Why The “Climate Emergency”?

Why The “Climate Emergency”?

The powers that run Biden are pushing him to declare a “climate emergency.” I don’t know the exact strengths and motivations of the elites touting this inside the White House, because none of us on the outside are certain who’s really in charge, but we have a good idea of the mix of their goals.

Primary is the desire for control. Which the public, most of the world over, show they are willing, even eager, to accept, because they are convinced only the government can quell their fear. People love and cherish their fear. They are ever eager for more of it. If people could be taught to think as easily as they are taught to fear, we’d have a nation of Aristotles and Beethovens.

One reason control is wanted is because our rulers think they know best. About everything. They reason that you can’t be left to make suboptimal decisions for yourself. Not when they have Experts who can make optimal ones for you.

One fascinating aspect of the “emergency”, if they get it, is that they can eliminate all formal public comment of proposed regulations, as happens now. Speed is of the essence in an “emergency.” They can create a sort of scientific martial law.

They have already weaponized science, staffing it with an army of Experts who loathe being corrected. Seemingly paradoxically, they take correction as proof they are right. The mystery vanishes when you realize that corrections come from the uncredentialed and unappointed, i.e. people who have no business lecturing Experts. Experts assume these people, when they disagree with Experts, are automatically wrong. Thus they, the Experts, must be right.

For instance, this illustrative picture:

The message is: “Ignore your lying eyes: Trust Experts.” (If sea level change is so minute that only Experts with special instruments can see it, then it isn’t important.)

The second, and likely no less important reason for our “climate crisis”, is flat out theft. Legal theft. “Climate change” is, in part, a scheme to take money from the poor and give it to the rich, to fund all their “alternate” energy, foods (eat the bugs), and housing (live in the pod). Which the rich, not being stupid, know are boondoogles.

And they do know.

Take wind and solar power. Easy calculations, which you never see touted by the rich who take government handouts, show that to replace oil and coal we’d have to convert the entire surface of Texas, California, Oregon, and more, to windmills. It’s about the same for solar.

I was reading the reminiscences of Earl Warren, who we remember as a “liberal”. Which he was, but only in the sense that his notions of fair play and his trusting of the managerial class led to the predicament we now face. In his day, he was considered a conservative. He was Republican governor of California, among other offices.

Early in career as State Attorney General, he investigated a host of criminal corruptions. All involved civilians conniving with politicians, mostly gambling, land and water deals, insurance schemes, that sort of thing. The illegality of these early scams wasn’t always clear. But due to the efforts of Warren, most of it was ended by passing new laws and interpreting old ones in large ways. That’s when the doctrine of unexpected consequences hit. Industrial-scale sophisticated robust cheating increased, and became legal.

He was such a boy scout that he was shocked, and hurt, when a man who had donated to him, promising no strings, asked for the inevitable favor. After it was too late, he lamented the power lobbyists accumulated, how easily their money swayed politicians. He was left with a pitiful plaint, weakly saying we should beware of money and lobbyists.

Beware. Be aware. That’s like “raising awareness.” All right. I’m aware. Now what? Will congresscreatures stop investing in Pfizer and the other companies they regulate? One headline: “Pelosi says her husband has ‘absolutely not’ made any stock trades based on information from her”.

None, or close to none, of the money that comes back to politicians for their support of oligarchical schemes is illegally obtained. And if they can succeed in declaring a “climate emergency”, whatever in Gaia that is supposed to mean, the flow or your money to them necessarily will increase.

The last reason is this. In creating Experts (as we have discussed), you run the risk of making true believers, real ideologues. Midwits who believe The Science they push. Really believe. At first, if you’re a ruler trying to create a money-generating panic, you welcome these bug-eyed believers. You think you can control them.

And then, sometimes, you can’t.

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  1. RT

    “Climate Justice” is another new term – Markey, Democrat Senator, Massachusetts

    From two of his July fundraising emails:

    “All across the planet, … record-high temperatures and dangerous heat waves earlier and earlier in the calendar each year.

    “The unfortunate truth is that we’re likely to only see higher temperatures, wider-spread wildfires, rolling blackouts and power grid failures, more hospitalizations, and more deaths as the summer heat continues….

    ” … global climate crisis ….

    ” … need a Green New Deal, … must put environmental justice and clean energy at the core of our progressive agenda.

    ” …contribution … to stand with Ed Markey in our fight for climate justice? ….”

  2. Robin

    “Pelosi says her husband has ‘absolutely not’ made any stock trades based on information from her”.


    Of course it’s true, as are:

    “The check’s in the mail …”,

    “Darling, of course I’ll still love you in the morning …”, and

    “Officer, I swear, I was just trying to help that sheep over the fence …”

    Yeah, right.

  3. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”…none of us on the outside are certain who’s really in charge…

    Who is the real president? It’s fascinating that all can see Biden is front man for shadowed power, but nobody will spill the beans on who runs that power. It’s not some amorphous blob. All power structures have structure, decision making bodies are hierarchies. Even a committee will have one powerful figure surrounded by rubber stamps. And this shadowed power runs not just Biden but all the organs of the Empire of Stupid, including the mass mediocrities, financial cesspool, lawfare lunacy, edjumacation, ¡science!, big stupid tech, central idiot agency, and all the various European tentacles of suicidal stupidity. And it’s clear this shadowed power structure didn’t just pop up with Biden but has been at burrowing away for quite some time.

    There is speculation as to who is behind the curtain, of course; the “commies” (whoever that is), the red Chinese, the Masons, the Elders of Igloo (my own best guess) — those are all big organized conspiracies. There are also more simple guesses with no big plan just a lot of little improvisers, such as Obama, Soros, Ron Klain, or Willi Münzenberg, who, preserved in formaldehyde, is running things from a Bavarian cellar. While the big picture is important what I’m really curious about is how the organizational chart looks right now — who is the acting “president”? It’s fascinating they manage to keep that secret.

  4. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Yes, but Obama is also a front man for the shadowed power.

  5. Nope: the primary motivator is malthusian belief. For example, if you assume, as these people do, that the world is running out of oil then shutting down American production, importing foreign oil, and rushing to “green” sources makes sense because you’re keeping your own piggy bank full, letting others die off first, and securing an alternative. In that context “climate change” is simply a handy tool for whipping the recalterant along.

  6. George Gilder

    Never agree that existing grid services could be duplicated by devoting the acreage of so many states or regions to wind and solar. Erratic energy flowing from points far from usage is not power. What we need is processed power delivered to the point of use. Wind and solar merely pose problems for the grid and entail further complexities and vulnerabilities in transporting and employing it, which cost more than it yields, meaning no net incremental power is supplied.

  7. Incitadus

    “I don’t know the exact strengths and motivations of the elites touting this inside the White House.”
    I do it’s to pimp the price of oil and tax the peasants.

  8. Milton Hathaway

    “Side-by-side comparison of two photographs cannot accurately determine sea level change”

    It has long impressed me that CAGW is a very tough sell to the masses. The temperature changes people experience daily dwarf the scariest CAGW predictions for the next century. The daily tides in most coastal areas dwarf the scary CAGW sea level changes predicted for the next century. On top of that, the seasonal temperature changes and the periodic storm surges dwarf the daily variations. To really explain the CAGW predictions, somewhat esoteric concepts are required, such as stored heat in the ocean depths. Anyway, it’s no surprise to me at all that the CAGW true believers have had to resort to over-the-top marketing to sell CAGW to the masses. The problem, in the United States at least, is that most people have become immune to over-the-top marketing.

  9. Vermont Crank

    Dear Mr. Briggs. Consider developing a BI (Briggs Index) to apply to the many you have intellectually and spiritually influenced.

    Have a contest to create a BI and give as a prize to the best proposal a copy of your latest book.

    I am not good at doing that sort of thing but I imagine a Briggs Index, BI, might have four distinct BI levels.

    One could say of another;

    He sounds like a level 1 BI guy; that is, one can tell he regularly reads Briggs and has picked-up some of his ideas and categories of identification, rhetoric and humorous expression.


    He sounds like a level 2 BI guy; one can tell he has not only been influenced by your ideas but uses them in his own rhetoric to express his based life (I think of my own self as a level 2 BI guy).


    He sounds like a level 3 BI Guy – one who know and uses statistics as a way to think about and explain the based world.


    He sounds like a level 4 BI Guy because he already thinks like Briggs, knows the Faith like Briggs, knows statistics like Briggs and has warmed to the idea of using humor to express truth in his based life

  10. kmann

    “… an army of Experts who loathe being corrected”

    Being (mostly) intelligent, they know, whether consciously or subconsciously, that their “Science” is a house of cards.

  11. Robin

    @Hagfish: “Who is the real president?”

    Considering past history, and times when Presidents have been incapacitated (such as Lincoln, Wilson and FDR), I’m putting my money on a gaggle of females headed by Dr Jill (she of the woke PhD). No doubt these folks are financed by some very powerful individuals.

    Just connecting the dots … Democratic party was taken over by women about 15 years ago spearheaded by Hillary but she could not get them over the finish line. But Hillary is a key part of the gaggle, I reckon. I don’t put much credence in Obama being involved. Influential maybe but he’s too shrewd a politician to be connected to the train wreck that is underway.

    Here in the UK the political scene is dire. Things going down the tube pretty fast. Speaking metaphorically, they are campaigning on a platform of giving the public free bathing suits as a tsunami rises in the distance. Absolutely clueless, the whole lot.

  12. Gail Finke

    “One reason control is wanted is because our rulers think they know best. About everything. They reason that you can’t be left to make suboptimal decisions for yourself. Not when they have Experts who can make optimal ones for you.”

    This is easily demonstrated. People who believe in principles follow them and tell you to follow them. People who believe in themselves think you’re too stupid to follow principles, and so make you follow draconian blanket rules, while themselves following rules based on evidence and probability… unless they don’t want to. Then they don’t. But their reasons for not following rules are good (because they’re THEIR reasons) while they have no way of knowing whether yours are good or bad, so you can’t ever violate their blanket rules for any reason.

    When you see people behaving this way, they should be shown the door immediately, recalled, or not reelected. But they know most people will follow the rules whatever they do. (This last part — that they know people will follow the rules — is not something I used to think was usually true. Either it always was, or Covid was seen to be such high stakes that it wasn’t always true but in some places sure is now).

  13. Johnno









  14. C-Marie

    Susan Rice??? Thos idea is not original with me.
    God bless, C-Marie

  15. Jan Van Betsuni

    CAGW Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (climate change) is BS.

  16. Deplorable D

    For many more than we probably know, it is likely much more to do with insecurity. The Scarf Lady reveals in her book she was absolutely convinced the Coronadoom was going to destroy us. She also believed China had the proper response to SARS-1. Before SARS-2 nobody had heard of Birx. She was a mid-level nobody in the AIDS panic. With Trump’s promotion of her, now she was somebody. She admits to going around Trump to the alphabet agencies to push her views. When Trump refused to make a Federal lockdown mandate, she went directly to the governors. To varying degrees they listened to her. Now she is so smug she has no problem admitting her part in the con. This weekend she admitted on Cavuto’s show she always knew the mRNA shots would not prevent infection. In fact, she states half the people who died of Omicron were elderly and vaccinated. She also admits she “overplayed” the effectiveness of the vaccines, which is one way to say she lied. But because she has a PhD, and truly wanted to save people, it is okay. The masses are just not sophisticated enough to understand.

  17. Deplorable D

    Apologies: interrupted: So as Birx was seeing the sunset of her career, and realizing she had not done anything really remarkable (AIDS was a flop) needed to a pandemic to find fulfillment. And SARS-2 was that opportunity to finally be someone. And Trump was the perfect President for her to grab power. As a CEO, Trump relies on others’ experience to run projects. He turned over the response to Birx and Fauci. Finally, Birx had the vehicle to become a household name. To have influence as others sought her counsel.

  18. Johnno

    The BBC is pretending to try and study the unvexxined so as to better get their propaganda in order for next time. Many Expurts were involved, but their Pfizer affiliations went curiously unmentioned.

  19. jenny

    Here is a video discussing the honesty or lack thereof in the science of climate modeling: https://youtu.be/THg6vGGRpvA

    Is this presentation valuable? I am not qualified to make that judgement. So it is up to those with the background .

  20. Forbes

    I wanted to agree with Milton Hathaway, but then he ended on this note: “in the United States at least, is that most people have become immune to over-the-top marketing.”

    Except for the mob behavior associated with AntiFa/BLM, and the marketing of the SARS-2 jabs. If the marketing of racism/white supremacy and the pandemic panic porn hasn’t been over-the-top, then nothing has.

    Let me take a different approach. The effect of decade after decade of apocalyptic forecasts of climate change/global warming that do not match lived experience is exhausting, and cannot possibly keep the masses outraged, as they grow weary, having been conned into an intentional deception–a fraud. Polar bears are not dead, lower Manhattan isn’t submerged, snowfalls are not a thing of the past, hurricanes are not more frequent, nor more intense, and on and on and on…

    On the other hand the pandemic panic porn has an immediacy of the moment that scares the dickens out of people. But that PPP has been a marvel of over the top marketing.

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