Un-Non-Change Changing Of The Guard — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Un-Non-Change Changing Of The Guard — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The purpose of war is either defense or conquest. Assuming the defense loses, the conqueror faces an immediate question. Which comes first, catechize, or commercialize? The history of man is a succession of almost always rationalizing the choice of commercialization first. The ultimate result is always the eventual collapse of the conquering Empire. Because placing Mammon over God always leads to destruction.

A perfect example of this truth is the Spanish discovery of the New World. This discovery, made possible by the new technology of astral navigation, immediately placed this question before the rulers of Spain. Spain in 1492, you will recall, had just completed the world’s longest war (770 years), the Reconquista, the reclamation of Iberia from the invading Muslims.

The Muslims, of course, had no problem deciding their choice: commercialization. All catechizing was done at the point of the sword of Allah. Which sealed the fate of those conquerors. It took a while, but the people’s Faith ultimately won.

When the Spaniards became the conquerors of the New World, they faced the same question the Sultan faced. Fortunately, this produced an internal war in Spain over which choice would prevail. Initially, the forces of commercialization were victorious, and the New World Indians were enslaved. Not that the King and Queen were in favor of this. But the long road from Madrid to Mexico waylaid many of their decrees. And the profiteers were making hay (and digging gold) in the meantime.

Ultimately, the catechization was accomplished by Our Lady, at Guadalupe. In spite of the commercializing slavers. There has been a battle betwixt these two sides ever since. But at least the Faith now had a chance. And Mexico (and Brazil, where the same confrontation played out) are now the two largest Catholic countries on Earth. Neither the Empires of Spain or Portugal are now world powers. But the Faith remains ascendant. The True Empire won out. But it took a while. And this same war, while yet won, is still playing out in battles that continue south of here. It takes time for news of the surrender to reach all fronts. Let us remember that.

The situation is radically different in the world’s third largest Catholic country – America. Yes, that’s right. Here, in the USA. The new Empire. The direct descendant of Imperial Rome. Through our forefathers, Imperial Britain. In York, where Constantine was stationed when his father, Constantius I, took the Imperial Roman helm. Yes, the HQ moves around, but the Empire is always a constant. And eventually it moved to York. And then New York, of course. Which is where we come into the scene.

Our Anglish forefathers had a different outlook than that of Spain (and France, at the time). Because those contenders to the Imperial throne had a different theological outlook of their Indian subjects than the (mis-named) Brits. The Spanish (and French) saw the Indians as humans. The proof of it is that they would inter-marry with them, and catechize their people in the Faith. Not perfectly, of course. And not without commercial resistance within their own fold. But still, the Faith had a fighting chance.

But here in North America, we saw none of that from those same ‘Brits’. Why? Because between 1492 and 1609, something huge had happened. It was (and still is) called ‘The Reformation’. As in, ‘the Deformation’. Of the Faith, that is. When Adam Smith replaced Adam and Eve. And all things became quantitative instead of qualitative. Ask Wolfgang Smith about this if you’re not sure what I mean.

Here’s the net result. The family became atomized, and every man became autonomous. As long as he didn’t buck the Emperor, that is. Again, ask the American Indians if you’re not sure. Rugged American Individualism became the icon of Anglish ‘Christianity’ in North America. The hood ornament on the chariots of Caesar. And we have ridden behind those horses from that time till now. We have seen ourselves as Americans first, and Christians second. That ranking tells the whole story.

The vicars of this American Manifest Destiny have ridden far behind Caesar and his train of troops as they have marched across the continent, and then across the globe. These Anglish vicars have blessed their successor-Caesar’s every move. And the world has paid the price for this Imperial pride. No Catholic catechesis of those conquered by America has ever occurred since then. Why? Because no one was Catholic in the American Experiment.

Only the teachings of the Marketplace were allowed. The true Church of Mammon. Where the labour price of a man’s soul is quoted daily. And the trend is always downward. As AI trends upward, naturally. Or un-naturally, truth be told.

But now, something has changed. There is a new challenge to Caesar. Not from a Spain, or a France, or a Netherlands, or even a Germany. (Notice how things trend East?). Now it is the Eastern Slavs who have arisen. Slavs, who were formerly the source of Imperial slaves. Yes, now these upstart Eastern Slavs have decided to challenge the Western Caesar.

Do you remember what happened under Diocletian, in 303? When he split the Empire, and there were two Caesars, East and West? And that while there was one Augustus, there were two Caesars, each with its own sphere of military/economic influence? This began the struggle for dominance between East and West.

Remember that there were two co-existent Romes as well, for several centuries? And that Western Rome appeared to fall (but never actually did)? And that lascivious Eastern Rome was ascendant for almost a millennium, until the Sultan arrived? And then the West was ascendant again, as the East fell under the Islamic rule? Well, guess what? The East has arisen again. And now the West seems to be dying, again.

It seems so confusing to so many people. But that’s because they can’t discern the difference between Holy Rome and Imperial Rome, regardless of direction. They think everything comes down to Wholly Rome. Wherein the Church and State are one. But somebody is on top in this scrum. And it ain’t the Church. Because of this, people fail to see the crux of the question: commercialize, or catechize?

My brother, Angor, sees this in a rational sense, and concludes commercialization should come first. Then, after a period of time, the newly conquered will (theoretically) be gradually absorbed into the body politic and become productive members of the Empire. The melting pot, as it were. People who are then open to the catechesis stage.

Which never happens.

It’s a great theory. But it never worked. Here’s what I mean. If you conquer someone, and then you try to buy their allegiance, you will succeed to a certain extent. Look at Germany and Japan, post WWII. They became westernized. But not Catholic. And how could they, considering we weren’t Catholic? Which is to say, America had separated the concepts of Holy Rome and Imperial Rome by subjugating the Church to the State. The resultant product is what I call Wholly Rome. Secular to the core. This is the definition of Protestant theology. Which, by the way, was patented by the Orthodox (the first Protestants).

The conquered people usually weren’t stupid enough not to notice this fact. They get it, in spades. Religion, in the Empire, is only there to serve Caesar. Which is why the first Christians had to be put to death, as they would not put Caesar first. This, I contend, is what caused the Church to grow. At an astronomic rate. The people wanted truth more than wealth. Especially when they saw that the myth of the Empire (yes, you too can become Caesar! Or, at least rich) was a sham.

So here is where brother Angor’s theory falls. In reality, which is to say ‘in the creation’, there are many stations in life. And none of them are equal. There are many gradations of rank and status, and they are all legitimately ordained by the Creator. So, any ‘theology’ (parading as an economic system) that says everyone can rise to the top is false. All it does is to create class divisions that lead to animosity and strife within the body politic. Which, coincidentally, makes it much easier to rule people. Divide and conquer. And as long as you don’t see your subjects as having equal dignity as you, it’s easy to be Caesar. Killing (in so many ways) is easy.

Now it may sound harsh, but this is the actual history of all Empires, especially Imperial Rome. The final Empire, according to scripture. This is how Empires are built and ruled. The closer any Caesar adheres to this rule, the longer that empire lasts. And the closer that history gets to our own time and place, the more resentful my fellow ‘citizens’ become towards me, as they think I am criticizing them as Americans. But my criticism is of Imperial Americans, not National Americans.

Ultimately, this rule of division and deception reaches the point where it cannot be sustained without outright violence that destroys any allegiance that was first purchased in the past. The people rebel, as the current Caesar is replaced. But the office is never banished. Which means that the whole cycle must repeat itself.

Now, back to the alternative. If, instead of materially buying some level of allegiance of conquered souls, an Emperor sought to liberate them from their true spiritual poverty, he should (theoretically) be able to obtain their true allegiance. The only hitch in this is that the people must perceive that his effort is not intended for his own aggrandizement. The old saying, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam encapsulates this perfectly.

In other words, the people will only believe Caesar when they see that Caesar admits that the Church should be above the State. Which means, he does not see himself as God. Or even a god. That’s when the conquered will accept catechesis. Why? Because they see that Caesar accepts it as well. That is, they see that he too accepts that there are many stations in life, and that he too understands that he is not at the top of the heap. And thus, they should not desire to rise above their appointed station in life. In other words, revolution is verboten.

Where has this ever happened in real life? Where has an Empire existed that held many nationalities in a peaceful embrace? Well, never. The closest thing to it in recent times was the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which lasted for several centuries. Until it grew beyond the common faith of its inhabitants. The catechesis couldn’t keep up with the Imperial expansion. Before that you have to go back to Charlemagne, and that only lasted until he died.

What am I saying here? Simple, citizen. Peace won’t happen in this life. Neither approach, commercialization or catechesis, can continually work in an Imperial setting. And the only setting allowed is the Imperium. Ergo, this will not work.

Which is why the concept of Empire is a curse. Caesar is always opposed to Christ. Both claim The Godhead. And it can’t be both. Anyone should be able to see that. But no one does.

The fact of the matter is that the true and rightful hierarchy of mankind was ordained at Babel, when God divided the one people into many tongues (nations). Nationality, not Imperium. It was for our own good. It was to prevent the sin of Imperial hubris. It was to insulate each sub-group from outside error. And terror. Only the homogeneity of a singular nation can sustain the faith that forms its singular culture. Only then can catechesis keep pace with the growth.

The only growth that can occur in an insular nation is natural, demographic growth. Wherein the newly ‘absorbed’ citizens are safely within the proper ’empire’, known as the family. The only Empire that has (or could have) the best interests of its ‘citizens’ at heart. The only Empire that places the eternal welfare of the lowest among them (children) above their ruler (their father).

Yes, obviously, we are way past that point here. Maybe it can still work in some blessed backwater. But for the most part, the global (Imperial) drive has eliminated so many national and cultural barriers that nationalism is but a dream. Which means each ‘nation’ is now nothing more than a local slugfest of mutts, from a cultural (a.k.a. religious) perspective.

So, let’s face it. We are in the embrace of Caesar, until the end of time. The only question is, which Caesar?

If you are trying to discern which Imperial contestant is the ‘true’ Empire, totally deserving of your allegiance, ask yourself a simple question. Is the State above the Church? If the answer is ‘yes’ does it matter whether the Emperor faces East or West?

We’re getting closer to our situation today. We see the Western Empire fading, and a renewed one arising in the East. And many people are hoping that this new one, known as Third Rome, will be the authentic Empire. One that will bring peace and prosperity, both spiritual and material, to all within its fold. After all, this new iteration of Empire appears to contain within it an element of traditional spiritual truth. And it certainly seems to have the military and economic strength one would expect in a true Empire.

Contrary to what most expect, I think (after an initial period of grief) we will see an economic ‘miracle’ coming from the riches of the Newest Rome, centered in Eurasia. At the hand of Vlad. Beware of this. It is only meant to buy your allegiance.

Should we abandon our Western allegiance and embrace the new and improved Slavic Rome? Well, yes and no. Yes, we should abandon our Western Imperial allegiance. And no, we should not embrace Eastern Imperial allegiance. Forget Third Rome. Remember, every Empire has two constituent elements, Church and State. This newly emergent Eastern version places the State above the Church. Caesar above Christ. In the Imperial world, this element never changes. Regardless of direction.

This is the world we live in. Regardless of direction. It will not change until the end. We simply have to make the best of it. Without losing our Faith. And without burning any incense to Caesar. Any Caesar. As The Who told us many long years ago, ‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss’.

As Chernyshevsky famously asked, ‘What is to be done’? Lenin, the plagiarist extraordinaire, answered ‘Revolution’! Overthrow your masters!

Christ, on the other hand, says humbly keep your station in life. Forget about overthrowing anyone, except yourself. Serve your master with charity and meekness. And you shall inherit the earth.

Am I saying we should not participate in the political life of our community and state? That we should just roll over and die? No, not at all. But don’t expect any miracles. Because Jesus isn’t on the ballot.

Where does that leave us? Where should we go for solace and support? How do we regain our freedoms in this newly emergent Russo-centric world? Simple, my brothers. You don’t. Don’t expect it in this life. Don’t expect any help from the hierarchy of the Church (East or West). Don’t expect it from the Imperial throne (White House or Kremlin).

I hate to tell this to you, but the fact of the matter is this: you have never been free. You can’t regain what you never had. Truth be told, no man (born in sin) has ever been free. And none of us will ever be free until we die. All of our time spent here, before our demise, is simply intended to let us imagine and desire what would constitute our true freedom. Freedom, outside the grasp of bad Caesars, and bad clerics.

What is it you really want? Better yet, Who is it you really want? Who do you want to be your eternal Caesar? And more importantly, who do you want to be your eternal Christ? Your eternal Anointed One? Are these two personages one and the same, in your heart of hearts?

If they are, you’ll be fine. Just persevere till the end. Keep the Faith. Don’t burn the incense. Do not get fooled again.

Pray that Our Lady of Guadalupe returns, for an Eastern encore.

And pray for Vlad. He needs it.

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  1. Jovan Dragisic

    I thought Putin was supposed to have nuked China by now. Briggs, you are laboring under the delusion that simply because you are a dark and sick individual, so is every human, so every one of us needs to conform to your interpretation of the faith. Entertaining read though. Bash the Jews some more next time, your readers will get a kick out of it.

  2. Hagfish Bagpipe

    While I remain dubious of Russia ascending to the global purple — conquering China, India, et cetera? — the author’s prescience of Russia’s rising suggests taking the possibility seriously. Still, real Americans would have to fall very, very low before submitting to the rule of a Russian Siezer.

    Watt wrote: ”Don’t expect any help from the hierarchy of the Church (East or West).”

    That’s what us Protestants have been telling you guys for only the last five hundred years.

    Nice song, Welshman.

  3. Hagfish Bagpipe


  4. Briggs


    I was going to bash Ohioans next time. But I could change my mind. Or, rather, Watt’s.

  5. Lucy Tucker

    I love Ianto.

  6. Cary Cotterman

    Sucked me in, then hit me with Jesus.

    Nice sermon, Brother Gantry.

  7. Robin

    Watt bashed just about everybody except Hagfish’s Esquimaux. Even his own Catholics.

    Interesting and wide ranging essay. As usual Ianto makes one think. Wasn’t there a (so described in his time) “religious fanatic” who reportedly said “Render unto Caesar …”

  8. incitadus

    The Church is and always has been a handmaiden of the State, just look at
    your green Pope and how Vlad is trying to connect his efforts to some sort
    of a crusade. Though the demonology of the western Masonic order is much

  9. John Pate

    I live in the Philippines, I would dispute the fact that the USA is 3rd largest Catholic country unless you count the non-Catholics but north of 90% of the 120+ million pop of the Phils are Catholic.

  10. C-Marie

    “…. and unto God, the things that are God’s…” And we are God’s!

    And, we are God’s creation … everyone of us … whether we acknowledge that or not. So yes, persevere in and with Jesus Christ, through to Heaven!!

    God bless, C-Marie

  11. There is freedom in Christ while we are alive in this world: “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord” (2Corinthians 3:17-18; cf. Galatians 5:1, 13; 1Peter 2:16).
    This isn’t a freedom that is bestowed on us by either Pelagian Christianity (West or East) or by any Imperial throne. We are not born with this freedom; therefore, we do not regain it. It is part of the Spirit of Christ when His Spirit is within us.

  12. Johnno

    I thought Putin was supposed to have nuked China by now.


    you are laboring under the delusion that simply because you are a dark and sick individual, so is every human, so every one of us needs to conform to your interpretation of the faith.

    No delusion there… them’s just the facts!

    Bash the Jews some more next time, your readers will get a kick out of it.

    Silly stupid ACLU… where’s your child-sacrificin’ Moloch now???

    That’s what us Protestants have been telling you guys for only the last five hundred years.

    But you also told us to put our faith in ‘Murica… 🙁

    The Church is and always has been a handmaiden of the State, just look at
    your green Pope and how Vlad is trying to connect his efforts to some sort
    of a crusade.

    Nope. There were times when the Church could suplex the State. The State should always be subordinate to the Church. That is why in the Mass (the real traditional one) the priest has an acolyte who symbolically demonstrates this position. God always brings in a king to get things done, even if it means going outside the faith to find one whenever the local dummies abandon their duty.

    Anyway the point is whether anyone likes it or not, the Queen of Heaven informed us that God has plans for Russia. That has been gradually unfolding all these years. Her Ever-Virgin Majesty also told us that it didn’t mean that Russia was necessarily kosher. Russia had sinned, is still sinning and reparation needed to be done and it needed to convert. And the point man for the job of making that action was not the Metropolitan from the East. It was the Western Roman one. Negligent and stupid as they might be. But that’s where the buck stops. And before we go further we need to ascertain who precisely that man currently is because the green humble one is very likely not whom he appeareth…

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