How Expertism & The Woke Spreads In Science

How Expertism & The Woke Spreads In Science

The New England Journal of Medicine isn’t exactly what its name indicates. It does tend to concentrate on publishing articles on various aspects of medicine. But it also engages in politics.

Which is not unusual, or even suspect. Any major class of people, such as physicians, have political interests, and it is expected they would discuss these among themselves in their major organs.

But like many of our leading institutions, including our National Academies of Science, to be discussed in a moment, the NEJM has been infiltrated by Experts. Some of these are woke and some not, but all are in league with other Experts.

Proof of this is had easily. The journal has an entire section devoted to “Climate Change“. Which they lead off with these words: “Climate change is a major public health crisis.”

The most interesting thing about those words are that they are false. They are not true. They are at variance with Reality. They are empty of verifiable observation. They are wrong.

If they were true, we would not be seeing the annual winter migration from Points North to Florida and Arizona. Because “climate change” means global warming. And that means slight increases in globally averaged temperatures.

Which by ridiculous statistical manipulation, and forgetting to multiply uncertainties, leads to the superstition that “climate change” produces only evil. Of every kind. And, of course, hurts Victims hardest. “Children from communities of color and low-income communities are disproportionately harmed,” one headline from that page states. That crusty joke is the woke influence.

Woke spreads, outside colleges and other schools, largely by cowardice. Inside schools, propaganda and ideological enforcement are adequate explanations. But that doesn’t account for how seemingly sober heads of major cultural institutions, who are long out of school, suddenly being signalling woke. Cowardice does.

Experts fear not signaling woke, especially as they see other institutions signaling woke. They reason that if they do not signal woke, they rabble will assume they are not woke, and so come after them. But they also suspect the Experts at other institutes might be genuinely woke, and Experts fear being left out among their class more than any other thing.

Which accounts for this otherwise inexplicable joint statement by the Experts who rule our National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Medicine: “Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade Could Worsen Reproductive Health in U.S., Exacerbate Health Inequities“.

Incidentally, the Expert who rules the third academy, the National Academy of Engineering, is not a signer. Maybe because they couldn’t figure a way to tie engineering to abortion, or maybe because engineers are still beholden to Reality.

Anyway, the statement says “The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade will likely make it even more difficult for women* to access high-quality health care in this country”.

This evinces the standard Orwellian language that calls “health care” the killing of the lives inside women. And if that were all the statement said, it would be yet another dull repetition of scientism—the false belief scientists have something important to say on the morality of killing the unborn.

No, it’s that asterisk. Did you see it? Look again if not. It leads to the following at the bottom of the statement, in small print:

*The term ‘women’ is used for the purposes of this statement; however, the National Academies recognize and understand that the term ‘pregnant women’ or ‘woman’ may not reflect how some pregnant individuals or others seeking reproductive health care may identify.

There’s The Science for you. Woke. How you “identify” trumps Reality.

Which proves, with no uncertainty, that the National Academies (excepting perhaps Engineering) are willing to lie about science. The natural question then becomes, What else are they lying about?

Or do these rulers really do this kind of nonsense? Which is worse, because those who tell lies for merely political reasons can always be bought off. Believers who speak in ideological terms can’t be reasoned with.

It’s good to end this with the same joke World Ends, Etc joke, which is also found from the National Academies. The statement says, “The risks are especially acute for women of color, women from low-income backgrounds, and women living in rural areas.”

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  1. JDaveF

    The NEJM has gone from being the premier medical journal of the Americas to being another woke propaganda rag. It’s a darn shame. Dr. Arnold Relman must be spinning in his grave.

  2. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ” “The risks are especially acute for women of color, women from low-income backgrounds, and women living in rural areas.””

    Victim Power — what an odd thing. Where’s that coming from? Who invented that? Who are the World’s Greatest Victims? Whose history, and religious holy days, are all about reminding everyone what Great Victims they are? Who has museums dedicated to reminding everyone what Great Victims they are? Who was so successful marketing their victimhood that they opened franchises so everyone could be a victim –excepting only white Christian men? Why are white Christian men uniquely excluded from being victims? Why does Victim Power work only against white Christian men? Who wages war against white Christian men disguised as a victim? Who extracts billions of dollars in tribute from Christian nations by being the World’s Greatest Victim? How did the Great Victims become a Great Power? Who, how, whom? Scratchin’ my haid.

  3. Joao Martins

    Cute, that “How you “identify” ” thing…

    Tomorrow I will rob a bank. But when the police catches me, I will “identify” as an honest person…

  4. Robin

    I’m going to stick my misogynist neck out here but maybe there are far fewer women involved in the National Academy of Engineering. All the STEM girls like the sciences because they can work in an air-conditioned room with their lab coats. And women are more inclined to go for medicine as nurses or doctors anyway.

    But engineering? Gotta get those hands grimy, work among the blue collar crowd and get sweaty on a hot factory floor or in the hot sun. I’ve been covered head to toe in swamp mud more times than I can count, smashing slimy steel rods with sledge hammers. Not exactly a female-friendly activity. STEM gets ’em the degree, but they lose interest when they see the work.

    This isn’t unique to women, a large percentage, maybe the majority of engineering grads, end up choosing a different career when they find out what the work really involves.

    Our Profs taught us that our degree wouldn’t be worth anything when we started our new career with no experience – we’d be lucky if we were asked to make a cup of coffee. Reminds me a joke about a new graduate:

    Boss: Grab that broom over there and sweep the floor …
    Graduate: But, but, I’m a college graduate!
    Boss: Oh I forgot, let me show you how …

    IMO the only way to root out the Woke movement is to go after Woke Capital. Gov DeSantis recently got the Florida Supreme Court to OK him going after the financiers and enablers of human traffickers. This is a good start. I bet that these folks are the same ones behind Woke Capital.

  5. Uncle Mike

    “Children from communities of color and low-income communities are disproportionately harmed,” …

    Now there’s some high-powered hypocrisy for you. Because the blood-lusting baby gutters now screeching from the cheap seats are hot to trot to slaughter as many cullod children as they can. The NEJM fatal brutality x-spurts are among the worst, most genocidally racist monsters in human history. Completely insane in a bad way.

  6. Cary Cotterman

    “Children from communities of color and low-income communities are disproportionately harmed”

    Huh? By an average global temperature increase of a degree or two? When I was a kid I lived in a particularly torrid part of southern California. It was the 1960s, so neither my family nor my school had air conditioning. While grownups complained about the spring-through-autumn heat (completely natural and normal for the region), I thrived on it, and so did all the other kids. We were oblivious to sweat and discomfort, and went about our daily classes and play without a care. Children are not fragile petals that will curl up and perish on a warm day. They would be the least likely to be affected by “global warming”, which, in any case, isn’t even happening.

  7. Jim Fedako

    Regarding the migration of folks from northern states to Florida … There is in-place climate change and migration-induced climate change. So moving from (say) Ohio to Florida causes a real increase in temperature and personal threat of hurricanes. Yet more folks are choosing warmer weather and accepting the likelihood of more dangerous storms, proving that climate change (assuming a warming planet and the narrative of the evils of a warming planet) isn’t so bad. Heck, even Obama willingly risks life and investments by relocating feet above the current ocean level.

  8. Incitadus

    One aspect of climate hysteria, in a paradoxical sort of way, is that it is nothing more than
    an elaborate scheme of price supports for oil and gas. A lot of the money behind it comes
    from oil and gas companies who are hawking some of the most abundant commodities
    on earth. I’m not sure these companies realized they had hitched their wagon to the death
    star which is now fully visible and coming their way.

  9. C-Marie

    “…. The statement says, “The risks are especially acute for women of color, women from low-income backgrounds, and women living in rural areas.”

    So in an offhand, behind the back, absolutely direct statement, these “theys” are fully promoting the genocide, though in a round about step by step way, the genocide of babies who would probably have lived to become adults of colour, adults from low-income backgrounds, and adults living in rural areas, and more.

    Look and see, and recognize the truth. These are God’s children, whose killings are being promoted left and right in an actual war, with the hidden and yet in your face intention, to reduce the population of the world. As we know, this is planned and aimed, so that “their” desires concerning the things of the world are in place by 2030, at least.

    Pray that the “theys” come to know and to belong to Jesus Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

    God bless, C-Marie

  10. awildgoose


    This is why pseudo-STEM degrees like industrial and project engineering have become popular among the grrrls…sorry, I meant the xirls attending STEM schools.

  11. Johnno

    But… but… many BIPOCs come from significantly warmer countries…

    Shouldn’t global warming therefore guve them an advantage in raciss’ nations? Isn’t that good?

  12. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Briggs: “The New England Journal of Medicine isn’t exactly what its name indicates.”

    Right. Better title: Yankee Rag of Globohomo Lickspittle Quacks.

    Best title: Sick!

  13. Forbes

    –>“The risks are especially acute for women of color, women from low-income backgrounds, and women living in rural areas.”

    In the PC/SJW world, the use of stereotypes was one of the worst imaginable crimes, while the above statement concludes the stereotyped groups–women of color, low-income, or rural residing–are helpless. Surely claiming women are helpless is a patriarchal expression of misogyny.

    I guess it’s the awarding of Oppression Olympics’ medals followed by savior syndrome rescuers…

  14. arthur Foyt

    First off, “New England” Journal of Medicine would not exist today if the climate was colder! Just drive west a bit from New England and SEE the glacier marks in the outcroppings beside the roads. Warmer certainly benefited life in New England!

    Next, oil/gas is giving better health in countries that switch from wood/dung to oil/gas for heating. It also gives better health because of plastic storage containers, fertilizers, and the list goes on.

    Lastly, the premise that a trace gas is driving the complex global climate system is ludicrous on it’s face. It’s all a gross exaggeration and a misinterpretation from sketchy data from a planet close to the sun; Venus. We live on a water planet with a magnetic field and a moon and farther away from the sun. Saying that co2 on Venus gave it runaway heating “should” cause laughter.

  15. C-Marie

    Thank you, arthur Foyt!!

    God bless, C-Marie

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