Take This Quiz And Learn If Should You Be A Racist!

Take This Quiz And Learn If Should You Be A Racist!

Should I Be A Racist? Quiz

1. You’re walking down West 20th Street, heading toward 10th Avenue. (A trip Yours Truly made on foot hundreds of times. I once worked on 10th and 33rd and went to Chelsea for lunch.) Out of the corner of your possibly racist eye you spot a young black man walking behind you, a brick in his hand.

Given this scenario, do you:

A) Walk to the other side of the street, duck into a doorway or store, or otherwise avoid the possibly aspiring rapper;

B) Same as (A), but where your crossing will certainly be noticed by onlookers, even photographed;

C) Keep walking, and think anti-racist thoughts?

2. You’re driving into an LA park’s parking lot. You notice a group of young, black men, dressed like gangbangers, and smoking weed are milling about near an empty spot. It is broad daylight, and there are children playing in the park.

Do you:

A) As quickly and as safely as possible, drive out of the lot and find another parking spot;

B) Same as (A), but where your hastened exit will certainly be noticed by onlookers, and also photographed;

C) Park anyway, dismissing any racist thoughts you might have as “stereotypes”?

3. You’re in San Francisco, and have just come out of a Polk Street coffee shop, an nine dollar (near twelve, with tip) super-soy cold-drip organic beet sugar fair trade latte in hand. Your bike, which was locked securely to a parking meter, is gone. Only the lock remains.

Do you:

A) Call the police and report the theft;

B) Same as (A), but where the coffee shop patrons sitting outside will hear you, and even record your call;

C) Shrug your shoulders and walk away, counting the loss of the bike as part of the cost of living in a vibrant city?

4. You’re a beautiful young white woman working alone in a shop, to help pay your college tuition. A black man of color comes in and begins to act strangely: he is clearly not a shopper. You text your boss saying you are getting a bad vibe from the man.

Do you:

A) Leave the story as quickly as you can, calling for help after you exit;

B) Same as (A), but where the man yells “Racist white bitch!” at you as you leave, and where passersby note your exit;

C) Stay. Because leaving would be construed as racist?


1. 10 points for (A), 20 points for (B), and 0 points for (C).

Assailant hits teen with brick in unprovoked, daylight NYC attack: cops.

A stranger bashed a teen in the face with a brick in an unprovoked, broad-daylight Chelsea attack this week, cops said Wednesday.

The assailant approached the victim around 11:30 a.m. Monday and struck him with the brick without saying a word on West 20th Street near 10th Avenue, police said.

2. 10 points for (A), 20 points for (B), and 0 points for (C).


I dismissed my [thoughts] and pulled into the lot.

I called my husband and told him, “I think I just interrupted a gang meetup. These guys look like they have guns.”

He told me to ignore [them]. “It’s broad daylight, you’ll be fine.”

Thirty seconds after hanging up with him, I heard the unmistakable sound of gunfire close by…

…I watched him shoot one man in the stomach. The victim clutched his guts, screaming, and fell to the ground.

3. 10 points for (A), 20 points for (B), and 0 points for (C).

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition says not to call police when your bike is stolen because it hurts “Black and brown” people

Bike Theft and Policing:

Black and brown people are often deeply harmed or even killed by interactions with the police, and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition decided in 2020 to end any formal relationship with SFPD.

4. 10 points for (A), 20 points for (B), and 0 points for (C).

UCLA student Brianna Kupfer stabbed 26 times in deadly Hancock Park attack, autopsy shows (She also texted her boss.)

Kupfer received 46 sharp-force injuries in the attack, according to the coroner’s report. Her injuries included 11 stab wounds to her chest, two to her abdomen, one to her pelvis and seven to her arms. She also was sliced in at least 20 places on her body, the autopsy shows.

Her attacker inflicted so many wounds — many of them 5 inches deep — that Kupfer died from exsanguination, according to the autopsy. Her aorta, liver, lungs and stomach were repeatedly penetrated by a sharp blade, a medical examiner said in determining the death was a homicide.


70-80 Points: Congratulations! There’s no need for you to become a racist. You already are one!

30-60 Points: You’re already pretty racist. While the ADL and SPLC would call you an official racist, you still could be a little more racist. Considering subscribing to Taki’s Magazine.

10-20 Points: You’re nowhere near racist enough. You have some definite racist tendencies, but not in any significant sense. You should begin reading the Bureau of Justice’s crime statistics and reports. Or just stop watching TV news or listening to NPR.

0 Points: “There is not a racist bone in his body,” is what your coroner will say. And he will mean it. For the benefit of society, you should go on being as anti-racist as you are now.

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  1. JR Ewing

    I called my husband and told him, “I think I just interrupted a gang meetup. These guys look like they have guns.”

    He told me to ignore [them]. “It’s broad daylight, you’ll be fine.”


    In a sane world, we would know this story was BS because the fabulist who wrote it would have inadvertently mixed up his pronouns regarding “my husband” and “he”.

    I know I’m a “homophobe” because I immediately presumed that it was a woman making the phone call based on the common meanings of English language words.

  2. Jerry

    I’ve known that I’m a full-bore racist for a few years now. Kind of a surprise at first, I would have never believed it – but now I have come to embrace it.

    For example, I have begun chewing Orbit “White” gum only.

  3. Alfred Naujocks

    I already am a racist.
    May I take the quiz anyway?

  4. Alfred Naujocks

    Headline doesn’t say who Brianna stabbed.
    Yeah, I know: “whom.”

  5. compiling...

    are you a racist quiz:

    1) are you white?
    yes – racist
    no – not racist

    2) are you a white male?
    yes – double racist
    no – double un-racist

  6. Hagfish Bagpipe

    “Racist” is a deadly word-weapon. And it only works on whites. Throw it at Asians or Africans or any other non-Western people, they laugh. Talmudic Judaism even elevates racial supremacy to religious dogma. Likely reasons “racism” wrecks Westerners being a culture instructed by Jesus, a naturally higher empathy, and a trusting naiveté susceptible to deception, as seen especially in the late scamdemic.

    Enemy(s) use the word as Kryptonite, which ”emits a unique, poisonous radiation that weakens Kryptonians. The longer they are exposed to it, the weaker they will get, to the point of death.” The source of the poison, and the poisoner, may be hidden (“crypt” = hidden). The hidden poison lies not in the word itself but in the magic-spell/propaganda endlessly incanted by a hostile elite and their media.

    Amazing to think that a single, harmless word could weaken a great people “to the point of death”. Break that spell and the word is harmless. Exposing the cryptic poisoners would go a long way towards breaking the spell. As will refusing to submit to fools puffed up with false pride or cowering in fear before a nonsense word. Loving one’s own, in reasonable measure, is good and Godly. Break the spell.

  7. If you’re scoring less than 70 on this quiz, it might be a good idea to subscribe and regularly peruse the column in Unz.com written by Kenn Gividen: the monthly black-on-white homicide review. Gividen collects and chronicles what should be a massively reported wave of racist crimes:


    Your eyes will be opened.

  8. 1 – been there, done that: no brick, but two bad guys intent on harm. Option D: turned and walked at them. (Of course, I was younger and more foolish, plus 6’4″ 220 pds).

    2 – that too. D: Parked, called 911-police,and waited till they left. (cops didn’t show up.)

    3 – Yep. I’d tell her to either leave or combine a defensible position with a weapon.

    p.s. The PCA article made me think, which is what I hope for from this site.

  9. I wonder what my score would be? 1. I have never been to NYC and, God willing, will never go there. My youngest son has, since he was in one of the Macy’s parade bands. 2. I’ve been to LA, but that was in 1983 and visited relatives who lived in Venice. I wouldn’t go back and visit now. 3. I’ve been to SF, also in 1983. I think that I still have relatives near there (Oakland or Marin county). About the only way I’d go now would be if one of my relatives paid for me to come to a funeral. 4. My sister used to work in food service. Her store was robbed. No one was injured; but she has a story to tell about the investigation.

    All of that said, the only discrimination I’d make is to try to determine evil intent and avoid it if possible. Skin color, by itself, tells you little about a person’s intent; and human nature is evil, until changed by God. Still, the statistics don’t lie. Certain subgroups do show a greater propensity to committing evil acts. Back in the old days, “Act like a thug, you get treated like one”; and so forth.

  10. I don’t need a quiz to know that I should be racist. Anybody who loves their own people (that is to say, anyone sane and healthy) should be a racist. Only people who hate their self, their kin, their nation, and their culture are “anti-racist”, which is, of course, just another Leftist garblefarble term for anti-white.

    I love my race, by nation, my people. Why should I give a single solitary fig for others, when they are constantly attacking me and mine?

  11. The True Nolan

    4% of our population commit more than half of the violent crimes.

    If people could cut their risk of being beaten, raped, stabbed, robbed, or murdered, simply by wearing a red bracelet, you would see red bracelets on almost every wrist. Of course, we all know that wearing a red bracelet will NOT make you safer.

    But if you really want to be safer, avoiding young Black men works just fine. It’s not racist if it is true. Hell, even if it IS racist, it is still true.

    A very progressive White acquaintance of mine just got home from a week in the hospital. (In my opinion, due to a jab related illness.) He told me that all the staff had been very kind and gentle with him with one exception, a nurse who was (surprise!) a very large Black woman. His main concern? Not that he had been treated poorly, or that the hospital had a bad employee, but rather “am I a racist for complaining about how she treated me?” He ended the discussion with “Don’t tell my wife I said this!”

  12. Cary Cotterman

    I want anybody who steals my bicycle to get hurt really bad, up to and including the ultimate hurt. Good riddance. Does that mean I’m racist? Not in a rational world, but if the woke want to regard me that way, they can knock themselves out.

  13. Vermont Crank


    There is a funny saying having to do with anti semitism – One should only be as anti semitic as necessary.

    If whitey hasn’t yet noticed he is living in an anti-white apartheid country, he is an idiot.

  14. Gunther Heinz

    When your septic tank overflows, you don’t care how racist the guy is who shows up to pump out your liberal poo …..

  15. Jan Van Betsuni


    Its yet another hot and muggy Summer day in downtown Washington, D.C.
    Federal workers are strolling about an inner city neighborhood during lunch hour.
    Seated alone at the stoop of an old apartment building is a young boy not 10 years of age.
    He glares at each passerby and demands: [“Hey Mister! Gimme Five Cents!”]
    This activity goes on without ceasing until one-day when an angry voice issues from the tenement building.
    “Hey kid! Hey you!” an ancient grey-haired man yells from an open window on the third floor:
    “STOP asking everyone for Five Cents! YOU are embarrassing this whole neighborhood!”
    The Window slams Closed….Momentary Silence:
    [“Hey Mister! Gimme a Quarter!”]


    End Of Sentence

  16. Steve (Retired/recovering lawyer)

    I answered every question with: Pull my concealed carry pistol and prepare to defend myself.
    Was I wrong?

  17. john b()

    I remember an OLD PSA (late 60’s early 70’s)

    Some white bald-headed businessman is walking to his car in the late evening

    His baldness is important because you can see him sweat in the light of the streetlamps as two teens approach from behind, loud footsteps reveal their presence. As he’s mopping his brow, he slows down and let’s thee youths catch up and pass him wearing their BSA uniforms.

    The guy just about collapses in relief

  18. Forbes

    I grew up with two older brothers–name-calling doesn’t phase me very much. I learned to reply, “thanks, that’s the nicest thing you’ve said to me today.” It demonstrates an immunity to the taunting, and the bullying soon stops as it doesn’t engender the expected response.

    Yet, name-calling has had a profound impact on all these Gen X, Y, Z folks who had zero or one sibling and were helicopter-parented to obliviousness about such common adolescent behavior. These Gen XYZ kids were indoctrinated to be snowflakes with in-school propaganda about bullies everywhere. (Bullies appear to have replaced a Red under every bed, by media.)

    What I find rather entertaining today is that while adults try to ring the bullying behavior out of adolescents–these same adults are the worst offenders. How many such fabulist stories of his own bullying behavior has Joe Biden regaled the public? How many Dem politicians regularly pull the same name-calling stunt with accusations of opponents being racist, sexist, homophobic, et al., as if name-calling is responsible behavior? The natural result is adolescent emulation.

    Name-calling or bullying has become a MacGuffin–the devise which coheres the plot’s narrative arc, but is a meaningless object.

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