White Males Must Be Removed From Mathematics By Decolonization, Say Academics

White Males Must Be Removed From Mathematics By Decolonization, Say Academics

Mathematical Equity will come when all schoolchildren, and all adults, come to grasp the following equation, an equation which will be considered the peak, the very epitome, of numerical understanding:

One rock, two rocks, many rocks.

Once it is declared all know this fundamental truth, Equity will at long last have been reached. And there will be much celebrating across the land. There will be great joy in Wakanda and in Utopia. Awards will be lavished. Magnificent galas will be had.

Alas, the participants will either starve or glut themselves, because nobody will be able to tell the caterers exactly how many stuffed shrimp to prepare.

Equity, that happiest of all states, necessarily comes with a terrible price: if all are to be made equal, performance must be judged by, and aimed at, what the least can do.

This is so in mathematics, and of course in any activity. Since not all can understand even what “x = 7” means, therefore none must nor shall be required to. Requiring, and mandating, only the minimum is the only way Equity can be achieved.

Now purveyors of the demonic notion of Equality do not believe this. They take the opposite of our Reality-based conclusion and say all can be brought to the top, not the bottom; that all can be Newton, if only sufficient efforts are taken.

There are no observations that conform to this; indeed, all evidence in all history, in all circumstances, with one possible exception, says Equality is false. History says, but for the exception, inequality is true. In math, and in everything.

The exception is this: once white males are removed from mathematics, and from everywhere, Equity will finally arise. (Except for white men, of course.)

White males must be removed by the process of “decolonization”, says the intense academics at Durham University. Whites have done so spectacularly well, and for such a long time, in mathematics that their influence is wide and deep. Remove the contribution of white men, and we are back to the rocks.

This massive inequality, and its manifest repercussions, stings those who seek for the unicorn of Equality. To remove the pain of the string, its source must be expunged.

The mathematics curriculum at a leading university is being “decolonised”, with professors urged to write biographies of theorists, question if they are mostly white or male, and consider the cultural origins of numbers.

Durham University’s decolonisation campaign has swept up the department of mathematical sciences, where all staff are being urged to make the subject “more inclusive” and ensure “maths can be used to aid attempts to secure equality”.

We have discussed before that every decolonizer is a liar and hypocrite (or an idiot). The proof of this is easy. Ask any who speaks of decolonizing whether they would support Reality-based America going its own way. Allow deplorables to remove themselves from the woke and progressive areas, and form their own country, their own land, where their people can practice their own religion, have their own culture, free from the woke and progressives.

Well, it’s easy to see that this is impossible. The left will not let anybody go once it has them in its clutches. Diversity Inclusive & Equity requires all must DIE. DIE requires strict mandatory uniformity—except for those who dole out DIE. They must be richly rewarded.

So “decolonizing” math does not mean merely barring white men from practicing the numerical arts, but that those who are left in math will be required to believe the precise exact theories allowed by DIE masters, and none other. Guided, of course, by self-chosen rulers who will decided what counts as “math.”

Staff are urged to consider giving short biographies of the mathematicians whose work they present in their modules and are encouraged to question themselves if they choose predominantly “white and/or male” figures.

If the mathematicians are “almost entirely (or even completely) white and/or male, ask yourself why this is,” the guide states.

The answer will not be allowed to be that white males, for whatever positive reasons (e.g. ability, desire, culture), are better at doing advanced math than others. The answer must instead be that white males negatively hold back others. Since there is no evidence they did this actively, it must be, as we have discussed also many times, it must be some mysterious power white men have that damps mathematical enthusiasm in non-whites—except this curious power reverses itself in affecting Asians.

This is such a boring story for us, dear readers. I’m sincerely sorry for showing you yet another instance of the degradation of the academy, and for reminding you of what must come of it. It may be most useful to show your “normie” friends.

Update. Rhode Island High School Cancels Honors Classes Because Only Whites Qualified To Take Them.

The “changes make the classes more equitable.”

That they do.

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  1. JDaveF

    One of the marginalized groups which suffers from the greatest victimhood in the USA today is the mentally retarded. We must demand that university faculties immediately hire the retarded as professors and administrators in every department. And retarded students must be admitted, with full scholarships, in representational fashion.

    Oh wait – I believe that’s already happened.

  2. Figmond

    Great little essay, Mr. Briggs.
    Thank you.
    Please keep the fresh air of sanity coming. We so need it.

  3. Forbes

    If the mathematicians are “almost entirely (or even completely) human, ask yourself why this is,” the guide states.


  4. awildgoose

    Can’t build it.

    Can’t maintain it.

    But boy, do they want it.

  5. Joao Martins

    I don’t have informations about Euclid’s family, but I am retty sure that John Napier was the male chauvinist who stole his wife’s work on numbers and published the Mirifici Logarithmorum…

  6. Incitadus

    Jesus Briggs you’re positively bubbling with optimism today. Shrimp? you think there’ll be
    Shrimp? There won’t be Shrimp it’ll be a tofu facsimile of Shrimp if you’re lucky, but more
    likely a compressed concretion of insects that loosely resemble shrimp.

  7. Jerry

    Matt this story IS boring, So incredibly, mind-numbingly tiresome. Not your writing, of course, just to be clear….but it is no wonder that suicides are at historic levels and rising. It’s all circular reasoning that always falls back on itself at a dead end. The equivalent of “it is so because I say it is so”.
    I heard someone on EWTN the other day, asked to describe what the end goal of all this was. His answer was the best, simplest one I have heard to date: It is to destroy all existing culture. Destroy it so “they” can build something in its place. But they have no clue at all what that “something” is.

  8. Jim

    Why would we all even want to be at the top of the math game? A mathematician I know told me he “gave up working on a paper for Lent. …Something most people wouldn’t find that hard to do…”.

  9. edgar thatguy

    Euclid was white so decolonizing math would really mean getting nonwhites out.

  10. awildgoose


    Our betters appear to want to build a global system along the lines of Revelation 13:6-8.

  11. Milton Hathaway

    awildgoose: “Can’t build it. Can’t maintain it. But boy, do they want it.”

    I was collecting my thoughts for a comment when I read this. That’s perfect, and perfectly succinct, nothing I can add to that.

  12. Cary Cotterman

    I don’t want to fly in planes designed by affirmative action engineers. If that makes me a racist, oh well.

  13. Uncle Mike

    I loved this part of the journalista screed:

    Scholars at the Russell Group university, ranked seventh in the UK for maths, have been urged to reconsider how “the power of 10, represented by the word ‘billion’, differs from country to country” and how Brahmagupta, the famed Indian mathematician, assigned a different meaning to the value of zero.

    Ranked 7th for maths [sic]? But last in English, apparently. The word “idiot” also varies from country to country. If they’re searching for the meaning of zero, they may have found it.

  14. BB

    Ranked 7th for maths [sic]? But last in English, apparently.

    Maths is the standard British (and thus English) abbreviation for mathematics. Just because you US folk don’t know how to speak the langauge, that doesn’t mean that you can force your weirdness on the rest of us.

    Except, reading the original post, you already have. (Critical theory was a German/US invention, after all.)

    But back to the original topic. I just find the ignorance of the people who came up with this incredible. Since when were biographies of mathematicians relevant to a university mathematics course? If it weren’t that certain theorems were named after certain people, would anyone even know or care who originated the ideas? Examine the cultural origins of numbers. Presumably that’s a reference to the Arabic/Indian numerals we use. But, of course, those aren’t numbers. Just a convinient way to represent numbers. Numbers don’t have a human or cultural origin. But that is just primary school stuff — do the people who came up with this have any conception of what is taught in university level mathematics? It’s all just utterly bonkers.

  15. Joy

    Hmm, yes Uncle Mike, everything’s bigger in America, even billions
    I wonder why ‘nobody’ ever talks about that

  16. Joy


    The old UK meaning of a billion was a million million, or one followed by twelve noughts (1,000,000,000,000). The USA meaning of a billion is a thousand million, or one followed by nine noughts (1,000,000,000).
    That’s why “nobody” talks about it

  17. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    “x = 7”

    Nice try, Briggs. But many of us can see your sly subversive sexism at work here.

    Women only have X chromosomes and 7 is the biblical number of completion and perfection. It is obvious that your use of the equation is tongue-in-cheek because you do not think women are complete and perfect in and of themselves – unless they are the head of DIE scam at a University.

    Like a man dozing in his seat in the back of a woke seminar, suddenly sat upon by a bitchy broad wearing a pant suit…

    OK, I haven’t yet thought of a way yet to finish that sentence but what I do know is that NASA would never have been able to successfully fake the moon landing if the woman from Wakanda had misplaced her slide rule.

    As for the woke folk not letting you move away from them, just pay attention to what poor Buckhead has been going through do in trying to divorce itself from Atlanta.

    Whites must come to understand that even if they turned over all of their money and possessions the Wakanditties would be broke in a decade.’


    Because racism.

  18. Uncle Mike


    How else can bad spelling and naught tricks be explained but by White Supremacy, something the Anglos invented and perpetuate? The Rustle Group bleeds White Guilt like a stuck pig. “Out damn spot” etc.

  19. Uncle Mike

    The thing is, it’s hard to say “maths” without spitting, which is why we changed it. This minds me of the ancient Celtic doggerels:

    “And when White Maths were on the wane,
    And Maths old stars were flickering aught,
    I dropped the berry in the stream,
    And caught a little silver naught.”


    “Thick as bricks silly gooses
    Cannot sum a pair of deuces.
    Geese guess three or six or more;
    Petty four is nevermore.”

  20. Joy

    “celtidc doggerels”
    Are you really one of those bots that writes “poems” from collections of words?
    The thing is, it’s hard to say “maths” without spitting
    Only for rattle snakes and I’m sure you’re not one of those.
    You’re just sittin’ go n the fence! (Bless you)
    We English speak nicely, it’s the welsh and the Liverpudlians who’re a mixture of welsh and Irish who speak spit.
    Just like the Germans! the Eastern Europeans…

    Anyway, White supremacy? Who cares? If it bleeds it leads

  21. jimmy john

    The Brits fail at math because they think its plural. That’s why Americans invented airplanes first.

  22. Joy

    Nah Its aeroplanes.
    Airplane is a film.
    and we don’t fail at Maths, we are some of the best.
    Certainly the best engineers without a doubt and you can’t be a good engineer if you’re not a good mathematician.
    Maths was my favourite subject until I discovered this blog, second time around…
    Hmm, is there a song about it?
    Tell her to find me an acre of land
    P S R & T (alJebra, you wouldn’t understand)
    between the salt waters and the sea shore…

  23. Joy

    Muths be an oversight
    Am I still on topic? Only being female I can’t tell?
    Out of ten… how annoying?

  24. Jan Van Betsuni

    Of course there is always the very REAL “chance” that a single (biological) mother (or mother potential) will someday explain, in crystal clear mathematical notation, a grand (and mind blowing) insight into our quantitative or symbolic understanding of the universe (as we can know it). Until that moment, perhaps a political operation to remove existing mathematically competent cadres from their academic nests strictly on the basis of their biological reproductive contribution potential, ethnic ancestries, or idiosyncratic predilections for auto-erotic “sexual” stimulation activities can wait. I don’t sense any urgency on this front. Maybe if I were a candidate for high office.

  25. Joy

    Jan Van Betsuni,
    The best things come to those who wait

  26. Michael Ozanne

    “Mathematics, Decolonization and Censorship by C.K.Raju.”

    Actually made it three paragraphs before my bullshit meter pinned….

    “The thing is, it’s hard to say “maths” without spitting, which is why we changed it.”

    Welcome citizen of the United Tate..

    Who was it tried to pass a law making Pi = 3 ?

  27. Paging Harrison Bergeron. Harrison Bergeron to the white courtesy phone.

  28. john b(s)

    April 13, 2022 at 8:38 pm

    You’re missing a vowel

    Symon and Garfunkel?

  29. Joy

    Yes Johnby, I’m one “vow”, short of a full set.
    (don’t encourage me)

    I say vowl as in owl. Americans generally do okay on that one!
    “vow”. => (essex)
    Nail pronounced (Nayel, like Isreal) instead of “naw” => (saaf lunden)
    That’s a really bad habit I’ve had since a child muttering vowels with different consonants around them. It’s Useful for long boring train journeys though
    Thought of one the other day that Americans say “wrong” but have to recall what it was. Since you’re dying to know, when I think of it I will post…

  30. john b()


    PSR&T Tell her to find me an acre of land

    Then there’s “I’ve got some real estate here in my bag” (America)

    I guess she found him an acre of land

    How do you feel about America the group?
    (They were Air Force brats growing up in England)

    We say ‘duty’ wrong, looking forward to post

  31. Joy

    Didn’t notice the switch, you caught me out, sang the line and didn’t notice. PSR&T has in between lines, being a canticle, (they do that)
    They should’ve called it Garfunkel’s canticle.
    America? Never heard of the group name but familiar with the songs after you linked the Tin Man. knew some air force brats at school, they were very kind, actually, but didn’t know how lucky they were, like us, although I thought I did. College used to send the girls out to families for Sunday dinner and days out at weekends if we chose. So we were kind of ‘borrowed’ by families, arranged by a local church lady. My friend’s ‘family’ were American, (wow.)
    They used to send the children to posh schools, plenty of which were located near
    Met one of the girls from schoolo a few years ago, by chance in Fat face in Epping, due to making friends with a dog. So weird it’s like my old schools calling.

    Anyway it would have been a very soggy beach hut if it’s Scarborough, (like “Barbara”, not s
    ”car burrow “. so I’m thinking he went back to “America” and found a new model, Bigger huts and we don’t have real estate over here just estates.
    Can’t remember he word, it could take months

  32. Joy

    NO, a few days ago, last week, she was a few year solder than me.
    I didn’t dare tell her my name! Phew she didn’t remember me. Knew my friend Nicola with the family above as they were both in charge of the pony club, hence I remembered her. Just a magical place and magical times.
    Wouldn’t you know it, the Americans have bought the place now so they have the REAL estate.

    If I said we discussed the Maths hut and our female teacher, would that keep me on topic?

  33. spaceranger

    One of my physics students “needed a B” and asked me after the final grades were posted if I could give him extra credit if he wrote a paper about a famous scientist. I wanted to tell him physics is a skill set and not biography, and what he really needed to do was stop having gravity work in a horizontal direction when he does projectile problems. That would go a long way.

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