Vexxing 1-4 Year Olds & The Impenetrable Mystery Of The Young Suddenly And Unexpectedly Dying

Vexxing 1-4 Year Olds & The Impenetrable Mystery Of The Young Suddenly And Unexpectedly Dying

Here’s the wonderful Daily Mail headline: “Healthy young people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly from a mysterious syndrome – as doctors seek answers through a new national register“.

Even better is the subhead:

  • People aged under the age of 40 being urged to go and get their hearts checked
  • May potentially be at risk of having Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)
  • SADS is an ‘umbrella term to describe unexpected deaths in young people’
  • A 31-year-old woman who died in her sleep last year may have had SADs

Whoever came up with “SADS”, as in “Ain’t that a SADS death”, is a sublime jokester.

People aged under 40 are being urged to have their hearts checked because they may potentially be at risk of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

The syndrome, known as SADS, has been fatal for all kinds of people regardless of whether they maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

SADS is an ‘umbrella term to describe unexpected deaths in young people’, said The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, most commonly occurring in people under 40 years of age….

‘The majority of these SADS events, 90 per cent, occur outside the hospital – the person doesn’t make it – so it’s actually ambulance staff and forensics caring for the bulk of these patients,’ Dr Paratz said.

It is, of course, impossible that we should penetrate this deep new medical mystery, this recondite diagnostic conundrum, this unexplainable sickness statistic. So we won’t try.

Let’s move instead to our second headline (from Thursday morning): “Officials: Millions of COVID-19 shots ordered for youngest“.

Millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses have been ordered for small children in anticipation of possible federal authorization next week, White House officials say.

The government allowed pharmacies and states to start placing orders last week, with 5 million doses initially available — half of them shots made by Pfizer and the other half the vaccine produced by Moderna, senior administration officials said.

As of this week, about 1.45 million of the 2.5 million available doses of Pfizer have been ordered, and about 850,000 of available Moderna shots have been ordered, officials said. More orders are expected in the coming days.

Young children are the last group of Americans who have not been recommended to get COVID-19 vaccinations. Up to about 20 million U.S. children under 5 would become eligible for vaccination if the government authorizes one or both shots.

It’s not clear how popular the shots will be. A recent survey suggests only 1 in 5 parents of young children would get their kids vaccinated right away.

“Gee,” he wrote on Thursday morning, “I wonder what the FDA will decide?”

Is it worth going through the CDC’s own numbers, yet again, to see how needed this vex is for the kiddies? Probably not, since desire has long replaced Reality. But, for the laughs, let’s take a final peek.

Since January 2020 until yesterday, a full two and a half years, 143 kids aged 1-4 years old were classified as having died from coronadoom. That’s 57 a year, more or less.

In that same time period, 342 kids died from non-covid pneumonia (got from colds, flu and the like). That’s two and a half times as many.

And, as we have calculated many times, about 5 times as many kids, something around 715, died in car crashes.

If we were serious about wanting to stop deaths with a very simple solution we’d bar kids from riding in cars. If it saves just one life, amirite?

There’s about 24 million kids 1-4 in the USA in any year. Of course, new kids are born and older ones “age out” of the bracket or die, so the denominator in calculating the rate of doom deaths in 1-4 year olds over 2.5 years is tricky. It’s greater than 24 million because of new births, etc. Call it, say, 30 million. We don’t need to be exact. That gives a crude rate of around 0.000005. That’s what we statisticians call a small number.

Most of the 143 kids who died seemed to be sick before contracting the doom. Figures are hard too easy to come by—the government strangely doesn’t give these out—but a 2021 meta analysis found this (my emphasis):

42 studies containing 275,661 children without comorbidities and 9,353 children with comorbidities were included. Severe COVID-19 was present in 5.1% of children with comorbidities, and in 0.2% without comorbidities. Random-effects analysis revealed a higher risk of severe COVID-19 among children with comorbidities than for healthy children; relative risk ratio 1.79 (95% CI 1.27 – 2.51; I2 = 94%). Children with underlying conditions also had a higher risk of COVID-19-associated mortality; relative risk ratio 2.81 (95% CI 1.31 – 6.02; I^2 = 82%). Children with obesity had a relative risk ratio of 2.87 (95% CI 1.16 – 7.07; I^2 = 36%).

That represents the entire pediatric population (under 21 here), and not just 1-4 year olds.

Another large study found a mortality odds ratio of 8.8 higher for younger kids with comorbidities.

These are all formal statistics, but they’re weak to use as predictions because so few kids 1-4 died from the disease. It’s clear, though, that it’s usually sicker kids succumbing.

Now we’re forbidden to say whether the vex itself will cause kids to suffer, or die. The Science, as you know, is best done by disallowing discussion or dissension. So we won’t remind you that vexxes are designed to cause harm, on purpose, in the hope of training your body to tackle the disease should it happen for real.

And we can’t remind you that the VAERS data showed a lot of deaths associated with these fancy new vexxines.

And we shouldn’t say anything about this plot, which shows the total number of kids by age group dying of anything over the last 2.5 years, from which we aren’t allowed to deduce that there is no crisis, nor ever was, in the young.

So ignore all that and just concentrate on the number of healthy kids 1-4, soon-to-be eligible, soon-to-be badgered, and likely soon-to-be required, for getting vexxed for a disease they almost certainly wouldn’t suffer from. And say to yourself, “Now isn’t that interesting.”

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  1. It was never about health. It was always about money, control, and depopulation.
    Ba’al worship is rife among the ruling classes.

  2. Jerry

    Agreed. Not a WHIFF about health, all about control.

  3. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Briggs: “Whoever came up with “SADS”, as in “Ain’t that a SADS death”, is a sublime jokester.”

    Satan is a great comedian. Too bad more people don’t get the joke.

  4. Johnno

    Look here man.

    It’s 2022.

    Life evolves.

    It just so happens that life has evolved to the point where more kids are getting hard attacks.

    And also that more and more kids are becoming trannies.

    Kids grow up and change so fast…

    And the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon… little boy blue and the man in the moon…

    Evolution happens.

    All perfectly normal.

    Basic survival of the sickest.

    Stop thinking too much.

    The government demands it!

    I’ll just leave these here…

    They all “died suddenly” just this past week (February 8-14)

    Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide

  5. Robert Yoho

    Please see for what we must do next to oppose the FDA jabbing our babies.

  6. awildgoose

    “SADS,” is just another name in a long line of trolls from the controllers, sitting there in plain sight.

  7. Incitadus

    Doesn’t matter if the kiddie vaccines are used or not they’re paid for with
    tax dollars out of our pockets into theirs. Hell of a business model really.
    Anyone that still thinks this is about public health is a damn fool.

  8. Rudolph Harrier

    It’s apparent at this point that one of their axioms is “all must take the vaccine and get regularly boosted.”

    No approved analysis of the data can begin until everyone agrees to that premise.

  9. awildgoose


    Unapproved analysis of the disability data shows a spike of 3 million new disabilities in 2021. That’s almost 1% of the US population.

  10. Robin

    Portugal, reportedly the first or second most COVID vexxed country in the world, has just experienced it’s 6th COVID wave. The UK, again highly vexxed, announced 1 million COVID cases last week – on the cusp of a new wave.

    In our small community, people are still dropping dead for no apparent reason, and many have had COVID several times, each time worse than the previous one.

    We are really suffering from SAVS and now SIVS. Sudden Adult/Infant Vexxination Syndrome.

    Wondering if this is all just Oligarchs oligarching. Seems there is a rotation going on that started in earnest during 2008 … OK Wall Street, it’s your turn. Financial crisis, gov’t bailout, QE. OK Big Pharma it’s your turn. Pandemic, bailout, global vex. Now step down. OK Big Arms industry, it’s your turn. War, bailout, global arms. Now step down. Etc. etc. etc.

  11. Johnno


    Look everyone! The thing us conspiracy nuts said wouldn’t happen; but the thing THE GOVERNMENT (c) , THE SCIENCE ™ , and the EXPERT FAK-CHAKS (lol) promised and GUARANTEED would happen… is not happening!

    The APPROVED ™ Vexxine, the one that they promised wouldn’t be under Emergency Excuse Protection… the one they swore up and down was just as good as the Emergency Excuse Vexxines, so to just keep using the unapproved emergency excuse vexxines until the approved one comes…


    Pfizer Quietly Admits it Will NEVER Manufacture the Vaccine that was FDA Approved – Will Produce New “Tris-Sucrose Formulation” mRNA Vaccine Instead

    It’s official – Pfizer’s “fully approved” and experimental mRNA vaccine, dubbed “Comirnaty,” was nothing more than a head-fake.

    Earlier this week, the notorious experimental vaccine maker quietly submitted an update to the CDC, admitting that its originally licensed “Comirnaty” vaccine will never be distributed for use.

    In other words, Pfizer has exclusively been supplying its version of the experimental vaccine that was granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA – aka, zero Pfizer-branded vaccines given in the US have been “fully approved.”

    The “silent” update, which was posted – unannounced – on the CDC’s website, comes after months of posturing by Pfizer and US public health officials, who all claimed the vaccine was “fully approved” and, therefore, you should take it.

    In reality, there was as much a “fully approved” vaccine as there was proof of bigfoot – but the jab had the credentials it needed. Even more concerningly, the FDA deceptively sent out two letters regarding the separate jabs (Comirnaty and EUA) which helped confuse the public and aided in the fake-news media’s manipulation.

    Until the FDA’s announcement in August 2021, Millions of Americans had been hesitant to take the vaccine because of its temporary approval status – as many as 30% of the unvaccinated, according to polling cited by Anthony Fauci at the time. Because of this, the Biden Regime capitalized on the FDA’s decision in an effort to increase uptake and quell vaccine hesitancy, and, sadly, it worked.

    Not only did the FDA’s fake approval also serve as the catalyst for a massive wave of mandates, both by Biden federally and by Democrat tyrants alike, but the deceptive move also increased overall vaccine uptake by a massive 36% (minus the mandates), according to one study published in the Journal for American Medicine Association (JAMA).

    Unsurprisingly, researchers found that series-completing vaccinations (2nd & 3rd dose etc.) saw the largest increase of all, with a 77% uptick post-‘approval’.

    The FDA’s decision also sent shockwaves around the world, compelling hesitant citizens of other western nations to also take the vaccine. Millions were misled by the ‘experts.’ Is that not criminal medical malpractice, at the very, very least?

    Unfortunately, any hope of accountability for this is a long shot right now. In addition to the treasonous Biden Regime holding the keys, Pfizer is completely exempt from damages related to its experimental mRNA vaccine thanks to its status under EUA. As Dr. Robert Malone – the inventor of mRNA technology – has said for months, if Pfizer doesn’t give out its ‘fully approved’ version, they keep the immunity, and, that’s exactly what they’ve done.

    Boy! How are we so good at being more Expert than Experts?! More factual than fak-chakers?! More accurately predictive than all THE SCIENCE ™ models?! More handsomer than shilling current-thing celebrity tik-tokkers?!

    How, I ask you, how???

  12. Rudolph Harrier

    They realized that having everything done by an emergency use authorization was a win win for big pharma and big government. Big Pharma gets to pump stuff out more quickly and with less oversight, while at the same time Big Government gets off the hook if things go bad, since they never technically approved things in the first place. There is also the awkward reality of “emergency use authorizations” not being usable when an approved alternative exists, meaning that it is more convenient if nothing is every approved.

    The only reason that they bothered getting something “fully approved” was to try to get the “vaccine hesitant” to get jabbed. There was about a month straight of news reports of the form “Some people wanted to make sure things were safe but now that the vaccine has been fully approved you have no excuse! (No, not the vaccine you’ll actually be getting, a different one that will never be on the market.)”

    I think that they realized that that gambit had very little effectiveness. Most people were willing to get jabbed without health studies, while the resistant were wise enough to media games by that point to not make a big difference (or at the very least were able to say “Okay, maybe I’ll get the shot that was actually approved, can you give me that one?”) I doubt we’ll see them even try to approve future vaccines.

    Unfortunately this probably won’t apply just to COVID stuff. If pharma companies can get away with rushing other vaccines, they will. Another part of the overall decline of modern healthcare.

  13. Johnno

    Healthy young people now dying en masse across Australia, and the corporate media still won’t dare mention vexxines

    Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is taking the world by storm

    Fully-vaccinated individuals who maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle are dying unexpectedly. According to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, this new death category is dubbed “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS).” People under the age of 40 are now being urged to get their hearts checked, as a wave of young people collapse after being coerced to take part in blood-clotting vaccine experiments.

    Melbourne’s Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute has developed a new national register to better record the surge in death among young, healthy populations. This registry is the first in the world to include hospital, ambulance and forensics information. A spokesperson for the Institute said “there are approximately 750 cases per year of people aged under 50 in Victoria suddenly having their heart stop.” The Institute reports that approximately nine young people are now dying without cause every month, even after a full autopsy. Of course, this autopsy does not include any investigation into the heart-damaging vaccines that these young people are needlessly getting.

    In the US, a SADS organization was set up to bring awareness of Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome in young people. This foundation estimates that 4,000 children now die from SADS annually. The foundation reports that over half of the cases include a family history of a SADS diagnosis; however, the foundation does not mention what similar actions those family members engaged in, nor do they investigate the lifestyle factors and vaccine use that those family members have in common in relation to the SADS diagnosis.

    Much of the scientific community is ignoring the causes of SADS and SIDS to please their overlords — the vaccine industry

    Genetic screening is used to determine one’s risk of SADS, yet genetic screening is just a formality. It does not accurately predict a SADS case, investigate its causes or prevent it from happening. Cardiologist Dr. Elizabeth Paratz said it’s very hard to combat SADS because it’s really a “diagnosis of nothing.” It’s a “very hard entity to grasp” for family and friends of victims, she said.

    It’s “not as easy as everyone in Australia getting genetically screened,” she said, because scientists are not 100 percent sure “what genes cause this.” Maybe the scientific community is looking in the wrong place, as they protect their overlords, their sponsors and their government enforcers — the vaccine industry.

    As more people get screened for SADS, the real problems are ignored and patients are given a false sense of security. The real pressures on the heart include covid-19 vaccines and all the oppressive measures that were put in place to force compliance. The persistent genetic interference of the human body with toxic spike proteins is causing heart inflammation, blood clots and emergency heart problems. The persistent oxygen deprivation and cardiovascular strain from masks also plays a role. Living in fear and in an oppressive state, where government and pharmaceutical companies dictate associations and human rights, has also negatively impacted cardiovascular health. These issues can no longer be ignored.

    The generation that grew up with a runaway, unaccountable childhood vaccine schedule and an ever-increasing rate of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and autism is suddenly becoming the generation that must face a runaway covid-19 vaccine program and all of the sudden adult death and heart damage it has wrought.

  14. Bradley P Wood

    I follow right up to the graphic… it doesn’t appear to show anything.

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