The Real Sin Of The Expertocracy With Covid

The Real Sin Of The Expertocracy With Covid

You’re sick. Not doing at all well. You go to a celebrated doctor (God bless you for trusting him) at a major hospital. Guy was recommended by many as knowing most about your symptoms.

He diagnoses you. Bad news. What you have is going to kill you. Very probably.

But before you can think about modifying your will to give your dishes to your neighbor instead of your sister—why did she marry that man?—the doctor says there is hope.

There’s this new treatment, he says. Involves major surgery and a course of harsh medication. Hasn’t really been tried yet, except in a handful of experimental cases. And it didn’t work in all those cases. There’s no guarantee of success.

You want to try it?

You tell the doc, yes, you might like to try it. But first you’re going to get a second opinion. After all, your life is on the line.

That’s when something happens.

Your doctor begins to shout at you. Do you know who I am, he yells? Now you’re really worried, because it seems your doctor has amnesia.

But no. Because now he tells you that he has forbidden you to ask for a second opinion. He cannot be questioned, he says. He asks: which of us has the medical degree, you or me? How dare you doubt him. He knows best.

He says he won’t allow you to leave the hospital without the treatment. Of, if you do go without it, he’s going to have your company fire you, take away your insurance, and kick you onto the street.

There are many questions that arise from this scenario, but here’s the main one which interests me: given what happened, and your doctor’s arrogant apoplexy, what is the probability of success of this new treatment?

Now please watch this.

The elites, which I call Experts, indeed blew it. They called it wrong about lockdowns. They pooched it with masks. They erred about closing schools. The models which led policy were hilariously wrong. They weren’t even close with social distancing, and the miraculous six feet savior protection zone.

They oversold, in no small degree, the vax. They said if you got it, you could not become infected, or get sick. They said that. Often. What a blunder! They said the vex could not cause harm, kicking a century’s worth of science under the bus. Vaxes by design cause harm.

Then they said, in many places, either get the vax or lose your liberty to work. Or to buy and sell.

Were all these monumental idiocies sins?

A sin, as at least Yours Truly knows well enough, is when you knowingly embrace a wrong. You choose evil over good.

Uncertainty is not a sin.

If you can’t tell whether or not it’s going to rain, but gamble because of the now-sunny skies that it won’t, and yet you get wet, this is not a sin. This is an honest mistake. But if you think it will rain, but lie to your “friend” and say it won’t. That’s a sin.

When the doom was released upon the world, rulers and Experts embraced panic in various degree. Take Neil Ferguson’s preposterously ridiculous model.

It should never have been believed, but it was. It was believed because of haste and because of limited knowledge of rulers. Those rulers picked the wrong Experts to advise them. This was often incompetence. Incompetence is not a sin.

The came the evidence the model was wrong. It wasn’t long in coming, either. It was not incompetence that causes rulers and Experts to ignore the error. It was something else.

And not just about these models. But about lockdowns—which competent rulers and Experts would never have advocated, as even the WHO, at first, said don’t do them (in a large report coincidentally published in 2019). When it became clear lockdowns were only causing harm, rulers asked neighbor to rat out neighbors who violated the rules (which German is now doing for those having high thermostats).

You know the whole sad story. It was just like the scenario above. Take your medicine or else. It was forbidden to question Experts and rulers. People who did were canceled. Then came the lies, repeated endlessly, from those in power. Long past a time where incompetence could explain their actions.

It was the lies and the quashing of resistance that were the real sins. It was them outlawing knowledge of Reality.

And now those who question “covid measures” have been determined to be a terrorist threat. By the Department of Homeland Security.

That Department, you must recall, was created in the last panic. Created in opposition to all sober opposition, opposition which predicted, long time readers will recall, that you, dear reader, would eventually become the enemy.

It’s scarcely worth saying we told you so.

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  1. Robin

    Emperor Brandon and Empress Mrs Dr Brandon would never have been elected without Covid. There would be no Praetorian Guard without Covid. Coincidence?

  2. Zorost

    You are too trusting. There was no incompetence, they knowingly chose evil to pad their bank accounts.

  3. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”…given what happened, and your doctor’s arrogant apoplexy, what is the probability of success of this new treatment?”

    Define “success”. The Overlizards at the pyramid’s peak likely consider Operation Jibbety-Jab a smashing success. The poor saps duped and brow-beaten into jibbety-jab doom, not so much.

    ”Then came the lies, repeated endlessly, from those in power. Long past a time where incompetence could explain their actions.”

    No, it’s not incompetence. There is a good deal of brainwashing, and “just following orders” blindness, but at the upper levels it’s intentional malice. Great article by Steve Kirsch on vaccine harm coverup in Israel:

  4. Hagfish Bagpipe
  5. Briggs


  6. Rudolph Harrier

    Many of the powers of the DHS come from an emergency declaration from George W. Bush on September 26, 2001. This was of course due to the imminent threat of further terrorist attacks after 9/11. Now there are adults about to reach drinking age who have lived their whole lives under this emergency declaration, during which time no similar attack was perpetuated against the US, but the state of emergency remains. It is difficult to see how this “emergency” could ever end.

    Similarly, I doubt that the COVID state of emergency from March 13, 2020 will ever end. If anything they will double down with a new emergency, perhaps one combining the two ideas into a “state of emergency caused by the terroristic threat of American citizens who question the efficacy of COVID measures.”

  7. john b()

    Conspiracy Theorists might pontificate on the empty posts of Hagfish and Briggs

  8. Johnno

    Important article about something I suspected.

    Why would Russia and China play along with the obvious US created covid hoax?

    Because the vexxines and pandemics are a sleight of hand to cover up the great worldwide financial collapse that is happening. A reset, if you will, to zero.

    Hide the data underneath deliberate covid lockdown and Ukraine war sanction sabotage. And set up commie control grids to police the population before they come after you. Even easier if you reduce their size or permanently disable them.

    Depopulation and demographic collapse also exacerbates the problem, but the priority for the elites is their safety.

    Many objectives were served by corona-hoax, but I believe this one is the biggie and why China continues to retard itself with this nonsense. It’s about preserving the collapsing economic system.

  9. Mass panic happens quickly, mass recovery happens relatively slowly. Whether we are talking about epidemics, market booms and busts, “climate change”, or “alien invasion”; the underlying human nature is the same. It is easy to spook a herd into a stampede, but harder to control it or stop it. The “elites” won’t get the world they seek. They are more likely to meet madame la guillotine.

  10. Forbes

    The gaslighting propaganda continues. Beliefs and opinions–essentially, first amendment–are now terrorism threats. Good to know.

  11. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Thanks Boss.

  12. dave smalliey

    Patient: Where did you get your degree doc?

    Expert: CNN.

  13. Cary Cotterman

    cdquarles–“The ‘elites’ won’t get the world they seek. They are more likely to meet madame la guillotine.”

    I’d buy a ticket to that.

  14. LawrenceOfAL

    Please don’t make the mistake of believing that the commies are doing all this for money, that’s only a welcome byproduct to them. No, they do this for POWER. Period.

    Remember, politicians and their supporters eagerly exchange 10s of millions of dollars to get into POWER.

  15. PaulH

    “Potential Terror Threats: Opposition to COVID Measures, Claims of election fraud, etc.” The supply of terror hasn’t been meeting the demand, methinks.

  16. This is a baffling piece of nonsensical misdirection by Briggs. Most of the commentators here are on the right track though. This is a deliberate, coordinated, world-wide plan that has been many decades in construction. Global depopulation has been initiated. Once the Starlink constellation is up and running the global panopticon will be fully operative. The remnant population will be under constant surveillance by AI and constantly fearful of attacks by autonomous military assets, including from near Earth orbit. Secret military tech is always about a decade or two ahead of what we can see. In computer systems turns that’s a big deal. The elites really do have their robot servants and therefor don’t need the vast bulk of us useless eaters any more.

  17. Uncle Mike

    Money and power yes, but don’t forget Satan. El Diablo is living large in their souls.

  18. Robin

    @John Pate

    Unwritten in your comment is the role of Musk, whom I do not trust.

    I cannot reconcile why governments such as Germany, the USA and perhaps others are subsidising these so-called Gigafactories that themselves are destroying the local environments and costing taxpayers billions; often being built amidst great public opposition. It has been reported that each Gigafactory is typically 5 times the size of the Pentagon.

    The only thing that comes to mind is that the electric car represents the ultimate control of travel. Every journey can be tracked, taxed or terminated, if desired, by a central authority. The three Ts.

    Gigafactories of Gigacontrol.

    Combine this with his Starlink, OpenAI, Neuralink and SpaceX operating as a subsidy of the military-industrial complex and we can see where all this is going. Control, control, control.

    No, the richest man in the world is not your friend, in my view. Beware. Remove the government subsidy and his empire collapses. Some business model.

  19. Jan Van Betsuni

    No Panic*Demic = No Mail-In-Voting = No Brandon & Company (w/o the record setting 81M “Ballots”)


    No Panic*Demic = No MassiveQE = 2008FinCrisisReduxRiskSurprise


    Link below to a chart of M1 Money supply published by the US Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis. It shows the entire period from 1959 to 2021. Observe the highly dramatic aggregate quadrupling (4X) of M1 just within the single year of 2020.

    The global economic shut-down plus social-lock downs & travel restrictions legitimized (under the rubric of a Public Health Emergency) otherwise unjustifiable governmental largesse (Monetary Inflation). Naturally the primary (if not exclusive) direct beneficiaries were the (1% of 1%) and their Corporate Stake-Holder-Enterprises (Industries). This Grand Folly is presently returning once again (like an Outback boomerang) as open-ended price inflation from which the non-beneficiaries of their Great-Destruction-Policy will once again get the hardest pummeling.

  20. Apply Dan Bongino’s ‘Moneyball rule’ (derived from the movie Moneyball) to the clot shot, to wit, “If he’s a good hitter, why doesn’t he hit good?” If the clot shot works well, why doesn’t it work?

  21. David Beckham

    Why is so hard for people to accept that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry? I’m with Briggs on this one. I find it hard to believe that this is some oligarchic 4D chess maneuver. The way people talk about these things it’s like hearing Christians (like yours truly) talk about Divine Providence. Honestly, why I never find these types of theories all that appealing. Reminds me of the saying about the one good thing about an all encompassing conspiracy: “at least somebody’s in charge”.

  22. re: “Why is so hard for people to accept that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry?”

    Embrace the Rahm (‘Ram it thru Rahm’) Emanuel dictum (as Rahm no doubt was citing Churchill): “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Planning, to the 4D chess level they don’t have, but, they do make use of opportunities that happen in their timeline …

  23. Johnno

    Someone is in charge of the bad guys Dave. His name is Satan. He can also do providential things to an extent. So don’t be surprised at how total idiots can keep failing themselves upwards and into more and more worldly success. The majority of people are lukewarm. They stick their heads in the ground like ostriches and just hope “nature” normalizes things without hurting them.

    If Elon Musk really is helping the wicked to set up their control grid, then little wonder that he plans to F-off to Mars and even die on the journey there when all is well and done. So long suckers!

  24. You guys can keep paddling in the well-known river in Egypt if you like but as far as I can tell you seem to be saying, “it’s OK, they’re not being evil they’re just stupid”.

  25. David Beckham

    “it’s OK, they’re not being evil they’re just stupid”.

    Why not both? I don’t doubt that the powers that be are doing some immoral shenanigans behind the scenes. Conspiracies are about as old as politics itself. The problem I have with a lot of the “truth” folks is that they give the powers that be a little too much credit. The idea that the “conspirators” may fall flat on their faces is inconceivable to them.

  26. @David Beckham since the plan to reduce the human population and subject the remnant population to penury and bug-eating is all laid out on UN and WEF websites and speeches and TED Talks it’s baffling to me how you can pretend to me, or even yourself, that this is somehow incompetence rather than planning.

  27. David Beckham

    John, I never said that there isn’t some sort of nefarious plan going on behind the scenes. It’s not an either or thing. Like I pointed out before, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Here’s another old quote: no plan survives first contact with the enemy.

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