Why Do Conservatives Want WWIII So Badly?

Why Do Conservatives Want WWIII So Badly?

It’s easy to see why the regime wants war with Russia. Idiocy and profits. The entire military-industrial complex is behind the push, as is every major propaganda organ. Journalists are loyal liars.

The tangle of money is complex, of necessity, and it’s far from clear those thinking they’ll get rich off of exploding missiles have full batteries in their carnage calculators. But there’s no doubt they want, perhaps not war exactly, but to give Russia the high hard one.

It’s not as if there isn’t humor in this. It’s been a lot of fun watching Biden voters air out reasons why American blood needs to flow in Ukraine. Or if not our men, women, and whoknowswhats, then the red stuff of lowly foreigners. If they die, they die, and it’s their own fault for being born in some far off land nobody can find on a map.

One of the big reasons our woke and progressive compatriots want the killing to start is that “Putin stole the election for Trump.” No less an eminence than Hillary herself said so. Often. Propagandists, living through their Days Of Rage in 2016 and early 2017, repeated the story more times than NPR said “racism” in a year.

Remember “the” dossier?

Well, let’s not remind our friends of this. It’s a tad embarrassing for them. Having to admit being duped that hard is painful. It’s also best to speak quietly of the revelation Hillary paid spies to look in on the Trump campaign. Hey. Trump had it coming. He was mean. And literally Hitler.

So it’s not just the moola, but the need to keep the fiction going that Russia and Trump were secretly attempting to rule the world, rather than having to admit to high treason.

No. Our concern is with the Big Con, with the neoconmen and other “conservatives” who started drooling the day the propaganda about an “imminent” invasion of Ukraine by Russia was released. The invasion was going to be today. No, today. Today, I mean. Tomorrow at the latest. Soon. Trust us. It’s happening.

Propagandists greased the minds of its adherents, saying Russia was going to release some horrible something, we know not what. Except that it is definitely maybe going to be a false flag. If you’re an American citizen, get out of Ukraine now! But only if you’re vaccinated.

Given the left always accuses its enemies of what they themselves are doing, we can look forward to a comical deep fake video of badly drawn CGI of weapons of mass destruction. Or maybe small masked children Photoshopped onto tank treads? Or Russian men making scowling faces at two gays kissing?

Or maybe they just won’t tell us at all. The State Department’s Ned Price will announce, “Russia just did something so horrible we have to attack.” When asked what the evidence for this horror is, he’ll say, “I just gave it you.”

Laugh, but these tactics will convince all those who have a strong desire to believe. Which is all our social betters.

Yours Truly wanted to know the minds of “conservatives”, so I listened Friday to the Mark Levine radio show, knowing his opinions are reliably typical of the outer party.

He began by juicing war. Those against war, he said, were “friends of Putin.” Friends is a strong word. I have never met the man, but I’d sooner have a glass of vodka with him than, say, Nancy Pelosi—although she could drink both of us under the table.

“We must muscle up” the Ukraine border with American troops and materiel, Levine said.

“It’s not that you don’t want your kids to die in a far off war. It’s that things need to be done, have to be done.” Your kids dying in some far off war is just something that needs to be done. I’m sure Brave Mark will join those kids in parachuting into Moscow as shock troops.

“We need to strengthen mightily the eastern border that is shared with Ukraine…immediately provide Ukraine with effective powerful offensive weaponry….in order to protect the United States.”

Yes, Mark, but why? Because “some people” in history, he said, have territorial ambitions. They might not stop at one country, like cops can’t quit after one donut, and like “some people” they will continue their maniacal march until…until…well, who can say what would happen to whom?

So that’s Levine’s reason.

Other “conservatives” simply can’t bear to give up on empire. They must have it, and don’t care who has to die to keep it. They don’t see this as a personal cash gain. It’s emotional, like having their team win The Big Game. And just as meaningful.

Maybe you have better ideas. Let’s hear them. I want particularly to hear from progressives, leftists and the woke about why it’s a good idea we start World War III. Speak up.

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  1. buck

    DC foreign policy is completely infiltrated by (often competing) foreign interests. Some work at the institutes (MIdEast Institute, Gulf States Institute, Brookings, Israel Institute, etc.) which are legal bribe distributors. Others work in State, Dod, CIA. wrt Ukraine think Vindman and, Natalie Jaresko, State Dept employee who left state to work as Ukraine’s finance minister to oversee spending billions in US aid., some of which magically ended going to Hunter Biden. Then she returned to State.

    As example of competing interests read the reports by LA times and others in March 2016 that forces in Syria backed by CIA were fighting forces backed by DoD.

    I am not prog, leftish or work. But my answer to why is bribes

  2. Kenan Meyer

    I enjoy reading Andrei Martyanov’ blog. He is a russian military analyst (who happens to work and live in the US) and based on his writings I can’t but come the conclusion that the “expert” US strategists have now reached full woke capacity, especially regarding their intelligence level

  3. Shecky R

    Matt, you’re sounding scared… and unmanly (well, even moreso than usual).

  4. Joseph Mama

    Here’s another question for consideration:
    Why did Ted Bundy kill co-eds?
    Was it for money and idiocy?

  5. Mark Matis

    Those who want the war are not “conservatives” but are instead Jews who will not tolerate a non-Communist Russia. They have fond memories of their Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin. And this is a significant majority of Jews in the West – 70-75%. Most of the rest MIGHT be decent human beings.

    Who do YOU think is funding Navalny???

  6. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    Levin is the Jewish tale-telling tail who makes the Christian conservatives wag their tongues on TV.

    Levin is worshipped by them and they call him “The great one.”

    Rush Limbaugh (Zany zionist that he was) ) popularised Levin and had him substitute o[fore him on his show – he called him F Lee Levin.

    Levin is a poorly informed, or lying, propagandist


  7. An excellent take on the situation can be found in this article from the weekend:

    “Why Washington Has Lost Its Mind Over Ukraine”

    What I took away from the article: Our situation today is closer to 1914 than to 1939.
    Just look at the numbers. 150,000 Russian troops MIGHT be enough to invade maybe the eastern half of Ukraine, but what then?

    An occupying force would need to be five times that size, at least 700,000 troops. Invading is easy, occupying is hard, as we learned in Iraq and A-stan. Remember “Mission Accomplished” after we captured Bagdhad?

    Putin understands this. The population of Russia is 140M, Ukraine 43M. He doesn’t have nearly the force structure to occupy Ukraine, he would need to quadruple conscription on a world-war footing. Russians will not tolerate this.

    Putin also knows what happened to Soviet invasion forces in Poland in 1920, Finland in 1939, and Afghanistan in 1979. Invasions can blow up in your face, and a Ukraine disaster would finish Putin.

    He’s not going to invade. The hysteria is coming out of the desperate-to-distract Biden admin, and the war lobby.

    For crying out loud, our current Sec of Defense was on the board of directors of Raytheon until he got this gig. Plane loads of high tech missiles going to Ukraine are billions in profit for his pals.

    Don’t get played again…”Remember the Maine!” … Gulf of Tonkin … Iraq WMDs …. all lies.

    I concur with the opinion expressed above about Andrei Martyanov, and his blog and “SmoothieX12” YouTube channel. I never miss what he writes or says.

  8. Peter Morris

    I’m 45. I grew up in the last bit of the Cold War. I’m conditioned not to like the Russian Way.

    Except when I started studying (just scratching the surface, really) Russian history, I don’t find a bunch of monsters, but really a sad tale of human nature, just like everywhere else.

    And at some point I learned about the almost genetic fear of Europe, the desire for warm water ports, and satellite states. It’s really but hard to understand Vladimir Putin or any man like him. He’s no dummy. He knows China isn’t his friend. He knows the only way to keep the Germans in check is with guilt and a heavy boot. And he knows the way to keep radical Islam in check (and now I know it, too).

    I don’t want a fight with Russia. We’ve been fighting for too long. It’s time to rest. And if Russia needs to stomp around a bit to remind those sissy Europeans that the Poles and other Easterns are the better men, the free men, the men who want true peace, then so be it.

    Let Putin cause the great Western Bed-Wetting. Maybe when they change the sheets they clean out some of the rot that’s been building up.

  9. Deacon Blues

    The first front in the war is already open. The Trucker Convoys in Canada, according to Canadian lefties on Twitter, are clearly being funded by Putin through Trump. What other explanation could there be? That people are just sick and tired of FAUXVID nonsense? That’s just what a fringe minority of racists and misogynists want you to think.

  10. anon

    If there is action in Ukraine, a handy way to destroy evidence for and eliminate witnesses to dealings that great personages had there, especially in light of Durham’s findings. Think Oklahoma City but on a grander scale. Whitewater documents were conveniently destroyed or squirreled away for destruction. Many odd happenings on the ground that day and after. Speed of McVeigh’s execution always bothered me.

  11. MMinWA

    Can not stand Levine and I’m not surprised he’s a war monger. I lay this hysteria right at our feet. This fraud of an administration needs distractions because they are failing big time in governing.

    Say what you will about DJT but there’s no way any thing like the current nightmare we’re living would be happening. He got along fine with Vlad and it was a joy to watch him playing the two step with Xi.

    And I’d love to have a vodka or two with Putin.

  12. WDS

    I used to listen to Levin, until he’d start foaming at the mouth and screaming and in the next breath calmly reminds everyone he’ll be “on” Hannity in 30 minutes. The mutual admiration society isn’t limited to Hollywood and their never ending circle jerk of award shows.

  13. Great analysis! “Conservative” is right! Levine and his smarmy ilk are not American Conservatives. They’re fake: imposters babbling what they think Normal Americans want to hear, and fanning the flames of war for their hostile foreign sponsor.

    Seems like covid-focus flushed away many insights into the neoconman cabal that Normals had developed in the last years of Trump.

    The same cast of neocon war-mongers that rabidly supported the vile lash-up of PC-Progs and neocons and drove the Obama/Hillary/Brennan/Price wars in North Africa and the Middle East, ginned up the wars in Syria and Yemen, and has clamored for war on Iran, are the ones howling for Russian blood.

    They are enraged that Russian support for Syria stopped their planned jihadist overthrow of the Assad regime in Damascus.

    They haven’t been able to trigger their dreamed-of war on Iran (yet).

    So? Russia! War! A two, or three-in-one solution for the PC-Prog/Neocon cabal!

    Wag the dog to divert attention (Hillary/DNC/Perkins Coie conspiracy to infiltrate, surveil, and destroy Trump’s campaign and administration is about to be revealed, Biden’s handler’s economy is tanking, covid hysteria is receding, Biden’s handler’s total incompetence is clear), get another war going, and show their hostile foreign sponsors they’re willing to fight to the last drop of American blood (or last dusting of nuclear fall-out) to achieve their sponsor’s goals in the Middle East.

    Levine is a 100% card-carrying member of that cabal. He is no more an American “conservative” than is Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, Robert Kagan, Victoria Nuland, or any of the other neo-con-men.

    For wise and experienced, actually conservative American commentary on the neoconmen, Russia, and related topics, highly recommend an actual American conservative: Pat Buchanan:

    “Given the disastrous record of the neocon wars of the 21st century, the U.S., facing every new crisis, ought to ask itself before acting:
    “Why is this quarrel any of our business?”


    An overview of the neocon royalty, to whom Levine pays obeisance, is provided at this link:

    “If anything, Washington’s neoconservatives have an unerring instinct for survival. Having brought about multiple disasters in the two decades since the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, from the Iraq war to the twin debacles in Libya and Syria, the neocons seem to have perfected the art of failing up.
    Harvard University’s Stephen Walt once quipped that “Being a Neocon Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry.” And in this regard, the story of the Kagan family is instructive.
    Robert Kagan, a contributing columnist for The Washington Post, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, and author of pseudo-histories such as The Jungle Grows Back, has for years been a leading advocate of American militarism.
    His brother Frederick is a resident scholar at the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute. Writing in The Hill on December 7, Frederick Kagan claimed that Russian control of Ukraine “would create an existential threat to Poland and even to Romania – one that could be met only by major deployments of US and European ground and air forces to what could become a new Iron Curtain.”
    He and his wife Kimberly, who heads the Institute for the Study of War – another pro-war Washington think-tank – were close advisers to the disgraced general and former Central Intelligence Agency director David Petraeus. Indeed, both Frederick and his wife are frequently cited as the brains behind the surge strategy pursued by George W Bush’s administration in 2007-2008.
    But the most powerful member of the Kagan clan is Victoria Nuland, who is the wife of Robert and is the US undersecretary of state for political affairs.
    Under Barack Obama, Nuland served as the State Department spokeswoman, a position for which she was manifestly overqualified (and that becomes especially clear if one takes the qualifications of the current spokesman into consideration), before assuming the role of assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs. ”


  14. Zundfolge

    Further evidence that there are no “conservatives” and “liberals” anymore … just the Based and the Debased.

  15. Nate

    Everybody owes a GIANT apology to Pat Buchanan.

  16. Ann Cherry

    Great article, Dr. Briggs.

    What are the chances of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Mitt Romney, all having children who work for Ukrainian gas companies?

    If you said “100%” you wouldn’t be wrong.

    In 2014, the US Government perpetrated the 2014 Coup in Ukraine. Here is the best article I’ve found on the situation:


    “This [article] will document that the ‘new Cold War’ between the US and Russia did not start, as the Western myth has it, with Russia’s involvement in the breakaway of Crimea and Donbass from Ukraine, after Ukraine — next door to Russia — had suddenly turned rabidly hostile toward Russia in February 2014. Ukraine’s replacing its democratically elected neutralist Government in February 2014, by a rabidly anti-Russian Government, was a violent event, which produced many corpses. It’s presented in The West as having been a ‘revolution’ instead of a coup; but whatever it was, it certainly generated the ‘new Cold War’ (the economic sanctions and NATO buildup on Russia’s borders); and, to know whether it was a coup, or instead a revolution, is to know what actually started the ‘new Cold War’, and why. So, this is historically very important.

    “Incontrovertible proofs will be presented here not only that it was a coup, but that this coup was organized by the US Government — that the US Government initiated the ‘new Cold War’; Russia’s Government reacted to America’s aggression, which aims to place nuclear missiles in Ukraine, less than ten minutes flight-time from Moscow. During the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, America had reason to fear Soviet nuclear missiles 103 miles from America’s border. But, after America’s Ukrainian coup in 2014, Russia has reason to fear NATO nuclear missiles not just near, but on, Russia’s border. That would be catastrophic.

    “If America’s successful February 2014 overthrow and replacement of Ukraine’s democratically elected neutralist Government doesn’t soon produce a world-ending nuclear war (World War III), then there will be historical accounts of that overthrow, and the accounts are already increasingly trending and consolidating toward a historical consensus that it was a coup — that it was imposed by “somebody from the new coalition” — i.e., that the termination of the then-existing democratic (though like all its predecessors, corrupt) Ukrainian Government, wasn’t authentically a ‘revolution’ such as the US Government has contended, and certainly wasn’t at all democratic, but was instead a coup (and a very bloody one, at that), and totally illegal (though backed by The West). 

    “The purpose of the present article will be to focus attention on precisely whom the chief people are who were responsible for perpetrating this globally mega-dangerous (‘Cold-War’-igniting) coup — and thus for creating the world’s subsequent course increasingly toward global nuclear annihilation….”

    Let’s imagine that Russia fomented a coup, in, say, Canada, to install a pro-Russian leader, and then talked about installing nuclear missiles on Canada’s border w the U.S.; would the U.S. be justified in massing troops on its own side of the border?

    If you say “yes”, then you’re well on your way to understanding the situation in Ukraine, from Russia’s point of view; and seeing a situations from the “enemy’s” point of view is not “collusion” but the beginning of true “intelligence.”

  17. Not Sure

    It’s obvious to me that all that is needed is for Ukraine to remove itself from admission to NATO and we can all pick up our toys and go home. With guarantees that both the EU and Russia will promise to allow Ukraine to remain independent of both factions, this will bring peace and stability to the region.

    Apparently that will not be allowed to happen.

    I love my country, but if we allow greed to rule the day, I fear what may be coming down the pike may be more devastating than what we bargained for.

  18. Robin

    @Matt Bracken – Putin has, if nothing else, demonstrated political shrewdness and constraint. He’s not going to invade. He’s applying a strategy of tension against Western powers that are falling apart both figuratively and literally.

    The United States is on the edge of disintegration in societal and political terms. He can just sit back and watch.

  19. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”Yes, Mark, but why? Because “some people” in history, he said, have territorial ambitions. They might not stop at one country, like cops can’t quit after one donut, and like “some people” they will continue their maniacal march until…until…well, who can say what would happen to whom?”

    “Some People… have territorial ambitions” — Some Super-Mondo-Projecto Esquimeaux People.

  20. Mostly because most “conservatives” are some combination of shill, grifter and a heaping dose of idiot.

  21. Incitadus

    Excellent article excellent comments wars don’t just happen they’re engineered shaped
    by domestic and foreign policy manipulation. War is the best tool to silence domestic
    dissent for both sides of a conflict and refocus attention away from the corrupt practices
    of leadership with patriotic genuflection. That and there’s a ton of money to be made
    from a steaming stinking pile of corpses of clueless little people. Hitler, Stalin, Xi, and Putin
    were all built with western capital and knowhow, Putin is a dues paying member of the
    World Economic Forum’s Young Leadership Group, (50 K a year), and his threats of nuclear
    annihilation of Eastern and Western Europe lend nothing but currency to Biden’s assertions.
    We’ve seen this sausage made throughout history and the people declaring war never seem
    to be the ones to die in them they’ll all be in lavish taxpayer funded bunkers.

  22. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Amazing how a single clown car can roll into town, clowns pop out and start their stupid tricks, and soon the entire nation is a circus of stupid run by clowns.

  23. Rudolph Harrier

    I would say there’s three levels of it.

    At the top level “conservatives” are controlled opposition. They want war because the administration wants war, the end. The only interesting question is why they aren’t giving lip service to being against it while giving it a free pass, like they do with illegal immigration, abortion, election fraud, etc.

    For that we get to the mid-level which are the sincere “principled conservatives.” These are the guys who will believe that free trade always benefits everyone involved, no matter what the data says, because that’s apparently a “conservative principle.” And one of their “principles” is the neo-con idea of America being the world’s policeman, especially in regards to Russia and China. Therefore to “appear weak before Russia” would be unconservative and un-American!

    It should be noted that these “principled conservatives” are cowards and only defend their principles in cases where it is easy, either because they have no power to act on them or because what they want lines up with what the left wants. For example they will talk up free speech, and brag about how strongly they are committed to it by defending a leftist from getting fired for saying something ridiculously un-American and anti-Christian. But when it comes to a conservative ally being threatened for saying something sane, expect much less support. That could lead to blowback which could damage the career of the “principled conservative!” The same thing here. They will talk up war, but only when it’s a war that the administration already wants to fight (see also Obama’s campaign in Libya.)

    The lowest level are the rank and file conservatives. A lot of them are not happy with the war in Russia, both because of a strong isolationist streak and the obvious media manipulation. But some are onboard. They can probably be divided into two more groups. The first consists of NPCs who simply are for it because they heard they were supposed to be for it on talk radio. The second consists of people who are desperate for a return to the old America. Part of America’s greatness was in its military might, and it is obvious that the military has been on a downswing for years. So they are desperate for a way to show our supposed strength, and in fact are so desperate that they really don’t care about the exact reasons for deploying our troops.

  24. Delta3Two


    Why is Ukraine even a concern for Americans ? What National Security concern is compromised by Russia invading Ukraine or not invading Ukraine ?

    I am extremely doubtful that the majority of citizens who call themselves “Americans” have any loyalty to this once great nation. The seditious and treasonous biden and his communist cabal have erased our borders. Specifically what was once our southern border. Yet, where is the outcry from citizens especially those who consider themselves CONservatives ? Where are all the alternate news sources decrying the invasion of CONUS by foreign enemies in collusion with domestic enemies ?

    I have long followed Mr. Bracken starting with his book “Enemies Foreign & Domestic”. However, I have read little if anything by Mr. Bracken regarding the biden coup d’etat and in turn biden’s advocating, encouraging, imploring foreign enemies to enter into warfare against American citizens with their invasion of the former United States of America.

    There are few shining lights in America today. I have always looked upon Mr. Bracken and his writings to be one of the brightest lights shining for American Freedom and Liberty. In summation I would encourage Mr. Bracken and many others, to reduce the importance of anything having to do with Ukraine. Instead, start concentrating on the war being perpetrated upon American citizens by the weapons of war being used by biden and his cabal….foreign invaders !
    Time to evict biden and his cabal of communists from every nook and cranny within the government ensconsed in Washington District of Communists/Criminals.

    No borders. No Country. Time is growing ever more short for Traditional Americans and Patriots.

  25. pyrrhus

    Any American who wants a war with Russia or China is either a mental case or a paid-off flack for the War Party in Washington…I don’t personally know anyone who fits that description…

  26. iggy

    WHAT we have here is a millennia old conflict. Beginning in the 10th century when the descendants of Ashkenaz adopted talmudism. Continuing their parasitical existence at the expense of too tolerant neighboring tribes in Khazaria the ashkenazim were eventually booted out, seeking new frontiers to infest.

    Eventually booted out of Russia, after several hundred years they tried for re-entry, known as the Bolshevik “revolution”. Their triumph & reign however was short lived, ending in the late 80’s with the collapse of the soviet union, and the talmudist derived communist regime.

    They believe they are the rightful owners of Russia, and will do everything possible to (1)re-assert their parasitism & (2) kill off Russian & American Whites & (3) destroy Christianity in Russia. Through attacking Russia via Ukraine much of the above could be accomplished, in part.

    And then there is the (((supremacist))) dream of controlling Ukraine & Europe via energy, eliminating Russia as an energy supplier, supplanted by a middle Eastern pipeline “EastMed”
    under construction now.

    Who are the neocons behind this? The usual (((suspects))). For backgrounders start with:


    (any tribal similarities are simply cohencidental)

    Oh yes, in Khazaria the ruling group were known as Kagans!

    The execrable Con-Con shill Levine has somehow garnered a following among the dim-witted posturing as conservatives.

  27. PaulH

    Am I a bad person for saying I don’t care what the Russians and Ukrainians do to each other?

  28. Forbes

    I’m now sorry I ever bought any books authored by Mark Levin–granted, there were used, but still. And that someone who once worked in the Reagan administration is babbling about Russia as if it’s the (“Evil Empire”) Soviet Union, has ignored 30 years of recent history. Sad.

  29. Zorost

    Compared to Russia, the EU has 3x the population and 9x the GDP. If Russia was a threat, let them deal with it. Not our problem.

  30. JohnK

    Matt asked for a contrary opinion. For that argument’s sake, let us assume that we are a threat analyst working for the US. Thus, off the table is any strategic discussion. Such considerations are a priori invisible to analysis of threat.

    Thus there is no discussion of the cost of war, or even whether the US could win a war.

    Thus the US is merely pursuing its interests, not itself engaging in threatening behavior, etc.

    Thus there is no consideration of Russian, Chinese, and Iranian ideas of their own interests, etc.

    There are only threats that Russia, China, and Iran can exert against US interests.

    Then former Naval Intelligence officer Jennifer Dyer can tell you about some of the ways an “asymmetric” World War III can be started, independently or in tandem, by the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians, even without any obvious cold lead and hot blood. See especially her discussion of “COA 3” (COA=Course of Action), later in her essay.

    Then, after her analysis of what threats can be brought to bear in COAs 1, 2, and especially COA 3, (an “asymmetric campaign”), she writes:

    That’s a major hazard of an asymmetric campaign. It’s not just that it impedes our operations. It’s that it can be subtle enough to leave us simultaneously worried, behind the power curve, and yet uncertain that we have a casus belli – unless we have the political will to simply make Ukraine’s or Taiwan’s cause our own outright.

    So, from a purely threat analysis perspective, the US can be “simultaneously worried, behind the power curve, and yet uncertain that we have a casus belli“, unless “we” “have the political will to simply make Ukraine’s or Taiwan’s cause our own outright.”

    Since Ms Dyer is a former Intelligence analyst, I assume that her assessment of possible threats is relatively accurate, and far better than my own.

    She disregards a priori any strategic analysis: any discussion of whether the US engages in asymmetric campaigns of its own, etc. etc.

    But Russia’s, China’s, and Iran’s interests do not coincide with “our” own, by most definitions of “our”.

    So there’s that. Do we simply dismiss the horrors that could be inflicted upon us? Do we simply assume that the Russians, the Chinese, and the Iranians, as gentlemen and scholars, of their own accord will simply not even consider doing such things?

    Or do we make it evident to these governments that trying those things will have a cost to them?

    This is the best case for “standing up for Ukraine” that I could find.

  31. Johnno


    WAR is the ONLY thing that will save THE SYSTEM ™! And THE SYSTEM ™ is what saves us!

    It is the nourishment of the nation! It is our raison d’etre and our d’etre of raison! It’s teets suckle our young! Especially when done through the safety of a porous mask! Where else will your children learn, if not kneeling by its clay and iron feet?

    Think of the money! The ruskies, like Gaddaffi, and Saddam and Assad were imagining going to methods for payments for things in currencies other than THE SYSTEM ™! What will become of all those investments? Would you rather see your mutual funds tank? Or would you rather see tanks on the streets of Kiev serving our mutual interests? THINK BRIGGS! THINK!

    Do you think having and maintaining an empire happens by magic?

    If you said, “No”, then, well, YOU’RE WRONG!!! IT IS MAGIC!!!

    How else do you explain all these brain-dead incompetents in power managing to get this far? How are they succeeding in position through failure after repetitive failure and getting away with it for so long in THE SYSTEM ™ fool-proof Democratic rituals? It HAS to be preternatural! There is a spell over the eyes of everyone! They see, but they do not comprehend! They hear, but they will not listen! MAGICK the Gathering!!! Mesmerism! They do a Hocus-Pocus – a perversion of Hoc Est Enim Corpus Meum!

    Why in Hell do you routinely see all that Satanic and occult imagery everywhere for years? The Super Bowl? The Olympic Opening Ceremonies? The construction of dams and other big gov projects? The Hadron Collider? Why is that crazy Abramovic woman everywhere hobnobbing amongst the elites? Why does Epstein’s Little James Pedo-island absolutely need a dungeon-style temple to the Great Owl, Minerva? Why is the elegant simplicity of a young underaged girl, drugged and naked and spread out over a warm white bed surrounded by rose petals sprayed with Chanel no.6 never enough??? How low hast thou fallen O’ Briggs, Star to the Statisticians?

    Obviously, OBVIOUSLY, the fiery maw that grants their wishes, demands payment with accumulating interest! The abortion providers are not enough! The honey-dipped trans-sausage’n’breast chopping is not enough! The vexxine cocktails are not enough! It demands MORE! MORE! MORE! They need to supply it! It is a compulsory mandate! It’s a ponzi scheme of soul-eating, Briggs! And every now and again it is up for a buffet! War is dinner and a show, Briggs! It’s hey-cha-cha-cha and munch-munch-crunch and BOOM-BOOM-BOOM! Who cares what the cause is for or who the enemy is? At the end of the day it is a full spread of diversity from around the world plating their courses on the table! Throw on the tiny little onions, Briggs, and cry me a river, because THE SYSTEM ™ gives you life and gives you comfort, so say grace to it before you devour! Taste that? It tastes like me and you! It tastes like chicken! We’re on the menu boys! Are you willing to say you don’t like how you taste? Think of the embarassment! Take up your napkin, cutlery and a gun and get in line! RUN TO THE FRONT to be FIRST in line before all those other suckers so you get the best pick of the selection! Donate to GoF’YoSelf so that Raytheon and Lockheed Martin can collect, because one way or another, you’re paying the bill on the way out! Don’t forget to tip! It’s a hard life waiting on this crowd of consumer buffoons and they’re not leaving till they’ve had ALL they can eat!

    THE SYSTEM(tm) Briggs! Think of THE SYSTEM ™! It was THE SCIENCE ™ all along!!! And it worships and prays to those things on the other side of Paradise, gnashing its teeth outside its walls!

  32. Uncle Mike

    We’ve always been at war with East Asia.

    Don’t look but the Big War has now poured over our borders and is attacking our cities. No need for tanks (except for the memories); urban America has been rubbled already. You Crane is a diversionary smoke screen to distract the serfs from the real battles happening here.

  33. Rabbi Goyim

    Levine is a Jew. That is why he wants war over Ukraine. Ukraine is Israel 2.0. Its a place for liberal American Jews (that Israel doesn’t want) to retire after they destroy America.

  34. MikeJ

    Zionist Jews have been running the USA foreign policy since Woodrow Wilson. They absolutely infested FDR’s cabinet and Executive, as well as all the others, even Trump (Jared and Ivanka Kushner and “Uncle” Henry Kissinger) and they haven’t slowed yet. The two primary Zionists who have controlled this since LBJ are Henry Kissinger on the right, and more recently, George Soros on the left. Controlled resistance such as Levine, Horowitz, et al, as well as their Evangelical defenders such as Limbaugh, Hannity etc. are the reason that so many have not been awakened to the danger. They have shilled for Israel for decades, to the detriment of our country.

    This boils down to a very simple formula. International bankers such as the Rothschild’s and the Bank for International Settlements are attempting to build the MacKinder World Island, with Israel as its center. They have been, and are continuing the effort to destroy the USA in order to do this. They have used us to break up the Arab states so that “Greater Israel” can be established. They are joining through treaties and agreements with both China and Russia, as well as Iran, to create this Greater Eurasian Trading alliance, otherwise known as the Belt and Road Initiative.

    Don’t take my word for it, Google, Bing. Duck Duck Go, or Startpage those key words and see what comes up. We, meaning the USA, have been transferring most of our high tech industries to Israel. MicroSoft Israel is in charge of security for Windows. Intel has moved its chip manufacturing there, and Qualcomm has done the same with its devices. There are many more of our IT and military contractors doing the same, such as Lockheed-Martin and Raytheon. Ever wonder how our tech gets into the hands of the Russians and the Chinese? Ever wonder how all of these so called “secure” IT systems get hacked? Now you know. Israel has backdoors built in to all of it. We are being strip mined. First heavy industry thanks to Kissinger and Nixon and “free trade”, and now high tech and IT.

    A very large percentage of the Jews in Israel are of Russian or Polish descent. They have many ties to the Russian government, and Israeli government is essentially Bolshevik in nature and direction. Look at the former Prime Ministers of Israel. They are all Zionists from either Russia or Poland, or the children of them. Ben Gurion was a self proclaimed Bolshevik after his meeting with Stalin in 1924. The former Soviet Union has infiltrated most of the intelligence arms of the Israeli government, especially Shin-Bet and Mossad, and their efforts have continued even after the Soviet Union fell. They have been influencing most of what Israel does for many, many, years.

    China has these connections too, especially through Shanghai, where three large Zionist Jew trading families have influenced much of what the CCP has done over the last 100 years or so.

    This information is all open source material, available through many of the newspapers from the regions involved, most of which have English language versions available.

    Israel is actually taking out ads to entice Jews from Europe and the US to emigrate to Israel. Why on earth would any upper middle class Jew from these areas want to move to Israel you ask? Because the governments of those areas mentioned have been making their countries untenable for Jews. Now you know what the “refugee” programs are all about, as well as the essentially open borders policies of both the EU and the USA.

    The bottom line in all of this is that the mainstream media, as well as our political structure is compromised, all of it. Most of the so called “Alt” media is also compromised as people such as Alex Jones, Whitney Webb, and Joe Rogan are part of the corraling of opinion into certain avenues and as a means of distraction from the big picture. Virtually every one of our politicians is bought and paid for by these people at some level or other. The Epstein/Maxwell Mossad operation targeted politicians as well as industry leaders, especially high tech industries. If we as a country do not get a handle on this soon, and at a local political level, we will be divided into separate areas, herded into UN Smart City gulags, and killed off. Look at the big picture and research what has been an ongoing problem in this country since at least Teddy Roosevelt’s time, and take action politically at the local level to try and change it.

  35. iggy


    I concur with the majority of your analysis, except:

    “The former Soviet Union has infiltrated most of the intelligence arms of the Israeli government, especially Shin-Bet and Mossad, and their efforts have continued even after the Soviet Union fell. They have been influencing most of what Israel does for many, many, years.”

    I believe you have this ass backwards, it is israel influencing Russia now, just as in America. As in the following statement too:

    “China has these connections too, especially through Shanghai, where three large Zionist Jew trading families have influenced much of what the CCP has done over the last 100 years or so.”

  36. My answer? they’re idiots.

    In reality what’s going on in the Ukraine is more civil war than an invasive war. In some regions most of the population is ethnic Russian, while other regions remember Stalin rather vividly.

    I do have a solution: redirect Biden’s flights dropping illegals all over the U.S. to the Ukraine and step up efforts to get every illegal in the U.S. a free flight to a wonderfully liberal country where there’s no threat of Trump being reinstated.

  37. Babu

    Water’s wet, the sky’s blue, and Jews hate Russia.

    What’s next, women can be irrational?

  38. MikeJ


    I rather don’t think so, since almost 20% of the population of Israel are Russian Jews.

  39. T

    To make people at problems there rather than at problems here,

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