What Putin & Russia Want: A Historical Perspective — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

What Putin & Russia Want: A Historical Perspective — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

I’ve been asked this a million times. ‘Who is Vlad?’ I keep answering that we do not (yet) know, because Vlad himself does not know who he is. Or rather, who he will be. He is on the road to Rome, but he has yet to reach the Rubicon. He has yet to cross that NATO bridge, which he must burn. Only then, when faced with the final fork in the road beyond that bridge, will he have to decide who he really is. And only then will we really know.

What will we then know? Will he repudiate the mistakes of all past Russians? (pace, ‘St’ Alexander Nevsky). Or, will he make the right choice, and come in peace to Rome?

And Rome? Is this Imperial Rome or Holy Rome that he approaches? Both. Therein lies the choice he will finally have to make. Which throne will he overturn? And which will he attempt to seat himself upon?

I ask you, how can he submit to the forces of Imperial Rome, which he will have destroyed at the Bridge? Will he finish this destruction by trying to seat himself on that now-empty Imperial throne? Or will he first try to finish that last bit of business remaining on his ‘to do’ list? What is there yet to be done, after having had his vengeance upon the ungrateful Imperial West? Well?

And once he finishes this un-done business, will he try to seat himself on that other Roman throne? How could he? He is not Peter. Nor Andrew, for that matter. No, he could only offer it, alongside his newly-seated Imperial self, to the Patriarch of Moscow. In which case, he will have slit his own Tsarist throat.

This is hard to understand unless you know the fullness of Russian history. A history of the struggle launched by ‘St.’ Photius in 866, when he tore Christianity in two. Russia too. After all, that was also when the first of the Barbarian Russian attacks on Constantinople began.

Russia was then beset by a death struggle between Patriarch and Tsar until the Tsar (seemingly) won with the deposition of Patriarch Nikon in 1666. From that time onward, Russia has proclaimed her ecclesial fidelity to Orthodoxy, but with the State above the Church. That is, schism, writ large. Just like the Protesting West.

That is Vlad’s conundrum. Will he fall for the Eastern siren song, as every Russian ruler has done since Photius, or will he break free of the Eastern-es of Orthodoxy? No, I’m not being cute. This is the heart of the question here.

This question has been succinctly addressed in a small but seminal work of another Vlad, surnamed Solovyev. That book is ‘The Russian Idea’, translated (finally!) by a good friend. Here is the core thought: do not ask what Russia’s role in history has been. Ask instead what it will be. And answer that question from the perspective of God, and not Man. In other words, what has been God’s intention, from the beginning, to be the particular purpose of this creation named Russia? Will she ever be able to look West, ecclesially speaking?

Forget what the West thinks of Russia. Equally so, forget what the Russians think of themselves. The only thing that matters is what God intends of them. And it appears to me that He intends to use them for a very salutary purpose, for both them and us. But it may be painful for both, as God’s ways are unfathomable. (Childbirth is painful, but absolutely necessary.) So be it.

Solovyev is known as the Father of Russian philosophy. He prophesied the coming East-West unity. But there must be a price paid to achieve such a peace worth having.

For Russia to achieve her rightful place in the order of Mankind, she must renounce her claim to superiority over other men. And the West? She too must renounce something; her similar claim to superiority. This claim is evinced by the Western tendency to view Russia as a Barbarian outpost unworthy of civilized thought. Here is the heart of the clash of the last thousand years.

Russians have chafed for this whole time, knowing the disdain the West has for her, as she strove to be accepted into the Western European world as an equal. Her efforts in saving Europe from all the errors and terrors of the French Revolution, from Napoleon through Hitler, have all gone unrequited by the West (who still secretly seems to approve of those two). To her mind, no one credits Russia or her sacrifices. Her natural response has been, ‘If we are not their equals, we must be their superiors. We certainly cannot be their equals’. (But they are.)

But who wouldn’t think this? If those snobby neighbors still consider you to be white trash (despite your having saved their neighborhood several times), well then, we’ll see about that, Komrade! But Russia has never been able to accomplish her vision of herself without outside help. That is, from the Pagan East. Which, of course, causes the Western Snobs to double-down in their contempt for that Slavic horde, because, after all, they always ally themselves with a worse bunch- the Golden Horde.

In other words, Russia refuses to become an ‘equal’ member of the Western Community because she rightly perceives that the original members of the Roman Country Club will never consider her as truly equal. You know, someone you’d let your daughter marry.

The consolation prize for Russia has always been to marry the daughters of The Greeks. You know, the Byzantines. Beginning with that first Vlad, the Great, in 988, when he married the Byzantine Emperor Basil II’s sister. After he converted, of course. In Kiev, by the way. Converted to anti-Roman Christianity.

Here is the root of the current conflict. The Northern Russian conqueror converts to Eastern Orthodoxy, in Southern (Kievan) Slavdom, to gain an Imperial ‘Western’ bride.

Don’t forget, Rotten Byzantium lasted longer than Country Club Rome. By a long shot. And the Vlad’s of every age have been inter-married to the Greeks, both imperially as well as ecclesially, for that whole millennium. But here too Russia has always been treated as white trash. Until Byzantium fell. Then membership in the Western Country Club seemed possible again. But it was always a mirage. From the time of the Sultan’s ultimate victory (1453) till now, every Russian advance on the infidels at Byzantium-Constantinople has been blocked by her erstwhile (that is, equally-schismatic) ‘fellow-believers’ in the West.

Every Russian advance on Constantinople from the time of Ivan the Great (1450) till now has been submarined by the same guys that don’t want Russia in their Western Country Club. The key to understanding all of this is simple: the Westerners, for the most part, had all become Secular Romans instead of Holy Romans. They had no intention of ever letting anyone into the Club that professed the True Faith. Even if that Orthodox profession of their Eastern faith had in it the seeds of their own Western schismatic ‘faith’. In other words, sure you can join. But report to the kitchen, chump.

Russia’s got a beef. And the West has an attitude. So, which came first, the chicken or the Kiev? Here’s where it gets even worse. Russia has been stiffed in the West by the same people who learned the lesson of Photius better than they did. Schism works! Look at the power wrested from Peter! But no one in Moscow wants to talk about that. Nor in Canterbury or Augsburg. They’re each pretending that their own nationality is superior. But the Western Snobs had an advantage – technology. And they have used it to the max.

Peter the Great recognized this. At the end of the 1600’s, he opened Russia to the Western world of city-and-ship-building. He began to build a colossus. And the West was afraid. Rightfully so. After all, if there was someone as equally schismatically-woke as the West, and more brutal to boot (Peter tortured his own son Alexi to death), what might this beast do if he were to cross the Clubhouse threshold of ‘civilization’?

So the West made a pact. Russia must be kept out. At any cost. The first cost, of course, was the Faith. The Western willingness to scuttle every Russian move towards Constantinople, to un-seat the Sultan. Faith-be-damned, better to have the Sultan lurking about than to let the Tsar ride his East-Christian war-horse through the dining hall. ‘Egads, Margaret, grab the claret before it spills! What beasts these Russians are!’

In other words, we need to wise up. We need to stop trying to parse all of history at the academic level. In the end, it all comes down to slights. Neighborhood slights. Ones that engender generational hostility. That’s what this is all about. Some people are never going to be allowed into the Club. And some will always support the locals, no matter what they do. Even if those same people are as barbaric as the new applicant.

That’s where we are. Russia wants in (with actual respect), and the current occupants say ‘Never!’ And if it means war, so be it. Amen, in other words. ‘Take your Slavonic schism and shove it. We’re schismatics too, but we’re civilized, and you aren’t. We have salad forks, you know.’

Who will prevail here? Once again, we cannot yet know, until we know how this Vlad finishes that last bit of business. That last bit of Russian vengeance. Against the East. The other source of the Russian inferiority complex. Yes, the Mongols must die. But first things first.

Herein lies Vlad’s role in this momentous time. I have no doubt he possesses the ‘will to power’ Dolph once had. The will the West has lost. Vlad can (and will) destroy the Emperor. It won’t be that hard. After all, the Emperor has a death wish. All Vlad must do is watch this faithless https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auto-da-f%C3%A9 Auto-da-Fe. The West has actually destroyed itself.

That will bring Vlad face-to-face with the final question. Not the question of ‘who is Vlad?’. Rather, it is the question of ‘who is Russia?’ Vlad is simply the current embodiment of Russia. The Beautiful Lady didn’t warn us against the ‘Errors of Vlad’, did she? Just as Vlad the Great could baptize all of Russia in 988, so too can Vlad the Greater effect the re-immersion of that nation. The question, the only question in my mind, is which way will they face as they surface in this new sacramental act? East or West?

You see, Russia has been, for a millennium, a schizophrenic man. Straddling both East and West. Accepted by neither. Unable to wholly commit to one or the other. Seeking to have both, without bowing to either. But her entire past is one of unwilling-but-bloody obeisance to both. And she has chafed of this insanity the entire time. She has blamed both sides for her suffering. And she has vowed to herself that her time will come. And then, her tormentors, both East and West, will pay. Dearly.

But, as I insist, our time, in the West, is coming first. And soon. Once that is done, how will she avenge her Eastern bondage? How can she accomplish this without her own final destruction? The answer, as always, since the https://www.amazon.com/Barbarian-Bible-True-History-Since-ebook/dp/B00HOMTA7G Fall of Troy, is simple: deception.

After all, it’s worked pretty well since 1959. Just look at the West, and tell me Khrushchev was wrong when he declared ‘We will bury you!’ He should have said ‘You will bury you!’ We fooled ourselves into thinking the grave we were digging, with NATO expansion, was meant for Russia. Nope.

No one can believe that such a plot could exist, undetected, for all that time. But it wasn’t. Plenty of people told us otherwise. Golitsyn, Bezmenov, Solzhenitsyn, and others. The problem wasn’t the audacity of the plot. It was the idiocy of those who refused to see what has been right in front of them the entire time.

Even the prophets of Revolution told us. Gramsci, Trotsky, Lenin et al. They told us to our face that we would provide the rope for our own hanging. But as usual, the avaricious fools of the West looked only at the profit on the sale of the rope. Profits deafened us to the prophets. That too was foretold. And ignored. Truth be told, the Russians have been more dedicated to their warped vision than we are to ours. Russian toughness has earned them their final place in the playoffs. And they will be the final star in this saga. For better or worse.

So, halftime, with its garishly Western obscene show, is over. The second half is about to begin. The score is tied. And Russia will receive. But can she prevail against the all-time champions of the West? Does she have the heart to win?

That is my entire point. Not even Russia knows what is in her heart. Vengeance? Or forgiveness? We have to wait to see. But we can know something in the interim. That there will be an act of massive vengeance before Vlad’s final choice must be made. And this act will be against the East. Why? Because only the East can stop Russia’s date with destiny. And Vlad knows this. Every Slav knows this. The Mongols must die. Only then will Russia be able to freely choose her final fate. Only then will we see what Vlad does when he approaches the throne of Peter. No, not the current occupant. The Throne itself. And it’s original occupant.

Will he bend the knee, and save us all?

Please, pray for Vlad. Ask the Beautiful Lady to reach him. Soon.


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  1. Michael Dowd

    Good stuff, well said.

  2. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Whew… jeebers, these whirlwind rides always leave me queasy dizzy…

    Let’s do it again!

  3. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Like looking at the world’s largest painted picture, in miniature.

  4. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    Putin is a proud Russian. Russia has a centuries-long history. Russians, and Putin, are acutely aware of their history and culture. There is a strong thread of Christianity running through Russia’s past and present.

    Post-Soviet Russia was invaded, raped, and occupied by neocons and their brethern. Like Cinderella’s step-sisters, they denigrated and degraded normal Russians. They have been repelled from Russia, mostly.

    The same clique took over Ukraine. They burrowed in and took over–coups in 2008 and 2014 cemented (till now) their place in Ukraine–and proceeded to threaten, bully, and ethnically cleanse Russians from Ukraine-claimed territory. All empowered by American neocons shoveling money (with 10% set aside for “the big guy”, and others), weapons, and cultural degradation into Ukraine as fast as their fat little fists could shovel.

    Russia warned Ukraine, and NATO, and the US to stop. They didn’t. They increased provocations, unleashing nazi hordes onto Russian ethnics on Ukrainian-claimed territory. Russia gave an ultimatum.

    Americans have a short history. Americans are ignorant of both our own history and Russia’s history. In international affairs, neocons lead America by the nose. The vile Nuland, for example, is the constant thread in American relations with Ukraine.

    Neocon politicians, in thrall to their hostile foreign sponsor, bay like a pack of hounds at Nuland’s command. “War! War! War! Russia! Russia! Russia!” They’ve been baying since Trump (who blithely dismissed NATO and the neocons, and paid for it with the neocon-led “Russia pee tape” entrapment op, Ukraine-focused impeachment, and worse) was elected in 2016.

    ‘Take your Slavonic schism and shove it. We’re schismatics too, but we’re civilized, and you aren’t. We have salad forks, you know.’

    Huh? There is a vanishingly tiny religious aspect in the PC-Prog/neocon war on Russia. America today is Puritan–but that Puritanism has zero Protestant Christian content. The substance of today’s American Puritanism is PC-Progism: the belief system that holds that all Normal American culture is rotten and must be destroyed. The “schism” in America is the utter repudiation of Christianity by the PC-Prog/neocon power structure and their big tech cultural enforcers.

    Putin’s speech spelled it out best: He’s in a struggle against the Empire of Lies. Nothing to do with Popes or Baptists. It’s Normals vs. Degenerate perversion.


  5. DAA

    Again we meet Desinformation, the beloved weapon of the Devil: lies.

    Don’t get too much involved in the specifics of the conflict in Ukraine: we are the quarry. This place on Earth has been signaled for years (see Alain Minc, French analyst) as the last unstable place in Europe. This is the place 25% to 30% of the grain in Europe and around the world come from. The chokepoint for the gas coming into Europe, 50% of the raw materials necessary for fertilisers, aluminum, and so on. Please, consult the geopolitical realities of the Eastern Front 1941-45. Much is the same.

    No, ultimately this war has nothing to do with Russia or Ukraine or Europe. It has to do with destroying the supply chains, impoverishment of the world and the enslavament of mankind. Using the language of Mr. Watt, the Publicans, filled with resentment, just want to see the world burn. Hatred is the motive, chaos is the goal. Takeover the spoils.

    Amid all the fuss, now babies are bad for the environment, too many people are alive, the family is a nuisance, killing her own son makes a women feel like a goddess, the stupid pandemic is still being used as an excuse too constraint and impoverish people (the pass is being advanced everywhere, WHO has ordered DeutschTeleKom to arrange it, I cannot leave my country, at the same time no restrictions domestically in many countries, no masks some places and masks in other, more “vased” places, insanity everywhere, but has any outbreak occurred amongst the refugees?), no science ever confirmed any of this, but still no backlash on those that have spread lies, not actions against treasonous governments, “no nothing”!

    Impoverishment, hunger, misery, ubiquitous civil strife and war, depopulation and death. And Hell as a result. This is the real War to which this war is the side show and appetiser.

  6. Uncle Mike

    Utter gibberish, tripe and a half.

    You glorify a lowlife murderer as an agent of God?

    I’m curious. When are all you Christians going to condemn war?

  7. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    Dear Uncle Mike. Have you never read “City of God”in which St Augustine hammers home the truth that it is God who chooses the leader of various countries?

    Of course, once one understand that truth that one has to ask his own self what it is that prolly God has in mind for that country or, more likely I’d say, why God is using that country to punish the sinners of a perfidious country that once acknowledged the Kingship of Christ and legislated in sync with His Commandments.

    GREAT post, TY Mr. West

  8. Kathleen

    Spot on Kent.

    I don’t think Putin is especially navel-gazy. He has though proven, through his actions in Syria, that he is willing to put himself and Russia between the anti-Christian powers in control of the US and the Christians insanely victimized by them.

    Biden Administration Constructs Familiar War Plan Using Qatar as Long-Term Mechanism to Fund Protracted War in Ukraine


    Russia Releases Alleged Captured Documents Before UN Special Council Meeting Exposing Evidence of US Military Biolabs in Ukraine


  9. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    I think it’d be useful if we Americans considered the actions of Mr. Putin in light of current
    American values.

    Why is everybody so mad at Russia?

    Russians are migrating into The Ukraine which will make that country stronger because diversity is strength.

    It is The Ukrainians who are the problem because they are not welcoming the migrants with open arms and promising them free housing, free food, free medical care and permitting them to vote.

    A lot of people are claiming that Mr. Putin is a Dictator who is evil because Russia is a bad democracy but that violates the principle of diversity – a diversity of democracies is necessarily a good thing – and the claims that Russian culture is bad violates the sanctity of multiculturalism which holds that one culture is not superior to any other culture.

    I say let the country that is without sin cast the first stone.

    In the words of Saint Rodney King – Can’t we all just get along?

  10. Pk

    So, Vlad’s final act of vengeance will be against the Mongols in the East? I take that to mean he will hit the West first. That would be the USA.

    Please tell me if I misunderstand. The communist plan has always been to crush America. They appear to be moving toward completing that plan. When successful, the battle will be between Russia and China. The battle could take place immediately after the US is crushed, or after many decades. What am I missing?

  11. Cookie

    People forget the people with the most ideological bent do make the biggest murderers.

    The West has misread Putin, he uses whatever tool he has to achieve his goals, be it oligarchs, gas, technology, they all serve a goal.

    Think or Putin in terms of Cromwell and you will start to understand him.

  12. Briggs

    Uncle Mike, all,

    I believe this is the opposite of Watt’s point.

  13. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Watt wrote: “And this act will be against the East. Why? Because only the East can stop Russia’s date with destiny. And Vlad knows this. Every Slav knows this. The Mongols must die.”

    Interesting. Let me pour you a glass of this fine whisky — Welsh it is, from Penderyn distillery. Ice? Let me put another log on the fire, and then do tell me about this mongol business. Do you mean the chinks? But they haven’t much history of trying to conquer Russia, have they? Not when compared to the problems coming from the west, anyway. Well, there was that bit about the mongol hordes but that was way back in the day, whereas now they’re just a horde of burp-singing yurt mongoloids. Hardly a threat, eh comrade?

    If you brought your harp you might sing your reply. I’m all ears.

  14. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Interesting article on recent internal developments in Russia, Vlad moving against western globohomo media tentacles, quite well written: The Great Russian Restoration

  15. Uncle Mike

    Sorry. I get it. Putin is Satan’s horseman, etc.

    The thing is, war is so last millennium. Bombs, artillery shells, tanks, armed thugs roving, blowing up apartments, schools, hospitals, fires everywhere, rubble, bodies, body parts, shrapnel recipients, blood, smoke, horror, refugees — the whole ball of wax is so yesterday. Been there, done that. Please, for Christ’s sake.

    There are better ways to solve problems. If Putin wants Ukraine, he should buy it. If he can’t afford it, or it’s not for sale, oh well. Find another hobby.

    War is hell. We don’t need it. Christians should object with conscience and do everything we can to stop the violence, for which there is no justification. In my opinion.

  16. Oldavid

    As usual, Mr “What!?” poses a very interesting challenge to some of us dim wits trying to wrest very perspicacious, another viewpoint, out of the words. My compliments, Sir. I can’t help wondering, though, are the Gaels of Wales and Ireland somehow connected to the far East of Europe?

    Uncle Mike somehow reminds me of a bod of similar name and similar avatar that I came across on “Fisheaters” many years ago. He had been in Ukraine when it was being “liberated” into subservience to “tikun olam” and then he repaired to Israel. A curious coincidence, no doubt.

    Anyhow, it’s interesting that Russia should be so significantly mentioned by the Great Mother in trials to come as a source of errors (say the many “cultural revolutions”, violent or subversive,) that have overtaken the World. Of even more interest is that it is implied that if Russia is converted (as a result of the required Consecration) that will initiate the “repair” of cultural degradation all over the place.

    40 odd years ago I was somewhat of the opinion that Chinaman, with his deep cultural honour of the 4th Commandment and his tough resilience might reject the “enlightenment of the revolution” and become an evangelist of Christian Order. I used to say that the Synagogue will be in deep sh!t when Chinaman says “we’re not playing this silly game anymore”. Perhaps Chinaman and Russiaman will link arms against imperial Rome, Venice, Basel, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Washington etc. etc. and install, or recognise, Christ the King as the arbiter of good and true.

  17. Kathleen

    The decisive move called for by the Mother of God to STOP the errors of Russia was, per Heaven’s instruction to take place in


    It seems the Errors of Russia were NOT stopped.

    In fact the errors-of-Russia-disease spread over the entire world. Filthy morals, communistic tyranny, sodomy, feminism, destruction of the family and on and on and on.

    And at this point it seems clear the NEW champion of this moral filth is the USA. One could even say the vector at this point give Rome defied God has now moved to the USA.

    It is the USA and the global homo cabal that are working on forcing the last of the filth into the last bits of the earth that are lacking in some portion of the filth.

    And further, we all are more than old enough to recall that just a couple decades ago, prior to the SOVIET UNION falling the left side of the cabal was ENTHRALLED with Russia. They only feel out of love when the Russia started the slow, bumpy, and imperfect process of shaking itself out of the communist insanity.

  18. C-Marie

    This all has to do with unrepentant sin…. America … Russia … and most everywhere else. He is calling each of us to repentance as needed.

    God sets up Kings and He removes Kings … all with the purpose of bringing the human beings whom He has created, to fully acknowledge and receive Himself as their Lord and God and Saviour. He created us. We did not create ourselves.

    When the truth has been made available and yet is rejected, think about how it is that we do not know when our time here is done and tomorrow may never be. One could have chosen salvation, but purposely did not choose to receive salvation available only through Jesus Christ, and so dies without it.

    God our Father loves us, in and through His Son Jesus Christ.
    God bless, C-Marie

  19. Johnno

    There are better ways to solve problems. If Putin wants Ukraine, he should buy it. If he can’t afford it, or it’s not for sale, oh well. Find another hobby.

    War is hell. We don’t need it. Christians should object with conscience and do everything we can to stop the violence, for which there is no justification. In my opinion.

    Putin doesn’t want Ukraine, any more than the USA wants Mexico.

    Why would anyone want to take over the problems of another nation when they have enough of their own.

    Putin wants not to be threatened by the West and operate in a global free market.

    The US doesn’t want an economic competitor. It’s not about the money. It’s about power and leverage.

    They want to control the buying and selling, because that makes you dependent on them. When you are dependent on them, they get to call the shots. They can’t risk Europe and the rest of the world to turn elsewhere for what they need. America is the middleman. It is the credit card you need for any transactions. Do as they say or you get your account locked.

    And to enforce this locking mechanism requires force and threat. Hence NATO and missile systems on Russia’s doorstep. The MAD doctrine is old news to America. Now it is ‘First Strike’ doctrine. Hit the other guy fast and hard before he can react or react too much. Moving missile bases closer to Russia helps, because you can cut down on the missile travel time.

    Russia has responded with hyoersonics to preserve MAD, and drawn a line in the sand at Ukraine.

    Putin wanted a guarantee that Ukraine would not become part of NATO. Keep everything the way it is, and Putin has no reason to do anything further.

    But the USA, being possesed by the sin of pride, couldn’t stand being told what it can or can’t do. It thumped its chest like King Kong and ran towards the front going “Ooo Oooh Ahhh Aahhh! Whatchu gonna do Pootin?” It refused any reasonable guarantees and instead escalated things. “Ooo Oooh Ahhh Aahhh! Whatchu gonna do Pootin?” It sent more and more arms to Ukraine and distributing more troops around Europe. “Ooo Oooh Ahhh Aahhh! Whatchu gonna do Pootin?” It encouraged Ukraine to shell the Donbass and violate the Minsk Agreements and kill ethnic Russians in the breakaway provinces. “Ooo Oooh Ahhh Aahhh! Whatchu gonna do Pootin?”

    Well Putin then gave recognition to the Breakway provinces as independent states. The provinces, then being attacked by Ukraine legallay requested Russian assistance to defend against Ukraine. Russs is therefore on a mission to invade Ukraine to destroy the government and kill all thise involved.

    You want the war to stop Uncle Mike? Then pray that the US and Zelensky do what they should’ve done when Putin asked them:

    – Written legal guarantee that Ukraine does not ever become a member of NATO. –

    That’s it.

    So why didn’t America give Russia that simple and legitimate and entirely reasonable assurance?

    Essentially: Keep everything the way things were a month ago.

    But America couldn’t do that. It got woke, went broke.

    Now that Russia has invaded and is winning as everyone expected, it has more demands for its trouble:

    – Ukraine Recognize the independent nations of Donetsk and Luhansk.
    – Ukraine Recognize the legitimate annexation of Crimea.
    – Ukraine completely demilitarizes.
    – Trials for Ukraine War Criminals, most notably those from the Nazi Azov Battalion. They either get executed, go to jail, or go away quietly.

    Can America stand to allow Ukraine to do that?

    Nope, instead, it is increasing its economic warfare and leveraging corporate woke cancel culture on steroids.

    Can God do anything in the face of such determined stupidity? There are times when even He refuses to hear our prayers.

    But He may yet hear one: the Consecration He requested in 1929.

    Pray for that. It is the only thing that may solve all of this. Anything else is futile in the long term.

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