The Vaccine As A Pinch Of Incense

The Vaccine As A Pinch Of Incense

Whatever medical value the variants of the coronadoom vex have in the elderly (and surely they have some: but not much, given that all Shanghaiese are “fully” vexxed, but still imprisoned), and however much they are useless or harm the young (as they surely are and have), it is unquestionable they have served as yet another mechanism to separate Us versus Them.

Which means they are also a path from Them to Us, as long as taking the vex is a visible, vocal act.

The evidence for this could not be clearer.

Why else would oligarchs fire employees who refuse the vex? If the vex truly protects against illness—and remember all authorities idiotically or deviously promised protection against infection—then firing somebody for not vexxing does not grant them immunity. Nor does the fired person become immune to passing on whatever infection he might incur.

Thus these firings are purely punitive. Another way for Us to force Them to put a pinch of incense into the fire, or be purged.

These firings were Us signals against Them are so even if we grant that cowardice on the part of employers played a role. These frightened employers fire the unvexxed, believing this makes them safer. This cowardice is born of stupidity, and the false belief that the vex stops working when confronted by an unvexxed person. And from forgetting the vex, if it works, makes it easier for the vexxed to become infected and not know it, thus spreading it with greater ease.

Then we see, infamously, the Blue Cheka boasting of their infections, and thanking the vex for sparing their lives. This is pathetic, and clear Us signaling “Do not doubt: We are one of you.” Think: you never see a BC vice signal her Gardasil vex? “Thank you vex for protecting me against the drunken man I met in the bar!”

The most asinine confirmation, and the reason for this post, is the Daily Beast article “Tucker Carlson Brags to Megachurch That He Is Totally Unvaccinated“.

Carlson, of course, works for one of the regime’s propaganda outlets, but is allowed (for whatever reason) to be more based than its usual bomb-’em-all! hosts.

It does not make any difference to anybody in the world, save the small handful who interact with Carlson in his tiny New England village, whether he is vexxinated or not. His being unvexxed does not make it riskier for you, being so far from him, nor would his being vexxed do anything medically for you. At all.

Yet here’s what the article says:

For more than a year now, Fox News star Tucker Carlson has gone out of his way to avoid confirming whether or not he’s vaccinated. This month, however, he bragged about having not gotten a single jab.

While speaking at Awaken Church earlier this month, the primetime star heaped praise on the San Diego megachurch for defying COVID-19 restrictions throughout the pandemic before mocking the need for additional booster shots.

“I skipped the first three, I’m not getting that one either,” Carlson said, to rapturous applause from the crowd, Voice of San Diego first reported.

Now some of this article is explained by regime media loving nothing better than gossiping about each other, and treating the gossip as if it were news, and then inflicting it on the public.

But mostly it’s done to show fellow propagandists that Carlson, even though employed by a regime media company, is one of Them. That is important because the propagandists suspected Carlson was one of Us because of his employment and history.

Yes, the rapturous applause noted in the article is from Them, signaling they are not Us. Signaling is a constant in a Democracy: it is not a bug, but a distressing feature.

But recall it is Them who are put upon, squeezed from all sides, Us being in charge of almost things. Them are glad to see anybody, anybody at all, who might have been one of Us reveal himself to be one of Them.

Even if you don’t follow all that, that Carlson’s vex status is a story proves my contention. That the vex is way to signal Us vs. Them, a way to shape and control conformity.

This is also why you never see any discussions in regime media about vex efficacy, beyond “Take every booster now!” messages. And why discussions of vexxine harm are forbidden. Allowing either of these gives the enemy (Them) a victory, which Us cannot allow.

If the medicine was most important, that it what we would hear. But we do not. It’s not the medical properties of the vex that are most important, but it’s ability to separate.

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  1. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    Amen, Briggs. Great point. Taking the jab is a religious act and because there is no separation of Satan and State in America, accepting the jab is a way to signal your fealty to Satan.

  2. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Briggs: ”It’s not the medical properties of the vex that are most important, but it’s ability to separate.”

    Indeedio, Daddio — separate the vexee from his life, health, and wealth, while affirming his status as compliant slave of the infernal Beast, separating man from God, dividing men into warring camps, and terrifying fools into thinking the Beast offers salvation. Such a marvelous accomplishment! Such a display of chutzpah!

    But give the devil his due, he had us pegged: most people never could have imagined you could build a popular movement on a platform of; be a slave, kill your baby, stick your dick in shit, turn boys into girls, turn girls into sluts, commit national suicide, poison yourself, wage endless war, and so forth — but the devil knew! He knew it would be crazy popular. The devil knows his own.

  3. john b()

    WARNING : Non sequitor ahead

    Weren’t Them ants?

  4. swordfishtrombone

    Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    Taking the jab is a religious act and because there is no separation of Satan and State in America, accepting the jab is a way to signal your fealty to Satan.

    79% of Catholics are Satanists?

  5. MarshallBridun

    79% of Catholics are Satanists?

    Laymen. The clerics’ share is nigh universal.

  6. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    On July 14, 1949, The New England Journal of Medicine published a historic warning to American physicians in the form of an essay titled “Medical Science Under Dictatorship,” written by Dr. Leo Alexander, Chief U.S. Medical Consultant at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials.

    According to Dr. Alexander:

    Whatever proportions these crimes finally assumed; it became evident to all who investigated them that they started from small beginnings. The beginnings at first were merely a subtle shift in emphasis in the basic attitude of the physicians. It started with the acceptance of the attitude, basic in the euthanasia (covid) movement, that there is such a thing as a life (Constitutional Right) not worthy to be lived. This attitude in its early stages started with the severely and chronically sick (sand the aged at risk). Gradually the sphere of those to be included in the category was enlarged to encompass the socially unproductive (Govt workers) , the ideologically unwanted (Free men and women) , the racially unwanted (whites) and finally all non-Germans (unvaxed) . It is important to realize that the infinitely small wedged-in lever from which this entire trend of mind received its impetus was the attitude toward the non-rehabilitable sick. (vax refuseniks)

    Medical Science Under Dictatorship

    In the introduction to his study, originally addressed to the U.S. medical profession, Alexander notes that science under dictatorship, including medical science, becomes subordinated to the guiding philosophy of the dictatorship: (Biden is a fatuous Fascist)

    Irrespective of ideological trappings, the guiding philosophic principle of recent dictatorships, including the Nazis (American Woke) , has been Hegelian in that what has been considered “rational utility” and corresponding doctrine (No covid infections ever) and planning has replaced moral (Constitutional) , ethical, and religious values. Nazi (CDC) propaganda was highly effective in perverting public opinion and public conscience, in a remarkably short time.

    In the medical profession this expressed itself in a rapid decline in standards of professional ethics. Medical science in Nazi Germany (America) collaborated with this Hegelian trend particularly in the following enterprises:

    – The mass extermination (jabbing) of the chronically (potentially) sick in the interest of saving “useless” (hospital beds) expenses to the community as a whole.

    – The mass extermination (jabbing) of those considered socially disturbing or racially and ideologically unwanted (deplorables) .

    – The individual, inconspicuous extermination of those considered disloyal (Nurses who refused the jab) with the ruling group.

    – And the ruthless use of “human experimental material” for medico-military research.[4]

    Yes, Tucker and the Unvaxed are the control group.

    The reason why Tucker gets to keep his gig is because money; Fox sees CNN losing money by the container ship load and the children of Murdoch like cash.

    Tucker gets to keep his gig forever just so long as he doesn’t say anything untoward about Israel. He can bitch and moan about America and England and Germany and France but if he speaks about the facts, ideology and actions of Israel, its all over for him and he will have to move to the actual place that serves as his photographic backdrop of his Tucker special interviews.

  7. Forbes

    Healthcare is wholly a political game now, so the vanity-signaling is to be expected.

    This is in-line with my characterization of “team sport” politics, the way politics is about taking sides, rooting for your team, wearing the team apparel, etc. The days of a campaign poster on your front lawn two weeks before an election is long gone. It’s a full-time, year-round activity.

  8. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    The invaders entering American through the open border are not only allowed to enter American illegally, they are given special incentives to do so – free money and services.

    Why do you think they are not being forced to take the jab? Because the government knows the jab is deadly

    The invaders will replace the native American folks who will be dying from the jab and whose instinctive grasp of the American pay scale makes them a hassle to deal with so the government uses the jab to kill and sterilise a significant percentage of the native Americans and the government will replace them with folks from other countries who are poorly educated but just happy to be here and who will work for peanuts.

    It’s the economy stupid.

  9. Joseph A.

    “The Vaccine As A Pinch Of Incense.”

    Absolutely, and I’ve often thought of it in that very way over the last year. I agree with Dr. Charlton’s general take on this — damnation requires assent, and this whole ritual has eroded human resistance to unreasonable, wicked power. Grooming is in the news, and we’ve been groomed. “It’s not a big deal; don’t fear the Mark.”

    I had planned to get fired last fall, but I was eventually granted a religious exemption. I don’t know how freely they were given out, but I feel lucky . . . but still disheartened and demoralized. I used to feel a sense of pride when traveling through my hometown. Now, it stinks like a rotten cadaver, spiritually-speaking. The bastards have succeeded in deracinating even people who treasured roots and belonging. They make everything ugly.

  10. Johnno

    79% of Catholics are Satanists?

    They might as well be… the way the majority of them typically behave and openly rebel against their own religion, they will find themselves in the same company in the end. That’s one of the teachings and implications of their own religion!

    Recommended reading:

    The Little Number of Those Who Are Saved
    by St. Leonard of Port Maurice

  11. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    Of the 600, 000 Jews God led out of Egypt only faithful Josue and Caleb entered the Promised Land.

    That percentage is astonishingly small. Is one permitted to think that only that small of a percentage of men who have ever lived will be permitted to enter the new Promised Land, Heaven?

    Even considering that the number of scouts sent to scope out the promised land – 12 – only two of them were permitted to live and enter the Promised Land.

    Is one permitted to think that percentage – two out of twelve, roughly 17% of all men who have ever lived – will be permitted to enter The Promised Land/Heaven?

  12. Paul Jackson

    It is not correct that all Shanghainese are vexed.
    The article linked to as evidence does not even claim this.
    Widespread rumour has it that there at least two health dictatorship factions battling in Shanghai – those who promote vexes and those who promote lockdowns and other measures including herbal and traditional Chinese medicines.
    Seems like a typical Freemasonic, Hegelian set up.
    Nobody appears to be promoting strictly proportional measures only and free and informed consent.
    Covid zero is the logical extension of the Four Pests campaign of 1958 – 1962, including the notorious Smash Sparrows campaign, which made a huge contribution to the Great Famine that followed, and which was arguably the intention all along.

  13. steveaz

    The ‘vex’s’ similarities with circumcision cannot be ignored either. The ritual was very capital ‘c,’ Catholic.

    A forced Catechism of sorts.

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