I Have The Power To Slay With Words — And I Might Use It

I Have The Power To Slay With Words — And I Might Use It

I have the power! I can wound with a word. With two fell words, I can kill. A single sentence of mine can lay flat a city. What a whole book can do, well, I tremble to contemplate.

Only problem is, I’m not sure which words to use. That I have the power is a given. Experts and activists say so. Unquestionable sources.

How to manifest my awesome ability is not so clear. Near as I can figure, it’s to expose Fantasists to Reality.

A Fantasist is a man who has committed the Deadly Sin of Reification in earnest. He was swapped theory for truth. He substitutes ideology for actuality. Fantasists strap Zuckerbergs to their faces, as it were, and enter into the Metaverse full time, abandoning the universe.

A Fantasist believes he can change the essence, the very nature, of a thing by his words. A Fantasist man says, “Behold! I am a woman.” And it is so. To him. And to all other Fantasists.

Let’s look at what happened to Dave Weigel, a propagandist for The Washington Post. According to David Cole, Weigel saw a Pew poll that said most Americans want boys pretending to be girls to play sports with other boys. Commenting on the election, he said, “One issue that would poll well, but it’s very hard to see Democrats doing, is adopting the Kristi Noem position on trans Title IX athletes.”

The Fantasists reacted hersterically (asterisks mine):

The initial onslaught consisted mainly of “victimized” trans folk telling Weigel to “**** off” and kill himself (lots of “go kill yourself” tweets). But soon the angle switched to “you’re killing people,” because Weigel’s words were either getting trans kids killed or compelling them to kill themselves:

“…You hurt people.”

“Have you looked at the suicide rates among trans kids? Placing them under attack to score some supposed political points is fundamentally evil.”

“How many trans people are you personally willing to kill to appease the Republicans? Or are you just a coward who wants others to do the murder so you can pretend later that you had clean hands?”

“So, you’re really just sacrificing LGBTQ people, because you’re a bigot, then.”

Realists would say men who are deluded into believing they are women (and vice versa) are crazy, and crazy people often kill themselves—unless they can be talked out of their craziness by exposure to Reality. Indeed, most men who say they are women make their escape from Fantasy in just this way. It’s only that Fantasists are not keen on broadcasting that statistic.

Fantasists insist hearing a Truth is an attack, that words wound and kill. How?

It must be something like this: Words break some vital connection in a Fantasist’s mental existence, which is his entire existence. These must be life-essential bonds formed of pure fantastical thought. The words of Truth eat through these bonds like acid. The break enervates the Fantasist, his lifeforce drains, then the dies.

This is what they say: They die from hearing that somebody disagrees with their fantasy. They die from a denial. Their belief is like a god who withers the fewer worshipers it has. The only conclusion is that their belief is not sufficient to sustain their fantasy, thus their existence. But that your cooperation in the fantasy is necessary.

They are not wrong.

Think: what if quacks, Experts, academics and other elites stopped agreeing with Fantasists and switched back to preaching Reality? What then of the “transgender” movement?

You know the answer.

We’re very close to learning how to kill. The last step comes in realizing Weigel did not tell Fantasists a Truth. He merely reported others believed a Truth. This allusion, weak and tepid as it was, was sufficient to kill. Fantasists say.

Imagine the body count if instead we boldly and plainly state Truths.

I imagine this little post of mine is going to engender hate among Fantasists. Well, I will engender them right back. I will transform them back into their own sexes where they belong. Just by denying they exist.

If the mood strikes, I may do worse.

I swiped today’s picture from a hilarious academic conference.

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  1. Jerry

    Bullets flying out of a mouth, brass still attached. Kind of tells you the mindset of the conference participants.

  2. Don B

    Just in case anyone is still unfamiliar with the coordinated campaign to disparage Ivermectin, which is actually safe and effective, so that Big Pharma could make billions of dollars selling vaccines and new, expensive drugs which are not safe and effective, read Phil Harper’s series of short articles. This one lists links to his other pieces.

    “In previous posts, I demonstrated that a critical research paper detailing how effective Ivermectin was against COVID was altered by ‘a very powerful lobby’. By January 2021, the world was already in possession of enough data to roll out Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID. That data suggested we could reduce deaths by 75% if we used Ivermectin. Even today, studies show the exact same thing, Ivermectin reduces death outcomes from COVID by 70%. Instead of rolling it out, a lobby ‘had a say’ in the conclusions of a critical research paper causing the cheap and effective drug to be stopped in its tracks.”


  3. Now that words are acknowledged as the deadly weapons they fantastically are, China’s R&D behemoth is a step ahead of us. Evidently, they’ve developed an N-bomb, and are threatening to deploy it against us. Imagine the horrendous toll this new arms race could reap:


    “Foreign policy experts quickly labeled China’s announcement as the worst blow to American strategic freedom in the nation’s history.

    “America has built its entire foreign and domestic policy apparatus around never, ever allowing an N-bomb to be deployed,” said Harvard IR professor Michael Richards. “America has instituted draconian censorship rules, fired many of its most talented scientists and computer scientists, and erected a hugely costly and burdensome HR infrastructure, all for the sake of preventing N-bomb deployment. Now, China could ruin that in a day.”

  4. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Briggs: ”…your cooperation in the fantasy is necessary.”

    Absolutely, and that is key, for the only way these would-be gods have power is by getting their perverse fantasies playing in the minds of men. Hence the manic flood of deceptive word-wizardry, image-conjuring, and constant barrage of demoralizing propaganda softening up resistance to their fantasy-making propaganda. For only if they succeed in creating a herd of demoralized, brainwashed slaves can they satisfy their lust for god-like power.

  5. jwm

    Of course we must cooperate in the dream. It would be uncool if we didn’t. But there will always be those who refuse to comply. No worries, though. Such folks can be persuaded through dialogue, logic, and good old common sense.
    Just like here:



  6. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Kent, that’s sobering news that China has — wait! OMG! WHAT IF THE NORKS GET THEIR CRAZY HANDS ON THE NIGGER BOMB!!!!!!!

  7. Incitadus

    I’m reminded John1:1 which always struck me as one of the most curious passages of
    the Bible. Also in Sumerian mythology it is said the fist god spoke himself into existence
    and created the other gods in the same manner because he was lonely.. Since language
    is the sole vehicle of consciousness absent which there is no consciousness we could living
    in a conscious universe and abusing the very stuff of creation…words. Words that can
    be twisted into lies and kill millions. There’s got to be a price to pay for this behavior which
    is fixed immutably in time as the earth passes through it’s sidereal orbits. Truth will out.

    John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

  8. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Jerry: ”Bullets flying out of a mouth, brass still attached. Kind of tells you the mindset of the conference participants.”

    That is pretty funny, and it’s pure projection (groan) on their part, for they are the ones wielding words as weapons to destroy enemies. Not surprised to notice that conference’s Esquimeaux cast of characters, given their passion for revolutionary nonsense.

  9. Rudolph Harrier

    Dealing with the alphabet people, and especially the “transgendered” is a lot like that scene in Blazing Saddles where Sheriff Bart takes himself hostage. “Hold it! The next person disagrees with me and the LBQT gets it.”

  10. Fantasists commit what I call “the existentialist fallacy,” which is #4 on my list of fallacies:

    “* The moralistic fallacy: morality determines reality. This assumes that whatever seems morally desirable must be true. If something is undesirable, it must be false.

    * The naturalistic fallacy: reality determines morality. This assumes that whatever seems true must be moral.

    * The rationalistic fallacy: if something seems to make sense, then it’s true. This assumes that whatever seems to make sense must be true, even if there’s no evidence for it.

    * The existentialist fallacy: if you want it to be true, then it is. This assumes that reality is whatever you want it to be. For example, it enables 52-year-old men to claim that they are six-year-old girls and make everyone else pretend to believe it.”


  11. Cary Cotterman

    The left’s delusions are astounding. There’s a teenage girl in my wife’s family who pretends to be a boy, to the ridiculous extent of talking in a fake male voice. Everyone in the family is expected to go along with the delusion, pronouns, etc. It’s absurd, and I refuse to play the game, so I’m not liked much.

    And while I’m here, a note to artists whose dads never took them shooting: when a gun is fired, only the bullet emerges from the front of the barrel. The brass casing that contains the primer and powder remains inside the firing chamber.

  12. 1 – words can cause people to kill. Consider Jim Jones etc al or, better, read Festinger’s work on how the NAZIs got 60 million decent Germans to kill off 6-8 million of their fellow Germans. (e.g. see telearb.net )

    2 – if you think you’re being offensive.. consider doctoral student X whose work supports the idea that there is no such thing as a gay gene, but there are bacterial side effects which cause chemical imbalances during fetal development that distort the development process and can produce what we see as sexual confusion in the child/adult. Worse, she thinks a pill could be made to innoculate mothers against these effects on their babies.

    3 – the left doesn’t really support this nonsense. They see it as a handy way of reducing population growth and tormenting normies, but in power always kill off their deviants.

  13. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    “…You hurt people.”


    The sinners chastised and corrected with morality (which is Timeless, Universal, Objective) chose to feel hurt and what they do with that hurt is their responsibility, not mine.

    Sodomies chose to sodomise one anther and if I tell them it is a sin crying to heaven for vengeance and they kill themselves it is entirely their fault.

    If I know that sodomy is a grave evil and I remain silent in the face of it or, worse, approve of it, I become complicit in their sin.

    Mr Weigel must be a liberal because he chooses to feel personally guilty for the actions of others.

    I have read David Cole for years. He has made a lot of good points over the years but he is too quick to surrender and, outside of fighting tooth and nail over putative holocaust facts, he has not identified any moral hill he is wiling to die on.

    He talks about conservatives fighting the past lost wars but who’n’hell under 50 even knows, or cares, what the war crimes of Germany were?

  14. Briggs


    Anybody who criticizes me on this matter is harming me. Your criticisms are violence. Shame on you.

  15. kmann

    Pilate asked Jesus “What is truth?”.
    It seems he didn’t wait for an answer. He was not interested in truth. He was only interested in political expedience.

  16. C-Marie

    God creates each human being either male or female. His creation does not get us mixed up. At present, I am praying for certain people to accept God’s creation of ther own selves, and when accomplished, to live in God’s own joy the rest of their time here.
    God bless, C-Marie

  17. swordfishtrombone

    A Fantasist believes he can change the essence, the very nature, of a thing by his words.

    You mean, like those who pray to an imaginary God to try and influence events? Also, since when is a person’s outward appearance their ‘essence’? Transexuals change their appearance to match their ‘essence’.

    Fantasists insist hearing a Truth is an attack, that words wound and kill. How?

    Ask religions that have imposed blasphemy laws?

    Indeed, most men who say they are women make their escape from Fantasy in just this way. It’s only that Fantasists are not keen on broadcasting that statistic.

    It seems like you aren’t keen on broadcasting it either.

  18. swordfishtrombone


    God creates each human being either male or female. His creation does not get us mixed up.

    Bearing in mind that nearly half of pregnancies end in miscarriage, I’m not sure I’d trust God not to mix up some people’s sexual identity.

  19. C-Marie

    The sex of each person is created at conception. Whether it is aceepted later on, is another matter.
    God bless, C-Marie

  20. C-Marie


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