Journal Editors Demand Authors Provide Race, Gender: Force Scientists To DIE

Journal Editors Demand Authors Provide Race, Gender: Force Scientists To DIE

There is, Nature, the journal of journals, tells us, a plan—a conspiracy, if you will—and not just a plan, but a giant plan–their word: giant plan—“to track diversity in research journals“.

Before we get to this giant plan, here is our point: the idea of “systemic racism” is stupid, and the notion of Equality idiotic. They are dumb. They are caustic, corrosive, cancerous. They cannot and must not be taken seriously. Ever. When encountered, they must be derided, scoffed at, laughed at. Where false cynical lust for power doesn’t account for individuals spouting these ideologies, magical thinking does. Or lack of intelligence.

Now the giant plan, which will kill off whatever is left of scientists’ respectability. Pardon me for foisting lengthy quotations on you today, but it’s necessary. Here’s the real-life announced conspiracy (emphasis mine):

In the next year, researchers should expect to face a sensitive set of questions whenever they send their papers to journals, and when they review or edit manuscripts. More than 50 publishers representing over 15,000 journals globally are preparing to ask scientists about their race or ethnicity — as well as their gender — in an initiative that’s part of a growing effort to analyse researcher diversity around the world. Publishers say that this information, gathered and stored securely, will help to analyse who is represented in journals, and to identify whether there are biases in editing or review that sway which findings get published. Pilot testing suggests that many scientists support the idea, although not all.

No. Not all.

And propagandists telling you your secrets will be stored securely is like a fact checker denying a story. But let that pass.

Here’s why the new push to have scientists out their race and “gender”:

The effort comes amid a push for a wider acknowledgement of racism and structural racism in science and publishing — and the need to gather more information about it. In any one country, such as the United States, ample data show that minority groups are under-represented in science, particularly at senior levels…

“Minority” groups don’t do as well in math and science. There must be a cause. Given the premise that all are Equal in capabilities, the cause must be racism or some other nasty “discrimination”. On the other hand, given Equality is moronic and the basest kind of never-observed-anywhere wishful thinking, the cause could easily be differences in ability.

Or differences in desire, opportunity, and so on. We can dismiss, for the most part, opportunity variation because of the myriad, long-lasting programs, interest, even mania for promoting non-white men. Opportunity abounds. So it comes down to desire and marginal opportunity variations, and differences in ability. But it is forbidden to discuss ability differences.

So it must be racism quashing desire. Yet since this quashing is never itself witnessed—there are never identified active quashers—it must be systemic racism, the system itself. The system thus acts like it releases low-grade radiation. But this is a strange radiation that only affects the synapses of non-white men.

Thus either white men have developed some kind of immunity to this “systemic racism”, or they are the cause of it. Yet since there are no visible instances of white men quashing, though there are plenty of reverse observations, it must be that white men possess telekinetic powers of a certain kind. Their mere presence causes non-white men to do poorly.

It also causes Asian men to do well, even better, in many cases, than white men. So the powers are somewhat odd and not yet fully understand. What is known, though, is that when white men are actively removed from participation, systemic racism still lingers. No, it does not go away. So that analogy to radiation isn’t far wrong. Whatever “rays” or negative energy emitted from white men, that affects all but Asian men, lingers on surfaces. For how long, nobody knows.

Never mind all that. That’s for another day. Let’s examine this giant plan.

The giant idea is that any departure from precise statistical representation, of whatever categories of politically interesting characteristics or behaviors the woke treasure, must be due to “bias”. Which is a synonym for “white men.”

Now as you slice characteristics or behaviors finer, the more buckets of “kinds” of people there are, it becomes more and more difficult to populate them statistically. If there were only two buckets, say for sex, then any departure from 50% men and 50% women in favor of men would be caused by “bias”. In favor of women it would be ignored. But in favor of men, this “bias” would be subject to mandatory quotas or programs to redress the “imbalance.”

Not add in race, “gender” (how many now?), and indulged sexual activity, the number of buckets explodes, and the chance for departure from perfect representation increases radically. Even in the absence of white men causing “bias”. This is not a bug, but a feature. It creates and sustains a necessary bureaucracy to police “imbalances”.

This strategy is no different in spirit than “battling” “climate change”. Since it is impossible (I mean the word in its strictest sense), for the climate not to change, there exists a reason for a permanent bureaucracy to battle it. Since the number of characteristics cherished by the woke grows, it becomes impossible for perfect representation to exist. Etc.

Why is this giant plan happening now?

George Floyd.


The effort to chart researcher diversity came in the wake of protests over the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, by US police in May 2020. That sparked wider recognition for the Black Lives Matter movement and of the structural racism that is embedded in society, including scientific institutions. The following month, the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), a learned society and publisher in London, led 11 publishers in signing a joint commitment to track and reduce bias in scholarly publishing (see

Nice use of “learned”, proving all things are named for their opposite these days. Wait. George “Stick ’em Up” Floyd as chemist? Well, amateur chemical user, yes. But scientist?

Nature proves this is indeed a giant effort: there are a huge number of universities and professional organizations involved on the hunt for “bias”. Every major journal is in on, they say.

And they remind us of this incident: “JAMA had become embroiled in controversy after a deputy editor, Edward Livingston, hosted a podcast in which he questioned whether structural racism could exist in medicine if it was illegal.”

Livingston committed the cardinal sin in a woke society. He spoke the truth. He had forgotten systemic radioactive whiteness, and so was booted. As a consequence of his false touch, “Both JAMA and NEJM say they have added BIPOC editors to their boards”. BIPOC, to my ears, sounds like some kind of affliction. “Oh no, I’ve come down with a nasty case of BIPOC.” You won’t be able to find any doctors to cure it, though. Because they all have it, too. By mandatory quota.

Nature includes a lot of charts that look like this one, the race of cardiology editors.

The non-ideological interpretation is that, in a historically predominately white country, more white men were available and were better at cardiology than other races.

Not so, says some black guy in a white lab coat. Black guys says “white men are central: they are the hub from which all the spokes emanate”. Which is, what, white supremacy? Anyway, black guy says “There needs to be intense pressure on” journals to purge whites and install more blacks.

Why? Well, for the same reason Biden had to appoint a black woman to SCOTUS. Because she was a she and because she was black.

If you point this out, by saying their own words back to them, you are a racist.

Many scientists had hoped to be left out of the culture war. They were not interested, as the old saying goes, but the Woke Undead Army is interested in them. They will all now be drafted. Fight for the Woke Undead Army, or be purged.

As is clear, quota hiring always, absolutely always, degrades standards. Science will be degraded. Science will increasingly become like movies. With their hard quotas of non-whites, females, and sexually perverted, movies are now largely awful and exist to propagandize further woke fetishes.

Too many areas in science have already been captured by politics, as we have all seen, especially these past two years. It’s only going to get worse. If you are a scientist of mathematician, you might hope to ride it out, much as the hardcore mathematicians did in the old communist regimes.

But that’s only because they couldn’t figure out how to turn theorems into politics. Our new communist regime has. Getting right answers is white supremacy. To which there are two solutions:

1. Change what it means to be right, based on race, “gender”, and perfervid perversion,

2. Purge white men.

Get ready for it.

Buy my new book and learn to argue against the regime: Everything You Believe Is Wrong.

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  1. Dors

    ‘ the notion of Equality idiotic. [….] cannot and must not be taken seriously. Ever.’

    Equality before the law : it’d be interesting to discuss alternatives to it.

  2. Joao Martins

    Fortunately, I am already retired, I ended my career before all this BS set in. If I was 30 years younger and knew what I came to know from studying and exerience, I would not have any idea on how to resist this siege by mediocrity.

  3. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    The one thing that makes this news bearable was watching Chuck Schumer last night with his public problem of premature acclamation

  4. Kenan Meyer

    Guess which country happily won’t care (hint: average IQ is 104)

  5. JohnM

    I am 86 years old; born and grew up in India to a Scottish Father and a Malayan Mother: I spent 20 years working in PNG, and 15 in France. I have been sexually impotent for the last 10 years.

    How do I answer the Journal’s diversity question?

  6. awildgoose

    This plan is the very definition of low-speed, high-drag.

    This misallocation of scarce resources is criminal.

    It’s also the definition of racism.

  7. This is yet another tentacle of the Great Replacement or Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. The plan, originally bankrolled by the Rothschilds and the Warburgs and now underwritten by Gates, Schwab, Soros and the other Great Resetters, envisions the replacement of sovereign nations by a world state, the establishment of an oligarchic technocratic government with the dictatorial power to do what needs doing, the substitution of a collectivist command-and-control economy for capitalism, the elimination of the caucasoid peoples and their replacement by a brown Third World proletariat and the end of Christianity and world domination by in various places mohammedanism and secular humanism. This is the scientific arm of the multi-pronged offensive for which the Chicom plandemic was started as a pretext, and aims to drive westerners and particularly Anglo-saxons, heterosexuals and followers of Judeo-Christian faith traditions out of science and technology, and eventually out of existence, replacing them from the hordes storming into this country and the rest of the West from the rain forests and the sand dunes.

  8. Equality under God and before the law is the only equality there is. We aspire to equality of opportunity, within the limits of human nature and that individuals vary in their accidental attributes, some that are not mutable and some that are mutable.

  9. Dr K.A. Rodgers

    No more males of pallor for presidential or congressional elected positions until DIE is fully achieved.

  10. BDavi52

    I wish I knew what good Mr. Briggs was saying this morning.

    But, sadly, I am restricted from reading so much White Male Writing (WMW).
    Mea Culpa! Forgive me Father/// for this morning alone I read the newspaper …and though I tried to ingest as many BIPOC-written articles as I could I still went over my WMW limit.

    And then I read some emails.
    Two from my brother. And though I’ve tried to convince him to declare himself BIPOC, so far he has failed miserably to do so. (Plus he received from official communication from the Rachael Dolezal Legal Team pointing out that he CANNOT simply declare himself BIPOC. Certainly he could declare himself WOMAN (hear him roar)…but clearly changing sex is much easier than changing skin tone.

    So no, no more WMW for me today, I’m afraid.

    Maybe if Briggs asked a BIPOC to transcribe it?

  11. Robin

    I sense two things that may be going on behind the scenes.

    I’ll preface this with my experience managing overseas multi-cultural technical organisations that were something of a Tower of Babel. We recruited technical staff from India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Africa, Egypt, Iraq, much of Europe, the USA, etc. All were English speakers, some better than others. For the great majority, however, English was not their first language.

    One of my first observations was that, in order to maintain control as a manager in this setting, it was critical to balance each of the groups. If one became dominant in numbers or influence they could take over the organisation.

    So I’m suggesting that as America becomes more and more a Tower of Babel nation due to it’s (lack of) immigration policy, the managers are going to try to split us up into balanced factions. It is the only way they can exert sufficient control to implement their agenda which is to take everything and leave the proles nothing (“And you will be happy”).

    The second thing I sense is that the Oligarchs are using BLM et al as fronts to funnel boatloads of cash strategically to those organisations to effect this division. Commercial science journals are easy targets.

    So it appears that all these so-called science journals are run by a bunch of money whores. It was common knowledge in the CIA that a journalist could be bought for less than a hooker. Science journals appear to be no different.

  12. Cary Cotterman

    “…any departure from 50% men and 50% women in favor of men would be caused by “bias”. In favor of women it would be ignored.”

    Most likely not ignored. It would be celebrated.

  13. Rudolph Harrier

    The Nebula Awards for science fiction have been completely dominated by women recently. Since that branch of the fandom is now rife with “non-binaries,” people claiming to be the opposite sex and people using bizarre assumed names it is hard to come up with a precise count of how many are actually women. It’s easier to count the ones that are definitely men.

    Of the 30 nominees for best novel between 2016-2020 only 4 were men, and none of them won the award. But if you look for articles on the awards you will see this cited as evidence of how “wonderfully diverse” the awards now are. Many of the articles are outright explicit in saying “now barely any men get nominated for this award. Therefore it is diverse.”

  14. C.R. Dickson

    Science began to change around the decade of the 1980’s and the decline accelerated from 1990 to the year 2000. During that time, large companies ceased doing basic research and government funding replaced that research, especially at the university level. Government (primarily federal) then began dictating terms to the universities. Professors were removed and certain programs were eliminated without fanfare or challenges. By 2010, the changeover and control was complete.

    The scientific journals also became politicized because the editors were mostly at the universities. Nature and Science were the first to change over, while specific journals like The Journal of Applied Physics or the Journal of Chemical Physics were the last to go. The American Physical Society was one of the last of the scientific societies to be destroyed, and many physicists resigned when that happened.

    A similar time scale for the events in education took place. By the 1990’s almost all public schools were taught by women (75 to 95%) and during the decade of 2000 to 2010 the transformation was complete with women becoming school administrators as well. This female-ization of education has had two very destructive consequences for both education and science.

    First, students are now “mothered” and “protected” from first through twelfth grade. This is the origin of “safe spaces” and it is a major contributor to wokenness. In addition, there are no longer any male role models for boys (except for an occasional gym teacher) and the touchy-feely aspects permeate everything. Today, parents accompany students to graduate school interviews and even to job interviews. We have had a “war against boys” for nearly 25 years now (see Christina Hoff Sommers book
    ( ).

    Second, with women teaching all the sciences, students no longer receive hands-on experience with laboratory experiments. Watching “explosions” with sodium, potassium, and lithium are no longer possible. Burning white phosphorus in air or dissolving it into carbon disulfide is also not permitted. Making gunpowder will get you arrested for sure if the previous experiments don’t. Glassblowing is definitely a no-no, and Science Fairs have all but disappeared.

    Now students perform experiments with first grade Lego sets, and using programmable printed circuit-cards to make “robots.” The result is that we now have electrical engineers who don’t know how to solder and chemists who have never worked with chemicals. The United States barely fabricates anything anymore and that does not bode very well for national defense. Think about those Chinese fabricated computer chips when we have to go to war with them. We won’t even be able launch our missiles with nuclear warheads!

  15. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    You have meddled with the primal forces of nature Mr. Briggs

    It’s been a blast reading you. I wonder where you will be disappeared to?

  16. Briggs


    Word is they’ll put us all together in a prime FEMA camp.

  17. Kneel

    Science is clearly racist – consider:

    They publish “papers” not “words”.
    Paper is white, the words are black.
    The words do all the work, yet the paper gets the credit!

  18. John Pate

    The problem is they closed the asylums. These people should be safely housed in rooms with rubber wallpaper wearing jackets laced up tightly at the back, for their own safety and that of others.

  19. Johnno

    But what is the race or ethnicity break-down of the publishers and journals preparing to ask scientists about their race or ethnicity???

    And what is the race or ethnicity of their readership and subscribers?

    Shouldn’t they solve that first???

    I say… no… DEMAND they at least get 50/50 or 25/25/25/25 or 10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10 etc. racial and ethnic parity amongst their readers BEFORE their publishing staff BEFORE asking scientists anything of the sort.

    They should lay off every white staff members and start from the lowest diverse gene pool they have and rebuild.

  20. Hagfish Bagpipe

    McJagger Gathers No Mosque: “It’s been a blast reading you [Briggs]. I wonder where you will be disappeared to?”

    Briggs ain’t goin’ nowheres. He done declined all their offers. He’s untouchable.

  21. Hagfish Bagpipe

    JohnM: “How do I answer the Journal’s diversity question?”

    Just tell ’em you’re a nigger. That’ll shut ’em up.

    [Joke alert for the humor impaired]


    Cockroaches have crossed with low quality humanoids and beings that ought to crawl have learned to walk an act humanoid.
    Some call them lefto-pukes and other things.
    I call them leftoxenomorphs.
    They have a religion, leftoxenomorphism.
    Leftoxenomorphism is the collection of all things leftist and it’s an ocean of bullsh!t.
    And they are winning on all fronts.
    Most of the time by showing up for a fight and finding nobody else came.
    So they strut around, peacock like and declare themselves the winners.
    The non-leftoxenomorphs rarely show up and when they do they are usually shamed into retreat because few people dare to call things by their real name..
    Leftoxenomorphism is pure bullsh!t.
    And its fanatic practitioners are winning on aaaaall fronts.

  23. What possible reason is there for * 15,000 * supposedly academic journals to be published on a regular basis?
    This is proof that ¡Science! believes in homeopathy.

  24. Jan Van Betsuni

    Grant Funding Proposal
    Executive Summary (MODEL.FORMAT)

    PROPOSED TITLE: Applying Particle Diversity Theory
    To General Cosmological Equality Problems
    Under Non-Stable Patriarchal Systems
    DURATION: One Academic Generation
    *Repressed minority (yes)
    *Recognized disability status (multiple)
    *(non) U.S. Citizen
    *(non) CIS
    *Prior work opposing binary systems science (publications list attached)
    *Credentials certified by: Int’l Non-biased Science Institute League (IN-bSIL)

  25. DEEBEE

    If being racist is connected to color, why not intellect and a host of taboo axes of distinction?
    Being a brownie, I of course lie in between. White/Dark adjacent depending on who is excoriating me.

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