Why Do You Believe Masks Work?

Why Do You Believe Masks Work?

Take a look at this:

The Mask Mandate, which according to Taiwan’s media was assiduously observed, began in late Spring 2021. It is still in place.

Indeed, on 29 June the country’s CECC (like our CDC) looked at this same data and pushed masks even harder: “Taiwan announces prolonged mask rules for July 1-31“.

Chen said that although daily cases appear to be gradually diminishing, he called on the public to be “patient for a while” and continue to wear their face masks properly. He then announced that the epidemic prevention rules in place for June would be extended through July and asked for “everyone to cooperate” with the rules for this “very important mile.”

I would particularly love to hear from mask fans, any mask fan, to argue the efficacy of masks using the publicly available data.

Like in our examination of China last week, where masks have not stopped the spread of the bug, we see from their cousins that picture. Masks did nothing to prevent the infection.

Yet people still believe masks work.

Yes, there are some cynics and those who use masks to control the populace, reveling in the authority granted them by fear. All true.

But there is still a huge contingent of people who believe in masks. They have more faith in masks than in gravity. Masks are like magic, and function as amulets which absorb not only the wearer’s positive mask faith, but the negative and positive faith of others the mask wearer can see (those they cannot see do not affect them).

Too much negative energy, and the mask’s powers are cancelled! But in a mysterious way nobody understands, because everybody is still wearing their masks.

Here’s another, far superior version of the same pic (which I saw after starting writing this last Friday):

Taiwan, a small island, had effective border control, testing all incoming passengers. So they were good at keeping the infection at bay for a while. But all borders leak. After that, it was too late. And, of course, inevitable.

I’m waiting. I’m here. I’m listening. Why do you believe masks work?

I really want to know. I don’t want glib or humorous responses, and no sarcasm please. If you believe masks work, why. Show us. Point us to the studies or data or whatever you use to support this belief.

If your basis is only because authorities say “Trust us, masks work”, let us know that. But if this your only source, then I must remind you that these authorities also insist that men who say they are women are women (and vice versa), the same authorities who speak of gender being “assigned at birth”. These are the same authorities who want to replace meat with cereals (made by the best corporations). And so on.

As we tried to warn you—in vain, alas—the panicked rush to masks would lead to rulers saying masks must be used everywhere, to stop all disease.

Our second headline: “Taiwan’s mask law to stay in July to prevent ‘other diseases’“.

Despite reports indicating that Taiwan could relax its mask mandate in July, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) head on Tuesday (June 7) said that the mask mandate would remain in place for the time being because they are effective in preventing “other respiratory diseases.”…

Regarding the loosening of mask rules in July, Chen said “for the time being, we will probably not be implementing an overall relaxation of mask (rules) because, in addition to COVID-19, masks have a considerable preventative effect on other respiratory diseases.” Chen did not elaborate on what other respiratory diseases the CECC is concerned about.

Of course he did not elaborate. He cannot. There is no evidence which shows masks prevent, not only coronadoom, but these mysterious other diseases.

Or have we, after thousands of years of sad history, finally hit upon the cure for all illness? No more sickness! No more disease! All hospitals shuttered, all doctors employed!

Just wear a mask!

“Briggs, your last two covid articles were on China and Taiwan. These countries have nothing to do with us.”


Bonus Another foreign country:

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  1. JDaveF

    I’ve worn masks in my work as a physician since 1976. Do they prevent the spread of Covid-19? I don’t know. But showing a graph demonstrating spread of the virus in a mask-wearing population proves nothing. You make the most basic error in a statistical study – you don’t have a control group. Would the number of cases in Taiwan have been 50% higher without mask use? 100%? 1,000%? You have no way of knowing, because there was no group of maskless Taiwanese to compared with the masked Taiwanese. I believe the truth is, that today, no one has any idea if masks work or not. I do know that all of horrors of wearing masks purported by the anti-maskers are rubbish. Everyone who claims they work or don’t work is guessing. I advocated, early on in the pandemic doing a case-controlled study using prisoners (they would get a significant reduction in sentence for volunteering for), no on one on earth has done such a study. Again, I’ve worn masks regularly for 46 years.

  2. Jerry

    The bulletproof mystique of medical professionals having superior knowledge has been shattered forever. Turns out they are just as fallible as the rest of us.

  3. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”Why Do You Believe Masks Work?

    1) Masks work by indicating to the Owners the number of cattle in their stockade.

    2) Masks work by spreading fear, and frightened people are easier to dominate.

    3) Masks work by demoralizing those resistant to mass submission.

    4) Masks work by undermining health and making people stupid. It is easier to extract the wealth of unhealthy and stupid people before destroying them.

    5) Masks work by identifying to the Owners which are the troublesome cattle.

    6) Masks work by making people look ugly, frightened, and stupid — which is the “new normal”.

    Masks work! — that’s why I believe they work.

  4. JDave,

    So you wore masks for 46 years. What do you think that is evidence of? The fact that you wore a mask, with no evidence that the mask was effective for anything (besides social compliance) is not evidence of anything other than your own penchant to submit.

    Briggs’ data from Taiwan is clear evidence that masks do not prevent infection by the cold virus. If nearly 100% of Taiwanese wore masks, and the mask-wearing people were infected, that is evidence that masks do not prevent infection. No need for a control group. No need for a wee p-value.

    An excellent overview (although Briggs has provided much more details and blow-by-blow analysis of the issue) of evidence for the efficacy (or not) of mask-wearing by doctors was published in 2009, before the control-panic government crackdown on dissent and mask noncompliance. Masks provide no significant reduction in viral disease transmission.

    “Infectious Disease>Infection Control
    Unmasking the Surgical Mask: Does It Really Work?
    by Crystal Phend, Senior Staff Writer, MedPage Today October 5, 2009
    In Surgery: Masks Unmasked
    Lack of evidence has also plagued surgical masks in their traditional setting, and where their use is still nearly universal: the operating room.
    But not for lack of study.
    In fact, three large, randomized controlled trials were conducted in the 1980s to determine once and for all if surgical masks actually did prevent surgical wound infection.
    … the trials “showed absolutely no efficacy” for that original purpose, MacIntyre noted.
    “Really, the surgeon might as well wear nothing on their face,” she said.”

    Could your vaunted 46 years of mask compliance be nothing but social voodoo?

  5. Jan Van Betsuni

    I believe masks work because ~ when I wear one in the supermarket ~ they let me shop.

  6. Raymond Cunningham

    How would one exclude the possibility that masks had some efficacy against Wuhan and Delta but not against the more infectious Omicron variant with the data given?

  7. Terrence Allen

    Yeah, but in Singapore the 10% that arent’ in compliance are ruining it for everybody else. Thats why they are surging. What I can’t understand is what’s taking the non-compliant so long to die already. Let nature take it’s course. Let the scofflaws die of Covid and then we’ll be at 100% vaxed and masked.
    Problem solved.

  8. BDavi52

    Why do people believe masks work?

    Because to believe otherwise feels bad.
    I mean the Experts say they work ….and surely something works….and it makes it look as though you care and are doing your best…and after all isn’t doing your best the best you can do…and you have to do something don’t you….so wearing masks is doing somethingm as opposed to just sitting there doing nothing and isn’t something always better than nothing….I mean really!??

    So — short answer — people believe masks work because they have to believe they work because believing they don’t work, and believing Experts don’t know, sends a 10.0 Richter shock through the life foundation on which stand. And that would be very bad indeed.

    Thus the insistence on the counter-factual ‘proof’: just think how bad it would be if we weren’t wearing masks, for God’s sake!!

    Like the old Hudson & Landry routine:
    Man talking to a farmer….whaddya grow here? Buckwheat and radishes. You do well growing buckwheat and radishes, make some money?

    On the buckwheat we do. Not on the radishes. Never have.

    Well why do you grow ’em?

    They keep the wolverines away!

    You have problems with wolverines here?

    Nah, I’ve never seen one!

    You haven’t???

    Nooo. Them radishes are doing a hell of a job, aren’t they??!!

    Just think of how bad it would have been in Taiwan without them!!

  9. JDave,

    “Again, I’ve worn masks regularly for 46 years.”

    There are some industrial painters who have also worn masks for decades. Do you have a point?

  10. jeff

    Data doesn’t matter. My mask-loving “friends” simply reply – “look at Australia – they have a lower death rate than the United States and that’s all that matters.” Or Canada, etc.

    Of course they ignore everything else.

  11. When considering the question of whether masks work to prevent the spread of respiratory disease, what kind of principles are involved?




    Or physical? Is evaporation of respiratory droplets in masks an important question? How about whether masks wick water from respiratory droplets and leave a residue behind? What happens to the residue? Do air jets and mask fibers do work on the residue, grinding it down?

    Who is in field to discuss this question…doctors, or physicists?

  12. Dixon Craig

    I find Karl Popper logic hard to follow.

    They say “Correlation does not prove Causation”.

    But does “No Correlation does not disprove Causation?”

    Is this why if there is no control group no conclusion can be drawn if there is no correlation?

  13. No disrespect intended, but almost everyone misses a central point.

    *Calculating* risks can be done rationally, even if it’s not infallible. But *evaluating* risks depends on individual psychology, personal history, and resulting subjective risk tolerance.

    Our current culture of “safety-ism” fosters very low risk tolerance, while incessant, expertly-crafted propaganda leads people to believe that Covid-19 risks are much larger than they really are.

  14. PaulH

    Of course, mask-wearing by and in the general public serves no useful purpose. People contaminate their masks by adjusting them and letting them get soggy, etc. I was at a grocery store where the masked cashier sneezed (allergies, probably) into her mask and kept on completing the sale. How in the world is that healthy for her? She’ll re-ingest what her functioning respiratory worked to expel.

  15. Darren

    If mask work then why in the middle of the pandemic mask mandate when both my wife & I followed all of the rules and wore mask everywhere they were required both of us ended up contracting COVID? We wore mask at work, stores, everywhere we were mandated to but still we both contracted it. Please anyone feel free to tell me how they work then. As others have mentioned almost no one actually cares for their mask as they should anyway so how can they work? Data says in the most “paranoid” of countries like China (their pattern not my statement) that it doesn’t seem to prevent any respiratory illness then how are we supposed to believe it works? The funny thing that I have liked is that the government has claimed that flu deaths have plummeted but all of us know that is simply because no flu deaths will be called that in this era they will be called COVID deaths instead.

  16. Robin

    In Asia there is some cultural bias towards masks. Taiwan, China, Singapore have all previously drawn upon the use of masks as a general measure against viral transmission since at least the 1990s. But let’s step out of Asia and into the EU. Here we have a peer-reviewed paper “Correlation Between Mask Compliance and COVID-19 Outcomes in Europe”, Spira, April 2022; with the primary conclusion:

    “These findings indicate that countries with high levels of mask compliance did not perform better than those with low mask usage.”


  17. C.R.Dickson

    JDaveF has the right explanation. Unless you have a control, nobody knows what is correct and you cannot properly conclude anything. You can speculate, you can guess, you can believe, but you can never know until an experiment with a proper control is completed.

    An excellent example of an experiment with no control is the Bill Nye-Al Gore heating the bottle “experiment” to demonstrate CO2 global warming. If they had done their literature search ahead of time, as good scientists always do, they would have discovered their experiment had already been done with a control.
    The Nye-Gore experiment tested air and CO2 enriched air. They did not make a comparison to a gas that did not absorb infrared radiation, i.e., they had no control.

    Anthony Watts repeated the Nye-Gore demonstration and showed that an argon control, which has no infrared absorption (IR), heated up just like air. How can you heat argon up if it has no IR absorption? Something else is happening.
    The explanation (not given in the WUWT post) for the heating in the Watts-Nye-Gore experiment is that the heat lamp used as the IR source heats the glass or plastic container, both materials are strong IR absorbers, and it is the warmed glass or plastic container that heats the air and argon by conduction. It is the container, not the air or argon, that is mostly heated by the heat lamp.

    Well-designed experiments are often hard to execute, and sometimes the effect is difficult to demonstrate. It is the unambiguous experiment that determines cause and effect, not some statistical analysis of data. You must gradually increase one variable while holding all others constant. Then the experiment is reversed where that variable is decreased while holding all others constant. And… anybody located elsewhere can repeat the experiment and get the same results.

    That’s why some experiments may take many trials and changes until a full-proof result is obtained. It took Paul Ehrlich (the Nobel Prize winner, not the Stanford doomster) 606 experiments to synthesize the first “magic bullet”, an antimicrobial agent arsphenamine used to treat syphilis.

    Politicians like to use science as some sort of an integrity crutch. The phrase “the science says” is now standard political jargon. If the politicians cared about the voters, they would have thoroughly tested masks for use in plague prevention mode and they certainly should have allowed for proper testing of Ivermectin.

  18. Stephen J.

    I’m not sure if there’s a formal name for this effect, but I will call it intuitively resonant extrapolation.

    Almost everyone in childhood has seen, and probably been briefly fascinated by, the process of separating solid matter out from liquid by pouring stuff through a sieve or colander; we all have that image of the Western old-timer prospector panning for gold in the river, and we’ve seen hot water pour through a teabag or a coffee filter and become one of our wonderful dependent elixirs. So the image of a barrier that filters out the bad from the good when you push stuff through it is something that simply makes bone-deep sense to just about everyone.

    And when we don a mask, our basic sensory experience of having to force the air we’re breathing in and out through the barrier with just that slightest bit of extra effort convinces our subconscious that we are filtering what we breathe and that it must be separating the wheat from the chaff, or at the very least diminishing or reducing it. We intuitively extrapolate from our experience of filters that do work when you put effort into them to conclude that when you have to put extra effort into breathing, effective filtration is happening, because that resonates with our perceptions. (I strongly suspect that if some genius invented an SF-style electrostatic-charge air-filtration mask that allowed completely unimpeded airflow but still actually trapped viral particles, people would actually prefer the cloth or paper masks to the free-airflow mask because the latter wouldn’t feel like it was working.)

    This is also why the arguments about masks not working due to small viral particle size don’t gain traction; most people have real trouble grasping the idea that atmospheric gas particles aren’t the smallest things that go in and out of our lungs — they may intellectually concede the statement but they don’t believe it, not on the level of insight and will that affects our actual choices. The idea that a barrier could impede air-flow without meaningfully impeding viral transmission simply makes no intuitive sense, because they think of air as the “water” of their sieve-image and the virus as the “dirt” being filtered from it, rather than realizing that for face-masks the air is the “dirt” and the virions are the “water”, in terms of what passes more easily through.

    Put simply, I think a lot of people believe masks work because it’s too counterintuitive to grasp why they don’t.

  19. Robin

    The concept of “comparison to a control group” simply cannot be implemented in relation to COVID and therefore in relation to masks. The only thing one can do is to compare large populations after the fact.

    For COVID the control has a general risk of less than 1% with respect to death. For the surviving 99%, the disease manifests in a wide range of outcomes, from those with very mild symptoms (like a common cold), to those who end up in ICUs. How can you show efficacy of any treatment (vexxine, mask or otherwise) against this type of control?

    This is why I had some confidence in the Oxford/AZ data, but the statistical analysis was rather useless. Whereas with the others I had no confidence in the underlying data, but the statistics showed some, albeit questionable, benefit.

    In fact as we are learning now there was virtually no upside to any of these treatments, but potentially devastating downsides.

    Masks, vexxines, Pfizermectin, all are questionable and statistical comparisons are unsound.

  20. Incitadus

    I believe masks work because on the advise of Peter Daszak I bought lots
    of PPE stock back in 2015.

  21. Cary Cotterman

    The face-diaper cult is a faith system based on pseudoscience and lies. We will never be rid of it. The only thing for rational people to do is refuse to participate. If enough people won’t obey, they won’t be able to enforce their lunacy.

  22. AB

    Two things:
    1) No control groups (masks/vax) are a bloody feature of this scamdemic. If you had them, it would be too easy for the average Jane/Joe to say WTH. Even iin Pfu**ers own studies, they end up giving the jab to everyone and only test on the healthy.

    2) This isn’t about masks (they don’t/can never work on virus elimination), but about vax compliance. If you study the literature, you’ll know that SARS-Cov-2 was created by men who were told to do their worst. Hence, now you get variant upon variant being passed back and forth in new sequences that produce a positive test ad infinitum. Based on how this is going, it may never end, and will certainly end up worse for the jabbed as we are seeing. The virus is the Jab!

    A person in the know…and if you look long/hard enough, you’ll find that he and other scientists in Genomics/microbiology have been spot on since before this started and continue to sound the alarm (I worked in Biotech for 6+yrs. He and many others will scare the sh** out of you, but they’re not wrong). Take the globalists at their word – they don’t like you mouth breathers and love death more than life.

    https://twitter.com/Harvard2H (read through many of his threads –

  23. Joe Kehoskie

    People will believe anything when they’re scared.

    And when they’re scared AND stupid AND self-righteous, the insanity multiplies by several orders of magnitude.

  24. Johnno

    If masks don’t work, then that means experts and the government are wrong, or worse… they deliberately lied… And the media wasn’t sceptical, which means they were in on it, or everyone was incompetent at the same time, but overconfident at the same time…

    Whatever it was, every answer leads to a scary place. People don’t like that. They don’t want to even speak about it. The mask helps psychologically. That or a fear of the gestapo inspectors stopping you. Or your job makes you.

  25. Mark Luhman

    “comparison to a control group” it been done and ignored. The Fargo ND school system required mask. The west Fargo School system did not. The demographics of the two school system are as equal as you can make it. The results were no differences. The studies in mask in surgery since the 1970 showed a slightly higher infection rate when you had the medical team wearing masks, the result those studies are ignored. After fifty years of mask studies most of the good one show they are worthless.

  26. Mara Kneževi?

    I believe that there is an anti-civilization agenda behind everything. But covid is here among us. It is transmitted and sometimes kills. It doesn’t help that we believe that someone is behind the epidemic, with some intentions…we have to do something to stop it. You say no to vaccines and no to masks, no to hand washing… but you don’t say how to behave. My position on the mask is this: doctors in operating theaters always wear masks. And we never wondered why. Now I’m starting to think about it: either they protect themselves from the patient or the patient from themselves. I believe they wear masks to reduce the possibility of contamination of open wounds. This is why I believe that someone who is carrying a virus should wear a mask so that he does not infect people in transport by sneezing and coughing. Or am I wrong?

  27. Surgeons started wearing masks to avoid drooling tobacco juice into the body cavities of their patients.
    Otherwise, masks are as useless as the plague doctor masks of old.

    Mara – How many people continue to wear the same mask after they sneeze into it? Do you use the same Kleenex all day long when you have a cold?

    All the “but there was no control group” people – Sweden.

  28. AB

    It’s so easy to scare people with something they can’t see…and the same people never bother to do any of their own research. People can’t be bothered with the truth or dig deep enough to find it. It won’t come knocking on your door, or broadcast by your local propagandists through the black mirror.


  29. philemon

    How do I want to put this: https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/kitten-corner-fabric-of-lies

    The honest surgeons that I’ve known, know that that masks do diddly-squat against viruses. They will admit that the only reason they use them is because patients expect it of them and they are fully on board with the placebo effect.

    Well, that and when you’ve got a bad peritonitis case, sprinkling wintergreen on the mask does help with the smell and the gag reflex.

  30. Ann Cherry

    JDaveF writes “I’ve worn masks in my work as a physician since 1976….I believe the truth is that today, no one has any idea if masks work or not. I do know all the horrors of wearing masks purported by the anti-maskers are rubbish…

    “I advocated…a case-controlled study, no one on earth as done such a study.”

    JDaveF, you’ve chosen to wear a face mask for 45 years, even while thinking there is no evidence, either way, whether they stop viral transmission, while at the same time, insisting that “the horrors of wearing masks purported by the anti-maskers are rubbish”. Alrighty then.

    Maybe there are no RECENT “controlled studies” because it’s already KNOWN that masks don’t stop or slow viral transmission, and it’s been known for decades. Another “controlled study” would just confirm this, something the “pro-maskers” don’t want.

    Pretend you’re on a jury, and we’ve put face masks “on trial” with what we DO know; beginning with the state-sanctioned experts themselves: the CDC and NIH, and their own 40-plus years of findings and conclusions, prior to Coronadoom – when the matter become politicized – that masks do NOT slow or stop transmission of viruses, because viruses are much smaller than mask pores, among other reasons. This is why, when it really matters, doctors and scientists wear full hazmat suits.

    No “face mask trial” would be complete without a visual demonstration or video such as “Masks and Vaping” which shows where our breath flow actually goes, when wearing various types of masks: in cloth masks, vapor goes right thru; in surgical masks, vapor goes thru some (ie thru a valve), and around the edges (especially thru beards), and up over the top into the wearer’s eyeballs, to steam their glasses.

    The jury must also look at the risks of forced masking (or what JDaveF calls “anti-maskers’ rubbish”) by accepting into evidence a report on the composition of surgical face masks; the jury will find they mostly consist of micro-plastic and graphene fibers, which are known carcinogens, and that these masks are mostly manufactured by “overseas slave labor” under less than sanitary conditions.

    Along those same lines, we can accept into evidence studies showing that after only a few minutes, face masks become veritable Petri dishes, containing bacteria and other toxins: from the atmosphere, from “adjusting” the mask with dirty fingers, and from the wearer’s own moist respirations and mucus drippings. Often, these face diapers are taken in and out of dirty pockets and purses between wearings.

    Face masks are on trial here, so think about strapping this snot-infested carcinogenic Petri dish onto your face for hours on end, while fetid breath re-circulates the contents into your own lungs, sinuses, and eyeballs, and into your neighbor’s airspace for their enjoyment as well.

    While making the case against masks, I’d bring in expert testimony about what they are doing to our environment. Mask trash is becoming a real hazard and pollutant, far worse than “plastic straws.”

    After showing affirmatively that masks are physically and psychologically dangerous (especially to children), and environmentally hazardous, we can present many studies, many linked in Briggs’ numerous articles, that masks don’t work for their stated purpose: that is, they don’t slow or stop viral transmission. You know, the kind of studies that get you kicked off Twitter and Youtube for spreading misinformation.

    Besides “controlled” studies done in the past by the CDC et al., there’s current empirical evidence, that those states with mask mandates did no better, and often did worse, that states without mandates, and the same for countries…

    The truth is out there. Given all of the problems, dangers and inconveniences from masks (not to mention they make the wearer look like an idiot), the burden of proof is on the mask aficionados to prove they DO work, and this burden has not been met.

    Even had it been, how are mandatory face diapers justified for a virus with a 99.7% (and now higher) survival rate?

    That level of risk aversion is not only unjustified, it’s insane; this supports the argument that the mask mandate is fundamentally an exercise in obedience to The State. JDaveF, if that isn’t real “horror” I don’t know what is.

  31. I’ve worn surgical masks and scrubs in operating rooms, too. Maybe not for 40 plus years; but long enough to know the practical reality. This stuff is mostly to keep the patient’s blood away from the surgeon and the surgical crew’s spit away from the patient. Any real effect on infections is an accident.

    As far as face mask efficacy against respiratory viruses, we have over a century’s worth of data. No practical effect is present. They’re placebos at best and nocebos at worst. Key to any infectious disease is prevalence and minimum infective dose. For covid, I’ve never seen any data on these widely published. I have seen a few reports that indicate small minimum infectious doses; which is congruent with them being highly transmissible. Given that, I’d not expect much from face masks at all, even N95s, outside of some special cases (like high level biosafety labs).

  32. Johnno

    Mara Kneževi? – surgeons don’t just wear a mask, but a hair cap, gloves, full body overalls and goggles. Sometimes they even cover up their shoes. Ever notice?

    Cutting open people’s bodies is a bloody juicy affair with things splattering everywhere. The doctor, the table, the floor, the big big loghts on the ceiling, etc. It keeps the body fluids and grime off of you and likewise you don’t want to sneeze your goop onto the open internals of a patient, if only to see what you are doing.

    It has F-all to do with viruses. And the masks they use are certainly not the cloth crap that people are walking around in. Proving that this is all theater.

    If the patient is too sick and it is not an emergency, you do not operate.

    If the doctor is sick, he does not operate.


    They don’t just strap on a mask and go at it. Masks have never prevented viral transmissions, just like a man cutting off his pecker will never make him a woman, no matter what government and experts claim.

    Fauci et al also considered mandating goggles along with a mask in case the virus enters through your most exposed part – your eyeballs. If what they said of the mask is true, then it logically followed that the eyes would also be vulnerable. But they felt it went too far, in terms of making people do something, not because it has anything to do with science or consistency with THE SCIENCE ™. However, the next best thing for many were complete face shields or those stupid plastic barriers between you and the guy at the store. Ironically, studies on those discovered that they actually made things worse by becoming a more comfortable place for people’s fluids to remain on and stick around longer, thus endangering the people who use these things even more! But who cares? It’s solid marketing for a danger that does not exist!

    The only actual thing that works is distance between you and a sick person. And science suggests that safety BEGINS at about 20-30 feet. However, THE SCIENCE ™ only recommended 5 or 6 or 7 feet of social distance, depending in the feelings of your local politicians. Which again, does F-all. But if they went with actual science then all human interaction becomes impossible, and Fauci et al still need you lower class types to make them a coffee and do their hair and other stuff, so they made up a number. It is all fake and gay and transified even…

  33. philemon


    Actually, surgeons aren’t into goggles. Some of them use some optical enhancements for some very delicate surgeries. But goggles, no. They need to see what they’re doing.

    “Cutting open people’s bodies is a bloody juicy affair with things splattering everywhere.” That’s what sponges are for. Without good operating room nurses, a surgeon can’t see past the splatter.

    Dentists were the first casualty. Dental hygienists were so scared of HIV/AIDS, they insisted on useless masks.

    Well, this one nurse I knew, put her foot down about treating any male homosexuals.

    Florence Nightingale?

  34. Bobster

    if you can smell a fart through your mask, then it’s not working. Curiously this homely illustration has actually made a few people stop and think.

  35. Why is everyone citing third party studies, papers and statistics to prove/disprove that masks work?

    You can test it in your garage. Which mask is effective for drywall dust? The N95 package says it blocks 95% of dust particles (blue surgical mask is not recommended for drywall). This is reasonable, a little bit of dust won’t kill you. Which mask is effective for spray paint (aka droplets)? You need a respirator that costs 50 dollars and up, depending on the paint you are spraying. I offer to let my mask believers test it out their super duper medical masks with some low toxicity enamel spray paint, they usually walk away at that point.

    A good statistic to study is the maximum number of factual questions to ask a mask or vaxx believer before they walk away. Usually one or two is the max before they terminate the conversation. My favorite is, “If you believe that the vaccines are safe and effective, what is your definition of safe?”

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