homeless of Los Angeles as rats proliferate in their encampments.” No.

Score: Outhouse Central.

Simon Platt

1. “Boris Johnson’s three weeks to flatten the curve will still be going strong as it sails past a year and three weeks on 13 April.” Sure, yes.

2. “Creepy Sleepy China Joe Biden will become President of the United States of America on 21 January.” Election: fortified.

3. “We shall have a new pope.” Alas, no.

4. “China will go to war with Taiwan. This I think is not very likely, but, the consequences!” Didn’t happen, but many war mongers here wanted it to.

5. “The official cause of death of President Biden will be given as a cytokine storm caused by an exaggerated reaction to an otherwise benign new strain of coronavirus as a result of his having been vaccinated against SARS CoV 2.” If that happens, they’d never admit it.

Score: Could Have Been Worse.


1. “Following a cliff-hanger runoff in Georgia, the Republicans will breath a momentary sigh of relief.” Yes, but only because they love losing.

3. “By March, the numbers for 2020 will all be in and show a remarkable decrease in influenza, cancer, and heart disease mortality and the Democrats will take credit for it.” Nope.

4. “Boeing stock will plummet when a newly recertified 737 Max crashes.” Nope and nope. But not a terrible prediction.

5. “A Republican will wind up being Speaker of the House.” Since Pelosi’s philosophy is no different than Republican philosophy, I’ll give you one point (your only one).

Score: Outhouse Central.

Gull Fire Over Leningrad

1. “Racism will be public health crisis number one under preezy of the steezy fierce warrior wymyns Kamala.” Didn’t happen under the Cackler, but did in New York under their matriarch.

2. “Those who fail to wear a face diaper or get the mystery concoction vaccine will be shunned by the Branch Covidians and eventually a Final Solution will be implemented to the problem of non-conformist deplorable kulak untermenschen thoughtcriminal scum.” Sort of, yes.

3. “The dollar will become Weimar Wheelbarrow Zimbabwe Wallpaper as part of the cashless Great Reset leap forward.” Not quite all the way, but a big win for the only one to predict inflation.

Score: Could Have Been Worse.

In Pace Requiem

1. “Large companies will shed non-bottom line jobs typically occupied by whites in large numbers. Diversity-related positions will multiply exponentially and they will be integrated in all areas of big business like never before.” True, but too easy.

2. “Animal protein will increasingly diminish from the menu both at home and in restaurants.” Same as #1.

3. “The US and state governments will jump whole hog into virtual currencies. They are going to regulate and skim every transaction above board.” There was talk along that direction, but little movement.

4. “The barriers to pedophilia will actively continue their decay.” Yep.

5. “Three years from now we will have a fully-implemented social credit scoring system that will follow you everywhere.” Still on the way, but surely something like it, at least in a clandestine fashion.

Score: Could Have Been Worse.

Aric van Brocklin

5. “The US will have two presidents, for a while.” Bold, but didn’t happen.

Score: Mr Median Average Moyen.


1. “I see dollar rising in reaction to a stock market crash. Flight to safety is to dollar, not gold. Gold gets crushed.” No and no.

2. “A fast collapse in the value of USD is very unlikely this year”. Depends on what you mean by fast, but down it went.

Score: Outhouse Central.

Joseph Moore

1. “By year end, the state will begin to take away the children of those who fail to comply with ‘public health’ orders, for the kids protection.” This indeed happened, but in isolated cases, usually divorces.

2. “A cold war will grow between the schools and those parents who (finally) see what the schools teach.” This happened, you terrorists.

3. “The lockdown it simply too intoxicating to ever end. A new strain will be ‘discovered’, CHILDREN ARE DYING!!!” Yes, twice over.

4. “Websites such as this will either be simply eliminated, or, if small enough, shadow-banned.” We are shadow-banned in at least several universities, as anons have written to say.

5. “The election fraud stands, but something else – the inevitable power struggle among the victors, the sudden, unexpected collapse of China, somebody key breaking ranks, enough people starting to actively resist…” Not quite.

Score: Could Have Been Worse.

Robert Yoho

2. “I predict a tsunami backlash from a newly awoken group who understands history and can recognize mobsters.” No, and, really, this very rarely happens.

Score: Mr Median Average Moyen.

Uncle Mike

1. “All charges against Traitor Joe Demento and his crime family will be dropped, as well as those against the Soros Mafia for stealing the election. The Durham Investigation will disappear into a black hole.” Double yep.

2. “Lockdowns will continue for the ChiComFlu (despite “vaccines”), for global warming hoax scams…” Yep, and in the proposal stage.

3. “Schools will partially reopen for the purpose of teaching children Marxism and have tracking chips implanted…” The chips are indeed here, but no one has yet made them systematic for kids.

4. “Crime will skyrocket…Cities descending into anarchy will be increasingly abandoned as refugees flee to Depression-style hobo camps at government-seized farms.” Maybe they would have, but they were too busy shivering inside worried they’d catch a cold.

5. “War will break out around the globe, as Iraniacs, Norkos, and the CCP flex their muscles. Taiwan will fall, and Israel, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea will be nuked.” Nope.

Score: Mr Median Average Moyen.


1. “Viewership at CNN will collapse and Bezos will buy the failed network.” Yes, and no, but I think I heard rumors.

2. “Possession of marijuana will be made legal in all states except Utah.” Not all states, not yet.

3. “Proliferation of alternate streaming services will explode resulting in Netflix losing over 50% of its subscribers.” Nope.

4. “Billboards will appear around the country featuring Trump’s smiling face along with the caption ‘Miss me yet?'” No.

Score: Mr Median Average Moyen.


1. “Biden becomes and remains president through 2021.” Yes.

2. “Laws against bigamy challenged in higher courts.” I haven’t heard anything.

Score: Mr Median Average Moyen.


1. “Our predictions for 2021 will be almost as off-target as 2020.” Yes.

2. “Briggs successfully publishes another book.” YES.

3. “The EU may have another member state announce its intention to leave.” Nothing more than grumbles so far.

4. “James Webb Telescope is *finally* launched.” Indeed.

5. “The Bidenreich cancels the Space Launch System. Perhaps sending all the funding to diversity programs to teach the engineers a lesson.” Is effectively canceled the same as canceled?

Score: Could Have Been Worse.

Suzie Katz

1. “Congress will implement ‘AIRES’ taxes — an income tax on those earning over $1 million, a wealth tax on those with personal assets over $1 billion, and heirs’ taxes on intergenerational wealth transfer.” This one was too close not to give it points.

2. “Major cruiselines will sail regularly from the US to the Caribbean by December 2021.” They did.

3. “Baby boomers retire in record numbers. Many leaving work earlier than initially planned.” Didn’t quite happen beyond what was expected due to demographics.

4. “Another banner year in the stock market…” Good enough.

5. “Continued mass exodus from blue cities and states to outlying areas, small cities, Florida, Texas, Utah.” True, but easy.

Score: Could Have Been Worse.

David Bowne

1. “At least one state will submit an alternative electoral vote count on Jan 6.” This kinda sorta happened, in some stage. But not officially.

2. “The 30 yr fixed mortgage rate will rise to at least 5.00%”. No.

3. “Joe Biden will not hold political office by the end of the year.” No.

4. “Masks in public will still be required by at least one US state in Dec 2021.” Yes ,but too easy.

Score: Outhouse Central.


1-5. “Xi Jing Ping dies of natural causes. [Etc.]” No.

Score: Outhouse Central.


1. “The easiest one – no revolution, no civil war. There will be the usual tough talking from the MAGA/2A types and then they will just go back to grilling.” But at increased prices.

2. “Black lives won’t matter much anymore. If there are some localized flare-ups, they will fizzle out very quickly.” Right on the money: a bold prediction.

3. “Stock market will crash.” No.

4. “After a tough period of winter lockdowns, the managers of the planet will declare victory over Covid-19 before summer.” Alas, no.

5. “Biggest wave of ‘refugees’ since 2018 will flow to Europe.” Not sure it was biggest, but it was substantial, and this year saw some (little) pushback.

Aaron Glover

1. “A move towards debt forgiveness will emerge…” No.

2. “Private property will migrate towards being non-existent…” You will own nothing and be happy. But not yet.

3. “Contrived global food shortages, especially in Western countries.” To a certain extent, yes.

4. “Military/Armed conflict in France,Germany, Poland”. No.

Score: Outhouse Central.


1. “At some point (probably by spring) there will be a mass casualty event where the shooter(s) use either an AR pistol with a pistol brace on it”. Not sure about the pistol brace part, but sites were lined up.

2. “There will be much noise about Kamala becoming President, but it won’t happen”. Thank God.

3. “There will never be government mandates to get the vaccine”. LA and NYC did, and we might all get it in the end. Get it?

4. “China will make some sort of move to expand in the South China Sea that will go completely unchallenged.” They didn’t.

5. “50% chance that this is the year that our fiat currency finally collapses.” Nope.

Score: Outhouse Central.

Uncle Bob

1-2. “Newsom will be recalled.” Ha ha. No.

4. “Senate stays in RINO world.” No.

5. “Disneyland opens Spring 2021.” Almost.

Score: Outhouse Central.

Nym Coy

1. “Though it is still maybe 10 years from legit nationhood, the nobility of Beartaria will begin to take shape with several landholders swearing fealty to Owen Benjamin, and gaining surfs, i.e. sharecroppers fleeing the economic destruction of the coronavirus response and willing to trade farming/skills for rent in a community of like-minded individuals.” I believe they settled on Jack Murphy instead.

Score: Outhouse Central.

Don B

1-2. “Antifa and Black Lives Matter sponsored riots, arson, looting and mayhem will disappear if Biden becomes President.” Yes.

3-4. “The U.S. stock market will begin its long-awaited and well deserved major bear market.” Nope.

5. “My predictions will win, and I will be disappointed in the value of the prize.” No, and yes.

Score: Outhouse Central.

Natoshi Sakamoto

1. “Bitcoin will go to $100k.” Peak was about $68K.

Score: Outhouse Central.

Albert Jay Nock

4. “Someone, somewhere, will be forced – either literally by threat of a gun, or by having his means of income taken away which is nearly the same thing – to take a covid vaccine.” Yes, with bells on.

Score: Could Have Been Worse.


1. “Ghislaine Maxwell DOES NOT kill herself!” True, but with the conviction. she still has time not to kill herself.

2. “Trump does not succeed in his efforts to overturn the election results.” Yep.

3. “New FAUXVID variants will be billed as even more harmful and dangerous, justifying further restrictions.” Yep.

4. “At some point this year, civil violence breaks out due to FAUXVID 19(20?) restrictions.” Only at school boards.

5. “The US increases its military deployments around the world.” No, and there was even some pullback.

Score: Could Have Been Worse.

Sander van der Wal

1. “Trump will stay president.” No.

2. “Lots of mid-tier Democrats will go to jail. Not the top, though.” Alas, no.

3. “The UK will experience an economic boom with regular people making more money.” Np.

Score: Outhouse Central.

Michael Dowd for Himself

1. “Trump 2024 Presidential campaign begins.” It did, distressingly enough.

2. “Kamala Harris becomes President during the year.” No, thank God.

3. “A new Liberty Party forms under Trump.” Nope/

4. “Pope Francis is no longer Pope by end of year.” Alas, no: if you accept he was Pope at the start.

Score: Outhouse Central.


1. “The Republicans will keep control of the senate.” Nope.

2. “Canzuk- The movement/economic integration of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom creating a loose but functional edifice of the largest global geographic zone, and its 4th largest economic block will move from theory to the beginnings of practical implementation.” If any were thinking of it, they were drowned by coronadoom tyranny.

3. “Justin Trudeau will call an election…He will win a majority”. Sickeningly, yes.

4. “Scotland officially announces breakaway attempt Part II.” Wanting to rejoin the EU cannot be considered a “breakaway.”

5. “Once COVID wanes immigration becomes the front line in the Culture War, in the USA.” Not yet, anyway.

Score: Mr Median Average Moyen.


1. “Trumps Jan 6 rally will be a cry in the wilderness of spin.” Well, what can we say.

2. “Face mask mandate/suggestion will be Biden’s major play”. It was minor; the vex mandates look larger.

3. “COVID-19 WILL start to be reduced by Summer, credit will be given to mask mandate and vaccinations.” Nope.

4. “The fumes of the Trump economy will keep the country treading water, but that will change by mid-2022 with Biden’s unpredictable foreign/domestic mistakes and social spending programs.” Yes.

5. “Once COVID-19 has been ‘reduced’ we will still be asked to wear masks as a sign of respect. ” This is still likely to be true.

Score: Mr Median Average Moyen.

Amateur Brain Surgeon

1. “Trump, who has been making moves and comments suggesting he will Cross the Rubicon, invoke The Insurrection Act, declare marshal law and file scores of charges against members of the Deep State Swamp, will declare that ‘For the good of the country’ he will not do any of those things.

“His loyalists will claim that means he moves America more than you.”

This is the worst and best prediction of all. It even beats Dean.

Score: Superior Sage & Seer.


1. “The entire country will burn to the ground.” It didn’t. Not yet.


  1. Nate

    Your enemies continue to stymie you!

    “His loyalists will claim that means he moves America more than you.”

  2. Yancey Ward

    From last year, my predictions did very poorly, as I predicted they would.

    Diego did pretty well. Albert J. Nock did very well on the big one- “papers please”.

  3. Johnno

    Trudeau didn’t win a majority. At best the Con-servatives lost some seats by choosing Trudeau-light as their leader. The Canadian election changed absolutely nothing and was a waste of everyone’s time. The overwhelmingly majority of Canadians votes went to every other party.

  4. Incitadus

    I just want to take back all the bad things I said about Trump the other day.
    Never attribute to venality that which can be explained by stupidity. He may
    be an idiot at times but he’s our idiot. I’ve been at this inflection point before
    but my wife always manages to drag me back from the edge and slap some
    sense into me.

  5. Ann Cherry

    Imagine if we’d tried to predict Trump’s presidential accomplishments, at the start of his presidency in January, 2017. Would anyone have predicted his accomplishments on our behalf, in less than four years, despite incredible opposition, often from other Republicans, and as (what we claim to want) a non-politician?

    In 2017, would very many, even on this forum, have predicted:

    Lowering taxes; ending unnecessary and expensive regulations; ending trade agreements and tariff practices that harmed the U.S., and implementing ones that help the U.S., while keeping farmers, etc. afloat during rocky negotiations and a malevolent media; shining a spotlight on the malign influence of China, Iran, and others bad actors; Initiating peace treaties between Israel and various Arab countries, and with Serbia, et al., that earned him three Nobel Peace Prize nominations; quickly rooting out ISIS in the Middle East (Africa would be next); pre-Covid employment and economic numbers unparalleled in U.S. history.

    Also, some of the cleanest air and water in the world, and speaking that, a new bipartisan legislative act to dedicate fully half of all energy tax revenue from public lands, back towards much-needed maintenance/improvement our precious national parks and recreation area infrastructure; and that revenue is significant, because under Trump, we became energy independent, a net exporter, for the first time in history. (And one of Trump’s first acts, as POTUS, was to travel to Eastern Europe and sign natural gas deals w/ Poland et al., so they could bypass Russia.)

    What a record of achievement. But perhaps most important, he got people to thinking and talking about things like The Swamp and The Deep State and The Fake News and he opened up many peoples’ eyes and ears. Whether we decide to close them again, maybe already have, we’ll see.

    Is it more comfortable for us under tyrants in 2022, than it was in 1776?

    Think about it: In 1776, they started a revolution over “taxation without representation.” In 2022, they hold our kids hostage (no school re-openings unless we meet their demands, but we’ll still pay), force us and our children to wear masks over our faces, force us to take “vaccinations”, shut down our businesses on a whim, order us to stay in our homes on a whim, and mandate where and how we shop, eat, live, work, interact, and assemble; then, as frosting on the cake, they de-fund our police forces and take away our personal firearms, at least in the public square.

    Not only have we let them shut down our schools, churches and businesses, we’re all standing around in masks, re-breathing our own CO2, mooing like cows, chewing our cud behind our face diapers, like a bunch of helpless farm animals.

    Some retired generals recently bemoaned the poor physical condition of young people, but that’s just the half of it. Our entire country, along with most of the world, has become infantilized, or rather, made like lambs, ready for the slaughter.

    On the other hand, as the great Rush Limbaugh liked to point out, pessimism and negativity is our most natural state, and we must strive and strain to stay optimistic when things look most dark. Otherwise, we might despair, which is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

    A good start might be a gratitude list, including the accomplishments by DJT, because he is already becoming cancelled, even here. Ungrateful ninnies behind keyboards can say almost anything, and I include myself.

    Then, let’s get out in the fresh, maybe cold, air, take off that face diaper, and let the world see our smiling faces. Have a blessed New Year enjoying God’s creation.

  6. Incitadus

    Well said Ann if nothing else he dragged the rats out of their holes and exposed
    them for what they are. I think he was blindsided by the extent of the rot and
    unbelievable depths to which they would sink. What tipped me over were his
    comments about the utterly useless vaccines and his monomaniacal self congratulation.
    But that’s just Trump and I do believe he has the country’s best interests at heart. .

  7. Ann Cherry

    Incitadus, I don’t disagree with you about the vexxines. Terrible optics on his part, utterly tone-deaf, and really shows a lack of understanding. At the very least, he should have refused the vex himself on the basis of his own natural immunity, instead of bragging about receiving the latest booster. He is acting like an old codger who can’t process new information or even read the handwriting on the wall. What a huge disappointment, and if he doesn’t pivot, and pivot fast, it may cost him the nomination for 2024.

  8. Incitadus

    He’s pretty with it on many levels but blowing his horn over the vaccines
    was a big mistake. With all his warts he’s the best we’ve had in a long time.
    He was robbed of the election and you have to wonder where we’d be if he’d won.

    Have you seen this Canadian Doctor’s report on the ‘Pfizer Macht Frei’ trials?

    The Pfizer Inoculations Do More Harm Than Good

  9. Ninco Nanco

    “Predictions are hard. Especially about the future.” – Yogi Berra

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