Solutions & Lessons From The Trudeau Tyranny: What The Truckers Can Do, And What We Must

Solutions & Lessons From The Trudeau Tyranny: What The Truckers Can Do, And What We Must

Question: where are all the Experts shouting about why Canada needs to keep its lockdowns to save lives?


Only a dedicated television watcher or CBC/NPR listener, and therefore unfortunate victim of relentless and diabolically effective propaganda, still believes this is about controlling a disease. Unless that “disease” is called liberty. For crying out loud, even Ontario is giving up on the panic.

Yet I don’t want to bury the lede, which is this: a solution to Trudeau tyranny. Truckers should announce “We have made our point. We are going home. And when we get there, we’re not leaving.”

Trucker strike. Hell, a general strike. Everybody walk off.

It would accomplish the same goal of hitting the oligarchs in their only soft spot, their wallets. It is not “illegal.” Though neither are peaceful protests, but the “law” is whatever the Trudeau regime says it is.

A strike would nobble propaganda efforts to a great degree. A completely different thing for a propagandist to broadcast pictures of massed “potentially violent” (their word) protesters, and of cops dragging a trucker from his house and forcing him into his rig to drive for the regime.

I may be wrong about this, and hope I am, but I don’t see how the Trudeau regime loses this fight. They have all the courts, all state propagandists, all infrastructure, all the police.

The regime has a monopoly on violence. Only the regime police are allowed to be violent. Only they can harm or kill. Protesters cannot use violence even to defend themselves. Any whispering hint of the mere possibility of violence from the protesters will used as justification for the regime to use violence to far greater degree.

Propagandists are aching to call these protests “deadly”, like they did on January 6th. And, you’ll have noticed, the only thing deadly about that was an incompetent bloodlusting regime cop shooting an unarmed woman.

A strike is superior because while the regime can still use violence to break it, it has to do so piecemeal. House by house, trucker by trucker. Word about each instance would leak out. We would know.

This protest puts the effeminate Trudeau on the spot (a pure instance of the bugman who cries out in pain as he beats you). If he ends the needless, nobody-cares-about-or-wants mandates, he loses. The mandates can’t go on forever. So he must resign. And so must the regime cronies who announced the bank thefts, a.k.a. seizures. Not only would this regime lose face, but so would ours, and so would every “democracy.”

This is why you don’t hear diddly squat from our regime leaders, and why you don’t hear anything from any “elected” leader who expresses “the will” of their people. If the trucker protest works in Canada, it can work anywhere. Which would put all rulers in the spot of having to relinquish power.

In a strike, negotiations can be somewhat secret. Mandates can be quietly dismantled, to some extent. This Trudeau can still warble into the microphone, make threats and try to sound like a man. He would still look weak. But a strike allows his party to move behind the scenes to kick him out (by forcing a vote, say).

Not that a strike would be perfect. It would sting. It might still fail, and likely would because energy would fade. It’s hard to stick together far apart. If it dissolved because of lack of will, it would only embolden the regime.

Plus, Canada has declared martial law. Trudeau has, in effect, suspended Parliament and thus barred debate. They are stealing citizens’ money. They have all the guns, and are the only side allowed to use them. Even in a strike, they have enormous powers. And would use them.

A true test of regime cruelty will be if they announce the money they stole from citizens will be donated to some LGBTQWERTY cause or vaccine “Science” fund or whatever. Something to rub salt into the wounds.

Again, I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see how this ends well. I don’t see Trudeau falling—not in the near term. For that is the only possible victory for the truckers, and for us. The removal of a tyrant.

We’ll see.


I suppose the good news in all this is that we on the Realist right have been warning you about this, and for quite some time. It’s nice to see one’s predictions come true, because it gives strong evidence the theories that led to the predictions are themselves true.

That’s how we might win new converts to Reality: by showing how we were right, and the Fantasists wrong.

One thing we were right about is the nature of the regime that rules over us.

For instance, the differences between this protest and the Black Lunatic Marauder-slash-Auntyfag (the “g” is silent) mostly peaceful protests is that the truckers forgot to bring matches. Nothing was burned down. Or looted. Of course, tennis shoes are not a premium in the snowy cold winter in the north. And nobody was murdered by the truckers. You need the expertise of BLM to draw real blood.

The other difference is fundamental. The government and their propagandists supported the Black Larcenous Murderers-slash-Anarchist riots. Even “private” companies went along with them, classifying the looting as a kind of loss-leading Super Sale.

None of the bank accounts of the marauders was confiscated. Politicians rushed to the microphone to say “We must do better.” It’s hard to know how the looting could have went better. Maybe the government could have handed out free crowbars. Yet even without them, shelves were stripped as bare as a San Francisco Walgreens.

We were right about crypto, too.

Don’t be too concerned. You can keep your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies hidden. But only if you don’t use them or keep them in any publicly available wallet. Especially don’t try to convert them to fiat currencies (i.e. money), because that’s when they’ll nail you.

The best way is still cash. Which is, of course, why governments are moving to eliminate it. Only criminals rely on cash, you know. And a criminal is anybody who disagrees with the regime loudly enough to be heard.

The regimes are going to tighten their grip. The woke will grow. The gay will grow. Don’t count on the law to save you. The American Bar Association is saying DIE should be required to pass the bar. Don’t count on medicine. Medical school students are forcing professors to not teach them about sex. Don’t count on science. Even STEM Academics have to swear to DIE loyalty oaths. Don’t count on the police. Even if many individuals in the force are on the Realist side, the brass are not: everywhere they have sided with the regime. Don’t count on the military. They are woke and gay and issuing special shirts to chest-feeding combat soldiers.

(The exception to the police are elected based Sheriffs. Work on this.)

We can only count on ourselves. On our brothers and our families. Grow local, entirely off-line connections. And never, not even once, speak about them on-line or on your “phone”.

We need to continue to discuss “opsec”, or operations security. Everywhere you go with your cellphone, the government goes with you. Every electronic communication is monitored. Even if they don’t always have the actual content—but we all saw the recent revelations of the CIA spying on all of us, right?—they have the time, place, and all other details. Which means they know everything. This can be used to your example.

Every electronic transaction you make, both you and the government, and when they desire it, their propagandists, know about. All the donors in Canada were doxxed. Innocence will not get you off.

No, it’s not that bad in most places over most things. Right now, as long as you go along with the regime, and don’t offer loud criticism, you’re fine.

Our Summa Contra Gentile series will continue next week.

Buy my new book and learn to argue against the regime: Everything You Believe Is Wrong.

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  1. MIck Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    I may be wrong about this, and hope I am, but I don’t see how the Trudeau regime loses this fight.

    Briggs contra Conservative Inc.

    TY for writing that. It is what my son and I have been talking about daily since this shite hit the fan.

    I love your idea of declaring victory and returning home for s stay-at-home strike.. I wish that had been done several days ago.

    The truckers has vast powers and what are the city folks going to do when there is no food being trucked in?

    What is happening in Canada is a preview of what will happen here despite Conservative Inc claiming that a red wave will be the salvation of America – yes, a wave so big it will wash away what ready exists in the swamp.

    Lord have mercy.

    Every move you make, every breath you take, every withdrawal from a bank you make, they are watching you

  2. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    As regards to Durham, identify the lawyer who will prosecute these crimes

    Ever since Vince Foster shot his own self in his head a few times and afterwards dragged himself deeper into Fort Marcy Park, the writing has been on the wall for those with eyes to see.

    OK, so it started even before then (JFK) but that was the point, it seems to me, when the deep state actions were a silent but loud declaration, We can do whatever’n’hell we want and you can’t do anything about it.

    Trump supporters love to chant Lock her up

    It’s never going to happen

  3. Rudolph Harrier

    Propagandists are aching to call these protests “deadly”, like they did on January 6th. And, you’ll have noticed, the only thing deadly about that was an incompetent bloodlusting regime cop shooting an unarmed woman.

    The only intentional killing on January 6th was when an incompetent bloodlusting regime cop shot an unarmed woman. So, par for the course I guess.

    (The other deaths were two heart attacks and one overdose among the protestors. All the claimed deaths among law enforcement were either by natural causes or suicide and happened days or months after the protests, with no clear connection to the protests.)

  4. Rudolph Harrier

    Wait, I misread that and see now that you said what I said. I misread things and thought you were referring to the Canada cops killing that grandma. But I guess she was trampled to death instead of being shot, so I should have realized that you were referring to January 6th.

  5. Robin

    I agree with part of this article but not all.

    Since the outset of the trucker strike, they’ve handled it badly. You cannot invade a city and then become intransigent.

    A successful strategy would have been (1) a show of force for a very limited time, to raise awareness and funding for (2) stop cross-border trucking activities until the Trudeau government falls. One can call this a trucker strike but it’s about withdrawing cross border trucking only. This is where we agree.

    But I disagree in that I think Trudeau is toast. There is now no doubt that he is weak and ineffectual which has led to a major policy blunder and an extreme over-reaction. People being trampled by horses. Deaths. He’s also destroying Canada’s international reputation in the process. Klaus Schwab may be happy with Trudeau but they are both on the wrong side of history.

    So I see mistakes on both sides, but all eyes should be on the future. What follows Trudeau is more important. This may be a last chance for Canadians right the ship of state, so to speak.

  6. John B()

    Justin reminds me of the story of Rehoboam

    One glaring difference is that the “elders” of Trudeau’s government (both Judicial and Parliament) … Trudeau’s old men are squarely behind him because they’re scared spitless of the couff.

    (Judicially that doesn’t explain how Trudeau passed his first two major financial ethics abuses.

  7. Cloudbuster

    Rudolph: “(The other deaths were two heart attacks and one overdose among the protestors. All the claimed deaths among law enforcement were either by natural causes or suicide and happened days or months after the protests, with no clear connection to the protests.)”

    It is looking more and more like that “overdose” death was beaten to death by the police.

  8. Cookie

    You don’t have to cut your own throat to deal with the criminals who collect at the top.

    Just ignore them, turn off their propaganda and don’t let them participate in society, threaten them when they try to appear, turn the tables and do to them what they do to us.

    And imagine and debate a new structure of government, when you have agree upon it, then remove the old system.

  9. Michael S

    I really like your train of thought!

  10. As a Canadian I hate to say that I think you have nailed it again Matt. Support for the Truckers seems to run only about 30% and it has been said, “If an election were held tomorrow T2 would win in a landslide”. A strike might be the only way to move the cause forward. Here in British Columbia we have the revered Bonnie Henry with the most Draconian set of mask mandates I have ever seen. This is nuts but we don’t have many options.

  11. C-Marie

    Local protesting, peaceful marches are going on in Alberta and elsewhere. The cry of,”Liberty” is being raised up. We shall see if Canadians awaken to true freedom of conscience lived.
    God bless, C-Marie

  12. PaulH

    Government scientists and public health experts have discovered that beating people with heavy clubs and trampling them with horses are safe and effective methods to prevent covid infection. An assault rifle butt to the head will knock the virus out.

  13. Kip Hansen

    Had the sane though on Saturday — general strike — truckers strike — nurses strike — teachers strike.

    Very effective tool and impossible to prevent or punish….everyone calls in sick (we’re sick of it!)h

  14. Kip Hansen

    hmmmm. fingers can’t type today, oh well….you get the idea.

  15. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Owen Benjamin has been making a good case that the Trucker Thang in Ottawa is a Globalist-Gay-Rave, Clown-Car-Circus, Right-Dupe-Dope Psy-op.

  16. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Kip, yeah, just don’t comply. Peacefully. No need to honk. We’re the peaceful, lawful, reasonable, godly, solid base of civilization. Act like it.

  17. Ann Cherry

    Check out this post from “Polar Bear Science”, entitled “David Attenborough and his ‘Great Reset’ WEF cronies hit a big Canadian roadblock”:

    “[the writer explains] in simple terms why The Great Reset concept of the WEF (which not only includes a large climate change component but is also linked to Covid-19 restrictions) is conceptually unsound but so dangerous that it sparked a Canadian uprising that is spreading around the world.”

    Of particular note, see the update 19 Feb 2022 at the bottom of the post: a short video from Canadian parliament, where an MP asked why Klaus Schwab said “he owned half of Canada’s parliament”, and asked who they were; the speaker immediately cut him off, claiming there were “audio problems”….

  18. Shecky R

    You’re close to right about one thing: Everything YOU believe is wrong.
    Once a cherry-picker, always a cherry-picker….

  19. Vxxc

    Do not plan Battle plan campaigns, take into account enemy capabilities – what he can do, and his constraints.
    Constraint’s including what he must do.

    Then consider; they want us dead.

    Where does a general strike fit into them wanting us dead, their explicit policy?

  20. DAV

    Support for the Truckers seems to run only about 30% and it has been said, “If an election were held tomorrow T2 would win in a landslide”

    Not surprising. According to the Smithsonian, the popularity of the American Revolution was around 45% and likely would have been less except for the couple of key victories at the beginning. Still, soldiers had to be enticed to join up.

  21. “Support for the Truckers seems to run only about 30% ”
    I was watching a livestream of a roadside protest in Ottawa for a long time today.
    Many honks of support, but the videographer was also commenting on the cars passing that weren’t honking: nothing, middle finger, thumbs down.
    But it seemed almost 50/50.

  22. awildgoose


    Tend to agree with you and Owen.

    What have the truckers actually achieved other than providing the perfect cover for the Canadian federal government to claim additional emergency powers and expand their ability to seize assets?

    I don’t believe for a minute that any of the restrictions that have been rolled back won’t immediately reappear after the bulk of the protestors have been shipped off to gulags in the Yukon.

  23. Johnno

    Propagandists are aching to call these protests “deadly”, like they did on January 6th. And, you’ll have noticed, the only thing deadly about that was an incompetent bloodlusting regime cop shooting an unarmed woman.

    About that… has anyone else seen this? I recommend everyone does:


    Rebuttles are welcome… But if that whole thing was staged, we need to consider the implications here… It does at least explain why that regime cop has not sufferred any repercussions.

    Methinks that, like the WEF’s Justine Trudy, they are trying their darndest to rile up the ‘right’ into taking violent action, much like NATO desperately really really wants Russia to invade Ukraine. They are tearing their hair out that neither Putin nor the right are taking the bait. They don’t realize that the right and Russia are more rational actors and don’t just respond to emotional stimuli like the liberal lefty types with every shot blacky, juicy smolley, and hayter-crime hoax.

  24. Johnno

    The WEF owns Canada

    Temporary Emergency powers to become permanent! Surprised?

    Ottawa police are very upset by your complaints…

    Ottawa may be cleared out… but the convoy grows everywhere else!

    Don’t laff ‘mericans! Biden has extended your emergency too! I’m sure it’ll help fortify the mid-terms!

    Trudy comes from Fidel, Freela come from…

    The great white North supremacy is growing!

    From bank accounts to vehicles… private property in Canada is over!

    Cowardly Catholic bishops were nowhere to be seen…

  25. David Moore

    Don’t see how the truckers win.
    If I remember history it was only a rag tag group that rose up in the mid 1700’s that beat back the largest empire on earth??

    The people have the power – The Government will fold – If not shed some blood and hang them!!

  26. DAV

    But the other way around

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