Climate Hersteria On The Increase, Caused By Experts

Climate Hersteria On The Increase, Caused By Experts

It will come as quite a surprise to many that the New York Times has come out against women voting and democracy.

I, too, did a double-take when I realized what I was reading. “Could it really be,” I said to myself half in wonder and half bewilderment, “That the regime organ par excellence has become based?” I was forced to answer yes. You will be, too, when you see what they wrote.

Here, for instance, is their opening of the think-piece “Climate Change Enters the Therapy Room“, with subheadline “Ten years ago, psychologists proposed that a wide range of people would suffer anxiety and grief over climate. Skepticism about that idea is gone.”

It would hit Alina Black in the snack aisle at Trader Joe’s, a wave of guilt and shame that made her skin crawl.

Something as simple as nuts. They came wrapped in plastic, often in layers of it, that she imagined leaving her house and traveling to a landfill, where it would remain through her lifetime and the lifetime of her children.

She longed, really longed, to make less of a mark on the earth. But she had also had a baby in diapers, and a full-time job, and a 5-year-old who wanted snacks. At the age of 37, these conflicting forces were slowly closing on her, like a set of jaws.

In the early-morning hours, after nursing the baby, she would slip down a rabbit hole, scrolling through news reports of droughts, fires, mass extinction. Then she would stare into the dark.

Poor Alina was suffering from climate anxiety, a mental malady she learned about from “Thomas J. Doherty, a Portland psychologist who specializes in climate.”

Well, you’re with me now, of course. You can see it. How can any but a damned fool or a female deep in the grip of hersteria (not hysteria) succumb to something as idiotic and fantastical as climate anxiety?

Answer: a sane person cannot. Hence, those who are persuaded they suffer from this imaginary asinine preposterous pseudo non-disease are a menace, they are too easily led to be trusted, and, the NYT asks us to infer, to participate in civic life.

Since it’s almost always women who fall prey to ridiculousness panicked mesmerisms of this sort, as harsh as the paper’s judgement-by-inference is, we must conclude that women should not vote.

Women and male effeminates, that is.

“Eco-anxiety,” the paper continues, is “a concept introduced by young activists, [and] entered a mainstream vocabulary. And professional organizations are hurrying to catch up, exploring approaches to treating anxiety that is both existential and, many would argue, rational.”

We in the minority argue irrational. But never mind. The thing has already taken all the marks of a tremendous moral panic or scam, a way for unscrupulous shrinks to fleece watchdogless sheep.

The Climate Psychology Alliance provides an online directory of climate-aware therapists; the Good Grief Network, a peer support network modeled on 12-step addiction programs, has spawned more than 50 groups; professional certification programs in climate psychology have begun to appear.

Experts, in other words, are being credentialed in this subject. And you know what happens when Experts are created. They issue “The Science” dicta from which dissent officially becomes “denial.”

You will also recall that it was Experts who created the first great global cooling mini-panic in the 1970s, identifying the culprit as fossil fuels, which would create pollution and knock back the sun’s rays, plunging us into another ice age.

It was those same Experts, forgetting to say Oopsie when the climate failed to cooperate with their theories, that created the global warming mega-panic of the 1980s. Everybody was supposed to be dead by now, due to endless heat waves and mass starvation. Fossil fuels were going to create carbon dioxide, this time trapping the sun’s rays.

Their ploys worked. Many believed. They were sure back in 1986 that the World’s Last Chance was now, and that if we didn’t act now, we were damned. They are still sure, almost forty years later. Only now it’s “climate change” that will get them. And it’s still now.

Only now, as the old saying goes, the panic has turned into a racket. Even, not surprisingly, The Lancet is in on it. In a paper surveying 10,000 people they found “Forty-five percent of respondents said worry about climate negatively affected their daily life. Three-quarters said they believed ‘the future is frightening,’ and 56 percent said ‘humanity is doomed.'”

Almost half the electorate is worried that climate negatively affects their daily lives.

And there it is. The NYT has, subtly and quietly, come out against democracy.

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  1. Jan Van Betsuni

    Once there was a young man who spent his days walking the wide sidewalks in front of the White House. He had long hair, and wore only a soiled white robe and thin roman sandals. On his back, towering above his head, was a life-sized wooden cross. Each day the young man marched back and forth along the length of the fences from early morning until late evening. He seldom spoke, but, if accosted by an inquisitive tourist he would advise them: “repent, for the end is near”. Many strange individuals are drawn to make personal appearances (spectacles) in front of the White House – or in LaFayette Square Park directly across Pennsylvania Avenue. None of them every lodged in my memory, save this one. His place was secured through sheer cleverness – mounting a very sturdy rubber wheel at the base of his prop. Things are not as bad ~ as they may seem.

  2. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    As a profession, Psychology has taught us Americans many useful truths, such as that all men were born with an innate natural desire to fornicate with their mothers – TY Freud – where, on the other hand Jung, after committing adultery and calling it good accepted a demonic spiritual guide.

    Yes, psychology is right up there with the professionally trained Haruspex back in the day.

  3. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”…the panic has turned into a racket.”

    Frighten the marks then sell the solution.

    Panic is a very old racket.

  4. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Even coyotes know the racket — make a frightful howling to spook a rabbit into bolting, then eat its lunch.

    The weird thing is, people like being frightened. They willingly go to horror movies. Gets their juices flowing. Rabbits, too, love a good fright. They get to run like crazy.

    It’s a funny world.

  5. Jim Ellsworth

    Briggs: I’m glad I came upon your writings for the last 2 years. When I was a freshman attending an engineering college, I believe there were 4 coeds total, and very bright they were. Fast forward to the present and it seems like the staff of the D.I.E. department has more women in it than the entire male undergrads. I have a grandson who next year wants to attend such school; heaven help him.

  6. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    In a country without a real Creed (There is Puritan Progressive one) many citizens derive their sense of value via fear.

    “Coronadoom or Hot weather is going to take me unless I obey the priests of the state cult. I will save my skin (not my soul) became all that there is to life is this life.”

    There is a reason why you and your ilk are considered evil, not just mistaken. You are an apostate from the church (state) of progressivism which has its own changing Creed, Saints (blacks, feminists, sodomites) , Holy Days (Martin Luther King Day, with a new Holy Day Jan 6, being added to the Calendar)) and Hymns (Battle Hymn of the Republic, We Shall Overcome).

    You are prolly one of those whose time in the state seminaries (Public Schools) was a waste of time. Well, not a few have left the public schools system with their souls and intellect (intellect is one property of a soul) intact but you are vastly outnumbered, as you well know.

  7. Teresa Granda

    The Good Grief Network? Do they pray to Charlie Brown and wait in line to take advice from Lucy?

  8. Incitadus

    Better not to rail against the machine Briggs just open your cells and let them in.
    What better enemy than China could we have we bought and paid for them with
    industry and jobs, and they do make the cheapest solar panels.

  9. Johnno

    Psychology has been having some real booms as an industry. Think there is nothing wrong with you? That’s a problem you narcissist! Feeling happy all the time? Well Mr. Privileged, what are you hiding? That your 3 year old son over there drawing flowers with crayons? Well, he is a homosexual, have you considered encouraging his transitioning?

    Thanks for stopping in for you regular check-up. Please pay for these Pfizer pills. Also I have to disclose to you that should you ever take any public stance against any government policy, then your medical record can and will be used against you for discreditation purposes. Government is paying for your mandatory therapy and psyche evaluation after all. Please come back for your regular check-up this same time next month. Look on the bright side, at least government is forcing you to take an experimental injection this time, so as far as everlasting mandates go, this is pretty easy!

  10. Cary Cotterman

    As an archaeologist, I’m grateful for the detritus left behind by people of the past. Written history doesn’t often record the minutiae of daily life. Artifacts like pottery sherds, lithic flakes, butchered animal bone fragments, pieces of bottle glass, and even rusty tin cans help us figure out the diets, habits, preferences, fads, and trade networks of bygone societies. That plastic nut wrapper from Trader Joe’s will be a bit of insight about our culture for some future archaeological investigator.

    As for psychology, it’s nothing but a hotbed of pseudo-scientific aca-blather run by pompous over-schooled cozeners.

  11. Diva

    Dear Briggs, no way in hell The NY Times is becoming based. If it appears that way it is only because ‘even a broken clock is right twice a day’. However, your analysis is excellent in how the manipulation practically works. The ‘racket’ as you so perfectly call it was already set up in the Garden of Eden – how females are manipulated by the continuing Godless Atheism. Yes, as you cite ‘the future is frightening’ and ‘humanity is doomed’ – but not for the naturalistic reasons most of these people think – but rather because most of humanity is going to spend eternity in hell. They ‘feel it’ but can’t figure it out. No one can ‘figure it out’ – it is only known by revelation which they have refused.

  12. Milton Hathaway

    Yet another example that the worst way of finding out something about somebody is to ask them. People will tell you anything but the truth, because they can’t accept the truth about themselves; taking an honest look at yourself is perhaps the most difficult task to ask of the human brain. The poor woman’s neurosis is real, but her eco-anxiety is the effect, not the cause. Ask yourself, do you think her mental health would return to normality if climate change suddenly disappeared from the headlines? (I’m really starting to think that “mental illness” is more the norm for humans than the deviation from the norm. Depending on your beliefs, we either evolved this way for a reason, or God created us this way for a reason.)

    Professor Briggs, you linked to a pay-walled article in the NYT? Does this mean you pay them for a subscription?? Consorting with the enemy, are we??? Wait, benefit of the doubt time . . . yep, sure enough, just turn off javascript and the paywall drops. I’ve noticed more and more pay-walled sites lowering their paywall to a trivial height, more of a pay-curb you just step over, careful, don’t stub your toe. I wonder why they are doing this? I smell an animal corpse of some sort, but I can’t quite identify the species.

    On a positive note, I learned two new words today! Cozener and nugatory. Like insect species and teenage poor choices, there are an endless supply of words in the English language I’ve never seen before.

    Sheri, you’ve been quiet. Everything ok?

  13. BDavi52

    C’mon people! They are Women! Hear them Roar, in numbers too big to ignore!

    And what do they roar, you ask?

    Well, maybe ‘roar’ is too strong and intimidating a word. Whimper might be more appropriate. Or maybe whisper in anguish? Or maybe gulp and gasp in psychic pain?

    “Oh yes they are wise
    But it’s wisdom born of pain
    Yes, they’ve paid the price
    But look how much they gained
    If they have to, they can do anything
    They are strong (strong)
    They are invincible (invincible)
    They are woman

    Hmmm. Maybe invincible means something different than it used to? Maybe they’re invincible as long IT (whatever it may be) is not too, like, ferocious scary (like, you know, Climate Change….or “eyeballing!” (report in today’s paper about a Sexual Harassment lawsuit in which one of these super strong and invincible women got the vapors because she was ‘eyeballed’ by a fellow worker. Sorry. Pretty scary stuff, I know. I mean eyeballing is probably right up there with murder, torture, rape….eyeballing….which probably itself right next to ‘hearing a rude joke’.

    Where is the Government when we need them? Shouldn’t there be a Senatorial Task Force or something which can ally with the Climate Psychology Alliance to do all that stuff that Task Forces do?

  14. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”…we must conclude that women should not vote.”

    “The NYT has, subtly and quietly, come out against democracy.”

    Bully, bully I say. The nugatory cozening is inevitable.

  15. Forbes

    Several years (5?) ago, I met a middle-aged nurse in NYC who was working at the student health clinic at NYU. Her morning was occupied with handing out (free!) daily doses of various medications–mostly hormones or hormone-blockers to students undergoing gender transition (one form of mental illness) or pills for addressing anxiety of one sort or another. It was a frightening story regarding the mental state of college students, and the encouragement they were receiving from the university.

  16. Robin

    Another brick in the wall of the green agenda.

    Peter Thiel has said that the western nations have, in their minds, stark visions of their future. For Europe, for example, he sees the people considering three possible futures:

    1) Everybody worshipping Islam and the women wearing burkas,
    2) A completely totalitarian and fascist system, or
    3) Carbon-free, clean and sustainable electric everything …

    Accordingly he believes that the Green agenda is going to gain traction in years to come in Europe. Personally I think that these are not mutually exclusive – it is quite possible that options 2) and 3) would be synergistic – they may feed each other – in fact depend upon each other..

    I used to think that psychology was a fairly useless field until I saw applied psychology in the gaming industry, within social media, advertising and government. Now I’ve come to modify my view: its useless until it falls into the hands of psychopaths, despots and tyrants. In those hands it can be very effective; in a negative way. I still don’t see any positive use for it, however.

  17. fergus

    But we are assured by expert opinion that it is not hysteria, just a better understanding of probability. Such an expert just opined in The Hill that “Events may be finally forcing our attention and calculations to shift, making many more of us better understand probabilistic thinking.” And that “What we need now is for politicians to catch up with the worried majority, who sense climate change is underway and results are increasingly dangerous.”

    The title of the opinion is suitably enough, “Climate change is no longer a probability — it’s time to face reality.”

    Here is the link

    As for me, I am off to settle my final affairs and dispose of my worldly possessions in preparation for the certain doom to come.

  18. Ann Cherry

    Someone should send Alina Black and the writers of “Climate Change enters the Therapy Room” this brilliant, 12-minute presentation:

    Indeed, this should be sent to all of our friends, family, and elected officials. Watch as Toto rips back the curtain on climate alarmism.

    By the way, Briggs, I am a woman, and I think and vote “based”; Al Gore and John Kerry, to name but a few, are men, and they are debased. I’m not sure what inclines individuals to authoritarianism and forced collectivism (the driving force behind “anthropomorphic climate change”), but I’m pretty sure it’s not our chromosomes.

  19. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    Accordingly he believes that the Green agenda is going to gain traction in years to come in Europe.

    Dear Robin. It has not only gained traction in Germany it has ground the nuclear power industry into dust ensuring that Russia’s Nord Stream 2. along with Nord Stream 1, will be supplying the Jerrys with Vlad the provider’s natural gas.

    It’s a fantastic result for the right, a gift from the left.

  20. James G

    Got to love those greedy dealers, kicking these poor victims when they are down. Quote from the latest nutjob:

    Sharon McNary, an amateur triathlete in Los Angeles, went looking for a hybrid Ford pickup in early January to better carry her bicycle to scenic locales outside across California. A Ford dealership in Orange County asked for $12,000 above the hybrid’s MSRP.

  21. The True Nolan

    Jeepers! Plastic lasts forever, right? So why do we put shingle, tiles, and metal sheets on roofs? Why don’t we just cover our homes with a plastic tarp? Cover it once and it will NEVER degrade!

    I have a friend who is very bright, especially in mathematics. Unfortunately, merely being bright sometimes means that one is better able to justify being bizarrely brainwashed. He is a true believer in the “manmade CO2 is destroying the biosphere!” No amount of facts and data seemed to change his mind. He recently told me that in five years, global warming would be so absolutely in-your-face that no one would be able to deny it. Just walking out your door the vegetation would be dying, the birds would have disappeared, any trip to the beach would show flooding from ocean rise… Yep. Five years until the climate apocalypse! In fact, it is already too late to save life on earth.

    When did he tell me about all that coming death in only five years? How recently was it when he made his five year prediction? Hmmm… I think it was about ten years ago. And he still believes in the whole idea.

  22. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    Dear Ann In general terms, modern occupied Germany (a possession of America with its roughly 60,000 permanent military presence) is left and Vlad the provider is right.

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