Canada Becomes A Dictatorship; Elsewhere, Freedom Seeps In; Weekly All Cause Deaths for US & England

Canada Becomes A Dictatorship; Elsewhere, Freedom Seeps In; Weekly All Cause Deaths for US & England

How much credit, he asked rhetorically, will our side receive for being right about everything?

The numbers are below the story.

Last week, inspectors noticed certain instabilities and micro-fissures in the massive Regime Narrative Dam which has been, up to now anyway, holding back Reality.

There was some patching since then, here and there. As in Canada turning into a dictatorship.

Who saw the nicest people on earth opting for an actual real-life bona fide genuine honest-to-God dictatorship? The Conservatives offered an act to consider a plan to, someday, not today, end the unnecessary mandates. It was voted down. Because Science. There will be no end to the “crisis.” Not in Canada.

The word is dictatorship. Not used in some hyperbolic ridiculous emotional propagandist NPR sense. It is the technical name for the form of government when one man rules by fiat.

The premiers of the western provinces (and Quebec, remembering the bad old days) said to Trudeau, “Please don’t do this to us.” The arch glory holer Theresa Tam is for backing down and “re-examining” policies, repeating our line “it’s clear now that Canada and the rest of the world will be grappling with COVID-19 for months or years to come.”

Trudeau, son of Fidel, his ancestral blood calling out from his very depths, announced, “Bend over.” He has—at last—become a man.

Canada will start with seizing the money, now all in computerized accounts so it’s easy, from those who protest the government. Protesting the government is not what is done in a democracy. What’s next? Will we see Mounties riding down the unvaccinated, forcibly injecting them?

Incidentally, the reason the Trudeau regime won’t lift (unnecessary) restrictions is not because they truly believe restrictions should be continued. They loathe being told what to do by the unwashed. They cannot accept correction from non-Experts. It is hubris wedded to petulance.

The official government propaganda office say freedom, the word, “has become common among far-right groups, experts say.” Experts! To their credit, they openly admit they are for the opposite of freedom.

In answer to one of my tweets, one person said, “I thought Trudeau would follow the lead of the USA, but I’ve noticed the smaller countries in population (Canada, Australia, NZ , Austria, Israel) are doubling down, and they’re doing it because they can control everyone. Or, rather, the WEF/NWO can. Real violence is coming.”

It wasn’t only The Great White North. Macron launched tanks against protesters. England said this: “They’re not done with us yet- Next Covid strain could kill many more, warn scientists ahead of England restrictions ending”. Please keep and cherish your fear, say Experts.

But those cracks. The pressure was not relieved. They cracks are still there. And widening.

It was revealed that that South African doc who tried to tell the world the Ominous Omicron wasn’t as bad as propagandists wanted it to be was…wait for it…wait for it…censored and threatened. Rulers decided Fear was the better policy. Ah, fear, the eternal tool of the tyrant. Yet that they let this news leak now shows their grip weakens.

Even Macron’s steely grimace weakened when he visited Putin. He refused a PCR test because, he said, he didn’t want Moscow harvesting his DNA.

Then Reuters reported “European Medicines Agency (EMA) investigates reports of ‘heavy menstrual bleeding and absence of menstruation after mRNA Covid shots”

Web MD admitted “Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Severe COVID”. And even the CDC was forced to choke out, “Robust Covid-19 Booster Protection Wanes After Four Months”.

Which reminds me, the bosses at Conspiracy Theories Confirmed Monthly announced they are hiring extra staff to keep up with the demand.

We heard from Bloomberg that, as we have told you since Day One, “Mask mandates didn’t make much of a difference anyway”.

The regime signaled it’s acquiescence with lifting mask mandates. Especially where celebrities gather. Except, still in many locales, for children. They haven’t been broken and punished enough. Far too many kids still love their parents more than Big Scientist.

Some cracks became large enough to cause alarm. Moderna’s boss canceled his Twitter account and cashed out his stock (to the tune of 400 million). Simultaneously, Pfizer suddenly dropped their request to authorize mRNA shots for kids under 5. A day later they dropped asking an entire country (India) for authorization.

They see the myocarditis on the wall, maybe?

Even the Blue Cheka began dunking on Experts. Such as those at SAGE, the group largely responsible for giving scientific credence to the panic.

The BC goes on to say “The usual Sage defence is that ‘these are scenarios, not predictions’. But it graph below as containing ‘the likely epidemic trajectory’ for summer reopening.”

A reminder that there is no difference, at all, between a scenario, prediction, model, simulation, forecast. They are all the same thing.

Inflation is at least 7%, it was announced. A direct cause of government coronadoom “solutions.” About those solutions, this thread, a compilation of evidence of why it is right and proper to fear our rulers and Experts.


But enough. Let’s do the numbers. First, the weekly all cause deaths.

That blue line is right where we expect it to be, given population increase. Even considering late counts, where the blue line will rise a bit, we are now at no worse than an average bad flu year.

Here’s the proof of that, in two parts. First, the same picture, only this time as a time series.

You can see the periodicity easier this way, as well as the general increase in time due to both an increasing and aging population. The dotted black line are all deaths minus coronadoom.

The dashed green line is a simple linear periodic fit (sine + cosine). Fits pretty darn good, up until 2020. It still fits the dotted black line well, too. Even up at the end. Look at 2013, a bad flu season. The model is off by about 8,000 at the peak. Same for 2015, another bad flu year. And it’s off by about 10,000 in 2018, a worse flu year.

Right now, it’s off by about 8,000 again. Like another typical bad flu year. As promised.

There is no crisis. It doesn’t exist anymore.

Here’s another way to look at it. The same data but this time per 100,000 population.

This corrects for population increases. But the per-capita death rate is still increasing, almost certainly because of the changing age distribution of the population (we’re older).

The doom and “solutions” hit hard, but now, again, we’re in a period like a bad flu year. Do the same trick of comparing the model error of 2013, 2015 and 2018.

Let’s contrast this with England. We have a longer time series of all cause deaths (ONS data; available when I downloaded it Monday only through the end of January).

Same periodicity is there, with the quirk (it’s real) that deaths plummet, or are recorded as plummeting, right at Christmas. Nearly every year, too.

The 2020 doom signal was there, all right. But it disappeared after that. The next year, 2021, was no worse than a bad flu year. Now, it isn’t even that bad. Well, they are finally dropping restrictions, but they could have a year ago.

Here’s the same normalized by population:

See 1999 and 2000? See how they are LARGER than even 2020? Meaning worse. Yet England led the world in panic. Ain’t you amazed, as Jack Aubrey would ask?

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  1. Robin

    Your charts don’t clearly illustrate this (due to the compressed scale); but there is something unusual and perhaps historically anomalous wrt England and Wales all cause deaths since around August – September (from memory). They are trending upwards and are not returning to baseline. I have not seen this before in prior years.

    It looks like something has broken the usual historical seasonal behaviour. I’ve got a good guess as to what it is but the legacy press will cover this up as usual or risk losing those gigabucks from Pharma ad spends.

    Alex, What is VEI?

  2. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    I doubt that any militia violence – not of our border or in these Unites States- will ever happen.

    There was a real militia in the colonies and it was crucial in our revolution against Perfidious Albion but there is no militia in Canada that I am aware of (I do specialise in ignorance though so…) and the militia movement in these United States is spare and scattered especially when compared to the regular military.

    I used to work with a man who was a weekend warrior and I once asked him a question:

    Doug, if you were called to help quell riots in Cape Elizabeth (Maine) and to enforce a 6:00 p.m. curfew and you saw me outside at 6:15 pm would you shoot to kill me?


    Never underestimate the fear of the foolish in the military; there number is not few.

  3. awildgoose

    Canada is why we should be terrified of a cashless economy. It enables TPTB to simply rob those they don’t agree with.

  4. DAV

    Trudy can’t do this alone. He needs the cooperation of others carrying guns. It’s a shame that this was brought about by what amounts to the common cold.

  5. John B()

    Since the whole Canada Protests, I’ve been trying to remember an old film I saw from the Canadian Film Board:

    Fifty Plus Years of Memory (I may have seen it in grade school putting the memory around the late 60s)

    I did (finally) find what I was looking for (It wasn’t QUITE what I remember, …however…)

    While ostensibly about prejudice in employment opportunities, the parallels (as I see them) are easily made to the current situation in Canada

    With Justin Trudeau as Jonathon Mole
    And any number of people that Viva Frei met at both the convoy and the counter protest filling the rest of the characters

    From the National Film Board of Canada
    A Day in the Night of Jonathon Mole (1959) This short film from director Donald Brittain tackles the subject of racial prejudice in employment, in a particularly witty fashion. It takes the form of a fantasy in the mythical country of Adanac, featuring arch bigot Jonathan Mole, Mrs. Platitude, Peter Parrot, Professor Short Sight and other characters.

    Adanac : Welcome to Some

    The Motto of Adanac was:
    A Place For Every Man
    Every Man In His Place

    The Tribunal of Right and Privilege

  6. Johnno


    Checks and balances…


    Democracy and human rights…


    Support the Police…


    Government accountability and the justice system…


    Here’s what is really going on gents:

    Watch it and weep.

    Here is where we are now!

    Emergency Use Authorization has been granted to banks! Seize and destroy! No courts or warrants necessary! WELCOME TO THE END GOAL OF THE MARK OF THE VEXX!!!

  7. Trebitsch

    Pandora’s box is open and will not be closed for a while. Time will find the man. The man who will use the power of blood over money, as the Trudeau confiscations of the trucker’s funds so clearly demonstrate, a strong man with a relatively small, dedicated followers can now grub any billionair’s funds to distribute to his followers, and so build and secure his power. Proscriptions to follow, and there will not be single rich man feeling safe for a long time. Ask Octavian, or Machiavelli, how it is done! There is a short chain controlling the digital accounts, and they will do as told by those with the guns of the new Octavian. In the end, all loyalty is personal and “the best fortress is to be found in the love of the people, for although you may have fortresses, they will not save you if you are hated by the people” also “whoever believes that great advancement and new benefits make men forget old injuries is mistaken”. So festina lente, Octavian!

  8. Cary Cotterman

    I had a friend who died in 2019. While I grieve, in a way I also envy him.

  9. Enduro Guy

    Mr. Briggs, thank you for your excellent website. On the topic of all-cause mortality (ACM), please see the paper by Rancourt et al. titled “Nature of the COVID-era public health disaster in the USA, from all-cause mortality and socio-geo-economic and climatic data”, available at

    The authors conclude that the spike in ACM from March to June 2020 was “caused by the aggressive novel government and medical responses that were applied in certain specific state jurisdictions, against sick elderly populations.” The subsequent spikes (summer 2020, fall-winter 2020-2021, and summer 2021) in ACM “co-correlate with poverty, obesity and regional climate, presumably caused by chronic psychological stress induced by the government and medical responses, which massively disrupted lives and society, and affected broad age groups, as young as 15 year olds.”

    In other words, there was no pandemic. All the excess deaths were caused by government and medical responses.

  10. Cookie

    It’s time to dedicate an article for all those sport stars, celebrities and others in the spotlight who went against the prevailing narrative and showed some moral fibre.

    I wasn’t a Novak Djokovic fan…but I am now.

  11. Uncle Mike

    Trudeau will lose. I know, it looks like he’s winning, but not for long. Megafool Justin has jumped his shark. His self-inflicted dumb storm will sweep him into the dustbin. I give him six weeks tops, and then he’s history. I could be wrong. I hope not.

  12. Jan Van Betsuni

    I fear that the Canadian political bench is very deep, and if Fidel Castro, Jr. does depart there are easily 500 available to take his place (and continue his policies). Still, my idle thoughts stray to wondering what port of exile would best suit the deposed King of Canada. Would Tonga take him, or perhaps Helsinki? Havana of course stands as the odds on favorite.

  13. swordfishtrombone

    Trudeau is no more a dictator than Trump was. Don’t say you’re not writing ‘hyperbolic emotional propaganda’, then literally write hyperbolic emotional propaganda. It just undermines your case – or rather, it would if you had a case.

  14. Briggs


    Remind us when Trump invoked emergency powers and confiscated people’s bank accounts.

  15. john b()

    Even in the face of MOSTLY peaceful protests, Trump offered national guard’s people but waited to be invited

  16. Joseph Mama

    Pols are immune to covid, it seems.

  17. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    In his actualising of dictatorial powers, contrary to right reason, liberty and natural law, Trudeau apes the beloved dictator who has a huge statue that is worshipped in Washington D.C.

    Abraham Lincoln.

    Come on Canada, get busy making a gigantic statue of Trudeau. He must be worshipped.

  18. swordfishtrombone


    I didn’t say Trump was a dictator, I said ‘Trudeau is no more a dictator than Trump was’, which means I *don’t* think Trump was a dictator. Having said that, if Trump wins your next election, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s your last election, as he seemed to have severe difficulty accepting the result last time.

  19. John B()


    You used Trump in your comparison

    We’ve asked how do Trudeau’s actions compare with Trump’s action

    I’ll agree that Trump is as petulant as Trudeau but Trump has the good sense not to act on that petuancy

  20. john b()

    I’ll only add that it was too bad for Joe that he didn’t reign in his petulancy or he wouldn’t be in the mess he’s in today

    I mean “C’MON MAN” only works so far

  21. Johnno

    StoopidFish once again can’t answer straight questions?! What a record!

    He has said a lot of stoopid things, but this… coming to the defence of Trudope??? For invoking War Powers to circumvent courts and all due process to seize bank accounts and jail anyone who donated $25 Canadian bucks towards a protest which has not harmed anyone or burned down anything like many other “protests” that Trudope officially supports?

    No THAT, say a lot about the fascistfishtrumbum!

    “We need fascism! It is an EMERGENCY! Fascism will keep us safe! Also Conspiracy theories that we are heading towards fascism are retarded! Don’t they understand that when it is an EMERGENCY, it is allowed! I want to feel safe! I wear a mask!”

    He really does worship at the State’s altar! Hopefully someday it redistributes to him the power, riches, and strength he is hoping for, because there sure isn’t any wisdom!

    As for Trump, truly we now know that fishy really doesn’t know what is going on that isn’t filtered through a fak-checka headline and truth/lie meter.

    Remember when fak-checkas were saying Trump was lying about Hillary trying to frame him for Russian collusion? Well look how that turned out!

    Time to answer some questions fairyfish and stop swimming away, especially when everyone can see you pathetically flapping desperately in one place trying to go upstream…

  22. DAV

    if Trump wins your next election, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s your last election, as he seemed to have severe difficulty accepting the result last time

    Yet time and again his so-called false claims have turned out true after all. There’s plenty of evidence casting suspicion on the results of “last time”. Even more frustrating was the constant dismissal of that evidence without it being considered. I might note that the loser in the previous race still hasn’t accepted the results of that one and in fact went out of the way to undermine its results. Trump didn’t do that.

  23. Joy

    Trump wins your next election, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s your last election, as he seemed to have severe difficulty accepting the result last time (can’t remember the italics code)
    What do you mean by “your” last election? Do you mean ther’ll be a revolution? or Trump’s going silly in his old age?

    As for it’s just the common cold, omicron is not the common cold but it is a mild evough version of the origianl disease to flush out the danger of more severe strains and act as an inoculation. Lucky for the petulent non vaccine people, thank goodness we don’t have to hear from them for much longe3r.

    It isn’t a common cold as that’s not how the virus is classified. I understand you mea it might as well be, as it is as severe in most cases.

    Just saying
    As for Canada, they’re in trouble because Trudeax’s French!

  24. Joy

    Yes, it’s a tradition.
    We hate them they hate us until someone picks on them!
    Like Man U and man city until a London team comes along, then they’re the best of mates 🙂
    But Trudeaux’s is still French and that’s his problem to sort out.

  25. John B()


    I actually understand your reference
    I’ve seen Life on Mars and the segment on Manchester City and Manchester United

    And yes … the French …

    A buddy of mine was telling of his father’s cabin somewhere on an island in Canada.
    Some Quebec boaters had engine trouble and pull up onto their dock.
    They all start speaking French about their problem.
    My friend’s father looked at them and said “I’m American”.
    They suddenly found that they could fluent English

  26. Joy

    Your story is CLASSIC Frenchman, I knew what you were going to say before finished reading. They are that predictable. There’s something nice and familiar about it though.
    They’re upset because the English have a reputation of being lazy with foreign languages, with good reason, if it’s worth saying, it’s worth saying in English, they just don’t want to admit it yet

  27. Kathleen

    The Truckers are the heroes of our age! May God bless them!

    Justin Castreau has triggered a run on the banks. FIVE major Canadian banks go off line! Nothing to see here!

    And on the indirect influence front — Austria has decided maybe full on Slaughtered-Baby-Death-Jab-Apartheid might not be their finest moment!

  28. Johnno

    ******—–AUSTRIAN GOVERNMENT KNEELS!!!—–*********
    Austrians have been FREED from almost all but the mask of the vexx!

    Justine Trudy is really really hoping you get violent! He needs to justinify his trans-tyranny!


    ******—–ISRAEL KNEELS! ENDS MARK OF THE VEXX!!!—–*********
    I think we know why! –

    Scotland won’t let you look at their successful vexxine results! Because you non-experts might think it looks like it wasn’t successful!

    ******—–ONTARIO KNEELS! ENDS MARK OF THE VEXX!!!—–*********
    Also admits the vexxines do NOTHING!

    New Zealand’s Convoy has its Vaxzi Government scared! They might call in ze armee!
    Go ahead! –

    Convoys are infectious! More so than Covid ever was!

    End hospital immunity from vexxine harm! Drag them to court!

    Triple “Vaccinated” Deaths Skyrocketed 495% in January; 80% of All New Covid Cases Are Fully Jabbed

    San Franciscans have had enough of this pandemic shit!


    After realizing that nobody listens to them anymore, the CDC moves to end mask mandates! Joy and fishypoo are screaming! They are SCREAMING at each other under their masks!


    Zhirinovsky: injected 8 times, and now hospitalized with COVID for 8 days

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky—who famously injected himself with eight clot-shots—has been hospitalized. has a good writeup highlighting how this is a major headache for Russia’s vax-peddlers.

    Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov has also been hospitalized with COVID. What’s going on here?

    But HOW??? HOOOOWWWW?????!!!!!!

  29. Johnno
  30. swordfishtrombone


    ‘Yet time and again [Trump’s] so-called false claims have turned out true after all.’

    BS. What planet are you on? There were small irregularities, as there are in any election, but nothing that would have changed the result. The Republican Arizona audit resulted in Trump losing by a bigger margin, and over 60 judges, some of them appointed by Trump, have rejected so-called evidence. Trump was a bare-faced liar throughout his time in office, and is still one now.

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