The Last (Regular) Coronadoom Update!

The Last (Regular) Coronadoom Update!

This will be the last regular coronadoom update. I’ve already these last three weeks given up on numbering them. Almost two hundred, all tolled—get it?

This will certainly not be our last word on the doom, though, nor of the politicization and corruption of science, of toxic femininity and cult of Safety First!, of scientism, of bad motives, bad medicine, bad statistics. But it will be the last time we do it purposely on a Tuesday.

The original reason for Tuesdays, incidentally, was to catch the bureaucrats at CDC and their data-updating cycle. Weekly numbers always came late Mondays.

Is this the end of the panic?

The mostly peaceful American-regime-sponsored riots did push coronadoom mania to one side for a brief while, only to see the panic resurge with the coming of riot-unfriendly cold weather. We now have the war, which has distracted all the propagandists to bleat their once and eternal love for a country they only heard about two weeks ago.

Still, it must be said the threat of World War III is real enough, and strong enough to have chased most fears of the doom away. It now seems doubtful it will ever come back. Two and a half years of idiot panic is sufficient to sate most drama queens, soy boys, and even tyrants.

I say most. College-based toxic femininity continues its loving death grip. The ladies in several of these strongholds are holding hug-ins, or whatever, to talk about their feelz over losing mask mandates. Some are refusing to give up on masks, because Safety First!

I had links to these stories, but misplaced all but one. You look them up. It’s too stupid to waste time on.

Meanwhile, after the New York Times ratted out the CDC for hiding data—which they did because of Expert hubris—several other regime sources took the hint and began admitting what we have been saying since the beginning. The last two weeks saw more conspiracy theories becoming verified than at any other time during the panic.

We list only the funniest ones today.

Many companies dropped their stunningly moronic vaccine mandates for employees. They must have figured out that being unemployed was no guarantee of immunity or inability to spread disease. Even New Zealand, a land suffocating sweetly in a tight matriarchal grip, was forced to loose its hold and abandon its mandate.

Mandates always existed only to assuage the panicked and to punish the people for distrusting the regime and not loving Experts.

The political agency known as the CDC is led by a lady you’d better hope never becomes your doctor. This lady said there were no known adverse events in the vax—on the same day its bureaucrats said, “Yep. There were.

The CDC also retreated—without admitting error—on masks. As I guessed (on Twitter), they didn’t say they weren’t needed, but their use would be guided by a secret formula only Experts at the agency had access to. This allowed them to save face and say the secret formula agreed with the politicians dropping the mandates.

That same link as above, incidentally, has a wonderful demonstration showing how the CDC cheated, lied, and obfuscated on a mask “study”. Same kind of thing as always: rotten, biased sample. (We’ve done many CDC studies: search for CDC in the search thingee.)

Well, maybe it was a lie. I’m inclined rather to think the CDC was at the forefront of Diversity is Our Strength, and they have already DIEed so hard they don’t know how to do science any more.

Here is my favorite mask study picture:

Throughout the whole panic—and, yes, I’ve pointed this out 348 times—the burden of proof was on the regime to prove their “solutions” worked. Yet they always Appealed To Authority, the Expert’s fallacy of choice, and said we have to prove they were wrong. Well, here it is: they were wrong.

Did Nature really come out and say face masks cause harm? Why, yes: yes, they did. “Titanium dioxide particles frequently present in face masks intended for general use require regulatory control“.

And did the UK Deputy Chief Medical Office agree? And say face masks “could increase risk of infection”? And also say “For the average member of the public walking down a street, it is not a good idea”? Why, yes. Although, oops, this was in 2020 before it became verboten to admit.

Speaking of rampant maternalism, toxic femininity, the cult of Safety First, and the cult of the Mask, that bad CDC female doctor said, “We want to give people a break from things like mask-wearing when our levels are low, and then have the ability to reach for them again should things get worse in the future.”

Recall, also, when the CDC said you didn’t have to pay rent? They were making up “laws” with wild abandon during the panic.

However did she conceive she had the power to do command such obedience? And however did you conceive you had the duty to obey?

Did I already mention the conspiracy theory of how the mRNA vaxxes could change your DNA? No? Well, guess what. This: “Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line“. Maybe you can kill that foreign DNA by soaking your liver in sufficient quantities of alcohol.

Here’s a fun thread of people dying in their sleep after being vaxxed.

Here’s the CDC again admitting vaxxes cause harm, so space them out.

And how about that German insurance company that got sick of making payouts on youth becoming sick on unnecessary vaccines? Yes, that happened, too.

Be careful, young ladies, of that weird new kind of heart attack that has—trust us!—nothing to do with the vex!

You young men watch out, too. It seems there is an enormous list of brand new kinds of heart attacks, strokes, and other maladies affecting you—soon after the vaccine. But that’s not proof it was the vex.

Anecdote, you say. Okay, how about official confirmation? “Covid-19 Vaccines Were Deadly in Rare Cases. Governments Are Now Weighing Compensation.Wall Street Journal. Deadly. Vax. Rare.


There were some feeble efforts to say the bug came from a wet market, and not from the perfervid imaginations of scientists engaged in gain-of-lethality experiments. But there was also the paper “MSH3 Homology and Potential Recombination Link to SARS-CoV-2 Furin Cleavage Site” which says, nuh uh: the bug was engineered. Here’s the simple version: “Now scientists find virus contains tiny chunk of DNA that matches sequence patented by Moderna THREE YEARS before pandemic began“.

The UK government thinks this is real.

And, say, didn’t the Moderna chief cash out his stock and disappear from Twitter? And didn’t that company’s officers also cash out?

Why, yes. That happened.

Experts have been our bane. Here is a large and growing list of all the mistakes they have made.

I could have doubled this easily. But that’s enough. Not only are we sick of the panic, we’re sick of Experts, politicians

Still with me? Good. I left the bad news for the last. “A National Vaccine Pass Has Quietly Rolled Out – And Red States Are Getting On Board“. Again, like all things, this “smart pass” is named for its opposite.

The infamous everywhere digital ID, which was—do I need to say it?—a conspiracy theory, has been verified.

Here’s the only number for the week. Daily “cases”. Their last reason for keeping power is rapidly fading.

Buy my new book and learn to argue against the regime: Everything You Believe Is Wrong.

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  1. Robin

    “Here’s the only number for the week. Daily “cases”. Their last reason for keeping power is rapidly fading.”

    I never trusted the numbers then, and certainly don’t trust them now. I would be willing to wager that the “official” COVID19 attributed infection and death counts are, and have always been, completely unreliable and manipulated.

    They were pumped up before Trump’s November elections and they are disappearing before Biden’s November midterms. Out disgusting lefty legacy media is to blame for this. They should do their damn job. Blood on their hands.

    Q. If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody hears, did it really fall?

    A. No, because legacy media with their scumbag journalists hide the forest.

  2. Paul Aston

    Since you stopped numbering them I stopped reading them. No point reading them out of order.

  3. Peter Morris

    Don’t forget FEMA recently reminded people that, in case of nuclear explosion, make sure to stand six feet apart from those not in your immediate family, and continue to wear a mask.

    Also call 911 if you’re injured in the explosion, but make sure you tell them if you feel I’ll or are I’ll from the Rona.

    I wish I had made that up.

  4. Hun

    They have achieved everything they wanted. They injected the majority of western populations with a DNA modifying poison as a trans-humanist experiment, they gained “temporary” powers, many of which are now permanent and they are getting their digital passports and soon digital currencies.

    Oh, and they also made a lot of money. Isn’t that great?

    Nobody will be punished and most will never admit they were wrong.

    Conspiracy theorists will stay just that – crazy conspiracy theorists, no matter how many times they have been proven right.

  5. jwm

    What conceivable good could possibly come from creating a new, and deadly virus? Here’s the short answer: none. This is pure, unadulterated evil. Accidental leak excuses nothing. If someone builds a lethal device, and another dies from it, the creator is guilty of murder. The intention behind creating such a Frankenstein monster was to kill, and kill it did.
    This constitutes the single greatest crime in the history of the human race. If you have one to top it, let me know.
    We need full disclosure. Public executions for EVERYONE involved, right down to the janitors who scrub the floors at Wuhan. Maybe even nukes. I want to see gallows as in Nuremberg, and white coats swinging from them.


  6. Shecky R

    Nope, I shan’t be making a comment here today. Definitely not. Nyet!

  7. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”Is this the end of the panic?

    No, the panic is permanent Overlord policy. Panicked people give the Overlords power. So we now leave the exhausted Plague Panic and enter the fresh new War Panic, magically conjured up by the Underdevils for power and profit. And the same poor fools who panicked over Coronadoom will now panic about Wardoom, and scream Putler Man Bad!, and we need to Invade! because Freedom & Our Democracy!, and silly people will regurgitate all the nonsense stuffed into their empty noodles by the Underdevils’ ministry of propaganda.

    And, once again, the dissident community will diligently expose the stupid lies extruded from the Underdevils’ foul orifice, to seemingly little effect, for such is the power of lies among sinful men. And once again the people will be agitated, angry, belligerent, confused, frightened, and despairing, which is the purpose of the Underdevils’ conjured panics, for that gives them power over us. But the Underdevils’ world of panic, fear, and anger, is a conjured spell. It doesn’t exist, except in your own turbulent heart, if you choose to participate. Don’t participate. Just say no.

  8. Phillip McHead

    Hun, you have summarized the whole thing perfectly

  9. Deacon Blues

    Up here in Canuckistan, they are still enforcing mask mandates, never-minding the fact that Omicron ripped through the populace like a forest fire, almost like the masks were not even there.

  10. Brad Tittle

    I have many friends who have asked the question “Why would the CDC not follow its data?”

    That is its own answer. When dissonance is that big, you step out of frame and reevaluate what the F is going on. Some claim it is the profit motive in medicine. They even go so far as to claim that the folks pushing HCQ and IVM are just trying to rake in the bucks. $10/treatment course for IVM or HCQ (at the beginning before the bans were put in place). $5000 for a course of Revedesimir (I ain’t F looking it up).

    Who again is pushing the profit motive?

    “What, we need to get rid of the profit motive!”

    It was time to get out of the conversation before it started, but the conversation has to happen.

  11. Johnno

    THE SCIENCE ™ is dead! Long live THE STATE OF EMERGENCY (inc)!

    Some gub’mint whymen are pushing to give the WHO as an global organization the power to run countries with tyrannical might whenever the next !!!EMERGENCY!!! is declared.

    And as it turns out, it’s possible Trudeau jumped the gyn and only withdrew his !!!EMERGENCY!!! when the coalition of Canadian banks became very upset that he was creating bad PR for their universal digital ID rollout by letting the cat out of the bag that banks could be allowed to shut down your account with no questions asked and no legal process.

    Conspiracy theorists stay winning!

    The ShekleJoyTrumpets stay losing… but this crowd will never admit it. They can’t! Because it would mean they participated in and cheered on and defended one of the most evil reprehensible regimes in history! Imagine all those guillible dopes who cheered on Nazism and Stalinism and wore their armbands proudly, chanted the slogans, sang the songs, dessiminated the propaganda and dismissed the camps and the deaths or claims that Stalin and Hitler were doing evil as “conspiracy theories”!

    They have to admit first to themselves that they are that stupid. Then they have to live with it. Live with the fact that they were true believers of the cult and cooperated in some way with the atrocities.

    How are they going to do that?

    If patterns are any indication, very few will and be wiser. The majority will shrink away into depression and silent lives. Many more, however, will dig in deeper and as a result champion and uphold even worse things to remain consistent in their belief of their innocence and that of THE STATE OF EMERGENCY (inc). They will find comfort and fellowship in this club. Monthly meetings. All masked up. Patting themselves, showing off their Mark of the Vexx and digital ID registration as proof of their patriotism.

    They need to feel right! To admit they were wrong will psychologically damage them. It will mean what the right ones knew all along, that the world is run by evil people against whom their ballot boxes do not work or frighten and agaunst whom they are made dependent on and have been foolishly disarmed, but even if they were armed, the will to do something means that they will have to soon confront the uncomfortable idea that their atheism and denial of judgment in the afterlife will soon be out to the test. Hence this is not a world that any longer caters to their comfortable feelings. This is why atheism and liberal religious peeps really need the State to be their comfort food and trust it so much and want, nay, demand it become greater than it is! It is their rock!

    Just observe all those “Catholic” bishops and the Frankenstein of Rome, who all hunkered down and supported the THE SCIENCE ™ and THE STATE OF EMERGENCY (inc)! You think they really believe what they profess?

    The Great Apostasy, ladies and gentlemen! The prophecy has come to pass! Team Conspiracy-Prophecy has the best track record! You can take that fact-check to the bank and cash out!

  12. Incitadus

    All in all it’s been a very successful operation vaccine passports/digital ID in place
    digital currency to follow the next big thing. Stay tuned.

  13. Uncle Mike

    The fifth of the Twelve Labors of Hercules was to muck out the stables of King Augeas. The Augean stables had housed 3,000 sacred oxen for 30 years since the previous muck out. Nobody thought Hercules could do it, but he diverted two rivers and flushed out the mountain of bullcrap over night.

    Congratulations on completion of your Augean task. Like Hercules, you will get little thanks and be shoehorned into more labors, but will be remembered as a great hero. I suggest a ritual bath, or two or three, before your next adventure.

  14. Patrick Gibbs

    Well I guess the Mark of the Beast is finally here.

    America is dead.

  15. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Okay peeps, we’re going to close out this thread with a performance by heroic President Volodymyr Zelenskyy playing Hava Nagila with his penis

  16. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Those Jews, so funny.

  17. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Such a talented penist.

  18. swordfishtrombone

    We now have the war, which has distracted all the propagandists to bleat their once and eternal love for a country they only heard about two weeks ago.

    What’s up, butthurt that your hero Putin has lost the war for public opinion already?

    The last two weeks saw more conspiracy theories becoming verified than at any other time during the panic.

    Don’t it bother your conscience at all that you spend most of your post trashing the CDC and their research, but also cite their research when it supports your position?

  19. john b()

    We now have the war, which has distracted all the propagandists to bleat their once and eternal love for a country they only heard about two weeks ago.

    Wow! Seriously? The country at the very HEART of the first impeachment … Hunter Biden?

    I’ll give you that the propagandists MIGHT not be able to find it on a map, but … C’man Man [to coin a phrase]

  20. Rudolph Harrier

    The sudden change to “Kyiv” is a pretty good indication of what the propaganda complex can do. I dug into it, and news organizations didn’t change their spellings from Kiev to Kyiv until 2020, less than two years ago. But of course everyone acts as though that had been the way that it had always been spelled, and most people go along with it.

    It’s particularly amusing to see the Wikipedia debates on the name change, which also largely date back to 2020; some Ukrainians had tried changing the name of the page before then before their edits were always reverted quickly. The debate basically centered around the fact that Wikipedia supposedly names pages according to common usage. One side of the debate said “it’s pretty damn clear that almost everyone calls it Kiev” and the other side said either “reporters call it Kyiv, and they are the only people who count” or even “to hell with common usage, it is our job to make sure people say the correct things.” Of course now that the change went through and normies are bombarded with only the name Kyiv on both places like Wikipedia and in the mainstream news, and the common usage will change, which will be used to retroactively justify keeping the name change permanently.

    And I hardly need to note that it was only at the end of 2019 that the received wisdom was that Ukraine was an incredibly corrupt nation that President Trump tried to use to overthrow his saintly political rival, Joe Biden. The turnaround is so quick that even grade schoolers could remember the old story.

    The moral of the story is that most people will believe whatever the media and politicians tell them to believe (this was also proven time and time again throughout the COVID panics). The corollary is that an overthrow of the media is the top priority.

  21. Johnno

    What’s up, butthurt that your hero Putin has lost the war for public opinion already?

    Come come now little trumpfish, when have we Conspiracee Winners ever cared about losing the… ahem… consensus of… lolololol… “public opinion”? BWahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    Don’t it bother your conscience at all that you spend most of your post trashing the CDC and their research, but also cite their research when it supports your position?

    Well, at least you finally acknowledge that they have officially done a total 180. Just like we’ve been telling you all along! How are we so good at Winning?! We are just that good!

  22. C-Marie

    Re the new war … a beautiful prayer from Hand of Help Ministries:

    Update and Prayer for Ukraine
    Thank you to all of you who immediately responded to our email regarding the war in Ukraine and the urgent need to help! As a result, we have been able to prepare over 45 beds at the orphanage that will soon be occupied by those fleeing Ukraine and who are in need of shelter.

    Hand of Help has been in constant contact with the teams of missionaries tending to the refugees at the border and the pastors facilitating evacuations from over 22 hours away, and has sent much needed financial support to fund their efforts.
    Would you join us in the following prayer?

    Heavenly Father,
    You are God in times of peace, God in times of war.
    You are God in times of joy,
    God in times of mourning and grief.
    You have always been and will always be GOD! Heaven is Your throne and earth is Your footstool!

    We are overwhelmed by Your love and humbled that You, our Sovereign God would even care to hear our prayers.

    We are deserving of nothing but wrath, but draw near as sons and daughters redeemed by the sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ.

    Our hearts are heavy as we see war unfold across the nations, and as one part of the body suffers, we all suffer with it. However, our pain is stilled as we are reminded of the promises You have for Your children.

    Even as Russia’s President ordered nuclear forces to their highest alert, we declare that we trust not in our horses or chariots, missiles or military allies; we trust in the Name of the Lord!
    It is in the Name of our Lord that we pray for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

    As death and destruction loom, we pray that You would bring Ukraine, Russia and all the nations of the world to a place of humbleness, repentance, that we may seek Your face, that we may call upon Your Name, so that You might hear, forgive our sin, and heal our land.

    We pray that You would stop the hand of the aggressor and bring about a resolution that seems impossible to man, but simple to an Omnipotent God.

    We pray that if peace talks do occur, You would grant wisdom to the parties involved and bring resolve.

    We pray for those who are displaced, for the women and children stepping into foreign lands and leaving their husbands and fathers behind to fight, we pray that You would bring believers into their path that would minister to them, point them to the Word, point them to You.

    We pray for those unable to leave, for the children sheltering in root cellars, for the orphans in Poltava that are in the basement and too afraid to be evacuated, for the elderly too weak to be moved, for the pastors serving their flocks during this time and refusing to flee, for those congregating under the threat of active fire, be with them Lord. Strengthen them. May the Holy Spirit comfort them and grant them peace.

    May we be challenged by their example and draw closer to You, trusting You in every aspect of our lives! May we value each other, grow in our love for each other, and grow Your church in unity. As many before us stepped out in faith, Lord we pray that You would move on our hearts to do the same.

    With others unable to worship in their churches, we do not take our freedom to congregate for granted. We thank You, Father, for this tremendous blessing!

    We also pray for the Hindu Indian students fleeing Ukraine through Romania. May they see the fruit of the Spirit in the believers ministering to them and may they respond to the powerful message of the Gospel.
    Please protect the church buildings. We pray that they would withstand this attack and that this too would serve as a testimony among non-believers in the communities.

    Thank you for Your outpouring of love towards the people of Ukraine through individuals, ministries and churches around the world!

    Father, sustain our brothers and sisters, may they persevere to the end of this turmoil. If You have decided to take some home during this time, please grant them love and grace to share the Gospel even with their torturer or executioner.

    Father, keep them steadfast of mind and in perfect peace as they place their trust in You.

    Whether in victory, defeat, or with their final breath, may they be found proclaiming the Name above all names, the Name of our Lord Jesus.

    We are persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    It is in Your Name we pray. Amen

    God blss, C-Marie

  23. philemon

    You just have to hate ‘em:

    Not as sure as he is that the factions are completely controlled. Well, maybe the neocons and neoliberals who are singing along with the mighty Wurlitzer at the moment. There’s a central network of Corporations, NGOs and politicians that are on board, but I look for those who talk the talk. Regarding China, it’s technocratic for sure, but unlike the WEF, I see no evidence that China wants to force its system on the whole world.

    Oh, BTW, can someone please nominate Liz Truss for a wardrobe makeover on “What Not to Wear”?

    But the Misleadia were wrong about Global Warming, they were wrong about Covid, why does anyone think they have a clue about anything else? People seem to a bit compartmentalized in re skepticism. Anytime the Misleadia is all singing the same song, you can bet the opposite is more true.

    Whistleblowers back in 2020 now look prescient:

    Very disturbing.

    Of course, one wonders, was the hysterical push to get the “vaccine” into everyone, including pregnant women, lactating mothers, young women of childbearing age and young men, and now children, an enormous gamble of CYA for population control (“control” in more senses than one).

    One wonders.

    On the lighter side:

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